Portsmouth Daily Times from Portsmouth, Ohio on October 3, 1925 · Page 13
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Portsmouth Daily Times from Portsmouth, Ohio · Page 13

Portsmouth, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 3, 1925
Page 13
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SATURDAY. OCTOBER 3^ 1925 THE PORTSMOUTH DAILY TIMES PAGE THIRTEEN ion . . . . :.. , - ; . . . . ; ' · ·,,_. - · ·..; - . . . i. ' / ' · · . . . · · Plans of Financing Project .·'*· Will Be Made Known Later On; ·-' . ' \ . , i . . ' . . . V . . ' . Ohio Approach Will Be Located At'Fbot of Cfiillicothe Street Assurance that a bridge will be built over the Ohio river connecting Portsmouth with Kentucky was given today when R. M. Dravo, head of the Drayo Contracting Company, sent a telegram to this city stating that his company has accepted the bridge option granted them some weeks ago by the FuIIerton-Portsmouth Bridge Go. i A. T. Pack, 'president of the KuUcrton ·· Portsmouth Bridge company let it be. known ' today Iliat lie had received a. telegram lale .yesterday, from the Dr»vo l)WIle, notifying him thai the tpt ion granted lh« Pittsburgh firm had leen exercised. This means Ihat the Dravo Contracting company will build the bridge over the Ohio here. · To Make Plans Known · . Uel.'iils us to ho\v the financial jilan.s will be worked out will bo made known: Inter, nlthmiRh the I'ittslmrgh firm hns . gone into all tliew f «'ji t.u res wltli the Fullerton- IVirtsmoulh Bridge Company clurfc^ die past few weeks, Curing which lime representatives OE the DrWVo firm have been taking a traffic survey on the local ferry boats. Tlio statement was given out this morning t h a t the bridge liart not been limited, Mltbougli a representative of (lie Fiillerton'-Brldgc Company will appear before City Council this next Wednesday night and make appllca- liuii fur a franchise to luuke the Ohio nppronoh on Chillicothe street. The Kentucky Bridge company lias niitlnns on tbo Kentucky side. Take Over Local Companies Persons acquainted with the work- jjipi of the Dravo people In the building of such large projects as bridges know Hint t h e i r ' p l a n Is to take over (he holdings of the'project conteni- Ijlatetl. With the Dravo people handling (ho bridge building it means that the construction work will go ahead \viihout the delays met sometimes due to financial 'difficulties. In mnriy Instances where local companies with numerous subscribers start on such UK projects the movement after progressing to certain stages falls due to luck of tiutioient fumls. All this is to l«' avoided with sue!) a firm' as the Dravo Company backing: the project, 'r. 1'ack suys. Details' ; as to how local people will be interested in the liri(l£c finnncinlly' will be made in due time by the builders. . : The preliminary, work," such"hs'shr- vors and preparing of plans and spec- ifimtions are. left In the hands of Hipineering experts who work hand !n hand with the Drivo people. Working Out Plans ; It was stated t o d a y - t h a t definite plans for the bridge, the approximate nist of such a structure as is tle.sired at this point, and. otbet engineering ric'tnil« have' not been worked out but vvnuUl be in u very short time, since the orition has been exercised. The Drnvt) Contracting Company Is well known in this section of the Kiuiilry. Announcement that they Ken interestel in the bridge pro- ject and had beeiTworkins with the Fullertqii-Portsmoutb, 'Bridge ConV- panj- puts, nn end to the rumor that a Pittsburgh real .estate syndicate was bact of the option. The piers for the C. O. bridge at Sclotoville were.built by the Dravo firm as were those for. the Iroriton-RuseeU bridge. They are contractors on the Ohio river dam below Vnnceburg and have had big bridge jobs In and nruml Pittsburgh nnd in -the East. These successful^ undertakings were pointed out by Mr.'Pack today to show the Dravo Contracting' Company is well qualified to'undertake the bridge building tn.sk. Surveys To Go Ahead : Surveys and preparing of plans are to'go ahead at once so that work may be started at the earliest possl ble time. ' · Just what part the Portsmouth- Fullerton Bridge company would have i n . t h e building of the bridge under the Dravo plan. President Pack of the Fullerton Company was not in position to state todny, except to say thjit the Dravo company will work in perfect harmony with" all those_ i n - j r SRifiGING W FATHER- "Copyrighted 1919 International News Service . ' _ , . . . . . . . R«f. ,U, 8. Pat. Off. BY BcMANUS I'VE tTOOO THIV t-Orsi I - I ' M ^O1K TO I THE. Ol»29 «Y IMT-L FIATU*« ' · Gr»l Bnt« fi^ :. INC.. Plan Big Bond Issue to Care for Extensive Improvements in th e Belf ont Plant, Ironton IRONTON, O., Oct. 3.--A. special meeting of' the stockholders ' of ,the Beltont. Steel Wire Company mj.s been called/for Thursday, October 20,' at 10 o'clock a: m., at the offices of the company on North Second street. The ^meeting has been called, according to notices'mailed · to the stockholders Friday, for the' purpose of considering and passing upon a.prop- osition to authorize"^ au issue .of bond^s of the company, not exceeding the principal amount of one million ($1,000,000) dollars. , The proposed bond'issue would be secured by a .mortgage upon'all th: corporate' property, arid 'franchises of the'compaijy. The notices contain the further information " that the stock transfer and registered books of fho company will be closed at the close, of business on the 26th of October and will be reopened on October SOtb. The proceeds oC tlie proposed bond issue are intended to cover extensive Improvements nnd additions to th~e~ 'company's plhiifs but officers of the company Friday stated that nothing definite . concerning these could be announced at this time. DEAL SEEN · ;; EV COMMIITEE REORGANIZATION Ixical politicians, who made it a busi- terested in "the project. With ." the I ness ° e keeping their ears to the ground Pittsburgh firm taking "active stepsl are of the °P»»°n that the cwnpaign of on construction of · the bridge It is s *"y°r Ralph Calvert for reflection is but a curtain laUer for the campaign of Hon. Charles C. Ke'arns for another term as congressman from tlie Sixth thought that differences between the two -companies will be ironed out nnd that the progressive citizens on both sides of the 'river 'will unite as one in working for the success of the bridge. ' ' .. Baking Survey Supervisor Cogan', of the State Department of Health, came yesterday to make a survey of the work being cione by 'local welfare and health organizations. · S O C I E T Y The members of the, Ladies Aid Society of the M. P. Church at Sunshine, Ky., held on all.day quilting bee recently nt the'home of Mrs. John Phillips. At the noon hour a sumptuous dinner was served to Mrs. James Rayborn, Mrs. James Timberlake, and daughter ·Alms, Mrs. Samuel Gammon, Mrs. Wil linm Davis, Mrs. Garnet Warnock, Mrs. Richard-Nickel .and sons Eugene and Delbert and Miss Neilie Nickel. Hilda Jane is the name given,thevlit- tle daughter !orn recently to Mr.'and Mrs. Forrest Crabtre* (Edna George) of. 207 Jefferson street. . The Dnlton Auction Bridge Club will meet on .Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. William R. Sprague on Second street. district. In proof of this they cite the fact that Kearns and Calvert hare undoubtedly struck up an offensive and defensive alliance. This was shown by the placing,of Reams' 'closest local pcUUicil leader as chairman o_£ Calvert's city campaign committee, and the calling-in o£ Kearns to. moke the main speech lat the committee "re-organization. · « · " It is expected that the plan is to bend every-effort to re-elect Calvert.-In the meantime Kearns has. been :' given a strangle .hold on the , local Republican city organization, .whether. Calvert wins or hot. But i£ Calvert wins, then Kearns 1 hold .locally is liouble-conched for Calvert will turn over to him the solid phalanx "of city employes who owe their jobs to him. ,:-j:^f~.5 : ; Back of all this, of course, is the" effort o hamstring any Scioto county man who may v have an ambition to'succeed Komi. Particularly ;is the compace;aim- cd at Marvin C. Clark who is, suspected of : congressipnal ambitions/.; The word-has gone out to kill off Clark-and he is being-denied all recognizitiqh by the Calvert-Kearfls · combination. Marvin can -be.a good little boy arid help Calvert' in his campaign, but' that will not save, him from the noose that'has been hung iip : for. him. Through th'e county bosses^ who are also' allied^to Kearns, the hew-; combine is also, to lend what aid ;it ,can .to defeating the McCownn'candidates for 'the .county · D -* '", " · . OWN here at our bank, we look upon each depositor'* account as an opportunity to make our relations a partnership in mutual helpfulness. Our earnest ambition is to serve so well that our bank shall expand year by year in resources and influence. This can be achieved most truly as we succeed in helping you realize your greatest financial possibilities. Drop in and let us know how we can be helpful to you. 4% Intere§t on Savings board of education. The Culvert-Toting- rgha city gnng is.to do all it can with its country cousinn in the effort to trita McCowan and thus remove another thorn from Reams' side. Altogether the dashing young Mayor of 'Portsmouth baa -'dipped into deep waters politically. He apparently has become convinced that his salvation lies Svith the Kearns old gang, that t h e votes of the Kearns opponents nre negligible, and tbot so long' its Kearns uants the job no Scioto county man need apply. . ' Death Calls J. E; Hackworth Death at 32:30 Saturday morning claimed J. E. Hackwbrth-, 63, prominent farmer of Heselton, Ky., who passed away in Portsmouth General Hospital The Immediate cause 'of. death 1 wa« pheumonin. His wife, ilrs. Anna Hack worth, who has been seriously ill occ'upied- a room : adjoining-Mr. .Hackworth's in the local hospital. Four weeks ago he was operated in the local hospital. He was well on the ro«d to recovery, when an -attack of pleurisy led to the fatal attack of pneumonia.. ;· -._·· ' . ' · ' , · . · ' M r . Hackworth was born 'in Boyd county btit spent most, o f ' h i s life nt Heselton.vwhere he was held 'in the highest esteem. He was · a "promirient land owner and tobacco grower there. She's Mat Champ In addition to his faithful life mate he leaves two half brothers: Albert and .Tulus Hackworth of Yjineeburg' n n d , three half sisters: Mrs. Grace Payne of Front street, this c i t y ; Mrs. Dins- ritore of Quincy, Ky., and Mrs. Thompson of Dayton, Ky. Mr. aHckworth who was a member of the I. O. O. F. Lodge in aVnceburg owner considerable r.ropetty in Pprtsmouth. He was a frequent visitor here anii le«vcs a wide circle of friends ,in this city. The body has been* removed to the Dachler .Funeral Home, wtere.friends nuiy view ,it.,...Shprt^ services, will .'.be h?ld there at 8 A: SI. Sunday-conducted by Rev. Stewart Tillis. The body will then be taken to Heselton and "the last rites will be held there Sunday afternoon. FAVOR UNIFICATION TARKIO, Mo!, Oct. 3--The Missouri conference of. the Methodist Episcopal, church voted 70 to 1 yesterday in favor of the 'unification with the Methodist ' Episcopal church south.. The. laymen, voted unanimously for ratification. - - ; "PREACHER'' SHOT NEGRO : WARREN, 0., Oct. 3:--(UP)--Harry Sanders, negro, was near death today and police .were'jseeking a negro known as "Preacher," who shot .Sanders last night. -:.JJe shooting followed arr'altercation o v e r ' a woman, police said. :"" ··',··:'····;' FERGUS FAIjLS, Minn., Oct.. 3 -- (AP)--The laymen's conference held in' connection with the Northern Minnesota Methodist Episcopal conference here' yesterday voted 68 to 1 for union of the Northern and Southern churches. NURSE MURDERED ^ DAI/TOX, His., Oct. 3.--(UP)--The body of Miss Emma Bacon, 30, a pretty nurse was found in .an alley here today; The young woman apparently had been attacked and murdered. Authorities have not been able'to lenrn where-Miss-Bacon's home is-but _she had been working in the Chicago Tuberculosis Institution located here, for several months. She was returning from a nurses' meeting in Chicago when she was assaulted. . ' 3 ·- · : · - . . Obituary Mrs. Hattie Grady (Huntinrton Herald-Dispatch) . . Mrs. Battle Grady, 06, widow of Aaron Grady, prominent Ohio educator, died at her home, 337 Tenth axenue, Friday morning at 5 o'clock, f blowing an Illness of two years. 'Mrs. Grady was born ' i n ' Scioto county, Ohio, nnd fourteen years ago came to Huntington to make Her home. .' ' v . Funeral services will be conducted at the residence on Tenth avenue tomorrow afternoon, at 1 o'clock with Dr." C. E. Goodwin, pastor of the First Presbyterian church in charge. He will be 'assisted by Rev. E. M. Fossett, of the Johnson Memorial church. Interment will be made at Wheelers; burg, Ohio. . Mrs. Grady is survived by three children, G. Otto Grady of Wheeling. W. E. Grady of '1'rincetou, and Mis- Clare Grady, o'f Huntington. THE OHIO VALLEY BANK OF PORTSMOUTH, OHIO THE BANK OF SERVICE FOR SALE On Ohio Avenue i Wheelersburg ' Two fire-room homes -of Bborc .design just completed. "Lnrge front nml bflck porehes, brick mdntel in Hy- inj; room, Isrge pantry or breakfast room, Pitcher pump in kitchen, ' gas. clec-. · tricity, cistern, drjweli, cement ivalks. 50 ft. lots, well drninerl and nicely, graded. Houses of good " exposure^ Gool workmanship and materials througtrnt. Must be s««n to be appreciated. Situated two blocks from tracifi.on station. First street on : left of Center street, go- injr' toward railway THEEMR1CKCO. UNDERTAKERS Personal Attention LIMOUSINE AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 33 1144 Gallia ·AColly' Deviluk, Wichita', Kas.,claims to be the woman heavyweight wrestling clfampion of the world) is peeved bccaysb hor homo town bars wrestling by women/ despite her TO-' poated efforts to change the law. Her husband, also a heavyweight, is her wrestling partner. - - _J »J N. W. Brakeman Sues for Damages COI/UMBUS. C CKrt/ a--A; P; Hevton; 2008-Walnut : street; Portsmouth, todav filed suit In federal conijt against (he Korfpik and Western, Rnllwoy' for ?2o;oOO dam- nges. He nllcges that on May- 8; Ift2o,. while employed as brakeman Jn the railroad yards at Sardinia, he tripped over an open switch and suffered /Injuries to his knee cap that hare incapacitated 'him. · , GIN BUNDS DRINKER -. .,' CT-BVEtAJSP. bet. -^One ninn. [is ])lind ; a n d two others , arc - in danger. 'of losing their eye' sight here from poisonous gin they drank today, police report. ' Sltl Fellen \VRS stricken · Wind from the poison, liquor and Is in a hospital. Fellen's two companions are in -danger of loslngXheir sight. i · ' . · " . . . *.---~ ' '· : JOHNSON OETS LIFE CLBVBLAND, Oct. 3--(AP) -Criminal · .Tuflge SicMahon today sentenced Columbus Johnson, 20, to life Imprisonment in the Ohio penitentiary for the murder lust Aufriist 1,. of Mrs. Willie Plemicscer, with whom he lived,.here.... He confessed sinking the womnn following an argument over money. THOUSANDS' AT /DERBY RANDWICK, New South" .Wales. Oct. S-- (AP)--A crowd of 5,000 persons saw tho favorite Manfreil, Jn the Australian derby valued nt Petunia wns ·econd and 'JHbWe third. .Tiic bct- ; ll'KU W B M ] tO '2, 20 to Land Tibbie 25 to/1. , False Friends and True v - . ' ' . ' · · · ! ' He who urges you to spend .your earnings ' is a false friend-- beware oE him Cultivate only those who appreciate the value of money and urge you to SAVE. · The Citizens Sayings Loan Association Co. Awed Over · Three Md · Quarter Thirty Four V'ean With Never Tba l»M.«f · Dvllar. 6 Per Cent Per Annum Tvrice A Year. Why Take Less? Arthur L. Hamm, S-cretary - . . . WITH :··"'"· THK HUTOITIKI A HAMM OOMJPAJTf 605 Ohilll^Xbe StWwt Jackson Boy of 15 Kills j ?4200. Terms by mutual agrec- Tb« Albert Graf Co. Phone 1017 or Come To 1544 . Kleventh St. rortsmoath ' ALWiNDEL FUNERAL DIRECTOR AND AMBULANCE SERVICE Funeral h«m« at 1503 Offnert stnct, no dutrje. Branth efflc* 625 Third St. Phone 185. DIAMOND RINGS 18 karat, white ; gold, fanjc mountings, $25.00, $50.00, $75.00, $100.00. Select one "now. for .' Xmas. Se« window display. J. F.CARR '· · Jeweler 424 Chilli St. '- Near Gallia LYNN UNDERTAKING AND EMBALMING A. P. SMALLEY, Assistant Years of good terries gpealc* for itself PHONE 11 - Ambulance Service THE MOST MODERN PAINT SHOP IN PORTSMOUTH offers you any. finish'you want on your car. Drive by and get an estimate. (Fords $15.00 and up) CALLHAYSLETT ", · .' at F. E. Bower's Garage 'Mrs. Kate McCurdy returned home Friday morning from Chicago, to attend the Eisteddfod. She was ac- cpmpanietl by Miss Maxon of California, one of. the supervisors-ot the National Dclplilun Society. Mrs. McCurdy. attended the convention of the Delphian Society' in Chicago nnd la.utid'er training to take'up the'work of-orK^niziug chapters,',Shejand Miss Maxon .will 1 return, to .Cincinnati to see the ''Mlrncle," ; then they will proceed south,where their work will be during tho winter. , Mrs. J; "W. .Roberts of Cincinnati and Mr. and Mrs. W. W. .Mumma ; of Springfield have returned home after a. short visit with their 'father) Mr. W. YW Roberts and Mr. arid Mrs. X Stanley 'Morgan, on High street. Mr._ and .Mrs; W t R. Del.ay of I".»n- caster and Ir. and Mrs. Stanley Rob' erts of Toledo' are the guests of Mr. and Mrs.: E. O. Roberts. 'Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Horton. had as their guests over .the 'Eisteddfod Alias Ada Horton, Mr*. Jennie Ewlng and Mrs. Biniiia Harrell of Elgort, 0. ;Mr. and Mrs. Sam .T. Jones enter; tained Mr.- and Mr«. John Jones, Mr. and'Jfrg. Gomer rJones of Cora- and Miss Lizzie Davis of Ironton on TM- day. " ' . ' , ' . ' . · ' · ' ' " : .Mrs. Rebecca Myers of Rio Grsnne is vlaitirig at the home of her daughter; ··Mrs. Paul McDonald. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Washam and Mr. and Mrs. Harry AVashnm will attend the Central Kentucky Fox Hunt at Richmond, Ky. They are leaving Sunday and will e gone about two weeks. ' ;SIr. Elmer E. Mcdaln of the High School Faculty of Huntington, W. Va., is spending the week-end with relatives'in Jackson. Mr. and... Mrs. Heber , . Stephenson are entertaining Attorney and Mrs. Dan C. Jones nnd daughter Helen of [rhnton. · M r . . a n d MrsJ Morgan M. Thomas of, VcncdociH, Van Wort county. Is visiting at the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. Tohn Thomas. ' '·· Sirs. John D. Hood and daughter. ^irs. Georgc'Austln are the guests of Mrs. Hood's daughter, Mrs. Chaa. E. Halst^ad n't Charleston. W. Vn.;They will remain nbout n week. ' M r . - a n d Mrs. Evan Edwards of Vaughn street had as their -guest* Friday Mr. end Mrs. E1 Moyd.antl Messrs. Oscar Davis a n d ' D a u i d Edwards of Columbus. . Mr. and Mru. Ed'Evans of Coalton have received word thnt their son, Paul, has been elected president of the 'senior rlnss of the school of Mjncs Rt Golden, Colorado. Mr. Evans is aisj president of the Beta fraternity of the same school. Mr. ami Mrs. John Reynolds of Denver, Colorado, are visiting relatives and friends in Jackson. Elmor Dorr,"15,. has · e o n f e t v he ocat his .TS-year^pld'-graiidinpthei'· to death w"ith a heaVy-iron "biir,^When she refused-to let hini'into her Jhqm« near Phillips, Wia. '·'·: He: wa» iiTretted the day'aftcf;tVe murder'-while'work- ing in a brickyard, v r, '; : · ,,· :.;','.'t' '*;'.-· r KKLLV GETS PROMOTION WASHINGTON,' 1 ,;.Oct.; : ' 3---Walter E. .Kelly of Cincinnati,--Ohio,- for severnl years emplpyed in ; the - ii- licitor's office 'at;:the ,post '.ottbxi department/ today " w a s appointed assistant"" solicitorTTot i . th'e" depirt- "·. ment by Postmaster-General .;X«w.-_ He succeeds'H. J. Donnelly recent- ' ly promoted to.solicitor.'.',- - . .. r . (························I : MONEY ; · Would ?25, · 50, .' $100, i J2CX), $300 help you out? - · If so we .offer ! you our " " jervice, ..Others are u«Ing · , it and find it -useful and » helpful. · ' . " · ' · ' · S "EASY '. TO REPAY · A small payment each J month j s - a l l - . w e ask, or · you can pay all at any · time. Legal charge for «o- = tual time. ·: · LOANS MADE B To owners' Of furniture. 1 pinnos, autos, live stock, · Implements, etc. 5 Call, write or phone i THE INDUSTRIAL S LOAN CO. · Masonic Temple ^Bldj. 5 Second Floor Phone 1820 · M · MOVING WANTEOr-Betorn. load to Coltunbiu or Cineiaaati ia mediatelj. . .' . HERE C O M E S FROSTICK IT YOU ABE M O V I N G or Lon« Diitonca retnr* WALTER E. COOK FHOHI 1289 or BofM* » i

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