The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1931
Page 8
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TO BE PIBEB To Play On Banks of Barry Burn Americans Again Threaten - England's Chances for Triumph in Own Country BY CI.AIKK BUKCKV NBA Service Spirts Writer KEVf YORK—For thP nrsl Urn? In the history of BrlllMi OJIMI goll championships, which rradiiv back lo 1850 and lh» KOlf heroics of Prestuick's Trail Morris. Sr., Ihe 1031 event will be played nt Car• noustle. midway bclwcrn Edinburgh and Aberdeen, on the'. coast of Scotland. Following a custom born 10 y.-ars ngo, the British cvr-nt whlcli starts June I tignin loofcs like n typical Britlsh-Amcrlcnn flylit, to the exclusion of nil other wnrrinp forces. 'Defense of the Old World prestige, If any remains; depends almost entirely 'on the three Wlill- combE—E. n., 11. A. and C. R. who cnplains the- British Hydcr Cup team when they invade tliis country later In the month—Archie Compston. Fred Rclison, Harry Colton. Abe Mitchell and Roger Wclh- ered. There will l>? some others. . but any damage they may do wl!l be figured as an upset. America's Invading forces [lit. 1 ; . time will be without the mntclilos^ generalship of one Robert ')'. Jones, but in Ills place will be 10 or more very able lienteniints^Thcse Include Macdonaid and Horlon Smith, Wlf- fy Cox, AI Espinosa, Tommy Armour, Gene Stiiwon, Johnny Fvir- wll, Georse Voigt, Joe Klrkwoo:! and Tony Mruioro, France, too. will tentl her delegation, but only once has a Frenchman broken the-hold of Brills) and American players on the title Arnnud Massy turned the Irlck ti 1901. Augustc Boyc-r flnlslied nintl at Hoylake last year, a lone poili among Tommies and Yanks grabbed the first. 20 places. who I 'SMITH A "•^ ':?*. •'•'••v\- j^j: $&:&;i$f& : *£ -^VS-ifaVt? ' •'-•' fictoZ™*'';? •&lw^^' s ? i r«Wftf& , ~'~^-&:^ : ^-~- ' ; ^^;sp^-r • ••*•"— ^mi^* ***%^£-^- VAV ". 19-U M. SMITH FAUKKNt ESP1.VOS.V COX. iOORS 1IDE Allhcugh Cnrnousllc enjoys Hi. reputation of beins one of Ihe. bes courses—some say Ihc very best— .In the world, this famous old "gowf" links set down on the bai north of tin river Tay never ha, had the honor of staging the old est ofv all golf classics. This due, probably, tri Its close proxlm Ity to St. Andrews, bordering (h S3mc bav but south of the Ta, where the Open was played : early as 18C5. Still, on? can't-say that Cfirnou stle has been lax in producing he quota of Ihe famous. Old Bo Simpson started It fill bade In 186 Since then a steady procession of renowned professionals has branched out from this spot north of the Tay. Brother Jack Simpson, British Open champion in 188-1. was next after Bob, followed shortly by brother Archie, famed as the most fcraccful stylist of his day. Then came the Smiths—George. Alex. Willie and Mac—the Maidens, Jim and Stewart; Dave Bell and n host of others, And what would the game of golf be.todav had there been no Stewart Maiden? The correct answer to that one is that Iherc • probably never would have been a Bobby Jones. It was Maiden's sound teachings .as nrofessor of golf at East Lake Countrv Club. Atlanta, thnt fowled out the game of a youthful Jones. Alexander Cant, wrllini in Golf ti Deadlj Wesley Ferret! is a worklr.R man. IT.e no-hit pitcher nf thr Indians BOt that way by tisiirj his tnleiu vl:iM'.over he'col the chance. In It! 1 ? spring Irnlnim; cnuip, Ihero never was a hauler worker than Ferrell, nor one who paid stricter attention lo the rules of conditioning. If lie doesn't win 30 Kames tills Illylhcvilh-Clul) • is Momht'i' of Now Coif Association 'Hie Illythevillr- Country Club is a met!ib"r of '.he Northeast Arkansas Oilf n>:o:i:itiuii romjmul of clubs In Ihh sertinn of the state includln: .Iciii'slxn'o. Nr\s'|Kjtt, Helena and others. The niaiii-vlllc club will prob- | r.blv onlf-rliiin numbers of tile ns-j Allnnla scrlallun in n l::i:rmy i'.c-re prcb- • Nasiivlllo ... nbly I'i Jiine nr July. Members of j NCT Orleans Hie visrlt;:is ciuir, in the ais^cStt- j Mobile., lion are clh'.ibh to participale in - c;h:uttinr;o:ja the t'Hiuieys lo be lield twice a HOW ITHEY Yankees Win Serins from Scnalovs: Cleveland Wit', Macks Wallop l-lorschiclc The Cardinal-! continued to S!IO'A~ Ilic-ir her-N to the National LciiRiie i-( ntcncici.s will] nn extra inning' triumph over Mie I'irit'j-. yrsU-nhi :::• the (.iianls. c!:><[ li.'hijid. tircil and li;! LI hurliii! ciuc-i t. the P.obin:;. In i)ii' .'.in.'rica'i o'r- rnit llic l::d:nn=i \\erc id'.' but lh" Yanks polhlied o.'f (hi> Nats n^'tln by wav ol :,?inr'hiir4 nnii.s-jal and ih» Aihlrtie. l-c-il ilir U-.d IIo>;.-. Tin.- lied Bird, finally beat t!ic ]i;u-i In I ho !2!!i aflor a herlic hitile nt Plt'.sb'.irch. Tlie score wa:.. 13 lo 5. The whini:;;; run came i.n Gi'lbeit's trip]: 1 and a sinvle by Muilln. Cirhr...s pkclud 12 Inninijt: and svi.s I'letlJl'T] \vilh tlie victory. Mi'inr. \vho u-ent tin? entire IOI::P frr riltslmrvli was tlie loser. 'I hi- Kolnns and Giants met In a <:::im' Unit d:'veti>ix.'d into a real |i:ti-liinx due! between Walker and Hevir." nf I lie Gianls find PhMps unrt Quinn of the Dcxlwr.}. The winning tally was counted en Imr.' !iy bv Lombard!, pinch hit- tin; for riielpn in the seventh. Tiro^hT scurried home. The HoiJ bins i;ol but fot:r hits and the Giants (Ive. Thi' Philadelphia Phillies defeat- id the Boston Bravs lichlnd the ccnl pilchlng of Collins, 3 to 1. Pn'ir double plays helno-i !ht: Phiilv are at crucial points. Arlett lilt a honier. his fifth of the season foi ____ ^ Chuck Klein wns Injur- ~— '-"•—I cd In balling pr.icllrc and did nol Ilcu 1 can one avuid luslilt- shots? i:\|:luln tin 1 slKlilkrd sbol. c-'leans nml Crnckris linif- of Heavy in G^inos Yc-sti-nL-iv. Failure lo keep the h-.u^s close . lo the body is the riMbun |.jr nuny ! a shanked shot, llubby Join's kec-ps j his hands so close thd at titii'-'s ho; brushes his trouper teas. . • Purdnn a nmhii' lo do >!>e wort: i Rain m-veiHiM two panic* In I In of a tlirct ;>r f.)nr iron '.vi:i ruis? i V>:\i" c!n-iili Wi'dni'jdav but Hie I -a:-" « Ithn H.iriMK w.ilinml tin •I-'!-; ami f-.-iit InunMrmnemi tin' tin Maiden Team Plays At Moneltc Sunday 1 MONhriTK, All;. — One o! of ih» -.vondi-r \m of slnte nk '.\i.l llT.f. 1 Kim.lav ni- l-)"; T:-.' cr,'-:iri rr 1'iilv if Ml II- ll'i Ijntllr'j], h'.'fl ' »!,.,( Ti'l. Tinu-hslDiw ' v,- . Hie Harons ill 1 -' chili hits. lliothni! fi the |>Htc. Price was i'ehfr although Moon I'-VJ I ' i on.; of ih? !;•-,: In. ^iv.l br-s-o'Ul :i :\', ik : - t!"? t a-rj ll:-- : : ..: h-- 1 "i ' i;'-n- "I •*>.-> ; r fv : v '.i i /---"I :•'•• l.:,a til" S:. .ii>. vil! I;" «:'h iin:l h- a li'.- ll-l the l!:i!f-:. ]t;v < u ! un Irslii- Cracker InirV.T nl- JCIT pitchers wrrv piund- trored six runs In 'i" and Hie Crax I" the tlilrd. It wa<:i H 111" r-'-t r.f I In- w:iv ,;o<; iwindi'd Hir hall Or'n:\ns I'd- s The scmv ComUT N'rwi; '.Vanl Ads Pav. Fach Sunday MEMPHIS their bociy. Sa-nvinq \Viists causes \vith locked I throw thr ! year, perhaps uolxxly will—barrlnj;; innnlh. Grove. The day after his nn-hi; i llryon X!nr?e cf lids is ganic against the Browns. Kcrrell j dir,-;'lor of Hie :i.-isw.-hilo:i. warmed up in Ihe bull pen in Use! e^r'ot^n^;;," 1 '^ -" *»* <^ ^ first eleven games the Clcvebn-.l : team von, Fcrrcll won five—one ol' these as a relief pllcher In the ninth. l St. Louis ' Now York They as!: ru:d Rivr 1 no <|iii!-l?r. j 130F(nn ... The iwo teams hav^ ciii'^ln sr-nie' Pitt^bur^h of ll:e spirit of tint rivalry. Games between the Ti^ci.s and Up Slejts Gphrinpi'r. Mr. Ferrell believes in himself, sincerely. Your corrcspnndcnt had n little first- hand experience with he ycnnis man in Hint regard. At Tampa in the spring of 1930, Char-. ey Gehringcr happened to mention i) an Interview (Imt l:e deemei 1 Perrell somewhat overrated. Geh- rlnge-r expressed (he opinion Urn Wes would not win 15 games lhat rear. Arriving nt the Indians' training MED In New Orleans, your CJJIT.-- spondcnt happened to mention In newspaper men Gciirlnycr's 1m- lircsskm and prediction atom Ferrell. The aforesaid nc\vs;>ap:'r me;i Invc bc-eome tc : n^ battles. Tlner:; have ]i>.yrd f;ie^! Inll a : jaln.^t IVrrell, knoc's-ih^ hitn out o[ Ihe 1>3\ ri?cently during n Pun- ciav gnmc on the Indians' hem? field. Gehrinuer. ol 1 . was \\r;i!'... r nbDiit Forrcll's ability, which Is i:v. a Ilnsh In the pan. lln'. t:ie IJ;t:rir second bns^man. while adinUlin: that Ferrell is a bellcr pi'.uhsr llv.iii ho thought, retains el'.arming cnn- fidence In his own ability to knoci: hitn out of Ihe lot. And. once o; Iwlce, l:c has licl|j^d to do it. AlFD. once or luice. Fcrrcll Ins set Geininycr \vitlioni the semblance nf n scratch hit curliv n £ame. i Brooklyn . the Clnclnnuli W. 12 12 10 11 . !) . 7 . G Aincriran 1. j : Cleveland I New York | Philadelphia j Washington Detroit Chicago Br.ston ' W. 12 11 n 10 10 . 9 . C St. Louis a ••150 Pet .son .Gi)7 .025 .579 /17-1 .412 Pel. .GST .353' Jlacl<s Wake Up The New York Yankees look a :-ii n s from the Washington Sena- -rs for Ihe first lime in iwo seasons, Iwo out of three twines, and were duly cclebrathn. The scor^ ye.s'.i-relay was 10 to 7. Tiabo Ruth ai;<l Lyn T.arv of the Yanks. Blnegc ii!i<l Cronin of Ihe Nats lilt homers In a free slipiiiiT? panie that found th' Yanks with M bin ;!es an:t the Senators with 13 hits. Johnson wns the winnlnj and Fischer ihc Icsing hnrler. I'i!!indlng eu> la hits, th? world champion Athletics beat !he Coston lied Sox, 10 to 3 at Philadelphia. Poxx, Cochrane and Pick- r-iin? hit home runs. Roannell of the A's held the Sox in check A] Simmons pot live Slits out of five times ct bat. Young Tom Urldiees was the win- nins iiin-ler as the Detroit Tigers beat Ihe Chicayo White Sox, 9 to -1 ycslerdny. The Tigers nmde their hits count [o !al:o the Sox into camp. Two White Sox errors helped the Tigers' cause. The Clevelnnd-St. Ixiitis gain? in .500 the American ieaai:c was called off because of cold weather nnd Ihe Cincinnati-Chicago game In the clublu'Hd out. bfyond its inteiitied path. The best :rlvir^ would bo to loosen up a bit. noi only t!ie wrists hu! all muscles of il:e b^dy. •f03IORl!O\V: !lc:w nn one keep w.l batanrr in tl:i' cnlf s«iu^'? AYERH.I/S B.^TTIVO SPIti:i: FT! c:-v«!-." n-ir in -l c"ii!er- rur,^ ir the firs' National len<;ip postponed on' ac"oinit of rain. n tim'..: '.-•). t!ir,- i" a-ul r.:-;-. in il! % s n ("^n-l of ^ jb'n h?-.-!:'r In s?p!r.. n !»i-. ]9ir< the fin 1 . Hri! 1 ? lie lb-1 i':? juc rccoid of ei'slit runs dnv?:i I AND RBTl.'RN GOING— l.ravr Rlvil-.eville al 5:-!!! A. M. or 3:52 r. M. Sunday. RBTURNING-Leave Memphis as !nt3 as 11:20 P. M.. same day. ROUND TRIP FARE ~\*^*»^~ lost no lime in taking the glit.l tldiiiL's to Wes. Ferrell biis:l.".l hi-..papa wli;n mninnni trumps o::e uf i his very best, he had been odcred a CII.\--;:I;L-. ALont .5SO.OM tn:v- of suit a rnch year in the Uiut ces' It was as U'c:;-''. Stales. 30 per cent bein^ obt.iln from tlic cvarvora'irm of bvinc either natural or iirtilicittl. Teams f'alch 11. The first scries between Cleveland and Detroit tost yenr b.'om; .: the matter lo a head. UcUern {':•;- rell and Gehrlnger there aro;-j nrc rivalry. THE BEST MONEY Buy Planting Seed For Sale From Ulythevillc De'fos l Xo. 2. (W S"iO.OO J)fr (nn, (111, (o) ]ier (nn. Sepcl etiaranlcrtl jniro and jreniiinnlion lest W"-. Tlii? Jlis-De! is nun from bivetlirur station. Staple 1 1-8 inch, tliivrts itKclf. 'I'lio mo=t satisfactory colton I have ever grown. Prices h\ 0. 15. G rider. Maj. F. P. Jacobs 0 rill CM-, Ark. Illnistrated, openly predicts that the i "•«-•"*= British Op=n rfcord of 285 strokes. llls bat against Ferre which Bobby Jcncs set in IS127 at St. Andrews, will not be cr.daiiEsr- ed unless the calmest of wrnthcr prevails. He further reminds us that Cnrnonslle's Junes are rarclv calm, as summer seldom reaches the norlheast coast ol Scotland so carlv. This would indicate lhat J,fac- donald Smith might have the best chance of the American players to win the championship, smith has been.' practicing for the past month, while others of the Amrrlcan ccn- tlnjent have only bcsun lo think about obtaining (heir passports. Another point In Mac's favor is that his consistent accuracy from tee to green .should ptiy dividends, on his old home course. "Wlih hoks set to'every point of the compass tho winds that fen Csmousttc Impose heavy penalties for Inaccur- . acies. Barrj- Burn, a stream 30 feet wide, must be crossed and rc- crossed seven times on Nos. 1. 10. 11. 17 and 18. The stream also Is within reach of a hocked drive on the 16th. A smaller brook known as Jockic's Bum is encountered at Nos. 2. 3. 5 and 6. In addition there arc bunkers, whins, h;ath:rs. brooms, sand dunes, boundary fences and trans lo harass those who are susceptible to fits of wildness. GAMES TODAY Sonlhtrn I^afnc Memphis at Mobile. Atlanta at Birmingham. Chattanooga at Nashville. Little Rock at New Orleans. American league Chicago at Detroit. Cleveland at St. Louis. Boston at Philadelphia. Washington at Ntw York. National T.rajuc Philadelphia at Boston. New York at Brooklyn. Cincinnati at Chicago. «iti LouU nt Pittsburgh, RITZ THEATER Last Time Today Last Time Today Only nnthvciscr quality can insure tlie rcsultsyou expect. There's nothing HiitUvciscr Rarlcy- MaltSvrup ... A finer product is not available at any price — It is "the best money can buy," and will establish the facC that it takes precedence over nil others for flavor and wholcsomencss. Flear Tony CaboocS. ATiV.cuier- D--*ch'i one • ninn • raJio- »how e very S-UWT. lay T»s.tii over the C ir.,j Syitcra, eiser Barley-Malt Syrup \vilh .lAC'K OAK IK Stuart I'.rnin Vallftlr (irn'ti June Cnlljir i ou IV\I;K—RICH IN BODY n.Ud!; JUST RIGHT Atim.—Matinee—10 and —15 and -lOc. Atlm.—JIalincu and 10 and 25c. House of ANHEUSER-BUSCH ST. LOUIS nM .,, 9 Coming—"TUADKR HOUN" Coming—"SIIH'.MATKKS". Coming—"BAD SISTKK" DRESSES jfovely new plain shades and prints ! filter colors, shorter sleeves or nn sleeves At .ill, frills, t.iy-cs, boleros, sheer materials ... are ;lic signs of summer on these dresses. Cool, fresh stylis for ever)' occasion ... for sports, for the strce; .irul tr.uc-lint;. for aftcr- r.oon and evening. And, .is import^": a< the sm.inncss of the styles, is the thrift price . . . nuking a compleie new w.irdrobc possible! J.C. PENNEY GO. 220-222 W Aliiin St. Hlythevillc, Ark.

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