The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 8, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER. OP NOKTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION .'()],. XXVIII—NO. 4-1 Blythevllle Courier, Blylhevllle Dally Nesvs, Blythevllte Herald, Mississippi Vnllcy Leader. HI,YTlIKVll,l,K, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, MAY S, Ui:!l SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS 111 CITY VOTES Charge U. S. Dry Agents With Murder HTHEHOF Columbus Fanner Had Hand on Pistol Is Defense! Offered by Killers. Father of 18 to Debate on Birth Control COLUMBUS, Miss.. May 8 (UP) —Tlirce federal prohibition agents were nanwl hi warrants chcareing murder issued here today following the fatal shooting of Wales Land. 27, farmer, during a limior raid here. The youth's father John Mosey Land had the warrants sworn out and lirry were plar-ed in the hands nf Sheriff John Williams wlio will serve them upon Agents Wiley Wrlsh!. of Amory, n. J. Hendrick of Aberdeen and Henry Furr of Clnrkscialc. "My boy was murdered," the father said. "He \vas shot in the back r.nrl not even (jiven a chance for life. 1 will prosecute these agents to the limit of my ability." Claim Victim Bhol in Hack The father's feeling against the agents was felt by many in this community who today journeyed to the Land farm to express their sympathy to the dead man's family. In town a crowd of several humired men gathered in front of the undertaking establishment from which funeral services will be held late today. Th»' crowd v,-asj said to be threatening. It was charged the youth was shot In the back, although a coroner's jury which investigated did net Pay. Two negroes testified at the hearing that'one of .the agents 'approached Land saying. "Give me that tiling in your belt." The farmer was in a habit of carrying a revolver while on his own farm, testimony disclosed. According to the neproes Land backed away. The negroes said they turned awav for a minute then hefird two shots. Kay He Rrarlicfl for Gun The agents said that Land was shot bv one of their number when he made a hostile move and reached toward his hip pocket as if to get a gun. They said a gun was clutched in his hand as h? fell mortally wounded. The body was taken into the farmer's home by Sheriff J. B. V/illiams of Lowndes county was notified of the shooting:. A coroner's investigation resulted in a verdict that the farmer had met his death from pistol wounds at the hands of unknown parties. The agents ^.-rested A. Lay and his wife, Tra Trapp. and C. Griffith. l)ivon>e Fails to Hall Love In his forthcoming debate at Atlanta on the birth control question, you can guess which side nich- ard B. Russell, chief justice of the dren. Jubilee Russell is sho'.vn here Supreme Court of Georgia, is coirig to lake. Father of 18 chll.- with the living members of his family, 13 in all, at their home Idle Men Gather in Marian as State Troops Patrol Evarls. HAIU.AN, Ky.. Mny 8. (UP) — Wliile nearly 400 national guardsmen and their officers p:ilio!lcd the strrcls In the mining (own ot Evans near here today large numbers of men loitered about the county scat 'here, made no elforl to carry on any occupation, and waited with an air of apprehension for developments that seemed about to occur. Tradesmen ami workers of Harlan went about their tasks but ihere was a tenseness about th? (own. Upon the highway between here and Evarts passcrsby met occasional men on foot or horseback, heavily armed and apparently waiting for something. Residents of the vicinity which Is ' heavily dotted with coal mines are ; fearful it might mean a renewal of | the bloodshed which has claimed 12 | Jives and caused women to evacu-' alt (heir homes In the Evorls vl- j cinlly. in Savannah. A son, Richard B. Russell, Jr.. is to be inaugurated governor of Georgia In June. Justice liu-sell's opponent in the debate. May 14, is Mrs. Margaret Sanger, president of the American Birth Control League. of Co-op zation Will Vote in Primary and Election. Directors of the Mid-South Cotton Growers association for 193132 will b? chosen at t«-o elections, j Voting' will be by mail and each member will receive a postcard ballot for each election and is entitled : Blythevillc Churches Will Observe Mother's Day Sunday Mother's Day, the day of days' solo by Miss Lillian Briscoc who for these who b;ar thai litle, will won first district, and second statt he observed here Sunday with spe- j honors in voice recently, clal services among ail denomina-1 The Open Door Sunday school tions. ' i class of the First Methodist ccr.urch i The word "Mother" will be the P vi11 l:c in clmrge of lhc 5|)cclal 1K °- Narcotics Taken by Drug Store Burglar j Train Hits Stage With 44 Children MERCED. Cnl., Mny 8 (UP) — Ten year old Muriel Keller, (laugher of Jack Keller, rlictl hero today ral.sliur tho death toll to six 'or ttiLiiradc crossing accident yesterday when u suhool bus \v(is struck by :i Santa Fc. IrclulU train. MKRCED, Oal., May 8. (UP) — The- toll or dculh and Injured in a collision between :i locomotive nnd staye filled with 11 children continued to mount today with five fatalities, six probably fatally hurl, and Iti others In u serious condition, The entire San Joaquln valley was appalled by (he accident. A i'low moving Santa Ke railroad engine struck (lie loaded bus at a crossing here, shunted the machine nncl Its screaming occupants fifty feet down the truck, and then tossed them to one side. Only 19 children escaped with minor Injuries. Airplanes brought child special- Is from Sati Francisco iind today hyslcl.uis waged a dcsi>cratc light o save the six most 'seriously in- ired. ED GOT Police today were seeking n thief, tyjlleved to be a drug addict, who entered the City Drug store some time last night and removed a small Quantity of ^ narcotics, valued at approximately $25. A small amount of money in an. open cnsVudrawer was not disturbed:' Entrance 1 to the building, in the Edith Nfason. Chicago Opera Com- 200 West Main block, was gained by forcing the rear door with an iron bar. Doctor Anderson, proprietor of the store, sa.ld the. keyno'.e of sermons by pastors, songs by musicians and of programs presented for entertain- i men!. There gram presented at the Sunday school hour when Mrs. A. O. Hudson will give an address on "Mother." The Rev. P. Q. Rorie will preach on a similar theme in the at | a special program . morn | n g church service. Crowd Attacks Argentine Embassy at Montevideo MONTEVIDEO. Uruguay. Mav S (UP)—The Tennessee of Hie Ar- frentine political situation v;as re- fleclrd here last night when a crowd of 100 persons attacked the Ar?entire embassy. the Temple Israel Sunday af- ttrncon, 2:30 o'clock, when Hon. Fletcher Cohen of Memphis, a member of the Tennessee legislature and the Tennessee Bar association, will lie thc principal speaker. Along with the Mother's. Day observance will be the installation -Mother and Mother's God" will be lne subject discussed by., the Rev. Alfred S. Harwell, pastor of the First Bap'Jst church, in (he morning worship period. The choir will render s[>3cial music. George W. Barham is in charge of tlie program at be given at the to one vote. The first election, which will close at midnight May 51, is a primary. Voters will write in the names cf not more than three members whom they would Hk2 nominated as candidates for director. The two in each district receiving the highest number of votes will be voted upon in the second election, which will close June 16. j program. The board of directors hns been | At the First Presbyterian church enlarged and the districts realign-; the Rev. Marsh M. Callaway will i program, the morning church ser- °- .'™ ""'*' olllc ers of the B'nal j Fir5 i Christian church at 11 a. m. B ntn lou se which Is sponsoring j various Sunday school classes of the Lake stree[ MeU , odisl cnurch = : lhc thai is in '. Mrs. Walter ttoscn- charge of Hie musical will lead the three special services there. The Young People will direct the Sunday school devotional pany star, divorced him for another man, but Giorgio Polacco conductor, loved her so much thai he made her new husband, Or drujs were removed from li locked Maurice A. Bernstein of Chicago cabinet, tte small hasp and lock promise that lie would being forced off. The drugs were uompe i t | 1B s i, lgrr not to eat pie or morphine, cocaine and codlne m smoi;c C [g arcL s That's what was the form of hypodermic tablets, it , earnc<t wncn dcUII , 0[ Mlss Mn _ was stated. son's secret divorce of Dr. Bernstein Police were working on the cose : becnme pm)|lc , n D(1 ii ns . Tex.,wher, but no arrests had been made at. R was Brflntcdi nllli now lt ls noon today. Berengaria Aground in Lower New York Harbor mored (hat she and Polacco w!l re-wed In Milan, Italy, where thej now are. They are shown above. ed. Under the new arrangement preach on "A Mother's Prayer Mississippi county, which has been ol Thanksgiving." A feature of the associated with Critlcnden county, special music arranged becomes a district by itself, while ;' -- vice will be led by tlie Wonder NEW YORK, May 8. (UP)—The Cunard liner Berengaria, third largest passenger vessel In the world, went aground In the lower harbor today and waited for high tide to refloat. The ship carried 478 passengers of which number 216 were first class, and the Hl-Leaguc will con- i class. The pilot lost Ills way in the duct- !hc evening service. M Stiilwell Confer in. ouuwen v-ooier, gentnc government the mob rush- Crittenden county is attached to : Cross, St. Francis and Woodruff } counties. I*e. Monroe and Prairie'| counties constitute another Arkan- ' fas distric:. and Phillips county a > fourth. Other cotton producing i counties of the state are divide:! ' Prominent fanner an.1 into five more disiricts. giving Ar- Pemlscot county for 30 years, died I i early today o and I burglary and grand larceny . alleged to have entered Cox & DfftS at Daughter's Home Willi ams store here and stolen a quantity of flour and meat, waived examination and was held to the Brand jury. heavy fog covering the lower harbor. It was inbound from Southampton and Cherbourg and was due at Quarantine at 9 a. in. COOTER, Mo.—F. .At. Btilwell. 6!. resident of; Shouting threats aganst the Ar- kansas ""«* members of the bDard. There arc five Tennessee districts < ""'Shier. -Mrs. Cooler. od the embassy doors after a hostile demonstration in the street, into who Two Police discharcci' their guns the ,-ilr. dlspwfins the rioters continued to shout threats, were arrested. and or.e In southeast Missouri. C. C. Smith is the present director for the district. the home of his, Two Drown in Attempt Lee Lawhoni of c ur T i br to oave Wrecked blimp Mr. Stilh.vell's drain was du" to Mississippi county • l»ralys:s. Me- suffered a stroke several months a?o when he had a ,_.,„ ,.„.,„,„,. ,,„ ^ tooth extracted'. LANGLEY FIELD, Va., May 8 I 1UP) • - Army air corps engineers ! prepared to Makes Duplex Apartment of Dougan Street Home Mrs. Charles F. Wood is having her home 120 Dougan street, remodeled and made into a duplex apartment. Tlie three rooms and i bath on tl:o cast side will be newly i furnished and the walls rcfinMied in pastrl shades, cream, row and blue. Thev have been rented to | Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Edwards of this city. Mrs. Woods will occupy the; west fide. i one of the founders and president of the Missouri Cotton Growers Co- . ^ operative association, and Missouri I member of thc Mid-South board since the Missouri association became a part of the latter organization, lias announced his resigna- . tion. and il will be necessary for I' make a second to save the at- 'Faith Doctor" Given Warning in Police Court Albert Hart. 87-year-old "faith doctor." received a scathing denunciation from Judge W. D. Gravette In police court this morning 'and a ON IG[ CAP Young Britain's Lone' Wait in Greenland's Bar ren Interior Ended. COPENHAGEN. May 8. (UP)— Augustine Courtauld. rich yotin Briton who had been facing star vation in the wilderness of the 3sccola Garage Man, Found Dead With .Bullet in Head. OSCEOLA, Ark., May B.—Funeral services Cor George A. Worslcy. 12, well known garage 'pwner and operator of Osceola, .w)n, committed suicide here last.nthi MU^bc conducted from that lifiilly' "residence, at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning, ntermcnt following in Calhoun cemetery at Luxora. Mr. Worsley's body was found in ;hc driveu'way of his home about 30 feet from the' back door at 1 o'clock this morning by his granddaughter, Mrs. Stanley Barton, when she returned from a party. A bullet hole In the center of his [erchead with powder burns around it Indicated that the fatal shot had been self Inflicted and the theory of suicide was further borne out by a note lying near the dead man's body on which were the scribbled words, "Suicide. Lead poisoned." Also near the body was the man's pistol, a .32 police positive Co!t. from which one bullet had been fired. The body was found lying beside a WTCcker, used in the garage business and frequently stored In the residence driveway at night. Om- cers believe that the shot was fired while Mr. Worslcy ?at on the running board of the wrecker and that he fell to the ground beside the wrecker where a pool of blood was found, and in the agony of death struggled a few feet away where the body was discovered by his granddaughter. Neighbors recall hearing a shot fired about U o'clock and members of the family fix the Non-Payment of Poll Taxes and Repeat and Non Resident Voting Charged One h-,-,i:c!rcd and eleven Illega\ votes were cast In the recent municipal election. A. B. Fairfield charges In im amendment, filed ale yesterday, to his general com- )laint In a circuit court aclion instituted Saturday, contesting the validity of Mayor Nclli Heed's six? vote victory. A "great majority" of these voles were cast for Reed and If the illegal ballots were thrown out would leave Fairfield elected, the complaint alleges.- Speclllc allegations of Illegal voting were prepared by attorneys for Falrfleld after checking the names of voters recorded In the. election - iwll books against a list of qualified electors of the city. Copies of the poll books were secured Saturday ' after Jud'v G. E, Keck had ordered '. the elc<v! :i commission to permit examination of the books by Fairfield counsel. Tlie commission, be- •'. fore th; institution ot the suit, had refused attorneys permission to In- Hiect the books. Lacked Poll Taxes Parties without poll, tax receipts '; cast D7 votes In the rijcllon,-Fair-,- -. field's amended complaint alleges. ' ' Four absentee ballots were cast by former residents who had mov^d' from thc city several months''03--'. fore the election, tour persons llv- ing outside the city limits cost votes and (wo residents votca 1 twice,' the. complaint recites. Fairfield further that four parties, whose poll Greenland ice cap. was safe today I cxact Umc of hls s""=Wc at (hat and trudging slo-.ify toward the nearest outpost of civilization, Ang- magsalik. A sledge pariy led by If. C. Watkins and made more determined by repeated failures to locale Cour- tauld finally found Hie young explorer in the inland Ice. Watkins list church. ofDciatin:. . to be at Mount was to bo held this j .. . ... :th l!-c Rev. F. G. of thc blimp TC-IO after two sol-: his methods ot practice. A charge ••'"* cf the local B?.p-i diers had perished while trying to of disturbing the pace against the 1 '- warning lo dWon inue UcMef. the British Arctic aerial rout e expedition which left Co;ir- ln » >'tllo sli- was the Missouri members to choose a new director. well is survived by fcur ,11 of this vicinity. They Mrs. Lawhorn. Mrs. Devada Whitehead. and Frank and Vermont Stillwell. tow tl'j disabled craft through the i aged "doctor" was dismissed, the ; court holding that Hart's "treat- bay to the air base here. Stabilization of Silver A1Is H A , u '° ™ e , vcs ' Price Goal of Chamber! Bur S Iars Hel <* l ° WASHINGTON, .May 8. (UP) — tion on the Ice cap lasl summer to spend the winter alor.e awaiting last montli when his supplies were nearly exhausted. The Blimp was badly damaged' mcnti" did not constitute a breach , r .?)[ ct _ wl !J. ch , f:lll< 'j| 1 lo rc ?, c j 1 him in a forced landlnj beside tho of the peace. "" " York river near here late Wed-, The "doctor" was arrested on the nesday night. Yesterday a party complaint of a laborer to whose wife of six was sent with a launch to he Jiad been administering "treat- low the TC-10 back through the' ments" for tape worm. Hart, the water. On thc way back a sudden woman said, had promised her that squall came up and one of the two his body massage methods would cables by which the blimp was be-, restore her health. His treatments me lowed palled. Two cf the not only failed to Improve her Discusses Summer Senate \ tl ~" K Session With Governor s!=lcrs - r - ul fi of Bly.i.evllle. hour. The case was Immediately reported to the sherill's office and investigated by Deputy Sheriff Hale Jackson, who staled that the man came to his death at his own hands. Members of the family and friends of the dead man attribute his act to long continued ill health, and associates here arc said to recall that recently he had spoken of suicide as a way out. but Mr, statements were not. taken seriously. Born in Grand View. Intl.. Dec. 2C, 1859, Mr. Worsley came to Mississippi county 45 years ago and I was engaged in farming prior to j going Into the garage business here tax wcri paid by Bradford Chit-", wood and were not iiuaUfled elcc-. tors, cast ballots, for Reed.' The amendment was'-filed by V. G. Holland, who., is associated -vv.l.t}> -,8.514: .:'. Evrord' and Hendwsorf, and rac'.!'"'-^ 1 Shane as counsel for the DhlnMfl. Despite care taken In preparing ,; the complaint It is probable, Mr. Holland pointed out, that the list' ' of allegedly Illegal votes contains, !lv> names of some persons who are qualified electors. A number of. the voters whose names could not -be'found on the official list of-qualified electors rimy be per-. -.'. .sons who became of voting age within the year, or who moved here after paying poll tax elsewhere In the state.. Errors In thc official list of qualified electors, due to the illegibility of names ou ' some poll tax receipt stubs, are also pcssiblc. Such reductions in the number of illegal votes charged in thc complaint will be small, FiHrfield's counsel believes, and wi.i leave ample basis for the complaint. WJth reference to two persons named in the comlalnt as having voted twice counsel for Fairfield said lhat there was.of course the possibility that in both cases these votes were cast by cparnte persons bearing the same name, but that ct'lip Jnt Search and inquiry had failed to show that to be the case and ilial one poll tax was purchased by a person of each name. The amended complaint .in full follows: AMENDMENT TO COMPLAINT Comes i:oft - the above named plaintiff, (A. B. Fairneld), and as in amendment to the complaint filed herein states: 1. Tii.. p.t the election held on tho 7th day of April. 1931, the official returns showed thp.t the plaintiff, A. B. Falrfteld. received 52G vo'.cs. nnd the defendant. Nelll Reed, received 532 vctes. 'i. That there were certain absentee votes cast and ths plaintiff Is informed and hereby charges that Georre Johns. Mrs. George Johns. C. U. Moblcy and Mrs. C. R. Mobley votes ;:= absentee voters for t»i; v defendant Nelll F.c-.'d. and that BENTONVILLE. Ark.. May 8. OSCEOLA. Ark.. May 8. — Joe Efca'.on and Roy Eatmon waived Abbott Beer Haul Is Destroyed This Morning Adoption by the international , ovn mlnatlo:i in Justice G. I,. Wad-1 Privates chamber of commerce of a rcsolu- • ( ,_ c] |- s co , lr( llpro yesterday after- clinsctts. lifr-r seized In the raid tlon recommending an International ,, oon alld wcrc hcld to the conference to seek ways to stabl- j ury on c i.. R r p es of grand larceny lize the price of silver was assured ; Th ey , ire ale;ed to have stolen Guy , today when_thc resolutions com-j nrvm f s ntstomohiir. driven it nil I |nnttee of the clmnber approved the n , B i u nnd vvrD ckixl the car near' soldiers were whippsd overboard health but also varied In the pres- (UP)—Suite Senator Storm 0. uy the broken cable and the ence of relatives nnd when he!Whalcy, Benton county, has taken lurch of the launch. They were treated her alone, the woman said. I up with Governor Parnell dates for James McDonald. Masra- \ Hart has been practicing among j 'he meeting of a vacation session and Oscar J. Bradits, the poorer families and negroes, o!- |of the state senate here. Pennsylvania. Their bodies could fleers say. j Ivfore than 200 state officials and not be recovered. on draft agreed upon by the inlerna- [ OXV11 . W here It was found recently. and are r.lso charged with stealing Gcc.n:e Abbott's house on south: lional delegates. Elm stroet Wednesday, the blgcest | This was the first concrete ac- fcrer Inul her( ' '» many months,' tion on the controversial issues was destroyed by deputies sheriffs brought before t:-e meeting here, and members of the city street This resolution along with a broad- fo-re IMP morning. cr, general resolution covering cth- .,.., Tl-,? rases of beer, which had er economic problems will to pre- cclvini? been stored In the eoinity jail sentcd to the convention for rati- sinro the raid, were leaded in a licattai nt Its final session here to- city linrk and carried to the Am- morrow, eriran region lot where tlie Ixit- DO-X Off For Brazil ST. VINCENT, Cape Verde One man was fined $20 for pub- legislators will attend the meciin?. |Uc drunkenness. • according to Whaicy. An informal Mrs. Russell by his widow, two children. George Harry of Luxora. Rialles. Miss Lizzie Worsicy and Will Worsley of Osceola. ties were broken and deposited on' A tool handle with a vacuum j hcld to the grand juvy. Ilin dumping ground there, iRiip hns been put on the market.] Bill Huckaby, charged mcrchandir,? from a box car on lands. May 8. (UP)—The German the Frisco railroad and merchan-! seaplane Dornter DO-X. contlnu riise from a traveling salesman's \ Ing Its flight across the South A.t- automobile at the Osceola Inn. ilantic to Brazil, left Bubaqi:?, ''.ear Perry Rogers, charged with re- olcn property hclni thc merchandiw Deaton and Eatmon arc alleced to have stolen from thc box car and the salesman's auto] mobiie, waived examination and T | Dr. Albert Michelson o* i • ii» \\n Bullet From McCabe's Body Sent to Experts LITTLE ROCK. May 8. (UP)— session will be held at Bellnvlsta. |The bullet extracted from the boly of Rep. W. U. McCabe of Mountain Home who died here Monday from complications resulting from a gunshot wound received in a ho- said parties are not qualified electors of Blytheviiie, Arkansas, they havin-: moied from BlyUievillg several months before Hid clj'-tion and did on ',h« 7th cay of Aoril. 193. ro'lde out of the city of Bly- th'v-iiic. T--'o Vottil Tivico J. T ' Mrs. Willie Cox voted In the Pint Ward a; the City Hall, 'CrinUmird nn Paer Threei summer resort near here. Sinking His Wife Says Another Portuguese n Thwarted !*!. March 12 has bcc " scnt to thc ' ni ? ht : S n lUWdneu lakoratory of criminal Investigation ! CC o] C r. PASEDEN'A. Cnl., May 8. (UP)Dr. Albert MicheisMi, "3. veteran! ' a t Northwestern University. C.-ic? scientist who suffered a nervous- LISBON'. Portugal. May 3. (UP) go. to deternur.e if it was firert fre breakdown more than a i!'.e:ith a^o, —Another re\oU;tior.ary nlct wa= n pistol found In the room of I" w &s reported by Mrs. Michclson to- frustrated today by government i:~- O. Lansdale. Atlanta. Ga., snl«s Michael Arlcn. the famous Eng- day to be "sir.kins flo-.v'.y." lice who seized lar^e quantities of man. who occupied a room direct- lish novelist, once destroyed a; He lapsed into ur.comeiousness bombs and arms some 17 miles ly across the hall from the Bastr ARKANSAS — -Tvjndershowers in east portion tonight and in v.rst port'cn this afternoon or tonight: cookr In uvs! nortlon to- Salurday partly cloudy, Bolama, Portuguese Guinea, at a. m., It was reported here. manuscript of a novel repieseiiliiiR | late yesterday and lias never re- northeast of here, a year of work. He simply didn't! gained consciousness since, Mrs. The plot appcan with like the. result. jMlchelson said. (widespread. According to ths official weather obr-rver. Char 1 ',- Phillips jr.. the minimum temperature here yeiler- o>.j was 51 degrees and the maximum CD degree?, clear. Today a yoar county solon. ago thc minimum temperature was •ed to have been j Lansdale was arrested after thc 61 degrees and the maximum W, I shooting and chnrefd with fi.tsdiiU. n^rilv clnnrfv,

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