Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 22, 1957 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1957
Page 8
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Saturday Evening, June 22, 1957. TV Programs SATURDAT EVENING 6:00—Channel 6 Channel^ Channel 4 . 6:30—Channel 6 Channel 8 7:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 8:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 4 8:30—Channel 8 9:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 9:30—Channel 6 Channel 4 Channel 8 10:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 4 10:15—Channel 8 10:30—Channel 6 10:45—Channel 8 Stories Oakley Sheehan People Funny Buccaneers Billy Graham LaRosa Gleason Galaxy Susanna Welk SRO Playhouse Jubilee Gobel Gunsmoke Adventure Lone Wolf TEA Frontier Dr. Showcase Movies Late Show Hoedown Late Show SUNDAY AFTERNOON 12:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 Life Channel 6 12:30—Channel fi Channel 8 1:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 1:30—Channel 4 2:00—Channel 8 Channel 4 2:15—Channel 6 2:30—Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 4 3:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 3:30—Channel 8 Channel 4 4:00 Channel 8 Channel 4 5:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 5:13—Channel 6 5:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 DAILY RADIO PROGRAMS (All Ustinff3 Centra.) Daylic&t Time) WMAQ WBBM (780) WLS WSAL ('1230) SATURDAY EVENING «:00 News 6:15 Monitor 8:30 News , S:4'a Monitor Sports News Bellairs Bellalrs Mows Music New.s Mystery State Hospital Sports Sport Thrills Sen. Justice 7:00 News 7:li Monitor 7:30 Weather 7:45 Monitor News Maury Maell) Farron Farron News Barn Dance Barn Dance. Barn Dance Garden Garden Handstand USA Bandstand USA 8:00 News 8:1& Monitor 8:30 News 8:-15 Monitor Workshop Workshop Cloakroom Cloakroom Burn Dance Part>No\vH-Sports liar Dance PartivBandsutnd USA HayloCt I-Iaylott Party Party Bandstand USA Bandstand USA 9:00 News News- Barn Dance 0:15 Pulpit Have you Heard Barn Dance 9:30 Chan Ear on Chicago Meet Folks 9:15 Chan Ear on Chicaso Meet Folks Konfro Valley Renfro Valley IlGn!>o VaUey Itenfro Valley 10:00 Dadcly-O 10:15 Daddy-O 10:30 News 10:45 Monitor News Sacred Not! Town Crier Weitzel Barn Dance Barn Dance Barn Dane* Barn Dance News NlKht Watch NlSht Watch NlBht Watch SUNDAY MORNING 8:00 News News Roundup lajbK Class ' Music In Air 8:15 Art ot Living Chang, Times Bible Clasi Music In Air 5:30 Barnhou.se Church of Air Church Music In Air 8:45 Barnhouso Church of Air Church Music In A!r 0:00 News 9:15 Pulpit 9:30 Prophecy 9:46 Prophecy News Learning Joun Brady Josy- Brady Brov/n .Brown Browr Church Church Church News Music In Air Music In Air Music in Air 10:00 Newa 10:15 Ch'g Times 10:30 News 10:45 New World Joah Brady Josh fcjpudy Pet Tune Josh farady Tabernacle Tabernacle Tabernacle Tabernacle News Music In Air Music In Air Church Hecklc-Jeckle Industry Roberts Wild BiU Matinee Sunday Fix Vista Shipmates Cartoons! News Zoo Parade Big Picture First Show Twisted Cross Face Nation News Medical Hor. See It Now Eddie Arnold I Am Law PaLti Page Dr. Hudson Weather Roy Rogers Dr. Christian You Are There 11:00 Monitor 'News 11:15 Monitor ,iosli arady 11:30 Eternal LightJosh Brady 11:45 Eternal LighlSmlth Progress Strlnsa Wings 01 Song Wings ot Sons Church. Church Church Travel Talk SUNDAY AFTERNOON OK Farm Surplus Disposal Expansion WASHINGTON CUP)—The House Friday approved a $1,300,000,030 expansion of the farm surplus disposal program after upholding administration plans to sell 65 million dollars worth of surplus commodities to Communist Poland. The house passed the bill by a 344-7 roll cali vote. It previously rejected 108-5 an amendment that would have blocked the Polish aid agreement aimed at strengthening Communist Party Boss Wladyslaw Gomuika in his dealings with Moscow. However, the House made four major changes in the overall bill and sent it to a House-Senate conference committee to work out the form requested by Eisenhower. The bill would extend the farm surplus disposal program for an other year and authorize the administration to sell an additional one billion dollars worth of farm surpluses for foreign currency. An- could be given to needy persons at home and abroad. The United States has negotiated' President! have transferred from the administration to Congress authority to determine when a satellite nation was no longer dominated by Moscow and was "friendly" to the United States. The administration plans to sell Poland $18,900,000 worth of surplus cotton and fats and oils, and $46,100,000 worth of surplus wheat and cotton for Polish currency a 95 million dollar aid agreementkzlotys). The totals include trans- with Poland :n hopes of helping importation costs, remain somewhat independent of| The June 7 aid -agreement also the Kremlin. It formally signed a pact on June 7 providing for about half the aid. Action on the rest had to wait for the House okay. The House took its stand in de- Iclcliuc LUIIlllllllcl? m wviiv vul. i lie nuuoc kt/ufi *wo abauu Lit ut- differences in House and Senate j feating an amendment by Rep. versions. The Senate passed it ini Edna Kelly (D-N.Y.) which would 12:00 News 12:11 Monitor 12:30 Lutheran 12:15 Lutheran Bent In Muslo Best In Music Best In Music Best In Music News Prj,nh & Ernest Soul Cllnlo Soul Clinic News Forward M'ch ijombardo Lombardo SUNDAY C:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 6:15—Channel 4 6:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel « 7:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 8:00—Channel 4 Channel B Channel 8 8:30—Channel 8 9:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 3:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 10:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 10:15—Channel 8 10:30—Channel 4 Channel B 10:45—Channel « 11:00—Channel G lias-channel 4 EVENING You Asked Cowboys Lassie Theater Film Circus Boy Benny Steve Allen Sullivan Tod Mack Playhouse GE Theater Hitchcock Wallace Lorelta Young $64,000 Behind Badge Cochiss My Line? Detective Theater News Soldiers IU Playhouse Premiere Red Top News 1:00 News TI.JA IVliifru-IicuLlng Flaylinll 1:16 Monitor TUA. Healing;-Win^s Playball 1:30 Catholic Hr. Nowa Truth Herald BuHOlmll 1:45 Catholic Hr. M;il Cellalrs Truth Herald J3iiaoball 2:00 N«ws 2:15 Monitor 2:30 Monitor 2:45 Monitor Mai Bellairs Mai Bellairs Mai Bollalr Mai Bcllairs lladlo Class Radio Class Vision Vision Baseball Baseball Bnsciball Baseball 3:00 Newa Mai Bellalra 5:15 Monitor Mai Bollalro 3:30 your Money Mai Bellairs 3:45 Monitor Mai Bellalrs Revival Hour Kovlval Hour Hovlva] Hour Revival Hour Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball 4:00 Newa 4:15 Monitor 4:30 News 4:45 Monitor Newa Bellalrs Bcllairs Bellalrs Light Lite blent Lite Unshackled Utishacjtled Baseball J3a,scball Baseball Scoreboard C:00 News News 6:15 Considlne Mai Bollalra 5:30 Nows GunsmoKe 6;45 Meet Press Gunsmoke Theater New.s Theater Headlines Ho '.» ot Decision Hillman Hour of Decision Snorts SUNDAY EVENING 6:00 Nowa G;l& Monitor C:30 Nows 0:-15 Monitor Jack Benny Jack Benny Aliil Bellalra Mai Boilaira Vespers Moody Moody Poopl* By People By By Seren 7:00 NGW.H 7:25 Monitor 7:30 Nows 7:15 Monitor Nows Mai Cellalm M. Miller Sportfl Prophecy Prophecy Luth. Vespera l.iuth. Vespers Brotherhood Brotherhood 8:00 NOWB 8:16 Monitor 8:30 News 8:45 Monitor Nows Mai Be SportH Mai B News Nows Sounding 1 Brd Sport* Churcli ol OJod Concert Cfrurch f>f God Concert^ 9:00 City Deak •J:l5 City Deuk 9:30 Declaion 5:45 Decision Faces Nation Fuco Nation Quiet Hour Quiet Hour. K'jvlv..i Time Revival Time Concert Concert Methodist Hou Lnymon 10:00 Nowa L0;ir> Welk 10:30 \V>l!c 10:45 Moten News-Sparta Melody Mill Mualo NQWB ChriHtian SoL HJh»'i News Avo Mnrla Avo Maria MONDAY MORNING 8:00 Drior N<-w« 8:15 Chlca. ralllneJim Cunwuy 8:30 Chlca CalllnnGoia Coast 8:45 IJarn Nows Brady Breakfast Club Brfir.lcta.it Club Broaltfast Club Bruakfast Club News RI«n-Sllln« RIso-SlllRO !):00 NOWH y;l& Handstand 5:30 Banclntancl 9:4!i Uanclstund Arthur GodCrey A.rt!iuv GodCrey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey M..V True Story My Tru*» Story NOWB Girl Mtirrloa NOWH MONDAY AFTERNOON 12:00— Channel G Markets Channel 8 News-Weather 12:15—Channel G Farm News Channel 8 Farm-Home 12:30—Channel 6 Club CO Channel 8 World Turns 1:00—Channel 8 Miss Brooks 1:30—Channel 4 IU Channel G Tenn. Ernie Channel 8 House Party 2:00—Channel 4 Film Channel 6 Matinee Channel 8 Payoff 2:30—Channel 8 Crosby 3:00—Channel 8 Bright Day Channel G Queen 3:15—Channel 8 Storm 3-30—Channel 4 Movictime Channel 8 Edge Of Nigh 3:45—Channel G Romances 4:00—Channel G Channel 8 Chapel 4:15—Channel 8 Cartoons 4:30—Channel 8 Stu Erwin Channel 4 Cartoons 4:45—Channel 4 Churchman 5:00—Channel 4 Mickey Mouse Early Show 10:00 NOWB 10:15 Bandstand 10:30 Bandstand 10:45 Bandstand (Vrtlni Godfrey A.rthu Gndfroy IClolno-.Iof!h Ho • Minor Whlauorlna Sta. Jack Paar JVTarth i Crano Worn. World Worn. World Queen Queen 11:00 NOWB 11:15 Holtmaa 11:80 Iloltman 11:45 Ducheas Wendy Warrort I3ackntai.ro Wlto Helm Trent Gal Sunday Martha Cran» Markctr- Wimther Heuortl Shop Carroll Co Carroll Co. MONDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 Nows Nora Drake Ha PorkLna NoQuUmo NQWB Nowa Co. !Cxt.RnM Ike Sciys U.S. To Cut Forces Now In Japan President Tells Jap Prime Minister AH Ground Combat Forces Will Be Withdrawn WASHINGTON (UP)—President Eisenhower told Japanese Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi Friday that the United Stales will substantially reduce its forces in Japan "wilhin the next year, including a prompt withdrawal of all U.S. ground co:nbat forces.":. The President also told Kishi that Japan's views "are being taken into account in formulating the U.S. position" on an early ban on the testing and manufacture of H-bombs and other nuclear weapons. Japan has vigorously opposed tests, especially in the HSTToTurn Over Presents WASHINGTON (UP) —Former President Truman announced Friday he would turn over to the government between $250,000 and $500,000 worth of gifts he received while in the White House. He said he decided to let the government have the presents because "it I hadn't been president I wouldn't have received them." He disclosed his plans while testifying before a House administration subcommittee in support of a bill to put the papers of 23 former presidents in belter shape at the Library oE Congress and to copy them all on microfilm. Truman noted wi'.h a grin that was "not here in my usual controversial capacity." More than 100 lawmakers, news- provided for a 30 million dollar line of credit from the government's Export-Import Baank to enable Poland to buy four million dollars worth of coal mining machinery, iron ore, wool and other raw materials. Winamac Mrs. Lulu Beaucliamp of Los Angeles, Calif.,, is here for month's visit in the home of her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Burr Beauchamp, and children. The Beauchamp family went to Chicago to meet her when she arrived by plane. Mrs. James Davison and daughter, Gale, went to New York City Wednesday to spend ten days ir •the home of her parents, Mr. anc Mrs. Patrick Dunne. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Kopkey anc sons spent Wednesday at Rensselaer, visiting in the home of hei Loeansport, Indiana. Pharos-TribuM True Life Adventures | MVSTIC MIGHT <& FRAGILE PLA.NT SUCH AS A MUSHROOM, EXERTING STEAW PRESSURE AS IT <3KOWS, l_lf=T A l.AK<3E ROCK WEISHlNeS MASV FOUNPS. Philadelphia, Pa., and will go from; here to Wisconsin to attend a| general sales meeting of that company. brother and sister-in-law, Mr. andj Mrs. William Russel and daugh- Mrs. Robert Kersey, and daughter,I ter, Judy, and Mrs. Maude Kopkcy men Linda. Mr. Kersey is the assistant manager of the Schultz Bros, store there, having been transferred re- cenUy from North Bend, Wis. Relatives and friends of this vicinity who were at South Bend Wednesday for the funeral of and spectators jammed into I Dann M}m son o[ Mr _ and Mrs _ mnll ImrnfinrT tvmm 'f\ nntn* . Lhe small hearing room to hear his comments on the historical importance of preserving presidential papers. Drive Against Vice Planned atomic Pacific. The twin U.S. pledges highlighted a joint communique issued by the White House at the close of a scries of three-day talks between Kishi and President Eisenhower and other American military and INDIANAPOLIS (UP) civilian leaders. ' ' anapolis Police Inspector The communique disclosed that Eisenhower recognized Hie pressure on Kishi lo expand Japanese trade, particularly with Red China. But he emphasized the need for continued controls on exports of strategic materials lo Ihe Peiping regime, Eisenhower and Kishi reaffirmed the joint intention of Japan and the United States to continue their cooperative efforts to keep the peace in Asia. The United States now has about lit divisions of Army and Marine combat ground troops in Japan, plus several thousand supply, forces. 12:30 Morryllold Nows 12:45 Morryfleld Hoad of Jjlfo 1:00 Nevrn llauplnoas 1:16 Confessions 2nd Urn. fiurton 1:30 Worn. In Mae. Strike It Rich 1:45 Dr. Gentry lOntortalnment 2.-UO Now» JIuu.'io 1'arty 2:li> Mrttlnco Hotmo L'arty 2:30 Hill Top Dr. Malono 2:4f> Hop, Younf? Ijiiclty LadioH :l:00 Nowfl Woman Vlowa S:ir» Cloodwln Jim Conway :i:30 Goodwin (lold coast ;t:<lfi Goodwin Takn A HrcaU 4:00 NOWB I'IIIH Gil/son 4:15 Jim Mills 1'iiul (ilbnon 1:30 Sporln Paul Oll»an 1:45 Jlrn Mlll.'i ShfippinK 6:00 Nowa Macazln* 5:15 Wod- HowardNowa 5:30 Wod Howard Sports 6:45 Nowa Nown Dlnncrboll Dlnnorholl Markot» JlapplnoHn ,\<:ws tiilf:Gii NOWM Jack Paar -Nl!WS TJ!A Nnw» Ijombardo Mnnlu Music Nuww J'nlka Party 'N(!\VH .lai'i "Jtllwill 'IVi'lIC Wirilt iMnidd NIIWB Farm Corner Farm Corner Flay Ball J'luy H:iU llll'lri.Illl llilinliiLH llanpljall I'.rinrliiill llusnbiiU Maunhall lliiiiiiball Hasi'.baH liaHiiliall Scnnis Oft Record Nuws Teen Ttmca Tuon Tiinea Tit;:o 'J'l;n» Wai'.t A<!« U UTIinro \Vondi:rr, Indi. Noel Jones Friday declared war on gambling and all vice. Jones 'has been acling chief the last four days during the absence of Chief Frank Miller. "While I'm a,cli:ig ciiief every known or suspeclcd place ot.gam- or any other form of vice be checked several times daily," Jones lold top officials al meeting. The head of liie department's bling is to Robert Allen were Mr. and Arthur Sorensen, Mr, and Mrs. Mrs. were bi.isine.ss visitors at South Bend, Friday. MLss Karen Riffil, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rollo Riffil of Winamac gradualed Thursday with the medical laboralory and X-ray technician class at Elhhart uni-; vorsily. Her parents and Mrs. Charles Cramer attended Ihe exercise.? and were accompanied !home by Miss Riffil for a vacation. tin; NOTJCIC OK I'T'HLIC SA1.1C GUIIKU dlli.'L 1 IK lK.M-t'1'y s-ivi-M tlia: the ei-NiK-ii'Ml will offer lor sal<' 10 lili.-lu'»i bldiUr 'in July !<. I:'ii7, til'' hour of 111:110 A. if., :.t 1'owli'li isls. A- S--1-V., T.oy,an:-pi>rl, Indiana, tlm f:,llowiMK iU-,vi-nl'i d anlomobllr.: Xanu- of car. M--:v.; year made 1115:1; enjvinc No. i.^Slj- T09U7M. Univors.il CIT Clvdlt Corp. 1CSTA 'I' IVO. Hiram Allen and son Bill, Mr. and. Dean Allen, Mr. and Mrs. she has accepted a position with Clifford Allen, Mr. an<l Mrs. Co'cil Allen, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Arens and Mrs. Floyd Smith. The Sorensons had gone there on Sunday when they took their grandson, Kevin Allen, home and returned to their home here on Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Felker havej families. the Wabash Clinic at Wabasli lo slarl July 8. Miss Susan Lee Snydcr and George H. Roller were united in marriage Wednesday morning in "St. Peter's Catholic church. The Rev. Alexander Leiker officiating before members of the immediate moved to their river cottage for Iho summer. Mrs. John Fisher of Winamac entered St. Elizabeth hospital, La- tayelle, on Wednesday, for surgery. Mr. and Mrs. William Russell and Mr. and Mrs. Lamoin Nice will go to Fort Wayne Saturday where they will lake a special Channel 8 5:15—Channel C Chuckwagon J.C. Cowger Passes Away AMA, Solons Rap Physician MANORVILLE, N.Y. (UP)—The doctor who pul a Si ,500 price tag on his parl in saving 7-year-old Benny Hooper from death in a well was criticized sharply Friday by the American Medical Assn. and on the floor of Ihc U.S. Senate. "I think they've gone off half cocked," said Dr. Joseph Kris ot his critics in the medical profession. Bunny's parents disclosed Thursday they had received a bill, dated June 14, from Kris staling merely "for professional services MONTICKU,0, Ind. — Joseph Claude Cfnvger, fis, of route <: Mnnliccllo, died Friday morning al . a Logansport hospital. He had been The disclosure brought criticism 'Vir •xsz.'zz si w *"£ - - s chief operator of Ihc Norway and Peru A.S.C. Office Moving To New Site PEltU, Ind. — The A. S, C. office which has been located in the old telephone building, II West Fifth street, for 11 years will be; moved to 14 West Sixth street next Saturday, July 1. The new site of the A.S.C. office now occupied by Dr. K. G. Cal- cy, chiropractor, ciuised tiie West Main has pur- Acquit Former Union Leader ALBION, Ind, (UP) — Julius Keller, former president of a United Auto Workers local union at the J.I. Case Tractor Co, at j Churubusco Friday was acquitted by a Noble Circuit Court jury in a riot conspiracy case. A jury of It men and a farm wife found Keller innocent of conspiring lo stone Ihe homes of three Case foremen during a violent strike and back-lo-work movement la si February. The jurors, wlio deliberated four hours and 15 minutes in reaching their verdict were reported to have vo,lcd 7-5 for conviction on the first ballot. The slale sought, to prove in the trial that Keller ordered Uiree union members lo slono Iho homes of three foremen. ChioE witnesses for the prosecution were lliree men serving terms al Ihe Indiana | Slate Farm on malicious trespass charges in connection with the rock-throwing incident. detective division told his men "if! I™" and go to the annu-al conven- there is any evidence of gambling ! tion of Kiwanis International, to or other vice, arrest everyone I be held at Atlantic City, N.J. Ses- present and confiscate the prop-lsions to start Sunday evening and run through Thursday. They then plan to go to New York City and join a conducted tour of the city on Friday returning home Saturday. Mr. Nice is president and Mr. Russell, vice president ot the local Kiwanis citib. • Mrs. Henry Kopkey ant! Miss Becky Bishop are expected liomo Sunday, after a week's visit with Mrs. Kopkey's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Lyles, at Sparta, Tenn. William Fry, son of Mr. and said, "I'm not charging there has been any laxily, bul I want my position clearly understood." BIRDS FIND HOME CHICAGO (UP)—A bird in the hand may be worth two in the bush, bit 1 . Mrs. Slave Janicek •lliink.s two turds in the hand are •Loo many Mrs. Janicek found Iwo sickly robins in her yard -and beeflfileak scraps. The robins liked 4Jie treatment so much they won't leave. And Mrs. JaniceJc, having heard slories about the birds and the bcos, is worried lhal the two robins may become three, or four, nursed them back to health on Mrs. Russell Fry, went lo Ft. Rilcy, Kans., Thursday for a six wcek.s summer camp. He is a member of H.O.T.C. at Indiana University. Another son of the The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Snydcr and Ihe .\OTICI; TO IIKIKS, lire. In Ihi! matter n: 1 tlu- i-state ui: IClmiM- !•', Olson, Ui'ui'aM'd In Hid Oass Clrc-uit Court Aiu-il 'IVrm, '\UTICK is m-:Jti-;i:v CIVKM, That CeorKia M. Olson aw admin- istratrix of llu; i-M:tli> o!' Khr.*-r F. Olson dui'casi'il. lias piv^-ni.-.1 and llk',1 lit-i- ai nuinl ITS 111 Final h.'ttli'iin srttati', and thai ;}•„, t.-onio nil fur tin- ,-\a .said (Mi-cult ('i»in-t on cl.v.v of July, 1:-J7, lit "'ill all li.'lrs, i-roillt'Ts ,.r I,and all pi-r^on* intci-cs-.i'd .-aid Court ' and' Vlmw '• any tliuri- he, wliy said and vonchrr.s should not ]ir'>vi;ti. anil li't all lii'irs. l<-).:;n I-I-.-. iili. sl.'il iin- .sald eslate. groom's mother is Mrs. Roller, all are of Winamac and vicinity. The bride was attended by her .sister, Miss Ton! Snydcr, and Don Chapman was best man. The bride wore a powder blue street Icnglh dress ar.d carried W1TNKSS Matilda! 1 "" 1 ' "' »"''' 1 ly, Ijullanu, a lavender honor was orchid, dressed miiid of a yellow frock and her flowers were denias. A wedding breakfast was served at Ihc home of Iho brides parents Immediately after the ceremony after which the newly weds left for a trip to Chicago. NOTICIC TCI momms Nodco It* jK-rt'hj 1 lloai-d of TruHlia- ]lo«|)llal, LnKiinuii rncclve Hotiic'd h lanndrv yjv(>» lli.tt thn n of -M,-niorliil rl, Indliinii, will ldH on d.-1'tain \vhl<:h In uwn- Fry's, spent from Wednesday U) Sunday here. He is employed by Ihe Ecko company in i.'il by tin! huHpllnl and K .. Ul'flJl-1'd I'"!' HIllO. Unlillloil BPCI-H'I- and Ilui tiirniH of tlm Kaln ai-(! on J'llo In lb<! ofl'li'D of lllo AdmiJilH- tr.'ilor of Iho Inu'pltal. rroninuilH will bn ri-.oclvnd at ll-.i) o.^flfi! ni: Ilio AdiiiiiilKlralor until 11:110 A. M. (r.s.T.) on lli.i !Kh day of .July, I:i57. 1'rnpo.siilK I'licidvi-d [tfli-r IhiH lionr will bit rutiirniMl nnopfiu'il. Datod tlil.s Kith day oC Jimp, 10B7. HOWARD U. JONBS AilniliilKlriilnr t'laini to any part of t:i'Xii:i.!iA 11. o;,sdx Aihnlnlsli-:il:-lx ••! 111,! Kjilati' "f l-:lnnT ]•'. Olson. Ui>i'i-aM'il. my liaml and lllo ay ,>[ .Juno, KI.I/.AHKTII KII-:KI:U Cit'l-k Cai;:i Ore-nit Cuiirt llAl'.ril.H .]. TI'HUKTy, Ilariii'ii Oll'li-i' KnMillniv l.nKanspori, Indian, i. Attorni.'y for J-:.-t:u,i xo-rirr: Notice is in-rrliy j;iv,-n lli.-il (!-e ni; di' -rlhi'd al tc In Ca'-> l-'.nnlj-, :nili:i 'I'lic Sonlli ! I.ill' ,'f l.Dl Nil 7'J In III" orlKlliul I'l.i Talii'rvllli.'. now a parl n Co u\S'n a.-i ' ali ill nin .M on IK<> For sail' cm Ibi! IMib ilav of l!i:,7. ;md from il;iy !o 'l.iy i al'H'r nnlll nolil. lor i-a.-li, r-> loss Ilian til.' full ,ip]iralsi-il ' HHbJi-cl lo l-'all liisljillnii.-n laxi's for 111.111, ilni. In JU.17, Ji.'irt lo ajiproval l,.v llns i^'as.-. cull i.'onil. I'asll (li'linsll of jniin.llil lo ar'-ompany Iliiyi-r to In' rn i-nl Mb i'il Illlc idlou'ln^- ,d!lnr mi or Insni-alih- tlllo. I'oi- ,iullvi!i-y ol' iliioil. l!i«l».i'll'iii "f liri-nilsi-« upon applk'iilloll al iiltornuy'n o'-'fi '. Pali-d at l,oi;ansp"i-l. linliaiia, tbla 'Jls! dny ',r .him', l!ir,7. .1. l.DRKX' WILSON. AKM1NIS- TUATOU 'II-' TMK USTATK op 11AUKV Jl. .'il.MI'SON, Jil-.'CKAS- lOAUl', 11. I'Al.MKIl, ATTi.iKNJ-'.i' I'MH USTA'I'l-: •1<H mills llnlldlni;, Myers home at 155 street and will have his office Ihure. Oakdalc dams for the N1PSCO until his illness. He had been employed by the N1PSCO for 20 years. Born Feb. 12, Ui'J2, to Eli and Maggie (Johns) Cowger, ho was married April 7, 1015, to Devon Sclilegclmilcli, who survives. He resided at Oakdale for 21 years before moving lo route 0 Ion years ago. He also leaves four sons, James nl home, Joseph of this city and Hlcliard and John at l,afayelte; three daughters:' Mrs. Rosemary Carr of route (i, Monticello, and Mrs. Margaret Stivers and Mrs. Dorothy Cochrnn, both of Lafayette; and 17 grandchildren. Two daughters and a brother are deceased. Friends may call after 2 p.m. Saturday at the Smith and Aufcn- berg mortuary, where final rites will bo held at 3-.IIO p.m. Sunday with the Rev. Gilbert Piker in senators. Sen. William A. Purtcll (R-Conn) told the Senate lie would give $50^ toward a fund lo pay "the last j "Tic'umu ounce of flesh" lo Kris. He said hc| lhe ] oc jf 0 r Ben Coin Dies At Monticello MONTIC'EU.O, Ind. — Services for Benjamin A. Cain," lidl North Illinois street, 57, well known former local businessman and fwmur city councilman who died suddenly Thursday afternoon, will be held at .1:30 p.m. Sunday al llic Smith and Aufenbcrg mortuary. was willing to contribute "out of the outrage of my soul" in the hope that thousands of persons would join him in paying the doctor. Four Drivers Fined In J. P. Court Here lice ot the peace court here Fri-| day evening, three of them tor' fnim a plant, attack at where he had worked a few hours a week since retiring from his own business three years ago. Born here on April 21, 1!)00, to Chris and Augusta (Sclnilt/,) Cain, he was married May 25, .1021, lo Mae Vinson here. She survives. He worked in his Cnthcr's grocery here and assumed control in liMll, ,. . , . when his father died. The deceased Four drivers were fined in jus-|_ sol . vcd „„ thc eily counc ii for four years, and was a member of STATJ5 OP INDIANA) HH: COUNTY OK CASH ) NCI. 151117 IN TIM') CASK CIIU.'IIIT COURT A i'lt! I, TKItAI, ! UT,7 NCITIt;i; Oil' AUMINIHTIIATIOIY NMI.IM; III lini'iili.v Klviin that '"Me I'wn'.vi! Mill' Hllitu Hanlc, Twcjvii MM'; lndl;t(m WUH, an V'.nl itliy in' .hunt l'.ir>7, RIlpol'lUll Kxdr.uUir n!' the Knliilo ui' VVIIHimi W. llnuvur, .rr;uh'll. All ]Mir!<ims liavliiK nlitllliH II- K-iiililll. siulil I'lllitu, whullliir in' <"•< nii»l I'll" tlm Hum" In Millil nniirt wIMllli fix ((i) iniilUha rrt;tn UNI ihtlti uT llu'. I'll'HI. pulill- rnlloii i.r llil» Jiiill'.'p: or HiLliI uliLlmn will In; l'(irov,:i- liiLrri'.il, LoKfl MH]i',rl, rtnlilLlilL, thin 2 lilt dny uf Kll/iiliulh Uliiltcr i,r tin! c:in:iiit c.'u .'ami County,iiulltt A-ttuniisy fur KHtat« speeding. Claude Pearson, CO, route I, charge. Burial view cemetery. will be in River- SHOES LOST Joan Gray, route l, Galveston reported to city police Friday afternoon that she had lost a sack containing a pair of blue and white girl's cimvas shoes town area. in Ihe down- Camdun, and Itex Hahn, 21, route 5, Peru, were fined $t and costs apiece, Pearson for speeding in a 40-ml!o-an-lioiir zone and Halm for improper passing. Pearson was arrested Friday by State Trooper Richard Kcycs, while Hahn was arrested last Sunday by Trooper John Gaylor. Fined $5 and costs apiece, both for speeding, were Robert Rudolph, 25, and William Murray, 28, both of Kokomo. Murray was arrested last Sunday by Trooper Larry Wagenknecht and Rudolph was picked up the previous Sunday by Gaylor. Libanus Lodge No. J!>4, F. of A.M., here. Surviving with the widow are a daughter, Mrs. Esther, Rumple, who is deputy White county auditor; two grandchildren; and two sister's, Mrs. 'Elsie Slenker of here and Mrs. Ruth Brookbank, Lnfay- ello. One sister, Mrs. Esther Johnson, died in 1014; another sisler, Mrs. Mary Schuck died in 1944; and a brother, Emil, succumbed in lt)<M also. Friends may call aftnr noon Saturday at tho Smith and Aufcnberg mortuary, where Masonic rites will be held at 8 p.m. Saturday. The Rev. Gilbert Piker will officiate at the services and burial will be in Rivcrviow cemetery here. NO. 3 III-15 T1UO S'L'ATK Olf 1NIJIANA) IMS: CAKS COUNTY ) CASH C.'IIUMHT COIII1T Of INDIANA, AI'IUI.. TUIIM, 11)67. !III,1/1K .70 WJI.SON VS. 75V- I'MtlflTT OWKN WII.SON, COM- 1'I.AINT fllH A niVUKUla. I.IK IT KNOWN, tliat on l.blfi 2IH1: day of Uctobi!r In tbii yniir lllfill tlm ulinvn minimi plalnl.ll'I' by Imr AtlnrnnyH fllml In Iho nl'- I'liio of. tlm t'lorlc nf :lin CIIH« Circuit Court Imr coinplalnt n.K'alnHt th(! dL'I'y/Mhnit In tliu abovo i;n- tltliul t'lLUHr.., and on .Tunii 7, lilTi?, an al'fldavll of a uoniputcnt pdr- nor. tbat tilt' ilofisiidanl. lioruln- al'Lor nainod la not a ronklont of tbo fcjtati! of Indiana, to-wlc: real Ucnco uiiloiown, Haid dol'iiiidiint IH tlinrefor lioro- by notlflud of l.hu flllnif'and punil- i!iit!y of mild complaint iiKitinM' Him, and that nnlnHH ho annoar, and answi'i'M or dunnirH tlu'rold. at Ilni citllliiK of KitTd IMIIIHI) at tho Court llouso In tlm f'llv oU I.o- KatiMpor:, -In CUHH <,'niinty. In tlio SUiln of Indiana, on tho 4Mi day of Sopliimber, 1957, and mild Complaint and t.ho inritti'.rH and thliiK' therein contained and alliiH-nd. ivll bo lioard and dotcrnilniid In liln W1TN13RS Iho Clork and So oC nalil Court, tlilo 7th day of June, 1957. 15I-WAB15TI-I. 73T7SKT5R Clurlc CitKii Circuit Coui'l MANNA SL HMAbL Attornoy lor I'lalutlrr. YOU CAN WRITE YOUR OWN PROFIT MAKING WANT AD! CLIP AND MAIL TO PHAROS-TRIBUNE & PRESS LOGANSPORT, INDIANA Please insert this Want Ad for days. I prefer to start my Want Ad on Write your ad in the spaces below. If you want your name and address in- cluded in the ad, WRITE THEM IN ALSO. Write only one word to a space. Please Print. Words (10 Words Minimum) 10 15 20 25 Figure Your Own Cost 10 Words—1 Time — 90c 10 Words—3 Times—$1.60 10 Words—€ Times—$2.20 15 Words—3 Times—$2.40 15 Words— 6 Times—$3.30 TAKE 10% DISCOUNT FOR CASH WITH ORDER! Clip and Mail to Classified Department, Pharos-Tribune & Press Your Name Your Address

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