Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 24, 1957 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1957
Page 10
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Ten Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Farmer Shot By Neighbor Woman Dies Ambulance Bushing Victim to Hospital Involved in Collision With Car INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Harvey Abbott, 64, Paris Crossing, died early today of gurlshot wounds and a woman neighbor was arrested and charged with Siring at him as he drove a farm tractor along a Jennings County road. Abbott died hours after an ambulance rushing him to Robert Long 'Hospital collided with an automobile at an Indianapolis street intersection, hurling Abbott from an ambulance cot to the floor of the vehicle. The ambulance was driven by Jackson County Coroner Victor BurkhoWer, a Seymour mortician. Authorities said the wounds killed Abbott and the traffic accident appeared to have had no effect on him, Mrs. Marybclle Carlock, 63, was held in Jennings County .(ail at Vernon on a charge of assault and battery with intent to kill. Sheriff Charles K. Dudley said Mrs. Car- I/>ck signed a statement admitting she shot at Abbott three times in a feud between the two families] over a boundary lint between th<iir properties, i .Mrs. Carlock's statement said Abbott shot at her June 5 and "this was the first chance I got In .shoot at him since he xhjl at me." Uullfty sai/J Abbott worked in a field Sunday morning ar.d was driving his tractor hornc for lunch when he was slujt, Burkliolckr was driving about 40 miles an hour, he said, through SENIOR GIRL SCOUT TROOP MEMBERS SEE SIGHTS IN WASHINGTON Monday Evening, June 24, 199T. Scout Charter Presented To St. Vincent Troop 27 A presentation of the scout ctyar ter was made Sunday afternoon to the St. Vincent DePaul Boy Scout Troop 27, when it held its court of honor at the church. Presentation of the charter was made by Ronald Barnes, with troop awards and presentation of committee certificates by Robert Pasquale, William Wagner. Attendance awards will go to Robert Bauer. Dennis Oilman. John Oilman IV, Bernard Kilbride, Robert Kleifgen, Jr., Floyd Leffert, John Mchvain. Charles Murray. Palrick O'Connor, David Rothcrmol, James Hozzi, Michael Schreyer, Kleifgen. Harold Hutchcraft was'ley. .Robert Tarn and Michael Towns- Pictured above are the member»|thc east. With the girls arc Seoul of Senior Girl Scout Troop 33, ,of Loguntiport, who visited the CapHnl as a part of their six-day jaunt In Leaders Mrs. Mrs. Gwen Thomas. The adults making the trip Number of Alcoholics in U. S, Increases 100,000 Every Year WASHINGTON (UP) —Alcoholism today claims nearly 5 million victims in the United Stales. It Uie south part of Indianapolis!ranks with heart disease, cancer v/hen an automobile driven by and mental illness as one of our Mrs. Fre'ja Castillo, 59, Clayton, rammed the ap-ibuian'.-o at an intersection, fiurkholdcr said the ambulance siren was operating. Mrs. Castillo and her husband, I'avjual, M, said they did not hear it. They were injured .ilUlhtly, Deaths and Funerals ff(/,vr Funeral »erviei:.i for f/arold Hunt, I'A, roiiti; H. Indianapolis, were conducted Monday afternoon al. the Krot-Kcr funeral home. I'.ur- lal wiin marie In /,i;f;ion Circle in Ml. llujii; KHinvinry, O'CONNOR Final riles for Kdv/ard If, Ofap) O'Connor. V3, !!«/ K. Market, will coinluctcd !> a. HI. Tunmlay at St. Vim-i.-iil';i church v/itii M:iKr. Juliii I'. Schall nfliciatiiiK. liuriai will be made in Ml. Calvary cciritt- t';ry. Primula limy Hi (lie chapel v/here UK; Koiiary will he recited al 7:30 p.m. Monday and the I!, of II. T. will conduct ritea al H p.m. four major health problems. America is .spending millions to curb the other three disease — and is gelling results. Hut we have yet to launch an effective national fight against alcoholism. The number of alcoholics Is growing , a i a rate of at least 100,000 a year. ' These are some of the finding of a United Tress survey Into the status of the Jon(;-promiscd "counter-attack" against alcoholism. The survey showed heartening progress in some areas — notably in new treatment IcchniriucM which today offer the alcoholic u bright prospect of recovery If he ci!kn competent help, Hut it also showed that only a small pei'ccntai<c of alcoholics are the treatment they need. There are «tlll vast Ktipx . In our knowledge nboul this affliction. And, in tbir words of Dr. William he estimated. Wage ulcd to alcoholism amo million dollars a year, add in higher crime and accident ! rales, law enforcement and cul expenses, authorities consider e Seoul srd and e other re Mrs. s » *J \ ear allrib- to 432 on you ccident J medi- JuHBlc Shaw, Mrs. Mike Pasquale, Mm. £. S. Corcoran, Mrs. Russell Brldcnlmugh and Mrs. Catherine Roberta. During Hie trip, the |{irls l!)5fl.was 22,90(i — or less than one out of every 200 of the nation's alcoholics. The research picture Is equally bleak. A check of major federal, slate and private agencies turned up a total annual outlay of IUHS than $700,000 for scluntlflc studies of alcoholism. Tills is only one- fifth us much as the Agriculture chatted with Sen. Homer Cupchart (R-Intl.); observed the Semite in action, with Vice-President Nixon prexldliiK; and stayed three dny« Too Fust On Druw TOLEDO, Ohio (UP) — Ernest Walter's trigger finger proved faster than his draw. Walter said he was practicing his draw in u field with a .22-caliber single-action frontier gun when he pulled the trigger before getting the gun out (if his holster. He suffered a leg wound. nl "Itnckwood," the national Glri Scout cnmp. (Pharos-Tribune Photo-EnffrnvhtK) Children Attacked By Rabid Squirrel VIN'CENNES ( Ul 3 )— Authorities snid five or six children living in t!ie snme neighborhood here -Sftire bitten Sumiay by u squirrel believed to bo rabid. Tliu children were treated by physicians, who said llicy ol.so would have to lalie rabies shols. i in charge of the court of honor. Investiture of Tenderfoot Scouts was conducted Msgr. John P. Schall for Boyd Barnes, Stephen Cobb, John Conrad, Patrick Medland, John Moritz, Jon Oldham, William Pasquale, Joseph Schreyer and Michael Tow'nsley. First class awards by Raymond Miller go to Robert Bauer, Richard Bridenbaugh. Floyd Leffert, John Mcllwain, David Holhc-rmel, Robert Tom and Michael Townsley. Star Scout award by Robert Klcitgcn goes to Patrick O'Connor, Life Scout award by Ronald Barnes "'ill go to Chat-las Murray, John Gilman IV and Timothy O'Connor. The Ad Allare Dei award, given to Roman Catholic Boy Scouts by the church will be presenfed by Father Malosack to Patrick O'Connor, Others previously receiving the award were Brian Barnes. John Oilman IV, Patrick Cain, Bernard Kilbride, Charles Murray, Timothy O'Connor ami Michael Schreyer. Service awards to be presented by John Oilman III arc: First year — Richard Brldcn- bnugh, Robert Bmicr, Dennis Gilman, Robert Kleifgon, Jr., John Mcllwain, David Rothermel, Juniex Ro/./.i, Michael Townslcy. Second Commitlee assignments for next year are as follows: Harold Hutchcraft, chairman: Harry Baltzell, secretary; Tom Pasquale, finance; James McCord, advance man; and Ray Miller, outdoors man. Read the Classified Ads 1 billion dollars a year a conser- ('. MennlnHor, Hid famous p.nychla- trisl, "only n plttartci: of inoticy Is inK il'.!volcd' \J> vative figure for the direct, countable cost of alcoholism. And what are we spending Ixj combat Ihis menace? Tlie one- word answer suggested by the United Press survey is "peanuts." Thirty-three states und the District nl Columbia now have official alcoholism program. 1 ). Some of them 1 exlnt mainly on paper. Others oporaUi clinics ami hospitals, and conduct research' and jiuljllc education services. /•'or Die Mtpporl of nil of tliesi! prowi-aim, male J(;«i:;l;itiin:.i J(i«t year voted H grand 1/Hul of $11 1123,100. The number of patients treated by all Ktatu-HuptJorluiJ facilities in Department spends each year for I research on foot-and-mouth di.s-' ease in cattle. Linton Motorist Dies at Crossing TKJUU2 HA DTK (UPJ-Cbcfilcr Jackson, 211, Union, w>ns Icllled here this morning wlicn a car he was riding in was struck by n coni nilmj Irnin returning fnim l.hu Tullcydule Mine tiboul 10 mill's iiiirtliwc.'it of Torre Haute. According lo witne.s.scH, Dlclc llurpor, 21, Tern- llnui.e, Uio driver, apparently did not nee Uic approaching IrnJfl In tlirio to uUiii short of Hie cr-o.-islng. Harper wan listed as "serious" al Union llot-pllul. A .sijuirrel was lator killed in the same neighborhood where the children were bitten. I 1 !, was be- TOKYO (UP) — Police reported jlloved the squirrel WIIK the animal Wlime Thnn thui. stuclworkor Ko.i-uku Aklyainn hanged, lilnwolf today buoause he could not master enough courngc to usk the paTiints of his swoel- •lieiu-t foe her lumd in niurrtagc. whlcli bit the children. . I Beams-Channels Mervis Steel Co., Kokomo Phono 4121 EXECUTOR'S PUBLIC AUCTION OF REAL ESTATE AND PERSONAL PROPERTY Tho tiiiilcralKiiei/ Kxeculor'wlll null at public auction, at Uie late! | raildoricc uf J''rciJ Allwi, di-ceaw.vl, located 2 mll«« North of Uiii-lln«- Tin- prcs<:nl acope of the alco- l'»>, IniJiann, via Indiana Htuto Iloiiil 21), tiieii !4 uijle West nn Couiily Now Available for Sale Without Prescription! NEW APPETITE CONTROL TABLET FOR EASIER, FASTER REDUCING Michael' Three yen:-— Patrick O'Connor. Schreyer, Hubert Tarn. years— John Oilman IV, Bernard Kilbride, Charles Murphy. Seventeen yours— John Gilmaa 1)1, Oimmlilao service awards arc: First yea:-— )•>. Mjiliwick, Ku.'jcmc lloulmnn, Kidmril Corcoran. Raymond Miller. Three years— Thnmi'is COMBINATION STORM WINDOWS WANT OUT OF DEBT? L*t Credit Counsolors arrange to gat you out of debt on payments you can offord. REGARDLESS OF HOW MUCH YOU OWE. No Security or Endorsors Noodad— Ono and Only One Placo to Poy. CREDIT COUNSELORS OF LOGANSPORT Opon Dully » to 5. Exctpt Wiiri and Sol. III! On.. 01 Barfi<i» Bulldlna Phon* 171 Final rlt'sii lur iNalliaiii Goldman. 7H, 22V Cliff Drive, will hi: conducted at li.'fO p.m. Tueiiilay lit tin! Mi.-CJf)nk<ry-Jf;milU«fl Khii;ii;l wll.h Iho H':v. J. .1. KiLMlwaechtur ufll- datlnj;. Burial will be made In Ml. Hope ccinclnry. Life Saving Classes To Start Next Monday Cl.vi-iON in junior ami «nnior life «(iviiiK will Iwi/in next Monday, July 1, ;il tin; mu/iif.-JpnJ nwlin- rnin;; ;ioul, It w;i» unnoimtxtl today by Krcd Klii'lur, co-illi-Hctur of jiurrimcr recreation. I(<:Kljili-iilloni an: now hiilnn n«- fJ:lil<:il ;it lliir pwil rnnlitnr fj'vik. Non« v/lll hi: taken oviir lh« litlr;- phu/|ir, It wa« <:iri|ihnxl/i:d. Junior cla-iiMtfi for boy.-! ami Rlrls 1.1 tn 1(1 yc;ir« of ny.t: will i-x- tend ' from !H« n't:tnt:k In tlio rriornl"^, while lho»« yoiilln )li ycar,i and ai;i)V: will b<- iri;itructi!d from 10 io It a.m. holism problem— and our comparatively fcuble effortii U) deal with it— arc (Jomonutratcd In lh(; by lti<; tin; Na- llnalth, following fact«, Airiiirlcan Mwllcnl AHKII,, Hruvel road, al. I n'i:loi:k I'.M.. (taiiLrnl Dayllifht .Siivlnx Tlnm SATURDAY, JUNE 29, 1957 curtain personal property anil the fnllowlnj( real eiitate In IliirlliiKlon Township, Carroll Counly. Indiana, hKliuiKliiK to lh« ejttalu of «uld tlonal InHlllute of Mental and Male alc-ohollnm aijiMKiun. I»M»I i-u'i >.• If you drink alcoholic ljnvi>rni/en ,, ,' il " SIAII ''~- AI2-acr« tract lncliidln« nil ll-i-oom IIOIIHU, a -and well over half of (ill Ar/K-rl-i 1 ""'" :l y '" !w '""" : «" n '« 1! . » liun-lioujie, '!. brooder IIOIIHI.-H, ami II) |(Jji |acrcii of tlllalih) farm 1 land. Tim umlondKMcd Kxi.culor i-imnrven lln; ' 'il In reject any final hid which doi:n nol ei|unl the full appraliiiid u: ill finch rnnl eiitale. The purmimil properly of the dccenno'1, wldch will Iw sold at tin. ii! lliiiu and place, Includiui: IIOUSMIIOM) (iOOI)H, lOTC.-r;. K. nsfrlKBrnlor cun uilultn do— tho fllatliitica) arc »iin In ITi tli&l you eventually will bccoinr; nn alcoholic. Miidicnl Science now upplfon tlic dlaifnojilj* of nlefiollKm to n n y drinker who dcpenibi on iilcobw) lu Clinically toutod and usad by doclora with roirrarkablo ro- nulla on many patlontu In Iroalmunt of obuuily. Works aulomcillcally Io doprosn ap- potllo. Lono walglit you want Io takt off—safoly rapidly, more comfortably. Gol ponl- livo rojulln or monoy rofund- od. lirimet 20-DAY SUPPLY J 3°° MONEY BACK CUARANTEE Final Rifcs Tuesday For Truck Vicfim l''Unnrnl )'it'-,-i lur llnl/nrl fitoiiei 1 , 32, of lto.yal Onlcr, wlic, wan killed Friday in n truck acdijciit eiiid. of (illroy, Calif,, v/lll hit condiietid at 1:.'!(! p.m. Tui-iiif/iy at Hie llnr- rrii:ct the ordinary dmriandii of living and wli»H« UMD of alcohol han Ixr^un to ciiiuiii! him HitrlnuH prob- l(,-;;i« at hiiiint <if itl. work. Alcohollwn, IhiM (Icflni.'il, in In- crounlnij In all parU of tho country, In nil ,si!Kiin;nto <>! unduly, and i»( all atfu loveln from y.(i to (15. /I i« »/i«y to imdni-fvillinatu till! Inddcijf.-i: of «li:i))ioll,-!/« I«.-C/III;KI II In an "|i:i)bi!i-({" jiroliliiin—vo per ciiiii. hlililiiii from nliilit. K»r nvcry nft Ill-row typn ul aliroholin, wliumi fl<-tx;rlonill(jii of mind anil body ban lioi'onio loo urttnl \t> l«) dl/,. Kulnisd,' Ihi-ri! ui'd nliiii "hlddwn al- cohollcii" who ure in the liiirly or mlridli! «Ui(/i-ii of tlil;i proiji-idi.'ilve ntlll aliln in keiiji up «|jpoiinim.-i,». They continue to function, at l<./i«|, part lime, an wive* and inolhuni,' or (1,1 liuidiiijK, and priifminional DJIHI. The vunl mnjnrUy ( ,f |.|, l)m wlil not acl{fiowl';d^'.', UVOM Li) lliBiiDidvi'n, that limy' h, m , \, n \ , . Kan riiiiK«, (ilecLi-li: waiililni! iniiehliin, illnliin roiim unite, •>, ln-iln, (lrc;<n. i:r, library table. 4 rot:klnn chalni, n Itllchitn culilniiln \an-],\<m: mil."of illHliwi, Jiitcbi.-n rnncc, <:w,l ImatliiK Hlove, KCA talili- nioilnl TV mil SliiKci- iiowliiK uiachliiii iflal bobblnj, powi.v lawiinuww, 1 K unn lii- i.-l.uilliiK aiilliiue itiiiy.-/.lo-loin||iiK nholfiun ami rifle, Jmml loo'bj u iiiiiiiitroilH otlii;!- Itriinii, A(/T()MOH[I,K~IIM7 Kurd X-iloor nciian, i;l.aniliinl Wiai-nlilfl UKI''l(.K,S;iMKNT.S KK/CVKfJ ON I'ltKMl.SKS MY LAIHKH 01'' 1MJIWJN MK'I'JIOOJKT C'HIJIKJII, I'Vn- tcnmi of Hale or fui'tliur liifuriniillon, ciinliirl olllim- of follow- rltii/n liiiinritl linnn; In Htiyiil ',''-;)IBI-, with the Itev. HiirCiHI Strong <)flli:lntlii(i. Burial will IIB III the Blar City cemirliM-y, Th« body him lieen niturned to (hi! H.-i/Tlnon /ii/ieral (IOHH-, whei'n frlendii may call. Death v/;»^ catm- wl hy a okull Inii.-tun:, Rcporf $100 Missing At High Street Home I'ollc"! am liivi-ilfiiiill'iii a n»- porl Irodi Mm. Until C'titiiplu-ll Hint $IUU In sllvirr iloljnrs and iinnrlum \n ininnlnii from her re.ilildiici), 721! llli/h nln:cL Mm. Camplmll lold uflicwii »h(; cllncnvered Din Ihiift upon linr return from lh« liiku fiuiiijay MI.ATKI> KOK M'KKIHNil Illllii) l!o)lin/.;i;r, 21, of no\ Nurlli Third nlrei)!, will fnci' n iipitwllii); cliaixo wbmi «rral(!ili!(l Stilunlny In city iMiurt, He wa;i nmvitiHl hy t:lty pollcu Sunday i-hnr»!i!il wild MpiM:dinf( st> iriili-ii per hour in n no inlln miiu, wusl on Mrli! avenue fruin Twelfth to Ninth ntreclK. Read the Classified Ads over drlnklnt! IIIIVB lii-coiim addlcLed l/i alcohol. ('anriol Itn MeiiHiirintl Tim rail ami nt n}mli<iHnm can- nol he ineatiui'i'd, hoi;au»» HO 0110 can put a prlcn u^ on a liniluiii home, a hi'llllnnt ranior dowir llm drain, a'liutnaii life Ihal. luniw Into a iilifhlnian, <it liiiHgovuni, black- «uiM, hrolicn promlai'ii «iu| imcon- inillnl/li! crnvlnijii. Hut a minor part of thn conl. can IIANNA Ik IIANNA ATTY.H, KOIt KXKCUTOIl 120 W, Main, Delphi, Ind, I'humi: Delphi TO (Jleim I'JIkBiilmrry, dliirk WAI/l'IOIt AI.J.ION mm S. Coilliir, li'lura, Inil. I'llniiBi IHiirn 'MM, llnlpli Itliiiiliart, AuiiUnncitr Chicken Fry WmliU'tiilii.v, .Iiini; ?.n, n In H p.m., Ml WHlluti l.iillM'niii clnirrli. Ailulln |).ZS, l-liJlilrnii 7«i!. All you can »iU, It. »f K. T. rlliuillntk nitrv- )ci'» lur Dnitliiir K. II, O'Connor, at KriicKiir (u- nnrul hnuui nl H |i.m. Moil- iluy nlKhl JIIIKI '//till. Ttistwctive Summdings M li our bollof tfiat diellncllvo surrouridlnfjn—Iliono wild warinlh rind b.oauly-~linlp as^uaflB llio oinolloin ol tho bnrnciv/id. Our homo effort llio comfort of dlsllncllvo cippolnliimril) and a warm, homollko olnnonplinro. "Third Goniirallori Of Sorvlco." KROE6ER tent Mork»» of Sevonth Ph, SI 34 Busjahn's Drug Store 308 Fourth Plion* 3X74 DO IT YOURSELF AND SAVE! YOU'U SAVE ON BUYING YOUR FLOOR AND WALL COVERINGS FROM YOUNG'S. You'll scivo on doing It yourself) Wo will loan you tlio looli and Inilnjcl you on how Io do U. TOR r-l.OORS--VI.iyl; Excnion; rubbor lilo. Ouol<«r full bano—12 fl. widti. Armslrong and Sanclrnn-6 (I. wido. FOR WALLS-Sundmn Plaullc Wall Covorlnfj. Arniglrong foil baso wall covorlnfl. 315 Fourlli St. Dial 2762 SUMMER HOME PROTECTION CALLS FOR SUMMER FUEL OIL SERVICE Worm wiMillinr cndfi ccrl.nin pi-ob- liiinn,..«ronl«M othisr OIIHH, iSur- prliiltiKly, corliiln funl oil jn'ub- litirui iiluii nl thin tinio of yunr und rcqulris linmiidlnlu attention. Tlitow problonui Ini.-ludn num- niw ruul In your fu«l oil (Jink... f(imto funl oil to tni'.uL 1111 imrly colrl nn«p. Ity ordiirlnii I'lillllpii (Ml Kui-1 Oil nov/ you w)lv« them! j>ri)l)li!niii. I'hllllpii (i(i Ktinl Oil prolwHn nK»lnnt I'unl, llinl iiUiuikij /in tmipty nr nmir iinipty l.itjik. AIno, yon Klvo uii Iho clumco Io i,-ln«:k your hunting nyBtoni for clnnnllnniiH nnd noiidod roiialni. Whnt'u morn, you ntmurti yoiirwilf «K»innt (runklnli wunlhiii' ciitohing you abort. Oi'rlor now unit iinvo. IJtiy ;tt our ofl-iutnitnn prl<:«. Unit our cojiviiiilwnl crodlt toriiw. Call todny /or our ii'il Oil S«rvlt«, CALL 3403 TUCKER OIL CO. 2nd and Mcirk*t logamport, Ind, HALL'S CONCRETE PNG NERATORS DO YOU HAVE THIS? OUR CONCRETE INCINERATOR • Will ollmlnaln thli nyniorn, • Rod u c.i fir* hei;nrdt, • Will Intf o lif» (lino. ll'i Ouciranli)#(i ll't Allracllvo Hoavy-325 tin. Built In locllont Con bi) movad. Dnflvornd and WE OFFER YOU THIS! (Bi^WK ^Htr FOR FUU INFORMATION PHONE OR CONTACT:BOB SHANNON I220HI ( jhS». Plion* 4708 VIC KITCHEl 1727 broadway Phon» 50394

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