Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 22, 1957 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1957
Page 6
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LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY Saturday Evening, June 22, 1957. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribunt Sere* NOW IS THE TIME! BETTER LIVING CHECK THESE ADS FOR IDEAS, VALUES Drips Drive You Daffy? Here's How to Fix Them Drippy faucets arc «o easy to fix that no homeowner should pat up with sleepless rights bo- cause of them, claims' the National Association of Plumbing • Contractors. Here, in a few simple steps, la hovr. the homeowner can get r. better night's sleep—and save money on his water and fuel bills at the same time. Tho first step of course, is to turn or? the water. In most modern homes, a "shut-off" »alv« for both the hot and cold water faucets is located just under the fixture where the supply line comes out of the wall. No "shut-off" valve T Then chut off the main water valve, usually located near th« water meter. Trying to take a faucet apart without turning the water oft first produces somo pretty spectacular results — and some mighty irritated housewives who have to mop up the mcssl After shutting of? the water, open the drippy faucet far enough to relieve the pressure in the supply line. The second step (Figure 1) la to loosen the "bonnet nut" by The "business end" of tht faucet is a small brass cup containing a washei which is held in place with a brass screw. Remove the screw, as show in step four (Figure 3), and replace the worn washer with on* EXACTLY the same size. Figure 1 turning It counter-clockwise with a "flat-jawed" wrench. To prevent marring the fixture, line the jaws of tho wrench with leather or adhesive tape and turn GENTLY. For step thre«, gently turn the faucet handle in tho "open" direction (Figure 2) until lh» valve item comes out. flgui« Figure-3 Finally, replace the faucet handle the same way you removed it, being careful to tighten the "bonnet nut" firmly, but not forcefully. Restore water service by opening the "shut-off" valve, then recheck the faucet. If water oozes out by the handle, try tightening the "bonriGt nut" another half turn. If that doesn't work, call your- plumbing con- tractor—tho packing is probably worn out, too. If, after replacing the washer, tho faucet still leaks, chances are that tho valve scat is worn or corroded. Resurfacing the vnlve seat is a job for the plumbing contractor. It takes special equipment—and skills— to resurface the valvo seat without permanently damaging the faucot. Of course, tho homeowner can save hiniHclf time and trouble —and the risk of damaging tho drippy faucet—by calling his local plumbing contractor in the first place. For a very slight additional charge, tho plumbing contractor will replace the washers in all the faucets in tho home and check tho valve scats at t;hc samo time. A little drip can wast* a surprising amount of water—us much as 7,500 gallons a year. If the drip is from tho hot water faucet, » substantial part of tho homeowner's fuel bill is also going down tho drain. If one faucet starts leaking, others arc auro to follow. By having all washera replaced at the samo timo by his local plumbing contractor, the. homeowner can aavo himself tho cost of additional service calU. Winamac Man Gets Philosophy Degree WINAMAC—Kclward V. Crabill son ot Mr. and Mrs. ICdward Cni- bill Sr.. !K>7 N. Monl'icello street,. received his Doctor of Philosophy] at odd heights and distances degree June 0 at NIJW York Univcr- along the fence. Paint the frames s jly_ in bright oranges, reds and ycl- ' ' ' lows and use tlioin for shelves for potted (lowers and plants. The solid estate type fence nf cither Color in Your Fence Want a bit of variety in a solid estate type fence? Then build small frames of 2xfi Douglas fir or western red cedar and nail them firmly to solid fence wail All Filters Not Set for Same Duties CLEVELAND, Ohio—Two hundred warm air heating and air conditioning engineers and research personnel took a close look at'the problem of keeping the air in a home clean and free of dust, dirt, lint and other assorted types of "air-borne" junk. Under the guidance of a panel of air filtering experts addressing the Second Annual Technical Conference of the National Warm Air Heating and Air Conditioning Association, they learned that all furnace and air conditioning filters are not'the same, nor have they all been designed to do the same type of job. •Both the public and the trade have been confused by the conflicting claims pf different types of filter manufacturers as tp what their filter can do," stated Dale 0. Bender, Chief Sales Engineer, Research Prod. Corp., Madison, Wisconsin, "Filter manufacturers are honest and the filters wiil do what they claim. But a filter which is suitable for one job may not be • suited for another job." Bender stated, "For some uses high efficiencies are not required. The 'A inch thick filter placed in a window-type conditioner is not put there to remove the very small, minute impurities in the air. It is put there to coKect the lint and large impurities which might clog the cooling coil and reduce the unit's functioning ability." Filters come in a variety ot types and styles. One type is called the "impingement" type and consists of- a panel of metal baffles or fiber strands coated with oil-like adhesives. The air passes through the multiple layers of filtering material, changing direction frequently and suddenly, leaving the dust particles impinged on the coated surfaces of the filter material. The user may choose between the "replaceable" type of panel filter and the "washable" type. Replaceable type filters are intended for one using, after which they should be discarded and replaced with new filter units. Washable type filters can be cleaned, re-oiled and reused indefinitely. HERE'S HOW... MAKE AN ALL-PURPOSE WALL When remodeling, mor» Hva- bility is provided by an all- purpose wall. Doors may be of hardwood plywood, or solid The dimenilom of the project will depend on the wall area available. When this has been determined, make the frame. Extend the center sub-frame 19% depth desired. Cut-out * apace in the plywood for the TV. Moulding ia used to fact th« cut-out Panel the interior of the bar section before adding the shelves. The cabinet doors are %-inch hardwood plywood. Th« wall doors are made of 1 by 3-inch lumber with Vi- in the media. This results in the removal of fine dust and smoke particles." The third type of air filter signifies the advent of electronics into the field of air cleansing. It uses electronics to build up an electrostatic field. As air enters the filtering unit through an ionizing chamber the dust particles in the air stream receive a positive electrical charge which makes them eager to adhere to inch hardwood plywood panels. ™ aKes inem easei «, mm<=i B «, Allow 1/16 Inch on all sides of the negatively charged collector lt?74 lUCIItJB iritu* line wall, wjn end sub-frames 23 inches from • the wall. Attach the frame to ' the ceiling and Boor joists with ! 16-penny nails. Attach hori- ' zontal cross braces for the c ' shell supports, TV The shelves can be /IfisN A 1] DowCL \ 1 coonnuuej and Hi-Fi. made any i Ulow 1/16 inch on all sides of tie cabinet and wall doors for learance. Attach the door nobi, friction catches and oor stops. Set all nails and fill the hole* rith wood putty. HYWOOB «u*a 'OUHRTER ROUND or MWL • ^^J^^ . COOP 8ECTIOW SIM VIC W occur* UIC , S&OOfl HNCLJ famine TRM i ' v ttSvrocK / 4 rwKw 1 ' f '*•* ^octc V ,: ¥== UsJ f L ul— jip-EJ, " AU. •TOCX- f H»J ;!f* : *'-g^S'tt j \ V • v: W) •TWWH -JlllZITOCK WLSlLlh F i 0 r i r rv/xxi \ |^>*X>J \ TV (HI PI 1MK 1 -. 1 ' | - ^ NB&iL N«tlon»l LumW Huulutanra A»iooI«U<ra microns in size, their effectiveness diminishes. For that reason [hey are not exceptionally effective on 'fumes, gases and von"" 1 ;. But they will remove pollen wn.-n is well above the 10 micron size." Another type of filter ia that called the "charged media" type which utilizes both force, such as is used mechanical in the ' im- pingemenl" type, and electrical tween fibers are polarized by induction so that one side of the particles is positively charged and the opposite side carries an equal negative charge and they are thusly attracted to the nearest fiber of opposite charge." Bender also said, "The effect of the electrostaUc charge is to collect the particles impi Dgei small, micron-size dust that would escape the nent filtering action with- plate located in the unit George F. Landgraf, Vice President in Charge of Engineering and Research for Trion, Inc., McKees Rocks, Penn., states that " ., . . this type of precipitator can effectively remove practically all particles of air-borne contamination from the air stream." He said, "The electrostatic filter has become available" for a very practical application in anything from a dwelling place to the largest skyscraper, or from the small instrument laboratory to the largest installations in textile mills. In fact, anywhere where ventilated air is moved through •a duct, it may be effectively filtered of practically all contaminates which are not gaseous !n nature." Roll Roofing Good For Flashing Job All roofs need extra protection at points where junctions occur, such as around chimneys, ventilating stacks and in valleys formed by two slopes meeting an angle. • Flashing is used to seal such joints. An effective and easy-to- handle flashing, widely used with asphalt shingles, is mineral-surfaced roll roofing. An 18-inch-wirie strip of roll roofing is centered lengthwise in the down. On top of this 3G-inch- wide strip is placed with the mineral surface up. After this is nailed to the roof, the shingles are applied so that they cover most of the flashing and complete the sealing job. Ten Jap Miners Killed SAPPORO, Japan (UP) — Tea miners were trapped and killed when a gas explosion ripped through a coal mine in the village of Izumi Friday night, it was reported today. fnrce, supplied by a high-voltage, direct current electrostatic field. According to Earl M. Evans, Technical Director, Ainer Glass Div., American Air Filter Co., Louisville, Kentucky, who described this type of filter, "Each little fiber in this type of filter carries a charge of varying voltages, thus creating an electrostatic field of force between adjacent and con-verging fibers. Many of the fine particles in air, particularly smoke, carry a small electrostatic charge of their own and, upon entering the field between the fibers are drawn immediate- "Gcnerally speaking, panel- j ly to a fiber of opposite polarity, type filters are extremely cffec- just as one pole of a magnet at- live on lint and on impurities above 30 microns in size," said Bender. "On impurities below 10 tracts the opposite pole of another magnet, Uncharged particles entering the electrostatic field be- . Tho Winamac scholar was granted a teaching fellowship, following his graduation from Dcl'auw University, in 1952. Dr. Crabill is an Instructor in anatomy ut Albany College of Medicine, in Albany, New York, and will receive a grant from that institution to conduct research in the college laboratories during the I summer months. Dr. Crabill is a member of Sigma Chi, national honorary science-re search fraternity. fir or cedar may he left to weather or it may he painted some neutral color. The contrasting color of t!ie square frames will make your fence distinctive and beautiful. CARTER'S Concrete Block Plant BLOCKS for HOME and INDUSTRY MONT1CELLQ, Ind. Phone 624 Like a Million New wood paneled walls can make a house look like a million dollars, one of Uie west's leading home decorators reports. Some older homes have been complete* ly redone just in the walls with a resulting market value far higher than its original cost. Variety is important if you plan on paneling more than one room. Try such varied woods as western red cedar, Douglas fir or west coast hemlock in different rooms. The effect is striking. Sign of a Gracious Home Iron ornamentation of the entrance koy- notos tho warm hospitality and gracious living within the home. Many distinctive designs. Logansport Metal Culvert Co. 220 Honna St. Dial 5157 BALI) MEN CHARITABLE HI ROSA KI, Japan (Ui'l—Kitty rncmburs of a club for bald- licaded men have appealed U> the city assembly for a special privi- lc^c—a two-thirds reduction in the official liaircut price. Cut the price for them down to 50 yen (14 cents) each, Uio hairless ones promised and the 100-ycn difforence would So to a relief fund, for tho rieody. JELLED MAGIC Drlpless Wall Paint Needs No Stirring HYMANV STORE HOME OF LIONOIL Paint, Wallpaper, Radio, TV 530 N. Cicotl Phoen4423 or 21883 o MODERNIZE! It'. MASONRY • Colored • Modernized • Streamlined Peru Brikcrete Co. 479 Adams Ave. Peru, Ind. STOP WASTING FUEL . . . BRING YOUR HEATING PLANT UP-TO-DATE WITH AN "EXTKA VALUE" UlEll-mdAIN OIL BOILER Wcil-McLain Oil Boilers arc designed specifically to burn oil with greatest economy . . . with large capacity engineered into compact, space-saving units. Back and forth fire travel through dccp-finncd flucsi prevents heat waste up the chimney . . . cast iron construction assures years of dependable operation. Enclosed in handsome, easily cleaned jackets. Available in sizes fot homes, apartments, com- mcrcial and industrial buildings. PHONC TODAY No obligation in finding o»t how reasonably you c»n have modern, nutonitilk 'WtU-MclKUi oil he»l- in*. CALL YOUR HEATING CONTRACTOR Baker Specialty & Supply Co., Inc. FRH HEWING SUKVir . ...in .iirvnv your con,roc,or will I ,om. and r.comm.nd h.alln 0 «Hpm.nt .conomlcally »'« which k "" will EASY DISTRIBUTORS 701 Erie Ave. loganiport, Ind. LOGAN LUMBER House Paint SALE Paint your house now and save with our special prices on Kurfees House PaintsI EVERKLEEN self-cleaning HOUSE PAINT, PRIMATROL conlrollod penetration PR/MER $5-69 per gal. $5.59 per gal. • White and 1 3 colors • Brushes on easily • Lead-free, fume-proof ' * For priming only * Fills, seals and hides • Only one coal needed Ask far details' about Kitrjccs BUSTER PROOT House Paint! Paint your house, fence, garage, barn or any wood structure ,. . . BUY NOW AND SAVE AT Logansport Lumber Co. 719 Spencer Phone 3067 LIMESTONE FOR DRIVEWAYS Agricultural Limestone) (High testing in calcium and magnesium.) CALL US FOR FREE ESTIMATE! STUDEBAKER CONSTRUCTION CO. PAVING CONTRACTORS R. R. 6 Phone 5-6358 Modern Kitchens : in wood by Your choice nf bountiful birch or cxqmsilc* ph. nmh(.»K-'"iy cahincfs . . . new cmiunir stylini; . . . new ih'sii'.ns . . . unlimited possibilities lor practical and eilicienl jvrmipinuM . . . ndap(nbl«; (.o every lti(<'h«'M pl:m mid bmlKf:l. You'll be plt'jisanlly sur- firim'd nl the Uiw, low rost. o| H modern kitchen in wuod by Morgan. SEE OLOSSON FIRST reran- NINTH fr ERI E .fiAN5 P 0 RT. I NOIANA JESSE SHAW will air condition your entire house without a single drop of water I Water is expensive, wnler towers aren't beautiful. The air cooled Year-round Carrier Wcatliermaker doesn't use either. One simple control for heating and cooling. Painless payments. Let's talk il over. JESSE SHAW Camer 79 Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Sales & Service SO. 6TH - PHONE 4280

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