Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 24, 1957 · Page 13
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 13

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1957
Page 13
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Monday Evening, June 24, 1957. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Thirlett Ne ™? ERT ?Lj,!k e Day As Seen Through the Eyes of the Camera MINOERTIP READING SISTERS-BROTHERS, SAME DAY 5 M ,| K FBO M r,DOi.Mn T«n 'VERSATILITY 3' SLEEVES 5 MILES FROM GROUND ZERO BRITAIN'S QUEEN MOTHER Elizabeth watches as 7-yenr-old Penelope Coo/e reads Braille during a competition at the National Library for the Blind in WeKtrr i -" v <-r. - • -"rr-ilnnal Soundphotof\ BROWNED, BUT NOT DONE YET THIS! TWO witnesses In tho Senate labor huarlnff on the Baker* union are shown on witness stand In Washington. Joseph Kuna (left), president of the Now York local, teiilified that Jamoo R. Croos (right), national president, took part in a pun and flat fracas In San Francloco which cost the union J2«,000. Another witness said bakers In Zlon, Hi., were refused permission to elrik* at * tims when Cro«» wa« borrowing morn than ?100,000 from operator* of the baking firm involved. Crown suid no to these f International^ >cGUfiatiorwi. MOVE AGAINST "RED RULING 1 Rep. Kenneth Keating J!<;p. J>o;mM Jackson TWO MEMBERS of ConRrcim, R'ip. Kenneth Keating of Now York. ranking Republican on tho Judiciary committee, und Rep. Donald JockfKm (R), California, a inc-mber of the un-American activities committee, are weighing rnoveu to counter-act the Riiprcmn Court decision which throws out contempt convictions for refusing to name former Commimliit aiinocltitRK. Kcatlng's Idea la 'to havo all un-Ajffinrlcan acllvltlei) committee InveiillRallons preceded by Introduction of an actual p)«ce of propound Icglfllation; J«ck»on'«, that tho commltteo bo made a le^lHlntlVR committee within tho rcntrlctod urea of national necurlty. In this way Congrcim could ntUlify the court'n crltlclmn that tho committee may havo exposed "for the »ako of exfKWun-.." ftntornationu.il HE'LL ASK THEIR ADVICE 4-H CLUS momher« call on Pren.'dcnt KiMenhower ut tho White Houflo, where ho told llicin ho would l»o imllhif; on nomu at Uiom lor udvlco In u few ytn.ru, wlicn hi) v/lll lie "farming In eiirneiit." From li>fl: Ken 7.'elr!:«, 'Ifulchlmion, Knn.; I'ronlilcril; Charlen Tan- »«hlll, Urania, La,; nelty Kolcy, Owin(;«vllki, K.y. tIntvrniMonalJ NO ANTI-AMERICAN FEELING AKIYOSHI SAKAI, 4V, whuno wlfu wun klllod on on American rlflu range in Japan, tells reportem ho Coeln no anil-American Heiltl- nentH ov<;r tho traRedy an ho poscn wll.li two oC hlfl Hlx children • Sprno. ChilUron nro Kayoko, 18, and. Yorlko, l. (MormHonalf SISTERS WtD TO BROTHERS have their babies within an hour of each other at Bryn Mawr, Pa. Left: Mrs. Charles Hemcher, whosa baby weighed seven pounds. Right: Her sister, Mrs. John Hem- Cher, whose baby weighed six pounds, 13 ounces. (International) GETTING IN HIS LICKS ANOTHER ATOMIC FIREBALL lights the pre-dawn sky over Nevada. Photo was made five miles from ground zero. Detonation came tram device suspended from a balloon. (International SoundphotoJ, TERRORIST BOMB IN ALGIERS HEIDC KLUGER seems Just about to burst Into tears an that biff, mean old boxer helps himself to hur ice cream cone while she trie* to cool off in ji tub oC water in Nnw York. ' rlnternationii.lt SHELLEY, HUSBAND IN COURT FRENCH POLICE sift through wreckage of tho Cornlcho casino in Algiers, where a bomb planted by terrorists killed eight Europeans. Wrecked piano is in view. t International Soundvlwlol. VISITING YOUNG REPUBLICANS ACTRESS SHELLEY WINTERS ban a word with her bridegroom, An thony FnmcloHa, In a Low Anjjclow court;, whoru lie fiicon chnrtftif of arwault on ;i prewj photographer. Photographer, William Walk er, la in roar (left) with attorney, Carl Wurncr. (ItUarMtlitjtutl Cupid at Work PRESIDENT and Mrs. TCInnnlinwer watch entertainment at tho Touiii; Republican Htratugy rally In Washington, where Iko (old them the nullon can only expect to live In a peaceful world, and in luiitlce. if It traits all Amurlcanu oMte.(lnlarunti<nMl8oun<lt>hotoJ, MACKINAC SPAN IN NOVEMBER JOSEPH WELCH, Urn attorney of Army-McCarthy linarlnn I'limu, anil Mi'H, Affn<!« llmlgern Ueowa nnmiiinco they will win! wllJiln tho noxt few nionllin. They urn uliown nt linr Cnp« Cod mnrimvr home. Five children, VL ifntncJclillurcn will altond. (Intnrnatlunal) llari((liiK Ti'Din niiilii cahleH urn niinpenilisr r»|ien to nn|)|)cnl KM «tlf- fnntnff fruim ni'.c.llDMH voinprlnliiK niiuluii.v. Muliirlslit will bi< nt ulmut mtme (ilnvalloii n» photo, i/nlnt U fit. iK'nnen, Michigan. •& IDQI OVtl HOtrMOIUl, MUM l-ROfOllQ BY AtlXANUIN Till OlfAT, IIA1 HUN DtllOUd) »Y A CHIC A (10 N"M (0* ftUltOIHO »T KlUff OF Will OtlMANV TWO SWKTHIARTS paralyzed from tho wuliit down, Jimct Sawyiir, 21, Sun Francisco, and Dr. Tliomim L. Hoavuarn, Jr., 24, Cincinnati, nnnouncn tliolr engaKemont In Hun Ii'ranclm:o. Dr. Mcaveiirn iconn to lnt«rn«hip In Covltitton, Ky. (InimnMonai ttotindvltolaj. Oilier pri)|iowil» for briMiUljig the world'* THE LONG-AWAITED bridge «pan n I UK tlio HtmltH ot Macklnao iind uonnuclln^ Hie upper und lower puru o£ Michigan U nched- ulnil for complotlon in November. It will b« dedicated In July 1B5H, one of the world'o AMONG FASHIONS up designers' sleeves these days Is this three- way creation, MacShore Classic's "Versatility 3." TV actress Dolly Anne Wood models. (International) WHAT TO DO ABOUT ELOPERS? •*•« "FATHER'S IN SWEDEN, mother's here and Hhe'll work somethlnc out," was the word from 3li.yciir.old Clirlstina Woniicr»trom (Willismn?) as nho and her mother, Mrs. Slip WunnvrHtram. n- lurncd (above) to Washington from Monloiirxvillp, Pa. U wn« in Montoursville thnt a speeding violation brought to lij'ht the whereabouts of Chrim.lmi nml Hnw WIllliimH. Ihu 18-j.™r-o).t Scnnlti pnjro with whom she eloped, Shn IN tho daiightor' of Col. Sthr WunnBi-Mlrom, a ,'iwodlnh cnibasMy nltnuhn until hi- wim Iriins- tcn-ed homo, Just boforo Die 3S-(!ny elopement. (Internationals POLES WINDOW-SHOP THE U.S. INillxh inudnl »lunv» n ui>ut from Ohrliiu'h'n of Ni-w York, I'uiil Mrdnlln (Inri), l!,S, exhllilt mnnngpr, Ijiknn J'H||H|I I'rcmli-r •lom-f OyrnnUlnwIcK nroiinil llio Hull of Ajijillnncim. Hnld Cymn- hlnwlcx, "I liopo wn nhiill l>o ilolnif lnt»lncn» wlUi tlu> U.S. . . ." 1'iiliiK look with K hit of nwn nt Icltchon nngrt, nrnncn Julrn rtl»- pi'.nmir und ntlmr ltcm» an tliny nro iMirvexl frozen ornnicn Julco. . THI5I PHOTOS from thn Jntcrnnllonal Trada fair In Comnninliit I 3 ti7.nan, Tolnnd, IndlcnU a lot of InUroot by Ui* oonmimor Kno'ln- •Urvtd

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