Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 7, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1895
Page 2
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TO BE HEEDED NOW In tbe Spring You are Always Kun Down. Thlg Will Tell You Just What to Do For Yourself. POP BIG.PIPE. And Just Wliy You Should Follow Exactly This Plan. In the spring everybody nneds 10 think about taking a spring medicine. Not only is thle a common practice, but a very necessary and healthful one. It IS a fact which phyelclans acknowledge and tho people recognize generally, that a spring to&lc taken during the months ot March, April and May, in more conducive to tho reetor tlon of health, In cases of those who are sick, than any other course of treatment that could possibly be adopted. Ills further understood by every, body that even for tbodo who call themselves well, it It very important at this season ol i.be year, if they would maintain good bealth atd vigor, to take a spring remedy to strengthen und Invigorate tl e nerves, tone up the action ot nil tho Organs, and thus, by creating a heal, thy condition of tbe nerves, blood, stomach, liver, kidneys and, bowels, aaeiel Nature in the efforts bbo always makes In the spring to clo-anee, purify and invigorate tho system. In tho spring there are a great many and import-ant changes going on in tho body. Perfect health cannot be maintained while the syeteno it clogged and the organs sluggish, and the person has a languid and weak ened feeling, with moro or lets ner- VOUSDOSB and debility. Now in regard to what you should take. The bent spring medicine, indorsed and recommended by phjei- clans, druggists, and the people, is Greene'a JS'ervura blood and ntrve remedy. In proof of this, thousands of testimonials are being constantly published in tbe papers. The follow. ing is from Mrs. Etta Samcor, of Goodelle, Mich. "I have 'teen rftllcted," she says, "with nervous debility for a year. My terves wore completely prostrated and I suffered at the slightest excitement, with great headache. At times I was entirely overcon.6 by this disease. I would stay in the house alone, and deaplsu the sight of my ^own people. "My entire nervous system was •battered, and my life was a'worrimont and burden to mo I WHS ad Vised to try Dr. Greene's Nervura blood ano nerve remedy, and while ou the flroi bottle, began to recover. My friends were very much surprised. Th« Queer Will of • F»mou» Dutch Smoker Who bled at Nlnetj-Elfht, •In !ts discussion of the question whether it is Injurious to smoke tobacco, tbe Cleveland Plain Dealer recalls the history of Mynheer Von Klaea, a famous old merchant in Holland, who was such an inveterate smoker that he was nicknamed "Pop Big-Pipe." He made a large fortune in the India trade, and built a mansion near Rotterdam, in which he collected every imaginable kind of pipe. It was said that he smoked one hundred and fifty grammes of tobacco every day, and died at the age of ninety-eight years. In making his will, after bequeathing to his relatives, friends and charities a large proportion of his estate, he added the following clause: "I wish every smoker in the kingdom to be invited to my funeral hi every way possible, by letter, circular and advertisement. Every smoker who takes ad vantage of the invitation shali receive as a present ten pounds of tobacco und two pipes on which shall be engraved my name, my crest, and tha date of iny birth. The poor of the neighborhood who accompany my bier shall receive- every year on the anniversary of my death a largo package of tobacco. I make the condition that all those who assist at my funeral, if they wish to partake of the benefits of my 'will, must smoke without interruption during t.'.io entire ceremony. My body shall bo placed iuacoliin lined throughout with the wood of my old Havana cigar boxes. At the foot of the coffin shall bo placed a box of tho French tobacco called 'CaporaJ' and a package of our old Dutch tobacco. At my side place my favorite pipe and a box of matches, for one ucver knows what may happen. When the bier rests in the vault all the persons in the funeral procession urc requested to cast upon ft tho ashes of their pipes as they pass it On their departure from the grounds." It is said that Van Klaus, on the day that he made this ecceTitric will, summoned a notary, who was also a notable smoker, and said to him: "Fill my pipe aud yours. I urn going to die." lie then dictated the will and died. STBIKE IS ON. Final Action Taken at Pittsburgh Affecting 17,000 Men, Miners and Operators F.iii to Agree on 69-Cent Rate Demanded— Mineri Well Organized. TO SEE PLANTS GROW. Experiment.* by Which Their Growth Mny Bo IJoth Soon nud Heard. There are several ways of rendering the growth of plants both audible and visible, but the modus operand! in the "latest improved"experiments is as follows: In order to make the growth of a very vigorous plant visible, a fine platinum wire should be carefully attached to the growing part. The other end of this wire should be 'attached to a pencil pressing gently against a drum which is being driven by clockwork. If the growth be uniform a straight line is marked on the paper, but the very slightest increase is shown by inclined tracing. A slight modification of this arrangement renders the growth audible. lu this experiment tho drum must be covered with platinum foils of a certain width, aud separated from q»ch other by spaces about one-eighth of an inch. These strips of platinum should be made to complete the circuit of a galvanic battery, to which an electric bell has been attached. In this case the bell is kept continually ringing while the plant is growing the height of the width of the strips used, and is silent whiio tho pointer is passing over the spaces between the strips of racial. Thu growing of corn may bo heard direct by means of the microphone, and there are those who declare they have heard it without any arti- ficiiil assistance whatever. PITTSBUHGU, Pa., March G.—All negotiations between the miners and owners of the Pittsburgh district have been declared off and a strike involving from 13,000 to 17,000 men has been ordered. Proponed Meeting IlejnrtPd. Tho conference committee of the miners and owners failing to niyree on the CD-cent rate for mining demanded by the former, the operators proposed a joint convention of miners and operators to be held in this city Saturday. This proposition was reported to the miners' convention when it reassembled Wednesday morning, and was promptlj' rejected. A vote was then taken and the strike was ordered, to take effect immediately. ' The delegates will return to their homes in the evening and meetings will be called at every pit, when the strike will bo announced and plans for its prosecution will be formulated, Striken Hopeful of Saccem. The miners are hopeful of winning the strike for two principal reasons. The first is that lake shipments of coal are about to begin and that tho demand for fuel will force the operators io pay the (i'.l-eent rate. The other reason is that never before have the mii:ers of this district been so • thoroughly organized as now, despite the hard winter of poverty and suffering througb, which they have passed. The strike Ui insure them victory must neucssarjjy be a short one as the treasury of the United Mine Workers is not in a condition to fight a prolonged battle. A BIMETALLIC MEMENTO. Terrible Itching "I hid what the docton pronounced to b« eczema. It wu accompanied by §e- v*ro itching, and my limbs -pain«d ni« a good deal and were swollen. 1 becama all broken out with pimples. Thin caused me to scratch, and the eruptions j~torned into one solid sore. The disease spread all _ over my body. Mr. r. T. CYHig At length, my attention was called to Hood's Sarsaparilla, and I concluded to give it a trial. This was in April, and I continued faithfully with it until Christmas. At the same time I took the medicine, I ate anything that suited my appetite. I am Now Cured and have no signs of the disease except a little inflamed color where the sores gath- Hood's ¥3& Cures ered. My affliction Li healed : I feel like myself again." F. T. CRAIG, Halfway, Va. Hood's Pills do not purp;e, pain or gripe, but act promptly, easily and efficiently. 25c. THE OLDEST WOMAN. O!>jnct IAJXNOII Senator Teller Will Tiiho to thu Mouetur.y Conference. \VA6ur.\OTO-V, March G. — Senator Teller, of Colorado, has received from Willard Morse. a, constituent in Denver, a paperweight which, the senator says, lie will take to the international monetary conference as an object lesson to demonstrate the platform of the silver men. It is a block of silver, standard fineness, inscribed: "Sixteen ounces Colorado silver.' 1 superimposed on which is a block-of gold inscribed: "One ounce Arizona gold." The senator prizes the gift especially for the fact that Mr. Morse himself mined the ore from which the bullion was smelted. BAD FREIGHT WRECK. Death In Went Virginia ol Aunt Eunice Conritd In Her lIIOlli Year. WirEELEfG, W. Va., March G.—Aunt Eunice Conrad, probably the oldest woman in the United States ;md the subject of so many newspaper articles, died at her home near Cedarville, OiJI- more county, in her 120th year. She was born August 4, 1775, in Pendlc- ton county, Va., now West Virginia. Her maiden name was Mace, and she was of Scotch lineage. She was married in 1SOH, and her husband, Jacob Conrad, served in the war of 1S13. Aunt Eunice retained the full use of her mental faculties up to the last and granted many newspaper interviews. For many years she had made her home with her youngest son, who is 05 years of age. OFF ON THEIR WEDDING TOUR. : Indians*'* i.GoT«rnor TZireitteud. ••' j ' IxplASAPOlJS, Ind., March ;&—GOT. Matthews made public to-day an anony- . rnoas letter which threatened his life ' if he does not stop his fight on the Koby I race track. The letter says that the ! .Eoby interests will be alive long after j the governor is dead. The communica- •, .tlon states that a relative of the gover- ! nor accepted a bribe to influence j him. The letter also states that GOT. I Matthews, in his future political j career, will need the influence of the Eoby race track people. Burclur Surronilrn Hlmielf. PHILADELPHIA, March G.—"Jimmy"' Logue, the notorious burglar und supposed murderer, gave himself up Tuesday night to Coroner Ashbridge and is now in the custody of the police officials. In addition to a long list ol crimes, such as burglary, bank robbery, etc., which have kept Logue behind prison bars during the greater part of his life, he is now wanted to answer a charge of wife murder. the 3IK3. ETTA St'MHEE, "Before I had tlaishua tfce second bottle, I could sli-ep with a quiet mind, and eat wit-i a ready and .refreshing appetite. I have taken three bottles and am entirely cured of all my fuf- ferlrg^i. I have found Dr. Greene'* Nervura blood and nerve remedy to be oxsintly what Is represented. O "I iii.noL>! Hpeak half highly enough of It I cheerfully and earnestly recommend it, to everyoce aflllcted with disease. What gives people absolute confidence )••* U, is Us beiotr the discovery of one of our boat known and most eucces>fjl phystclana." No remedy In the world la ao sure to brlcg back bloom aod color to the wan and faded checks, the brilliancy to the hollow aod haggard eyes, the llghUesa and elasticity to the weak and weary steps, the strength And vl tality to tho unftrung, shattered and worn out nerves. I; 1», Indeed, the greatest of all spring medicine*, lor It makea the slilc well and strong. It Is not a patent medicine, but the prescription o.f the mot successful living specialist In curing nerrous and chronic diseases. Dr. Greene, of 35 West 1-Uh St., ]Sew York City. He has the largest practice In the world and U la grand medical discovery is the result of hla vast experience. The great lepuUtion of Dr. Greene is a guarantee that his medicine will cure, and the fact that he can be consulted by anyone, at any time free of charge, personally or by letter, gives absolute .assurance of this wonderful medicine. THE "CROWNER'S 'QUEST." An Absurd Olil taw Wlllcll Ilua Some Very Undesirable Repairs. Dickens, who so often studied with delighted interest the application of English law to particular eases, would have found a subject worthy of his grimmest humor in tho fact, cabled roccutly from London, that when the master of a fishing smack, cruising near where tho Kibo went down, saw floating in the water a dead body, which was doubtless that of a victim of the great disaster, he inude no .effort to rescue it from tho waves and carry it ashore for identification and burial. Instead ho sailed past and away from tho doleful bit of flotsam as quietly as circumstances would permit, not, ns one might suppose, because he was a particularly hard-hearted and cold- blooded mariner, -but because "recently, after landing a body, he had been forced to pay the funeral expenses." Curious as that experience had been and delightfully illustrative as it was of "erov/ncr's 'quest".wisdom, the captain had no inclination to repeat.it. •One lesson had been enough to teach him tho great principle that common sense cannot be allowed to interfere with consistency in the enforcement ot a parliamentary act, and what, in comparison with that, is the continued agonized uncertainty of some German •wife or mother? Sixteen Loitilnd Carl Thrown from Truck by a Collision. AIXKXTOWN, Pa., March 6,—On the Central railroad of New Jersey here at 11 o'clock Wednesday morning a detached part of a freight train bound for Jersey, City collided with a forward section and sixteen loaded cars were wrecked and both tracks blocked. Four cars of oil were in the wreck and the running oil caught fire. The city tire department, however, promptly extinguished tho flames. The loss will run high into the thousands. Count and Counted:* do Casl<*Llune to ^pcnd Their Jionfjmoon Traveling. NEW YOBK, March G. — Count and Countess de Castellane sailed Wednesday morning for Southampton on. tho American line steamship New York. Before the departure of the vessel the count, in speaking of their plans, said: "From Southampton we shall go direct to London, where wo shall stay four days. Then we intend to cross the channel and spend a week in Paris. That will be the commencement of an extended tour through Europe, which will last, I know not how long." mine™ Uo IJIICK. NEGAUifEE, Mich., March G.—The striking miners at the Cleveland & Hematite mine have gone back to work, A compromise was reached by which the men are allowed- to put in longer hours at the same rate per hour as formerly. THE MAEKETS. Our Circulation, N', Mnrch G.—The treasury Statement of circulation for l-Vbruury shows u decrease for tho month of .539,122,008. reducing the aggregate circulation of all kinds of money to 51,574,- 5S'l,f>07. a decrease for the yea/ ending March 1 of Sllii.000,000. The circulation per capita., based on 00,SS1,000 of population, has been reduced to Sii.GO. GniKxhopiH-rt* 1 ollow thu Si)o\v. SAXIHTSKY, O., March G.—The farmers north of town arc much concerned over the appi-urancc On the Mc'Cary faruij along the Tymochtcc crock, of livo grasshoppers nearly full-grown and as frisky as though it were summer. Such an early appearance, especially after such severe weather, is unprecedented. Arrested for \Vifo JIur,l«>r. TOI.KDO, 0., March G.—Peter Tcancy, the husband of the woman murdered at Tontojjany Friday night, wa-s arrested Wednesday charged with the crime. Anew 32-caliber revolver, the sr/.n the woman was shot with, was found in liis possession. Won't Observe tU« l^mtcn Fast. KOMK, March C.—The pope has issued a brief to the Rotnau Catholic bishops in England grantingdispensation from observance of the Beaten fast in consequence of the prevalence of inllucnza in Great Britain. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and viuds to personal enjoyment when -.•ightly useo. The many, who Jive-better than others and enjoy life morn, with 'ess expenditure, l^ more promptly Adapting tbe world's best products to •:he need's of physical being, will attest ±e value to h?Alth of the pure liquid '.Hxativo principles embraced in th« •-jinedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting ^ the fora: most acceptable and pleas-.:it to the taste, the ref resiling and truly '•jonofici.il properties of a perfect lax- itive; effectually cleansing the system, lispelling colds," headaches and fevers -.rid permanently curing constipation. !t has given satisfaction to millions rind net with (the approval of tbe medical .iKifession, because it acts on the Kid•icy*. Liver acd Bowels wif.bout woak- •;-.i:ig them and it is perfectly free,from verv objectionable substance. '•». only, \vhost> name is printed on every ,>:tck;ige, :il^o the aituie, Syyup of Figs, <nJ being \v?H informed, vou will V.:;T>I any f-uhstitut-e IE - "' J ProiutaoH a I>onc Content. KALAMAZOO, Mich., March C.— At the republican convention for the Third congressional district -nine unsuccessful ballots were taken for representative to fill the vacancy caused by the election of Julius C. Burrows to the United States senate. Washington Gardner, of Albion, leads the contest with Smith, of Charlotte, a close second. Mm. Ilnotti Gets a Minister'* license.- CixCLXjfATi, 0., March C.—Mrs. Ballington Booth, of the Salvation Arin}', ; was Wednesday granted a minister's-li- • cense by Probate Judge- Ferris. The ' document gives Mrs. Booth a right to ' officiate at weddings, and is one of the lour legal constructions given in favor :' of the Salvationists in their efforts to '• be recognized as a congregation. luiiulsrantti Had C:»h. WASUDTGTON, March G.—The reports of the immigration bureau show that i the 53,253 male and 51,SGI femaJu immi- ', grants who arrived at the several ports of the United States during the six months ended December 31, 1894, brought with them 51,782,317 in gold. Grain, Provlsloas, £to. CHICAGO, March & FLOCB— CJuloc and unchanged. Quotable: Winter— Putcnts, SJ.MQt'.GS; siriilphts, je.SS® 2.50: clours. Si. 15Q! 30: seconds, 51, iH><j2.00; low grades, Sl.tiOil.8j. Spring— Intents, 63.00_J 8,50; straights, SIO^Ti; bakers', $1.5592.:!); low grades, $1.75iJl.SO; Red Do;, 1 , $l.(io3l.7i; Rye, *i:«@2.6(X WHKAT— Unsettled, with fair tradins. No, 2 cash, 5^(t52»io; May, 54&W/,c; July, 55iC5.>lic. OOUN— Dull but heavy. No. - anil N'o. L' \'cl- low.43c; No. 3. •il&'tl^c: \"o. 3 Yellow, -lltf Q41?»'o; M;iy.. 4-1 «»••'•» ,'ic; July, «5J@-M«c: September, •H?i®-H, 1 sc. OATS— FuirJ trilling and steady. Cash No. 2, SSJic; May, 29@i'9)(c. July 27i4@3Tfjc. Samples steudy; supply moderate; demand good. No. 3, 28; A '@30o; No,3 While. Sl&O-tc; N'o. 2, 28;i Q21)iio; No. 2 White, 32®32J<;c. KTE — Very Quiet: without essential change, offerings small. No, - in store, 51 -<,511^o: sumplo ! lota, 52@5-J3fo: No. 3, about •I8ii-19o; May delivery, 52 H 53c. BAIU-EY— Little barl«y for sale and demand No. 4, SOsaoIc; No. 3, Sljj^So for fair to choice, and No. 2, 52Wi&53c, fancy possibly above. MESS POEK — Trading was comparatively active. Prices higher. Quotations ranged at I10.60@10.8854 foroasli regular; H0.30310.5o for March, and S10.421,4-'iJ10.72!4-for May. LAUD— Fairly active and higher. Quotations ranged at $6.403(1.45 for cash; $6.40i&a45 for March, aad Jfl.50ao.00 for May. LIVE FOCI/TRY— Per pound; Turkeys, "OStfc; Chickens, 8H®9>ic; Ducka, 9@llc; Geeso, per dozen, $3.0J@aoo. BDTTEB— Creamery, lO^jlSc; dairy, 7£17o; Packing Stock, 637c. OLLS— Headlight, 175 test, 9^o; Gasoline, 37 deg's, I0^4c; 74 deg's, 8?>c; Naphtha, 03 dog's. Found Frozen Stiff. SAGJSAW, Mich., March 0.—Henry Riddle, ah aged resident, at one time a man of means, was found frozen stiff in his home here. He had not been seen for several days, which led to an investigation. , J'rcmncnt nl JvoiTolu7*v». NOKFOLK, Va.., March G.—Tho lighthouse tender Violet with the president on board arrived in the harbor at i> o'clock Wednesday morning and left at T:30 o'clock for the .North Carolina sounds via Albemarle and Chesapeake canal. Ifo Boxing in Sftlooui. MILWAUKEE, March 6.—Chief of Police Jansscn ha.s issued a general order that in the future no boxing bouts will be allowed in any resort where there is a saloon attachmentor where-liquors are sold. Election Jimulls lu Nvtv lork. J> T ETV YORK, March G.—City and town elections were held throughout ths state and the republicans carried most of the cities :md towns. UQDOBS— Whisky quoted steady at !l.2S per gallon for high vines. Not Good Kl»k». Some of the insurance companies of Paris refuse to insure people who dye their hair. Cruiser Seat to Colon. 1 , March 0.—There is further disquieting news from the Jsthmus of Panama. The United States cruiser Kaleigh has been ordered to Colon and the Atlanta has gone to Bocos del Tbro, where the .revolutionists have landed. Immigration for February. WASECJGTOX, Mai-ch 6. — The total number of immigrants arriving at the ports of the United States during the seven months .ended .February 1,1335, j Cows; was 113,375, as against 189,583 for the { •DVDKJKJHJViJVUilJVKJiWUiCJiCJWiMUUUUItWm YOUNG MOTHERS .... We Offer You • Remedy Which Insure* Safety to Life ol Mot her and Child. "MOTHER'S Bol)S Confinement iiwiii^i\o O f jt, Pain, Horror _ and Risk. After oilns one bottle of "MoxHXRS' FIUIND" I luffered but little pain. »nd did not experience Ibnt weakneiu afterward, tMimt In such ensc».— JIBS. AlvXil: QAGI. B»xtor Sprints, Kan. «--•«". u-»u«, by JI«I1 or Expmn. on no«lpt or price, ailed FRIEND" II . pcrbottlti. Hook to Mother* ma Frw. Sold by All Druftflsu, BK1DFIELD REGUUTOR CO., ItluU, Cm. seven months ended IVbrurry 1, 1894. Booming Coxoy for Preslilcnt. MASSILLOX, O., March 6.—Promptly upon his return from the convention of populist editors of the west, Carl Browne hired four more office rooms, and the Coxey presidential campaign moves on. Settle* Minnesota Capitol ya«itloo. ST. PAUL, Minn., March 6.—The house late Tuesday afternoon settled the capital question by passing "the bill au.; thorizing 1 the capitol commission to ad- j vertise for plans for a new building in ' St. Paul. Frof. Blackle'i Funeral. EDIXBUBQ, March G.—The funeral of Prof. John Stuart Blackie took place Wednesday. The services were held in Lire Stock. CHICAGO, March 4 HOGS —Market active and feeling steady, with no special change In prices. Sales runned at- $aO>ii4.00 for P1R3: $3.90ji4.20 for light; *S.93iii>i 10 for rough packing: $3.9534.30 for mixed, and iHI5ffl4-iJ for heavy packing and shipping lots. CATTLE—Market rather slow, and the feeling; was easy, with prices S^tlOo lower. Quotations ranged at $5.3U3if> for choice to extra shipping Steor.s: *j.7oas.« for eood to choice do.; Sti&35.oo for fair to good; f3.?»i4.40 for common to medium do.: Sa4034.05 for Butchers' Steers; t2.5<j&3.X for Stockers; $3.30SH.25 for Feeders: tl.iO j,3.35 for faOOiia for Heifers $3.0034.TS for Texas Steers, iSOjorAeal Calves. Blust Furnaces Ji«..j,-l,i Opunitlons. BEI.LAIHK, 0., March G.-The ue w Bellaire blast furnace was placed in operation Wednesday. Its capacity is over "00 tons daily. Two hundred uands were given work. Ounrrylnjf r.ranlt* by flru. At Bangalore, in southern India, granite slabs as large as sixty by forty feet and a half foot thick arc quarried by means of wood fires. A narrow lino of fire, about seven feet long, made of dry logs of Light wood, is gradually lengthened and moved forward over an even surface of solid rock. It is left in position till strokes with a hammer show that the rock in front of tho fire has become detached from the main mass beneath; the burning wood is then pushed on a few inches. The rock keeps splitting about- five inches below the surface. It takes about eight hours and one thousand five hundred weight of wood to set free a slab measuring seven hundred and forty square feet. Afterward tbe plate is easily cut with biunt chisels into strips two and one-half feet wide. 11 IMF PAP CALENPAR For * * * 1895 A Desk Calendar is a necessity — most convenient kind of storehouse (or memoranda. The Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest and handsomest of all—full of dainty silhouellcs and pen sketches and entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you of the superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and of your need of•* one. You won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-ccnt stamps. Address Cilendir Department, POPE MFC. CO., Mention th'.i paper. Hlrtlord, Conn. ' iimiiiiuii linn 111 Cause nnil Cure of Ilcidirlic. Headncbo is generally caa-.ed by the two main orpans, the liver and kid- neye not performing their sever*! duties, and thereby Impairing d)goa« lion and imparting to tbe blood impurities thin ic turn Icfl/ime tbe *yslem and produce fevc-re and headache. Tho remedy to prevent and cure these troubles is Rtnebart's ?ille. Sold byB. F. Keesllng and Keyeione drug store Children Cry for Ditcher's C Multiply Your Wealth! throcgh reading our FLAW OF MJ^rEKHFUfx L\TION IV IVVESTMEST SK- CBH TIF8 Oar lllustra'ed Paroph'ets and Dally Market Letter mallei Iree oa applI'-aPou, reveal (tie SecK-t of Qol- kly iccuml alng Gr.dni from operations In Wall Street. Linto P.vfliB H»T« Kewmrdea Oar Put'Vna. Stocks, Bonds, firaln, PrcTUions and rotton tiooitM Hud sold for ca U or on u margin of 3 to o percent COMM'S-ION', 1-16 PE1 CEST. Wrtt*r ns Ajid Learj. Highest Reference. Enablicbed 18SS. Incorporated 1S92. Mexico to llmre an The bureau of tbe American republics learns that Viscount Corncly has succeeded in organizing in the city o San Francisco a company with a capita of 81,000,000 for the purpose of an exposition in the City of Mexico. This ex position, although of a national cbarac ter, will have also a foreign depart ment. The company is incorporate according to the laws of California. Will D« Fan In Verm one. A .Vermont woman has been in New Yorli having analyses of hop beer made, and she says that there is as much alcohol in it as there is in lager beer. On the strength of these anaylses she is going to make it interesting for the venders of hop beer In prohibition Vermont. When you feel bad with heidsche, take Riniharl'a Pills. Ope & dose. Sold by B. F. Keesling and Keystone ! d rug e tore. - Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Consolidated Stock and Pro| St. Gilea, cathedral and the body was j duee Company. | buried in. the Dean cemetery. I , ^_ . „ ' „ . | •- • *- | BO New and 52 Broad Street, JnEW TORS] cat« aod conralwcentw* greatly aided brlL AD K«r*r Hud • Xlppinc fFInd, A contlnuom .down poor of rain. Inclement weather. gemraUr In winter and ."pring, are »n- fa?orablf to all elau«8 ol Invalids. But warmth and activity Infused Into tbe clrenlatlon eounter sc-s thf»e Influences and Interpose a defense atalnstthem. Hostetter'sStomaci Bltte-s. most thnrourb a d effcctlrc of stomachics and toolcs, nor only cnrlehw the blood, bat scce erat*j Its circulation. Hor » rh.Il. or pre onltorj .sjmp tom.i otrteomatttm and kldnei coroplajnt, p>r~ Ucularly,. prevalent at these setsooi. It u tie ben possible remed}-. It is also toralnable for djsp«i sla, llvf-r eomp'Rlnt constipation and nen'ousneiw. N^rarivtout on a wl'if-ror*prlng T without It. EldMlj persons -and the dtll- Wbeo Bafar *u dck. w* ton her OMtoftk Wbeo ibe iru » Cbfld. sbe cried tor Cutoclt. Wtiao sue Becuno Kim. Bbe crane **> CMiartk Wteo itiu DMO. Ctuldnn, me J»T» UMB Gunrift. Worm lid Worm Worms are generally troublesome to young child-life, and are often' the cause of pale, emaciated acd. lifeleM condition of children. The beet remedy to dispel all kinds of worms is Blnehart'g Worm Lozenges. it ii tbe only remedy that destroys the worm nest, which, If not removed, soon breeds more of the pests. Sold by B. F. Keesling and Keystone drug Children Cry for Pitcher's Ca*toria. Rinehart's Worm Lczenges are (he best beeauite they remove tbe worm neeta Sold by B. F. eyitone drug store. Keoeliog aud

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