The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama on April 9, 1912 · 11
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The Montgomery Advertiser from Montgomery, Alabama · 11

Montgomery, Alabama
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 9, 1912
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11 .W,i iM mm actors BIRMINGHAM EXPECTS ' lib Mi From The Reviewing Stand BY PETE MEAGHER '5 SOUTHEASTERN LEAGUE the i:osTco::np.r advi:::il-;i.h, tcisdat mokmnci, Aran, 9, 1512 Gossip and Gas Hot and Fyrlous Game Played Between 'Two Squads JLIVELT IS INVINCIBLE Jllllken Harler ( Ball ' mmi Holea mcKalaia at Hla surer lira Ola Ttsera Beta Oat Taaacaters la Ga A hot and furious battla u fousht n tha BUltken ball lot yesterday at-ernoon. Manager Dobba divided hi quad of player and pitted the Tan-ititans aa-ainet tha regular. Tha came went (or 'nine sessions and re. ulted In favor of the Tannlcan by a core of i to 4. It u owing- to Bill Llllvelt's great lurllng. that the Tannlgan noaed out be game. Tha old Uilllken ahawed ;reat on the lab. and for tba first ime In hi career used a plt ball, he regular were practically at hi nerey throughout the game, and all ne rannigan had to do wa to puh nough run aero the plate to win.1 The practice wa the beat the Bllli-en have had thla season. - The gam ieing a regulation affair and every ion played a if In a championship (talr. , Five of the old timers, who will be lth ' the . regular team, were In the annlgan Una -up, and they were . owar In helping the youugeter )-eat the team, aelected by Dobbi to bolt after the baaebaU Interests of lontgomery daring the coming sea- on. . ' . . In fact only the infield of thVYan-Ig-an waa compoaed of player, who 111 not b In tha regular (Quad after he bell ring. The afternoon workout developed a great extent the signal and team ork of tha club, and-Manager Dobbi fast rounding hi player into per-act condition in tnesjs department of he game. , Today and Wednesday tha team will o through tha same kind of work, nd when the club goes on the dla-lond at Birmingham Thursday against he Barons, Manager Dobba feel cob-jdent that it will not only b corn-josed of players who are in perfect nysicai condition, but that, tha nuces-Ury inside baaebaU will have- been d eloped, so that it will be a machine oraing peneeuy at ms commands. yUbftli.LOftnL TLfllLU ; ? BY HOOfl BSLL1HM5 arge Crowd Witnesses Sport at Y, M. C. A.'Gymnaslum 5 - -. Last Night , ' . STANDING OF CLUBS. piayed.'Won.Lost.T'.C. Iiron .1 1 . 3 1 . 0 - 1000 l acker M 11 0 . 1000 ,n- , nu n 1 11 0 1000 lllkens -.mmmm 3 0 1 .000 lunteera 1 0 1. .000 Means ... mm 1 4 . 1 -000 Two games were played In the'.Y. C. A. Indoor Baseball League at the soclatlon's gymnaalum last night he re a large crowd.'" , ,., The first game. In which, the "Barons feated the Pelicans by a; score. 01 a 1, proved to be tha mora, interest-s. Stratford, pitching for the Barons ive up only two hits, a single and double, both by A? Marcus, ana hack out twelve men. ' M. Marcus it pitched a good game,; allowing ly six hits. .. V The seoond game was won by the okonts, .who defeated the : BUHkens to . The, Btlllkens had .things eir own way until the fourth Inning, hen they went up in tha air, and fore they came down the Lookout a icored ten runs. ', The box (core: . ; ; - , First Game. iBarons ABREH PO A E. reus. B., 6 1 2 11 a U, lb. ........ S 0 2 0 tatford, p. ........ 2 2 3 I rbes, (. .. 4 0 0 0 yd, lb. M i 0 0 1 Total ...... ..21 I Hi ID Pelican. ABR BHPO A.E. mllton, Sb. ....... 2 0 0 I reus, M p. ...... 2 0-0 reus. A., c ...... 2 12 ens, lb. .....ot.. 2 0 0 rgiU, 2b. 2 0 6 son, s. .......... 2 0 0 kfford, lis. . 2 0 0 Ulna. rf. 2 0 0 on 1 1 0 Totals ....17 1 214 I 2 Boyd out. hit by batted ball. -'core by innings; tons .............. 001 02 S I 0 hlcans , ........ .000 101, 2 2 Fummary Two base hits. Hall, 8. reus; A. Marcos. Struck out, by reus, 5: by Stratford, 12. Base .on Is, Marcus. 1. Umpires, Mriarity ll Corr. Scorer, Alley. seeoad Game. pilllkens. ABRBHFOAE Is, O. ....... 4 0 2 K d, 2b. .n 2 11 jnon. p. .. ........ 4 2 2 r, lb . 4 4 2 ks. rr. 4 1 3 , es. .. . 4 11 krson. lb. . 10 1 5 1 0 0 2 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 .s Otals M M.....2S 12 12 I 1 Lookouts, tlarity. c .. reus, H., p. . hey. 2b. .. 2b. .. ..... ink In, lb. .. obson. L . otals .. ... . ... ... . 4 AETRBH POAE. .22 14 10 IS S J core by innings: likens 511 10 14 10 I konts 202 ti 12 1 nmmary Twoebaae hits. Mills, Coor , Banks (2). Pearson, Roney, Pear Struck out by H. Marcus. ; 'by iidh, 7. Base on balls, off Hlnnn. off Marcus, 1. Cmplres. Stratford i Mason. Scorer Alley. '' he next games will be played on radxy at 2:12 p. m. and 'the public ordlally invited. Boms work-out that Monday.' No score was kept of the game, ex. cept runs. There were but few error a and thet were on difficult chance. "HaDDv" Smith waa th. ' ,..mi.. artist of the afternoon. The areat fielder waa un ran tlmu .nf ...t. time registered a hit One of his bin-gles waa a bom run over left Held fence. - It Is noticed that "Happy" Is hitting to the left field rthr this season.. It Is seldom a left-hand, ed swatter punctures the left garden. Mannlnsr waa In fl.i h. regulars, and his work was all to the gooo-. , une Deautirut catch waa made by the. nifty fielder. A short foul fly, lust back of third, was gobbled by Mannlno" after a Ions:, hunt rim u.. nlng took the ball oft his shoe strings. Bill Llllvelt looked to be a major leaguer in the box. He appeared as good as at any time last season in the early days. For the first time in a gam Bill used a spit ball, and ha had the regulars fooled. But few hit. were registered off his offerings, and lueaf were 01 tne scratcn variety. The llai.n. nl h. ... - -- follows: For the regulars, Stlngle, cf.; Wares, ss.; Danslg, lb., Elwert, 2b.: McEleveen, Sb.; Williams, rf.; Grlb-ben's,.c; Manning, If.; Herbert, p. For the Tannlgans: Bills, If.; Dpbbs, cf.; H. Smith, rf. : Duggan. lb.; Webber. '2b.: fiDencer. Pni.. k . JdcAllstar, c; Llllvelt, p. :' Present Indications are that at least 800 people will go from Montgomery to Btrmlnghara next Thursday to iea """"! Bum ui me season be. tween the Rllllkana iiul t,- r - . - " "l. OMQllI, The Louisville and Nashville Railroad is making preparations to handle at mm. numuer ana, indeed, the company expect even a larger number iv ia.o me trip.-. ... ; ... J.. . t. Games for First Half of Season Has Been Announced To Public Manning Smith will probably go to Amerlcu. Ga.. today where h ha been asked to pitch a game of base, ball for' the club of that city. A wire waa receiveo rrom me manager of tha Americus club, by Manager Dobbs yesterday, asking for a hurler, and Dobbs will loan Smith to the team. Smith will return in time to be with the BUHkens when they com back froni Birmingham.,- . . . U Birmingham enthusiasts are claiming that over 10,000 persons will witness the game Thursday, if, the Weatnar la ano wa. . . . . baseball. The Birmingham Base- ia maaing a strenuous effort to capture the . trophy offered by the league, to the city ths records the largest attendance at the opening game of the season. The Montaromerv fana ara mtiiiiM mlngham, and will send a substantial Ik" p aweu me crowd for Manager Dohha ho. .r.i a .v. a ...wMurcv mat his' lineup for the opening game at Birmingham will be the same as the resrular'a ltne-un .... exception that his pitcher may be cnangea. 11 ne does not work Herbert. Atchison will h. mi 1 and it may be that both hurlers will SENATORS SHUT OUT. ' WASHINGTON. April 8. The Washington Americans were white-washed hv the BrOoklvn Natlnnala k.r. ... day, 7 to 0. The score: R. H. E. Washington 0 5 0 Rrnoklvn " . Batteries Cashlon. Walker and Ainamun ana -Henry; Rucker, Allen and Phelps. . ... t BARONS DOWN NAPS. BIRMINGHAM, ALA., April g.BIr-minrham defeated the Cleveland (second team), here this afternoon in a very- close game, th score being S to 4. Boyd, the. Birmingham pltoher, settled down aft. k. ei.. u . . nlngs and held the Americans runless. .u fwruoa isnaea upon Doth Demott and Zeigler in the pinches, and won the game. MAKES SENSATIONAL LEAP. NEW TORJf. -Anrll tt 1. . the parachute Jumper, who recently made , a successful leap from the Statue of Libertv. sensational feat late today in Jumping i.uui .un iui miriy-nlne story BanKers Trust Building at Wall and Nassau Streets. He landed on the roof of the sub-treasury building a two-story structure, adjoining. Law last week tried to Jump from the Flatlron building, but Was prevented. COLD WEATHER PREVENTS GAME. PHILADELPHIA. April . Cold waathar todav Drevented tha .i.iw game of the spring series between the two major league baseball clubs of tnis cuy. ine nnai game or tne series, which stands t to 2 In favor of the Nationals, will be played tomorrow. t.ANGFORD DEFEATS MeVET. 8TDNET, N. a W., April 1 Sam Langford. the American heavyweight, today defeated Sam MeVey, of California, in a twenty round fight on points. AMltVD IMMIGRATION LAW WASHINGTON. April S. Special boards of Inquiry to examine those aliens, who have failed to pass the tests imposed by immigration ofBclal are proposed in a bill Introduced In Congress today by Representative Bartholdt, of Missouri. The bill has the backing of German-American. Jewish and other charitable organisations which are working for a mora humanitarian and less technical application of (he Immigration laws. BIRMINGHAM, ALA, April I. Th plalyng schedule for th first half of the season for th - Southeastern League is as follows: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. April II, It, IT Huntsvllle in Beasemar, Oadsden in Selma, Rom In Annlston. Thursday, Friday. Saturday, April It, 11, 20 Selma in Bessemer, Hunts- villa in Gadaden, Annlston la Rome. Taureday. Friday, Saturday, April It, 24, 27 Huntsvlll in Home, Annlston in Selma, Bessame la Gadaden. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday, April 22, 20, May 1 Annlston, In Bessemer, Rome in Gadsden; Huntsvllle In Selma. Thursday. Friday, Saturday. May 2, 1, 4 Bessemer In Selma, Annlston In Gadsden. Borne in Huntsvllle. Monday,' Tuesday, weanesnay, nay t, T. I Annlston in Huntsvllle. Selma In Gadsden. Bessemer In Rome, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, May I, 10, 11 Beaaemer In Huntsvllle. Gads den in Annlston, Selma in Rome. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Msy 12, 14, It Selma in Annlston. Rome I u Bessemer. Gadsden in Huntsvllle. Thursday. Friday, Saturday, May It, IT, It Rome In Selma. Huntsvllle 4n Annlston, Gadsden in Bessemer. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,. May 20. 21. 22 Rom in Selma, Beasemer In Huntsvllle, Annlston in Gadaden. Thursday, Friday. Saturday. May 21, 24, 25 Rome in Bessemer, Selma In Huntsvlll, Annlston in Gadsden. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, May 2T, 21, 22 Bessemer in Rome, Selma In Gadsden, Huntsvllhe In Annlston. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, May 10, It, June 1 Huntsvllle In Rome. Sal-ma in Annlston, Beaaemer in Gadsden. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, June 2, 4. I Gadsden in Bessemer, Rom lu Annlston, Huntsvllle in Selmav Thursday. Friday, Saturday, June t, T, I Gadsden in Bessemer, Huntsvlll in Selma, Annlston in Rom. t Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, June 10. 11. 12 Beasemer in Selma, Gads den in Annlston, Rom in Huntsvlll. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, June 12. 14, 15 Selma in Bessemer. Annlston in Huntsvllle, Gadsden In Rom. . - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, June IT. 18. 12 Rom in Gadaden, Annlston In Selma, Bessemer in Huntsvlll. 1 GIBBS MAKES FINESCORE He la High Maa la IatercatJag Goa Shoe. X very interesting shoot was held at th range of the Capital City Gun Club yesterday afternoon. In which several good shots took part, among-the number were three professionals. Glbbs, Ward and E. A. Holt .John Phillip Sousa. -the celebrated : band master, was also one of the guests. Glbbs took off the honors and mad the splendid score of s hits out of lt)0 targets. Tha soores 'as tubulated ar as follows: . Targets. Broke. Sousa 100 tt Glbbs . .........100 11 Moore , , .......100 8, Ward . . ...........100 IS Teague , . ............ ..100 It - Holt ...........100 II Ross 75 IT Beasley ......... It- II SELMA WINS GAME . Meridian Defeated by Maaaser Stlck-aeya Hopefuls. - SELMA, ALA., April . With both clubs showing mid-season form, Selma defeated the Meridian Cotton States Club this afternoon by the score of 1 to 2. It was the first game of the exhibition season won by the locals. Score: R.H.E. Meridian.. .. ....000 002 0002 1 1 Selma.. ... .. . .100 120 02 1 11 0 BatteriesTurner, Chappelle and Ott; Vernuellle, . McManus, Semmss and Pierre. T. P. C. A. WINS AND TIES. ROBINSON SPRINGS'. ALA., April I. In a double-header here Saturday afternoon, between tne y. p. c. A. team of this place and the Sidney Lanier High School of Montgomery, the T. P. C. A. won the first game by a score of 10 to 1, and tied the second with one run. The games were featureless, there being no unusual playing on either side. -Bat tries For 1. 1. c A.,- first game Fratser, Zeigler and Zeigler; second game, McGlamory and Zeigler. For 8. L. H. &, first game, Allsbrook and Harrison; second game, McDade and Harrison. Umpire, Rawllnson. COLLEGE BASEBALL. At Winston Salem, (morning game) Winston Salem, (Carolina League). 1; University of North Carolina. 0. Afternoon game Winston-Salem. 2: University of North Carolina, 4. At Raleigh, N. C Wake Forest 1; A. and M. College, 1. At Greensboro. N. C. Davidson Col lege. 5; Guilford College, 4. At Roanoke, Va. V. M. I., T; V. P. 1., J. At Charlotte, Va. Holy Cross of Worcester, Masa. 4; University of Virginia, 1. At Washington Princeton. I: Georgetown, 4. At Washington Catholic University. E: Amherst College, 0. The prospective batting of th fill-likens of th 1111 season, may be anticipated as very satisfactory. Judging from th record shown la th few practice game played during th spring training. Four player In th regular llnaun. said from th hurler. bar put up average of over .loi, and two of in have percentage above th .401 mark. McKlveen baa led the BUltken sauad la (watting. In th six gam in which he ha performed, the third baseman ha been at bat twenty. three ume ana ha registered ten bits, which, when computed, make a batting average of .411. William ha, not been far behind McKlveen. The new outfielder In six game, ha been at bat twenty-three times, ana secured seven ear bit, which how an average of .104. "Happy" Smith ha not had much opportunity ao far thla spring, but in in two game in which h played he wa up five time and swatted twice. an average of .400, John Dobba appeared in only en game, and hit one out of three time up, an average of .111. , Following the player. Manning, Ware and Stengl seera to have their eye on th ball. In th six gams played by each of them (twe of Wares' game being wttk th St. Louis brown) the three player have shown that they are, potentially speaking, premier hlttara Manning atung th ball six time out of twenty-two time up. averaging .271. Ware also hit safe half a doaea times out of twnly-thre time up. and his average 1 .211, while Stengl connected for hit seven times, out of twenty-four time at bat, and mad th average f .211. . j For spring work, especially considering th condition of th weather, rain, eold, raw winds, and a world of other handicap, th records of th players Is considered by expert authorities a being far above th average. . Viewing th situation in reference to batting. It can be affirmed that th BUUken will undoubtedly be a hard bitting bunch, Th above half dosen player have already exhibited signs of proper ability to wat th ball, but when it "is taken Into consideration that there arc other heavy hitters, for Instance. Danslg. Elwert and Oribbens still left to form a blngllng crew, there need be no fear that th BUUken will be able to entertain any of the hurler of th other clubs of th league during th season of 1212. Manager Molesworth Is Afraid of Weather Conditions-Lineup of Barons BIRUTVAHIU 111 - 1 11 a . ....... ... y i, . A record amakli,. .HmII.iim 1. 1.. -1- - -1 - IVHRKI Tor at th opening gam of th baee-ball season here Thursday, with Mont. nmtrv aa tha Ann...-. - - .,i.".i.i, i.m in. .manager Molesworth, -while a little afraid vi iiau w.ainar conditions, at tola writ-In r. thare ha I n . nni..i.. 1 t . . peels an snthuslastle crowd out for iow aama. .1 is expected that there will be several hundred Montgomery fans her for th gam also. Manager Moleawkorth has about selected Boyd for th slab artist on th openlnar dav Th. it... ... .1.. . I m ) s g v a 1 uff 40vtU I k WlU p,obb,lr- follow: right m ""J : "nf . - fc.mor iieiq ; jc- V, ' w"m bM; McBrtO. Mt field: E am. hort top; Carroll, third baa; Th. if riot Mil... ' w " j vwtuiJsftn jr flRR mad all preparation for handling big """" me. Din aeaaon. ftUBURN BEATS GLE MISS BY SCORE OF 6 TO 4 Major-Knocked a Home Run : With the Bases Crowded ' AUBURN, ALA, AprU I. In a ragged game, in which error counted for run on both sides, Aubura defeated Mississippi A. and U., on the campus thla afternoon, by a score of 4 to 4. Five of Auburn' runs came in the first inning, when Myers retired after he had walked a man and given up two hits, one of them a horn run by Major with th bases full. 1 In a mix-up Newell stole horn in the first Taylor succeeded Myers. Mississippi scored in the third on two wild throws, again In the seventh on a hit, an error and a. fielder's choice. The visitors came back strong In the - ninth and rapped Cantley hard, but what looked ' Ilk a rally wa nipped with two run scored. Th detailed score: : Mississippi. AB.R.BH.PO.A.E. McGee. 2b ...... ".... 2 1.1 1 1 McGrtnder, If ... 2 1 1 0 Jennlnga. ss .... ....5 0 2 1 2 2 cm. ib....;v.4 so ovr jx McDearmoth, rf ..,... 01 0 0 Cooper, 2b .... .....4 0 0 2 1 1 Baker, c ......2 0 0 t 2 1 Armstrong, c .... 8 ' 0 Taylor, . ...... ....4 0 0 1 7 0 Myers, p 0 0 0 0 0 0 Chapman, cf .... 0 0-1 0 0 Totals 40 4 ' I 24 IS 5 AB.R.BH.PO.A.E; .4 11 1 S 3 12 6 1 12 0 0 0 0 Auburn. ' Newell, as Louisell, 2b Davenport, lb ..... .. Couch, If...... Parris. If .. Moulton, 2b Benson, rf Graydon, rf Major, cf . Williams, o Cantley, p . 1 10 0 0 Totals ....22 2 27 20 8 Score by innings: Mississippi ... 001 00 1024 Auburn 5 ola 001 T Summary Struck out, Cantley. 2; Taylor, 2. Bases on balls, Myers, 1 ; Taylor, 2; Cantley, 4. Hit by pitcher, Myers, 1; Cantley, 1. Home run, Major. - Three base hits, Jennings, Davenport. Umpire MoFarland. PRACTICE fJAME RESULTS. At Petersburg, Vs.: Toronto (Inter national). 1; Petersburg yirginia), I. At Newport News, vs.: New York American Yannig ana, I; Newport News, 2. At Richmond, va.: wasnington American Rookies, T; Richmond (Virginia), 0. At Lynchbjrg. Va.: Morning gam, Greensboro (Carolina Association), t; Lynchburg (Virginia), 1. Afternoon game, Lynchburg, f; Greensboro, 0. At Spartanburg, 8. a Buffalo (In ternational)-. 11: Bnartanbura (Carn. Una Association), 4. At Charlotte. N. (L Phlladelnhla. American (second team). 11; Charlotte iwarouna Association). 1. CRACKERS DEFEAT ROCHESTER. ATLANTA. (Sa npil a Th. . i. lanta team, of tha Hnutham t .... defeated Rochester, of the Interns- uonai league. Here this afternoon, t to 2, in a hard fought contest. "Hew M the Mr knew that That th confidence that has been placed in us has been won by selling merchandise of standard manufacture. -. . . s)iM(J Our hats are unbecoming to blockheads they are .worn by men who want something on their mind. ' Something out of the usual kind Something distinct, also the extreme. Any one of the new stylet in Youman'i and Rulofs is most desirable to men who wish to be correct. Get your Easter hat here. Finii,(nxt.iu; 12 Dexter Ave. Phone 71 1 A TELLING TESTIMONY The real serviceableneM of our tailoring is a telling testimony of its excellent construction. Our garments of twelve months wear have a relative value higher than any other new ones. Good Rim for your Money at The Pickwick Cafe Why T Because we will - give rou a quick service when you are 1n a hurry. When you have mor time to enjoy th savory, delicious food served op to suit th most particular patronage, rou will appreciate the variety offered for your selection. This cost of living is worth whil considering. Pickwick Cafe Open All Night liWhiikey that x jf'Aj X'lM Is absolutely pure. If 1 I J In rich, mellow la""'' ! I flavor la vastly ; I 1 if. superior to ordl- .. I j f nary whlsklea I i 1 BlstUlenf Bottling I Mpilllllllll .r.rli 111 u 19 aid Whanvna Onalitv Caoata llliiiliiilTiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiii'i'mi'"""""""1"'"""" all Time Get in the Game Every American boy loves the game and he enjoys every minute that he is in the game. If your boy is not in possession of a Ball, Bat and Glove, come to our store today we have just the kind fhe boy wants. The 'prices are reasonable. BATS AND BALLS FROM 5c UP TO $1.25 GLOVES AND MITTS FROM 25c UP SUITS $1.00 UP Score Cards Free Come ant) Get Them. 5 North Court Square KLEIN Sporting Goods, 8icycle$, Stc You can't disguise pure whisky a highball made with it more than proves the superiority of Cascade Pore Whisky Stoie aKUew u noomlfbt" OMOtancf. Saraeflolanirico-afL Sane falncm of "tba Itfe tod riior of ow Faia, Oriflnel botdhir s out pU bad ceo. a. mcKELs ca DisiiUtn N"wUle, Tm. 11 C.REIL BROS.. Dtatrfl haters, MeatgoBsery, Ala. Qjld9 MS . It brings to tired tissues the vigor of Perfect Grains, pure and undefilcd. vhwbt un uiuerencs uctween just whiskey ana rtai whiskey todav call few Honest Old Quaker B G&EIL BEOS, ft CO, Distributots, Montffomery, Ala.. congenial often a party of congenial friends drop in for a little informal chat, perhaps it's damp and cheerless outside or the internal feeling of good fellowship needs a bit of bracing, you set out a bottle of mark rogers, with a slow of pride your friends will say more than once, "a little mark rogers, please," and will go away with that taste of rich, mellow whiskey tickling their palates, they'll not forget it's fine flavor and your hospitality. Msu3 IIIUIIll' fjstntnl 111 lisp bluthenthal & bickart, inc. "b.&b." "the great big house" baltimore sold by all leading mail order house four . full quarts for $5.00, express prepaid DDE inn 1U 1UE Hurley Bros. Designers and Makers of the Clothes . that Gentlemen wear. SS DKXTKB ATS. x w

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