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ft FRIDAY MORNING. THE MONTCOFERY ADVERTISER. NOVEMBER 28, 1002. 'The Largest Clothing Cold' ' We at oeclals Our stock of Men's Suits and Overcoats is the largest, most com-" plete and best selected in Montgomery. - : : ( : : Special values today. Hen's Overcoats and Suits $5 to $17.50 Geo. P. Haardt & Bro., 13 Commerce St. 811 the Piano Ulorld No name Is so ir JL 17 jA HONORED as the originator of Every Radical Advance in Piano Construction for the Fast Eighty Years! PREFERRED by the Famous Composer-Pianists from Mo-scheHes to the Ore at Abbe Liszt, in whose home at Weimar his Chickering Grand is Jealously preserved. Constructed today upon principles established- by long experience, resulting in a degree of Excellence Beyond omparison. We invite special attention to E. E. Forbes Piano Co; 26 Dexter Ave. Birmingham, Montg JOHN PRESTON CAUGHT ACCUSED OF ROBBING A SELMA RESTAURANT. Xhnksgiving a Quiet Day in the Central City General Pettus j Leaves to Be Present at the , Opening of Congress. 1 j Advertiser Bureau. Selma. November 27. John Preston, the negro who entered Payne's restaurant last Thursday nlftht and stole a shot sun belonging to Deans Barber and a J400 diamond broach belonging to Schwetier Bros., was arrested in this city this morning. He was recognized by a railroad man who bought one of the stolen articles from him as he was about to hoard a freight train leaving the .city. Cab Bayne. who conducts the restaurant from which the articles were stolen, was telephoned for and the train vfii held at the crossing until he could get there. He took Preston Into custody and found in hla pocket an order bonk find a receipt for t2K that he had stolen ut of Mr. Bayne' s cash register. The negro r-lalms to be from Meridian and says he purchased the pin and dla-Tnonds from another negro. He is unable to produce the negro from whom he says Xie purchased the articles, and he was locked up in th; city Jail. Left for Washington. General E. W. Pettus left for Washington this afternoon to be present Monday at the opening of Congress. He went by way of Birmingham and was Joined there by Mrs. Pettus, who has entirely recovered from hr recent Illness. E. P. Lacy, General Pettus's private secretary, will leave for Washington tomorrow. General Pettus occupies a warm place In the affections of the people of this city. He Is in splendid health and never looked better, which will be most gratifying Information to his hosts of friends throughout Alabama. Thanksgiving Day Observed. This Is .Thanksgiving Day and 8lma Jias the aarance of a holiday. A great many store did not open and others had very few Vstomrs. Everybody who couid get a Vin and dog went huntir g and those. wo did not go hunting re-Trained at thr homes ar-d en)ovd tr !ay quletlv wv1! their families. At noi most of the si-ions closed and tfi day i i vsiai j noil uniCio if CURES 8 ALLOW Store in Montgomery.' her Telephone 399 familiar as p 13 n the Wonderful New Quarter Grand. Phone 407. Mobile. ornery, was one of perfect rest In this city. Many a good dinner was enjoyed and the number of turkeys that yielded up their lives to furnish these dinners is estimated at several thousands In the city of Selma alone. PERSONAL AND LOCAL. A thief entered the residence of I,. Bamberger yesterday, while the family was at dinner and took all of the hats on a rack In the hall. Mr. Bamberger had to come down town bareheaded and buy a new supply of hats for himself and family. The Order of Railway Conductors of Selma gave a banquet at the Hotel Albert tonight. About thirty-five plates were laid and it was a most delightful occasion. Lieutenant J. P. Doherty of the Dragoons, who was operated on for Strang ulated hernia a few days ago, Is getting on nicely and is now on the road to recovery. Captain 9. M. Kirkpatrlck left today to look after his large farming interests In Arkansas. He will be absent from the city for two or three weeks. Mrs. M. Meyer, who has ben dangerously ill for sometime past, is reported to he getting on nicely and is now on the high road to recovery. Captain Robert Meyer of Tilden. is in the city today. He is on his way to Cincinnati, where he will remain for svernl weeks. The steamer City of M"hi! arrived et the wharf this morning with a fine load of freight and good list of passengers. The sand has been pumped out of Gil-man's bored" well and It has commenced to run a small strer.m again. Mrs. Phillip Millions is having a second story Bdd-d to her residence, corner of l.mon and Br-ima Streets. The local new.paprs took a day off today on account of Thanksgiving and did not Issue. Prisoners at County Jail. Frlsoners were cemmitted to the Mont gomery County Jal! yesterday as follows: Hattle Porter, ney-ess. larceny. rrdT of Justice W. C. Fuller; Me.Ki Fielding, n- g.-ets, Insanity, order of Bosrd of Revenue. COMPLEXION. -U I The BJew.r MMnsntoMtaMMMtaMi ' The Advertiser is now de- P M livered and on sale in Mobile 'ta M beginning at' 8 a. m. PS a SUBSCRIPTION BUREAU. W Orders for delivery may be M left at R. Davol'B, 264 South M Royal Street, at regular rates, 65 cents per month for ths M Daily and Sunday editions. R to Mobile. Nov. 27. (Special.) The weather was delightfully cool here this morning for Thanksgiving and the early church-goers appreciated the fact that the fall season, long deferred, had at last set in with the prospect of a brief stay, giving way to the wintry weather which is already due. The day was generally obseivfd throughout the city, many of the business houses being closed all day and the others closing at noon. Appropriate services were held in all th churches. Never before In the history of the city was the demand for good things for th dinner table so great as on this day of Thanksgiving. As an evidence of this fact, there was not a dressed turkey to be found In any of the markets, and dressed chickens for the late-comers brought extra fancy prices, small ones going at 75 cents and large ones at $1. The oyster dealers were in high glee, there being a great demand from all sections for the famous Alabama bivalves. One wholesale firm alone sent to the interior within the forty-eight hours up to midnight last night 472.000 oysters in bulk, to say nothing of the shell oysters. The local demand was equally as great One retail firm sold 1,000 up to noon today. Fxost , Ruina. Truck. The nipping frost of this morning will prove disastrous to the truck gardeners in this section, it coming almost unawares. Many, owing to the unusually warm weather for the time of year, had tender plants exposed, intending to house them preparatory to the late re-setting, and, In consequence, will suffer much loss thereby. A Late Watermelon. One of the enterprising truck growers lr the lower psrt of the county this morning brought to the city and presented to Peter Smith, a vegetable dealer in the Southern market, a fifteen-pound watermelon, .which he yesterday afternoon pulled from a vine on his farm. , To Establish Ladder Factory. S. T. Waggoner, representing a manufacturing company of Racine, Wis,, Is In the city and Is in communication with Secretary Paul Wilson of the Commercial Club, relative to the establishing in this vicinity of a plant for the manufacture of an extension ladder, for use in private famines and for extinguishing fires. . Mr. Waggoner will remain several days, and hopes to be suceasful In securing the nec-e3sary site. Change in Personnel. There was a change in the personnel of the force of the Southern Express Company in this city last night. E. Vass. who has b?en holding the position of bill clerk, resigned and his place was filled by the promitlon of J. E. Penny, who was the night clerk. A. E. Frits was promoted to night clerk. The young men who are promoted are efficient and de serving of the upward step. . Probate Judge Works. Despite the fact that the court house is supposed to be closed today, the Judge of Probate. Hon. Price wjlliams, Jr., found it necessary to open his office and Issue a number of marriage licenses to young persons who had expressed a de- side to enter the bonds of wedlock. A Small Riot. There was a small riot on Bavls Ave nue beyond the city limits this afternoon in which some fifteen negro men and women engaged and about half of the number were injured by rocks and pickets which were used in the battle. The Sheriff sent deputies Murphy and Fatch to the scene and they arrested six of the participant Soldiers are Worsted. The Spring Hill College football team defeated a team of soldiers from Fort Morgan this afternoon on the college gridiron at Spring Hill by a score of 6 to 0. It was a good game and the Collegians v.-on in the first three minutes of play, the first touchdown being made around left by Rounds, the college full back, who also kicked goal, the touchdown being made in two minutes and seven seconds after play bogan. This was the signal for great hilarity among the college rooters, who thought H meant that their team had a walkover, but the soldiers took a brace after that and the collegians never got In striking distance ot their goal line again. The soldiers missed an opportunity to score in the second naif by a bad fumble right on the goal line by Broschinsky, who missed the bull and Blanchett fell on It for the college and the umpire called a touch-back. The weather was ideal for foot ball play. The Alamo Due Today. The Mallory Line steamship Alamo Is due here tomorrow from New York with a large cargo. ' Three fruit vessels arrived here today. They were the Fort Gaines, with 15,000 bunches, the Colombia with 111,000 bushes and the Alliance with 1,000 bunches. Death of Mr. Skirving. William B. Skirving. representative of the Samuel Cupples Co., St. Louis, in Florida, Alabama and Georgia, well known through th Southern States In business wona. died Wednesday night at St. Vincent's Hospital, Birmingham He was a resident of Mobile for eight years nasi. He leaves & wife and four young children. Mobile Society News. Miss Mary M. Corcoran of this city was married to Mr. Thomas I. Hewlett ot Monts-omcrv at 3:30 o'clock this afternoon at the residence of Rt. Rev. Bishop Edward P. Ailei on Contl Street, Rev. John Shaw of the Cathedral of the Imarulate Crnception. performing the ceremony. The attendants were Mips Ruby Con-boy dauehter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomar Conboy of this city, and Mr. Dudley Williamson of Montgomery. The ceremony was witnessed by relatives and close personal friends. The bride is the only daughter of P. J. Corcoran of Mobile, and a niece of the Rev. Father Corcoran, for more than thirty years pastor of St. John s Catholic Church, Brooklyn, and of Mathew Corcoran of New York. She was educated at the Convent of the Visitation neai this, city, and in the yfar of her gradu- ati'M was awririlM the goi medal for thu b?at essay in English. She is regarded by hT teachers and friends as a very b'iijht and talented young woman. Mr. Hewlett is weil-known in this city and Montc .mery, In which latter city he holds a position in the Fourth National Bank of M nt mry. Th1 lrii" was attired In an imported Mi:r- cloth tai'or made suit, trimmed with I Frisian panne velvet with hat to match and tarriej a bouquet of Marchal Noil rrs-s. The bridesmaid was g-iwnfd in crcm albatross t-imme-1 with cram peau -jc grd (fam siik applique. Mr. and Mrs. Hewlett left on the 4.15 of Mobile. J trtln over the Unilsvllle and Nashvtlte this afternoon for New Orl-ans, where they will send the honeymoon, and will at at home In Montgomery after Decem ber 7. a hnrnrhiv bad the D. A. R-'s with Mrs. Rhett Goode as their able leader, . kil. I.LrMit In succeeded In arousing puum; their Colonial Ball, that it was no wonot-r that Temperance Hall was packed to the doom tonight to witness the pretty sight-palms and flags being used lavishly and with mucn taie in tne decorations ana It was evident that the Daughters had spared no pains to make their ball one to be remembered. Tickets to me uam.-ing floor were sold for 1 each, to the galleries for spectators only cents, and both places were filled to overflowing. The change in the weather came Just in time 40 make dancing a delight, and the girls looked so pretty in their old fashioned costumes with paint, powder and patches that it was no wonder that all succumbed to their charms. The men who danced the minuet were also in costume and looked remarkably well. The ball opened at 8 o'clock with a grand march led by Messrs R. H. Clarke and C. 8. Shawhan, followed by the young ladies and their partners of the minuet beautifully executed. Compliments are due to Miss Kate Irwin who trained these dancers. They were Miss Kathleen Williamson and Alfred Staples, Miss May Prince and W. G. Born, Miss Venetia Danner and Erwin Little. Miss Kate Crawford and Ed Wood. Miss Katherine Sheriff and William Hunter, Miss Mildred Hutton and Shannon Hunter, Miss Eloise Withers and George Fuerst, Miss Josephine Mickie and Ray Carroll, Miss Mary Bullock and Carl Holzborn, Miss Lottie Belle Gould and Henry McConnell, Mlsa Ernestine Cook ami Parry Williams, Miss Corinne Orton and Horace Upton, Miss Kitty Allen and Thomas Boone, Miss Julia Lake and Colston Kelly, Miss Edith Toxey and Hamilton, Miss Gertie Came ron and Harry Houston. The gentlemen on the reception commit tee were Mr. R. H. Clarke, chairman; Dr. Rhett Goode. Colonel M. D. Wicker- sham, Major J. W. Spratley, Dr. H. T. Inge, Dr. Greenwood Ligon, General J. W. Whiting, Messrs W. J. Parham, R. Moore. J. 8. Holmes. H. M. Friend, T. H. Lake, George Fearn, G. L. Smith, S. S. Rubira, Johnston, J. O. Smith, W.V. Qulgley,-W. C. Fitts, R. P. Pope, Harvey Jones, W. K. R. Wilson, Drs. O. L. Crampton, W. P. Mcintosh and Hon. H. T. Toulmin. Floor committee. Mr. C. S. Shawhan, chairman;' Messrs Tom St. John, T. J. Partridge. Stanley Finch, L. H. Horn, Hunt Chamberlain, Archie Smith. W. B. Lyon. Inge Sefden, Wyndham Lyon and Beverly Wilson. The ladles In charge of the ball were Mrs. Rhett Goode, vice- regent; Mrs. M. D. Wickersham, registrar; Mrs. Thomas St. John, treasurer; Mrs. C. S. Shawhan. recording secretary, Miss Metta Thompson, corresponding secretary and all the Daughters. Miss Adlle Batle was the charming hostess of the Discards Wednesday afternoon at their regular weekly meeting. Only a few of the members were present, so the places of the absent ones were filled by guests, among whom were Mesdames J. O. Dickens. William Mastin, P. J. Acker, J. G. Thomas, Jr., Shelton Sims, E. D. Ledyard. C. A. Hall, W. M. Hlg-ley, W. Patterson. E. W. Faith. H. Hopper; Misses Meyer of North Carolina, Virginia Bullock, Mary Brown, Daisy Brown. Annie Louise Harrison. The club members present were Misses Rosa Lyons, Marlbel Williams, Virginia Thomas Ethel Hodgson, Lily Bragg, Kate Irwin, Adile Batie-. The first prize, a pretty Wedgewood tea pot was won by Miss Rosa Lyons, the consolation, an ornament, by Miss Maribel Williams. The club will meet on next Wednesday at two o'clock with Miss Kate Irwin. The handsome caddy bag offered by Mrs. Penrose Vass for the ladies' golf contest was played for this afternoon at the Country Club. There will be three trials In approaching and putting, the other two come off November 29th and December 6th. There were a number of entries today and a large crowd was In attendance. The morning was given up to a handicap for the men four doxen balls being the prize played for. Miss Daisy Tacon entertained at an elaborate dinner Wednesday evening. The table decorations were white carnations and bridesmaid roses artistically combined and the evening was one of rare pleasure. Besides Miss Tacon there were present Misses Rosa Tacon, Janie Berney. Lilly Bragg. May Lee Robinson, Gros Claude, Messrs Tacon. W. G. Horn, Lan-don Hopkins. Frank Winter, H. T. Inge and Dr. Peterson. The meeting of the Drawing Cards was changed fom Thursday to Wednesday this week, owing to Thanksgiving Day. Miss Kathlean Williams, one of this year's most attractive debutantes was the hostess and entertained her guests in the most delightful way. Bid euchre was played, the first prize falling to the lot of Miss Katherine Sheriff, the consolation to Misa Julia Lake. At Alabama Port last night a large number of Mobilians were present to participate in the reception extended to Car-tain Patrick Lilly and his bride, nee Abbot. The grounds and the home of the newly wedding couple were brilliantly righted and the night was made merry with dancing and games. Delightful refreshments were served during the -en tire evening. The following Invitations were received by the friends of Mr. Edmund Rhett in Mobile today: "Mr. 'and Mrs. Isaac Bail request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter, Loti Moultrie and Mr. Edmund Rhett, Wedneaday Derember 3. life, at 4:30 o'clock. St. Michael's Church, Charleston, S. C. Dr. W. P. Mcintosh and Mrs. Mcintosh are spending a few days at Stockton, Ala., the guests of Mrs. McMil lan. Miss Rosa Lyons leaves today for Montgomery to be absent sometime. She will visit her sister, Mrs. Luther Hill. Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Russell and Miss Eoline Russell spent Thanksgiving In Mississippi. The Do-As-You-Please Club will he en tertained Friday by Mrs. Inge Seldcn OLD BONDS BURN. Paper Once Worth $128,400 is De stroyed in Tuscaloosa. Tuscaloosa. Nov. 27. ( 1 he burning of $;2S,4TC) of old Tuscaloosa bonds in the presence of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen and of the bondholder, Robert M. Rother. President of the Hopkins Place Savings Bank of Baltimore, occurred yesterday. The city was enabled to take up these bonds by the sale of J12Sfn0 worth of new refunding bonds, which have been bought by the above named bank. The old bonds were redeemable f-om 191 to 1P2S and bore t per cent interest, except tlO.CTO of 8 per cent bonds. The new bonds bear 5 per cent Interest There are J.V1 net which will run for thirty years and 175, onn which can nn for thir ty years but are redeemable after li04. when can be taleen up and each yeir thereafter v.) can be redeemed By this transaction the City retires J1.4to worth of bonis absolutely n4 the new bonds save to the city J1.4SO annually. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen are being congratulated on the consummation of this deal. . COLLEGE PRESIDENTS COMING. Eliot, Harper, Butler and Others to Visit Alabama. Huntsvllle, Nov. 27. (Special) Persons Interested In educational matters In Alabama have succeeded In making dates for Presidents Pritchett of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Eliot of Harvard, Butler of Columbia. Harper of Chicago and Dr. Kent of the University of Virginia to lecture In several cities of the State. All of these eminent men will visit Alabama during the present season. The marriage of Miss Nettle Well to Mr. Ike Meyers, of Helena, Ark-y. was quietly solemnized Tuesday night at the I residence of the bride's father, Mr. John Weil. Rabbi P, Jacobs officiated. The marriage was a quiet affair because of the death of the bride's mother. Mr. and Mrs. Meyers departed at an early hour this morning for Helena where they will reside. An overcoat pierced through by a bullet, belonging to Jim or Vlrgtl Jones, the negroes who were pursued and fired upon by a Sheriff's posse Sunday, has been found. Sheriff Rodgers has received information that Jim Jones was shot through the stomach and will probably die. His whereabouts are unknown. Judge Kyle of the Circuit Court has dismissed on writs of habeas corpus Nick Jones, Shed Wright and Louis Jones, negro boys, who have been in j'all several weeks for the robbery of Cantrell & Young's drug store. Two other boys remain In jail on the same charge. G. W. O'Neal, one of the pioneer citizens of Gurley, died Monday night after a brief Illness. The funeral was conducted Tuesday and the body burled with Masonic honors. UNIVERSITY NOTES. University, Nov. 27. (Special) Dr. E. A. Smith, State Geologist returned to the University yesterday morntnj from a trip in Florida. The following has been appointed as the editorial board of The Corolla, the college annual, for the present scholastic year: editor In chief, G. H. Jones of Bullock; business manager, W. D. Kyser of Dallas; assistant business manager, E. H. Hobbs of Dallas; associates, F. G. Stlckney of Marengo, Anna T. Hunter of Sumter, James H. Kirkpatrlck of Montgomery, R. P. Coleman of Geneva, Bessie W. Leach of Tuscaloosa and J. H. Varde- man of Shelby. The recent death of Hon. Tennent Lo-mox has called forth expressions of re gret from students, faculty and towns people. All realise that ;n him the Uni versity has lost one of its best trustees and truest friends. wn The young ladies of the Annex enter tained their friends , at a candy pulling last night In celebration of Thanksgiving. The work of repairing Garland Hall Is nearly completed. ALLEGED COUNTERFEITER. Secret Service Agent Makes a Raid os. Monte Sano. Huntsvllle, Nov. 27. (Special) Special Secret Service Agent Shaw of Birmingham today raided a counterfeiting plant on Monte Sano and arrested M. V. Evans, the alleged coiner. A large number of dimes, half dollars and dollars were confiscated. They are so perfectly made that only experts can determine their character. The full outfit of coining utensils was found. Evans was committed to Jail in default of 11,000 bond. Lemming-Woods. Florence, Nov. 27 (Special) O. N. Lemming and Miss Lulu Wools, a couple hailing from Sh;ffl;ll, called at the office of Protale Judge MUihell this morning, secured a 'icease and were married on the spot. If it was a runaway -natch, the objections came from the family of the groom, for the bride was accompanied by her mother. Thanksgiving at Centerville. Centerville. Nov. 27. (SpetiaD Thanksgiving passed off quietly. A Thanksgiving service was held at the Methodist Ciurch, co:idiut?d by the Rev. J. T. West of the Prjs'oyterlan Church of this city. Mgr. Falconi at Service. Washington. Nov. 27. Monslgnor Falcon!, the newly appointed Papal delegate, attended a solemn ml'ttar mass at St. Aloysius Church at 10 o'clock this morning. It being his first official presence since arriving at his new post of duty. The Monsignor was escorted to the Church bv a battalion of the Gonsaga Cadets. He occupied the throne In the altar but did not participate in the services except at their conclusion he pronounced the Apostolic blessing. " INTERESTING FACTS. For Nearly Every Man, Woman or Child. A short time ago we published an ar ticle recommending to our readers the new discovery for the Cure of Dyspepsia, called Stuart's Dyspepsii Tablets, and the claims then made regaidlng the wonder ful curative properties - of the remedy have been abundantly sustained by the factSJ People who were cautious abou trying new remedies advettised in the newspapers and were finally induced to give Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets a trial were surprised nd delighted at the results. In many cases a sirgle package, costing 50 cents at any drug store, made a complete cure and n every instance the most beneficial results were reported. riom a nunarea or more received we have space to publish only a few of the latest, but assure our readers we re ceived so many commendatory letters that we shall publish each week a fresh list of genuine, unsolicited testimonials and never publish the same one twice. From James Yemmeisler. La'-ss Wis.: Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are do ing me more good than anything I ever tried and I was so pleased at results that I gave away several boxes to my friends woo have also had the same benefits. From Jacob Anthony, Portmurrav New Jersey: I have taken Stuart's Dys pepsia Tablets with the best results. had Dyspepsia for years and had taken a great deal of medicine, but the Tablets seem to take right a hold and I feel good. I am a farmer and llm burner and I heartily recommend to everyone who has any trouble with his stomach to use. these Ta'olers. From Mrs. M. K. West. Preston. Minn.: I have received surprisingly good effects from using Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets. I gave one-half of my last box to a friend who also suffered from Indigestion and she has the same good results. Frem Mrs. Agnes K. Ralston, Cadillac, Mich.: I have been taking Stuart s Dyspepsia Tablets and I am very much better, and I feel very grateful for the great benefit I have received in so short a time. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets are a certain cure for all forms of Indigestion. Theyj are not claimed to be a cure-all. but are prepared for stomach troubles only, and phvsici-.rts and druggists everywhere recommend tiem to all persons sufferirg from Nervous Dyspepsia, soor or acid stomach, heartburn, bloating or wind on stomach and similar disorders. "HEADQUARTERS FOR Austjn Nichols & Co.'s . . Sunbeam . . The greatest delicacy obtainable for the table. I pound tins 25 cents. I also have Austin Nichols & Co.'s Sunbeam Asparagus (full length) in 21-pound tins at 4o cents. Fresh Edam Cheese, $1 each.' Fresh Pineapple Cheese, 60c each. J. A. Schneider. Imported and Do mestie Groceries. Telephone 8ft 107 Dexter Avenue in ' mm cm mm GNED ADAY JANUARY Voting to Close December 24th. READ BELOW. The Largest Cash Customer gets $25 in Gold. The' Second Largest Cash. Customer gets 15 in Gold. The Third Largest Cash Customer gets 10 in Gold. The 4th to 23d (Inclusive) Largest Cash Customers get $5 each in Gold The 24th te43d (inclusive) Largest Cash Customers get S2 each in silver The 44th to 103d (inclusive) Largest Cash Customers get 81 each in silver Total 103 Cash Prizes 0250.00 Buy for CASH and Get Some of Your Money Back. Ed. C. Fowler Co., 13 Dexter 1 - -. . Iff- LAP ROBES AND HORSE BLANKETS. We hive the largest and most complete line ever shown in Montgomery Chase's Whip Cord, Broadcloth and Plush Goods are world beaters. $180 to $13.50. Loefo Carriage Co. 112 Commerce St. Telephone 314. To Our Good Customers, and All Others, Greet ng: We take pleasure in announcing that we have just added the following new tools to our already well equipped Machine Shop: One Bradley Hammer for heavy foTgings, one Universal Milling Machine, one Acme Bolt Cutter, one Portable Crane, one small rapid Drill Press and one Lathe. This is the second installment of new tools which we have added to our shop ia the past six months. We are better prepared to execute all kinds of jobbing machine work than any other shop in this section of the country. Liddell Machinery & Supply Co. Foot of Coosa St.. MONTGO MERY, AL A. "Lowest Cash Price Whiskey House in the State." FALr.IGUTII CQBII. Medicinal and family use. 4 QUARTS S2i75 I 0 S2.51T Express Prepaid Write Tor Price List. H. Levysteifl & CO No marks on bos 22 Commerce SL RICH JERSEY BUTTER." - f 0 Ist- Avenue. jtl - f' -V 1 ' V TULIP RYE. Choice Old Whiskey. t QUARTS S2.75 I $2.53 Express Prepaid Mail Orders Solicited , Wholesale Liquor Dealers. to indicate contents. MP Montgomery, Ala. V

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