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Baxter Bulletin from Mountain Home, Arkansas • Page 4
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Baxter Bulletin from Mountain Home, Arkansas • Page 4

Baxter Bulletini
Mountain Home, Arkansas
Issue Date:

J- 4i Auiruxt 22, 1030 THE BAXTER BULLETIN IKace DPH vers DMEMAMIH) LOCALS 9 inne TrnnaiES wie sieiljl ZANE GRAY'S "Light of the Mr. and Mm. II. F. Wilson are vis Good flour 2..10 at Ragan's. 8-22 itinjr relative Little Rock thin Ftl.ol.40.aM week. Western Stars" Mr. and Mrs. Kuley and little son of St. Louis, are the guests of Mrs. Kulley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. DIPS VOT 1 Turnip need at Rattan'. Tracy here. They attended the re- Mr. and Mm. B. B. Pouter, of Salem union at Mammoth Spring Wednes day. for many years residents of Mnun tain Home, announce the arrival of a Notice of Coinmiioner Sale. Notice is hereby given that in tf the authority and direction contained in the judgment and decree of the huncei Court of Baxter Coun. ty. Arkansas', nu de and entered the StJnd dav of April, WHO, in a certain cause. No. 121:, pending in said court wherein the Peoples Bank, Mountain Home, is plaintiff, and Elizabeth M. Winslow nnd Mary A. Walter are defendants, the undersigned Commissioner r.f said court, will on the 13th (Uiy of September, at the East -ont door of the County Courthouse in which said court is held, at Mountain Home, Ark. sell at public auction t- the highest bidder, within hours for judicial sales, the following real estate situated in Baxter Arkansas, towit; The North of the South East and the South West 'i of the South East of Section 0, in Township IX, North, Range 13 West, containing 120 Teres more or less. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of three months, the purchaser being required to execute a promissory note, or bond, with approved leuunty, and a lien retained upn said -anils to secure the payment ofihj -urchase money accord iiyr to hue. Witness my andai seal as such Commissioner nxChancery, this the 1 0th. day of Aug. 1930. (seal) H. B. AYLOR, Commissioner. First published Aug. 22, 1932. Friday Saturday daughter, born to them last week. Royal Knight flour. Kach sack guaranteed. 12.40 per hundred at Rob ertsons. 8.22 Good flat grain coffee at Robertson's IS rents a pound or 74 poundu Queen of Kansas flour, U. S. and Certified at Robertson's. Per 100 pounds $2.80. for $1.00. 8-22 Grover and Garland Baker of Ok mulgee, are the guests of relatives and friends here. Nights Hopkins Th a (OTTER, ARKANSAS. 15 and 35 Cents Rev. W. K. Wharton and family re turned this week from a visit with Mrs. Wharton's parents in the south Work shirts at Robertson's for COc. d'te, I'tc and POc. 8-22 part of the state. They will leave soon for Fayetteville, where Rev. Wharton will attend the university. Shorts in white sacks at Ragan's. 8-22 Pure cane sugar at Robertson's, 17 pounds for $1.00. 8-22 Miss Agnes Pitehford returned Saturday from Shady Grove, where she has been visiting Miss Zola Raymond, who accompanied her home for a few day's visit. Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Lonon and Mrs. LOTS OF FEED at Dow Lonon, all of Tulsa, have TlIE Indianapolis 500 Mile Endurance Kacc it famom at an finl ranee tot ami bailie of lires for no driver can win lliw raee who ha lire trouble. He races over a hoi brick track al a speed of 100 or more miles per hour. For eleven consecutive years Firestone Gum-Dipped Tires have been on the winning cars. F()R years the winner of the hazardous race of Tike's Teak climb where a slip meant death used Firestone Gum-Dipped Tires. 1 TlIESE drivers do nol simply choose Firestone Tire. They demand litem. They know lir experience tliut ihi lire never fail. It never fail because it in Iuill not lo fail by the special Fire-lone proressea of lire building. (a) Every fibre ol-'eol Ion thread tfolntf Into I he making of the eord fahrle, whleh la he foundation of I lie lire, Im coaled and cushioned In rubher by Hie Flraelsn patented Him-Iltintf proeoaa. (b) I'ntler I he tread la the llreslone patented Cuin-lllpped Double Cord llreaLer whleh inenna not only lw extra pllea whore moat needed, but alaoaela the Fireatone Tire apart a an all eord lire, while other are woven In brie and eord. (e) Firealone Super High Speed Tlrea nun have i more rubber In Ihe tread, Kl (J deeper groove thai will (Jive yon over .1 more non-akld wear before Ihe lire la smooth. 2. TlESE are nol just feat res. They are haMr ilifferrnrea in tire ImiMing proved by service on every kind of road and truck. 3. Yoil may never intend to rare. You may never intend even lo speed. You may never climb Pike's Peak. But, every day whether you know it or not -your life depends upon your tires. been visiting friends here nnd at Bu ford. At this time I have tin following feeds in stock: Shritf, mill run, bran, chops, hen scratch, cotton seed meal, and prairie hay. Don't fail to Oliver Chilled plow points in nil sixes. Prices right. Nelson's store. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Morris and fam get my prices on the above before you buy your feed. T. E. Robertson. 8-22 of Toledo, Ohio, are visiting their Music Help-: Efficiency far buck its i i the bend of a southern factory, where cigarettes were rolled by hand, placed good sine-ers In his workrooms to Increase elll-clency and contentment In the plant. There are today several hundred American Industrial organizations Hint encourage musical activities among their employees. A survey conducted by the National Association for the Advancement of Music reports that 32 eompatilos nllow the mimical program to be conducted on company time, while 132 allow them to be conducted half on company time. Kxpci'lmonH prove that under the Influence of music more work Is done and fewer mistakes are made. Williford Cox and Miss Chandler were married on Monday at the home of the Rev. Walt Roberts, parents, Mr. and Mrs. II. A. Morris and Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Tucker who live near Gassville. They report hot, weather in their section also. Eats, gas and oil nt Natoma, that will please you. Moderate prices, tf who performed the ceremony. GUM-DIPPED TIRES Hold All World on Road and Track for SAFETY, MILEAGE, SPEED and EXDL'RAXCE lor rryrn ronteeutive years hate oa the SOOmlle India- poll, Endoranre Raee. were on winning cars in Pik' Peak Rare where a flip meant death. were on the Studebaksr Car which went 30,000 mile in 26 326 minatra on a board Irark at Ailantie City in 1928. were on the CMC Truck car-rin a twton load that aaag up the Cal to-Cot Endurance Rreord. ran 71,351 milra on a Detroit Taiirab before the fint tira was rr placed. Ragan Son still sell that same good coffee at 20c. 8-22 Miss Helen Hackler left Wednesday for Little Rock, where she will be the guests of friends. September 1 to 15 is the date of the fall term opening at Springfield Drau-ghen Business University, Springfield, Missouri. Enroll now. Write for catalog. 8-22 Seed wheat and rye at Ragan's. 8-22 Work and dress pants at Wolf's that are real values. 8-22 Tine Davis, of West Plains, Put the Safa First was a business visitor here the first of the week. A man called on his Mock limber The latest out in men's and young men's new fall hats at Wolfs. 8-22 SEARCY COUNTY BALLOT BOXES STOLEN THINGS IN BAD MESS Much discussion is under way at Marshall, in Searcy County, regarding the legal question which has arisen following the theft of the ballot boxes from the county clerk's office Thurs Big Four overalls, a pair $1.00. Knockout overalls, a pair 85 cents at Robertson's. 8-22 Misses Guyeta Mann and Beatrice Milburn returned Wednesday from West Plains, where they visited friends. day night before the returns had been and found him about tack of business nnd recent financial complications in the city. He was about to leave his office for the day. As they were going out, the caller noticed that the door of the safe a large, majestic piece of furniture was open. "Surely." said he, "you lock your safe for the night, don't you?" "As a ride, yes," replied the broker, "hut as things are at present. I would much rather that any one should take contents than break the safe St. John Telegraph Journal. W. H. Owins drove to Kingsdale, Wednesday for a visit with his daughter, Mary Elizabeth, and other relatives. certified by the County Republican Central Committee. Efforts to determine what the pro Good flat grain coffee, 15c per lb at Nelson's. 8-22 You will find some unusual value in children's and grownups shoes at Wolfs. 8-22 cedure should be have thus far been futile. Several hotly contested races were expected to be decided when the committee met, but since the ballots It will soon be time to shoe the family. Don't forget that Wolf's carry the old reliable line of Friedman Shelby shoes. The kind that you have are missing the returns cannot be cer been wearing for years. Mrs. Joe Eubanks of Buford, was the guest of her brother, T. N. Nelson and family Monday. M. F. White, rules examiner of the Missouri Pacific Railroad, was a vis Character Most Important The greiit of Ilio soul-winner Is Hinnictci. It Is a false notion that we must tju- world on Its own level -Iriii'; in win Hie ilrlnk er, simil to ii mui.I i t. mxi piaj the world's in m-ili-i Id II to Ii I V. itor in Mountain Home Saturday in Good coffee at Nelson's at 15c per lb. 8-22 4. W' HAVE these Super High Speed Gum-Dipped Balloons for sale today. They are the same tires that the racing drivers demand the premier tires of the world. Their first rost is lo. Their row! per mile of nervice makes them cheaper today than even cheap tires. They are inexpensive, not only heeause the price of ruhher is low, hut her a use have joined with Firestone to hring into the sale of tires the same degree of efficiency which goes into their manufacture. The Itencfit of all this is in the price to yon. 5. DllIVE IN TODAY. We will examine your tires and make you an allowance for your unused mileage. We can equip your car with new Firestone Super High Speed Tires at a much loner cot-t than you ever expected. They will give yon unequalled service and satisfaction. T2.A5E fX YOUR USED TIRES TODAY! N. C. EATMAN, JS2 Home' company with "Happy" Kendrick, engineer on the White River Division. tified. the tax assessor's race two of the six candidates claimed 337 votes, and a third lacked only a few to reach the tie vote of the other two. County Clerk Sam Blair, seeking a second term, was said to hnve been but 80 votes ahead of his opponent, Claud Trice, brother of the former sheriff. S. E. Hollabaugh, former member of the legislature, was declared the winner in the race for representative, de Sow 8-22 Hairy vetch seed at Ragan's. vetch for pasture. Some very attractive values in dress goods at Wolf's at a saving that will give you service. 8-2- COLFAX Herbert Tillman, formerly of this place now with the Home Life Insur ance with headquarters at Har If you want to buy a farm worth feating Ted R. Christy, incumbent rison, was awarded a trip to the West the money call on the Byrd Land and Wilse Thomas. Indies for producing $150,000 worth Mountain Home. Write for list and de of business since January 1, 1930 enrinfiua literature of this section, tf Some laywers say that the County Committee should call another primary, since the nominees cannot be With othc-r agents of the company he left on the trip last Sunday. Remember that Wolf's carry one of the best lines of men's and boys' dress selected and the returns certified when the returns are missing, and 8-22 The. first thing to be thankful for is the beautiful rain the good Jehovah has blessed us with, and now good farmer people get busy and sow wheat, oats or rye for fall and winter pasture, then in the spring if the stand is good enough just let it ripen into a crop. I am sure that if the proper effort is put forth that we can cut down a lot of this expense of shipping in so much feed grain. The White River Producers Association picnic held by them on the 15th inst. was a real success. All present seemingly had a real time socially. Two splendid talks were giv- shirts in town. Three building lots for sale These lots are located on state highway num. 12, in the south part of town. They contain about one-quarter acre each. Slightly rolling gound and well drained. Will make excellent building sites. For price and other particulars se Tom Shiras, Bulletin office. tf that the officials cannot be elected and sworn in without having been duly It is time for those school dresses. Look at these values in dress goods being offered this week at Rob en on collective marketing and the writer believes that a lot of (food is and will be the result of these talks. Two fine ball (fames were played, one in the forenoon and the other one in the afternoon. All of the contests showed a real sportsman spirit. This is the real way boys to conduct your sports. The one thing about the picnic was the very conspicuous absence of the business men of Cotter, Gassville and Mountain Home. Your pres ence would have bt-en appreciated very much Kven the County Atrent was not there. Think this over and crack the nut townspeople, if you can. The next meeting of the Association will be held at neighbor Jee Reeves right up against highway number 12 or as it is now known. Mr. Reeves' is about one mile east of Gassville. The time is Saturday night at 8 p. August 23, 1930. S. H. Larmer. elected, leaving the possibility for Some veal values in hosiery at wir tnr nil nf the family. 8-22 ertson's. 36 inch fast color percale those now serving to continue to hold while it lasts 18c per yard. R. S. dress office under the law. prints all fast colors, 36 inches wide B. S. Halbert made a business trip while they last, per yard 23c. 8-22 THREE BROTHERS. to West Plains Tuesday. I pay the market pries on produce. W. S. Morris. tf Horace Lance of Gamaliel, Tate Three Brothers came to life again Eats, groceries, gas and oil at Na Baker of Norfork and I. J. Morris of toma. In fact everything that you have a right to expect at a first class fill this place, were delegates to the Republican state convention at Little after the light showers that fell Sunday afternoon. People all feel some what refreshed. r7 A fT? ADI'AMC AC OTATC DOAiY jr t-t jiniL 8-29 ing station. Rock last Saturday. School started Monday morning iwui- oiciic uudu vuiisiii ruciiuu vvorK jince iur, ivLi with Mr. Clator of Tennessee, as Ragan and Son unloaded a car of teacher. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Halbert and daughter of Kansas, arrivel Wednesday for a visit with Mr. Halbert's parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Halbert. Mrs. Gladys Murrell and Mrs. Zel- flour and feed Monday, and are now unloading a car of wheat and rye. 8-22 Ia Turnbo and daughter, Naomi, mot ored to Springfield Saturday. and Mrs. Mack Lee are the Ragan Son sold 20 lbs. turnip aeed Tuesday and had calls for more. proud parents of a new baby girl. 8-22 Carl Neal of Sparta, was a Do you want to go into "the greatest business on earth." Very little capital required. You must own a car. Give reference, former business experience and the business in which you Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ragan were vis guest at the S. W. Turnbo home Saturday night. B. A. Peebles entertained with an itors at Yellville Sunday as guests at a chicken broil party given by Judge R. L. Berry and W. R. Jones, are now employed. Address Bx 542, West Plains, Mo. 8-15-pd ice cream social at their home Sunday night. Several reported an enjoyable time. Miss Bee Lennox returned to her S. W. Turnbo and family, B. celebrating their renominations as county judge and representative respectively. A small delegation from Harrison were also invited guets. home at Buford last week from th Murrell and family and Noel Craw hospital at Batesville. She is recover ford and Orville Ueatherage spen ing from an operation for appendi Sunday afternoon at the Denton fer citis. ry. They all enjoyed a good swim, af Test, Tootle, Tough Nut and Wheeler overalls. A big value in every pair at Robertson's for $1.25. ter which they cooked and enjoyed a Dr. II. F. Palenske, the old reliable gorgeous meal. dentist wijl, be in Mountain Home T. J. Crawford, Mack Lee, Orville every month on 11. 12. 13. 14. tf Wyatt and family, who have Deatherage and Ben Murrell made business trip to Mountain Home Mon George Russell nnd family of City, are the guests of Mr. Rus been living in Jackson, for several months have returned to Mountain Home and will make their home here. day. Mr. George Lee made a trip over sell parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Rus sell and family here this week. to Norfork town Sunday. Mack Lcc is at home from his work at North Fork. He suffered the mis Good tests, good weights and Cash for your cream, at Nelson's. tf fortune of getting his arm hurt. He is reported as getting along nicely. Busy bees are never out of luck, and you don't have to live in a hive to know that. Have your car greased right at Shoemaker's garage, Gassville. 8-20 Mrs. Walter Phillips of near Three List your farms with Deatherage Jolly, Cotter, Ark. We have buyers Brothers, is at Gassville in the Rollins iie Mack line coming every day. tf hospital with a 10 pound baby girl. Last report she was getting along Quaker State, the queen of them all. Drives out the drones of ordinary motor oil. Shoemakers Carn-re, Gassville. 8-20 nicely. Mrs. John Hanks, sister of A. C. how Stale roads computed hy Slate Highway Department or under construction and Hutcheson of this place, is here now CONCOKI) We will sell our Concord ff rapes visiting her brother and family. Mrs Hanks lives in Muskogee, Okla. Don Baker and family from Custer, were visiting home folks this week. for 3c per lb. at the vineyard. firaws are picked. Mrs. H. F. I'alenke, I.i-thia Springs. handle thi famous Anchor brand of tdudex a few projects that heen authorized lo he Advertised for letting; on Am-iust I I. 1.10. Itridirm huill in thi three year construction period will be shown on thai will be puMihef later. RELIABLE MAN WANTED to call on farmers in Baxter County. Wonderful opportunity. Make $8 to $20 daily. No experience or capital needed. Write today. Furst Thomas, Dept. Freeport, 111. 8-22-pd anti-hog ckolera serums and biologies. Jack Newman of Oklahoma City, was here last week visiting old friends. He is engaged in the real estate business. Many year ago he was a cit-ien of this place and this was his first trip back her for 30 years. Write us for prices and estimates. We also buy hotfs every day. GILLKTTE Leonard, West Plains, Mo. tf

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