Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 14, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 14, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W ith a better iwiderstiiuding of the transient 'nature of the many phys- lealills, which vanish before proper et torts— g entlo cffoi-ts—pi casan t. c ff orts— .rightly directed. There is comfort in the knowledge, that so many forms cf •iekncss are not clue to any actniil dis- •Me, but simply to a constipated cone? 1 - tton of tlio system, which the plccisnr.o fcmily laxative, Svrnpof Figs, promptly removes. That is why it is the only iwnedy with millions of families, and is «fcrywhere esteemed so highly by nil who value good health. Its beneficial affects are due to the fact, that it is the one remedy which promotes internal «le«nliness without debilitate the fliwans on which it acts. It is therefore .|lfimportant, in order to got its bcne- Jtoial effects, to note when you pnr- MbMe, that you have the genuine urti- •le, which is manufactured by the Call- lornia Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by All reputable druggists. If in the enjoyment of good health, •Bod the system is regular, laxatives or «thcr remedies are then not needed. If -•fflictecl with any actual disease, one •My bo commended to the most skillful •jhjsicians, but if in need of a, laxative, VW should have the best, and with the nwll-informed everywhere, Syrup of :JflgB stands highest and is most largely • and gives most general satisfaction. i« ;-, flfll eep Cool by Using THE KELLY Star Bath \*;jg: RING ; '- •:':'$ Hot Water . , • .- , i •':. I . ! ,;>jj . . Proof Hose . ','•'.: , : p''h~ x press id. 20c. ,.,'• l-.L'! I M V<EIS Wfltlng Eeail . . ,..«.-»«— Floor or Walls. • : "'._ Hernlws Water Closets. S«.d for CatRlORue Proof Water Closets, gelf-ictlnK Wuler Closets. Kellj Stop HD<I Wnste Cock, THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. 301 Madison Street, Chicago. When we consider that the Intestines •are about five times as long as the body, we can realize the Intense suffering experienced when they become inflamed. DeWItfs Colic and Cholera Cure subdues Inflammation at once and completely removes the difficulty.—Jno, M. Johnston. i SCHOOL AND CHURCHi —In seven months Gen. Booth bus traveled 38,000 miles. '. —An order issued by the minister of public instruction has been published in Vienna admitting 1 to registration in Austria women .who hold foreign medical diplomas, —At the annual meeting-cf the American Baptist Publication society in As- luiry Park it was stated that there arc to-day in this country l.naO.OOO Sunday school teachers and more than 10,000,000 scholars enrolled. —William F. Pierce, the new president of Kenyon college nt Ganibicr, 0., is only 2S years old. He has been professor of philosophy nt Kenyan for the last three years and \vns graduated In 1SSS from Amherst. —As the natives tlioiight he would not make good "jujeo," they allowed Tiev. M r. A uchtenrieth, of 1 he Basel mission, to escape after.he had been condemned to be eaten.' These cannibal gourmets live back of the Cameroons uionntains. —Prof. Mirnglla, of Piiuwn/n, n Catholic priest who has quarreled with the church aiithorit-ii's, is conducting 1 services in opposition to the bishop of the city, and attracting crowds. lie linn been put under the major excommunication, 'nit declares he. ivill regenerate the Catholic church and compares himself to Suvocnroln. —French Catholic missions in.Africa hnve received the AndrilTet prize of 11.000 francs from the Academy of Monti Sciences. The money is divided between the vicar iipo'stolie of the Con-. (,'0 nnd fhe superior of the White Fathers. 'The academy lias received from the executors of M. Bart.helemy St. TTiliiirp a legacy of 10,. r iOO francs n year. —Lord George Hamilton recently said in-psirliami'nt that the English system »f primary educjition 'was the most expensive in the world. Sir CharlesHilke thereupon asked the i*ovi»rnmcnt-to give rffliuiiil figures, asserting that the United States spent two or three times us much money on schools as Kngiand floes. Thi-", is likely to be true, yet. the results obtained probably justify Lord George Hamilton's statement. ' THE LATEST SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE 'OX'"FOOD'" 1 " AND DIOESTION. Tlie rail cause of mast of 0.11 r diseases Is sfemply an -Inability to digest food. This induces thiamess; weakness, loss of JlfSh and i'.-it, loss at' vllulity, wasting nwsiy. Loss of llPsh n ml vitality means constant liability to sickness. Wasl'Ins awny Is consumption. II' Kelfhig r.hJiiiJs \vli:it. alls you, there is only one tliln>j, r to do—get fat. The nnly way to do it is io take something w.hk-h will help your stomach nnd silm- uliite It to do its work. If you arc tired out you do not like to dlfjusl; It wuuiiot do Its work. To ear. or even to «tt with rollsli does not necossivrMy mean that, oue Ls being nomisJiod. Strength, 'vltjillity and llcsh are the mio iiul'icii.vions. >. Getting Mi In Is a sign -ilwU: you need the; Shaker Digestive Cordial. You would not be getting t-Mn if you could digest your food. The Slwker Digestive Cord In 1 not. only coii'tniiis n.rt.lfk'ijiJly .digested food, hut It will digest other foods fn the sto-m;w.'h. A single 10 cent bottle will show wliefher or not Jt Is going to meet Uie comlirJoiis of your </:i,*e, 'nnd if so, its continued use may be depended on to uft'pct 11 cure. All druggists keep it In stock. Ctiil*o »ntt Etrect. Young Answer—Xo wonder It's hot; thfi therinorncter'e M in the shnde! — liay City Chat Float Last summer one of our grandchildren was sick with a severe bowel trouble Our doctor's remedies had failed, then we tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera nnd DJarrUoea Remedy, wlUch gave very, speedy relief. We regard It as the best medicine ever put on the market for bowel complaints—Mrs. E. G. Gregory, Frederlckstown, Mo. This certainly Is the best medicine ever put on the market Cor dysentery, summer complaint, colic and cholera Infan- turn In children. It never falls to give prompt relief when used in reasonable time and the plain printed directions nre followed. Many mothers have expressed their sincere gratitude for the cures It has effected. For sale by B. F. ICeesling, druggist. John Frederick Bottgher, who invented hard porcohvin, was originally im nilclicMlist, wl», • wMle wnployetl iin the tr.-iiKiniiitnihiici.il- of metals by tli eiloctO'i- 01! Snxony, discovered red porcc laJ.u, and laitor, by a. strniugc accident white or true porcelain. FADS IN MONOGRAMS CAUV li\ 1U.V1WW1V1JUP. Bridal Trousseaus Embroidered with the Bride's New Initials. Ink Stamping: It One at Date—The Groom 'Han a Trourucuti Too, unil HO'H 'Ciiln an Lhn HrUlo .About His nfonoffm.niiu THE TEOSTRATING SHOCKS. 0-f malarial fever aro not to be counter acted by quLhlne with any dt'greo oit cortninty, or for any length of time The eradication, am.1 prevention of dls eases of a mlsnsnuitic type, are, liow- c\-er, ascertained possibilities. Long experience 'has shown that tliere Is in- flititely more preventive eflicncy iit the line botnuic medicine, Hostctter's Stoin acl) Bitters, than in the alkaloids, drugs and powtins wJiicli were formerly the only recognized nieajis Of removiug'and ;mtieipatlng attacks of fever and ague and billons romlttent. When the system heis been depleted by periodically recurring paroxysms, tills agreeable r<?- storatlve renews the fund of energy, aiul J,s not only a positive specific, but i-epaJrs the damage, to the general ]w?alr,hv inflicted by all febrile coni- 'philuts partaking of t'hc malarial character. D. & C. SUMMER SERVICE TO MACKINAC. Their new steel passenger' steamers are In commission, making four trips per week between Toledo, Detroit, Macklnac, Soo, Petoskey, Duluth. If you are contemplating a summer outing •end 2c stamp for Illustrated pamphlet. Address ' ' •t-' • A. A. SCHANTZ, G. T. A. !,7 ! ' Detroit, Mich. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The best saJve In the world Toi cuts, Ikrnlses, pores, nlcers, salt rheum, fever •oree, tetters, chapped hands, chilblains coma and all skin eruptions and positively cures plies or no pay required. It la tfnaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Ksesllng. PLAN YOUR SUMMER OUTING NOW—GO TO PICTURESQUE MACKIXAC VIA THS COAST ' LINE. It only costs ?13.r>0 from Detroit, 115.50 from Toledo, $18.00 from Cleveland for the round trip, including meals and berths. One thousands miles of lake ride on new modern steel rteamers for tho above rates. Semd 2c for illustrated pamphlet. Address A, A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. Detroit, Mich. A remarkable story comes from August;!, Me., on account of a cyclone of three weeks ago. A pig was Imprisoned in the ruins of a biuii which was blown down in that gale, and wns not released until Thursday, when It was found alive, but very thin and amnclatod. The catalogue of the Wisconsin.'University sliows a total registration of 1,589 students during the present (.'allege year, an increase of seventy-eight over the attendance last year. FREE PILLS. Send your address to H. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get a free sample 'box of Dr. King's New Life Pills. A trial will convince you of their merits. Tliese pills are easy Jn action and are particularly effective-In the cure of cun- sUpaittoii and sick headache. For malaria and liver troubles they have iiee'n proved iuvaluaWe. They arc guaranteed to bo perfectly free from every deleterious substance and to be purely vegetable. They do not weaken by tholr action, but by giving tone to stomach and bowels breatly Invigorate the system. Regular size 25c per box. Sold by B. F. Kecsldug, druggist. for HAVE YOU RHEUMATISM? Kalainazoo, Mich., May 5, '90. I suffered greatiy with rheumatism months. I tried numerous remedies, with no benefit. A friend who had been helped by Dr. Jebb's Rheumatl- cnre persuaded me to try that. I obtained two bottles. The effect surprised we. The first bottle nearly cured me, and by the time I bad used the second I was completely cured. I am careful AS to what I endbrse, but I most unqualifiedly recommend that remedy. On iny evidence several severe cases have tried it, and in every Instance, so far as I know, It has produced a perfect cure. W. P. PARSONS, President Parsons' Business Collegd and Shorthand Institute. BEN FISHER, Druggist. It was the little flrst-year-old's first view of a dog with a muzzlo.on: "Oh, Auntie," she said, "isn't lie a cute little doggie. He's going to play base ball,"— Chicago Tribune. Mrs. Rhodle Noah, of this place, was taken In the night with cramping pains and the next day diarrhoea set ill. She took half a bottle of blackberry cordial but got no relief. She then scut to me to see if I had anything that would help her. I sent her a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and the first dose relieved licri Another of our neighbors had been sick for about a -week and had tried different remedies for diarrhoea but kept getting worse. I sent him this same remedy. Only four doses of It were required to cure him. He soys he owes his recovery to this wonderful remedy. —Mrs. Mary Sibley, Sidney, Mich. Foi sale by B. F. Keesllng, druggist; [COPYRIGHT, 1SDC.] Prying eyes have gazed csig-erly ut tlie swell trousseau oi many brides during 'the past, month. Nothing lias been kept sacred from the curious public;. Garments tluit usna.ily are only revealed TO the vulgar gaze while going through the process of drying" on (.he domestic clothes-line hnve boon held up to the admiration of less fortunate mortals by means of elaborately Illustrated newspaper articles. But in nil this no mention has been made of the very important ornamentation to thefi-ni'inents cf a bride, the embroidery of her monogram on the tivjiissca.il. When a. young woman changes her name she naturally changes her initials nnd it is necessary for her trousseau to be identified with her new and wifely character in the matter odi monogram. Fashion decrees how this monogram shall be clone, just as the arbitrary dame decrees how visiting cards shall be printed or the shears of the modiste wielded in cutting 1 decollete dresses. It is a good thing for the monogram makers that 'Dame Fashion demands constant changes, for her whims are expensive and must be obeyed. It used to be the correct raiper irc monogTa-ms to start with.flu; initial letter of the surname n.s a center piece and Have the initial letters of the first ami second mimes fantostieaJly inlertwineO around it. Swell socriety people no longer have t-heia- monograms worked it; this way. The init.lu.ls are run straight along in small letters. A few of the recent brides ignored custom and had (.heir first names worked on the mulerolothinr,'. This depart lira from the recognized monogram style was due to a superstitious dread of something liap|X'n-ing if the. too-confident bride-to-be caused he" future husband's initial to be embroidered on her clothing. An example of tine risk rnn by Uxis anticipation of the future was afforded by Uie spee- I work necessary for a ; bridal trousseau r°* Uie 'P resnt dn y- Allowing for the I embro j dery of 0,0 monogram on vari- | ous gut-moats that are not usually referred to in pol ite society, a pretty close. estimate 00,11 be arrived ivt. 'Some of the monogram designs are- very beautiful. One. consists of fogr sla.rs formed of lilies of tlie volley, one in each corner running- to the center, where there is a wreath of lilies of the valley- on which is a vary sma.ll monogram.- Another design is formed of beetles, represented as marching- on the monogram from all sides as i-hough to make a meul ofC it. In the center are the ' initials. The design is embroidered on the finest linen with real lace, the threads being so fine that the whole looks like a spider web, Wings nnd hecul and feelers of the beetles arc traced in a wonderfully skillful manner. This beetle design is generally used on the handkerchiefs^ which, including the monogram, cost eight dollars each. Another design consists of lovers' knots in each corner, in the loops of which are. worked the initials. With monogram complete these lovers' knot- haudl<CrHiief.scos't$ll.SOenah. A spider web design with the monogram worked in where the spider is usually represented as makinfj his private quarters can be done ready for use nt, a cost of $1.1 a handkerchief. A pretty idea that is much in favor is to hnve, the bride write he.r initials, which ore then copied by the embroiderer in working the monogram into the linen. Tr must not be supposed for n moment that the monogram fad is con- tined to tho bride. The bridegroom's porson.il liiiCn i.s jiiss ns respk-jideutly marked. On tlie flap of the shirt front the initials of 1-he bridegroom are worked at n eost of one dollar each. The pockets of the night shirts offer a gorgeous opportunity for monogram "display, and most el.-i.borate designs arc worked On these at. a eost. of from $1.23 to $1.75 each. One design recently worked in l.he linen of a bridegroom of artistic ti<st<!s consisted of a painter's pnlettc on which .was worked t.lic mono- p-rain, \\ith brushes .piercing it. An- oiher wns an artist's tube box opened and showing the tubes. The initials vt ere worked on the. lid. It seems a pit.y that <v night g-owi: embroidered in this exquisite fashion Upon.iaving just what you call for when you go to buy Hood's Sarsaparilla. There Is no substitute for Hood's. It,is an insult to your intelligence to try to sell you something else. . Kcmembcr that all efforts to induce you to buy an article • you do not want, are baaed simply (Upon the desire to secure more profit. The dealer or cleric who does this cares nothing for your welfare. He simply wanto your money. Do not permit yourself to be deceived. Insist upon having Hood's Sarsaparilla And only Hood'«. It l» the One True Blood Purifier. W~~,l»«, r»JII~ easy to buy, ea,sy to take, HOOd S PHIS easy to operate, S5c. A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE fhe Southern Pacific Co "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. It is teu years since mad King Louis II of Bavaria, was drowned in the Staruberger sen. Mie anniversary was observed this year by Prince Regent. Lespold's laying the corner stone of a commemorative cliapcl on the spot. Pass the good word along the line. Piles cau be quickly cured without nn operation by simply applying DeWltt's Witch Hazel Salve.—Jno. M. Johnston. Small In size, but great in results. DeWItt'a tittle 'Early Risers act gently t»ut thoroughly, caring -Indigestion, dys- .pepala and constipation. Small pill, •afe pill, beet pill. YOUR BOY "WON'T LIVE A MONTH 'So Mr. Oilman. Brown, of 34 Mill St., South Gardner, Moss., was told liy tlie doctors. Hte son had lung trouble, following typhoid malaria, and he spent three hundred and seveaty-fivc dollars with doctors, who finally wive him up, Maying: "Your boy won't liven month." He-tried Dr. King's New Discovery and a. few bottles restored Mm to health and enabled hi-iu to go to work a perfectly well man. He soys he owes bis present good health to me of Dr. King's Now Discovery, and Knows it to he the best Iiii the world for lung trouble. Trial bottJes free at B. F. Kcesllng's dru? stored A curiously old-fcishloned military caricature appeared lira recent number of Punch: and tlie artist wrote to. explain that Jt liad been drawn, accepted and .paid for twenty-five years before. "Wake up, Jacob, day la bfeaWng!" 80 said DeWltfa Little Early Riser to the map who liad taken them to'arouee his sluggish liver.—Jno. M. Jonnston, Tlie memorial statue of tlic late Cardinal Newman, In London is now Hearing completion, and will probably be unveiled witWn the next few weeks; • Pass the good -word.aloug the line. PUes.can oe quickly cured -without an operation by simply applying DcWltt's Witch Hazel Salve.—Jnoi M. Johnston. Mother (impatiently)—I don't know what will ever become.of that child! Nothing pleases him. Father (serenely). —We'll make an art critic out of him." —Puck.. IJlfONDERFUL are the cures by '•• Hood's Sarsaparilla, and : yet they • are simple and natural.. Hood's Sawa- parilla makes PURE BL Persons who have a coughing speH every nlglt, on account of a tickling sensation In the throat, may overcome It at once by a dose of- One /Minute Cough Cure.—Jno. M. Johnston. DISEASES OF TrfE SKIN. • The Intense itching and smarting iuci ' dent to eczema, tetter, Kilt-rheum.Hnu othei diseases of the skin IB instantly, allayed by applying Chamberlain's Eye ana Skin Ointment. Hnnyvery bad cases hare been permanently cored by. it. /It is equallj efficient,for itching .piles and a favorite remedy -for. sore, nipples;. chapped 1'ands, : cbil- bhim, frost bites, and chronic sore eyes. For-'sale.by clruffgists at 25 cents per box." . Try Dr. Cadv'g Condition Powders, tlie? sre jiwt what a ; none needs When in; bod condition. Toric, blood purificrand vermifuge. ly devoted, hnviug to jend her soau, prepared" fot a fcnnfflfm DESIGNS PROM THE LINEN OF THE ELITE. cannot be worn where an appreciative public would be fascinated by its delicate beauty. . ...^. -,,-«'"" tacle of u bride to whose marriage columns of newspaper space were recent- that failed to come off, to the embroiderers to have the old monogram ripped out and the new one put in To give some idea of. the expense oi a swell girl's trousseau, apart from the coat of the linen, the monogram work done for a coming: bnde by one of the swell houses reeently can be cited. It Is impossible to. mriny without u supply of two dox.en of each artiele-of undex.wear. Tt is tli» correct thing now to have the full name embroidered across the left side of the yoke of the night robes. This embroidery was done for the bride at a: cost of $1.50 for each name. The initials only could hnve been procured in monogram style for one d-ollar each. The hosiery was embroidered -with one init.ia.1 only, the initial of the first name. As in. all well reg-ulated trousseaus there were four dozen pairs of these initials necessary, at a cost of eig-ht CCIUK for each initial.. .Then carne the table linen and tho bed linen. To malic a satisfactory supply it was found necessary to hnvb un dozen towels. These .the embroiderers were pleased to adorn with a monogram of tihe bride a-t a costof $1.75 each. Thirty sheets can be counted next at a cost of $1.50 each, and 3S pillow coses ut a cost of one clollur each. It must not be supposed, however, that theae were common, everday pillow cases. They are for'ndditionnl display when such display is necessary. The. kind, of pillow Blips upon which the dazzled eyes of the poor relations •will rest when visiting the- young wife cost on'y 70 cents each for their ornamentation. . .'.•.- • , ' ' •• Table cloths are heavy items in the bill, for no up-to-date bride would think of dining on a tablecloth that is not doubly embroidered with her monogram, one oiv each side of the flaps. .The charge for these are three dollars for- each monogram, a price that many people, think is enough to pay for a tablecloih with trimmings complete. Napkins were' lettered at a cost of 80 .cents each. In this well ordered trous- Mau. there, .were 16 tablecloths' and 16 dozen napkin*.. These figures ivill give IT WASN'T JIM. Bh» Felt Cheerful In Spite of the Clrcum- , ititncn. The keeper of the morgue in an eastern city states that the establishment .was visited one morning by a small, nimble-tongued woman, who raid, in the most matter-of-fact way: ' "I ceme to sec. about a man who was killed while trying to steal a ride on a train yesterday. I read in the papers that he was fetched here. I wouldn't be a bit s'prised if it was my husband." '"Is your husband missing?" "Yes", be went off about ttn days ago, ; saying I'd never see 'im alive ag'in, but as'lie's said it 'bout 40 times an' bobbed up: ch'ipper as -ever after a day or two, I paid^no 'tention to it. But I just felt kind o' curious to see if this man was Jim." , . . The unfortunate victim of the railroad accident was shown to her and she said, with serene glibncss: "No, that ain't Jim. It looks some like Mm, too. Isn't there another man here who got killed by on electric yesterday?" "Yes, there is." . "S'pose I look at 'im. Be kind o' queer if he should turn out to be Jim." But it didn't "turn out to be Jim," and she said: Tread.'bout a strange man being blown up by dynamite in.astone quarry three or four miles out last Monday and the description of what wns left of'im 1 read a good deal like Jim, but it was wash djxy an' I had comp'ny in the afternoon and so I'didn't git out to see if (t was Jim or not. I s'pose I'd just been.wastin 1 carfare if I'd went. Got anybody else here to-day?" "No." v ' "Well, If tterc should be a light-complexioned, stoutlsh man weigbin' 'bout 1G5, with a book nose an'.'.turee fron* teeth missing an' a blue on' red star tattooed on the back of one bond, an' a spread eagle on his arm, you can know lt's_J.im and I, wish you'd let me know. I'll leave my address, fiood-by. Be sure and let me know if Jim is fetched in here.. •-Loyely. .day, overhead, Isn't it? 3v«r the Sunset Route—New Orleans to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Was discontinued April iCth, Tte juperior accommodations given the jreat number of patrons of the aboTe .-am' during the past tourist season, **rrants the announcement of plans '•r next season of finer service with .-<iuipmect superior to anything yet xnown in transcontinental traffic. Look for early re-inauguration of SUNSET LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Co. "Sunset jloute" in connection with the "Queen md Crescent Koute" are running the mly line of through tourist Pullman keepers leaviug Cincinnati every Thursday evening for Los Angeles and t»n Francisco. These excursions are specially con- .incted, and the object is to enable those t-ho do not care to buy the firat-clasi •oond trip or one way tickets, to enjoy * comfortable ride with sleeping car ..irlvlleges and no change of care at the' *«ry low second-class rate. " . For further Information, addresi W. fi. CONNOR, Commercial Agt 9. P. .»o., Cincinnati, O. W. G. NEIMTER, G. W. Agr. S. P. So., Chicago. 111. , S. F. MORSE, Q. P. & T. A|tt. 8. Pv Mo., New Orleans, La. Graham & Morton TRANSPORTATION CO. CWICE DAILY STEAMERS TO CHICAGO. CONNECTING WITH THE VANDALIA RAIL- : WAY AT ST. JO- •'<• . . SEPH. _ ^j ;| Beginning May 25tb and continuing intll about Sept. 30th the steamers of •IhlB line will make two trips each way tally between St. Joseph and Chicago, *n the following schedule: Leave St. Joseph at 430 p. m. and 10:30 p. m., daily, including Sunday. Leave Chicago at 0:30 a. m. and 1130 p. m., dally, including Sunday. Extra trips on Saturday leave St. Joseph at I a. m., and leave Chicago at 2 p. m. Banning time across lake 4 hours. Trl-weekly/ steamers to .Milwaukee, leaving St. Joseph Monday, Wednesday And Friday evenings. The- equipment of this line Includes the side wheel steamers City of Chicago And City of Milwaukee (the largest and daest west of Detroit), and the newly, rebuilt propeller City of Louisville. Service first-class. Connections with all fandalla trains. Tickets on sale at all Tandalia Line stations. Chicago dock Joot of Wabash avenue. 3. B. GRAHAM, Pres., Benton Harbor, Mich. „ the curious a basis to work on. In colour But it's kind o* nawty under foot: Good- gating the. cost of tile awell monogram ! ; by."—N. Y. World. loing For A akeTrip? You'll fully enjoy oil ot ite deltcht> If you takvooe of tho :::E MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CD'S LEGANT STEAMSHIPS. 5aillngc between Chtcajo uid Marfclmr fcload four tinw tviry. week. ~-.io new Gteel .steiunGhlp "Kuttn" Is n ...ring palace. Travels 'twtat* Cklcaco, lx, Hmrbor Spring*. PcUwkcy, Illind, etc. . ' Write for 'mi readable reading matter, fne, ot ask joat »e»re»t ayent. Addreu-JM. G.-P.A... 1 . LAKE SUPERIOR TJKA1». CO.

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