Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 21, 1957 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 21, 1957
Page 11
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Twelve Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Emotional Cripple Tied to Mama Poor Marriage Partner Dear Ann: I'm engaged to be married in September. As the time draws near I wonder if I'm heading for a life-time of trouble. I've learned some things about my fiance that are whittling hint down in my estimation. He's 24, his dad is dead and his mother works as "a waitress. She lets him quit jobs whenever he feels like it. He sleeps until noon, and runs around all night. When I hear him ask his mother for gas money 1 lose respect for him. I've worked ever since high school and pay room and board at home. I couldn't look my folks in the eye if I sponged off them. Do you think this boy'can change, Ann, or, am- I heading for heartache? Please give a frank opinion-MARY K. Frank opinions are the . only kind I have, Mary, and I'd he happy to give you one. A boy, 24, who sleeps till noon and bums gas money off mama is poor marriage material, no matter how you look at it. This unfortunate guy is an emotional cripple. When you put the reasons together, they spell M-0- T-H-E-R. Her twisted "generosity" is fixing him so he'll be dependent on her. She doesn't permit this boy to stand on his' own two feet because she needs to be needed. Marriage is not a reform school. If you enter into a lifetime partnership with this boy (24—this is •IL boy?) be prepared to take over where mama left off. He'll expect it because this is the way he's been raised. The word from here is NO. * * * Dear Ann: Can you tell me how to get my wife to rest? Two years ago I was very sick'and she went to work in a cafe. We decided to buy a little eat•hop of our own and live upstairs as it would be easier and more profitable. Now she works 24 hours a day and won't take any time for herself. What provokes me is she could Bleep eight hours while the cook is there, but no, she has to "supervise". I've offered to fix children 6 and 7, meals, but she nays they eat better when cooks. Things "go smoother" out front when" she's there, so she has to be there at all times. I see her making beds, vacuum- Ing rugH, and doing the laundry between cuntomcrK. She; won't even send the linen out. She washes dishes, Bcrubs the walls, floors and ceilings, which could be dune by hired help. She nays she "enjoys it". I get tirud just watching her and I am worried that nho'11 collapse. With everything el«e nh<; docs, nho still finds time to read your column every day—woldn't ini«« it. Can you «ay something to her?—C.C. Too bad your wife cun't bolll« nomo of lhal energy and sell It. She'd clean up. You're fighting u losing buttle If you think you can talk her Inlo taking it (iiiiiy. fihe'n a compuWvc worker and thlfi drive of horn in an old, old ntory. Many people can go on like thin for yearn. In buninesx clrclun It'K callod "exccutlve-Uln". Thexi people are often «trong an tinmen and Wear Anytime, Anyplace have a very jazzy metabolism. But nonetheless they are only human and not machines. Usually it takes the help of a professional to get such a person to slow down before he strips .his gears. Good luck. * * • Dear Ann: My husband's sister and I hav« always been very close. Recently 'she got a job and started to hang .around beer joints. She's become involved with three different! men (all married) and she has four kids of her own. Her husband has asked me to talk to her. My husband says .to keep rny nose out of it. What do you say?—ZORO X. I say your husband gave you good "advice. This is no assignment for a sister-in-law. * # # CONFIDENTIALLY: MARY Z Why so much emphasis on the gifts? Stop knocking yourself out for them and don't expect anything but good wishes on these (Ann Landers will be happy to help you with your problems. Send them to her In cure of this newspaper and enclose a stamped »eH- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Court Notes Judge Clifford Wild found for the plaintiff,'Cecil Walters, in his divorce suit against Inez Walters in the Cass circuit court Thursday, He found against the defendant on her cross-complaint. The plaintlfl was awarded custody of two ol the children and the defendant was given custody of the other child together with $!i per week for the child's support. The plaintiff was represented by the law firm of Landls and Michael, while the defendant was represented by the law firm of O'Neill und O'Neill. Mrs. Mary Jo Rosenberg is th<. plaintiff in a complaint agalnsl Josephine Lowman This Easy Exercise Helps to Reduce Fat Around Rib Cage h County Fair ludges Named Judges for the agricultrual exhi- its at the county fair were select- d Wednesday night by the Cass ounty 4-H Club Association, Inc.. The fair will be held July 21 to 7 with 4-H activities beginning n Monday, July 22, and extend- ng through July 26. Association members also dis- ussed finances 'for the fair and irograms for the year. Dallas Wiliams, president, was in charge of le meeting attended by 25 town- hip representatives. Plans also were made for the ounty -adult 4-H leaders to meet it the Extension, office on Monday night, June 24 at 8 p.m. to choose This exercise Is designed te reduce fal around the rib cage. (The Friday Qucullnn Jtox) Q. "Will you please give me an exercise that will reduce fat around the rib cage, Just undor the bust?" A. Do this one. Stand tall. Step forward with your left fool. Raise bo'-h arms overhead, one arm by each ear. Bend forward trying to Harry Bussey under the reciprocal j touch the fingertips to your left support of dependents law. She is|i oc . if y nu cannot touch, come seeking support payments' for their minor daughter. They were divorced Nov. 20, 1B54. The complaint was filed through Deputy Prosecutor Frank Tolbcrt. Russell Gordon was granted a divorce from Nellie Gordon by .Judge Wild. He was represented by Ihe firm of O'Neill and O'Neill. Melville Morehousc was granted a divorce from Hur.el Morchouse and given custody of their minor daughter. Charles Anderson wan the attorney for the plaintiff. Mrs. Judy Thurman wa« granted a divorce from Waller Thur man. The custody of the minor chjld wu« given to the malurmil grandmother and lh(; defendant was ordered to pay $10 per weok for Ihn child's Kupnort. O'Neill und O'Neill wore the attorneys for the plaintiff. Mrs. ,loo' Ann Grostcifon was a divorce from Mux Oron- lofon and her mnldun nnrric of Dc- Puy wan restored by Judge Wild, She was reprenentod by O'Neill und O'Neill. as close a.s you can, keeping your egs straight. Raise the trunk and irmg and pull buck to the right. Bend forward and continue. After u while step forward with your ight foot. Do the .same thing, ,hl.i time pulling hack to !hc left, fhl.i should be Anna slowly, #lv- ng tlmo. for the pull. Q*. "I have been putting olive oil on my fingernails and toenalls after each manicure, rubbing It Into my teot and putting It around my eyes and on my eyelashes, ts thl« good or bad? I've heard Ihnl olive oil Is good for the noils and will make the eyelashes grow. I.s thl.s true?" A. Any lubricant Is good for the cuticle. Olive oil or n cream or oily lotltin—nil soften the cullclo. I do not know whether or not the oil will make the latihus grow hut the flUmulutlon which comiyi from rubbing It In may well do HO. Too Bmnll Q. "Picas'; tell me about my figure, I think my brcnnln are too .small. 1 am XI years old ami | U!m | niir.Ho. they have persisted as ugly as ever. Can you help me?" A. Lot this ftc a warning to al women who are sun tanning. Thl. sun worship Is not good for the .skin, and some complexions re spond more drastically than olh ers. I do not know how you can overcome this defect except give 11 more time to fade. Yoi can use a waterproof mnkc-u which will cover it. Q. "I hear that lemon juice wll make you thin if you drink a much as two ounces a day. Is thl true?" A. No ono food Is .slimming, 1 i.s the lu»al dally calorie coun which «l|ms or MlDn.1. Tomorrow: "Styles Dictate—S Wo Musi Have Flril Bocks." Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate', 1957 Decorative But Useful! departmental superintendents and advisors for thei fair show. The 4-H agricultural exhibit judges named were: Jack Frost, of Purdue University, for beef and sheep classes.. Glen R. Corbin, of Crown Point, lor dairy classes. Joe Metzger, of South Whitley, lor swine classes. Ed Lott, of Purdue' University, for forestry, x wildlife, conservation and entomology. D. D. Jackson, of Purdue Uni- vesity, for poultry classes. • W. B. Ward, of Purdue University, for garden classes. , Electric projects will be judged by two persons, one representative each from the PSCI and the BEMC. Rabbit classes will be judged by a member of the local Rabbit Breeders organization. Friday Evening, June 21, I9S7. of Terre Haute, whose terms expire. Laurenz Schumn, LaPorte, to 4- year term Indiana Library and Historical Board, replacing Louis A. Warren, Fort Wayne, whose term expired. Louis Austin and A.G. Gossard, Terre Haute, reappointed 2-year terms Board of Mines and Mining. Dr. Virgil A. McCleary, Warsaw, and Dr. Forrest Carton, LaPorte, reappointed 3-year terms Board of Registration and Examination in Oplometry. Raymond Maddox. Hartford Appointments Announced By GOY. Handley Sixty-two Persons Named to Boards and Commissions By Hoosier Executive INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Governor Handley today announced 62| clty; - Capi OF Heslari Indian . appointments including Homer I apolis, and John T. Hays, Sulli- Schuman of Columbia City as a van, to 4-ycar terms Board of new member of the Indiana State Fair Board. Schuman replaces Trueman T. Rembusch of Franklin who resigned because of the "press of business." Other appointments and reappointments included: Paul Harvey, Bloomington, reappointed for 4-year term to State Accounts Board. Veterans Benefits Included in Money Bill Passing Senate WASHINGTON (UP)—The Senate Wednesday approved an $85,669,925 supplemental appropriation bill including $65,000,000 for veterans benefits. Most of the benefits were earmarked Cor GI schooling of Korean War veterans. The bill was sent to the White House for the President's signature. The House Wednesday voted 218-186 against a Senate proposal Harbors and Terminals. Heslar reappointed. Hays replaces Robert Reid, Indianapolis, and Maddox replaces Frank Hoke, Indianapolis, who resigned. Sens. Robert Brokenburr of Indi- ana-polis. William Christy of Hammond, Wesley Malonc of Clinton, Warren W. Martin of Clnrksville, and Reps. Josse Dickinson of South Bend, James Hunter of East Chicago, Peter McGrath of Evans- Robert H. Heller and G. Remy vi n c an( j Jo i, n Wiiinwright of Wol Bierly, Decatur, and Ludus Som- j ooUvill e, » ers and Murt Lybarger, Hoasland.l p ractices Ui 4-year terms Anthony Wayne Parkway Commission. All reappointed except Lybarger, who replaced Clyde F. Dreisbach, Fort Wayne, who died. Clarence Schmidt, Crown Point; Charles Van Nuys, Franklin; Charles Manwaring, Menlone, and Dr. William Stadclman, Lafayette, all reappointed 4-year terms Slate Egg Board. the Fair Employment Advisory Board until next Legislature convenes. USAF Plans Extensive 1CBM Missile Testing WASHINGTON (UP) —The Air Force has announced plans for larRe scale testing of interconti- ncnlal ballistic Inext fall. testing missiles UC13M) Wallace Mnbhews, Whiting, and I . . , . „ N.E. Weslphal, Michigan City, re- Tif,,.l..Vfn.^.^^^""-, apix>lnted 4-year terms to Rules "" " and Appeals Commission of State Fire Marshal Department. "Dr. Norman Richards, Shelbyville, to 4-year term on Governor's iio-«*> °«»""." « """»•- <• , '--"" ville, to 4-year term on Governor's to add W mil Ion dollars to the , • Comir.itlec, re- blll to start a federally subsidized , . Dr ^ Grcen ^ flood insurance P««™m. It ^Vcrmm. whose term expires, the second time (he House has ' ,„„,,, , ,, D[ . j osep h f,. Dmlding of Hope, refused to approve money for a start on the 500-million-dollar program authorized by Congress last year. By a 158-47 vote, the House also refused to approve even 10 million dollars of the 30 million dollars Ule . . , Dr. Richard Woolery of Bedford and Joseph L. Quinn Jr., of Tcrre Haute, appointed 4-ycar terms State Board of Health. Woolery replnces Dr. William A. Kar.sc.!! of Bloomiii'gton, Duiidinu replaces Senate voted for government buy- »<•; David Adler of Columbus mid ing of tungsten, asbestos, Fluospar !Q^n.__replnces_Vcrno.i _McM,i;an and columblum tantalum. The Senate agreed U> drop the proposals from the bill. Air Force's Research and Development Command said. Six specially equipped froight supply cargo ships, the announcement said, will be sent to sea to fill gaps in tracking stations in the guided missile range which ox- tends 5,000 miles into the South Allanlic. IMU/J-: CAKK SYRACUSE, N. Y. - For the third straight year, Joe Cummis- kcy baked the prize cake in a 0011- lest at a Home .Show. He's a news broadcaster here (for WlIKN-Ka- Israel to Request Anti-Sub Weapons JF)RU8AI.IM (Ul 1 )—Inrncl will rink the United Sin ten for unfl- •mbmurino wi;npon« to protect Itn ppliiK In Hie tiiilf <i! A(|(il>u and other nroBH .from rw.'ently ncqulred KljypUan HubrnarlnoB, InTormud HOUTUUH Aiild today. Hrnel will not nltnmnl to ncqulni lln own Hubmurlnon to offnal lltodn delivered to K«yj>l by tlio SovlnL Union, the HOUI'CUH mildi Hlnce «ul>- marlne.s am primarily an nKKron- nlvn wnnpop. fn Cairo, KKyptlan nownpapni'H ild KKypl. will UHC ltd llirce .Snvlol-bullt Hiihmnrlnod to protect iorrJL»rlnl- wulcni, 11 mild tliorc WIIH danger of Ixraai vIolnllnK ImTllorliil waters In the ,Suo'/. und At|aba iinian. From Longcliff To Attend Workshop Three rapra.icnliil.lves of the Logniuporl state hmplln.1 will participate In a clinical workshop In psychiatric nursing to. be. held from Sunday through Friday of next wcolt at the Madison Male They are Robert Fuller, assistant director of nursing .lervlco; Julln Due, Instructor In nursing educ.iil.lon; and Mary Caughell 5722 A perky sailor—-so porfocl for keeping hnlpina and jowelled pins in Hlghl and 'al hand'I You'll find 11 so easy to crochet thai you'll want U) mnke oxlrus for glfl-or- hnzunr giving. Paltorn No. 5722 contains cro- ohet directions; material requirements; stitch Illustrations. Send 25c In COINS, your mime, uddre<") and the I'ATTKHN MUM- HER to ANNE CABOT, J'haros- Trlbuno, .172 W. Qulney Street, Chicago fi, Illinois. It's rondyl The 1B.W N'ucUlework ALBUM—Clfly-Blx colorful panes showing many pretty designs; plus directions fur milking a crochet Items and a quill. Only 2!>c a copy I weigh MO pounds. I am 5 feel (I Inches tall. I liavo « Im-go frame. My biut mi!iiKijro» XI, walxt 2(1 und hlpH 40 Inchon." A. Your weight jutil. about right. There In Loo much tllffurencu between your hlp.i nnd your bunt. Take exercises to Incrrnso the bust rm-Hsururnonl. und docroaie Kin lilp«. Q. "Lust summer I miffurod » xevcre sunburn Uiat left jicara nnd freckles on my I hoy would fndc away but Fifteen nt.nlc mimes wljl participate In the workshop, to lie directed by Dr. Hllrtojfardo Poplmi, dlroclor of, graduate studies In psychiatric mirsliiK nl Rul.gciv university, Dr. 1'opluu coiuluctod u jilmllnr workshop nl Win Lotfnn- sporl stale htmpll.nl kiftl AiiKim Shew Starti At Duik Oal.i Op.n Half Hour Iirlltr SATURDAY "THE INDIAN FIGHTER" (color) Kirk Dauylat - Elia Morllrrtlll SUNDAY-MONDAY "KEU.EY * ME" (color-llril run) Vml Jolinton - "P" Uurl* William Henry Harrison held Iho shortest term of any U.H. prwil- dnnt.'llc died one month nflor Ink- Inn office. Read the Classified Ads A (irncoful yokail dross, scol- loped trimmed, for Iho rnu'.ron; und a Ko-with-ul! jacket. No, MW with r'ATT-0-n.AMA In. cllldoil l/i In ;ilMS :W, 311, 40, '12, -14, VI, 411, DO, M. Size III! bll.it, 4% yiirdu of 35-Inch. No. 83111 with I'A'I"I'.0-IIAMA In- cludod In In rilzo.s .'id, .111, 41), 42, 44, 48, 4H, Ml, !». Slzu .'III Inihl, 3'A yurdn of 30-Inch. Two pnltoni*. Kor IhfKM! pnUoriw, .itind .'I5c for EACH, In COINS, your nnmo, lid' drc.ifl, *lw) diutlrud, und Lho PAT TKIIN NUMnrcil to Sue Ilurnotl, fhnriwi-TrlbuiKi, 372 W. Qulney Street, ChluttKO li, Illlnolx. Don'l. miss the IntiM Unuo of our fmicliuillnu imllurn niaxiiz Buslc FASHION, The Sprliitf Summer '57 iwtuu U flllml with •miirl, now de/ilnns for nil fi •peclftl feiiluros; fdft pnllorn prlnt- •4 Inside tho book. 25 conU. LOOANSKXRT'S COMPLETB AWNING CENTER • Canvas • Fiber Olau • Aluminum CRIC ESTIMATES THE GRAY-MILL CO. 1303 I. Bdwy. Phone 321* NOW 2 HITS HIM Til « Op.n 1 PM BEAT THE HEAT IN A STATE SEAT SATURDAY MIDNIGHT SUN.-MON.-TUES. 3 BIG STARS ON A RIDE OF ADVENTURE AND LOVE Jane Mansfield FIRST RUN BOWBRY BOYS LAUGH RIOT JOHN STEINBECK'S JOAN COLLINS-JAYNE MANSFIELD-DAN DAILEY -RICK JASOM Iron 20th CENTURA ROX Y ALLI inC£ COOL—COOL-COOL TWO BIO ACTION WCSTEHNS TODAY & SAT. Open 1 p.m.—35e Til 6 2 Foaturoi-Comody SS"" 0 """ THE KXACK "JESSE JAMB v »THE DAMONS MtKHMNHM IIM-IH BUM «-«,»»««£-« PLUS "KINO OF CABNlVAl"-«UNOAY-R. SCOTT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT Double Horror at Midnite TOWN! 2 - BIG FIRST RUN HITS DOOMED WOMEN! DAMNED MEN! Thousand-Thrill Double Bill! Washable Sneakers ...for Boys and Girls FAMILY SHOE D€PT. STREET PLOO* AND O|>on 7:OO Shaw SlarN Duik Cliildi'ttn FREEI TODAY AND SATURDAY 2-FIRST RUN FEATURES-2 1 it TIME IN THIS LOCALITY "GROWN-UPS! QIC DEAL! Nobody know* you . . . and wor»», Ihny don'l try lo undnritand . . , You "Toll tint ff Truth and nobody in thit craiy world be- •. Have* you I" f THE YOUNG STRANGE 1JAMKS MiuAimiVK • KIM HIJNTKIl • JAMKS DALY AND MFFCMNKDI-KANNECMm j«nc«so(i'«iiiiussai f ; EUIMESTEWMT Saturday Bonut Fnalure at 110 oxtra cotl to you "MAN WITHOUT A STAR" with Kirk Douglai A J»ann« Grain. ZOMBIES or . MORATAU AUMOM HAm AUTUMM nnuu The Walking Dead vt. The Hunted Living 7Qc — ieporate Show — Separate Admlulon — 70c TALENT WANTED! Apply Logtiniport Drive-In Thcatar BIG AMATEUR NIGHT SOON Do you ting, done., impvnonato, play tin In«rrum»nl? REGISTER FOR AUDITION NOW BOB WILLIAMSON WSAL DISC JOCKEY wIN conduct the contott on th« Ilieatur patio and lmv« th» winner* on hli NIG-HT WATCH SHOW,

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