The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 10, 1952
Page 9
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PAGEEKSTTEEK BLYTHEVILLR (ARK.) COURIER NEW! Taft Would Adopt GOP Statement of Principl es To Avoid Platform Fight By EOW1N B- HAAKINSOX WASHINGTON Wi—Sen. Robert A. Taft said today thai Republicans could avoid a possible light over their campaign platform this year by adopting at the Chicago convention a 1950 "statement of principles and objectives." Gen. D wight D. Eisenhower, •raft's chief rival for the Republican presidential nomination, gave general endorsement to the document at his Abilene, Kan., news conference last Thursday. Obviously referring to that, Taft told a reporter that Rcpubltcnns can avoid a convention battle because "that con be our platform now." The 1050 document was drawn up by Republican leaders In the Senate and House, including Taft, formally approved by a majority of GOP congressmen, anri then endorsed by (he Republican National Committee. At the time some GOP scnutors, classed as liberals or progressives, registered some dissents. They included several who now are back- Ing Kisenhower for the party's nomination. One of them, Sen. H. Alexander Smith of New Jersey, said In a separate Interview today that the statements of Taft and Eiscnhov/er indicate "that Republicans will present a united front once the Domlneo is selected." "There has been some loose talk about a pre-convenlion contest splitting the party," Smith said "I think this demonstrates thru whether Elsenhower or Tnft 1s the nominee, the party can nnd will te unified In the campaign." The 1950 campaign document put the party on record us wanting "to win lasting peace, to build n country In which every citizen may moke the most of his skill, initiative and enterprise, to hold aloft the Inspiring torch of American freedom, opportunity and justice, assuring better and happier life for all our people." Here in brief is what the statement aaid the party stands for: Consultation between the President and lenders of both parties In developing a "united American foreign policy." General reduction of taxes and federal speiin'itg, a stop to deficit nmlinfr nnd a return to a balanced budget. Strict enforcement of laws ayainst monopoly. A non-partisan commission stody to bring about a redistribution of governmental functions nnd sourc- of revenue between federal, state and local entitles. Fnlr prices for fanners aided by a system of price supports. Opposes Uranium Plan. Continuation of the Tuft-Hartley Act with Improvements shown to be needed. Legislation to protect tho rights of minorities. Federal aid to states for subsistence, .shelter nnd medical ec.rc for those in need, avoiding "fio- cin Illation" of the medical profession or of any other activity. Extension of tho coverage nnd benefits of old afje nnd survivors' insurance. Continuing and sympathetic consideration of the rights of veterans nd their dependents. Complete overhaul of the (?ov- rnment's loyalty and security hecks on federal personnel. Prompt elimination of all communists, fellow travelers uml communist sy nip utilizers from the federal payroll nnd closer coordination between intelligence agencies in weeding out the disloyal. Do You Smoke Much? Watch Out for Cancer By FRANK CAREY fanners, bakers, furriers, uphol- AsM>ctat«d Press Science Reporter | sterers, grain mill workers, florists CHICAGO to—-Twlce-a-ycar X- or workers around animals, ray examinations for mtddlcaged men who are heavy smokers were recommended today by a Washington, D.C., doctor as a means of Improving the attack on lunp cancer. Declaring that there Is a higher proportion of lung cancer among heavy smokers than among fcon- smokers. Dr. J. Wlnlhrop Peabody said he believed such an X- tay procedure would assure spotting any such • cancers early enough to allow successful surgical operation. "Until this is done," the Georgetown University doctor told the annual,meeting of the American Medical Association, "morality from lung cancer) will continue to be high." He said that a definite diagnosis of lunjr cancer Is now possible in 85 per cent ot pcopls who have it. He declared the diagnosis may be made early In the disease, even while in the "silent stage" or when cough is the only apparent symptom. In another report to the meet- Ing, two Chicago doctors said allergic diseases are npt to develop In children of parents who themselves are sufferers from allergies —and that therefore the children should be shielded from substances capable of producing allergic reactions. They said that In such families, dogs nnd cats should be removed from the home, lest the children get a reaction from their fur; stuffed toy anhnnfs. heavy drapes nnd bedroom carpeting should be avoided; and mother should even watch the type of cosmetic sho uses to make sure it does not contain a chemical derived Erom a certain form of iris plant. Doctors Leon Unger Riid Albert Unger said youngsters showing any evidence of allergy "should he advised lo avoid becoming Secret Link Is Found with Reds U.S. Communist* Have Communication With Philippine Huks By SPKNCFK DAVIS SAN FRANCISCO '^—Philippine and American authorities have jncovered a secret communication ink between Communists in the United Stales and Communist, Huks fighting in Ihe Philippines, Philippines National Defense Secretary Ramon Magsiiysuy said today, Coded messages smuggled Into (he Philippines through air lines serving Manila and San Francisco were Intercepted, he said. The messages supplied evidence of a close tleiip between the Reds, he assorted. Other inter cept« have been found aboard airplanes from Hong Konc; nnd Europe to Manila. Break-up Sought Mentis ol breaking tlic cnmmuni- cntions line with the cooperation of air line officials are muter clo&c study, he said in nn Interview. The husky 45-year-old defense secretary heads today aboard Military Air Transport Hoi 1 vice plane for Washington, fie will meet President Truman at the White House, and several top military leaders and civilians in a busy five-day visit. Stop at Kl Paso Tie will slop en route at El Paso, Texas, for n reunion with a World War n guerrilla comrade-in-arms, C'ol. Gyles Merrill. Magsaysay for two years has led a winning bntUc against the wUl-o'- \visp Huk guerrillas. fie revamped IME: Philippines Army into smnll, fast and hard- hitting combat learns. They have kept the Huks off balance and tils nip ted Red communications. TCfaSDAY, JUNE 10, 1951 'Dead' Baby Girl Fighting For Life Now PHILADELPHIA W>— A premature baby girl continued her struggle for life in Kinstein Medical Center today aft«r being pronounced dead and wrapped In a news]>»p«r for more than an hour. The 2 l ,5-pound infnnt was born prematurely Sunday night to Mil. Catherine Hughes, 19, of Mlners- ville, Pa., while visiting a sUter here. The baby arrived before either ambulance or physician could be summoned. Her father, Thomas, 22, said an obstretriclan subsequently pronounced the child "lifeless." Hushes stiM he then wrapped the baby's body In a newspaper. An hour later a police officer, making a routine report of the death, heard the baby scratching on the paper cover. Physicians tald her condition Is "fair." They suggested It was possible the warmth of the paper or the motions of wrapping her brought "life" to the infant. ' Tired Officers Hunt for Killer PRYOR, Okla. f/n — Weary authorities renewed the Intensive renrch for the killer of Maycs County Attorney Jack Burrla today after a late-evening manhunt yesterday. Three carloads of .state agents were Joined by all available High' way Pat.rol units to search a IOC acre section between Chouteau ami the Grand River for Hurold M Woodruff, 34-year-old Jay merchant., who Is wanted for questioning But the search ended with Woodruff still at, large. Woman, Rossellini Fine, Too Selznick Says Bergman Is Fine Gathings to Fight PublicHousingBill AP Special Washington Service | WASIITGTON (/IV-Rcp. GaLhings (D-Ark) said yesterday he plans to mnkc a fight on a Scnate-np- proved proposal which would permit up to 45,000 public housing units to be started in the year beginning July 1. His objection to the public housing proposal IK based on two points, he told a reporter, lie said: "First, iliis Is wrong in principle in tlmt it is n socialistic approach. Second, the cost Is too great—It would run around SCO million dollars nnd we can't afford It/' The provision for public housing is conlnincd In an ftpproprmnim bill. LOS ANGELES Ml — Producer David O. Sclznick says Ingrhl Bergman Is n fine woman and mother nnd Eloberto Rossellini is n fine father. Testifying yesterday as a character witness In Miss Bergman's suit to have her daughter, Jenny Ann, 13, visit ' her In Italy this summer, Sclznick said he nnd his wife, Jennifer Jones, traveled through Italy with the RosselHnts and "theirs was an extraordinarily fine relationship." Of Miss Berg mo n, who was under contract, to him for many years, Solzulck said: "She seemed a very contented wife." Animals His frtends f Boy Soys of Menagerie PORTLAND, Me I.-P1 — Every week is Tie Kind to Animals Voek for Adolph B. (Junior) Bo-ens. And Hie feeling is mutual on the part of the animals. "Junior" has hauled skunks from tin cans and flushed 'cm out of culverts without any (xki consequences. lie has walked up to a bristling porcupine nnd tied a rope around Us neck and led H awny. He has worked foi the Animal Refuge Lonpue since lie graduated from high school three years ago, He has turned his mother's txir- key-farm home into a virtual menagerie. He keeps a raccoon, a prtir of gray squirrels, n gnat, a \vocni- chucV:. two dogs and (wo cal "I've been crazy about animals ever since ] was bit; enough lo j wnlk." hr said. "If people under-j stood them there'll be no nred '• lor tear." Police Called To Quell Group En Union Trouble VANCEDURG, Ky. (#)—About 50 state and county officers wore called In today to preserve order In an Isolated pipeline project invaded yesterday by 250 men who wrecked honvjf- equipment. Ten, to 12 \vork- m> were reported injured. The trouble was said to have started over a union's attempt to organize the ga^ \\nc workers. The men attacked workers, took over tbe bulldozers to push six trucks over an embankment to destruction, \vrcckcd several tractors and bulldozers and broke wind shields of other vehicles, officers reported. Damage was estimated at 525,000 He said Rossellini has a gooc reputation, "is an extraordinaril generous and talented human be in[{, a flue father, a goort husband and'generous—he's given his mon ey to the poor of Italy. They gard him n.s a god in the south o Italy." Miss Bergman's suit Is opposec by her former husband, Dr. Peter Limlstrom. who has testified he docs not believe the Rossellin home a proper environment fo Jenny Ann. Ltndstrom won a di vorce here after the actress ob taincd a Mexican decree in 195' and married the Italian director 42 War Brides Arrive in U.S. LONDON (fl 1 ) — A Stratocruise carrying IOS passengers — 65 chil riien of British war brides, 4 the brides themselves and one Ion father — landed here from No 1 York last night. The children, who ranged froi thrcP months to 10 years of agi and their mothers will visit rela Lives here. The male passenger was Fran Braim, 35, of Philadelphia, Pa., wh brought his wife and their two chi elren to see Mrs. Braun's parents jiisi outside London. 8 Missing on High Seas MANILA iVP)—Eight persons were reported missing today after their fishing boat capsized in lii-h sens off South Panay Island, Seventeen swam to shore. Revenue Agent Wins Acquittal Smyth It Found Innocent of Fixing Own Income Tox Form BAM FRANCISCO 1*1—James O. myth, third of the scandal riddled nternal Revenue Bureau's ousted ollectors to be tried, was ac- ultted of backdating his own 1345 ncome tax returns to defraud the overnment. Two other ousted collectors— 'ennls w. Delaney of Boston and ames P. Finnegan of St. Louis— fere convicted earlier this year. A Federal Court jury of eight omen and four men last night reed Smyth after deliberating even hours. They acquitted him f three charges after he and tlicrs testified his returns were uplicates, filed lo replace lost rigirmls. Collector Is Happy The nattily dressed deposed col- cctor for Northern California comnented: "I'm so happy. One- of those rials is enough for a lifetime." However, two other indictments emaln against Smyth. One. .irncd in December, was called 'VJIRUC" by Federal Judffe Alger 'ee. A new Indictment, to replnce Imt one, was the basis for the rial at which Smyth was rvc- [Uitted. However, the "vague" in- lictment has not formally been llsmfssed. Indictment Returned Another indictment was returned ust before the 10-rtay trial started. udge Fee refused to consider it but it still must be disposed of. Smyth was dismissed by President Truman Nov. 28 on charges if "failing to manage his office properly" after a Federal grand nry was called to investigate re- >uted scandals in his department. He then was charged with backdating returns for himself and his wife in tin eliort to evade $-102 in [icnalties and interest. The accusations of an Improperly managed office led to Indictments against several Smyth aides. His ousted chief deputy, Paul V. Doyle, iwalts trial on a charge of backdating returns for three estates. Reds Afraid to Use Germ Weapons After 15 Years AP MILITARY AMair* Reporter news conference tw denounced WASHINGTON !/H—The Conintu Communist charges that the nists have had germ weapons for it least 16 years, according to their own claims, but so far have not dared use them, even in their Korean aggression. A close and constant watch Is maintained by United States bi- oligica! warfare experts on the battlefront and rear areas in Ko- To date, there has been no evidence that the Reds either have used or have in the Korean War zone the equipment for bacteriological warfare IBW), a spokesman for Defense Department scientists said today. He disclosed, in answer to a reporter's question, that a report of a suspected bacteriological warfare plant in North Korea had proved unfounded. He said this is what happened: As United Nations forces pushed into North Korea In the offensive of late 1950 a report was received by headquarters that a laboratory ivus in the Pyongyang area. Troops Are Dispatched Alert to a possible attempt by Russia's satellite forces to moke a battlefield lest of BW, American authorities dispatched airborne troops (o seize the building: At the same time, biological experts were flown from U.S. headquarters in Tokyo to the scene. They found that it was indeed a laboratory of sorts—but that It was used only for public health and disease control. Nothing was found in the equipment or biological materials which could be used in of-1 fensive germ warfare. • The spokesman said up to now no other evidence lias been found of any immediate Communist preparation to use germ warfare in Korea. Keds Fear Retaliation Why Haven't the Communists resorted to microbe warfare? The answer, top American military men say, is that the United States is prepared to strike back \vith the same weapon in overwhelming power. Secretary of Defense Robert Lov- ctt pointed this up recently. In a United States had used both BW and toxic gas weapons in Korea as "abominable, malicious falsehood." He added that the Cominu- technique usually has been to charge someone else in advance with a crime the Communists propose to commit. Lovett left no doubt that the United States was ready to meet that kind of game. Behind his words stands a big BW laboratory plant in Maryland and a BW proving ground in Utah. To back up information obviously g!ca::2d from other sources showing that the Kremlin started preparation for germ warfare long ago, American officials cite speeches by Soviet officials. Among them is one made on Feb. 22, 1938, by Marshal Voro- shilov, at thai time Commissar of Defense. Vofoshilov said if toxin or bacterial weapons were used against the USSR "we are prepared and fully prepared to use them also and to use them against aggressors on their own soil." Americans Are Wary American officials arc wary of telling what Is known of Soviet preparations for BW because It would endanger intelligence sources and lives of agents. ' But there have been some hkiU from other sources. The aew«p»pe* Die Tat of Zurich. Switwrland carried an article last March on the Communist charges of biological warfare in Korea. Die Tat said: "A Russian expert who succeeded three years ago In escaping to Great Britain slates with all details that at Eupatoria (near Baku) at Bjerzinsk and Omsk, centers of bacteriological research have been established under the leadership of Professor Worenin." The United states has refrained from ratifying an agreement in which Russia is involved which would pledge non-use of toxic gases and bacteriological weapons. Benjamin V. Cohen. U.S. delegate, in an address last month before the United Nations' Disarmament Commission on Bacteriological Warfare, told why. "It would be sheer lunacy fon the free world to start disarming in exchange for mere paper promises without safeguards," he asserted. "Those who make false charges concerning the use of bacteriological warfare can Just as easily make false promises not to use bacteriological warfare." Attorneys Greet Chief WASHINGTON (If) — Nearly 100 U.S. attorneys from all parts of the country assembled here today to meet their new chief, Atty. Gen. James P. McGranery. LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING COLD STORAGE FOR FURS, WOOLENS AND BLANKETS 4474 PHONES 4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANER . . We Give Eagle Stamps Original manuscripts and notes Hf-TtI by Brig. Gen. Henry Martyn Iloljrrl in preparation of a famous ho<:k, "Robert's Rules ol Order". were presented to the Library of, April 24. 1950. Mother Sparrow, Family Have Flashiest Nest In Town's Stop Light LOS ANGELES (>T>|—The flashiest bird nest in town belongs to a mother sparrow and five fledglings which have settled at (he intersection of Western Ave. and El Segundo Blvd. Mama built her ne.sL in the circular "go" section ol a tvattic My,- nal. The birds don't, .seem to mind (be blinking green light. After all, how many nests nave electric Read Courier News Classified Ads 6VD Specials DE-ROACHER Double Action Killer STEAK KNIVES Stainless Steel with Rosewood Handles Wood bury Soap Bath Size— Vt Price— Ola Beron-12 Liver & Iron Vitamin* 2 For 2 For 2k 100 For 5. BANANA SPLIT 19< KIRBY BRO. DRUG STORE Main Sc Broadway The Liggest in town/ Here's a nickel thai buys plenty of sen-ice .. . comfort and entertainment. It's a nickel spent for electric service! For example, here's what 5c worth of electric service can do for your family; • Mnke tonst for your family (or «TI three meals ... {A penny'i worth does thai!) • Swish clean three full tubs of laundry . . . (Only m penny for that poxcr, too!) • Vacnnm six large rags . , . (Loli oj tcork for * cent't icorlA o/ electricity!) ' BASfd on iTerHge homehold nvt<*. • Furnish a cooling breeze for four full hours . . . • AND • Bring you and your family an evening's entertainment! Where else could the average family gel so much valua for one small nickel? In fact, your electric service » just about the biggest bargain in your family budget Don't you agree? "MEET CORI.SSS ARCHER." Sundays—ABO —8:15 P.M., Ctntml Ttnw. Ark-Mo Power Co.

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