Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 22, 1957 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1957
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INDIANA: Partly cloudy, hot and humid tonight and Sunday; possible showers. Temperature 12 noon ninety degrees. [ "TOUR HOME TOWN PUBLIC UBRARt NOW IN OUR 113th YEAR HOME EDITION Founded 1844— For All Department* Phone 4141 LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, SATURDAY EVENING, JUNE 22, 1957. C»lI-Ltn*ed United Preu Wire Day Una NUrht Price Per Copy, Seven Cent* TORNADOES HIT NEBRASKA, KANSAS CARRIER SALESMEN TO SPEND WEEKEND ON DUDE RANCH Hells Canyon Dam Is Voted Thru Senate j Passage of Measure Which Now Goes lo House Considered Rebuff for President WASHINGTON (UP) — Senate Republicans today accused Democrats of swapping votes on the civil rights bill lo secure passage of a measure authorizing construction of a government high dam at Hells Canyon. The charges came as House supporters of ihc controversial Hells Canyon'bill planned quick action on the Senate-passed measure. The Senate, in a .slap at President Eisenhower, voted '15-311 Friday night for the government Nineteen carrler-Balfsmen for tli« Lnxannport I'haroH-Trlbiine and Hie Morning Press left the city Saturday iniirnlnK lo spend the weekend at lli<: Ughlning Dude Kanch (in liass I,like nl Knox. The carriers became eligible for Hie oiillng after they no Id a required number of sub scrlplions lo UK: newspapers. The group includes, left lo right: row I—Itobln Johnson, Burlington; Charlolli: Pelly, Hunker HIM; Jo Elaine Brown anil Christine Me' T)on;tld, <:lly; and (><l White, owner ami operator of the IJuilo Kanch. Knw 2 —Jim Carroll and Dale Jordan, holh of Logannpoi'l; Davu Kline, Rochester: Tom York, city; Knnnle .Shearer, ISoc.hesle.r; sieve SlnybnuKh, Akron; Julin Diiwns and Jim Hull, Imlli of the city. How i lions l.amllx, Tom Willy, anil Jolin McDonald, circulation department employes; Tim Anderuim, Koehester; I/ynn Ward, Harold Pursch, Elmer Jolnson, Konnie ShleldH, Olive Kllenman, all of Hie eily; Don Blnney, Wallon; Joe Smith, clly; nnri Doync Wolford, Wallon. (I'liarus-Trlbiine Plioto-LOngravIng) Youth Killed In Auto Crash South Of Peru David O. UHchie, Jr., IB, Jr-c-ru, Dies In One-Car Wreck Illumed On Spout! rrCHU, Ind.— David Oral Ritchie, .Jr., HI, <>£ 302 West Second street, WHS killed instantly in u one-car wreck two miles south of hero nnd half a mile west of the Salem church oit a country gravel road at 7:40 p.m. Friday. He was killed when he lost control of the cur lie was driving nl JOO miles mi hour, pirlice quoted his companion UH s:iyiii|j. Chad liallard, Jr., IB' route 1, Peru, who was riding with Hltchle, miraculously eiicaped injury in Ihc wreck, which hrfl the car a lotid los*,. model Girard Case to Delay Supreme Court Recess Court Will Carry Over Session Into July in Order to Rule On Controversial Question WASHINGTON (UP)-Tbc Su- f — prerne Court today underlined lliU;|j'> I f r* I « Kids risoing Derby Sei A! Park July 3 Annual Kvent Will Tic One Of Features Of Summer Kccruntion I' imporlunce Ihc United Stales places on Hie Olraixl caso by postponing Us recess U) SQtllo the legal tangle arising from It. T-ho court, which has not sat In July during recent times, set July II lor hearing.'! In thu case. Kxtenslon of thu court lerm, already one of'the longest In recent years, disrupted vacation plans of most of Ihe Justices. Justice William 0. Douglius, n veteran .summor traveler, already has left for Kuropn and his schedule culls for him to he heading for tilt- Kbybur Pass and Afghanistan In a .sU'lion wagon oil July [I, Touches Off DlKpiile Tins (ilrard case has touched off an international dispute, and U.S. officials led II jeopardizes rela- llonn with a number of allies, ,lt arose after Army Specialist :ic William S. Cilrurd killed a Jap- Officers (|iioled liullard n.i saying;nHe.su woman UH sbe was xcavunK- llin yijulhs were on n straight! j n g f,,r scrap metal on an Army •ill-rich of road when Kllchiu lostjfirlni; range In Japan, conlrol at 100 miles an hour. The nulo skidded 120 feet before lilt- ling a fence, Icarlng down 100 feel, of it, and rolling over once. Kitchlc was thrown out of the car. Tli« youth was the son of Mr. nml Mr.*i. J->. 0. Jlitdiif, Sr. Stale Trooper Ward Glllun nnd Dr. O. li. Johnson, ciiunty coroner, invi-.sligal'id tin! 'aecldo.nl, which brought the Miami county truffle fatality toll for !!ir,7 to four. The body was removed lo (he Alien luni'i'iil home, at Hunker Hill, Dog Attacks Camden Child Madly bitten by a largo dog Friday evening, III tiionllis-old l*!laln<! Obciiicbr, daugliler of Mr. and Mrs. Itoberl. Oberkchr, route I, Caiiiden, was taken lo Memorial ho.vpilal. where allacliu'i reported her condition .Saturday as "fairly good". Numerous slilchi'S were taken in II"' child's face, lo mend wounds 'inllieled by a dog which IM reporfcdly already under <|unnm- tine because of n bite H Infllclod on lumconc cb:c last week. Stale Hoard of Health officials nrc I'xpecled lo keep 'he dog which allacked Mlaine under iibsui'vullon for nt leant I wo we.ekn, lo dnlcr- mine whi'lher or not the animal l.'i rabid. East Germans Vote Sunday IIKKIJN (Ill')-Some 12 million Ka:>L (Ji.'i'm.'iiifi vole Sunday for unnpim.'icd c'audidiite-i lo nuinlcl- ]>al and provincial counclbi. The rcsnll is a foregone conclusion. The Coiiiiiiiinlst.H are nxpcclud to announce reliirns nlmlliil* to those of IB last elections ln'.l»!i't, when they .inid 1)11.-H per cent of the eligible voler.'i east bnllolN and ttl.'Kl pi.-r cent of the voles wore for the unopposed candidates of the ('oinnmnlNl - run "National' Attorneys will preN.i appeals filed by both (ilrnrd and llio government from last .Tuesday's decision by Fodorul District Judge Joseph C. McGarrughy. That ruling barred a .lapnne.so trial for Glrard. Court aides nail! Douglas will be notified of HID decision t« hoar the appeals. Hut II whether hn will 1'laiis of Chid Warren and Jii.'illc'o Tom C, Clark to allc.nd an Amurlean liar Amm. meeting Jri London July 21-30 will nol nucusimrlly Ijii al'fcctod by the Glrard argument. 1 !. Justice Harold II, IHirlon IH Ku- was not known cunccl his Irlp, .In.'itlco Karl ropc bound, loo. lie has a ulilp rosi-rvatliin for July 13. 'Iliij court allowed four honrn for Iho argurmiiilK, altbough |, W o |.i tho umiiil limit, II stild'brlefs mail bo filed by each xldti on or bol'ori; July I and muni answered Tliu tmnual fishing derby for Klimimii 1 recreation youngsters will be switched lo an evening hour Wednesday, July 'I, it. wan announced by Fred Kinder, co-director. The change from Its previous morning .schedule was accomplished In order lo attract a larger turnout of hoy.s and girls within five days of receipt, Cilrurd In now confined at Camp W'hllllnglwi In Japan, His Japiv ne.ii: trliil was to have hogun Friday following Iho waiver «[ U.K, jurlstllcllon over him by Ui>fun;io' The. second chins of approxl- In oilier activities during Ihe day. Details of Ihe program, which will extend from II lo II;IK) p.m., will be nnnounced at a Inter date, Tho evnnl. will ho held along Iliu banks of Knl rlv«r at Riverside park, Thlrly reglstralions nre filed for Hie adult bnglnnlng swimming class, scheduled to start Monday, July I. Cliui.'iu.-i are lo he held from 5 lo (l p.m. each evening, Ki.-glsl.ni- Llonit aro accoplwl at tho cashier's desk at the pool. l-'lro hydrant spray lo cool off neighborhood children will bo turned on nt 1:30 Monday afternoon lit Melbourne aveniK! nnd l/ocltwood lUrnel and at 2:30 p.m. In Kalrvlew park. Plaii.t art) formulating for llf« saving classes lo bngln Monday, July, Kinder said. A toliil of' lint) boys nnd girls partlclpnlod In the Various summer ri'crenllnn activities lids week. Nexl Friday will mark tho end of Iliti first session of swimming session. Those who pa«« the tests will receive certificate. 1 !. South Korea Alerts All Its Forces dam after three days of hot de- ibate 0:1 the publlc-versus-privatc power issue. Sen. Cilinrles 1C. -P o 11 e r (R- California Crash Kills Royal Center Resident Robert Stoner, 32, Meets Death in Truck Accident; Body Will Be Returned to Royal Center CENTER, Ind.-Robert Sinner, 32, of Royal Center, was killed Friday in a truck accident 70 miles east of Gilroy, Calif., which critically injured his relief driver. Stoner's employer, who notified his mother, Mrs. 1'carl Mappin, Royal Center, late Friday afternoon of the tragedy, said he did not have the details of the crash hut that, it was believed Stoner was driving the semi-trailer truck at. the time. It failed to make a curve in the highway and crushed. The relief driver is still unconscious. Stoner, who has been working out of Mankato, Minn., since last .January, was cnroulc from Gilroy lo Minnesota at the time of the accident. Born Aug. Hi, 192.), In Star City to Samuel If. .and Pearl Stoner, he attended Hoyal Center high school and since that lime hud served as Mich.) charged thai civil rights a truck driver for various Individ- legislation "was sold down 'Ihe.uals and firms, including Charles river" by some northern Demo- .Small of Hoyal Center, Charles era-Is in a "deal" Lo secure the Blaisdule of Hoyal Center, and Hells Canyon bill. -Stout Dispatch at Clary. He said some of Ihc northern' During World War 11 he was in Democrats agreed to vote with | lllc Marine corps, slalioned in Ihe southerners last Thursday in an Pacific. All Military T..CHVOS For 7(1(1,000; Aclion Is Dc- As "Koulhic", SBOUL (UP)— South Karon cancelled all military leaves today and placed H,s -71)0,0(10 soldiers, sailors and airmen on n full alert loday In apparent anticipation of a possible Communi.it attack. Deputy Dofeii'Sc Minister Chong ICnp siild the nlcrl Klin was "routine." There was ill.Ue doubt, however, Unit it was nietmt aa a safoguurd ngalnsl Heel retaliation by foi'ce for tdc Allied decision to rmitch Ihe Communist arm.s buildup in Kiorea. Kirn said Smith Korea's troops nro nlur-'.vil every year on about June 25— Ihn annlvernnry- of the Communist Invasion In 11)50— n't a means of "Intensifying training and cheeking equipment." heaves IJnexf-lnliled llu did mil «K|>Iiilii why II. wn« nece.sKiiry Ui cancel Usaves, ' indl- ca'tlng tluiil. .mime soldiers had boon uttcusctl from duty, If the/ alorl had been plmmed for somu llmo. Unol'flclnl .fotirrjejs imhiil.ed out •thnt the nlert was ordcretl a mi.il.- liii 1 of hours after llio We.tlcrn do- clslon l<i modorni/o the defenses of SouHi Koroii was reported to President Syngman IMiuc. Cloinmiui'lHl, propa/(i.indlsts In A.sla denounced the Allied decision today an n "plot Mm! no- lion.'dy threal.en,i peace in the Far Kasl." In Soulih Korea and Nntloiiullst unsuccessful attempt to prevent the House-passed civil rights bill from being scnl directly lo Ihe floor for debate. Sen. Arthur V. W a L k i n s (R- Utarh) wild "civil rights had a lot to do with the Hells Canyon vole —more Ihnn most people realize." Sens. Mike Mansfield (D-MonO and Wayne Morse (D-Orc.), who voted ivll.fi the southerners Thursday, branded Potter's charges as "untrue," Chairman Clair Knglc (D-Calff.) •said his House Interior Committee would get to ' work on the Hells Canyon .bill "as quickly ,ns'possi- ble." Other congressional news; Un-Ami'i'loim: A group of House members hoped lo reach an early showdown on Mio. authority and conduct of thu Committee on Un- American Aotivitles. They did mi!., howover, favor a proposal by Rep. 'Donald I/. Jackson (R-Oallf. I lo abolish the committee. The issue • of curbing the committee arose nflcr Us chnlrinnn Hep. l-VanelM K. Walter (D-Pii.), defied Speaker Suit) Rnylmrn'.s him on radio - TV broadcasts of ail House CTinmltl.ee hearings. Observe™: Seerelury of Sla-le John Fiwler Dulles has -n.skcd Senate lenders' to narno 1.1 sm'nit group of senators to kec.p In close, Survivors in addition to the mo- ROHI5RT STONKIt Valparaiso, and Avanell Rude, Ileadlce; and a half brother, Donald Dempscy, Royal Center, The body is at the llabring thcr are two children, S.lmmy, liberal home in Gilroy. II. will be and Trudy Linn, 5, Iloyai Center; brought to the Harrison funrra! a brother, Harold, of Jackson, Mich.; two sisters, Mary Alice Key, home at Royal Center pending funeral arrangements. Tornado-ravaged Fargo Declared Disaster Area President Mobilizes Federal Resources to Aid Victim of Deadly Storm DC3 Crashes In Maryland; Three Killed Training IMimc of Cnpilal Airlines 1'lun^es lo I'liirlh; Instructor And Uiu WASIt'l'NCITON (UI')--A CapHnl Airlines (raining pliinu crushed loday two miles north of Clarlis- burg, Md., killing the three men KAIU30, N.n, U!P> — Feiteral agencies came to tho aid of s'lrtcken Fargo today, making funds nvallable for Ihe hundreds of householders whose homes were dnniagecl or deslroyed in Thur.silny nighl's loriKKlo. l*'lrsl the Small Business Admin- istrnlion announced thai Ca.^s County home and bnsine.ss owners would be able lo apply for loans from it nl. :i per cent interest. President Kiscnhowcr followed suit by naming Ihe lornado- TrnineeS|.slricken porlion of Norlh Dalioln a disaster area, anil ordering the Civil Dc-l'ense Adiiilni.slralion lo necessary aboard. China, however, Ihe (Incision was " '•' " ™ hailed its a mornlc-btiliillim men- wl "'' » s "" n " touch with development nl. Lon- -,..„, j,,,,,,,, wl , s „ lw |,, . c |, u , don dlsarma-monl talks, -•>••'*•— said, however, It would be nlure" for the gixyip to aliend liio J/nndnn .senslons at Ihls time. Senale Democratic Lender Lyn(kin H. Joluuion said |ie would 'appoint Dumocratlc members of Miu group noon, Kami: Tho ll-ouse has approved 3<M-7 n :|.l,30l),l>M),()[)0 bill lo expand the farm .stirplu.H dlspnnal progi'nm. The bill was pansed all- cr llio House rejected an ntU-mpl li> p r o v i! n t tin.- admlnis'lndlon from .soiling 05 million dollnrs worth of surplus commodities to Poland. Thi! incusuro wits sent lo n fiunnle • Ikiiiso conference com- |-i)l|.ti!(i to work out differences Dopnrtmont officials. The government's S u p r u m u Court ,nppcul a.Hlt.i n reversal of MoOarragliy's ruling that a J:i.p;i- ne.-ie trial would violate the sol- dlei-'s coiislltullonul r 1 g h I H, (.Jlriird'.i iitlorneys want «n [if. flrmaiice of Ihnl decision, pln.i 'a wrll of habeas corpus lo rcloii.so him Irom custody. Report Blast At Fort Sill I'T. Sll/l,, Okla. (IIP)—Ft. Sill officlnlB said Ihere wan "somn kind of an explo-don «i ihc east f/rlag raiigo of tills A,rmy baso today and there wore scvrul camial- tlC'H, One unofficial nntircu said there were ;i dead nnd 17 Injured, Capt. Robert K. Krcn, liwic public Informi.llon offlcur, ,inld first ruports showed 1 dcwid and 12 Injured. innlcly 40fl children will begin Monday, July I. Other regular acllvllies Include: baseball dally nl. Tower and Kali'- view park; art each morning In Iho high school art room; tennlH i-acli aflernooii at Riverside park court; golf Monday, Wodnesday and Friday at Riverside park pavilion; hnscbnll for olilor each aflernoon nl. Riverside, boys firoiip gamca an.* hold Monday mid Wednii.'iday mornings at ftlvor- sldc; Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Falrvlew anil Friday morning at McKlnloy. Bulletin MANOKVII.I'K. N.Y. — Hi'ii- n,vllaa|ii!r'n doi-liir tnilny wllli- ilrew Ills hill Fur * I.,111(1 tor saving the 7-y«nr-(ilil boy Irom ilunlli In n wdl. llu nolvil nt Hie rccommcmliuloii uf thn Suffolk County Medical Society. I: sure Uiiu. will [irove "l.ho frou world means buslnoiis," Amurlcu'a l''ar J'l.'istcrn friends Inmcntud only at tho move was "long over- to." KeilH Illl Illicit Radio Pyongyang, the voice Of Hod Korea, broiHli.'.siil. n long Htiiti.'- meut by MiiJ. Gun. Chung ICoi-k Hole, chief CopmumlHl truce del- ogate in the Asiatic nation. "The U.S. side has not observed the, armistice agreement at any mi! since If was e.'itabl.lsbed," Chung was c|uolcd II.H saylug. "Now, Instead of withdrawing for- Cili-;n (coops from all Korea, If. l# attempting to bring In new typo weapons nnd make I lie U.S. military occupation of South Korea ficnnniuiiil. (Thorn are an uHl.liiinl.cil .'135,000 Cuir.munlst troops, from China In North Korea-- (ipproxlimvloly 'IIP/S Red divisions, Allied forced In Soulli Korea Incliido a U.S. dlvl- !.0"|)IISS(!(I 1)111. slons and nuattored unllH from western iinllons.) 227 Dulles ))C , :l |)n a i.,.,,'.,),,,, fHudt •]•!„_, a .,,r L prem-[ woll ,_ ,|, )vvn | n „ |,my wooded region non; 1 Maryland's famous Sugar Loaf Mountain. 'I'lie .scone is about 2,1 miles north of Wa.'ihlnglon. Tho dead were an Instructor nnd two pilot trainees. Cajillnl Airlines withheld Hie names pending notification of next of kin. The plnntf was demolished, Tho crash occurred around II a,m,, e.d.l, An lianr and a linlf later pollen had recovered only two of Hie bodies. The plnno lei! In a rugged urea short distance s-oulhc-ajil. of Sugar Loaf Mountain, n popular picnic- Ing resort and practice ground for amateur mountain cllmbera. Former Local Man Dies At Indianapolis - Itlclinrd .Shake, K'., formerly of Logaiinpoi'1, died Friday aflernoon at bin home, on ',yiidimr,sl. drlvo, Death Claims Octogenarian Mrs. Anna Mni'garc.1 McCloskey, 11(1, died at 3 o'clock Saturday morning ut the homo of her No».|ruii[' (> r7"''i,',7l'|iiniip!ii'i«, < O.'icnr, north of Young America, lifter suffering a heart nttnclc Friday. ,Slm was born Oct: II, 11170, In Deer Crenk township In (ieorge mill Margirrel, Toli-n Wolf, Him wa.s married In IIIII7 lo David MeC'limkey, who died In fiopleuiber, 11)31), Slid was n member of the Ceiiter I 1 !. II. H, church, .Survivors are the son; two i<rnnil- .sons; ,-i brothel 1 , Charliw, of Brook; and suvi.TliI nlo.ci-s and nephuws, Two children, Mrs. Nolllii Lorimore niid Klmor McClonkoy, pro- coded bur In dealli. Fluid i 1 lies will lie hold nt 2 p.m. Monday at tlin C'niilur K. U. It. church, Hov. Kunmilh HoHtelk-r In chargo. Unrlnl will be In-tho Cen- U'r cemetery. . Tho body Is nl llio Thomtis fun- oral homo at (Jalvcutou, wheru friends may cull from Sunday noon iinl.ll Monday noon, Tho body will takun lo Ihc church to llu In Long Illness Fatal To Local Resident NiUhnln Coliimiin, 7ii, of Cliff drive, (lied id. 10:55 a.m. Su(.jbo urdiiy at llio ,St. Joseph luispllnl.jiitato an hour beforo Ihc funeral, following a lingering Illiiiis.-i, Mo wns born on .June. 4, 11171). In Tippecnnoe county and had no Immediate relatives. Ill/I wlfi) dlod In 11)311. Tho body wiu taken to llio Mc- Closkcy-Ilamlllan funerni whoru final rites aro homo, MKTKKS COIJjKCT »l.2:« I'tecolptM from clly parking me tern lofalml $1,2:12,50 for tho week An ekiclriclan, lie wiis ii lliiciiinii wlilhi li« resided here for approximately 15 years, llo loft LugiuiK- |>orl In IIKI'i. Survivors nre Ihe wife, Semi; a (IliiighU-r, Mrs. Paul Cooluy, Knn- ilnllvlllo! and the following brothers and Minim, Mm. Iliiburl Sliiir- rill, l/ogiinspiirl; Mrs, Itiinm, New Mexico; llnlph Mudd, Darlliiglon; Chc-Hlin- nnd' Klvlu Shnku and Mrs. William ChiiUIn, Indlnnapoll.'); and Omar Khakc, Clevoland, 0, Tho body In nl. the Jordan fun- end home, 2'1/ill liiim Tonlh fltrent, Ji)d)nmi|)[)lls, wliot'c friends imiy cnll nflur 7 p.m. Saturday. Jlllei) will ho belli llicro at li):3U a.m. Monday. Council Will Meet In Special Session The clly's roiine.il lu Iriinsfitr funds wlfliln sovornl dopnrtmciils will he consldiircd by the council nt' a special meollng at It o'clock Monday night, ' These iiddlllonal appropriations umllng I'Vldny, ncconllng to the I arc acodcd by Iho police depurl. cliii'k-LrciiHuror, Stroul mclurs con- ment, street and newer dapart ti'lbtitod $8IHl.fiO liml $333 Ctuno from ment, Controller uiul board of uiulcml loU. jjoublic In I hi.- eily, nei,:libii;'s worked side by side In Ihe wor.st hil areas o clean n|i rubble and salvage what, they could from wrecked Six children of one family were killed In ihe loruado, The children were member;; of Clerald Muiison's family. Mnnson Heavy Rains Contribute Destruction Twisters Cut Devastating Path: One Child Is Killed; Properly Damage Heavy. By UNITED PRESS Blank tornado columns spiralcd across the Midwest Friday louch- I ing at Nebraska and Kar.sas, wailo I severe windstorms ami heavy rai:is i did their share of damage to thu [punished area. At least one person was Hilled when a tornado cut into the northern part of HuU'hinsnn, Kan., tearing down power linos, and igniting a series of fires. Winds reav'hing 1)11 miles per hour ripped the root' off a bui'.dini; ami sent it crasiiini; inlo Hie home of Slt'i'i-n Clilon'ocs, 35. Chlentoc.s was killed ami his son Ted, 5, taken to a hospital. Power lines crumpled under the weight of falling trees and started' short circuits and fires whi.n emptied the fiix-houses as equipment was rushed to comba: the Waxes. Four turkey houses were demolished when a small lornado swepi into a turkey farm near Ilellwooil, Neb. No injuries were reported. l,oj;d flooding followeil an inch - and - a - half rain that accompanied the Hellwood storm. Highways in north central Kan- SHS were barricaded H'.'lli fallen trees as severe Ihiaidcrs'.onns blew through Hie area. Meanwhile, tornado aleris and high wind* dominated weather reports in Oklahoma, southwestern and central Iowa, northwest Mis- soiiri and most <>f eastern Kansas. An ti neon firmed twi.sf.or caused some damage at Clencoc. .Mina., wliile iilmiil im inch of rain tall over a far - Unnij area includini; jOumlia jind Lincoln, Neb., ,S;nii\ City, In., lleilwood Kails and Minneapolis, Minn., and parts of Wisconsin. New Hoods threatened Marshall, Minn., which had ju.sl Marled cleaning • up opcralion.s aller ji.i most recent delude, as violent IhiiaderNloi'ms r.igcd over the s^.ilu Friday ni|;ht. In Mimicapiilj.s. many .slrccts were imp.;s>:iblc aiul ba.scmenls were Hooded. Throughout Ihe rest of the na- tloii, cxcep! fur locally heavy storms in South Carolina',md Florida. Uie weather was cencraKy milder. A few scallcred llmiuler- showers sprayed Ihe northern unit cenlnd Itockies and Ihe northern Plains. Ka.sl of the Plains stales and exit-inline from llu- Upper .Missis, slppl Valley, lair skies goherally prevailed. Warm tempiTaliirc's were reported in |u>;|, tioa.slnl regions. ursdny nii'.hl unaware tha', Ihe lonindi) nliiKisl had wiped mil his family. Another family—Mr. .mil Mrs, Theodore Udahl, Imih ahtiu! no, and Ilirlr dnuijhler, Mary, nlioiil II — rlli'd In I in- slorm Ihul claimed in llviw, left 2,(1110 persons homeless and wroue.hl damage esllmaleil »l between iKi-mllllon dollars and 3d- nllllon dollars. Mimscm'n olilldivii will he liuried Monday nl Moorhcad, Minn. A good sliirl had already heen made In gelling Fargo liaeli on Its feel, hours alter II. had been described us looking Illio n "battlefield", Kt'l'iiKrd To Kiei* Tractors, bull d o /. o r a, rnad- scrnpern, and men afoot picked mill pushed their way IhroiiHh Ihe wreckage, saws and hung over Ihe ' scream of power smell of sawdust stricken ni'i-a Thi! Mnnson children were altme arm" of the tnrniul.j dealt |i. s crushing blow. Phyllis Miiiison. m, wa.s speaking lo her mother, MI>S. (Icrnld Munson on II,e lele|)||<iae when the black liiiinul appeared. "Moinnili-, it's hllllii;.; us," were ! last words Mrs, Mnnson heard. \ neighbor, Mrs. C W. Slreed, .said ,sh« hail stoiipcd al Hie .Mini- son homo and enlrenled Ihe eh||. (Iron lo come with her In her car. They refused. "Why. dear ftod, didn't Ihey come along? How ,;nn I .sleep kninvhiK Ihey would be alive If'only I had Inslslixl Ihey come?" »he asked, The fliuil dealli uncovered by rescue workers was that of |>,i n Tltgen, an. JJI-i wife v,-n. s - rlisJicd lo SI. Luke's Ilo.s-pilal In erllleal eon- dll Ion. Among Iliose In erllleal condl- lion was 7-monlh-old John Daven- jjorl, It wa.s reporlcil that uti< Davenport family wa.s fleeing the tonindn nren when Ibe child W»K •nicked out tbu car window. General Tire Gives $10,000 With n $111,1100 donation, the (,'en- I'l'iil Tli-e and llnbber eoiiipnny l*'rld.*iy becunie one of Ihe l,'ir ; ;esl sinulc conlrlinilors lo Hie Memorial ho.spiud expansion and im- provi'inenl fund. I! was announced by Maleom .1. Kaub, co-chairman ! of Ihe drive. 1 1/iv.lcr Kayc, -lencrnl manager of Ihe loea! jilanl. pre.*.eiitcd Iho cheek. The eonlribuiion bronchi llu- campiilgn Vliwi-r. to its $-lori.(i(H) Koa), of whic'b ahonl $;ii;:'.,in-t ha.i already been pli-dgcd. Apart from local siiliscripllnn.*., St.'iii.ooo. pni. vlded by Hie eoiuily bond IsMie, Is available for iio.sjilla! cxpan'diiii iiurpose.s, Lack of sufficient fund* ha.s as yd pi'cvenli-d lio.spllnl an- Ilinrlllcs from aeceplliiK bids i|iinl- Ing construction prices. Campaign leaders remind mem- hers of Ihe community Ihnl plcdur* are still belnn received nl lln* ho.s- pllnl and nl both loenl banks. E. H. THoprb'Connor Succumbs in Hospital Kdwni'il n. dinp) O'Connor, vn, 111(10 J'lnsl M.-irkd. a retired Pennsylvania railroad iiiissrngrr eon- duclor, died nl 11:15 a.m, Satur- rlny at the M. Joseph hospllal. Horn In Kemiiigldii ,,n j,,|y u > JIUCI, hi- was tin- son of Johii W., and Kllen (llreiiniin) O'Connor, Tim iltTonM.il, who rclired Irom the rnllroiul In December, I1H7, was n member of S!. Vincent'.! church and Hie It. of H. T. Survivors Include liiii wile, Knlh; three NOILS, James and (!ri*gory, holh nl home; mid Henuird, .Mnnl'l- cello; u brother, Marlon Indianapolis; nnd ;.evel'!d nieces and nephews. The body iS id. the Krorger fun- isral homo where Irlend.i mny call afler 4 p.m. Sunday. Kuneral nrranjiemunts iiru in- complelu.

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