Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 7, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1895
Page 5
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:::'':^'^' : ' '-'V' '-'- •"'''''' : '--''''•''-"' New Spring Styles of Hats Arriving Daily at DEWENTER, THE HATTER and FURNISHER. There Is Reasoa For It! % We have told you about receiving our new Spring Goods, but we want you to know what others say about them. If you will drop in a few ruinutos perhaps you won't blame us for "harping" on this subject. Most people say: "More beautiful than ever,' 1 and (threat runny say; "Not expensive either." We are receiving u great; many orders for suits to be made up for Easter and would like tojput your order down. TUCKER &YOUNG, THE, PErtRL STRBET TfllLORS. MONEY TO LOAN Personal, Itcal Estate or Collateral Security. Any Amount. Any Time. E. B. Ovorshlncr, 32? Fourth Street. DAILY JOURNAL. THURSDAY MORNING. MARCH 7 Drink McLin's Kolntona. Tho pension board was yesterday In teislon. Don'l mU« seeing Murphy and Canfield at the opera house. Frederick W. Ingram and Minnie Warfleld have been licensed to wed. The funniest musical farce of the •eaaon, Murphy and Canfield tonight. A third story will be placed on the •tore room of J. P. Webster at No 126 Sixth street. Murphy and Cacfiold will play foot ball and make plenty of fun at the opera house tonight. Go and enjoy a good laugh at tbe opera hout!0 tonight. "AHmon'y" by Murphy and Canliald. MU» Kate Vornon entertained Tueet day nitfht In honor of Miss Dolla Klstler aad Mrs. D. A Fisher. William Herd, administrator ol ibo eiitate of the lite Tbooias Backus, yes terdny filed his current report. Another farce comedy will soon be presented at St. Bridget's hall by the Nightingale Dramatic company. Mls» Lhzle Sbafer entertained a company of friends Tuesday evening. The oveDiop was spent at dancing. F. W. Wilson, the photographer, who was burned out some tim? ago, bus op .in opened at No. 510 Broadway. The suit for damages of Andy Wlr- W»hn against Dr. J. P. Hotherlnpton has been postponed until Wednesday, March 13th. Jobn Boamer of Younp America will »oon open a most market in the Uhlbulldlnc at the end of Market •treet bridge. On Augmt 11, 12, or IS. the date hft* DOS yet been finally fixed, the blf tents of Barnum & Balley'i immense clroua will be pitched on Col. Cromer's Wheatland street, property. Awarded fllfbeftt Honors—World's Fair. DR, CREAM BANNO MOST PERFECT MADE. 4 pure Grape Cream i/Tartar Powder. Free jam Ammonia, Alum o. -iny other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. Fred Gorges will sport an elegant tally-ho coach tbo coming season. The vehicle will seat over twenty persons. Slate KepplD«er will hang paper at 15 cents a double roll. Give him a call over Loloenoman's tailor shop, 504 Broadway. The case of Maria McClure vs. Daniel Betts for tbe possession of a horse, has been continued in 'Squire Right's court to Friday. Great preparations are in progress for the entertainment of the many Methodist ministers who will attend the coming conference. Mannger Cloaaon of the Logansporl ball team, has been asked for dates during april by the Terre Haute and Jacksonville, 111., managers. A pie iocial was last night Riven at Progress hall by the Order of Chosen Friends. The affair was well attended and was a very pleasant event. Miss Maude Marie Maxwell wa» most pleasantly reminded by her friends of the coming of her eighteenth birthday 'anniversary Tuesday night, and a most pleasant evening was passed by the members of the L. L. L. ofb., and the J. C. P., and other invited guests. The paper hanpere of Logansport will ;hold a meeting at Labor Hall Thursday evening. March 7th, at 7:30, to consider tbe fixing of prices for paper hanging 1 during the coming season. By order of Committee. The Eastern Stari of Fidelity Chapter, ilo. 58, celebrated the tenth an- nlveraary of the establishment of the chapter Tuesday night at the hall. An elegant banquet was served and all present passed a moat enjoyable even- lng ' —^^~- Hatoe-SeeicerN 1 Excursion* Month and $»uiheaat vln.Peimuj'Ivaulii tin n. .Special low rale excursion tickets with twenty day limit will be sold March 5tb, April 2d and SOtb, from ticket stations on the Pennsylvania Lines to points in Alabamla, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi. North Carolina. South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. For details, apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent, or address F. Van. Dusen,' Chief Assistant General Passen.. ger Agent, PitMbuBg. P*. Ha Tell* Mlny Storle*. A man with a name, an occupation, an address and a history for every day of the week, is causing the sheriff some trouble. The man, who w»« taken up last Sunday night, is etill at the jail, and Inqulrlea have as yet been productive of nothing that would lead to his Identity. Siatnt»nxh'« Bo»d Reduced. The bond of Joseph Stumbaugh who was arrested for alleged complicity with Lewis Portar, in the larceny ef John Tyoer'a bogs, has been reduced rom $500 to |800. He had not secured bond last nlcht. The Bottom of the S»» Yields DO pearl ihit can exceed in beauty teeth whitened and cleanted with th»t incomparable dentifrice, the frairraot SOZUU©Nr. Nor is oortil rosier ihan ihe gums In which tuch te-Jth are set. So »ay the ladies, who ara the best judges in su.h matters. MUNICIPAL MANAGERS. ' -^ CONDUCT OF THE CITY COMMON COUNCIL LAST i Mmrkci Street Will be Pared Brick From Second to Fifth—Much Biulneis of Sliiior Importance Tranii •cted-Flre Chief* . »«ml-AiiB»»i Statement-ReportM of Various Cm Officer* Becelved-The .Electric U«hT Redaction Upheld-Clmlm* Allowed Messrs. Klnney and Reed were ab. sent when the roll was called at the chamber of the city council last night The following claims were allowed: CLAIMS ALLOWED. * Street dept pay roll V T •* " •' -..,,,,,,.......... £,. Lit »••»« •••»•••••!!" Police " " " - M^rj Hoffer washing flre d*pt,... tieo A. sbaner Horse shoeing tire <tep:.. Snjiler i Allen suncln street elr-pt " '• M " E. L. ' ..." Jobn Tutnm labor for " " " •••"-•;' Gus Eb^nine, work and material x.. L. Met. E'iect."co,"s'on(is E. L. dept Central •• '[ |' " " '/, - Wllcra cordage and supply Co. suuds E. Ao)erlciin"nariJon'c6''"sunds:E. L. dept... GermralElect Co. " " " ' ••. Jacob Westorweller, extra du'.v fire dept Kllen Brown, washing lire dept LoKiinfport.Journal Co. priming il«-!nou« IVeb-fi u?st engineer Otto Blasslngliam " t" i.ong«ell A; cnmiulnKS, stationer: Gco. E.'Barnett com for si reel d«pt 79 88 93 15 434 5 2 05 7 00 SO 20; 1 12 1 *0 75S _ (j 00 71 CO s 33 7 10 15 (i 25 C 25 )5 25 10SS 41 1 107 02 »• • 1,010 00 l-J liny i'i r lire dupt... frelslitfor fireilppt coal'for ''. L, drpt freigliietc posiiiue city Im.slnoss Interest on orJeis piiymi'nt E. L. plant. Jo nimd Jos Woir labor E. L. plant Cbaa, xnowltou tiring ai E. L. building... The ordinance declaring to be nuisances the privy vauke and ces pools located west of Fifth street and between the Wabash and Eel rivers and requiring the cleaning, and disinfecting of tbe same, and giving prop erly owners three months in which to connect ihe alleged nuisances with the city sewers, was passed. The oily cleric wan instructed to ad vortlse for bids for the putting in of a cement walk in front of the- property known as the Commodore Barnett property on Pawnee 8tr> et, that being the only unfinished workmen that street The matter of the Improving of that portion of Canal street lying south of the Pan Handle railway tracks, between Fourth street and the alley, which it is alleged, the railway com. pany Is bound to keep in repair, was referred to the street committee. MARKET STREET TO BE PAVK3. A petition signed by a majority of the property owners on Market street between Second and Fifth was read The prayer of the' Market street people was for brick paving from the east side of Seooi d street the west line Of Fifth street. As a preliminary step ihe city civil en gineer was instructed to prepare pro file plans and specifications for the im provement of tbo thoroughfare men tloned, tne expeaae of the work to be divided between the owners of property fronting on the street and the Lo gansport Street Railway company, the city, as is customary, standing the expense of the street and alley crossings. The reports of the several flre captains were received and filed. The electric light committee's action ID reducing the price of incandescent light service from ten cents to seven cen v s a thousand watts, was concurred in. Mr. Boyer stated that the committee hoped in time to be able to furnish light at even leas coat. The clerk was instructed to issue orders to contractor Dolan for $2,229 in final payment of the contract price for the erection and putting in opera, tlon of a water wheel for the electric light department. The Mayor's quarterly statement, showing that he had received $119 in fines, was ordered placed on record. FIRE CHIEF'S REPORT. Tbe semi-annual report of Flre Chief Sellers was received and placed on file. Among other things It showed that the expenses of the departmint for the six months from September to March, were $4,832.38, of which $3,782.69 was paid in salaries. Feed cost for the half year, $873 93. Washing expenses. $83.10- Oae horse was purchased for $8C. There were 88 flre alarms, 31 from boxes, 3 by telephone, and 4 still alarms. Tbere are 35 fire alarm boxes, 29 on the streets and 4 in the engine houses. There are 136 fire hydrants in the city. Water was uded 14 hours and 15 minutee. Eight thousand, ilx hundred feet of hpie were used, and 582 feet of ladder were in use. The fire extinguisher was used 8 times. Tho chief recommended that in purchasing; a hose wngoo. for the department, one with a chemical engine attachment be secured In view of the fact that considerable damage results at fires from the use of water, that would not'be caused by chemicals. He also suggested that • fire alar« box Is necessary near the creasing of Columbia and Sycamore itreets- The chief was -Instructed, to procure an alarm box aad place H»t the proptr location- v CONTINUED ALL WEEK! $1§8 FOR CHOICE. $1.98 FOR CHOICE. Choice of Any Ladies' Shoe in the Store NOT SAMPLES, BUT FROM STOCK. Any Ladies' Shoe that you see on exhibition in any Show Window at $3, $3.50, $4, $4.50 and $5, the same at Otto's, choice for $1.98. ALL WEEK! There is no house in the city that carries so many fine shoes; Therefore we are safe in claiming to duplicate any that y9U may see displayed elsewhere or that you may have bought within the past Remarkable 'Offer should fill our house from morning till eve Our f Great Sample Shoe Sale is still in its infancy and prices going still lower. OTTO KRf\US. Great Shoe Sale. ELECTRIC LIGHT CLEKIi'S KBl'OKT. The statement of clerk Rogers of the electric light department, of the busi ness done by that department from January 27th to March 1st, was referred to the finance committee. The report showed that there had keen received by the clerk for wiring, lights and furnishing illumination, $160 72. There were 51 consumers, 48 of whom had contracted for light for one year, and 757 lamps were in use March 1st The matter of plank crossings at the intersection of Ottawa and Plum streets, was referred to the street committee with power to act, as were the resolutions for plank crossings on the south side of Market at Thirteenth street, and the west side of Eighth on North street. Permission was granted for the transfer of a liquor license from Henry Kruck to George W. Kennedy. Mr. Ktnglebea, who was appointed as a committee at a former meeting to consult the owners of projecting sheds on Fifth street, the object belog to obtain their removal, asked for more time, and was instructed to report at the next me-ting. The monthly reports of the city clerk, the city treasurer and the clerk of the water works board, were referred to the finance committee. The water works receipts for the month were $4 590 09 and the expenditures were $4 528 42. The street commissiocer's report was ordered placed on record. The clerk was ordered to Issue deeds to W. B. Freeland, Jno. Austin and Joseph Vfolf, for lots in Mt. Hope cemetery A remitting order for |5 taxes irroneously assessed, was ordered Issued to Charles Myers. A refunding order was ordered issued to John Graff for poll taxes paid on »n erroneous afBe-»ment, The clerk reported that he had properly served notice on the Logansport street railway company with reference to the unused Bates street line, and the notice was ordered recorded. The company has thirty days from February 21st, in which to vacate Bates street. The council adjourned. FLORA IS FLAMES. A Carroll County viUHge Vmlicd Fierce, UevonriiiK Flumes I^am Tbe Modern Inralid Has tastes medicinally, in keeping 1th other luxuries. A remedy must be pleasantly acceptable in form, purely wholesome in composition, truly beneficial in effect and entirely free from every objectionable quality. If really ill be consults a physician; If constipated be uses the gentle unlly laxative Syrup of Figs. Vindalla Line £icnr«il»n». On February 12, March 5, April 2 and 80, 1895, home seekers excursion ilcfcets will be on sale at very cheap _-ates to various points in tbe South and Southwest. For rates, limit stopover prlvilges etc , apply to J. C. EDGEWORTH, Agt., Logaueport, Ind. H»i W»» Too Critical. Everybodv. is familiar with the adverse criticisms passed by shopkeepers on articles not purchased from them Here is an instance: A woman had a landsome Russian sable skin presented ;o her, with head and feet in perfect condition- She took it to a furrier to lave it made into a botv. The furrier examined it closely- "Beautiful skin, sn't it?" remarked the woman. "Yes," replied the shopman, "but I don't think rou have the ripht kind of a head on it." '"'Well,'* returned tlie Woman, "as t happens tc be tbe kind that God pnt on it, I think it will stay." The little town ol Flora, sixteen miles southwest of Logansport In Cur- roll county, was visited by one of ihe most destructive Crea in its history last evening. For hours the volunteer firemen and the citizens fought the devouring element, aad by midnight its spread was prevented and it was practically under control. Six buainess blocks in the business portion of town, and two residences were destroyed, and others were more or less damaged. Tho loss was estimated at about $40.000, which is only partly covered by insurance. The origin of the destructive fire was an overturned lamp at the rear of one Of stores. The flames spread rapidly, and for a time the village was threat ened with complete destruction. THE FODH SEASONS. A BellsHtfat EuiertAlnnient nt <he Flr»t Preabyicriau Church ta*t One of the most delightful entertainments ffiven recently in Logansport was that presented at tha First Presbyterian church lastevenlnu under the auspices of tbe Youoa: Women's Missionary Society of the church. The idea carried out throughout the entertainment, which consisted of musical selections, readings and tableaux, was that of the seasons. The opening number.apiano and vio lln selection, was very acceptably rendered by Miss Edna Stevens and Herbert Stevene. Miss Fannie Lux sang two soloa charm ingly. -'Summer Fancies," a vocal duet by Misses Williamson and Put teraon was vary pleasing Miss Edna Stevens closed the musical pro- grim by singing sweetly the familiar gong "Goodbye Summer." Miss Blanche Stuart read JameB WhU, comb-RUey'e famous poem --When the Frost is on 'the Punkln" and was heartily applauded. Tableaux representing the four ueasons formed a most pleasing feature of ^the entertainment. They were scenes of youth and beauty. ."Spring"' was appropriately represented by seven pretty children grouped around a' May pole. ' Summer." was impersonated by five youig ladies, presenting a classic scene of rare loveliness. The "Husking Bee" was the quaint and pleasing Autumn scene while Winter was revealed by a lady drawing a child on a sled through the mow with the flakes falling around. Tne refreshment tables, four in number, were also decorated to represent tbe seasons, and tbe young ladv attendants served an excellent colla. lion The attendance was large and the jouog ladle* wtao gave tbe entertainment netted a good gum for the *ror thy cause In .Sj-Jycb they labor. IHInd Girl W»t*d! ••Not by me! Since using Zoa. Phora I can do my owa work. It is Woman's Friend, indeed." So f»y I • :orea of women today. So'd by Coulson & Co. and B. F. Keealing. Locomotive* ami S!il!«It is estimated by Mr. Mnllir.ll in arc-. • cent article in tbo Contemporary Review Uint l.he shipping of ;v'.l "n:\Uons ii of the approximate vnlne of f 1,1 00,000,000, while tbe 110,000 locomotives atj work represent a value of f 1,000.000,000' The railways give employment, to 2,-. 30-1.000 people, while shipping or.iploysj only 70. j. 000. The life of a lodr.notivB] is tiftcM years. It will run ^(W miles, carry CUU.OSO tons, or L000,00» , passengers, and earn ?:;0!).oOO. Its first . cost is $10.000, ntifl. its <reni % r:il average is 300 horse-power. The nvomijc lifo of a ship and its earning capacity, compared with its cost, is not given, and perhaps is not yet' computed, but it it not likely to equal or appro:) c.h that ol the locomotive, which may fairly rank as the most potent instrument of civilization ever devised by man. rJcKcrnilcnU of .Molly Start. Molly Stark not only did not die*. widow" because of the valorous battle of Bgnninffton, but she lived to become . anoble mother of Israel. At one time thirty out of forty of the children at^ . tending' the district school in what i* called "the "Stark district" of Nexr Hampshire were mimed Stark. They vrore'all descendants of the four children Molly born to the hero of Ben- niiip.t.on. Now, however, the name is almost extinct, in Xew Hampshire, an& in Manchester, the center of the Stark Oistrict. only two or three persons are. ' let'; who bear that name. Molly Stark has a namesake now living in Alnmeda,. Cal, a little ;*irl of thirteen years, who is the sixth gcncratia'j in linoal descent from the heroine of l l;mliro<>ins Two Thoumiiiil Vonrs OI<1. A villa has beeif unearthed at Bos- corcalc. on the slopes of Vesuvius, whore : lie decorated bathrooms are y». sueb a yood state of preservation that even the pipes and taps are in their r original plaees, and the tepidarmm, could almost be used to-day v.-jtbout' anj' assistance from the plumber. Left: Ills I'ortun'o to Nclcnc«. ^ Count, Victor Boworowsky, an ecccai . trie Polish nobleman, has left his en-! ; tire estate to be administrated byi trustees in the interest of science, artj and literature. The estate is described) as amouting at present to "several mil-i lion ilortcs," but as it is to aecumulataj, until the total amounts to twenty mil~ lions, the count had cvidwtly som»( fear thitt the j»-jvcrnmcnt of Galicial would refuse to au!.; in which cose the. • entire property will pass to the Britisk. museum-. The count had been afflicted; with blindness for icany years, and *. fortnight ago committed suicide af' Lc in burg. IF you think you can starve- a c»tt ; f or a Veck. then feed well for :v\veek and have it catch up in thrift you M* ; D OMAN'S OPERA ROIJXE. S. B. Patterson, Manager. Thursday, March 7th. Bemrn of tbe Favorite*! Tbe Hit o! tbe Season .. TIM MURPHY AND EUGENE CASFIELD . -. . —In Tbe Satirical Comedi— flblMONY. : Better Than fcv*r = • VuiuUer r&T-Brer i : . Brighter Than £»et : ' _^4-*••>• »«--.* Price«-35c. 5fc, 75c Advan all open Tuesday Morning at Joa*- ston's D store.

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