The Dayton Herald from Dayton, Ohio on April 21, 1942 · 10
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The Dayton Herald from Dayton, Ohio · 10

Dayton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1942
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10 WOMAN'S INTEREST Fashion Horoscope Sfi tall. By Collette m&to kilt- t H wm if I I softness and ' Ml f Don'l r veil arrange-., I 111 III ment, ' I r y THE DAYTON HERALD, TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 1942 Frances Drake WOMAN'S INTEREST A-22 Open Letter To A Daughter On The Subect Of College Meta Given Individual Horoscope Daily Menus And Recipes Wednesday, April 12, 1042. March 21 to April 20 (Aries) Don't let personal likes or dislikes interfere with duties; don't permit You'll My dear Daughter r . . ' . ..It. i l 1 1 T .. ' .11- .. 1. . ,. , ( .. . , W , , .4 J ...M,.,.,, uei a mm iiuuui cuiicgc. la i uu auuui aimuuc ami i-untsc setbacks to discourage students, and you, in particular, since you are now imisning your ( nevpr regret a good try! last year in high school and are turning your face toward college i April 2i to May 20 (Taurus) tor next year. 1 can see that you are fighting two desires. You want the adventure of going away from home, and yet you hate it. I know because of little remarks you drop about "next year." Sometimes you are so gay about it, and then the next time there is the serious look in your eyes and a hint of sadness. Well, darling, I'm not ad. Oh, , Myrtle Meyer Eldred discusses Parents' Problems "Your Baby And Mine" If all children were exactly alike, all children of the same age would eat the same food at the same hours and be happy to do so. Obviously, rules and regulations have to be flexible because children are not alike. Mrs. M. M. L. cannot get her 20-month-old boy to eat his breakfast, though he eats his other two meals well. She writes, "He weighed six pounds at birth and now weighs 23V pounds and is 31 y2 inches tall. How can I get him to eat the attractive breakfasts I prepare for him?" You did not mention the hour at which you expect him to eat and it may be, at this age, that he would eat later in the morning though he refuses when he first arises. Try giving him his orange juice soon after he gets up and then wait until later to present his breakfast. Leave him alone and let him eat slowly, as he may be one of those who tire easily if fed too fast. The egg would be better for a lunch food and give cereal, toast and milk for breakfast. Mrs. B. A. G. Have you had the dentist check the teeth to see if there is any condition in the mouth responsible for the excessive saliva? This might be a natural yes, I'll miss you! This last week when you were away only three days on a visit the house seemed empty and a little desolate. But I wasn't unhappy. You were away for a dance and I knew you were having fun. That's the way I'm going to feel about it next year, too. I'm going to set my ! teeth against loneliness for you and tell myself that you arc grow ing and maturing and learning to stand completely on your own in that small world of learning we call a college. I'll know you are settling your own problems and meeting situations which demand j the use of your nice little mind, and that you'll make mistakes and learn, through making them, what to do and what not to do. Like every mother I dread having you hear some of the more stupid bits of reasoning. Every college (as well as the world) has its quota of glib-talking "free thinkers" who, having a little learning give ample proof of how dangerous so little learning can be. They think of themselves as iconoclasts who revel in breaking the images of conventions. They KOff at religion and morals and call "old - fashioned" and "out-moted" the very things which make the world sane. You haven't heard any of that kind of talk, and I ask only that you weigh it intelligently when vou do near it. l asK oniy vnai condition with your daughter but "vou watch these people closely and "If you suffer distress from-N FEMALE WEAKNESS Which Makes You Tired, Nervous ! If at such times you suffer backache, cramps , headache, distress of "irregularities." a bloated feeling, so tired, weak due to functional monthly disturbances try Lydia E. Pink-ham's Vegetable Compound it's made especially for women and famous to help relieve such monthly distress. Taken regularly thruout the month Pinkham's Compound helps build up resistance against such symptoms. Thousands upon thousands benefited ! Follow label directions. Worth trying! she has not learned to control it, which may be due to mouth-breathing. That may be the condition which needs attention. Mrs. M. N. The holes in the nipple may be too small and could be enlarged by heating a needle red-hot in a candle or gas flame and puncturing it larger. A nipple with a hole which is too small demands so much effort to get food that the child is worn out before the bottle is empty. The same amount of evaporated milk with water to make 6'a to 7 ounces per feeding, might be easier for the child to take and then you could give additional water between meals. She gets a lot of sugar, in fact more than her weight would seem to warrant. You might find that to cut down one tablespoon would improve the child's appetite and make her eager to take the food you are serving her. Later you can increase both the milk and sugar. Be sure your measurements of sugar are strictly level. Our leaflet on "Diet and Daily Schedule (one to two years)," may be had for a self-addressed, three-cent stamped envelope sent with your request to Myrtle Meyer Eldred in care of this newspaper. decide for yourself whether or not you wish your philosophy of life to be one which, followed, would tear down the chances of living in dignity and self-respect. I that you look around at the older people and study the consequences to those who have embraced such philosophy. It isn't anything new, child. I heard it in those ancient-history days when I was a wide-eyed youngster in college, feeling more brainy than I've ever felt since. Your father and I have done what we could for you thus far. We've given, at least, a great love. Whether the example of our lives and our ideas and ideals have made a deep-rooted impression upon you is something for time to tell. Still, I'm not worried. I cannot keep you always under my wing, and I wouldn't be foolish enough to try. A mature woman with a child's outlook is pathetic, indeed. No, I wouldn't want that. Next play as well as I used to. In my youth I joined a dancing class but could not learn to dance. I thought I could write, but that to went through a process of steady degeneration, rather than a positive evolution. In fact, I do just what Marie Ouopensaki, in the movie, "Kings Row," said that many people do; she said and wisely, that "some people develop: others just grow older. I just grow older. Do you wonder then that some of us grow recentful, even a little bitter? Do you wonder that we grow suspicious of a God who is so careless in handling out His talents? Do you wondex that we even question, at times the actuality of a God, and find ourselves slipping slowly, yet surely, into atheism? I am 46 years old. O. K. Dear O. K.: Of all the silly attitudes! The trouble with you is that you are self-conscious and exacting, and furthermore, you're all set for defeat before you ever start a thing, look bark. Let's take that violin, for instance. Now be perfectly honest. Didn't you do more dreaming than real, honest hard work on your fiddle? Aren't you the type who wants to spring into perfection without giving every ounce of intelligence, time, energy and work to the dull and sometimes uninteresting preparatory measures? I played, at one time, the world's worst violin. I wanted to play. I remember that I dreamed of standing before audiences and sweeping them along on the majesty of my music. It was a wonderful dream, and maybe I could have done it if I hadn't loathed the "squeak-squawk" of practicing drab, immature exercises. So what happened ? So I didn't learn to play a violin. You may have chosen the wrong vehicles for your efforts. That I can't tell, but don't tell me that you have no talents. You may have been one of those people who broke his heart trying to do things God never fneant for him to do. and in so doing neglected your natural trends. I know many who meet futility in this way. You're shy. If you have rhythm, you can dance even now. You probably stumbled around the floor a few times and said, "Oh, gee, I look like a dolt" . . . and Both private and general matters require extra attentivencss. Take precautions against repeating old mistakes. More effort needed today. May 21 to June 21 (Gemini i Your rays similar to Taurus. However, overdoing, physically or mentally, is not conducive to best returns. Steadiness, calm nerves, important. June 22 to July 23 (Cancer) Peculiar day. You may have to figure things from new angles, perhaps make changes demanded by altering conditions. Common-sense judgment must rule. July 24 to Aug. 22 (Leo) "Save your pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves." Spend only for useful things. Today's prize goes to the budgeteer. Aug. 23 to Sept. 23 (Virgo) Protect personal affairs from outsiders; confide only in worthy acquaintances. Be logical in everything. Healthy exercise favored. Sept. 24 to Oct. 23 (Libra) May have to straighten out some confused items, misunderstandings. Be right, even if you are the only one so! Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 (Scorpio) Avoid quarrels, unnecessary disputes. Keep your mind clear of doubt or discouragement. Be economical but not penurious. Nov. 23 to Dec. 22 (Sagittahusi No pep, initiative? Taboo this slackening tendency. You'll not fall behind if you overcome such drawbacks. Dec. 23 to Jan. 21 (Capricorn) Watch business and work interests especially. Acquaint yourself with improvements; carry on thoughtfully. Jan. 22 to Feb. 20 (Aquarius) Personal matters may be a problem today unless you handle them diplomatically. Never permit sensitiveness or criticism to discourage you. Feb. 21 to March 20 (Pisces) Check any ill disposition it trips the best of us when we aren't on guard. Be considerate of those with whom you deal. If Today Is Your Birthday: Persistent, self-reliant, with an appreciation of the finer things. Develop your ability to complete unfinished matters new to you and to help organize large undertakings. Religion and education essential aids. Today's major colors: Navy and powder blue, greens, bright yellow. Secondary colors: Dark grey, white, brown-golds. (Copyright. 1942. King features Syndicate, Inc. I For real pumpkin lovers, any Reason is the season for pumpkin especially the easy-to-use canned kind. They will be doubly delighted with the peppy novelty resulting from today's recipe for Pumpkin Honey Milk. It has the authentic pumpkin pie flavor; It is rich and creamy in texture, and it is sweetened with honey and requires no sugar at all. And last but not least, it's still another way of getting more milk Into folks who won't drink it plain. Pumpkin Honey Milk 1 cup pumpkin l'u cups evaporated milk 1'2 cups water i cup honey M teaspoon ginger Few grains cloves Few grains salt Stir to thoroughly blend pumpkin into evaporated milk and water. Stir in remaining ingredients; chill and serve. 4 servings. WEDNESDAY HKKAKFAMT Tuirwiln juicp 2S t In lom.ilo Juice Scrambled eggs . ...S eggs, S Ibsp. milk, b a c o n (trippings. salt, pepper Pan brolld bacon . . . '4 lb. bacon Buttered toast 8 slices of enriched bread, butler Coffee (for adults .4 tbsp. coffee Milk (or children i . .2 cups milk MNOflKOir Cucumbers au grid in. 2 tablespoons haenn drippings. 1 tablespoons flour, 1 cup milk, 1 beer bouillon cube, a few grains of pepper, - teasoon onion juice, 1 cup grated sharp cheese, 14 cup fine dry bread crumbs, l tbsp. of butter, '1 medium cucumbers. to Meta Given, care of this newspaper. Buttered green peai.Nn. 2 tin green peas butter, salt Bread and butter ...8 slices whole wheat bread, huller Cookies Cookies i left from Tuesday i Pumpkin honey milk. (See recipe above) nnnm Munkey-on-a-stlck... 1 lb. veal stead ( (sliced thin I 1 Up. alt. pepper, 2 tab- j lespoons flour, 1 tbsp. water, 1 egg, cup fine dry bread crumbs. 3 tbsp. bacon drippings, 1 It cup of water, 1 tbsp. of flour, salt Mashed pel'" ...l'n lbs. of potatoes, milk. sail, butter Gravy meat drippings, and water, seasoning Head lettuce salad ..1 head of lettuce, 4 I tbsp. mayonnaise. 1 , tbsp. chill sauce Bread and butler ...8 slices rye bread. butter Baked bananas 3 bananas. 2 tbsp. of i butter, S tbsp. of brown sugar, salt, j 3 tbsp. flour, 3 tbsp. of dark corn syrup, 1 V4 tsp. of i lemon lulce 4 tbsp. coffee L cups milk Cost for day: about $1 .80 Offer of New Give-Away: Is there a defense worker in your home? Then it's part of your duty to your country to see that he is kept well, strong, and able to do his job with vim and vigor, by making sure that he gets the right food and enough of it. Meta (iiven's new booklet, "The Worker's Lunch Box," provides new menu ideas, suggestions for making lunch box meals attractive, satisfying and nutritious. Send 6 cents in coin or stamps to cover cost of handling and a 3-cent stamped self-addressed envelope III. V I . Monlrec OPTOMETRIST 4 E. Third St. HE 2552 Open Mnndaj evenings till S:4S Don't Hoard Scrap! A Pound of Scrap Helps Whip a Jap Rags $1.60 100 lbs. Newspapers. .50 100 lbs. Magazines .. .75 100 lbs. Iron 50c-60c 100 lbs. We Buy All Kinds of Junk Cars Penn Iron and Goal 1365 W. First St. FU 6371 Coffee i for adullst .Milk i for children i llll l SOLES m Wed. Only! High finality leather soles attached at this saving. BASK Mi: NT Hierb'Nfiu shois fxciusivm with us mci o neul shoes exciusiveiy with us Z3MF1 i a M b to in 9 m i1 I I PENNY Hock Co!f, Sizes to Tan Calf. Blue Call 10, AAAAA to B $10.95 W 1 2 Especially for you,.iwro demand shoes o( impeccably fmartness with maimufn comfort... Rice O'Neill designed tdese modetate heeled classics, so grand lor suit wear Truly Haltering to (eel ond onltle?, you'll wear them end eoy them increannfll. WEST SECOND AT LUDLOW- year you will be on your own and , gave it up. Snap out of it. Go WASHINGTON FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 7 North Jefferson Street 75th Anniversary WE NEVER MISSED A DIVIDEND Adequate Money Available for Loans or Real Kstate. Help Yourself by Helping Uncle Sam BUY WAR BONDS sale at all Building & Loans and Ranks my faith in you is unlimited. YOUR LOVING MOTHER. "WE TOGETHER LKTTKRS" Dear Mrs. Fulmer: Last evening you wrote that everyone ought to excel in some one thing. You spoke of the happiness gained, the almost magical disappearance of inferiority complexes, when a person feels that he is doing excellent work. But how about those persons, who like myself have no talent for doing excellent work of any kind? I have never been able to excel in anything, either big or small. Practice makes perfect they say. Not with me, the more I practice, the worse I get. Years ago, I tried to play the violin and made progress for a while, then steadily grew worse, until today I cannot back and conquer something you think you've failed in. Are you game? Let's make it dancing. If you'll call me, or come by, I'll put you in the hands of a teacher who will teach you to dance. Once you break that idea, you can still .succeed in other things. Let's hear from you again . , . but think it over. Today's Pattern s. Can YOU use EXTRA HELP at HOUSE CLEANING Time? Many busy women tell us that Climalene is like an extra helper at house cleaning time. Here's why . . . 1. CiimoleiM dissolves grease, oosens stubborn dirt without hard nibbing. sV 2. Brightens paint and tiling in a jiffy. 3. Climalene cant scratch .. . cleans without suds ; : . leaves no film. 4 Thrifty, too just a tablespoon in pail of warm water. SAVES TIME SAVES WORK SAVES SOAP Try SAVEX jiffy way to wash personal things f WASH AND CLEAN with Climalene BEST BUY BIG 2 LB. THRIFT PACKAGE (V and 23c res mt yoor & j 1 ts$' Mil 'Os'hll 1 1 il i Pattern 4086 is available in misses' and women's sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. 30, 32. 34, 36, 38 and 40. Size 16 takes 4" yards 35-ineh fabric. Send 15 cents (plus one cent to cover cost of mailing I for this Annr Adams pattern. Write plainly size, name, address and style number. Announcing our summer 1942 pattern book just off the press, A complete wardrobe plan for your i j new "dual" life, with tailored, 1 sheers, cottons, evening and bridal wear, play outfits. Yours for 10 cents I Send your order to Dayton' Hrr.ild Pattern Department. 243 I West 17th St., New York, N. Y. I THIS BED IHTFI'I That Can Be Used as Regular BUNK BEDS! 2 RESILIENT BED SPRINGS 2 COMFORTABLE MATTRESSES ATTRACTIVE MAPLE BEDS GUARD RAIL HANDY LADDER Buy U.S. War Bonds and Stamps at May's twin -w mmvwww m n ,s eaSv to nu, wax . Mir.'-' I F- tf '! '. ...... v'w AW s -- - S cj v : ' i . s AW for Only . . . Use them as regular TWIN BEDS or stack them into a double bunk bed as a space saver, tou get i comTorraoie mattresses; 2 resilient bed springs and 2 Twin Maple Beds, com I . ..I J ! I plete wirn a quara ran ana AAr,r ll fr t1Q QCI A real bargain Om i f 4 Down

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