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Portsmouth, Ohio
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1925 PORTSMOUTH DAILY TIMES PAGETHREE Ohio Sheriffs Slain; Gun Users Arrested Sheriff of Vinton To Serve Two Warrants Sheriff FleUher Collins, 39, married. of McArthur, Vinton enmity, fell a victim of a shot fun charge near. Jackson about eight o'clock Thursday night, when he at- frrnptt'd to serve warrants on George Strele, 33, well-known Jackson county, and a Mrs. Amy Robinette, of McArthur, who accompanied Steele. Steele.

and the woman jave themselves up at the Jackson count) 1 sheriffs office about an hour after" NIC fatal shooting, cc- niiTCil about a half mile north of the corporation line. Steele and (lie women are in jail, with Sheriff Walter refusing to say just where Steele is hehind the bars. AVIiilo one report is. that Steele is in I he county jail another is flint tlic prisoner is in jail elsewhere. Officers would only say "He is in a good, safe place." Rumors of violence reached Jackson soon after Hie shooting became generally known and it was then that steps were taken to remove Steele to another.

jail. Sheriff McCoy and deputies left the jail wilh the prisoner and were gone for about three hours. Whether the prisoner was brought back to the Jackson jail is being kept secret by (he officers who stated this morning that (hey were of the opinion that all danger of violence had passed. The p-aiiil jury at Jackson is in session nnil look up the investigation of'the shooting this afternoon. Coroner, Dr.

Clark, Oak i conducted an inquest this morn- ins and, lifter hearing the evidence of fpveii men who were the scene of shooting lit' the time or n. few minutes Inter, Coroner Clnrk render- id tlic following verdict: "Fletcher Collins died the result of bullet wijiuuls a hand of one, Ccorgc Steele." Such a verdict is expected. to result in first-degree murder charge being returned.against tlic gun-user. A twelve-gauge pump shot gun was the weapon used, it was turned over to Jackson 'county officers by the mother of Steele morning at the mother's home. The discharged shell from the gun was found at the scene last night by Chief of Police Jacobs, of 'Jackson.

Sheriff Collins is said, to have'had in Ill's possession a -warrant for the woman charging her with the theft of automo- raile-tires. The other is caul to have been one for Steele dated back in March on a charge speeding. The Vinton county grand jury goes intj session Hominy and it-is thought that the nuto tire stealing case was coming up for It is supposed that Sheriff Collins intended to arrest Stefle also in order to hold him as a material witness against the woman. the -woman have been together quite a bite late nnd it is thought Steele knows considerable of her operations. On learning that the couple'were in yesterday Sheriff Collins went to that city to tnkc them into custody.

Tie failed to find them in Jackson and started hack home. About a. half mile out of on the Coaito'n pike he found the Steele machine by the side of the road nnd 'Steelo repairing a tire. Sheriff Collins slopped behind them nnd got out of his car. Jt is said that Steele nnd the woman then ran into nenrhy'field with the officer.

following. As the officer reached the fence Steele is said to have shouted a-warning to him to not come any farther. Instead Collins climbed the fence and hnd'taken only a few steps when the shotgun was fired and Ire fell mortally wounded. Steele and the woman then hurried from the scene while young men who were near the scene" hurried back to Jackson to, notify officers, Chief Police Jncobs responding when it was learned that Sheriff McCoy and deputy WO Collins ol Vinton county, and George P. Kellum of Brown county were shot and killed last night and today by men they were attempting to arrest.

The alleged slayer of Sheriff Collins, George Steele, 35 year old Jackson county farmer, is under arrest at Jackson. Feeling against Steele last night had subsided today and there was little fear of violence. Fearing mob violence, Steele was driven in an automobile throughout Jackson county last night. Sheriff Kellum was killed by a ne- gro he had arrested on bootlegging charges. The negro, who is alleged to to have done the shooting, escaped, made his way to Kentucky, across the Ohio river from the scene of the shooting where he was taken into custody.

were out of the city still raid. a moonshine TONIGHT and TOMORROW ONLY TWO MORE 0kYS 5 SEE The World's Funniest Motion Picture Enough to- ft catjaugh Coroner Clark conducted the 5n- ciuest in tlio ComiDou Pleas court room this morning and examined Russell, Frank Lloyd and Arthur Leach, Frank Hilterbrand, young men who were oil the highway about the ttme the occurred nnd Drs. James o( McArthur' and W. R. Evans of Jackson.

The physicians conducted the- post mortem ou tho body last night at the. Woods morgue'here. was a personal friend of-Collins. Two of the Leach brothers, Russell and Floyd testified that they saw the flash' from the shot gun ns was discharged and heard Collins cry out as he fell. ouer Clark did not question According to Undertaker W.

W. Tinker McArthur the report' of violence wns started when he went to with his hearse iind machine load of friends of Collins followed. He claims they made the trip to accompany, the body home: Reports reached Sheriff McCoy thitt groups of men. were assembling in the business section of McArthur and th'atithey boarded about a half'dozen, automobiles aud. were leaving for Jackson.

It was then that steps, a remove to unotiicr jail. Steele and. the'woman were accompanied to the by' liis brother, Charles Steele. Neither Steele nor the woman -would make any statement last night when officers talked to them about the shoot-' ing. Steele resides miles west of Coaltori.

He worked for a' time, as state prohibition officer In Jackson and nearby counties. Steele lias known family-: confections. His -brother, 'Haslett Steele Is.s.uperV iiitendent of the" Jackson, County'Jn-v firmary and a nephew of former yffr Charles'Haslett of He is also-related tb the Harbargef family in Jackson.county.. iuette wpiuanisiRaid from 1 Golllns esiilent' of" Haiiiden before'he was elected He Democrat and-was serving terin. He is survived by his Mrs.

Iaud chiiaren He' also lea yes several: brothers sistcy.s. Sheriff Collins WHS a member ot-the Eagles Lodge Wellston. The body to McArthur this mornins. Funeral serrices the home a two o'clock Svlth burial' ui Hainden. COLUMBUS, Oct.

-Fletcher Collins, county sher- iflf, slnin last night attempting to arrest George Steele, a farmer, is known in Coinmbiis. Ho was arrested here last March sixth charges of driving an automobile while intoxicated, while hia machine collided with another car. On May 10 Sheriff Collins was sentenced to 00 days-In thu city workhouse by Municipal Judge Mahaffey. Shortly thereafter he appealed to the com mon' pleas court, where the case is still pending. Verdict British Minister in Strange Garb (Continued From Pago One) Cliarles H.

Brent, New York. Theo. I. Reese Ohio, Thomas F. Guilor, of Tennessee, and Freeman of Washington, who hnve been most prominently mentioned for tjie place.

Bishop Brown was a pitiful figure as he arose in the house bishops late yesterday. Holding in his hand a typewritten stAteraent of 7,000 words, cleared his throat for a moment but broke down in the tense silence and sat down again, only saying a fen- words. The vote to expel Brown from the house of bishops for heresy wns 94 to i The next step 'will he token by the Rev. Ethelbert Talbot, presiding bishop in Brown's territory, who will formally pass sentence. Many Bishops, however, believed that the sentence depriving Brown his seat may never be passed and his standing in the Episcopal church will remain secure providing he accepts the verdict nnd refrains from further discussion of his case in speeches.

Even he is sentenced, it will mcrelv cost him his membership in the house of bishops. He will still remain a bishop because the canons of the church say ''once a bishop, always a bishop." There was no indication from Brown hnt he would accept the verdict ot the ishops. 'I have just.begun to Brown eclared. "If ,1 am ejected my attorneys will enjoin the house of bishops by federal ourt injunction. Even if sentence is passed 1 am entitled to my sent because I was not given a third trial he court of appeals as the constitution the chnrch provides." The house of bishops declared Brown was twice convicted of Heresy and his ti-iHl took place yesterday when the court of appeals affirmed the decision of the lower-courts-find nil judged lim guilty.

1 are'is fading into the new" Brown said, 'and these venerable bisli- bps'innst be permitted their point of view. They, are really delightful fellows and gave me a square deal, according to their I love them nil." 'Announcement wns mndc that women oC the protestant Episcopal Ch.tVcti $904,514.77 in their thanks offering for church use during the next three years. Attention 6. A. R.

The G. A. H. of Bailey Post will assemble in regular session at Public Library hall Saturday afternoon a two o'clock. All comrades are urcei to attend.

6 J. DAVIDSON, Commander SKerif Kellum of Brown County Is Victim of Alleged Negro Bootlegger an automobile. with he had placed under arrest photographs of Austen Chamucrlain, English minister of foreign affairs, havo been printed. His cleg antly groomed figure in highly formal dross, nnd his monocle, arc familiar to everyone. This is an unusual picture talien nt his cstnto at Sussex, England.

Chamborlain has doffed tho somber clothes of the statesman and works about his extensive gnrdon wearing a serviceable pair qf knickers, i spectacles in place of hia familiar monocle- Church Club Luncheon Tonight; Noted Italian Two ndilresses, one in Italian, the It F. -Kimulc is president o( the club While a negro on a bootlegging charge, Sheriff Geo. 55, widower, of Georgetown, Brown county, was shot and killed and his body left lit roadway about 6:30 o'clock this morning, while the gun user drove his car to the Ohio river, abandoned it at Higgtnsport and fled to Kentucky. Later he was arrested near awl was taken to Batavia jail on account, of a tense reeling at Georgetown. The body of Sheriff Kellum with three bullet holes in the neck, breast and jaw was found by a farmer at.

the junction of the Ohio road out of Georgetown and the Higginsport pike, a short distance west of Georgetown. Tanners later reported seeing the wanted negro enroute to Hlggins- port and in this way was trailed to a point about a mile east of Ky. Wilson confessed this afternoon that he shot mid killed Sheriff Helium, aloni: the Oak Greek road this morning. "Sure. I klltal him.

It easy." authorities suM Wilson told them. Wll- suu Ls sninll, wiry, nturo. "Tlw sheriff got one of my gum hut he didin't firnH another I had stuck. In tho top of my shoe," AVilson said. "We started for Georgetown in my car.

I stalled the car ou a hill and when Ktl- lum jot out to put a block under the wheel I (iidlcd my fun. "When lin came buck to the door I was ready for him and lei him have four bullets. Then 1 beat it for Ken tucliy." WHson wns arrested near Aurusim after crossed the river cm the ferry Higjrinsport. Deputtm blocked the road and'chased him half a mile through a. cornfield before he was captured by William Remley, a Braken county farmer, who fired at Wilson .1 times with his shot gun, hot did not hit him.

Wilson then permitted hlmseU to bn captured by Remley who held him until the arrival of the posse. Assistant Attorney John Houston, Who was a member of the posse, said that Wilwm confessed to him that he killed KeUum the cher- iff searching his automobile for liquor. Common Pleas Judge II. W. Dawley, who tuts called a special wnslon of the grand jury for Monday, said that today Wilson would be taken from tlw Kutavla jail to the Hamilton county jail ut Cincinnati.

Sheriff Kelhun had been seeking the gun 'user, Billy Wilson, of tie JUp- ley, Ohio, community for sometime not known, but it mnst have 'beea only a short time, figuring the a report reached the office of sheriff that his dead body had been found on the highway ty a fanner route to the Georgetown Fair. Sheriff KoHuni. a Democrat, who. was a resident of a community west of Georgetown, was elected last year, taking office January 1,. 1925.

wns populur in the county and a i soon as the county could get topi'ther this morning they! offered a $500 reward for the capturet. of Kelhim's slayer. Sheriff Kellum I leaves an aged mother. Wilson was Indicted several ago on a charge of shooting with tti-' tent to kill. Imt was not convicted.

Sheriff Kullum's body was found I in pool of blood from the three bullet wounds Inflicted by the guri- user's revolver. The sheriff's gun. wns found on him and had not been discharged. Deputy Sheriff McBeth did not have any trouble or lose any time In finding a fjroup of men to accompany him on senvch for the slayer. The posse struck cut at once for port, on the Ohio river, and there found the gun-user's car, abandoned, when he crossed the river.

On reaching: the Kentucky side the men were soon on the heels of the slayer, meeting persons who had seen him pass just a short time before. Fearing mob violence should the man be placed in the Georgetown Jail, it WHS thought bent to take him to Batavta In Olormont county. Chile's Head other in English pine Garibaldi, be randson iven by Pop- of the great- Shea-man Opens Another Store Harry who operates a chain of millinery stores under the name of The National Millinery, has added to his chain by leasing a business room In Ashland, wheer plans to open'a store tomorrow. he I A Baby Homer Ora Hornev, three months old son of Mr. and Mrs.

William Homer of near Mlnford died about eight o'clock Thursday night at H810 Stanton avenue, New Boston. Mr Mrs. Horner are visiting their daughter, Mrs. Florence Royal at the above address. Death was due to brain fever.

The baby baa a twin sister, Nora. The parents have ten other children. Burial will be Sunday morning nt nine o'clock near Mlnford. Italian liberator, who coines to Portsmouth thin evening us the suest of the Interchnrch Club, which will hold a dinner at the church in his honor. After the dinner the members of the- Ilnlinn-American Brotherhood will come in a body to the church and Gnribaldi will address them in the 'Italian language.

They will bo 'given nn invitation to remain for the address which will lie made to the clnb atterwartls, nnd it is expected that those ot them who understand English will hciir this, Garibaldi is ulmost much a hero to them as wns bis grandfather. The Interchnrch Club wns nblc to bring this mnn here only because he is making a study of American condition, i in the representative cities and attempting to give to them conception of the Italian viewpoint and the conditions in Italy. He is making only a few lectures while here and is the only one in this section. and Dr. Walter Smith, pastor of Trinity CUureh, H.

II. Eccles and E. Hard the committee on this entertainment. It is these men who have secured the speaker and planned entertainment. Held Routine Session frecutlvo committee of the of managers of fhe Bureflii of Connnniiity Service'met nt the Ardzli tills noon to tnkc core of the regular business of Hit- This morning Sheriff Kellum went ou' the Ohio pike lend assistance two friends whose automobile had fig ured in an accident.

Near the scene of the- accident he came across Wil son and a companion, Frank Rankln, also colored from Biplay. placed Wilson under arrant and dl reeled Kankin to take big (the sheriff car hack to Georgetown and sent the two friends along with him. The sheriff intended to bring Wilson to th Jail in Wilson 1 machine. How long after the three men had lef' the scene, the shooting occurred, is it. Quozcda is the nowly-eleeteflt president of Chile.

He is tHo present Chilean minister to Franca and soon resign his post to return home and take up his new duties. SydChaplinj I Adapted from hilarious stags farce that started its run thirty-three years ago, this is unquestionably the funniest comedy ever screened. It cost a fortune to bring it before the movie public but it is a fortune spent. 3 No child too young, no man too old to roar a at the delightful antics of the inimitable Syd 3 'liaplin and his staff of fun provokers, in the most -whole- sr.rno and humorous comedy ever known to the stage or adapted to the 'screen. 2 This is no ordinary comedy.

Here is farce' of the order -with its scintillating humor magnified hy ransfercnee to the screen. With Lyman H. Howe Noveby Reel Aesop Fables and Patbe News THIS BUSINESS BANK is enabled to handle to exceptional advantage the out-of-town transactions which its customers entrust to it by reason of the fact that it commands the broad clearance and collection facilities maintained by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and eleven other regional banks. In every business Time is Money. This institution's service is organized to save you time where your banking is concerned.

THE SECURITY BANK Resources Three and a Half Million Dollars THE GROCERY STORE YOU LIKE TO BUY FROM It is our aim and chief ambition in life to be that kind ot store. There may be shops where you can buy this thing or that thing a. trifle cheaper, on certain days. But at no other store will you get the X'alues, the service, the qualities you get here. A.

H. Dodds Qunlity Goods, night Trices All Goods In Season 21IS Gallla St. Phone 1700, 173 WB DELIVER MONEY I Would $100, i $200. 5300 help you out? If so ice offer you our service. Others arc usins it and find it useful and helpful.

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Masonic Temple Bids- Second Moor Phoup I 0 I I 0 Just How Important Is The P. P. S. Co. To You? A the public expect public utilities to.measur* up in service.

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