Logansport Pharos-Tribune from ,  on December 22, 1957 · Page 106
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from , · Page 106

Issue Date:
Sunday, December 22, 1957
Page 106
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PAGE TWENTY-TWO THE PHAHOS-TRIBtJNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22. 19ST n GOLDEN Are You Over 50? .., Here's A Notebook By THOMAS COLLINS Here, as the new year comes on, is a retirement -notebook for anyone past -50 years old. It is condensed from the retirement experiences of people over the country in the last 12 months. It's not gospel—very little you read on retirement is. But it's a guide that may be valuable to you. 1. Take with a grain of "salt evei-ything told you by a persoji already retired. A man will retire to Hog Hollow, Ga., tell you it's wonderful—when he wishes to Heaven he had never seen the place. He will tell you he's'too busy to do everything he wants to—when he's had nothing to. do but sit for four months. He will tell you he's getting along fine—when he can't pay the milk bill. And these are nice people, not bad ones. It seems to be an occupational disease of retirement to color the facts. So use your own good judgment. 2. Be satisfied with 4 to 5 per cent return on any money you have to invest. Go hunting for more and' you can lose your pants. 3. There is no good place for retirement. There is no bad place. Where you are right now is probably as good as anywhere else. People, not climate, determine whether you'll be happy. Of course people look prettier under an orange tree than they do in a blizzard, and I don't think you can hid yourself about that. Provided you will know somebody under an orange tree who will talk to you,' 4. Traveling, which every 64- year-old dreams of, is great sport for six weeks after retirement. But whether by car, plane, train, bus, ship or oxcart, it's for the birds after that. money, and go to your children for it, you may find—if you're an average parent—that it's like getting gold pieces out of a village pump. Again, it's the order of things in this atomic age. 6. A retired couple can live in Arizona, California, or Florida on an income of $200 a month. Not too well, but adequately. In a small, unpublished town an income of $200 a month carries prestige with it. 7. A person, particularly a man, feels a loss of prestige and a loss of financial security when he' retires. He also feels the loss of a big brother. A company .can, and does, throw its weight around for an employee occasionally. It is less inclined to do it for a pensioner. So any connection you can maintain with your company that is official, even if it brings no money, more than a handful of idle retired people who were happy. I have not seen a single busy retired person who wasn't. 11. Retired people who hold to their home, to live in or to rent, fare better . . . Husbands who fail to teach their wives the facts of life about insurance, investments, and Social Security before they retire are foolish . . . Wives who don't dedicate their major efforts to keeping their retired husbands healthy are foolish. There are too many widows around. 12. Why don't you take next week to bring the family Bible up to date . . . with births, deaths marriages, etc.? And put in a few notes about your honors in busi ness. Some descendant, some fu lure day, will love you for it. (COPYRIGHT 1957, GENERAL FEATURE CORP.) 5 Your children will not pay is always wise. It can do every- as'much attention to you as you! thing from getting you into a want. It will not be because you crowded ^hospital to getting a traf- didn't rear them right, or that '"" they are bad. It's just the order of things in 1957. And if you need For Christmas Give That Delicious Russell Stover Candies Always Fr»ih—Alwayi Dalicroui ATwayt W«!com« Only $1.35 Ib. box TIMBERLAKE'S fic ticket torn up. 8. Make a will. It's a bother. It may cost you up to $50 or so. But it car; keep your heirs from pulling hair. 9. America is pretty well standardized now. You get th« same brand of coffee everywhere. At about the, same price. Arkansas seems the' most economical place in the U.S. to live, but you may have to make the coffee at a well. Mexico is economical, and alluring. But you'd be a foreigner. 10. I have seen, during 1957, about half a dozen people making more than $1,000 a month in businesses entirely alien to the one they retired from. I have not seen Okfc£fs>tej& True Life Adventures | \CH PER11-. TH& UIFE OF THES WAU.RUS is SPENT ON THE FLOATING, EVER-MOVIM© ARCTIC ICE PACK. y us by type. Dark haired, long nosed, small mouth types, may XYZ's who may marry only dark-haired, short nosed, large mouth types, classified XNS. These ypes may marry, and their offspring become YNS, perhaps the deal type. Or if scientists 'pre- er blondes when we get on this ook-alike kick, two brunettes may not be able to' meet under an ap- ole tree without a license. That way we could all wind up looking alike in no time at all. If they're going to get this thing PERU- THAN THE KIL.UER WHA.UE OR THE POUAK BEAR \S THE ICE PACK VTSeUT*. IT JAMS ASIO <3R1N12S INTO MIUES Of UA©<SEI7 •TRUSTS <3W V/HkSH SURVIVAU \S PRE<£ARIO.US, NEA Calls On US For School Aid > By HEKMAN R. ALLEN WASHINGTON TO—The Nation al Education Assn. called on the federal government here to start an educational support pro gram of indefinite length which would reach a cost of at least $100 per school-age child per year within five years. The program would cost $25 per child the first year, a total' of about a billion dollars. In the fifth year, with the school-age population rising, it would cost about 4% billion dollars all told.. The program, drawn up by the NEA's legislative commission, also proposes: 1. College scholarships for at least 20,000 high school graduates each year — a total of 80,000 in four years. 2. At least 5,000 fellowships per year for university graduate study —15,000 in three years. 3. At least 25 million'dollars a year for expansion of services of state education agencies in all fields, not alone in science and mathematics education or in testing and guidance. 4. Passage of pending legisla- AREA. <? BUT MOST 01= THE ANIMAV-S &&T'HMtW , , . THE T7A.SUSERQU6 BEFORE THEV ARE-TKAFFEP.' Science May Evolve Perfect Girl By '65, AP Newsfeatures Beauty Editor In 1958 we may be one year closer to' looking like our next- door neighbor (Is that good?) If we could stick around until the year 2500, we'd find out if the quote attributed to Tokyo educator Dr. Vibul Thamavit comes true—-"Everyone in the world will look alike" 600 or so years from now. . Women would not cornplaia today, perhaps, if every man in the world resembled Charles Boyer, Clark Gable, John Wayne or Oary Grant, monotonous as it could become. But what if the • trend to an appearance of a disliked friend or relative should rear its ugly POULTRY TABLE TRIMMINGS & FANCIES —i Fresh 1" ^ <v *•"•*"" ^H'**7 Capons oven Ready •,. 55c | Cranberry Sauce 2 f 0r 39c E—u n n "vT; * ib. 39c m tion which would allow teachers to make income tax deductions for the cost of professional improvement, such as work at summer school. 5. Continuation of such federal activities as vocational education, library services and school lunches until it can be demonstrated that the need be met from other resources. A., statement prepared by the legislative commission suggested scholarship awards might average $1,200 per year to start and fellowships $3,000 per year. This would make the total starting cost about 40 million dollars annually, rising toa bout 160 million in four years. head? Horrors! Mirror breaking would be ear shattering. What about the female of th species?' There are some indica tions that women are beginnin to look alike. They dye their hai in conforming shades, some use the same makeup.' But no woman want* to be found dead' looking like any other woman. 'You can't get wome nto agree on anything, anyway, much less in the matter-of beauty and fashion. Sometimes they follow fashion blindly, sometimes they disagree • violently, as witness the 1957 slipcover for the female carcass—the gunnysack. Some do, some don't like it. , Men may hope that the female looks trend takes a Marilyn Monroe turn, although it could become too much of a good thing, like Mom's apple pie. Then too, by that time, we may have Martian ladies making inroads on sex appeal standards of. Earth men. Who knows—we may find our men really like four-lipped girls. Or maybe Martian ladies .will be the silent, button-lipped type American men have admired through the years —greater competition no Earthen lady could have. The suspicion is that men will control this looks and image deal. Male scientists running rampant with slide rule and advanced calculus in their noggins may classv Oven Reedy B*f Ground „, '1.00 Oysters „, ««. Slab Fr " h 69cf£Cake Mixes Del Monte Creek Red Ripe Cranberries Golden Rrpe Bananas ROD Grapes Calif. Jumbo Celery Red Delicious Apples US NO. 1 Potatoes Calif. Nave! Oranges •b.39e§j Fruit Cocktail Mr Del Mont* | Catsup •M. Frozen Apple Dumplings Nor Pack—frozen Pumpkin Oleo Blue Bonnet at. 55C 3 for 89C 4 for 99C 2 for 37C 59c 2for29C 49c . 30 C pkg. w7v Christmas Candies Holiday Nufs Tasty Ice Cream gal. 99c doz. _._ Pumpkin 1 "^ ,., 39c Sugar PURE CAME WITH 5.00 S Ib. ORDER bag 39c CANISTER Crisco Notice Holiday Hours Open All Day Sunday 7 a.m. to op. m. Dec. 22nd. Monday - Tuesday 7 a. m. to 9 p.m. C1OSEO All DAY CH RISTMAS SUPER MARKET [1201 ERIE AVENUE BANNER food markets Mrs. Stevens Candy 2 IDS..$2.45 Tin 1 Ib. 1.25 Tin 5 Ibs. 5.95 Tin DeMets Select Assortment $2.00 Assorted Creams < • ' -* 5 Crunch/ Chewy Chocolates 1-45 Light and Dark Assorted Chocolates 1-45 TURTLES '-oS and 89c Lady Wayne Colonial Ib. 1.35 2 Ib. 2.70 Manhattan Ib. 1-50 2 Ib. 3.00 Deluxe :. Ib. 1.75 2 Ib. 3.50 Lady Jane Ib. 1.10 Northmoor Cherries 89e Peanut Brittle :... 49e CENTRAL DRUG CO. 4Hi at Broadway Phone 3131 working right, they'll have to discourage us about our looks—a motivation research plan of sorts with every youngster so bored being the wrong type that by age 16 he ir ready to be talked into the standard look. After 25, when one has admired his mirror portrait for so long, changing face may require a. difficult selling job. TV will rise to the challenge, no doubt, with daity encouraging reminders that we must not waste time . . . "Are your eyes still too far apart? Gain the lovely one- inch span between the eyes that is one indication of the coming Idea Era of feminine beauty by using our head squeezer twice a day, available in a handy little tube that may be carried in the purse to picnics, bridge parties, luncheons and PTA meetings. The first million people who .send us their order will receive free, at no extra charge, our super lip widener, nose shortener and head shrinker, guaranteed no! lo fade, rot or become mildewed." A Merry Christmas to All of You Monarch Spiced Fruits APRICOTS WHOLE PEELED Ha. V.'i Can PEACHES N..2KG....49C WHOIE &ARTUTT No. CRABAPPLES WHOLE , MJor 29c llKArti n*** SEEDLESS NEW! SPICED CRANBERRIES .,*„ . Jor 37c MONARCH Red Cabbage Salad " MONARCH Sweet Cherry Peppers 35c Sweet Pickled Watermelon 33c •i * TINY KOSHER STYtE DIL-MATOES ...,.,.,390 TV SNACK OLIVES 7oiiar Mt Mild Cured Spit«d SECHLER'S Sweet Pickled Onions SWEET Pickled Cauliflower Sweet Lemon ,, rlp M Sweet Orange Mf Pid Sweet Raisin c ,; lfyf ; c \ 43c 39c DROSTE'S COCOA From Holland CONSTANT COMMENT TEA BAGS 24' , $1.10 From all of us at Klein's Monarch Canned Foods Green Gage Whole Plums ^ 3 , Black Bing Cherries Pi 7o3c. n 53c RED PEARS Cinnamon Flavored Halvet 303 303 J0I-49C 95r S03 Con*""* GREEN PEARS Ptpptrmint Flavored Halve* NEW! SAUCE -MONARCH APPLE RASPBERRY MANDARIN ORANGE SECTIONS 2 c . n ,45c BOYSENBERRIES In Extra Heavy Syrup BLACKBERRIES Con 37c FOR THAT SALAD MONARCH ROQUEFORT DRESSING 25c ITALIAN DRESSING 37c RUSSIAN DRESSING 31c Kurly Kut Beets 2 Con ,39c Kurly Kut Carrots Can 21c CROSSE t BLACKWEU FRUIT CAKE DATE PUDDING $1.98 OCEAN SPRAY CRANBERRY JUICE Pint 31c MONARCH CRANBERRY SAUCE Whole - Strained 711 N. THIRD FREE PARKING — While shopping KLEIN'S SUPERMARKET or LAUNDRATER- IA at corner of 3rd and Linden. SHOP EARLY FOR BEST SELECTIONS SEALTEST ICE CREAM chri '7.' B ,:;" 12 b , ;ilt ,79c RAY'S BUTTER RAY'S EGG NOG FRESH CHURNED ITS DELICIOUS Qt.Ctn. Ib 69c 56c OREO or SWISS Creme Sandwich COOKIES Nabisco pkg. 39c DIRECT SHIPMENT Fresh Oysters Standard OO« Pint O7C Select Pints $1.09 Counts, Pints $1.29 Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce Taylor's Sweet Potatoes YftlOW RIPE Bananas 2 u. 25c UranyeS navels doz. 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