Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 22, 1957 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1957
Page 9
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Ten Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Child Belongs With Natural Parents, Not Grandmother Dear Ann: My daughter was 18 when she married a boy the same age. They lived together 13 months and had a baby girl. When the child was three months old they: separated. My daughter went to work and her husband joined -he National Guard and went overseas. The baby was turned over to me and my daughter never paid any attention to her. Four years passed and the.ba- by's father returned. He started to date my daughter again a,nd they were remarried. Now they have two little boys and want to take the girl away from-me. The child has never known any mother but me, Ann. She just like my own baby and it would break my heart to give her up. She prefers me to her mother and keeps telling me she wants to stay here. Please tell me what to do. I want to do what is best Tor everyone. I need youo help.--D.W M. Give this child to her mother. It may be difficult but it's the moral and just thing to do. Your daughter was mighty fortunate to have had a mother who gave her baby love and care in those early years when the child meant nothing to her. Apparently she has matured and now wants to accept her responsibilities. You should not deprive this child of her natural mother and father if they want to take her into theft home. The youngster • will miss you for a while but she'l! ad.jusl to her new surroundings. Let her go—with you blessings, and do everything you can to make the transition an easy one. heater she misses most of the liclure and has to ask us what t's about. Any advice you can ;ive will be greatly appreciated. We are all 13 years old.-- THE GIRL' FRIENDS This "true friend" is being judged by the way she conducts herself in public. Tell her in plain .anguage girls who wave_at strangers and. whistle at sailors give the impression they're looking for company. If she doesn't tone down, she's not a good companion for nice .girls. (Ann Landers will be happy to lelp you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this news paper and enclose a stamped self addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. PRISONER FOUND DEAD INDIANAPOLIS (UP) - Richard Shake, 50, Indianapolis, was found dead in his Marion County Jail cell late Friday. Shake, in jail since June 14 on a disorderly conduct charge, frequently refused food. Authorities have started an investigation to 'determine cause of death. Dear Ann: I've made a mess out of five lives and I need some help. I'll skip my personal history and get to the point. I .started to go with a man 1 taiew very well was married and had three children. He spent money on me that his family needed to pay . rent and buy groceries. 1 was with him every spare minute and he went home only to change clothes. I used his name and my neighbors thought we were mar-! ricd. i •; I don't know what happened— maybe he got tired of me— but anyway, he went back to his wife and family. I can't sleep nights Ihinkins of the wrong I have done. I'm not in love with him and don't •want to see him again, but in my •work I ran into him every day and I feel rotten. Do you think I could get it off my mind if I went to sec his wife and begged her to forgive me? I will do whatever you say. Please help me. I'll be watching the papers every day.-TEX'S EX Stay away from this woman. You've caused her enough heartache. Putting her through the ordeal of talking about this affair" may sooth your conscience but it won't do her any Change jobs so you won't "run Into" this man every day. If you can leave town, .so much the better. Put this experience out of your thoughts by getting busy with other things. Boating yourself over the head about the past is useless. shorter than average. A handsome shirt-wajster that is n standby in every well groomed summer ward- No. 8481 with PATT-0-RAMA in- Pick Winners At Township Talent Show At the Cass county Farm Bureau Talent Show Friday night in Washington township school, Carolyn Koch, of Washington township, Connie Leavell, of Bethlehem, and Phillip Conn, of Clinton, all won first prizes. Carolyn Koch gave a vocal selection to win top honors in the Pet and Hobby group, accompanied by Hejen Martin. Second place in that division went to LuAnn I-Iubenthal, Bethlehem township, baton twirling; third, to Joetta Burrous, Tipton, tap dancer. A ventriloquist's routine won first place for Phillip Conn in the adult division. Jessie Koch got second honors with a vocal selection, ac-; companiccl by Helen Martin. In the 11 to 17 years-of-age group, Connie Leavell emerged victorious with a baton-twirling act, and Barbara Bruno, of Boone township, won second place with a vocal selection, accompanied by Judy Lind. accordion solo brought third Josephine Lowman Constant Thought Helps Correct Slump A Snprinl in Hnlf ^ITP- ^ n accordion solo brought third A special in nair iize . plane nonors to Jean Brown of Tip . ton. First-place w.inncrs will represent Cass county at the district contest, which will be held July 10 For some time now the feminine back has been exposed to view in all sorts of clothes besides, swim suits. Many dresses for morning, afternoon and evening, outfits for all occasions are backless or practically so. It seems that clothes Constant thought coupled with exercise will correct a slumping back. lin. Seventy persons attended the show and fourteen acts were presented, with Mrs. Agnes Doyle, county Farm Bureau women's lead- . , . _-. i L1UU.1Y au. At alien.a ului. tiv/un^j at the Methodist church in *rank-j hav(j gone fls far down . in { ront as possible and now are.taking it out on the back. These styles call for a flat back, without "wings." If you have allowed yourself to slump it will take constant thought and exercise on your part to improve the condition. If you are middle-aged or near it, more time will be required for your improvement than with much younger women. The following is an effective ex- er, presiding. Judges included: Mrs. Fannie Blue, county Farm Bureau Women's Leader, from Carroll county; Harold Byers, White Farm Bureau chairman; county Robert Jenkins, Pulaski county Farm Bureau chairman. Scoring the totals were Wilma Met/., Lawrence Doyle and Al'.en McKaig, ail of Cass county with Mis. Marjorie Ramer of Washington township as timekeeper. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Rupe. She is district Farm Bureau director of Women's department, and Mr. and Mrs. Sr.ell of Carroll county. Refreshments were served by a committee headed by Mrs. Martha Baker, Harrison township, chairman; Mrs. Marjorie Ramer, Washington; Mrs. Russell Price, Tipton; Mrs. Roscoc Lynas, Jackson. shoulder height. Fingers of the I pensive gown, takes on an import hands point toward one another j an t a j r wnell your carriage is gal but do not touch. Keep the arms:, an(; wl] ., e the most expe , ls ; ve ODI in this position as you circle back- - • • •ward with the elbows. Pull as far back as you can. Do not let the head piotrude forward. ! erclse - Bend . elbows and ralse Another Here is another one. lie on the floor on your back with your arms extending straight out from the shoulder pits,, palms toward the ceiling. The legs are straight. Lift che shoulders from the floor as you roll your head backward. Hands, hips and legs remain on the floor. Hold while you count to six or eight slowly. Return shoulders to the floor and head to noimal position. Continue. It really pays to correct; defects clothes on slumping posture. If j after the match when he was pre- your income is modest, you can't 1 afford anything but the best in physical alignment. VFW Awards Citations To Three Legislators FRENCH LICK, Ind. (UP)—Delegates to the 36lh annual state Vet- arms up in front of you,,in posture. The simplest, least ex- , £ poor. If you have plenty of money it is a shame to waste goo Saturday Evening, June 22, 193T. 'FACE IN THE CROWD" AT DRIVE-IN Scene from "A Face In the Crowd"' with Andy Griffith which TODI Sunday through Wednesday at the Logiinspoi't Drive-In theater. West Virginia Boy Is Marble Champion ASBURY PARK, N.J. (UP)—A sharpshooling 12 - y«ar - old from Wesl Virginia captured the boys' National Marble championship in a final match before some 2,000 spectators on the boardwalk here Friday. Stanley Herold, of Summcrsville, maintained a poker face the championship game Confesses Slaying Of 6-year-old Girl DETROIT (UP)—A firsl-degrc* murder warrant was sought today against a 50 - year - old convicted rapist in the doalh of six-year-old Mary de Caussin. whose mulilaled body was found in a lonely lovers' lane 10 days ayo. A confession Friday by Law- 2 during rence Richard Turner, paroled with fel- only six months ago after serving low West Virginian Dennis Kyle, | I6 ye ars for rape, lhat he slashed 13, of Richwood, which ended in an 11-7 victory for Stanley. But he broke into a broad grin If you would like to have my exercises for round shoulders send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for ihe leaflet "Don't Have Round Shoulders and Flat Bust—Reverse!" No. 7. Address Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) sented with his prizes — a gold watch and a bicycle. He also won an expenses-paid one-week vacation in Florida wit)-, his family. The girls' champion, Lois Fusco, 13, of Yonkers, N.Y., won her title Friday, selling a won - Josl percentage record of .90fi•in the :ournamt>nt and defeating Margaret Leonard, of Niles, Ohio, for the championship. Hospital Notes MEMORIAL Born; To Mr. and Mrs. Merl tiering. Lucerne, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Esheiman, 412 East Ottawa street, a son. Admitted: Isaac Beckley, Star Sanders, 608 Tenth street, a daughter. Admitted: Cecil Case, 417 Seventeenth street; Master David Foster, 212 Tanguy street; baby Jeff Van Gundy, 1525 Douglass street; Mrs. Daisy Browning, route 5. Dismissed: Mrs. Grace Edwards, City; Miss Christina McKaig, route 1800 Wright street; Master Michael 1- Mrs Rosa Singer, 931 stare Fiscel, route 2; Master David Grusenmeyer, 523 West Clinton street; Master David and Miss Diane Perrone, 400 Highland street; Mrs. Marietta Plotner, 62 Seventeenth street; Miss Linda Wilsey, 5J9 King street; Donald Wray, 206 Wheatland avenue. street; Dale Lowry, Winamac; James Griffey, Camdcn; Mrs. Cora Mcrreil, Galveslon; Miss Elaine Oberkehr, route 1, Camden. Dismissed; Master Frederick Grauel, Charles 813- Race street; Mrs. Johnson and daughter, route 2. Delphi; James Justice, route 4; Frank Mullendore, Flora; j COACH'S MOTHER DEAD erans of Foreign Wars convention , Master Michael Pufahl, Royal Cen Mary's body June 12, ended an ntcnsive search for an answer to the mystery. Turner broke own after (wo days of police questioning. Sobbing .hat he needed help he denied having actually killed the girl. He claimed she fel! and struck her : iead against steps in a grocery store where he worked. To protect Ihe life of the President and to suppress counterfeiters are the two staluory duties of the U. S. Secret Service. Heart Attack Fatal To Portrait Painter INDIANAPOLIS (I! P I—Randolph Coats, 64, internationally known portrait painter, was found dead on the porch of his home here late Friday. A deputy coroner attributed his'. death Co a fatal 'heart seizure fol-j lowing an attempt to persuade his father-in-law not to leave home. A native of Richmond, Coats won hundreds of awards and honors in more than three decades of painting. In addition to portrait painting. Coats was famed tor his landscapes and figures. TODAY-"PU&UC PJGEON NO. 1" & "MAN AFRAID" Midnight BEAT THE HEAT IN A STATE SEAT OIIIJ«I OPEN 1 P. M. REGULAR PRICES SUNDAY-MONDAY-TUESDAY Dear Ann: A certain girl in our crowd Is very loud. Whenever we walk down the street together she yells at the policeman, whistles at sailors and waves at strange boys who ride past in cars. She's lots of fun and a true friend, but it is embarrassing to be with her when she acts cheap. Whenever she goes to the movies wiih us she spends so much time looking around to see who's in the Garden Colors! lilUe! nero late'Friday awarded citations to three Hoosicr legislators for their "outstanding service to veterans and citizens or" Indiana" during 1957 session f the . General Assembly. eluded is in sizes 1214, 14'A, lli'/z. Sen. Paul J. Bitz (D-Evans- 18%, 20'A, 22'A, 24'/z,' 20 &. Size ville) and Rep. Robert Webb (R- yards of 35-inch. |Arcadia), house majority leader, were on hand to accept their citations. The late. Hep. Ralph Hinos 14'/i, 33 bust, For this pattern send 35c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. CJuincy Street. Chicago 6, III. Basic FASHION, Spring & Summer '57 will delight you with its wealth of smart, easy to sew i Naturalized citizens (R-Portland) was awarded a posthumous citation. Main speaker at the first formal session was Fred Jenkins of Indianapolis, an official of tile Veterans Employment Service. tcr; Mrs. Bobby Slushor and daughter, Walton; Mrs. Doyne Spaulding, 218 East Miami avenue. ST. JOSEPH'S Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Haiold WINDSOR, Otario (UP) - Funeral services will be held here'Rggjjj Monday for Mrs. Adelaide Le-' mourcux, 75, mother of Leo Le- moureux, coach of the Indianapolis Chiefs hockey team. TODAY-aLACK DAKOTAS AND JESSE JAMES R O X Y An ALLIAHCE COOL- COOL Sunday, Monday OPEN 1 P. M. 2 Features - 3 Cartoons the' styles; special features; gift pattern printed inside the book. Send for it now—just 25 cents. United Slates arc entitled to al! privileges except lhat of becoming president. Add the freshness of 'garden colors' to the kitchen by making a set of towels trimmed with these easy-to-embvoider, cross - stitch vegetable motifs. (So nice for • gift-giving or the bazaar table?) Pattern No. 2001 contains hot- iron transfer for G designs; stitch illustrations; color chart. Send 25c in COINS, your name, . addre--; and the PATTERN NUM• BER to ANNE CABOT,' Pharos' Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chi• cago 6, Illinois. '. It's ready! The 1957 Needlework • ALBUM—fifty-six colorful pages • ihowing many pretty designs; plus directions (or making 3 crochet ttemi and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! Box Office Open 7:00- 12:00 Show Starts at Dusk FINAL TODAY 2-FIRST RUN FEATURES THE YOUNG STRANGER JAMEX MaeAHTllUn KIM HUNTER JAMBS DALY JEFF CHANDltt. ! IEANNF. CSJIN JACK (WON GAIL RUHEU RAINf 5T(WARI BIG BONUS SKOWfc NO EXTRA COST! Man Without A Star KIRK DOUGLAS JEANNE GRAIN CLAIRE TREVOR TECHNfCOlOR SUNDAY thru WEDNESDAY FIRST RUN -2- FIRST RUN "Itn not just an enttrialneK.. rut a force, a power..! ' in Classified Ads MM IM TMtflTRt Show Starts Af Duilf Gat.i Op.n Half Hour Earlier SUNDAY-MONDAY "KEL1EY & ME" {color—flrit run) Van Johnion - Piper Laurie TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY 'THE LONE RANGES" (color) Cfayfon Moor* - Jay SllvtrjeeU 3 BIG STARS RIOE THE BUS OF LOVE JANE MANSFIELD DAN DAILEY J-OAN COLUNS THE WAYWARD BUS PLUS FIRST RUN BOWEIRY BOY LAUGH RIOT Spook Chasers THE starring Bowery Boys ANDY GRIFFITH -.pATfelClANEAL AMD HOWARD DUFF Come early and let the kiddies enjoy our large playground UNLIMITED AMOUNTS-in Multiples of *1,000 Thrift Certificates GUARANTIED INTEREST Highest Legal Rate of Interest that can be paid by any BANK in the State of Indiana. Interest Begins On Day of Deposit THE EARN GUARANTEED INTEREST FARMERS & MERCHANTS STATE BANK, Logansport Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve System 1902 • 55 Years of Uninterrupted Service To This Community— - 1957

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