Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 22, 1957 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1957
Page 5
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Ifx Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Saturday Evening, June 22, 1957. NOW IS THE TIME! FOR B BITER LIVING CHECK THESE ADS FOR IDEAS. VALUES A SMAll HOUSE PUNNING BUREAU DESIGN NO. C-439-F DESIGN C-439-F. Here Ih a lot of home for those wanting efficient room arrangement In a compact rectangular plan. Adjoining the living room, a large kitchen with L-shnpcd cabinets provides ample space for dining. Entry to the full basement Is from the rear entry which has a handy coat closet. Simplicity lends distinction to the exterior of asphalt shingles, hip roof, wide siding and the living room picture window with a stone planter beneath it. Floor area Is 1388 square feet, cubage Is 24,472 cubic feel. For further information about DESIGN C-439-F, write the Smali House Planning Bureau, St. Cloud, Minn. In Canada, the Small House Planning Bureau of Canada, St. John, New Brunswick. Bathrooms Bringing on Homebuilding Changes Bathrooms are causing a revolution in homebuilding! Buyers are beginning to steer clear of sub-par houses with- a single, small bathroom. They are demanding two, three, and even four bathrooms in an "average" home. Color fixtures and newness of design are becoming musts. A look at homebuilding shows what's happening, in 1950 new houses averaged only one bathroom. Today the national average is more than one-and-a-half bathrooms with many areas reporting an average of two or more. Reasons behind this better bathroom boom are the population explosion, spiraling national income, credit financing, and government aids, reports the Plumbing Fixture Manufacturers Association. Then, too, there's a growing dissatisfaction with present living quarters—with houses that average .'10 years old and have obsolete facilities. Surveys show that two or every five families want to move this year-it belter homes Plumbing Code Vital Conquered diseases of the past can return to plague us if we relax out defenses." These defenses are plumbing codes, according to Dr. Malcolm A. Bouton, 1 commissioner of health, 3ity Health Department, Schenec- :ady, New York, whose article 'Plumbing Codes in Public Health," was published in a recent issue of the American Journal of Public Health, 'Between the years oE 1920 and 1929, there were 242 epidemics of .yphoid fever and dysentery re- >orted in these sanitaion-cpnscious Jnited States, resulting in 9,367 cases of typhoid 'fever and 84,345 of dysentery, with 630 deaths," Dr. Burton says. "Thirty-five per cenl of epidemics occurred • in cities laving population of over 5,000 and served by public water supplies several being reported from major metropolitan centers of this country." After pointing out that such out breaks are the exceptions Dr Bouton says that "one of the grea( achievements in American publi< health has been the virtual wiping out of those communicable diseases whicch are transmitted through drinking water polluted by human could he found at reasonable prices. The already expanding home modernization market is getting another big boost from these changes. Persons seeking prc mium prices for their used homes must keep abreast of the style They have lo offer the bcol in convenience—more bathrooms ac a start. If they don't, their homes, soon may be outmoded, ready for discard, or bringing a low resale value on the competitive market Used home sales are now 35 per cent ahead of last year, part ly because this modernization ha. added eye-appeal and buy-appeal But the used home market i virtually untapped. People an just becoming aware that frcsl paint, a new room, or a repairee porch aren't enough. The hear of a home—its plumbing and it heating system—must he re modeled to give a new lease on life. Of course, people can't buy better homes and more bathrooms without money. They need higher take-home pay checks. Here too, the better bathroom boom gels a green light. Earnings Jump The average family's earnings have jumped from $2,210 in 1MI to $°I,<m in 1955. Taxes have multiplied five times la Ihut period and living costs have increased 81! per cent. Nevertheless, the living standard, on the average, ha.fi risen 25 per cent. Then, loo, taxes have lowered hif'hcr wages have sharply increased living standards of the hulk of American families. This, of course, lias been reflected In the cleituiml fur better dwellings. A far greater number of home buyers want and can afford houses with oddcij convenience and comfort. And economists believe the average family's income will double again by 10(15. from $4,421 to $8,500 a year. High Uixos and full employment also have helped eliminate the servant class in America. Home owners now work around the yard and in the house, getting a heller picture of thing!! they never noticed before. - Poor functioning, tnndcriualc facilities which cause irritation nre more likely to be modernized. Changes in homo financing have accelerated Ihe trend. With higher mortgages, people ure buying bigger homes and better facilities. They're willing to commit them •elvM for up to 30 years with low MW» payments and easy credit terms to get the house they want The same holds true with the modernization markel. It's easier lo get loans for improvements which lend to restore the value and comfort of an older home. While incomes arc skyrocketing and the home's getting its due attention, America's population is getting new patterns, demanding changes, and multiplying. Young couples are married far .Donor in life and havo larger amilies than 20 or 30 years ago. n 1D-15 there were 2.7 million Mrlh recorded, The current 4 mil- ion mark will give way to birth •utes as high as 6 million by the early I970's. At Ihe other, extreme wo find .hat oldsters arc multiplying twice as fast as youngsters. In 1055 there were 14 million persons over 65. Thai's 25 per cent more than ]0!>0. Youngsters, too, made a 12 per cent gain in the same period. All of this—earlier marrying, longer living, and bigger families —put stress and strain on the bathroom. Because children am: older people are home mosl ol the day,- obsolete single bathroom homes are not able to carry the extra truffle. Additional bathroom facilities arc becoming musts. A tremendous increase in the number of working wives also waste. "In this work of health agencies acting under the police powers re served lo the states in the federa Constitution, have made wide us of plumbing codes of variou types." In discussing the problems con fronted by health agencies in draft ing suitable plumbing codes Dr Boulon says that organization, claiming to represent homeowner, may go to great lengths to ford provisions into the code which wil allow the homeowner to do al his own plumbing within the fou walls of hie home. Iri commenting on this situation Dr. Boulon says "homeowne plumbing is a dangerous praetic from the public health point o view," Dr. Bouton reviews the progres .hat has been made in Ihe dlrcc of a national plumbing cod thai "the combine of professional, in lion and says knowledge duslry, and government group parlicipallng in this work include ivory aspect of plumbing." Among the organizations whic- are represented on a- Commilte which has been active in the d velopmcnt of a national plumbin code are Ihe American Public Late Starters Can Still Get in on Gardening's Fun Exposed Wood Surface Has Soothing Effect Decorator Claims You don't need to take tranquilizer pills, says a well known interior decorator, it you live in a home that has a liberal use o£ exposed wood surfaces. The soothing effect of wood is what appeals to many people, says Mary Loomis, well known member of the American Institute of Decorators, i It seems to me, she observes, that a room decorated with well chosen wood paneled walls is so tranquil it is difficult to be upset or disturbed in such ideal surroundings. "I would suggest different woods I for different rooms," Mary Loomis 'points out. "For instance, western •ed cedar paneling is excellent for a room with mucli light, for this soft, subdued autumn these woods in setting the tranquil factor of a room, Miss Loomis observed, yet the texture and character of wood, too, exerts a subtle influence which must be recognized. It is a combination of these several qualities of wood which gives it its incomparable importance and value. Latc-startlnK gardener* sUH bj^ve tlm« to *ee flowers like ibew beautiful nasturtium tjils summer. Mignonette, Schlzanthus, If you have been a lltUe slow to seed your garden this year, don't worry about it. There's still time to beat the Phlox. For gardening's ten o'clock scholar, nature has provided a string o( quick-to-grow, easy-to- plant annual flowers. By picking the lost sprinters in the flower world, the late-starting gardener will see blossoms in a matlor of weeks. The choice of flower types will be narrower than earlier Jn the season, but the beauty and joys of accomplishment are still there. In short, it's never too late to gel in on gardening's fun. Late season planting is just as easy as gardening nt any other timo of the year and, In Inct, follows the same simple procedure. In addition to Phlox, which has already been mentioned, annual flowers which germinate within five to ten days after sowing include: Sweet Alynsum, Amnranlhus, Aster, Calendula, Calliopsis, Candytuft, Cclosia, Centaureu, Chclr- nnthus, Cosmos, Dinnthus, California Poppy, Godctla, Linarla, Lobelia, Lupins, Marigolds, Nico- tinna (flowering tobacco), Portu- Laca, Viola, Zinnia, Nasturtium. The fastest growing annual is leptosync Sltllmnnil, producing yellow daisies, which flowers in nve weeks from tho time seed 1 Is sown. In two more weeks zinnias will begin \}o bloom. The slowest growers of the quick germinating group are asters and calendula; but these will begin to flower in late August, and continue through the fall, when cool weather is to their liking. Giant zinnias are still most popular; with the super-giant strain leading because of the pastel colors of its blossoms. It is only obtainable in a mixture, but all the colors are harmonious, and they are lovely both as cut flowers and in the border. The small, bushy plants of the lilliput and pumila zinnias are growing' rapidly in favor. There are pink, red, orange, yellow and lavender varieties. Marigolds may bo obtained in sizes varying from thp tiny single flowers, halt an inch in diameter, which cover the dwarf bushy plants of tho variety gnome, to the huge six-Inch globular flowers of the Sunset Giants variety. wood has tones. a room which needs to be jrightened and made more cheer- ill, because of north or east exposure," she said, "I like to have t paneled in that perky, exciting west coast hemlock, which finishes .n blond to champagne tones. Douglas fir also makes an ideal wall panel material for almost any room in the home. It has a slightly reddish cast to its more golden coloring." Color is ever so important in Step-by-Step Plan Speeds Remodelling If finishing off your basement is on your list of home improvement jrojects for this year, you can save both time and money by start- ng with the outside walls, sug- ests the Better Basement Institute. It says that you should first make sure that the windows provide adequate light and that there is an exit to the outside. Adequate light and access will double the pleasure of your future playroom, it says, and the outside entrance will enable you to bring in big sheets of wallboard, plywood, etc., lalcr without disturbing the rest of the house. Frame Home Can Be Easily Expanded One of the outstanding advantages of a home with lumber tram- ng and wood siding is that it can je easily and economically expanded. No one realized this more than John Tyler, 10th President of th» United States. When Tyler purchased a wood home some 30 miles from Richmond, Va., in 1842, he proceeded lo more than double its size until it was 300 feet long, one room throughout, with the main portion two and a-hall' stories high. The Tyler mansion, now occupied by a grandson, is believed to be (he longest dwelling in the world. But Tyler had a real need for such a large home, being the father o£ 14 children. The first use of the abbreviation U.S.A. was to stamp approval on barrels of gunpowder made at a mill near Frankfort, Pennsylvania, tor Washington's Army. One-Piece Roof A solid slab of..2x4s nailed together in one full deck, narrow edge exposed, make both a roof and ceiling and requires no roof framing. It saves money, has beauty and texture in exposed ceilings, and can be built of lowest grades of Douglas fir or west coast hemlock 2x4s. Ideal, says the West Coast Lumbermen's Association, for open area homes. Health Association and tho National Association of Plumbing Contractors. A cloud person may vote, legally, if he mails an absentee ballot and (lien dies before election day. ing morning rush hours. Today there are "J2 million working wives —an increase of 7 million since 1940. More and more women attracted by the extra incomes they can carry home, will • pain the working force. All of these developments, the changes in the public and its habits, ure speeding up the trend toward belter living and strengthening tho belter bathroom boom. Single bathroom homes are crowds bathrooms, pointing up I following tho wuy of tho dodo the need for more facilities dur-1 bird. Now is the time to have your HEATING SYSTEM CHECKED We sell and install new furnaces. Furnace cleaning and repair of aas, oil and coal fired furnaces. Expert workmanship. FOR FREE ESTIMATE DIAL 9882 PAUL MALOTT (Formerly Associated With Citizens Coal Co.) WE GUARANTEE OUTSIDE WHITE HOUSE PAINT TO UK KOUAL IN QUALITY & COVtiltlN'G CAPACITY TO ANY I'AINT AT ANV TRICE ANY JIKAND NOW ON TIJK MARKUT. U4HMHHMI DAVID'S Phorw 3167 LOW...WIDE...AND HANDSOME It's the new look in pre-engineered buildings ...and only Butler has it! Tho low«»t Coit Quality Way to Build a ... SUPERMARKET • AUTOMOillE SHOWROOM iNOUSTRIAl PLANT • COMMUNITY 1UIUBINO WAREHOUSE • RETAIl STORE • OYMNASIUM Build faster, the pre-englnccrcd way. And get a building as modern and attractive ns today'H newest architecture In this new Low PKOTO.X BuUci building. With Its nnlquerigld-framc construction, tho building bridged floor areas up to 100-ft, wide. No Interior pouts to limit layout planning, partitioning or decoration. Easy to apply architectural treatment. Easy to expand in future. Costs no more lo get'these advantages than ordinary flat-roof construction would cost. For details, coll..... FAUBER METAL BLDGS., Inc. P. 0. Box 496 ' Lafayette, Ind. Phone 2-0676 LOGANSPORTS COMPLETE AWNING CENTER • Canvas • Fiber Glass • Aluminum FREE ESTIMATES THE GRAY-MILL CO. 1302 E. Bdwy. Phone 2218 PORTABLE aid WINDOW FANS UP TO 30% OFF j?; 9 ° 5sciaAT! : NGFAN NOW 9.97 l^BBST QSCM.iAT.NG FAN ^Q^ 19.88 .-KIT* DBSK FAN NOW 9.97 £;^ CfRmATOR NOW 27.88 12" NATIONAL KNOWN OSC»L- LI fill/ t)M QO ATING FAN 29.95 IMUVl Z4.0O 20"'NATIONAL KNOWN WJN- Mf\Uf Q7 OO DOW PAN 49.95 NUW O/.00 12 HOUR PAN TIMER MAUf Q QQ $5.00 WUfw O./O Boat the Heat with a Montgomery Ward Circulating Pan HURRY SOME NUMBERS ARE LIMITED Now is tho ideal time for homo modernization and repair. . . South Side Lumber Co. would like to help you make these jobs easier. Quality Materials—Fast service and Fair Prices all add up to big saving for you. So check these values. CEMENT NO LIMitT $1.35 per bag Picked Up PLASTERBOARD BIG 4x8 $1.68 COMPLETE Sfierwin Williams PAINT DEPT. SUPER KEM-TONE and KBM-G10 Good supply of quality dimensional lumber and boards. Lot us figure your bill of material and show you value and savings. HAND POURING WOOL Will cool your room for more summer comfort. $1.05 per bag PLYWOOD FIR PLYWOOD Tho Material of A Thousand Uses. 4x8xVi AD $4. 16 per sheet CEILING TILE Celotox & Armstrong Colotox Acustical 12x12 ONLY 1 7c sq. ft. METAL CLOTHESLINE POSTS Well Constructed $5.95 each BEAUTIFUL MAHOGANY PANELING 4x8 Shoots with panel groove . . . only 27c sq. ft. Make your do-it-yourself job easier with power tools. Electric hand saws cut hours off construction time. Many time saving tools in our fool rental depf. South Side Lumber Co. 811 Burlington Av«. Phone 2319 For the busy Handyman OPEN SUNDAY MORNING 8:30 to 12:00

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