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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 7
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 7

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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gATURDA, 23,. CO 13 r.i cs Cj cj: C3 Seats JEWELLERS And in" yovr chokt of 18 tiAvnirui DICORATOR COLOURS rusco Ixcti'va ti arsr mot rui ao STULIUM fS I'dSVSf SSStA WIUI SID laJTM urtsf sctioa I With simijar increairi expected In future, the board ii plan-n ng immediate conslnjction of the new Woodrcffe high school on the Stevenson larm property west of Woodrcffe avenue between Queens- way and Carlipg avenue. It! i a a E.1UI1SI1ER Li (7jfn "WW a .3 CO r.3 t. i.4 iW7- aEOBacacacacaoaGa Binivs DIAMONDS ARE CANADA'S EST VALUE BUDGET TXXMS AVAILABLE C3 en Cj fw C3 C3 C3 C3 C3 CI C3 C3 ca 03' 181 Sparks St. CE(-3Sfl 'cfaBananaGa-BaoaGaBanaR? ra EDGED uanuary.

All rorp ill In Oiidwd Schools A little, shufflirf and blt phjruVl by several rninor de-cf luck-should set all Ottawa hi cor.atruftion prcv chool children for'f ifrom 33,730 to 33,000 In. Sep- Member. Only accommodation' prob-i Additions, to Bayvie and Ittt facto: city school is in. Queen Elizabeth will the Bcl'XIr-CopeWnd rark area yed t0 tak PPl but of the new schools will may have cancelled or postponed until January- Collegiate Have Rom. Tor the first time In recent years city tollegiates are ahead of tbe pinch.

They wil open 14 of 22 Classes being faded to each 'of Ijiurentian, ftideau and Rtdgemont ichools. Trie' remaining classrooms and auditoriums be rtady-by the end of the year. Collegiate enrolment Is expected to Jump betwien 900 and 1,000 to bring it to fwctoc T. MacSkimminj said ynoms will he opened as theynre available and the entire 1 950 construction program wLilI fje completed late in the year- IHInj rortabl. Portable classrooms erected by the school board last Spring at D.

Roy Kennedy, W. Cowling and Atta Vista schools will continue to be used at their present locations. An addition Is being made, to the Gowlinjt school and hew buildings a-re bring erected ease loads on the other two. The portable classrooms will likely be moved to new locations wlren jtIe new schools are opened They were originally designed as emergency relief for pressure spots throughouuthe en- nusr oe rraay rnr i tir pubhc system. which was caught in space squeeze last year; had beeu 1 i 4 Rooms Ready.

Forty-six of 90 rooms being built jiy the Separate School Board will be ready for the Ii Fall term to accommodate an I estimated increase of 1.200 Inunils. Ijist ear's enrolment; fl Board secretary pais said the new Montfort school on Centre atreet and the St. Laurent School will be ready along with jhe Louisa street school which teplaces the old- St. Agnes lchoQlpn the sarne site. Opening of the Heron Tark.

pouldry street and Bel. Air schools are postponed untiJ Jcurnal Want quit results. COMBINATION WINDOWS end DOOR: How rgM ifaalfor marftm a'awfniAa. Tha laatfa fracafwl, flat tWaa inaaata iiulaia aa" r4uca rarft WaigM. Sfaal lMca WMwt aa Daar ra Ho-a'aaa' CtWgmiU Ka fWtl raloa agaH Al rr4 ara waMa.

Tkaa a cpl4 frmi aa larr4 la ti4 Na Jaar tnmmm) (94- 0 tmf aaawry. I aaa" fiaar aaa lalilf 11 pair kitf I rril hi. i VvX I 14 I I I I I I If ioduct cakaoa nUSCO (Ottawa) CE6-2379 216 rretorU Ave. (Crlnfr Bank It Is A If ntt Time To Plant 7i if Smiths Falls Drying Our After Deluge IKE USES 144TH VETO Aug. 20.

(JD President Eisenhower reached the 144-veto marlc yeiterdav.with his rejection of a water prf jects money bill. So far none of his vetoes have been overridden by Congress. The late Franklin D. Roose-vet had the highest number of vetoes with 6-1 Nine of these overridden. Ads bring rr air mud 1 Iiaal far affability tW I "ft yaw LIMITED A TTAWA town.

Another' storm struck the area 'early last night but It brought only a nice Summer shower. The Journal visited every in lha vcar. Mr. on BecKwun sueei yes thev Will all be ready forltday and found that very few merchants had damage from escaped aome the torrential rains. Damage to stock ranged from $50 in some stores to $3,000 in one.

However it was almost impossible to place an accurate estimate on the damage. Un Considerable damage was re' ported at the Royalite Metals plant at the corner of James and Church streets, where a considerable quantity of steel, much 0 it under water? had to be thoroughly checked Manufacturers Will Meet At Smiths Falls SMITHS FALLS, Aug. 29. (Staff) Close to 150 people from 33 municipalities in Eastern Ontario attend a meeting of Ottawa Valley branch of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association in Smiths Falls September 11, it was an nounced yesterday. Smiths Falls Golf and Country Club.

During the afternoon session manufacturers 'will attend a reception at the golf club, tour local plants and visit the Ontario Hospital School. A golf tournament has been arranged for the ladies attending the event. R. J. Beach is Madras, AtmI Friday: Takeahlma Maru.

trpm Japan; Irhlna Dock. Montreal. CfnrfH Irainte. Bal-fiurri: Amata. FrtdfawaMr, NS.

Xatled Friday: AfnaU, for Furopa; Takoahima Maru, Montreal. feawayi Vp: Falrhend a am: Luke.lMI: a a ron ior id in am: con irlirTa Hall II OS nv; Oil Trana-fer 33 13 0 em: Jfew York Newa EVEHGREENS: Plan a visit. NO fl 'arid choose your JaH requirements from thousands of thoroughly ic climatised growing, trees. Catalogue Mailed Free Uport Request LE NURSERIES HARDLCY AYLMKfl r.Q. A orrvuNDAY 11 a.m.

to tm MU4-S022 THE OTTAWA JOTONAE BAY VIEW SCHOOL ADDITION. 2:5 Billion To Clean Up Pollution TOfcDHIQ. Aug. 20. P) Tremier Frost has stated It n-ill cost some $200,000.000 SMITHS FALLS.

Aus 23. to clean untano ponutea tk. t. Tie-estimated the job (Staff) The temperature rose 20 years. to a sizzling 9i degrees in; his re- the Metropolitan Toronto area will be completed, Hamilton Woman Dies in 'Crash Near Cornwall CORNWALL, Aug.

2f). tP Mrs. Mabel Alma Comeau. 34, of died while whether motors Were damaged being taken to hospital Friday was hard to determine. Kingston, and the couple' 11 year-old on, David, Also taken to hospital were Matthew Anderson, John Dunne.) .26, both vArtatd LIVESTOCK ar.virw.

Tmm. mwm Amm axf ail Mfa fl rm ITIAal Meetings will held at the! auadr whiia 'rmn vanra from awadr to aa murh PI Ut wtrk when 44 rrrnt. tha offarinfi wara food and choica kind from at and about I 10 Jnw chairman of the program com- than tha corrvondin. i April rmttee. jr.

rrom i Mfhar to SS Jowf whlla, hof and thrrp. iwara iwiIt alaarty. Tha ouality oC tha mrtk rarrlpta rra pctf to rata lower lhn real were ateady at iv-jiixi reapernvpiy. Br Ta Canadian Prfta. nd Toronto met a very arrive nemaf AlgnnquMI Bulldinf Credi'a Ltd pfd.

33', centa, Sept. record Britth Curr-Vila Power Cnrp 25 cent Oct. IS. record rpt. 31.

Canadian Bok of Coninrverr, 40 cenu. Nov :3. record Pept. 30. CnnaoHdatd Paper Corp.

40 eenta, Oft record Sept. 4. Crown JT.ellerbarh Cftrp 4S cenU. t. record Sept.

If). Dominion Piper Corp. 40 centa. 0t. IS.

recorif Snt. Fddr Match Co. Ltd, 37 'j cfnta. 30. fecord Kept.

.13 Fanny Farmer Candy Shopa 2 ce'iept. 30. record StI. IS-. Frawr TTpaniea 30 reata, Oct.

3T. 0. nnd aod Frera Cl' A. 73 eenti. Spt.l3t, rerord Sept: 11.

John LahUM 30 cenfa, Oct "1, record Sert. 11. Maclaren Power and rper 50 renta, 30. record Sept. II.

1 S. Mit.heH and C. Ltd. 3t, fenla ijuarVMr, Oct. record Sept.

IS. CVetn Cmen and Stiprllea IW, IS rena. Oct. 13. rerord Sept 31.

povier Corp Caiad Ltd ,0 4 i ii Albert Phillips Former Court Constable Dies Employed by the County of Carleton as high court constable for 35 years, until his retirement two. year' ao, Albert Thillips. 92 Hinton avenue, "died Friday In hos 4 One of tfiree new nchool expansion projects completed building. Otherf completed: the Queen Elizabeth School 'In timft for opening of the Fall -term, the Bayview School i addition and Agincourt school. Ten other new schools and -'addition.

River Rqad, is seen to the left, of the grade school additions are'expected to be in opratioh by Easter. rhln hy Dominion WIHe) China Admits Commnes Faltered TOKYO (AP) Communist; China admittwl today its. people's communes had faltered badly Smiths Falls Friday but no one marks after conferring with; P''O'-ing brier illness. 1lt year but all errors now was hoping, fof rain following A. Snider, chairman or tne n.

have, been corrected. w.u.u mnn, thm listed the mistakes as "over miuinn. anil llf. A. Bfrrv.

OWRC general manager, on the" general condition of Toronto's' beaches. Mr Frnt taid invf itiPJt ioni There was negligible pollution from shipping, he added, He said Toronto will not have full use of its beaches until late 1961 and "no force on earth can eliminate pollution before that By 1961 most of official estimates ran from the sewage treatmept plants in $50,000 to' $100,000. At the Memorial Community Centre manager Bill Garbutt reported that it would be next week before motors in the arena's ice-making plant would; be tested. He said the motors would have to be thoroughly dry before being turned on. They were covered by five feet of water Thursday, Many reside! reported that new gas and oil furnaces had been affected by he water, but the late Thomas Phillips and centralization, cqualitarianism In Mary Scott.

He was married distribution and. extravagance." at Richmond in 1908 to Harriet Letitia Hill, who aurvives. had shown that pollution of thei Afl" farming for city's beaches stemmed almost entirely from a mass of par-tialry-jreatcd sewage spewed up half a mile off Toronto Island. 'The official Communist Nw China News Agency said govern- a number of i.ment checkups were begun after years at Richmond they came the sixth plenary session of the 1 'r-Li -4 10 Uliawa years agOi wmmunin pany a icu- Mr. Phillips attended St.

committee last December. Matthias Church and' was past' A complete reorganization fol- of Goodwood Lodge U1 news, agency reported. 159, AF and AM. Richmond. I I detailed-report, eroaacait Surviving, besides his wife, rekmg Radio, said mucn are two daughters.

Mrs1. Doug-iter administrauon and other las Carruthers (Zelda) and reforms were instituted. Mrs. John Mulligan (Doxey), Included is a reactivation of both of Ottawa; and" twos1" of rewarding ach rr-, grandchildren. Robert a on according to his work This Laurie Carruthers.

wlicy formerly applied irkU ..1 w-k-m isnnu'farm co operatives abandoned at L5 p.m. from the Tubman rr fun.r.l hm iehmnnA 'when road. for service, at 2.30 p.m.! 1 "Deaths By The Canadian Tress. MONTREAL Dr. J.

Gaetan Kirkland. 57, medical adviser llichway 2 about ix milw Wwii cr5 and Metrcpol.un ah AajMak art of Five others were in- jured. none severely, in the NEW YORK. George YV. Kirh rwrpurf4 Htirinff 'Meyer, 74 composer of the hemvy rainstorm.

Comeau was a passen ger in a car driven by her hus- popular son "For Me and My Gal" anal many other hit tunes. BRISTOL, Eng. Tom Purvis, Mirknil DInnrr 32,.. and, rmf.iAI,.j ii. ronto.

occupant of the second if" rrtmnt 'of 3 vehicle. until his retirement In 1945, Michael Delaney, 331 Nelson street, died Friday in hospital; following a 'brief- illness. He; Tha Canadian hvtoli markrt 0uld Have ODSerVed hi 70th rripu and an aair ftrmtnil on DirthtJay today. rliwi of alauthW fattla. th Well known Dominion Afriruimra upnmfni i4 fnlav- Prk-a wara tdT SlCa, fn the StrflT" where he had re sided all his life, Mr.

Delaney was an ardent sportsman -and in his youth played hockey in the Civil Service League. lie attended SL Jhseph'a Church and was a member of rhe Holy fimt Society. Mr. Delaney was the son of the late James Delaney arid riivariM lo the i puhri- aiork- Johanna Kennedy. A brother.

todilaxi jn.m nfai. oown vmmAtf th. wakljr live.totk report hrvive(l hv a number chou-a ouaiitr airara at Toronto i or nepnews ana meces. Vessel Movements waa fener.lly- ateaiiv wim gowi ii ai.rn. irum inc vinrin k.nda aeu.nt at 34jn.a$4 funeral 515 Cooper Culiirir wa ateady to 2 renta lower on food ateera at 3J 34 while street, for service at a.m.

in 5aakatrhwan markeU ra St. Joseph's Church. Burial Toronto were un-j will be in Notre Dame ceme- rhanied at 33-31 hut prirea i tCrV. SO renta-St on lower rde Win-1 3 45 pm; RockclifTe Hall 3 4S m. calfiry about fl lower at, 18.50-Down: J.

C. Mwener .30 it Clerew, Sarlorl II 10 its lanna It 10 a Oil Transport 13.3 Raineborf Kontul Rartort 3 30 m. nipea waa a''dy at 33 50-33 SO, and a atrors 31-33. Top grade cowa were aieady at Tftronlo, Montreal frlrea roae 33 cent at 18 3133. W(nnlpe wi ealer to SO renta lower at 17-17 50 Today's Market FRIO IT'S CLOSINO LOVDOV.

Auf. 3S. Ott Ctnrkm rloatni! Aluminum Ltd.L3t4': Antio Nfid i a al Dowra tdH tlarMS reir4 nuna ai Ltd. S7 8d, Am Tot) Co I ISa 7'd; Can re I no': Courtaulria 41a 4'jd: Dei tr.villi4 1 1. OH- Dlitillera iHt JHi i on food and choice 'alert aa "nceaiDun7o M.

rr(1 ree St hlf her at 30-3S. Montreal H-whrr Rl(tHel er 31a 4 a waa ate.dy at 3S-30 inaipej -ar J28- rhen1 42i 3 miner at 3- ana Th UnnunlA rhem Mnnanl ateady at 34.SO-3S30. Dividends: Declared ISa Sd 31 d. 15 RolU Rovre 4A fheli 131a Ltd. Vwkere 32a: Wool worth, And Most Reliable Oeaneri fn Hull, Ottawa and District CALL 'PR7-2769 BAY 1 CLEANERS REC'D 181 St.

Laurent Blvd. Hull RriPfh Btert II BerrMi St. Orfiwi tat-. I.tur.SL, Ofiei JJt Mtrter attTi'W the communes were estab- This is a normally capitalistic -f 1. 1 nrir ni nir nr rn nr in mnrK.

in St Johns Anglican Richmond. Rev. Canon C. ho produce more, and is the Roach officiatmg. Burial wtfl Vl .1 I be in the parish cemetery.

ch equaiiiananism in aisirjDu- tion. The organized In band farm workers together in military type units. They share barracks-like living quarters, community dtning halls and their work is organized at the unit levels. Juarez? courts granted hand. Leonard Josenh.

34. Also, 71, stepfather of actress Deb', 900 divorces in in the car were Mr. Comeau'a orah Kerr and renowned poster, to76reigners. brother. George.

18, a signaler anisi w-nose worK- surrea nn-j nitk thm ranarfian Armv in lions oi weary uruons in- int war. DIVORCE BOOMING. MEXICO CITY. TV- The "quickie, divorcf business is booming In Juarez. Chihuahua State, opposite El Taso, Texas.

t. trs. June4- mostly W.H..BRUNEL A. R.M.T. Pinno Theory 176 Camel la Aft.

SII9-9933 tnplH wit ttltr tram Spt I. CI" atin Spt. S. MOVIE -BAN tRGFD "FD. AastriU -ir.

tfVA "ni'mei Ko-g -n living Li Party has calfed on the-nitirtn's at Sydney "i Tarong rark Zoo. fi'm md-Jitrv'to han-what the! ha new care cost $1,000. it party considers militaristic p.c tures. heatfd, bu sun deck aid butterfly- roof. jSerman Study Group Beginner, lower Intermtdiate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced uttdtr qualified direction ta meet once weekly' fof 26 weeks starting September 15 Information May He Obtained hy fl'ritini ta I The German Language Club of Ottawa Sultt 110, ISO Driveway, Ottawa 4, or by phoning CE4-4798 (evenings) Winter Session, DEGREE, DIPLOMA and CERTIFICATE COURSES Day and livening Claes vLeadmg.

from junior or senior matriculaUoa. to the de- grees of Bachelor of Arts (pass or honour, including honoura in Public Adminstration), Bachelor of Science' (pass or honours) Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Journal) sn a.ndBachelor of Engineering. Certificate in Servi2i Studies. Graduate courses leading to Master oMArts in, Public Administration or Diploma in Public Administration. Most courses are available either day or evening.

SINGLE SUBJECTS Subjects may be chosen from the degree courses by persons who do wjsh- to sttftfrKfof a degree, Additional course's, unrelated to the-dcf echograms, are offered as an Extension service. BL'RSARIES A limited pumber of bursaries'are available In new and returning students, application for wHich should be made immediately. REGISTRATION DATES Sept IS and. 18; 2-4 and 7-f p.m. new students Sept 17 and 1ft, 2-4 and 7-J p.m returning students Sept.

15, 16, 17 and 18; 7-9 p.m.. evening students CLASSES BLGIN SEPT 21 IMPORTANT ISOTV. AH new applicants for 'degrees must submit detail of examination grdea obtained, in juniop5ndor Senior. Matriculation, as furnished on official certificates or in a letter from the high school This information should be presented well in advance of registration. For Ceneral Ridcau RivcrCampus, Colonel By Drive CARLETOH UriIUERSITY OTTAWA BUSINESS COLLEGE HiaiMoa BolltllBf IMS Wlllaa.

St FALL TERM FROM SEPTEMBER 1 1 INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION SHORTHAND' (Gregg and Titman) TYPEWRITING," ROOKKFKPING Ta aa tara af anroltmrat yaar arplrtlaM ahaaia ka la airlr. For further Information phone PA9-122S or CE4-7S38. H. W. HI AITHW AITK.

Frlarlpil MjGM-SCHOOL Registration of New Student THE GROVE, LAKEFIELD fFoi'ivnen A RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL FOR BOYS FROM THE LOWER GRADES TO SENIOR 'llttiited a tha Rawartha LkC ar FetrbrtiH, Out. Small clanxes Team games S'aval cadet training Fait Tr Cemmencei Srpt. lib Far Infermation. wrlta tha HeadmaitVri G. WINDF.R SMITH, tMC A.

U7USIC I 1 Monday, August 31 P.M. Only Tuesday, September 1 P.M. Only Wednesday, Scpicmbcr 2 P.M. Only 'Reopening of School All Grades 10.00 a.m., Tuesday, Sept. 0 EACIIERS! BALLET, DRAIM INSTRUCTORS You were inquiring? When The Journal will publish the special pages on Music, Ballet and Drama THE DATE is SATURDAY, SEPT.

Advertising copy for annoiinccnnts is riovv due. If oU require information or assistance please Call CE6-7511 Local 300 4 or send your copy ta TOE JOURNAL Display Advertising Pcpf. i 33, recoil I. -f" 1 -y'centa. Sept.

JO, rtcoti I. BHaaaBiBaaBBaaMaBaMBaBaaaOT a 1 mi i "i i i i if LI.

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