Daily News from New York, New York on February 1, 1929 · 302
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Daily News from New York, New York · 302

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1929
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50 DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1929 RADIO REVIEW ;bex gross announcing. Wavelength of the New York Stations at a Glance. SK' H-m WBKK ....... WU W VII 5;h At HAP :it WKAI Wr.AII '-Ml wok mhnv J ;ni It SI! Wpl KKl ! ! w ki aio w im "is WBOO, Ill WHIM' 214 WHS -- m II -14 HP '.T Wll.l ill WKNt AA-l-ll 31 WlAO .J HI.HIf ail WAAT HQ WHIT -"ll Wl Hi, -;::i u IKJ 'ill wov uiikii ....... "0 wi.it- .......;. aamiis vixi wi.kb ix wibh -ma W nil ;m HhKII WINK ., M 'iH W Jill -MX Hf I R ao wn mv -uta p -;to WMItuj ; WollA ... . -Jill lii 'ioo Another all-popular revue will be presented during the National broadcasting and concert bureau hour throuuh WKAF, beginning at 10 tonight. Amontr the features will be the Armchair quartet, c o m -posed of Mitton Cross and Mar-ley Sherris, an-nounccrs. and Maurice Tyler and Walter Preston, staiT singers. Andy Godfrey l.udlow Sand la, guitar ist and saxophonist; Godfrey Ludlow, violinist; Krminie Calloway, Milder, iind a concert orchestra under the baton of Hugo Mariani will atlso ! heard during this program. Tlie I'hilco hour at VJ., beginning at H::iu p. m., will brintt before the njike again those two popular singers Colin O'.More. tenor, and Jes-bica Dragorii'tte, soprano. 10:00 A. M. I'NTll. 2:00 P. M. ' f itfe t tinil,tftt time ttirvuct 'ittC- I0:1H Ml . l.r.frtV pr..irr:tn HI.U , ViHon.il hump hour.. (Will, tt,.m.ui.'e of cooker.v. At-i. I l.oinu-rs t'.h M.irmiba or- h.-li a AA m . Ida Allii' homcm.iUers' .'Ulll, WHP, St'i.bo triicr-4m. W Mill, liitormaliou ; ori'hei-fa; -'.; W A A r. lloiie.,wives' hour, WW V. II ,i,,v hmir. H. Ilnin.wi.-k hour. AA A Al. H.ioi.y h.mr. wi,r Tioii.tn t'i: philosopher. II I.WUIIK. Mii.il Interludes. 10 lit W t . i.ri.i llCnurt, .!k. AAOK. I l eer tip m ill. W All! . New Mother Hubbard. WI'AP. rf-il.il. AAOK. (iirtriil I.yotiH. noprana. W'H Uwr Kin-mitl, jm:uii. 11 W . K-tall iwn' vrn(ii,m. W fr. W. l':irit:H lrit. WOK. rhitrm l.tlte: tnirn'f bnur. Hi.. H e. A tfai'.itionrU tm- W K( . T..p:ll tri.i HI'IC IVninin hour W r. H tpiMiir roa4. art-ty Wl.lt-.. N..s; rym cn-m; lost and wo. T.-II ml rn: trio. Tiiuking houl; Kern i-i.jrm. II :I.V W Kl.. M-roh int- wordine. hi;I'. K:.ho hotit-hol.l iniitul. H:,: WKt . M rjr Xiirnn. Babirn." wo. Inforni.oion: trio. 1 H W HI . Ml.l.Liy BiMusr. HI l. Trtih, hriii h an.t hippl- W l. sin.i,,, mask-. WO. J.u.tiiw htiur. W(,B. Wt iitu-r. your home. W-l. Th -rrenn.lr'rji. W I'l H. Wi'h f:iniity oon.'prt. w it Ktm.-r ;r.'4 orrhtm. W Hr. N.wiri.fav m?rvii It iv hhk, Parnu ino. Wl.B. Knm iiiblr; rcation Wok. P.vtry TTrjw. HI. Y.w.e (.r'hNtr. ;(0 Ml . S, i qUol;iIlil:w M.i'k,t and w-.ithr WOK. F.I (itir.ln'4 or.'hpt4trA ti t HHI. Pil.i, I.Or ..nlL-.tr... W K . A frtt-lttt nr.,1 pnra-o I on H)H . ,.,in., , . WJ. t ii.., ori h.trs W !( . Or. h.-slr . Wl"r. I.iitinann's I'm. hw.n fiiuic. l:iv w B . ritii-. weal her: I'u.k.T's " hrlr.. Ir.lO wwc. i:i,.r,,,t,(PT. h:irniony W I'l M. Wl l. V.'tn V..-. or. Info: tuslu.n t..r imml- 1:1.1 -HUt. 'i-.ll-l SO.I.IT .i .!.,.n I ' . " W I 1 II. l -i,.)!,. V:,;-,.,, sn.t.-r :m P. M. UNTIL 6:00 P. M. C IU Ml. WVattw: m.im; l:i-lu,.ii,,t., W IM II. V,ltm mihYrl. W BI', IV.hi 1oi v.rry. l,l". r.-lMH-r lol M.i-oiin4. W . f.iih in l.aia.-r. .tn.ir i; to. UBIIK. Or l..-lr . si., I ivuRiai. Wl l. Viik'11,11 ln-on. Willi. V,,m.ri h,,..r: hoim-hol.l tmii-i: f.-luoif ItDi; rei.iinis. I IV-HI U. ;..lhim Irio . Hf II'. Kr. Philiios. cuittr HHR. Clirlun ni-sn, W M. "rtjii. W ( II I, I !uriil'r mii-i,- HJ, nm.u t.itli HI'lll. li..r s liu i.r. v.nt. HSW Mii'm music. WI,H. Aim lioooman. imn. . 3:13 W4.. Saviws ana spanning; ouu ol thousand mloaie. WKN. I.uitrj- MjIoA. 3:DO--UllK. C.itno. w I r H. KihoJ Pfister. whistler. W RKK. Bihle l"ture. WO. Sorsir: accordion Boh. Wi-KS. Army atr crp crater. W N4. Kvanircl radio hour. W I'l II. ltan.io Kddl. WtKI. I. Apreu Midi. WKV. liuttruruental duo. S t. Bremer eiectne hour. HKr'. SpeH,h." Vida Suttoa. K. J.'..hioos: sona. .in uk:ll l.eorire Durant. baritone. HiiK. Cui Hock. "Dati"; yuuih . in music. W I'l II. Kidio ewwthearU. WKKK. William Neas. noiia. W U. Tea musk!. Ml II V. Tea niuaix uilV. Red hut. ui.hs. Aleuu Sanderson, tenor: . . x u . i ..-.it ti fdterft. ' " KAF. and JiS. Dwiication of Bok bird carillon. Mountain Lake. Kla.: addreaa by Premdent tooi iti;e. -nn uni a Stock aaotationa. un II. Knivmhle: HclniM and Smith duo. WW T. Symphonic proeram. WMt-v Y M. C. A. period. W K. l. S. hoolJroi;ram IlKM, Astor prosram. a. it uok. liamtrier tea time mii'ic. BKM". Kathryune AUe. Bono; pi.iUO. :nt WIHI1. M.ttt.y and At. harmony. Wt.KS. Inp-rniUional affairs. 4:4,1 wt. John McAaiupbeU. soas. WOK. 1'o.try viulin recital. Wt.KS. Kraneea Gold, Puiia Hilt. Evelyn Novak, aon. WltNV. Itaribme: 'arm forum. 5:0O Wr. Miu-Uet hurh spots. W K F. Florida citrua grower. HJ. "Is Wtimru Leuare a Ble-sli.K":'' W II II. Nickels trio. WKIK . 1'erry s trio. Hill. Pnrniar Perkins, children WOKS Weath-r; ne; Edua Pay-il.-n. doners. WBNV. 1'iano: Hurley players. Wfr.lt). Wooduaven tudtoi3. 3:l. Wt. Muunapal reterenee library. W J. Andrew Laurence, teuor. WOK. i.ombaidy orclietra. 3:30 HMI. Air lolleie: -MasteTi of I I'oetry." WKVI1. Joliy Bill and Jane. HI Sto. ks and finance. Hi:tl). Tea time tunes. 4:4!. Ivy Sunt, soprano. W ft II. Edwin Howard, violin. HKNV. l.aket.bvre orchestra. 6:00 P. M. UNTIL 9K)0 P. M. e:rU Wir. Beatrice CoUyer. musn aie. Vtl.VI. Waldorf -Astoria dinner music. WOK. iiawaii.ins. Wt l.l'. Albert Doney, baritone. WIlltK. Concert trio. WKNV. llaphat'l and Asierbloom. U.tHOl. HI.HL. I.ittmann program. HI, Wilson novelty orchestra. W I'l II. Kiein and GaLatil. suogs. HMi. Air c-oUeee: "A Oiukcna lwh." Wm. Market prices. WltltK. Bible lecture Wtt.l. Uavrid Belaswky, recitation. :0 HMI. I:iementary French. Wfr;.fr-. l;avut'ttoa twins. WOK. l iicie ln. Ciopiu's eiiht. WI'H. lio top bus: theatre re- view. WKNV. AVU.I . WKIIO. 6:13 A Vllt . AA KN V. Winnie Balfour, aorurs. Metva trio. Sports. Children stories. Euiia Jettls melodies. N. D. VVmklcr. ptajuo. I.At L. A China Misbioner's WBBK, Greek proeram. :0 AM. Advanced trench. AAVI'. Uapp.v wonder bakers. AA OK. I.ewtuw's orchestra. AA I.. Time; iuidt trio. WABC. Times: prosram summary; H irry Tucker s orchestra. VA K N V . s,-a tJnll ensembia All Ml,. Paulist ieacue; orchestra. WBNV. The Crusaders. 7:1 Wl. Squibb health talk. W K N V. Kadio blue birds. HI HU U iei ion box AIBNV. Whisierin- serenade rs T-.ZO MMC. Time; police aiarms; weather: snow warntmrs. AA All . Miduiahade, entertainer. Ar;'. Ben Bernies orchestra WOK. Mrs. Marie I. Klias d resell is WJ. Dixie ctrcti. W KN V. Variety concert. WBNV. Victorians daboe orchestra. MWi.H. Irish hour. S OO WKAfr. Cities Servic orchestra -Cavaliers. WOK, Chunes: Crytstal Gsser WI Caroline Andrews, soprano. 50 ' hMwZ.fctjtf- $x Weekly If, Used PLAYERS 30 Rolls $135 MUST REDUCE STOCK BEFORE TAKING INVENTORY. YOUR chance is here if you were waiting for a bargaia sale. This opportunity comes but once a grands, uprights, players and electric be sold regardless of price. IN THIS LOT OF USED STEIN VV AY, SOHMER. WEBER HAROMav KNABE. CHICKERING AND OTHERS $215 AD UPWARDS CHEERING UPRIGHTS US. EVERY ONE GUARANTEED. EASY TEJlMsI PIANO MANUFACTURERS EXCHANGE 21-433 W. 28th St. at 9th Ave.AALOQ Six Outstanding Features Offered by N. Y. Stations. 8:00 P. M. WELVF (434), Cities Service concert. 8:30 P. M. WOR (422). Then and Now. 9:30 P. M. WJZ (391), Philco hour. 10.-00 P. M. WEAF (454), National concert bureau hour. 10:00 P. M. WJZ (394, Hudson-Essex challengers. 11:00 P. M. WOR (422), Ernie Gulden's orchestra. WBC. Aviation activities hottr. WK'. Hei!rh-ho musical comedy. H H AP. Sm.iio music. 8:1.T HJ. F'hoes of the Orient. IIRVV. Want and Carpenter, duo. WH I William Anderson, talk. H .io WOK. Then and Now. Wl. Armstrong Qn.ikers. H ABf . Rinidbach Jewelers. WKNV. Ouan recital. W WSO. Jack Valle. tike. HSt.H. Alishule and Diva, somrs. WkltO. Banjo Boy: Jeff Burkett. ta!h. :4.S W fl VP. Franklin Ford, talfe- KMNi. Marts Larocaa. Minir. WSOIi. Iave Narrows, tike. 9:00 P. M. UNTIL MIDNIGHT. :W WMfV Dr. Fenwick Holmes. HKti. An evening in Puns. WOK. True Story hour. Wl.. Wrislev review. H tH('. Tr;imp' Tramp! Tramp! Wll. Liitmuil hour. VtWM. Orsan recital. WMst,. Boxiujf boms from Madison Si'in.-ire Canien. :JT WHIP. Studio music. W Mill. Orchestra. :;;o W lit v. Kjs1o.hi plates. A fr'.AF. Schra.lertowa braa band. Wl. Phil.-o hour. W VBf. Dream Makers' studio. AV A AM. ;ooel tanern.'R'le. WHVP. Talk. "Americanns." 0:00 At vm A. Rainbow orchestra. WKAF. National concert bureau hour WOK. T'nited choral singers. AA I. Hudson Essex challeugen. AAABC. ADselt'8 orchestra. AAIIN. Hour of dance music, AA'AVAt. Grill Ion music. AVHAP. Iroies;ant selections. W BIH, Boxmit bouts. AA Nl. Russian Palace prosram. AA AA K L. Dan. music. I0:,'!0 AAAH A. Little orchestra; enter-tiinero. WOK. Thirty minute men. AAJ. Phil Spitalny's music. AAABC. Al Lynn's orchestra. W AI. Four Towers orchestra. AAII AP. Reading listeners' letters. 10:4. AA MSG. Eddie Woods, tenor. llrOO AA Ml A. Harold Ven s orchestra. WF.AF. St. Rc?!8 orchestra. AA OK. Time; weather: news: Ernie Gulden's orchestra, ATI. Slumber mnsic. W ABC, Colored 'hievement hour. AAIIN. Orsan recital. H A AM. B.'llevilSe orchestra. AA BN A . Connie's proirram. AA AA Kl.. Faye and Hauser, sollgrs. AA'NI. Orlen Burt, piano. 11:1.1 AAHN. Oiean recital. AABNY. Smith's orchestra. 11:110 AA OR. Heiffh-ho orchestra. AABNV. Sterling Grant, tenor. AIHN. Hour of dance muaic. WBKC. Cat's Meow. W'NJ. Popular proirram until 3 a m. AV AA K L. Theatre organ. l'i:00 AAAICA. Wani-N'esbit proirram ; Moonlight entertainers. WIIV. Dainv. music; oriran recitals. AA BN Y. The Nighthawks. OUTSIDE NEW YORK. WON (416 Meters), Chica-o. (The Chicago Tribune station on the Prake hotel. 6:OOp. m.. The boob worm. 6 :30 p. m., Marshall Field Co, s air castle. ? :00 p. XTncle Quin's Punch and Judy show. 7:7."A p. m.,Closins stock quotations. 7 ::tO p. m Coon Sanders' Nighthawks. 7 :Mt p. m.. Old-fashioned slraanaci. B:Oll p. m.. Radio fltiorwalker. SUSO p. tu Burjois program (from New York.) 9:3 p. m.. Jean Goldkette and bis AYGN orchestra. 10H p. nu, W'GN otiera company. 1 1 :IHI p. m.. Tomorrow's Tribune 11:15 p m. Louie's riunsry Five 1 1 U10 p. m., Jean Goldkette and his WGN orchestra: Flavio Piasencia. baritone; WGN concert or- OFF rHik Out GRAND $215 year. 314 grands will Tiaie Paraieats Tear's Gnanntee I For those who were in the mood for broad comedy and some excellent singing, the Aunt Jemima skit at WABC last night just about filled the bill. That is, it was good blackface vaudeville, but by no means authentic as a picture of southern colored folk. The title role characterization was the only one that achieved reality. This, however, was the fault of the con tinuity rather than of the players. The Fortune Teller period at WJZ was one of the brightest items of the evening. It boasted, in addition to good vocal and instrumental music, a first rate actor in the role of the Gypsy chief. . One of the hottest orchestras we have heard in some time agitated the air waves from the Village Grove nut club through WrMSG. It was the California Collegians, all of whose members are blind. The other big attraction was Baby Esther, ace of all child entertain ers, bhe s a wonder. If vou're a famous aviator or aviatrix. you're certain to receive thousands of letters, many of the crank variety. At least, so we judged after hearing Amelia Ear- hart describe some of her mail during her. interesting talk at Va JZ. One of the best balanced pro grams of the evening was the Sonora half hour at WOR and WABC. It was an appealing pot pourri of popular music. But we must protest against long and frequent advertising talks that interrupted its progress. ohestra. 12:00 mid.. Dream ship: Jean Goldkette and his WGN orchestra; Coon Sanders' Nighthawks. AVCAP Ci.'tt Meter-). Anbury Park. 7:l p. m.. Dinner music. 8:00 p. m Mildred Simons, soprano. 8:1. p. m., Kntieth Goodall. accordion. 8:30 p. ra Freehold male nnartet. WH , :!.- Meters!. Philadelphia. S:0O p. m Address: Elsie Craig, cellist. p, m 4-H Club t rier: news. 6::t0 p. m Kaybesiog program. WIP I9! Meters). Philadelphia. S:CM p. m.. Victor Herbert program. C::tO p. m.. Charles Warren's orchestra. 7 :O0 p. m.. Roil call; birthday list. 7 :.'tO p. m., P. R. T. instrumental quartet. 8:00 p. m Hajoca Musical Shower. OHMIp. mThe Melodique trio. 10:IHI p. m.. Dance music. 11:15 p. m.. Organ recital. WPG f3 Meters). Atlantic City. 8:00 p. m.. Dinner music. 8:4-V p. m.. Playground Pals. 9:15 p. m Steel Pier minstrels. 10 :00 p. m.. Organ recital. 11 :1 II p. m.. Dance orchestra. KA AV-KI'K CiSM Meters). Chiracs. 6tl) p. m Cnele Bob. 7 :0;t p. m., Johnny Hamp's orchestra. 7 :.IO p. in.. Dixies circus. 8:00 p. m.. Same as WJZ. lOt. p. in.. Orchesira. 1 1 ::tO p. m.. Slumber music l'iNI p. m., Edgewater Beach orchestra, 1:00 a. nl.. Insomnia club. AAGY 38 Meters). Schenectady. 6:45-8:00 a. m.. Same as WEAF. 10:00 a. m Same as WEAF. l':00 noon, "Teeth. Health. Happiness. 12:1 1 p. m.. Produce market: farm flashes. l':45 p. m., Stock reports. 1 ::to p. m.. Television transmission. :00 p. m Phil Romano's orchestra. St.'tO p. m., WGY household chats. 3 :'iO p. m., Rochester Philharmonic orchestra. 5:00-5:30 p. m.. Florida citrus program. 6 :t0 p. hi., St.- k rettoris: produce market: farm forum: news. 6:30 p. ro., Raybestos program. 7 :00 p. m.. Union college speaker. 7:15 p. m.. Dinner music. 7 :-'.- p. m.. Health talk. 7::to p. m.. Arpeako minstrels. 8:00-11:00 p. m.. Same as WEAF. i et This Bulova Today f j BUY this beautifully engraved Ladies' Bulova watch at tha nationally advertised cash price and pay on our liberal terms. It's the popular rectangular design, with guaranteed 15 Jewel movement protected by the "dust-tite" cap that keeps out dust and dirt. Comes with beautiful filigree expansion bracelet; engraved to match case. Buy it today and tomorrow 50c a Jamaica Stou 1656 Broadway JAMAICA AVfNVf n Considered purely from the stand point of artistry, the Milady's Must-cians period at WJZ was the liigh mark of last night. It was devoted to the music of the Bach family and ! featured Hans Barth, harpsichordist, Both WEAF and WJZ will broadcast at 3:45 p. m. today the address of President Coolidge at tha dedication of the Bok bird carillon at Mountain Lake, Fla. The President will be on the air for a half hour. Mrs. E. A. Schlescher of Brooklyn inquires whether the character of "Main Street" of WOU and -Real Folks" of WJZ are portrayed by the same players. For "her benefit, and for the others who have asked this question, the an swer is: rso. Edward B. Husing, better known as Ted Husing to the radio millions who have followed his sports announcing, has been appointed studio director of WABC, the key station of the Columbia system. Ila will, however, continue as announcer for special events. w Replace all your tubes once a year A good radio set will give year of fine service if you put in a brand new set of RCA Radio-trons at least once a year. Don't leave any old tubes in with the new ones. Radiotrons are the Heart of your Radio Set Pay50cDown-50caWeeki Bay It at the Advertised Cash Price on our liberal terms oc down- week. ftKOAKMw) STORf FtITON HMtl Mear New York St. OPF.N EVENINGS IMU 9 O'CLOCK i

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