Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 24, 1957 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1957
Page 2
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Two Logansport, Indiana, Pnaros-Wbtm» Russia Seeks tcrBecome Power in Mediterranean SOVIET Russia seems to be making a determined attempt to establish itself as a Mediterranean power. Several motives have been suggested for the current movement of Russian naval units into the Mediterranean from both the Baltic and Black Sea. Officially, three submarines which went into the Mediterrane- from Uie Baltic, after moving Delphi The Neighborhood club gave a birthday dinner . party. honoring Mrs. A. J. Denk at the Denk home Thursday night. Harold Honan of route 4, Delphi, has returned home from a trip to Europe. He shipped from New York on May 4, with a load of heifers for Germany on the Amer- »u uvui wiu .oai.Uk:, ttuer moving ;-„„ T « i , - m, ostentatiously through the narrow !^, nhlmporter ' a cargo ship These English channel, have been handed|™'± cows " er ° S' v . en to G 5"? an over to Egypt. farmers by the Brethren and'Other gypt, Officially also, a cruiser, two escort ships and three motor torpedo boats which entered the Mediterranean from the Black Sea are preparing for maneuvers. But two of the three submarines are big ones which Egypt could iot possibly man even if they were suitable for its use, presumably in •blockading the Gulf of Aqaba to Israeli shipping. v Turkey Feels Squeeze The two big ones may have been moved in to spy on the powerful United States 6th Fleet which is based in the Mediterranean. As regards the "maneuvers" explanation for the presence of the surface craft, there is good reason to believe that Russia is making a show of strength for the benefit ol . the Arab countries, to demonstrate church organizations.'. It was Mr. Honans third trip to Europe. He spent two weeks in Germany landing May 14 at Bremerhaven. He also visited Rotterdam and Amsterdam. He ,then visited Paris and Le Havre, France. Honan said Bing Crosby Says Popular Music "Trash" WASHINGTON- (UP) — Crooner Bing Crosby struck a harsh'note Sunday night in commenting on popular music played on radio and television. He labelled it just I NO PRESSURE FROM ARMY, SAYS GIRARD "so much trash.' Crosby'told the Senate that approximately $40 per month and archetects $20. On account of the high cost of gasoline traffic consisted of motor scooters, bicycles and small cars. However he said many modern buildings were being put up in West Germany with extra wide cement sidewalks. Rev. and Mrs. Forest Howell and son, Todd, have moved to 1 Indianapolis for residence where he will serve the Wesley church. A delightful farewell party was given to the Howells sponsored by the that the 6th Fleet has no monopoly Congregation. Following the bounteous dinner Charles Smith served in Mediterranean waters. The movement probably is intended also as an answer to the recent visit of British warships to Turkish ports in the Black Sea, •which Russia likes to think ot as a •private lake. Turkey is somewhat disturbed by the Russian activity. For more 't/rian a century, Russia has been trying to break Turkey's control of the Dardanelles Straits, which links the Black Sea with the Mediterranean, in order to gain free access to the Mediterranean. Turkey is acutely aware of its delicate strategic position. It is Treaty the only North Atlantic country except Norway which has a frontier facing the Soviet Union, and Norway's is only a few miles wide, far above the Arctic Circle. , On its southern frontier, Turkey has Syria, which is now ruled by a government even more pro-Russian than Egypt's. And Bulgaria, a supine Russian satellite, borders on European Turkey. Hence Turkey views any Russian move like the present one as part of a design to encircle and isolate it. Continue Power Bids As regards Russia's ambitions in the Mediterranean, the present bid started when the Soviet government arranged for Communist Czechoslovakia to supply Egypt with arms. It may be recalled also that when Great Britain and France in- as master of ceremonies, Mrs. Myron Beesley on behalf of the VVSCS presented .Rev. and Mrs. Howell with a chair for their new home. Judge Smith, teacher of the Crusaders class presented them broadcast musk is not having a •good effect on the morals, ideals •and tastes of the American public. He laid the blame squarely on the doorstep of Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), a song-publisMng organization owned by the radio-TV industry. The singer asserted that the networks and broadcasting stations are depriving the public .of "first rate" music by favoring tunes on the airways over songs written by composers of the rival American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). Crosby, wiho has warbled every type of song from ragtime to rook 'n' roll,-levelled the charges in a letter to Sen. Warren G. Magnuson, chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee. In New York, Robert J, Burton, vice president- of BMI, said the Crosby letter was "part of a continuing effort to prejudge a^jttry •trial" in a law suit brought by ASCAP members against BMI. .. Crosby told Magnuson that he himself had not been "pressured'] into singing anything." But he said "subtly and by inference my] cooperation has certainly been solicited." HERE'S SCENE at Camp Whltington, Japan, a* Army Specialist 3/c William S. Glrard '(middle) tells reporters the Army is not pressuring him to accept trial In a Japanese court in the killing of a Japanese woman on the camp rifle range—that his brother was mistaken about his sayiiig he wa» being pressured. Flankfflg him are Brig. Gen. Charles Decker (left), Army assistant judge advocate general, and Ma.}. Stanley F. Irfvta, Army legal adviser. (International RcuHophato) Study Plan to Control Evaporation of Water with an outdoor grill from the class. The Howell's thanked thejf 66 groups for the many gifts and lanes "It just galls me exceedingly to ,.„.._ ...- have returned home from Omaha, vaded the Suez Canal Zone last N ™-, where they spent two weeks spoke of their pleasant three years in Delphi. All members of the Woman's club who wish to attend the 12:30 o'clock luncheon at the Masonic Temple on Friday, June 28, should make their reservations with the chairman of the call-up committee or its members by Tuesday, June 25. Mrs. W. G. Klepinger is chairman of the committee. Joseph Mimbert, 50, of Yeoman, was arrested at midnight Friday by Deputy Sheriff John Miller, charged with malicious trespass on an affidavit filed by his wife. Arraigned in J. P. court Saturday, so much tpash on our air and TV screens white the work of the talented, dedicated songwriters is crowded out of the picture," Dor Single said. . aunt, Mrs. Frances Hughes at She! byville. They returned home bj Richmond to visit his parents, Mr and Mrs. Melvin Mangus. Mrs. Hazelle Kirkpatrick Mrs. Amelia Rowe attended the Second District Legion Auxiliary meeting, June 12 at Morocco. A' the meeting Opal Bowman wa; awarded membership to the Cen tury club, having enrolled one nun dred members in her unit anc awarded membership to the Seven he was fined $5 and costs on the'l fifty seven club for enrolling seven first charge and ?10 and costs on the -trespass charge. Total fines and costs were $41.60. George Edwards was arraigned in"City Court Friday morning on two counts: He was fined $25 and costs on a disorderly conduct charge and $100 and costs ot $15 on assault and battery charge. He was also given a 60-day sentence to the State Farm by Mayor Roy Clauser. Mayor and Mrs. Roy . Clauser November, Soviet Premier Nikolai A. Bulganin wrote President Eisenhower proposing joint Russian- American intervention "under the auspices of the United Nations." Bulganin said the United States (. .es in the 6th Fleet. He had strong naval Mediterranean—the said Russia also had strong naval air forces available for Intervention at points which he did not specify but which must have been based on the Black Sea. Eisenhower rejected that bid. But Russia evidently is trying again to elbow its Mediterranean. way into the Wahash Klwanians To Entertain VVabash Kiwanians will present the program during the mooting of the LogansJport Kiwanis club at noon Tuesday in St. James Parish hall. with the family of their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Rossbach. While they wore there with their grandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. Rossbach took a trip east on business. flobert Merrell, 19, was charged with speeding in City court Friday morning. The popular Plymouth drum and bugle corps will appear on the pre- July 4th program here on June 29 along with the Delphi high school band which will be. directed by Wes Humphrey, band director. A display of fireworks will then be staged in Riley park. Miss Mary Lou Parks will enter the music clinic at Indiana University on July 14. Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Mangus and sons, Mark and Robert, have returned home from a weeks trip to Kentucky where they visited her father, Rev. Rud, and a great I new members, Delphi also receiv ed the award for the outstanding Poppy corsage, designed and created by Mrs. Eve Davidson and re ceivcd by Lucille Anderson anc Fay Ebrite, co-chairmen of the Poppy committee. Mrs. Hazelle Kirkpatrick was elected first vice* president of the Second district. The last will and testament ol Gertha E. Voorhees, late of Flora, Indiana, was probated in Carrol; circuit court Tuesday. By the terms of his will, Mr. Voorhees gave his home in Flora and al household furnishings td his daughter, Marjorie E. McCall and» son-in-law, Elmer E. McCall. He gave his step-son, Richard F. Callane, five thousand dollars. The remainder of the estate was given one half to Marjorie E. McCall, one fourth to a granddaughter. Georgie Mueller, and one-fourth to another granddaughter, Margaret Laing. Marjorio E. McCall and Elmer E. McCall were named executors and have qualified as such. Bishop & Bishop are attorneys for the co- executors. The will was made Marcli 8, 1955. BADMINTON £o fvn SETS from . . . 3>«J.YO SPORTLAND 515 Broadway Ph. 2310 409-415 E. BROADWAY They're Here! Swim Suits in Sub-teen Sizes 10-16 Right for the water . , . ready for the sun . . . and sure to collect compliments... our summer-perfect swimsuits. Our selection of adorable styles of lastex and cotton in stripes, prints and plain colors are perfectly styled for the young girl's figure. $3.95, $5.95, $7.95 SPOWT 'N TEEN. SHOP - SECOND FLOOR LAWBENCE, Kan. — Scientists may soon. come up with a plan much like putting a lid.on a bottle :o aid .the nation's drought-stricken regions by. cutting evaporation of water. The plan, called the monomO' ecular film method, involves the use of a compound that will spread out over the surface'of a lake, reservoir or pond .somewhat as oil covers the surface of puddles of wate.r on a street. Since most arid regions lose more water annually through evaporation than is used for agriculture irrigation, industry and in cities, the experts predict a great new water source when the process is perfected. Dr. Buell W. Beadle of : the department of chemistry and chemical engineering at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Tex., said the efficiency of the film on Jarge lakes is unknown. Experiments on large bodies of water are planned later this year. Beadle demonstrated the theory of the plan at a University of Kansas engineering conference. The Harmless compound used to spread over the water is hexadecanol, which is floated on.a lake in a raft cage. The compound remains at a thickness of only one molecule but with the molecules so tightly pack, ed together that evaporation is greatly reduced. Such compounds would be odorless, tasteless and harmless. The film spreads out from the solid material and stops when the surface is covered. Any break in the film caused' by boats, fish, swimmers or even rain is covered immediately by more film generated' from material in the raft. Dr.-Beadle said the first to benefit would be farmers and ranchers with small stock pounds and cities with small reservoirs. Experiments have shown the film reduces evaporation by <as much as 45 to 60 per cent. Beadle said there remain problems to be solved before the film is practical. One is caused by bacteria in the water whjch tend to attack and destroy the film. UF Budget Meeting Scheduled Tuesday Proposed United Fund budgets will be under study by the budget committee during a meeting Tuesday in the city building. A third meeting will be necessary before 'final approval is given and the fall goal is established. Committee members will discuss Distribute More Serum WASHINGTON OOP) - The Public Health Service reports that 2,300,000 doses, of 'polio vaccine were put on the market this week, But a spokesman said 'the supply still is "tight." The agency said inventories last week showed 7,300,000 doses of the vaccine in. the hands' of manu facturers, druggists, physicians and health officers. Mass community vaccination programs were suspended _!ast March when the supply dropped to three million shots. Public Health Service officials expect the supply will be adequate enough by fall to resume mass inoculations. the budgets and decisions individ-i Six million doses of vaccine had ually with the heads ot the vari-[to be turned back to manufacturers this week for re-testing when they were found short of ous participating agencies during the final meeting. loom Up to $500 O.A.C. FIKTAWTCE CORPORATION 325 PEARL STREET Opposite Telephone Company U»~V^»rt, IMKOM TELEPHONE SIM Monday Evening, June 24, 196T. potency requirements. The shots, a spokesman said, would not have provided adequate protection against the polio virus. Two Club, Members Going to Convention Mel Chapman and John Schmidt, will represenT the Logansport Exchange club at the 1957 state convention, in Bloomington June 27-30. Everett &arver, president of the local group, said William J. Nie< rengarten, Immediate Past National Regional Vice President of the National Exchange club, will be the principal speaker. 4-H Ag Leaders Will Discuss County Fair Cass 4-H Agricultural leaders will meet at 8 p.m. Monday in the county extension office to plan for the county fair July 22-26. Gus W. Thias, county agent, said developments in the operation of the 4-H exhibit will be discussed. Final arrangements on the rules for the exhibit and assignment of advisors for various pro- jjects will also be made. 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Dickensheets, Route 3, Winamac, with his $50 of free men's clothing from the Golden Rule Men's Shop. He is the winner of the Golden Rule's Fathers' Day- Baby Contest, and is the proud father of twins, Jayne Ann and James Lee, born at 12:17 and 12:35 a.m. on Fathers' Day at St. Joseph's Hospital. Mr. Dickensheets' wife is the former Marjoria A. Morgan, formerly of Logansport. They are the proud .parents of three other boys, David, Danny and Duane. The proud father chose the following gifts from the Golden Rules Men's Shop: 2 sport shirts, 5 pair socks, 6 pair shorts, 2 undershirts, 4 T shirts, one belt, one pair pajamas, one white shirt, 2 tie* and 1 dozen handkerchiefs.. Our congratulations, Mr. Dickensheets KEY TO FIGURE FASHION „.., Irown-etie's new corsclette! j&U. «8.95 A perfect wedding of bra and girdle, giving you ihe long, lean! unbroken line fashion de* mands! The front zipper eliminates pull-o«i struggle, loops the body line smooth. 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