Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 22, 1957 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1957
Page 7
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Eight Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Saturday Evening, June 22, I9ST. Leader Says Traveling Bands Dying Business MEMPHIS, Tenn.—'Ray Pearl I he asked. has tossed in the towel after 31 years in the band business. "I'm in a dying business," Pearl said in a "swan song" statement during a hotel engagement here. Pearl, a nationally known musician, said he hadn't "made a dime since last Thanksgiving." "I'm in the same boat as Ted Weems. Buddy Moreno, Don Reid," he added. "I'm going to have to get out, just as they did." Weems and Moreno now have disc jockey jobs at WHHM, an independent radio station here. Weem's recording of "Heartaches" was a tremendous success some years back. Pearl said bands used to be the backbone of the record business, but now they're failirfg apart. "The day of the traveling bands Is gone," he said. "The boys and and I were running over the names of some of them, names that mean a lot to people who have heard them over the years. 1 ' Assails Tax Pearl rattled off such names as Clyde McCoy, Del Courtney, Dick Jurgens, Griff Williams, Ray Rob bins, Tex Cromer, Will Back, Bob Berkey, George Winslow. Billy Bishop. Art Kasscl, Freddie Nagel Teddy Phillips, Shep Fields, Larry j "Just for the privilege of work- ng in Memphis, I have to pay $125 a week to the local union. Ridicu- ous! I pay dues to my union. Why should I have to pay a weekly percentage of the privilege of work- ng here?" Pearl said that in Memphis he cannot get a tape "of my own jroadcast." "The union says if I have my broadcast on rehearsal taped, I might take the tape and make sootleg records and the men wouldn't be paid ," he commented "I can improve my music by lis tening to the tapes. What abou the millions who have home re corders and can take it off the air and yet I can't? "You couldn't make appearance with disk jockeys, but now they'vi relaxed that after it's too late." Pearl said musicians are in i squeeze, "jobs getting . scarcer cost of transportation and livm going up." Television has hur band business, he added, but it i only one factor "and I can't blam it." CARRIERS' OUTING A PICNIC OF FUN Wheel-harrowing it along with gusto are these Pharos-Tribme carriers, who were treated to an annual picnic at Indiana Bench Thursday. The impromptu race was won by the team of Jim Carroll and Jim Bell, right. In the center is Joe Smith, Logansport, propelled along by Tom Willey, of the circulation department. The other hopping team is Don Binncy and Paul Price, of Walton. (Pharos-Tribune Photo-Engraving) Library Signs Second Grader 2300th Reader Fred Castaldi, in the second jrade at St. Bridget School, was he 2300th person to enroll in the Logansport Public Library Summer Reading program. 2318 pupils now belong. 179 points have been earned this week by pupils and addt«. There are 314 names now listec on the fourteen city school posters as they have reported on at leas one group of books. 101 boys ant 168 girls or 269 pupils and 45 adults have their names posted on one of the school posters. Summer is real ly here, both by date, weather and Summer Reading. The posters also have 56 gold stars, representini a second list of books read by l" boys, 29 girls and 10 parents am 11 blue stars representing a thirc list of books by 9 pupils and adults. Longfellow school has increase Fotine. ."And the few big ones that are left—Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Harry James—they just get a band toother for special jobs," Pearl said. "Even the one-nighters are deteriorating. The road used to be a way to make some money." Pearl pointed to the 20 per cent cabaret tax which he says "has ruined the industry, until now they're not getting as much money as they used to before it was passed,'" Pearl said the government "punishes places that hiro live musicians.' "The public is taxed 20 per cent to hear my band play, and they can go right across the street^to some restaurant and hear on TV the best sinsers—Dinah Shore, Bin" Crosby, Perry Como—and it doesn't cost them a cent." TJHon Tlottulations He said the ballroom tax has •been cut now to 10 per cent, but "that's like giving a man plasma after he's bled to death." Pearl said musicians "have to pay taxes, even on the tools of our; trade—our horns." "Can you imagine a carpenter, paying excise lax on a hammer?" I don't know what I'll do," h concluded. "The hoys have the! notice. A few years ago I made $10000 to $11,000 a year. In 1954 it was down to $3,800. This year I lose. For 31 years this was my business." NOTICM TO IllllllUIt.S Ni.tico la hereby i;lven that tho Hnii.nl oC Trm<'*ei-H at Memorial wlTl receive.'ieiileii prnposiiln Cur th« rurnl.ihinK tit coal to thu IIOH- pit:il for thn twelve (12) month Iicrlnil beiflnniiiK Iho Ixi day ol August I!'07, anil ciullnu tho 31st day or July, l!ir,8. Ije.talle.il npeel fleatl'.ns for this coal are on rllo In tliu nrrlcjc ot ihu Administrator of tliu Ini.iplUil. 1'ropnbiUs will bo received at thu otflc-n of t!m Adiiilnla'.nilor ;in- tll 11-llU A. M. (C.S.T.) on tho »th iljiv (it .Inly, I!i'i7. I-M-OIIOIIII.IH ru- ccl'vcd after thhi hour will bo relurneil unopened. I'niiKi.'iulK .ilia II bo properly oxc.cliteil an f'iriii* proncrlljnil by tiio Imllana Hl.T.o Hoard of Ac- iiounts .-mil nhall be aecornpanlcil by a performance bond In the amount of sr.llli.dll. N'o propn»al Khali ho withdrawn for n period of thirty (30) ilayn without, tho cnn-i-nt of tho Una rd of TruHtoeH •which shall reserve the rlKht to reject any or all lililB without roa- Monticello The White County Memorial Hospital Women's Auxiliary held its June meeting Tuesday afternoon at the R-EMC building with the president, Mrs. Ed Young, presiding. Twenty-six members were present. Reports of the secretary, Mrs. Doris Condo, and the treasurer, Mrs. Willa Henderson were heard. Mrs. Russell Reiff, director, reported for Jackson Township that $30.50 had been turned over to the treasury, representing combined money making efforts of the Social Study Ciub, Hobby Lobby and Jackson-Lincoln Home Demonstration Club groups. Mrs. D. D. Raper, sewing committee chairman, expressed appreciation for the assistance in the-sewing room Wednesday afternoons and encouraged others to come and aid with the sewing group when possible. Mrs. Young asked that persons able to servo as hospital receptionists contact her and a time will be assigned for this service as volunteers are needed - to serve -as receptionists during vi.s- iling hours at the hospital. Mrs. Young named committee? CROSSWORD PUZZLE Antw«rto Ye*torday'« Puxxli ACROSS 1—DovcJopod 5—l£n countered 8—Taverns 12—Unusual ]3—Girl's namo 14—Affaln 15—Enthusiastic 16—piece cut for mortise IS—Preposition, 19—By way ot 20—Twists 21—Union group (Init.) 22—Printer's mc.ipuro 23—Chimney carbon (pi.) 24—Mountain lake 25—Wise, old man 27—Komalo horses 28—Metal fasteners 29—Brlstlo 30—Small brooks 3i—Tardy 3S—Prepare for print 36—Man's namo 37—Note of scalo 38—Fondlo 39—Mako a spcecb 40—One around track 41—Babylonian deity K— Join 43 —Crate 44—Above and touching 4fl—Kiver In Wales 47—Part of Btovo 4S—Spreads Cor drying 49—IBItter votch SO—Section of hospital 0E1H saarj nataiao raaaB raa aaaa anna HHB 12i£ Down the water slide and into the aqua pura go two of the 41 carriers of llic Pharos-Tribune and Press that were treated at a picnic Thursday at Indiana Beach, because of their sales efforts in a cir- (Pharos-Trlbune Photo-Engraving) culation contest. Flora Mrs. Galen Shope, of here, and her father, Harry Creek, of Logansport, wont to Moorosville Thursday to sec Mr. Shope, who is in the Clinic there. Mrs. Dorothy Simmons, of Monti- eello, mother of Mrs. Joe Vaughn, I >j ort willow street, which they Flora route 2, died Wednesday; ren t e d recenlly. D. Hayward, of Holton, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Parks spent Father's Day with their daughter, Mrs. Ashby Harris and daughter in Eikhart. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sibbitt and sonf , e a. William Bolinger, near Lebanon; and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zook and and Mr.and Mrs. Robert Zook and sons, Burlington. Mrs, Richard Pitts and Mrs. C. J. Harmon recently assisted Mrs. Blocher with girls' recreation SOn 01 1NCW VjUHUe aiu I1IUVIIIB JIIIU|- --- Wnnnnlh the William Echerle property on at Communi y Parl . Mrs. Ken. ell. Knapp is scheduled to assist June night at the Monticello Nursing to serve for the auction sale July | Home after a three-week illness. »o:i. Mated till. 1 1357. 1.11U day of June, HOWARD n. .TONBS 'I'AXI'AYIillS OK AI'I'lldl'IIIATIONS JVOTfOK 'I'd AI>IIIT1O.NAI< iVi.tlce IK InTv.by Mlve:i the taxpayer* of Tlptfjn r !.-nwnnhlp, Indiana, that thu proper leiral om : cern or -mid township at a Hpeela ljn-[it!iiK In Illi- audit orlum ol' Tipton Township Illlili Kchnnl in sail tnwnxhlp at 8:30 o'clock r. M. (Ti.S.T.) r,n the 2(ilh day of June, ]:>r,7. will oimalilor the following iiddltlnnal apprnprlallomi which to meet tin) oxtraordlnary omer- Kency exlut IIIK-lit tills tlmo, A. TraiiHfiir from unap- pi-DprlateU Cumin received from Truamircr ot I'nitiMl states under pub- llr law .Vu. S74 In Kpou- Inl School Fund No. It New L'.uUillriKH and (!r,,nnil» ...13310.00 B TranMt'er from Xo. "3 — Trani'.portation of ^Olill- UnildiriKH itinl GroiimlH— In Snci-liil S.-liool Fuml . 2400.00 'rho !ibi>ve I'nnd.H aro (Lll available ul l hlii tlmo for transfer and no additional lilnd.i will bo re- Taxpayern appearltiK at Tni'Otlni- Hhall have a rlulit I licunl tliorciiii. Tlie nildltloniil ap- iiroprlutlnn a>i finally niiulo will do iiuii>»iatlc.iill.v roferreil In the Stale Moani of Tax Ooinml.fHion- M-s. which Uniird "'111 hold a fur- tln-r lir.-arliiK within fifteen days at Iho Counly Aitilltor's offlco of CJIHM Cnunty, Indiana, or at futcn oilier place mi inay bn iloMlKimteil At »ueh hearing, taxiiayoni objec.t- Inu- K. any of such additional ap- iironrln lldim rimy bo hiSird and Jnt":-cHteil taxtiayers may InfjUlri of the County Auditor when "inl wlioro aucli lioarliu: will bn liiilil HKHIIKIIT f I RANT TIIUSTKB 6 at the court Tiouse flat form. The following will serve as chairmen; general planning committee, Mrs. Young, . Mrs. N. F. Clayborne and Mrs, Dale Carr phon- ng, Mrs. Opal Carmichael; rummage sale, Mrs. Helen Spencer and Miss Faye Gridley, co-chairmen; .transportation and pickup, Mary Arnold; publicity, Mrs. Mabel Overman; property, Evelyn Hoi- dor; enlai't£*nmenl, Marie Mc- Douglc; cashier and tellers, Mrs. Mabel Rarter; sales ushers, Mrs. Jerry Chapin; bake sale and refreshments, Mrs. Doris Condo and Mrs. Carrie Bird, co-chairmen, John, Tom and Joe Rothrock, ..ons of Mr. and Mrs. John A, -Rothrock of Arlington, Virginia, formerly of Monticello, arrived here early this morning from the East, having departed Thursday Tuneral services were held in that ity Saturday. New street signs have been ordered for the main streets in Flora ;o replace signs that are missing or have been dclroyed. Mr.and Mrs. Bob T. Briggs and two children, of Gary, recently visited relatives here. Mrs. Mary H. Turner, local piano teacher, is presenting her Flora and Delphi pupils in a recital Sunday afternoon in the Delphi Methodist church. David Goycr will be guest accordionist and Miss Sonia Landis, ot Flora, will be guest pianist. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brower and Tommy, who have been visiting 25. Culver Mrs. Fred King was hostess to Green Township Home Demonstration club in her home Tuesduy afternoon. Mrs. Owen Banks was hostess to 15 members of the Auxiliary of the Order of Eastern Star. Assisting hostesses wero Mrs. Errol ^,..ti__ ,.n,! T\.T»>c Willinm li'.nster- its lead over Daniel Webster an now -has a total of 94 points. Dan iel Webster has 59 points and Jef erson still holds third position wit 49 points. Franklin school has a< vanced from the eighth place to th fourth—with 27 points. All of the schools and their point follow: Longfellow — 94; Danie Webster — 59; Jefferson — 49 Franklin — 27; Washington — 2' St. Joseph—24; St. Vincent — 24 Tipton—23; St. Bridget—15; Me Kinley—10; Columbia — 8; Rile Junior High^t; Senior High—4 Lincoln Junior High — 2. Total' points—370. The -following readers have completed their books this week: Columbia—Dariene Malott, John Malott, Mrs. Ernest Yoder. Daniel Websler—David Arnold, Alan Cline, William Crispen, Julie Dud- cllcston, Beverly Dougherty, Kathy Dur.derman, "Bill Franklin, Michael Huff, Mr. William Huff, ""Mrs. William Huff, 'Marsha Huffman, Tom Allen Kragh, William Kranz, Gerald Wayne Lay- Melissa Morris, .Stephen Newnum, Rebecca Sharer, Cheryl Shanteau, Jeannette Helzncr. ' Franklin—Karen Ashby, Beverly Azbell, Carolyn Bentlage, 'Diane Binder, Beverly Black. Roseanna Briggs, Sharon Sue Harvey, Pamela Jo Martin, Janet Kay Murphy, "Janice Savini, *Ronald Savini, Nancy Smith, Thomas Smith, Steven Tarve'r,, James Titus, *Linda Titus, Beverly Zimmerman, Freddie Zimmerman, *Mrs. Roberta Zimmerman. Jefferson — Larry Beall, Danie] Blom, 'Patricia Bockover, "John Robert Dean, Lynne Demi, 'Larry Delaney, Stephen Eugene Fisher, Terry M. Fisher, Nancy Frushour, Gloria Jean Hardy, Vicky Hineman, Patly Humes, Martha Layton, Iharles Stephen Long, Daniel Pusey, Joyce Pusey, Margaret Ranee, Virginia Rancc, 'Thomas Rchm, Barbara Sefchck, Dtiane Allen Slu- art, Donna May Thomas, Craig Wallers, Jerry Walters, "Jane Ann Warner, "Janet Sue Warner, 'Mrs. Lucille Dean, Mrs. Frank Fcltig, Mrs. Vern E. Jones, ""Mrs. Lowell Long, Mrs. Mary Orr, Mr, C. G. 11 DOWN 1—Sculptured 2—Deep Korge 3—Silkworm 4—Jlarry 5—Shootinc Mara G—Occurrences 7—Cares for S—Prohibit 3—Indcflntto article 10—Retreat 11—Faints 17—Bone ill— Gem weight " S ~bircl B " ' SS ° 24—Turkic tribesman 2fi—Rent ^7—Fracas •J9—Couches 30—Iterate 31—Form a mentft' linage 32—Mixer 33—Expunger 34—Rely on 3G—Self-respect S3—Concerning: 40—Volcanic emanation 42—Causes to rlp» 43— K-irm animal 45—Hypothetical fores Hassett, Cynthia Halten, Cynthia Kroeger, "Marianne Loner, »*Mariel Loner, Mrs. Tom Hoover. St. Vincent—'Marilyn Dailey, Suzanne Feltig, Mpry Beth Oilman, Edward McCord, Kathleen McCord, Pat Medlar.d, Dianne Morrow, Patty Pen-one, "Linda Ricei, Terry met in (lie home of Mrs. Cecil Rhine Thursday evening. Mrs. Vcaux Bowman installed new officers for the coming year. They are Ina Milburn, president; Kathleen Bozworlli, vice president; Ruth Dyer, secretary; Anna Cox, treasurer; Lora Belle Irby, youOi ^•a«£fiB^:ffi sjr-^rw ' iwork; Margaret Draper, promotion Tipton — Carol Ault, Pollyanna Barnard, Larry Dean Bcchdol. Eddie Cy Burkhart, Jerrie Joe Burkhart, Dickie Callaway, 'Steven Ellars, Carol Fesler, Corrine Flowers, Patricia Murphy, Jerry Taylor, 'Miss Alma Wirick. Washington—Robert Hardt, Linda Sue Johnson, Keith Kelley, June Lamb, Michael Lyons, Tom Lyons,! Mrs. Dale^EIsea gave devotions. 3ccky Martin, Kathleen Ann Mar-'" lin, "Angele Petrocchi, "Linda Pe- rocchi, Wayne Spencer, Diane Stienbarger, "Mrs. Donna Hosier, Mrs. Eileen Lyons. "Gold Slar. "Blue Star. secretary; Ethel Harley, status of women; Hilda Redding, spiritual :te. Also Pearl Crain and Helen Langston, Christian social relations and local church activities; Gruca Hoag, missionary educlion and service; Mary Ann Scott, lilcralure and publicalion. pm : e ?. ts '! Ml ',,, an l^:!' °v Cutler and Mrs. William Easte siieu ruiuuvus in;iu. •-•-- • •. , ,„_,.„,, v UULH Wayne Crook and Lester Guyer, | Clmgenpch in Albuquerque, >-, d " _ * _ . , „ i.f^/rnv M/ni-o :imnnff rlinnnr imests r'. of DE Gripe and Company, spent two clays in Chicago attending the Furnitures Mart. William Nuotzel and Roycc Mycr, elders of the Flora Presbyterian church, gave talks at the Roach- dalo and Shannondalc churches June 1C while the pastors were at church camps. Mr. and Mrs. Konrad Mueller, of Silver Springs, Mel., attended the funeral services of Mrs, Mueller's grandfather, Gerlha E. Voorhees. o. r Mr. and Mrs. Bill Little and family, formerly of here. Olher guests were Mr. and Mrs. Don Ciingenpecl, Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Clingenpeel, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Underbill, and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jor.es and family, all formerly of Flora. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Douglas entertained Tuesday evening at their home southeast of Flora, lion- Miss Mary Jean Johnson _ and Smith. Lincoln Benjamin Bochdol, Nmicy Drompp. Longfellow— 'Marilyn Albright, Dennis Arlrip, Gary Tor were married ' Joseph Baker, Nancy Bird Sharon June IS in the Johnson home. Rev. ,8110 Caldwcll, Alice Marie ' Chces- afternoon on their drive to their! ferM rs L ee Voo:-hees' brothers, L. ami daughter of Tuscon, - ' ' ' --------- ' ....... " ' ho old home-town. They will visit their grandmother, Mrs. Maude Friend and -their aunt, Mrs..Marorie Hathaway and children, Lynn and David, and while here will do some fishing. They started about R o'clock this morning on a float trip from Buffalo. John is a judge in a court at Fairfax, Virginia, Lt. Tom is in .he Air Force and Lt. Joe in the Navy. The three brothers will leave Saturday on their return to Washington and will bo accompanied by their grandmother, Mrs. Friend and David Hathaway. They /ill visit at the Rolhrock home and David will also enroll in the YMCA Camp. Mrs. Friend and David" will remain in the cast until August when rs ee oo:-ee , . E Badge* of ' Petersburg,, Va., .uesUwcre Mr and J rs W lark Attornl'y .Mrs. Hathaway and Lynn will then accompany Ihcm home. Mrs. John II. A. Anderson of <101 We.st Jefferson street, Monli- cello, announces tho engagement of her daughter, Josephine, to David L. Lottcs, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Don Stanton of •Monlicel- lo, route 5. A September wedding is planned. and Pele Badgely, wife and daugh ler of Tipton, visited Mr. and Mrs. Voorhees at their home east of Bringhursl. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Benson and two children, of Alexandria, Va came to attend the funeral of her uncle, Gcrtha- E. Voorhees. They remained lo spend two weeks with Mrs. May Beckner. Mr.and Mrs. Dick DePoy attended the wedding in Star City of Ins sister, Miss Alma Jean DePoy to Dart'Harper. Mrs. DePoy served er sislcr-in-law as maid ol honiii 1 ; Miss Amy Isaacs visilcd her ncp- ew, Dale Isaacs and family, in .ogansporl, and allcnded the piano ccital at which Dale and Theresa's daughter played. Howard Arnold and sister, Miss Francos Arnold, and Don McKay and son and wife, of Ft. Wayne allcnded the funeral of their broth ir-in-law, G. E. Voorhocs, Also attending the funeral were Mrs. Ada Arnold and son John and Mason Arnold and daughter, of ;arrison and Sharon, Mr. and Mrs. 'rank Hood and family, Mr. and Mrs. Willis Harter, Mrs. Leonard Blocher and daughter, Mrs. Leo Spitler, Mrs. Mae Frantz and Iharles Sink, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Collins oi Bringhursl attended a dinner at .he Union Building, Purdue, given by K. H. Ketllehut, Lafayette, in ,or of Sam Mathers, who re- DOUBLE FEATURE AT STATE Jane Mansfield stars with Dan Dnllcy and Joan Collins In "Tli Wnyward Bus" plus thu Bowery Boys in "Sp«ok Chasers" Sunday a ilio State. 'officiated al the double ring I nian^ Joel Claudlus^Pamola Dib- ceremony. King's Daughters class of the Evangelical, church met Friday afternoon in the home or Mrs. J. M. Miller with Max Fechner as- sisling the hostess. Mrs. Earl Eckman entertained members of the SK Bridge club IT her home Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Hampton Boswel! are Ihe parents of a daughle:-, Burlington WSCS of Ihe Koro Methodist church met in the home of Mrs. George Ehrmnn Thursday night. A Smorgasbord supper was planned for June 29 al the church. Mrs. Orange Ashor, west of Burlington, suffered a broken right arm in a fall at her home. Children and grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Denzel Jones met in their home Sunday evening in honor of Father's Day. Home made ice cream and cake was served. Present were: Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Jones and family of Logansporl. Mr. and' Mrs. Jim Drury and daughter De Ella, of Kokomo, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Tilley, Mrs. Arliu June and Mrs. Floyd Bennett, "f Kokomo. Mr. and Mrs. James Tolleson are the parents of a son, Anthony Wayne, born Tuesday evening at the" St. Joseph hospital, Kokomo. , -Mary Ann Km- ™%™° Ulcr *"" formcrly B """ a merd. Nancy Holland. Nicky Huff, ' / ' D „ . R b daugnlcr of Linda Ingrain, Jcannctl.a Johnson, Laura Johnson, '''Steven Lohning, Robert Marchal, Guye Osenbaugh, Robert Joseph Redd, Diane Regan, Paulette Ruschkofski, "Mike Schmidt, 'Michael Jon Simpson, •Joan Stcckel, Thomas Tnicb, "'"Clarke Welsh, Ferry Diane Whis- Icr, "Philip Wild, Stanley Wild, Mary Ann Scott gave a lesson on 'Missionaries" in Hawaii. She displayed several arlicles, including two hand-embroidered dresses belonging to her Aunt Millie Cromcs who visited Hawaii several years ago, Co-liosles5e.s were Mrs. Roy Miller, Mrs. Ralph Rhine. The July meeting will be held in the home of Mrs. Marion Lampion. Co-hostesses will be Mrs. Clyde Langston and Mrs. George Mcllralh, Delphi Mrs. Mary Turner of Flora, piano tciicher. will present her students at Flora and Delphi in a recital at the Delphi Methodist church parlor Sunday afternoon, June 2,'t. oi 2:!!0 o'clock. The public is invilcd to atte;id. Guest artist will be David Goyor, accordionist with Miss Sonia Landis, are Ihe parents £ £ cmugnu,.. ™. A ,n Wilsey, 'Ricky Wilson born June 14 at Parkview hospi- wissinfior f' Mrs . D . A . Mid' n\ Pli)ninulh ... Inl, Plymouth. Mr. and Mrs. William Taber arc the parents of a son, born at Osteopalhic hospital, South Bend, on June 17. -Mr. and Mrs. James Black are the parents of a son, born at Stance Memorial hospital, Knox, on June 10. Stitchcry club met with Mrs. ^.!?J5^,«*!^1SS cS C Sier^ T« af^ ansport, and Robert Arnold, of jog Monticello. Mrs. Elsie Foster attended the first reunion of the Sheridan high school class of 1U07 that was held n the Sheridan Room of the old school building, their old classroom. Oscar Barnard, of Indianapolis, formerly of Flora, underwent sur;cry Wednesday in a hospital there. Frank London, of the London Printing company, underwent surgery Wednesday for a damaged cartilage in his right knee at the A three-course dinner was served | to union officials, brick mason foreman and their wives. Boys aged 10-14 will practice basketball-Tuesday and Thursday morning. 9:30 to 11 a.m. at the Flora Communily Park. A picnic dinner was held June 16 at the Flora Park, honoring A 2-c and Mrs. Roger Zook a«d children, Randy and Cindy, who have been spending a 30-day leave with relalives. Airman Zook leaves June 24 for an 18-monlh lour in Japan. His family will remain here. Those attending the picnic were Mr. and Mrs. -Jacob Darling and Mr.and Mrs. Cletis Zook and Em- metl, of Flora; Mr. and Mrs, George Darling, of Bringhurst; Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Darling, Rochester; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Zook near Delphi; Mr. and Mrs. Wallet Holtman and children, Lafayette. Also Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cox Eaton; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bolinger, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fogelsong and- children and Mr. and Mrs, Warren Bolinger and children; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bolinger and family, all of Rossville; Mr. and Mrs, Joe dlcton. McKinley—Julie Michael, Linda Mr. and Mrs. John Barber, underwent a lonsillcclomy in Memorial hospital, Logansport, Tuesday morning. Munson Browslcr entered Memorial hospital, LoKimsporl, Ihis week'for X-rays and check-up. Air. and Mrs. Howard Kirken- dull and son Jim entertained Sunday evening with a backyard barbecue. Guests were Messrs. and Mesdamcs Hubert Cannon, Kirkendall and Marvin Bridgewa- Disorderly Conduct George Edward.s, 26. of Delphi, who was arrested in Lebanon Tucs- day by Sheriff C. L. Carey and Deputy John Miller was arraigned in Lee Stone's J.I'. Court Tuesday evening on charges of disorderly conduct filed by his wife Sunday after Edwards, a Kcntuckian, allegedly struck his wife in Ihe abdomen and tried unsuccessfully lo run over her twice with his car. Mrs. Edwards who was pregnant was rushed to SI. Elizabeth hospital in the Eikcnberry ambulance. They are the parents of two children. S'.one bound Edwards over lo city court. Edwards tried lo cnminitt suicide at the jail at 2:l!0 p.m. Tuesday. Miss Pauline Robcson has returned home from attending the three day Retreat of United I.ulh- Michacl, "Palli Jo Moon, John Sa- t Mr ' Jda Kil . kemlu ll. all of ,,n, c,,= nn Ti, nmn = P, ,,„ v.,,, Jim|cran Church Women of Indiana at Camp Lutherwalil near Howe. She Home Hospital, Lafayette. Rev. and Mrs. Charles Dumond have been attending the 171st Recorded Annual Conference of the Church of the Brethren in Richmond,- Va, . Dorothy L. Handle, Flora, has been granted a divorce from John H. Handle, and has been awarded custody of the minor-aged children. Among marriage licenses issued recently by County Clerk J. Reid Melain, was ona to Dorothy L. Handle and James C. Craft, bolh of Flora. Also one to Wilma Viola Tood, of Bringhurst, and Riclmrd Bolinger and children, Wabash; . Mrs. Joseph Harlow of Oakland, Calif., spent Monday and Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs.'L. A. Crabb. Mrs. Ira Kline and- Mrs. Noah Wagoner attended a funeral service n Soulh Bend recenlly for Mrs. Anna Fries. Hugh H. Harper is spending few days at Spring Valley, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Buchanan ane daughter of Waynesville, N. C. visiting Mrs. Trula McKee. Mr. and ' Mrs. Jerome Zechiel and son are on a 10-day trip to Washington, D. C. and other places in the east. Mrs. Richard Evans of Indianapolis spent a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. H, Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Ives, Jr., and daughters are spending several weeks in Florida. Mr. and Mrs. L. -A. Crabb and Mrs. Merle Crabb attended the wedding of Miss Beverly Weilcr and Glen Crabb at Northfield, 111. The couple will reside at Wynona Lake. Miss Katharine Unger and David Susan Thomas, Patricia Van !Jrigglc, Mrs. Francis Schmidt. Riey—Judy Adams, Sharon Brown, Martha Daniels. St. Bridget — 'Patricia Closson, 'Shirley Rita Halm, "Gerry Kienly, Ann Kiesling, Janet Newton, Carol llistedt, Rebecca Timmons. St. Joseph — Ethel Brown, Pa- Iricit Dresler, *Mary M. Gcrslnur, David Grusenmeycr, Daryl Andrew G. Warner were married a 1 , the EUB church June 15. Sharpsville; Vernon Ross Robinson, of Geetingsville; Gerry Harlon, Robert Rodgcrs, of Kokomo; Mr. and Mrs. Allen Milburn of Indianapolis. A son John, home from Ann Arbor, Mich, und Miss Ruth Berner, oC Dayton, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. William Bowman and family of Chicago were weekend guests of his sister, Mrs. Clark Melsger, and other relatives. Estate of the lalo Kred Allen I will sell al auction at Ihe residence Miss Sandra Cline of Indianap-incxt Salurday, June 29. oils spent Sunday wilh Roth Clincs. I WSCS of the Melhudisl church was a dinner Kuesl of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gilbert and Lee and Dee of Angola and also visited Hev. and Mrs. Fred Fiedler and children of Middlebury. CRASH IK FATAL ORLEANS <UP) — J F. Hayes, 20, Cani|)be!lsburg, was killed Friday night when his car crashed into a tree as he raced another vehicle along Ind. 337 cast of here. State police said the second car did not slop. zsaUPJTA IndlJriefs D912a C-22 . GENE'S STANDARD SERVICE STATION ^ OPEN 24 HOURS We handles kerosene and white gas. Call for and delivery service. With purchase of 5 gallon of gas,a grease Job or wash job for ... $1.00. Phone 5972 Frank Eugen* James 401 W.,Market NOTICE Due to a change in management at our IMPLEMENT STORE on East Main St, (Stony Pike) our inventory of feed will be moved to the bulk plant location, 1 block west of the implement store, on July 1 st. The present line of feed will be available at new location. We respectfully ask your cooperation in this move. CASS CO. FARM BUREAU CO-OP ASSN. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA

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