Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 13, 1957 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 13, 1957
Page 8
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Eight- logansport, Indiana. Pharos-Tribune Recall Fighting Spirit of Ford, White Co Wednesday Evening, November 13, I93T. . "'. MONTICELLO — What William I pierced his left wrist, a pistol ball •Ford had in common with Mexicanlglanced'off the other. .General Santa Anna he could have; A bayonet nicked him in the chin, the point of it coming out his mouth. His teeth popped from his jaw, itself shattered. Mr. Ford fell hardly looked back on with any de- ;.gree of fond nostalgia. '•"."••Mr; Ford, one of three White >,je«nmty men who fought in the Mexy-i{an War, was proved to be a real X.lman who had much more than just '-•';:-a! tidbit of nerve, though he almost •/••"/.lost it. '••;.'-He was a part of those. Ameri- '••'«'eari men who galloped upon Vera Cruz in 1847. Under General Wind. field. Scott they whipped the tar • -out of the Mexican men and moved • 'on to bigger battle in Mexico City, •against General Santa Anna. ,.'', On the first day of disagreement Jiir. F.ord was sliced on his left .thigh by a sabre, no doubt the property of a Mexican. •'•Any such parting of skin has •• been known to pair; and it is rea- . • .sonable to say that this was so .-•.i-with Mr. Ford, undaunted, howev- . er, he limped into the fray again . • next day. A whistling cannon ball nipped off a part of'his leg downward .from just above the ankle. A lance down. Meanwhile, Senor Santa Anna was not finding it at all 'peachy. He had had a part of a leg misplaced too, only at a previous spot in time. His trouble lay in keeping his hollow leg intact. When the tide for his side ebbed. General Santa Anna decided to take leave, and he did so with much speed. Meanwhile, Mr. Ford, leg gone, teeth missing, jaw fractured, wrists punctured, blood all around, had no easy way of knowing the general's leg was flopping about somewhere, unattached. The best he could find in the way of a souvenir was a shoulder piece from a uniform. How he got it, cannot be known. But he got it and came 'back home and got well and had it with him for many years. It is possible the shoulder pads even belonged to General Santa Anna. Sport Parade <R*g. U.S. Pat. OH.) By OSCAR FRALEY United Press Sports Writer NEW YORK (UP)—Fraley's Fol,lies and the weekend football iNEW.YORK (UP)—The increas-'. "winners" — while all shook up Ing popularity of professional foot-; because this is the 13th. ball was again demonstrated this " -' "- '"" past weekend when an all-time record for attendance was set at NFL Boasts New Record For Crowds Mild Weather Extends Into Minnesota By UN'TED PRESS Southerly winds brought a reprieve from' wintry weather to the I 1 nation's midsection today with;' mild temperatures and occasional! " r-om ovt-ondinf as far north as' 1 .. Iowa End Nabs Rating IOWA CITY, Iowa (UP)—Iowa end Jim Gibbons, a lanky speedster who proved that good things often come last, today was named ttrf ressidestne United Press Midwest Line bb ° n rain extending, as far north as Minnesota. performer for for three years , fin . before ]owa fans jished his last Saturday by setting a new Generally lair skies but cool schoo j recort j f or yardage gained readi nsgprevailed in the 'North-| by pass calc ] les .' east, and in the West snow Hurries He gat h e red in nine tosses for dumped about one inch of snow 164 yards and two touchdowns toi across sections of the northern ... ... . Plateau and'the Rockies. A dense fog blankjjt accompanied the warmer air in parts ot central Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma during the night; restrict- inv visibiluty to. less than a mile. Raps Military For Lag in Research EVANSVILLE (UP)—The chairman of the Congressional Atomic Research and Development Subcommittee said Tuesday night high military officials were either "foolhardy or shortsighted in failing to press research programs." . But Rep. Melvin Price <D-11U did not single them out by name. In a talk to students at Evans'. one of r UUIIJUUWJI3 IU I .,,,-, .. T3 ' be a key figure in the unbeaten!^ College, Price : . Hawkeyes; trancing ot M™?^ 0 ^^^™* sola, 44-tf. _ j bcen a , ack of unders t a nding of Iowa opened the game against j the vjlal noed of a vigorous re- Minnesota with a Duncan t the first. FEWER TRAFFIC FATAUTIES—States with line shading ishow a traffic fatality decrease of 10 per cent or better for the first tfiree-quartors of 1957 from 1955, the National Safety Council reports. Iowa leads the nation with a big 26 per cent drop, States with dot shading show a fatality decrease of less than 10 per cent. .Others are even or up slightly. Louisville, Ky., shows a whopping 49 per cent drop, Tampa, Fla., 48, and Milwaukee, Wis., 46. Overall decrease is 3 per cent pin and pick it up. Arkansas over SMU All the Lj>s Angeles, and a new high was set in the overall ..picture for the cause they were looking ahead to entire National Football League. More, than 102,000 saw. the Rams take the Forty-Niners at the Coliseum, and more than 311,000 saw tfie six games on Sunday for a new high for a single day's attendance for the league. .'There were three sellouts, in Washington, Chicago and Los An- g'eles. That's proof positive, that pro football has gripped the fans in more convincing fashion than any other professional sport. Game of the Week Oklahoma over Notre Dame— The Sooners have had a couple of close scrapes but possibly be- the Irish. This is a battling Notre Dame team and yet Oklahoma would seem to have the horses. The Bast Army over Tuiane — Sure I'm superstitious. , * Navy over George Washing-.on— Run from black cats. Penn over Columbia — Don't walk under ladders. Princeton over Yale — And how come those, smart colleges all have mascots day you'll have good luck. • Texas_ over TCU — See a pin and leCit lay. Oklahoma State over Kansas- Bad luck you'll have, all the day. Also: Texas Tech over Hardin- Simmons, Tulsa over Cincinnati. The West Washington over California- Shallow men believe in luck. Oregon State over • Stanford- Strong men believe in cauoe and effect, Oregon over USC — So quoth Emerson. Washington State over Idaho— I'd rather^'be lucky than strong enough to lift a sack of popcorn. Also: UCLA over College of Pacific and Utah over Air Force Academy. Film Director Converting Novel Into Big Production Report 720 Flu Deaths About one-fourth inch of rain:of 59 yards with a five yard toss, pelted southern portions of Minne- again from Duncan to Gibbons, sola and Wisconsin during the ! Four times during the drive, Dun- night. " jean spotted the Hawkeye captain Temperatures throughout the,in the open for long ground gain- lower Mississippi Valley and north ers. to the lower Great Lakes aver-1 Coach Forest Evashevski always aged 10 to 15 degrees higher this has had faith in the 6-foot-3-inch, pass, from ; searc]l and deve i opnlcn t program and backslop l!le production of fin- hardware on the other end. 'drive He said this attitude was widespread in government but was noticeable particularly in the defense '"• ' morning than at the same time Tuesday. Pick Wilkinson as CHICAGO (UP.) - The nation's CoQC h O f the Week death toll from flu and its com By ANTHONY MANN Written for United Press HOLLYWOOD (UP)-I'm cur- plications climbed beyond the 720 SHU on theorfront we see^ Also: ' Dartmouth over Cornell, tha thfnV are P tighten ng up in: Harvard over Brown, Penn State that things ^.V 0gn B' «ie time °ver Holy Cross, Syracuse over .Uivis.on. By me "me -n^t,,,, Pniio^ nvor Colgate and Boston College over next Monday rolls around three teams could be tied for first place, San Francisco, Detroit and Baltimore, and right now every team but Green Bay still has a chanca toi win. The Rams' victory over „.,-,. , the Forty-Niners really ^"dl^o^fsfate^^iowa-"!^' Marquette. The Midwest Michigan over Indiana — Ben Jonson wasn't on my team. State over Indiana- Browns v3 Giants In the East,'things have boiled down to the Cleveland Browns and ttie New York Giants. Paul Brown's club and the 1956 champions have a good edge on the others and will battle it out. •We had five winners in our pro selections this week, only the tious. Purdue over Northwestern •— So I win a doubleheader. Also: Wisconsin over Red Wing Players Quit Hockey Union DETROIT (UiP)— The last-place Detroit Red Wings haven't been setting the National Hockey League on fire this season but they upset the fledgling NHL Players Association Tuesday by breaking away from the association. The Wings bolted the group because they were not consulted about .the association's recently •ently in the brickbat business. Risking injury by being belted by same, that is, Usually my major preoccupa- :ion is directing motion pictures. That's how I got into the present position, by filming a novel called 'God's Little Acre." Now this is no brand-new hot- off-th» press book. Erskine Caldwell wrote it 25 years ago. But the neat generated then doesn't show signs of cooling yet, Classic is a very large word, | w it n 41 each. and the prime test is the continued i popularity of a book. In a quarter century, sales of more than eight million copies of "God's Little Acre", in 14 languages have been recorded. . filed suit against the owners of mark, with three of the latest victims reported in Philadelphia. The United Press counted at least 723 deaths blamed on flu and its after effects since the first invasion of Asian flu in this country last summer. The three Philadelphia fatalities boosted that city's toll of flu- blamed deaths to 22 and the toll in Pennsylvania to 103. Other hard-hit states included Georgia 198 pound end from Chicago's Lindblom High School. Gibbons was inserted into the Hawkeye '-P'" LIIICII u Price, who recently returned , from a trip to Russia, said: "The attitude appears to have been that we should concentrate on producing the end items of military technology without bothering lineup after the first game of his i too much about the more abstract sophomore year. He has been problems of research. Nothing there through three campaigns. Gibbons was a big fador when could be more foolhardy ,or shortsighted, it seems to me, in our NORMAN, Okla. (UP)—He says Iowa finished as Big Tsn and Rose I long-term national interest." "we hope we will be good enough bo win, but if we play the best we can we don't mind losing." He almost forgets what it is' to lose because his team hasn't lost a game since its opener in 1953. He is so happy in his adopted state that he once turned down a Bowl champions in 1958, just as he is now as Iowa fights to repeat as conference champs. 92, and California and Michigan':the United- Press Coach of the Week after his Sooners whipped Missouri, 39-14, Saturday to clinch the Big Eight championship and PGA Group Proposes Medal Play Tourney LONG BEACH, Calif. (UP)—The bonus of two yachts (one air con-^traditional PGA golf tournament ditioned) and two oil wells if hejfco decide the match play cham- would take another coaching job. \ pion ot the United States will be He's Charles (Bud) Wilkinson, changed to a 72-hole medal play " " event, starting next year, if a proposal of the tournament committee s accepted at a national PGA What's that got to do with making a movie? Well, assume that'the eight million recorded purchasers of "God's Little Acre" read the book. Perhaps half of them had friends of book borrowing intimacyl And they read the book. Steal From Needy Fund WIN-SLOW (UP)—Burglars broke into the American "Legion Hall here early today, got $1,040 from a safe and stole several hundred dollars from containers used to collect a Christmas fund for needy children. • 1951 ACCIDENT FATAL CRAWFORDSVILLE (UP) — : Freddie Fyffe, 13, died Tuesday in The motion picture version of i his home, more than' six years "God's Little Acre" the six NHL clubs.. The mediately set up their own local organization. The Detroit players said the $3,000,000 lawsuit filed against the league furnished the main reasons for their withdrawal. The Red Wings charged the suit was filed without first getting consent of the Detroit players and Dayton over Miami, Iowa State over South Dakota, Missouri over Kansas State and Colorado over Nebraska. The South that they were refused confiden- Il'iinois,! tial information as to why the suit the silver anniversary of the book. Bring on the brickbats 1882 will be shown i ago' he was injured when a car struck his bicycle. The boy was an invalid arid unable to speak an Orange Bowl trip. Both are old hat for Wilkinson teams, which tied for the conference title in 1947, his first yea at Oklahoma, and have won every year since. Wilkinson's record against conference opposition is a gaudy 60-0-2. His previous bowl teams have won four out of five and will 'be favored this time over its Atlantic Coast Conference rival, probably Duke. INDIANA FOOTBALL HIGH SCHOOL Michigan City 25 South Bend convention today. "The sentiment seems to be in He said the Russians were well along in developing a nuclear- powered airplane. He emphasized jthe importance of the United Stales being first to develop such a plane. Pistons Win First Game at Detroit By UNITED PRESS With one driving layup shot, Gene Shue of the Detroit Pistons made himself a hero instead of a goat and gave his team its first victory in its new home town. lilt SUJJLUIHilll bl^JIlS LU JJU Jill - ,,.,.,. •„ favor of switching'to medal play," i Shue c icked with his game-winning basket just three seconds before the final buzzer Tuesday night, making the Pistons 109-107 said Joe Novak, Los Angeles, a PGA spokesman. "We lost about $12,000 on the tournament last year and we believe that by changing to medal play we 'can overcome this deficit." INDIANA BASKETBALL HIGH SCHOOL Huntingburg 57 Petersburg 40 French Lick 45 Jasper 33 Garrett 62 Ashley 39 Decatur 58 Monmouth 46 Spencer 58 Glenn 55 Attica 90 Klondike 43 winners over his old teammi'es, the New York Knickerbockers. It was the Pistons' first win in three starts in Detroit • since moving there from Fort Wayne In the first game of the Detroit doubleheader, the unbeaten Boston Celtics squeaked to their 10th straight victory. 107-104, over the Minneapolis Lakers. No other games were scheduled Tuesday night. selections ims wee*, on.y U1B , h Alabama- Forty-Nmers crossed us up. Van _r""> d Ru JL sooke brave]v ro...ki:.> n „.,,.,.;„« ,„„* hot-**!, than Edmund BurKe spoKe oraveiy. Brocklin's passing was better than Y. A. Tittle's. ^Everything went pretty well according to form in intercollegiate ranks Saturday. Illinois again humbled Michigan, Duke's tie of Navy, was a mild upheaval, and N|orth Carolina State got a major setback by William and Mary. Nothing disturbed the three leaders in the nation, Oklahoma, Texas Aggies and Auburn, and apparently nothing is going to. Read the Classified Ads Auburn over Georgia — No rabbit feet for him. Duke over Clemson — "Superstition is the religion of lieeble minds." Tennessee over Mssssppi— My straitjacket fits well. Also: Florida over Vandjrbilt, West Virginia over Wake Forest, Kentucky over Xavier, Mississippi State over LSU; North Carolina over VPT, South Carolina over Virginia and Miami over Maryland. The Southwest Texas Aggies over Rice — See was filed. The. Red Wings also said their request for papers that "constitute the legal organization of the association" was not fulfilled. The NHL Players Association initiated the suit to force club owners bq recognize the group as the official agent of the players. GASOLINE PRICES CUT LONDON ('UP) — Britain's major petroleum companies cut gasoline prices today for the sixth time, in a year. The reduction amounted only to three farthings (three-fourths of a cent) and still left the prices higher than they were before the Suez blockade last year. 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