Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 24, 1957 · Page 16
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 16

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1957
Page 16
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lixteen Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Wife Insulted Because of Screen Beauty's Dimensions Dear Ann: The other evening my husband and I went to the movies with two other couples. The heroine was a buxom siren who had an abundance of everything. The husbands were captivated. We girls thought it was grossly overdone. After the movie we went for something to eat. The men started a long-winded discussion of the female in the picture and then began to compare their wives with this actress. My husband said, and I quote, "When a guy sees that Sophie Loren on the screen he wants to go home and throw rocks at his wife." I felt as if I had been slapped across the face. Of course everyone laughed but the conversation continued in that vein for some time. We've only been married three years, Ann and my feelings are terribly hurt. Shall I move into Ihe guest room and lock the door? —INSULTED WIFE When a wife locks her husband out, she also locks herself In. At the same time she gives him an excellent excuse to try other doors —which may be open. This is no lolution. Your husband was attempting to be funny. Laugh at his bum jokes (smart wives have been doing this for years) and let it go at that. It takes more than super dimensions to make a marriage work. Many Hollywood dolls are able to set millions of males drooling '— but when they come home at night, their husbands have been known to throw rocks at THEM. # » * Dear Ann: My young daughter made the mistake of eloping with a service man who was stationed in our city. She'd never met his people but believed herself so in love, nothing mattered hut the boy. Today I received a letter that broke my heart. Please help me decide how to advise her. They left last week to make their home with his widowed mother. When my daughter met her mother-in- law for the first time, the woman didn't even extend her hand. She merely said "hello" and went into the kitchen to peel potatoes. My daughter offered to help with the dishes and was told, "This is MY kitchen. Stay out of it.' Although they were expected, no closet was available and there was no drawer space for her belongings. In the evening the mother-in- law sits in the dark to save electricity. There's no telephone in the house. She doesn't take a single 'magazine or a newspaper. They use powdered milk. My daughter says her husband knows how miserable she is, but he doesn't say a word. She's asking me'for advice—and I am asking you, Ann. What shall I tell her :o do?-BROKEN HEARTED MOTHER Nothing. She's asking for your advice a little late. Your daughter s a married woman now and this matter is between herself and her husband. Stay out of it. When the situation becomes in- :olerable' she'll probably give her msband the choice o! moving to a place of their own or she'll walk >ut and head for home. I hope you haven't rented her room. The odds are good that the young bride will be back with mama. * « * Dear Ann: I'm a healthy, red- jlooded American youth who is sta- ioned in a gay, good-time spot. There are many bright - looking chicks about. But the problem is, :'m engaged to a gal back home. My buddies are watching her and she's playing it square. A guy gets awfully lonesome, Annie, and there are several gals who feel it their patriotic duty to entertain us boys who stand guard during these times of peace. Do you think it would be wrong if I had a few innocent friendships? No pitchin', you understand —just platonic. I'm dead serious and hope you will be, too.—STAFF SGT. SAM Your sad story gets me right lere, pal. If your fiancee can play '.t straight, Why can't you? My ?uess is you're not ready to settle for one gal and you ought to level with her. If she's smart she'll let you off the leash until you grow jp. By that time you'll be lucky if she hasn't settled down with some mature man who doesn't lave to sample every bon bon in the box. CONFIDENTIALLY: DOUBTFUL PAUL: Even if the woman were 10 years younger why consider a person with the moral of an alley-cat? Initial Success! Add this lovely skirt with its largo pocket to your wardrobe anc you'll have a wonderfrul Summer for it'll win many compliments It's simple-to-sew and quick-to- trim with the embroidered initials Pattern No. 5813 contains tissue —waist sizes 24", 20" 28" incl.; Bowing and cmntoidcry directions; hoi-iron transfer for alphabet. Send 25c in COINS, your name address and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT, Pharos- Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago G, Illinois. It's ready; The 1957 Needlework ALBUM—fifty-six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochel items and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! Show Start! At Dutk Oo)«, Op«n Hall Hour tarll.r TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY "THE LONE RANGER" (color) Clayton Moor. - Jay SI!ver|«.U THURSDAY . FRIDAY "THE RIVER'S EDGE" («olor—Hrir run) Kay MHIand - Anthony Qutnn $75,000 Suit To Be Heard The trial of the $75,000 damage suit ot George Ruschkofski of this city against the Hanson Construc- :ion company of Cambridge City and a Marson employe, Lewis Jimmons, of this city, will open at 9:30 o'clock Monday morning in the Pulton circuit court at Rochester before a petit jury and Judge Frederick Kakestraw. The suit, Hied in the Cass circuit court Nov. 30, 1954, was taken :o Fulton county on a change of venue last March. Ruschkofski asserts in his complaint that he was driving his sedan on Wheatland avenue on March 22, 1954, and parked in front of a residence on that street where he was scheduled to lay linoleum or tile. At that time the defendants, who had the contract with the city 'or removing old electric light poles and wires and installing new )nes, were working in, front of the residence. When they cut the wires fastened to a utility pole, the pole fell and struck the roof of the Ruschkofski car, causing spinal injuries •which are permanent and have necessitated the wearing of a back brace, according to the complaint. He charges the accident was due to the carelessness of the defendants. Ruschkofski is represented by the law firms of Landis and Michael and Hillis and Hillis, while defendants are represented by the law firm of Dice and Keith of Peru. (Ann Landers will be happy to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose _a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Lincoln was assassinated at Ford's theatre while attending a play entitled "Our American Cous- Look Lovely and Feminine Identify Army Off icer Found Shot to Death In Korea Headquarters SEIOUL, Korea (UP) — The Army said today tlhe American colonel found dead of gunshot wounds Saturday was Col. William D. McKinley commander of Wia 19th Regiment of the U. S. 24th Division. The Army still has not disclosed •officially whether the colonel died accidentally or was s. suicide. His foody w-as found in <h'vision headquarters. A spokesman •Jor his widow, Mrs. Anne MoAlpin McKinley, at Vineyard Haven, Mass., said i Army had informed the family only that his death was "accidental." Toe family said it expected farther word on the shooting from Army authorities in Washington. McKinley, a distant relative of the late President William McKinley, w-as 41. He was gr-aduatel from West Point in 1937 and from Josephine Lowmon Don't "Back Seat Drive" Vacation Plans So, if you have the habit of I miles from the nearest filling sta- backseat driving, in a car or else-jtion. Even in such cases I think where, give it a thought. Perhaps shops for her husband. Then there are myriad details and minor crises -to which she falls heir simply because her husband is away at work a-Il day long. the fact that they cannol backseat drive is one reason many women dislike airplane travel. They can't very well say, "Watch out for that cloud!", or "Are you sure you have enough gasoline?" or, "How long since you have had the landing gear tested?" I think many vacations are ruined because the woman cannot stop backseat driving on all the plans. What could be MORE heavenly than to relax and let the man in your life plan the trip, make fee reservations, decide which route is best, order dinner for you and give you his shoulder to lean on? Of course, there are men you cannot rely on in such mailers without finding yourself with no place to sleep, only terrible places in which to eat and out of gas, 50 the Army War College in Friends described him as a 1953. 'solid ciliy.cn" and as "a tap flight man all the way 'along." New Law Requires Charge for Acts Delivery of the 1957 Acts of the General Assembly has began and copies will be received here within a short time, according to a letter received by County Clerk Elizabeth Bicker from Secretary of State Frank Lenning. Under a new state law a charge of $2.50 must be made for the bound copies of the Acts, with certain exceptions. The only free copies go to judges, prosecutors, city attorneys, city clerks, newspapers, colleges, public libraries, township trustees, county officers, and the president of each town or city school board. As dainty and feminine as you could wish is this leisure lime dus tor to sew in a long or slightly shorter length. Trim with gay ribbon. No. 8100 with PATT-0-RAMA included is in sizes 32, 34, 3(i, 38, 40, 42, 44, 40. Size 34 bust, GVi yards of SB-inch; 2 yards ribbon. For this pattern, send 35c in COINS, your name, address, sine desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Slreet,' Chicago 0, 111. Include 25 cents more with your pattern order for the Spring & Summer '57 issue of aiir pattern book Basic FASHION. It contains dozens of smart new styles for all ages; gift pattern printed inside the book. Jail Three Orphans After Crime Spree FORT WAYNE (UP) — Three teen-age orphans who were arrested Saturday in connection with a series of crimes in several counties will face charges of vehicle taking and grand larceny authorities said. Authorities said the boys, one 14 and the others M, stole $20'and a station wagon from their onphan- age home here June 10 and then iieaded south. The boys proceeded to Hartford City where they broke into a store and rifled the coun- Chinese Reds Free Priests HONG KONG (UP)—Two American Roman Cathol-ic priests, Fathers Charles J. McCarthy and John Alexander Houle, arrived by British freighter from Shanghai today after being released from Communist Chinese jails. Both looked fit and healthy when they talked to a United Press correspondent upon debarking from the freighter Radnorshire. Theyj were released June 14 after 'four years in Communist prisons. Boll] priests said they wore not mishandled in any way during their confinement but added: "Unjust imprisonment in il£cif is a physical torment." The Chinese Rods accused Fa-her Houle of being an "Imperialist." Father McCarthy was jailed on "saboteur" charges. Both denied the allegations, they said. Father Houle said the Hods shuttled him in and out of various jails six times between his arrest June 15, 1953, and his release. Three times he h-a-d to be taken to hospitals, he said, but "I'm feeling all right now." Father Houle said the first charge against him concerned the disposal of engineering equipment meant for a new college in Nan- king. "I was later told the warrant tor my arrest bears the wore 'imperialist'," he added. He said the Reds also chargec hi-in with "helping" a .spy whose name lie preferred not to divulge "According to .any standard ot law, they had no cause to cbarg. me," he said. He said he was questioned on on Presbyterians Name Dr. Ingram Moderator EVANSWLDE (UP) —Birmingham, Ala., was chosen Friday as 1958 city for the 128lh convention, of the General 'Assembly of 'the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and the 77th convention of Hie church's Missionary Society. Delegates earlier elected Dr. William T. Ingram, professor at Cumberland Theological Seminary, McKenaie, Tenn., as moderator, succeeding Rev. Hubert W. Morrow, also of MBKenzie. Business, resolutions and issues were due to bo discussed Monday. Why not ask your husband to plan the details of" y our vacation trip this year? It seems to me that there is one thing women should watch. This is a .perfectly natural tendency to manage things. It is natural because for many years the woman has, of necessity, been guiding 1 and instructing the children and planning their activities. She is also the center of household and family management in many other ways. In most homes it is the woman who accepts invitations and plans parties bo keep abreast with her family's social obligations. She naturally consults her. husband but it is she who is mainly responsible for this part of life. She usually plans the interior decoration of the home, selects the children's clothes and often Monday Evening, June M, M0?. Special Court to Try Slayers of Americans Hospital Notes MEMORIAL Born: to Mr. and Mrs. John Albright, 69 Pollard street, a son; :o Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Bowman, route 4, Peru, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. George .Clearwater. 805% West Melbourne avenue, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gangloff, route 3, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. John Benn, 1829 Spear street, a on. Admitted: Mrs. Mary Dunn, 1905 Spear street; Mrs. Maybelle Paluchniak, Monticello; Louis Hayes, 1221 Erie avenue; Miss Muriel Crockett, 425 West Broadway; Everett Beall, 67 Pollard street; Rev. Harry Rea, Young America; George Vaughan, Delphi; Richard Boss, 1006 Seventeenth street; Mrs. Donnabelle McCall, route 1, Idaville; Mrs. Pearlena Lacey, 1127 High street; Mrs. Adella Bower, 2213 East Broadway. Dismissed: Mrs. Howard Cook and son, route 6, Rochester; Mrs. Harold Beall and son, 711 Spear street; Mrs. Wilson DeVoss and daughter, 800% North Third street;' Mrs. Mae Brothers, Rockfield; 'William Fritz, 1801 Meadlawn avo- nue; Mrs. -Phyllis Guy, route 2; Master Daniel Heiden, Culler; Miss Frances Johnsonbaugh, 117 Wcsl Miami avenue; Carl Johnston, route 5; Mrs. John Rhea and habit. Lei Husband Plan The man in question has become accustomed to having his wife plan and manage and has therefore lost his initiative. When he does exert it his wife is in there coaching. Why not ask your husband to plan the details of your trip this year? I'll bet he would enjoy planning a wonderful time for you. For your part—no backseat driving! Imagine that you are in an airplane, IB,000 feet up. You probably will feel like you are! Tomorrow: "You're Wise Not to Turn Vacation Trip in!x> Grind." Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957 Says Russia Holds 90,000 Germans, MUENSTER, Germany (UP)— Some 90,000 Germans are still I between Los Angeles and Den- Robbery Case Is Cracked HOLLYWOOD (PP> — Chief of Detectives Thad Brown indicated today a third arrest was expected soon in the ?1S9,000 robbery of Danish opera star Laurilz Melchior. Police solved the case Friday and announced they had jailed two men and recovered $90,271 of the stolen valuables. The suspects in custody on suspicion ot robbery were Robert Morgan, 30, an cy- convict, and Alfred J. Pope, 28. Brown identified the third suspect as Richard McFall, a known narcotics addict and ex - convict. •He said McFall was believed to toe "about one - third of t-he way Rosa Singer, 931 State street; Mas ter Paul Snyder, route 4. ST. JOSEPH'S Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Keith Emery, Onward, a son; to Mr. and Mrs, Henry Cornel!, Star City, a daughter. Admitted: Master Virgil Myers Jr., route 6; Mrs, Olive Griswold, state hospital; Mrs. Mary Jo Albin, 1427 Lobelia street; Master Michael McDoweH, route 4; Master Michael Sailors, Walton. Dismissed: Master David Knge), 1515 Treen street; Miss Deborah Kingery, 221 North Cicott street; Mrs. Nora' Lake, 710 Washington slreet; Miss Sally Jo Miller. 318 Grove street; Master Bany Prentice, 500 Moblcy streel; Miss Janice Trinen, 726 Seventeenth streel; Master Robert Brenner, -817 Seventeenth slreet; Mrs, Donald Bruckner and daughter 1422% wjme Mmjsler Ma|10 Spear streel;, Mrs. Matilda Mon- ba] h recommcndod from, Ills Woodlawn avenue; Miss 1 Lenora Miller, 811 Wliealland avenue; Thomas Hines, route 2. Walton; Master David Foster, 212 Tanguy street; Raymond Day, 716 Bates streel; baby Jefferson Vangundy, 1525 Douglass street; Mrs. Retha Sunday, (116 Eleventh .street; Cecil Case, 417 Seventeenth ..sire-el. TEHRAN (UP)—A special court martial, unique in Iran's legal history, will try next month th« Bandit gang accused of murdering three 'Americans and two Iranians in an ambush last March. The principal defendant, bandit leader Dad Shah, is still at large and -believed to have fled to Pakistan. But Iranian authorities are holding his brother, Ahmed Shad, Dad's favorite wife, Nazak, and several members of th« gang. The ambushed Americans wer» Kevin Carroll, a U.S. Point Four aid official, his pretty wife, Anita, 30th of Essaquan, Wash., and Brewster Wilson of Portland, Ore., a Near East Foundation community development specialist. Conducted By General The court martial will be con- dueled by Gen. Hossein Azcmou- dah, army prosecutor-general who in 1954 participated in the trial of anti -British ex - Premier Mohammed Mossadegh. American observers will be invited to the trial, to be held at the Tehran's army divisional headquarters^ Charges against the bandits include murder, robbery and armed insurrection. Conviction of any one of the charges would mean execution by firing squad. Dad Shah, unless caught meanwhile, will be tried in. absentia. Reports that Dad Shah returned to Iran, killed several villager* and burr.ed a village, last monlh t were dismissed as unfounded by security officials here. * Dad Shah's broiher and wif« and 20 gang members were handed over by Pakistan authorities this month, afler lengthy extradition procedures. A group of 40 persons, including 13 women and five children, is being held at Tehran's miu'lary police headquarters. Army sources said the children and jnosl of the women will be sent to welfare organizations. Bui Dad Shah's wife will be kept under strong guard until the end of the court martial. She is alleged to have aided her husband in Hie killings. Prime Minister Manouchen Egh- no mercy for the defendants and asked that ters. They later stole some truck | average of two to three times a license plates and look $10 at a -filling station in Ml. Summit. When their vehicle developed engine trouble, they abandoned it and started walking. Authorities arrested them in New Ca.slle and to TAKES NEW POST DELPHI, Ir.d. — Richard Fox, biology and science teacher in Delphi high school -for the pasl two years, has resigned to accept a position as biology instructor In the Wtiukegan, 111., schools. Pox was a Pep club sponsor and active in the Science club. week. The longest period of inter rogation w-as between five and six hours. William Howard Taft was the first U. S. president to receive a salary of $75,000 a year. Op.n 7,00 P. M. Show itarts at Dutk. ChilUron fin TODAY THRU WEDNESDAY 2'First Run Features 2 — Plus Colored Cartoon »fc"-M«.* » tfmmm^mmmmm^^^^^^^^p mi a force, a power .T r El f Face in the Vowd tIFFITH- FURY IN THE HIGH SIEJtlt/UM HOWARD DUFF OPEN 1 P. M. NOW THRU TUB. Beat the Heat in a State Seat Starring Jane Marrrfi»W J Dan Dailey HMm HALL _ MrflHI Bowery Spook Chaiers hold in the Soviet Union, the head of West German Red Cross Search Service, Dr. W. Wagner, said today. He said Uie Red Cross, which lias been negotiating with lb<? Soviet Red Cross, has been locating Germans in the Soviet Union at a rate of olbout Ififl a day. Some 57,000.were located in the last 12 months. Edison Invented the flash light in 11>14. ver." Brown also noted the suspect was believed to be carrying part of the loot. Brown said a fourth man, whom lie identified as Louis G. Spivak, ex-convict, also was the object of an all-points bulletin. Tlie arrests and recovery of most of the loot followed around- the-clock work by a force of some 20 detectives aided by the FBI. Read the Classified Ads you'll be delighted if you shop VACATION SPECIALS OATS and SUITS at SAVINGS - of 50% ALL SALES FINAL NO EXCHANGES NO REFUNDS Today "Miami Cxpot*" & "7th Cavalry" ROXY TUBS., WocJ. & Thursday they be made an example. "YAQUI" DRUMS" starring ROD CAMERON OPEN 1 p. m. PUN AT NIGHT "THE RAW- MAKER" starring Bur? lancoalar Hatliorino Hopburn BARGAINS IN COiD WAVES Hourti 8:30 a.m. to S p.m. No Appointment NcoMtary LOGANSPORT BEAUTY SHOP Cloud All Day W.dn.iday Stb and Broadway OVER BAILEY'S 326 East Broadway 2 Days Only MON.&TUES. IRAND N -.1 1957 ';.-.•••.. VACUUM "CUANM ONE TO A CUSTOMER NO DEALERS $5 Down $1 Weekly RESERVES ONE rprr HOME TREE DEMONSTRATION 6313 ELECTRO-HYGIENE Lagantport, Indiana VACUUM CLEANER COMPANY Phon* 6313

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