Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 10, 1957 · Page 53
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 53

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1957
Page 53
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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1957 THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and 10GANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE TWENTY-FIVE Half Of Stomach All Right As Key Organ Says Surgeon NEW YORK ('UP) — The stom-]well, nutritionally speaking, on nourish- less than half a stomach, confin- well in ued Dr. Harold D. Harvey, of Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons, speak ing from his experiences with 1,068 persons who gave up parts of I their stomachs. ach as a key organ for ing the body does very that endeavor after half of it has been removed, according to a surgeon who specialized in' such removals for the purpose of curing ulcers. But, people don't get along very | Dr. Harvey recommended that LAFF-A-DAY H-9 Tra quite sure that cleaning up the basement won'i jeopardize your unemployment check." ...For Christmas ...For Ever *0&L JEWELERS (2505; • THIE l*ltOU»KST MOWIBNT THK SCMKKN I HAS •VKM KNOWN I BRIBE and Ifcfi RQX 4 - A I L I d N OH TODAY, MONDAY 2 Westerns - 3 Cartoons Open Daily 1 p.m. Harlem Globetrotters in no more than one-half of any stomach • should be removed in •ulcer surgery, "except perhaps in exceptional cases." In reporting his interesting statistics to the American College of Surgeons, he divided his cases between those who had their operations between 1936 and 1948 and those who.got their after 1948. The dividing year is important because it marked the time when improved surgical techniques per- ,mitted the relatively safe taking of more than half a stomach. Among the pre-1948 patients w^o lost one-half their stomachs, only 14 per cent lost 5 per.cent or more of their pre-operative weight . in the three years following the operation. But Harvey said this wasn't too good a way of measuring because many weight losses, were not "harmful" but were "at times very beneficial." 'A Joss of weight from 200 pounds to 170 after operation would not be disturbing, but a drop from 100 to 95 might well be," he said. So he made these pre-19'58 sta- tistics more- specific and found that only 2.1 per cent 'had weight- losses which "disturbed'' the doctor and only 1.6 per cent bad "serious nutritional defects." Statistics Show Results Then he made an identical statistical table for the patients after 1948. These patients gave up 60 to 75 per cent of their stomachs. During the first three years afterward, 31 per cent lost 5 or more per cent of the pre-operative weights, 11.9 per cent had weight-losses which were medically disturbing, and 6.3 per cent had By 'serious nutritional, defects." removing part of the-stomach the surgeon removes a proportionate pat »f the 'source of the gastric acids which in exces- amounts cause ulcers. He may also remove the part of the vagus nerve which incites the flow of those '• acids. In his recommendations, Har- Vey recommended vagus removal along with 50 per cent stomach removal, together with certain refinements in re-connecting stomach and intestinal 1 tract. Doctor Speaks Out On "Somatopsychic By DELOS SMITH United Press Science Editor NEW YORK, (UP)—Swimming antics to get from their husbands what they need and . want," he said. "They have at their disposal more refined ways and means to Food Fair Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Corned beef 5 Corn residua 9 Split soup 12 Musical instrument 13 Region 14 Pointed implement 15 Perpetual 17 Confederate general j 18 Not fresh 19 Speakers 21 Go by steamer 23 River barrier 24 By way o£ 27 Allowance j!or waste 29 Slay 82 Dinner course 34 Thoroughfare 36 Come back 37 Singing voices 38 Sea bird 39 Dash 41 Place 42 Possessive pronoun 44 War god of Greece 46 Condiment! 49 Follow 53 Fourth Arabian caltph 54 Control 56 Also 57 Operatic solo 58 Preposition 59 Oriental coin 60 Seethe 81 Former Spanish province DOWN 1 Short jumps 2 Encourage 3 Rail bird 4 Foot parts 5 Food container 6 Bird 7 Animal 8 Tossed green 9 Golden horses 10 Pitcher 11 Drinks made with malt 16 Tidier 20 Accepted 22 Feminine appellation 24 Green (her.) 25 Arrow poison 26 Wasting away 28 Mongol 30 Entice 31 For fear that 33 Stunted ones 35 Superficial coating 40 Scottish girl 43 Bombay seaport 43 French food 46 Felines 47 Century plant 48 French father- 50 Trigonometry function 51 Until 52 Famous English school 55 Scottish cap 2* x I against the present-day scientific current, a medical doctor de- reach their goal." mands more attention for thei The official organization of psy- 'sojiratopsyohic" and less for the ehosomatic medicine has more •psychosomatic" Jthan tripled its membership in | ,, t • dystonia " and said in case you .didn't figure it out;the last few years. However, Wai-j fir ° t m an ifesSns might .nstantly, somatopsychic ' is the' tenbeng did not propose establish- • C ai] e( j hysteria if vou nfluence of the body ove>r the ing an American Academy of - - mind instead of the other way Somatc-iisyshic Medicine. But he. round, Which is "psychosomatic.";said "great (medical) sins are Dr. Robert Wartentog, th e dis- committed by the designation, senter against the growing popii-j 'psychosomatic.'" larity among _ medical doctors of | in figuring out what causes odd "psychosomatic medicine," tm- 1 symptoms in the nervous systems plied that nowadays many people of patients, doctors make- their pens after emotion, is accompanied by emotion or increased by emotion," no doctor should jump to the conclusion that this physical -"something" is caused by emotion, he said. Not Dramatic Enough He cited a physical disorder, its be strong- But manifestations are not, "for- they are le . ., „ h .* hvster . la > he said, •are called hysterics who actually have a nervous disorder. Genuine hysterics always want something—that ils hysterical, he said, "greatest mistakes by calling something psychogenic (original-1 ing in the mind) that is actually misused without]the week. Every called Sputnik 11 Hits Stock NEW YORK W-Sputnik II and expectations of greater spending on American missiles dominated the stock market this week. Shares representing companies gaged in making high - energy fuels, missiles and aircrafts made some wide gains. But the market as a "whole was down slightly on why they're organic," he said. A neurologist, and then he;of San Francisco, he was lectur- complimcnted American women I ing non-specialized physicians on on the • grounds that there are few genuine hysterics among them. "American women are too sensi- the meanings of pbscur e neurological symptoms in the Technical Journal of the American Academy •ble, too- sound and too proud to of General Practice. resort to hysteric dramatics and '• Merely because "something bap- •pletely is "a social disease. "Nobody is hysteric between his The Associated Press average of 60 stocks declined 70 cents to ' $155.20. hysteria, it was a moderate decline. Volume avaraged 2,416,421 shares four walls," he hysteric wants demonstrates interested in continued, something. his disease, he it, in order to "An He Anniversary SALE Our Big Annual Birthday Event Bargains In All Departments OUR FAMOUS LABELED COATS Regular $75 to $85 Value Many of our better coats repriced for Anniversary Sale only. These represents the finest materials and the best workmanship. Seasons best colors. Group 2 Values to $59.S'5 Coats for all women of all types and tastes. Classic dress-up styles. Newest fashion details, Milium and interlined for extra Warmth. Group 2 Values to $49.98 Coats purchased special for this event. Known everywhere .for good look and fashion. Many with pile linings. Also camel hair hype Boy Coats. * Mo.uton Fiir Coats Regular $79.95 Value * Processed dyed • lamb Mouton Shorty with deep turn back cuffs.' Side vents for the easy fit. Roll collar in charcoal grey, logwood brown and taup«. plus tax something out of it and to get it cheaply—a bat, sympathy, recognition, escape from a disagreeable situation." Doctors can't b e too careful in deciding what is hysteria. "A diagnosis of hysteria is not includes the it, which complete unless it mechanism behind means 'what does want?'" But there is no problem actually, in his opinion, "in this day. This was above average but nothing to shout about. Election day cancelled-out one day of stock trading in New York. But ir.' light trading on other exchanges that day the aircraft and missile shares kept to the upside. It would have seemed incredible not so long ago that the stock market in November, 1957, would be dominated by thoughts of a Russian space satellite whirling around with a dog as passenger. Actually, news of Sputnik II was the patient | weathered by Wai! Street much more easily than news of the first country," he said, an,y" hysteria. "there isn't Soviet satellite. Sputnik I sent the market down to a very heavy loss estimated at about four billion dollars in quoted values in Sometimes slip'ing an old ny- one ^ av ' This was nervous sell- Ion over a. hair brush will keep a!* ng - There was more of it last brush dean longer. But the Mon day on news of Sputnik ir but brush still needs its regular bath. Warm^soap suds usually will do the trick. Occasionally, a water solution with aromatic spirits of ammonia is needed. After washing, air and dry the brush before using it again. Needlecraft .609 the selling was absorbed quite! well. Aircrafts and missiles were : strong from the start and a rej covery movement got under way. Four of the five most active stocks were aircraft, missile, or rocket stocks (General Tire having a rocket subsidiary). Among stocks in this category to rise were U. S. Borax, up 9%; Olin Mathieson, up 3%; American Potash, up 7Vi and Martin Co., up 3. I The five most active issues this i week on the New York Stock Ex-: change were: North American Aviation, up 2 at 25 at 221,400 shares; Boeing, up 3Vi at 36%; Bethlehem Steel, off % at 37%; General Dynamics, up 4% at 55'/s; and General Tire, up IVz at 28V4. Groins In kers with outside interest largely absent. At the end of the week, wheat was 1 to 2% cents a bushel higher compared with Friday a week ago. Corn, was up % to l k cent, oats advanced a ,i to IVs, rye was up 3 to Ifo cents, soybeans were 2% to 2% higher and lard was 17 cents lower to 15 cents higher per hundred pounds. A trading factor early in the week was a bullish private estimate which placed the amount of wheat under government support as of Oct. 15 at 149 million bushels compared with 198 million on the same date a year ago. Although 49 million bushels' smaller than total impoundings on Oct. 15, 1956, the estimated reflected an increase of 55 million bushels in the past 30 days compared with 35. million during the same 30 day period a year earlier. Q l I « **t D I • M FIRE LOSS S5 °'° 00 U I GT I\ U M AURORA, Ind. wt-Damago was estimated at more than $50,000 in a fire which destroyed an automo- CHICAGO Wl - International; bae showroom and garage in tension and political develop-1 downlown Aurora Friday . Fire . ments at home were among in- men from Aurfta and Lawrence- centives that figured in the gram burg fouglu f OU r hours to control futures markets this week. | the b]aze at the Goorgc Ward Market session the Board of'Sales & Service Co. Cause of the of Trade were mostly quiet, with fire, worst here in 16 years, was domestic demand limited and ex-'.not learned. port buying almost at a standstill i —I until Friday when some improve-1 ment occurred. Trading most of Read the Classified Ad$ the lime was between local bro- Take a Cold-Weather Tip from us! Duofold Z-lai/ek Outer Liy« underwear Kills that chill like nothing «/ie wSI Virgin wool in lightweight Duofold's outer layer keep* you toast-warm in any weather, while the cotton inner layer evaporates body moistur* away from the skin... for mor» comfort, indoors or out. Set our complete selection of weights, sizes and styles. Short Sl«v« Shirt ' 20% wool outtr !«r $4.29 IlKtlc Witst Driwart 20% wool ouler liyv $4.29 313-315 E. Market St. •Practical -Gift' , Capture this butterfly with your crochet hook. 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