Williamsport Sun-Gazette from Williamsport, Pennsylvania on April 1, 1963 · Page 5
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Williamsport Sun-Gazette from Williamsport, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1963
Page 5
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vi .. \ W H U a m s p o r t , S u n - G « ^ e t t e , Mond»y t A p r i l 1 . "V^' c- ~ c : Wsys t "..; WASHINGTON (UPI) -- Presl- dent- Kennedy will bt In the tte A e r i c a g u e seaion next Monday, the Whit* House tald today. Kennedy, following a -custom started by President William * Howard Taft, wl}l toss out the first ball to get the league's 68rd seaion officially under way. tfie White House also, announced that the Chief Executive will hold a new* conference Wednesday at 4 p.m. EST. *- c Salinger told newsmen today, but 1 been recent he had no definite proposals. ,,f intprest This was » matter the govern- ssra .=r= sT»T v iHr;: sre .5,ri.r"ur-,,!;;»ss"t the time is now appropriate for suc h a study, fhlt, n n . n i DC V" way? to prevent extended news, good time" to con^' '-he plan^sald, paper strikes and shutdowns in the future. .^.^.Salinger, made*T»ls comment as the prolonged New York City newspaper strike came to an end and an even longer strike in-Cleveland appeared near settlement. - · - · · Salinger, ln,M recent-speech in Philade phla, »ugi;ested -a study of conditions causng protracted newspaper strikes and now to TO CHECK TOCB INCOME TAX -- NeaV trim machines, part of the equipment at the National Computer Center of the Internal Revenue Service, are line* up In a buUdin* of th« center ·t Martraiburf, W. Va, The. computer center, Which will cheek Income,, tax return., will b« in full operattdn by W«0, staff -- (See .story ·» Page 20) official* n ' -· · - ' ^ · -, The Pennsylvania Department of Highways has announced at the designation of Route H- from -4- . " -*v \ -; ^ * + *-* T w - « . V .e s - ( · - . ,, . . » sv 3ec *·* s M*- co-Go* s- ~ e~ / · . ' * " - " . . . . . ' . . ' - ' ·' · . / . ' , - ' · · $3-v*ce~"c : ey New Clarks Ferry, Dauphin County, to Trout Run is being eliminated. , · - _ - . · _ _ i '.- i"'. signs are beinj · erected, - * ? vr; ,« starting today, to 4ea gnate the section .from Clarks Ferry to Halls, near Muncy^ as Route 147. This eliminates the necessity for dual signs through IS miles of the Mon- toursvllIe^Willlamsport section. Highway f route number changes also w^re announced for the fol: - - · · /·· ·" ' · '' j. · lowing counties: PTTTXRIIRRH f UPI) ----The On Wednesday* a train will ton ..-wr-shipmftits of ,7,000 tons ,, Berks-Schuylkill-Northumberiand PITTSBURGH (UPI)_---ne on wean y\ t» frbmJpe-or two:origins; $1.26 a _u., S . 123 as a rovite number Pennsylvania-Railroad begtas its 4 al tunore Gas d Electric Co., ton on 7,000 tons front .three or-win be eliminated. Part"-of. the first coal mtae-to-consumer shut- Baltimore. , , more origins and $5 centS^a ton 0 % was completed^ a few year* PHILADELPHIA (AP)--Donald Ue ^t^ce under jiewly- es- ,!The 106-car train to Eddystbne on 4,500-ton trainload^lots , from Bgo - W hen U. S. 122 from the ST. PAUL, Minn. AP--Resl(Dudey) Moore resigned today as f r «iriit rates today by scheduled for'Tuesday will return one or more origins. .~"\-.' Pennsylvania-Maryland line to dents along the Minnesota and ' head basketball coach at LaSalle Z.i^ilinp train loads of · coal later this week ready for a re- The rates f apply to specified Morgantown, Berks County^Je- Mississippi rivers are operating -^ College. '. ' ' Srouehou; the state: : peat run to the Philadelphia Elec- destination points in, Delaware, ^ amje , state Rou te 10. By mld-Mity duck laundries these days in an IT^ Moore came to LaSalle In 19M A IS dozen coal trains will trie plante.it jpdtestone. : , District of Columbia. Maryland, u^-y^^y.-^. 122 from Morgan- effort"to rescue .thousands of birds ^^ ^ after 10 years at Duquesne Ufli- m o ve between mines in western The reducefTfreight rates, to^a New Jersey, New York, Pennsyl- town . to jieaiJta 4 g ^m be re-signed dying of oil pollution. · . . . versity His LsSalie teams won l^, Central Pennsylvania and single desttaation, are ,$T.60 per.vama and Virginia; as stote Routeffl- From Reading The rivers are coated, with fuel . . - - - - - ana uft_ . *._ _ _ .... __ _^ ^ . _--. *_. *--to Sunbury, it wiuS»ere-slgned oil from a pipelme that-burst at ^ ^ · \ A / statute 61. ..^5^- fr^a^rflast^tater S C O 3 / .-W . vC f\ "w: ,,. .. ..Ai « DENXI8 MARNON 79" and lost 37. northern west Virginia and east- No reason was given for his un- ern electric generating plants, this expected resignation which was week. The rate reductions are up accepted by college officials. They to $1.50, a^toiLon shipments^ of. said they-had no one ih4nind at 7,000 tons or more to a stagle des- this time as a successor. ^^--.j ^wiMais -said the 'fre- Moore, in. resigning gav. no "JJ 0 ^ °gS?-wU? tacrea^ hint of his future plans. steadily*' ito a 'point where as Several weeks ago Moore was ma ny as 100 such trains will hanged in effigy by basketball originate to the PRR's Pitts- fans dissatisfied with the school's frargh Region during April, record, . . A «»- ^\ . EICHABD CALLAHAN Scaeice-s, Awe.-4 "o -e ^ Dauphln-Cumheriand-York-- U.SMflnkato, Minn. . . . . . n S K a v e S, Adams-State Route u U I be demanded action by^Vms to " ** this as Interstate 88. Pittsburgh /hfformation Agency Budget Request Cut WASHINGTON (UPI) -- President Kennedy today trimmed $!,994,000 from his new budget request for the U.S. Information i Agency. Creek Kennedy now has eliminated a vania. TM e neW TMa t Ser S£ had Lycoming College will be'host to with the Interstate members of the Greater Williams- Commission by PRR Port Community Arts Council on New York' Central, Wednesday, when the group will and Lake' Erie, and meet in the dining room at the Joseph Treppetti, director of the New Hampshire Arts an* Crafts Guild, will spealt on Organization with 4,500 A luncheon for lojsal businessmen will be held^'in the Tioga Room of the Lycoming Hotel at noon on Wednesday ·when Mr. Treppettl will discuss the connection between - New Hampshire's economic growth and the development of craft centers in the itate. Reservations for the luncheo are being accepted by the Cham- State include Dr. "John Os- berof Commerce. - irom Dr. Roy Buck, directors Both the.luncheon and the din- legislative starts fhe old line of U, S, 15 Joseph freshmen Sectional meetings on different kers, Richard Cal- aspects of newspaper work, were Campus in Scrsnton on Satur- Lourdesr paper of Shamskta sec"~ and prize to. Cathedral ScJwoi, In detereent ta their own bath- caiianM, the son of ,Mr. and Scranton. On hand to repreientjt. tubs However tiis removes "e Mrs. ChaSea Callahw, "56 Park Joseph's were the moderator, Bedford-State'Route 66 will be ducks' natural'feather oils so they Avenue,JTM*gL %'*.VL % Dinted Editors John' "fflSerth extended' from the Junction wth must be taken to game farms to rthktag hlgheBt^nonf all the af- pointed «ajtors, John fciswerm U . S 220 north of/Bedford ta a recuperate, lest Uey sink in thfc.flrmative W« a ^ n '^^f ^'j^J** d n Radspinner. Ite junction with U. S. 80 state^ana^ieaerai «^»^j |^Jg^ 1 f^^ Min- points. e s c u e H o r t over R o r months -JTtrain with 7000 tons ta about eTthTftM? -SSSiiTSSaU ^h^W!SSi^t.H5,toj m* to a potat aouth of Bedford A train with 7,000 tons ta about °»_ g current , ^ ein held in this to . the illness and death of David Borough. T. and Judge Charles F: Greevy^Campbell, former president of- the _ _ «^ * J» t , M9 The Rev. Dr. Frank. W. AkeTMuseum of Contemporary Craft* Somerset--State Route ee» president, will preside and Dr. D. who wa ' Frederick Wertz, Lycoming Col- on this .. lege president will welcome the agreed to. come from New Hamp- -southwest natura i K story naturae asujry .c w -? ^c "o- poc z- ' ps group. Included w.ll be the board of directors of ne council under the leadership of Dr. Ake; the festival arrangements committee! six guide leaders and delegates to the Arts Roundtable who represent local arts, clubs, Lycoming College and the public school system. shire to fill the engagement f *·' 'y;':rs By JAMES MABLOW ed every activity of the .federal government. Now^ it^is high^ time not A".C ,"'C-S Centre-Huntingdon -miles of to to- .meet Route 6^9 which has been from 417. New maps states will 'carry the new oo» we- "-V ~ ~ ' ' ~ '/· V^---" slgnatiort. Signs wjtr be erected VLOCK' HAVEN -- Aii-attehdance students The negative team, Karen Shlvel- hood.*nd Delores Kieman, was the other half of the debate group which placed St. Joseph's third ta the final telly of 4 wins, 2 losses. -Marywood Seminary had a per- dent Kenhe feet score of M. St. Vincent's Ply- ' "^" month, St Mary's Wl«tej=Barrr"party . and South CathoUc^Scranton tied May 2B, to honor of His «6th birth- tor secon(t_wHn"a 6-1 record. day"annlver»ary. laturday, too, St. Jaseph's The party will be sponsored school paper, Vox Reginae, re-members of the Pres dent's C ceived a third place award O f New York. The location ; has accepted an fund-raising Saturday, -/··I WASHINGTON (UPI)-r- tense' Department day mat 1,860 ph; drafted toto tterAnhy, Navy and Committed to Prison Air Forr,Hn Jfi'iy ·"* tiignst e the since The .two-day conference will open Friday afternoon with registration ., .,,, ,,, . ,,,, to Smith Hall and a keynote ad- first draft of William Henry -Little. 24 -of=488 ^ eu by r^. Raymond S. Treon, the' fall and Elmlra Street,, was^ ^committed to supervisor, of special education* of over 60 educators Is \ anticipated at the High S c h o o l Journal- not yet .been .selected but: will for theJReglbnal Study Conference isni Workshoa held, at'King's Col- announced Shortly, for-Teachers and Principals to be, lege, Wilkes-Sarre. The workshop, xhe Invitation was extended to held at Lock Haven State College sponsored by the -Crown staff and Kennedy at theJWhlte House to- Friday and Saturday, April B and the Pi" Delta E_pslton, an honorary day by Joyn I. Snyder, a New 6, ' under the sponsorship of the journalism society, was managed York industrialist who is presi- Pennsylvanla Department of Sec-by Father Charles C. Matusck, den { an d chairman of the board ondary School Principals. _ .__ csc - "»9Jerator, and Paul Petrol- of u. s . industries, Inc.; Howard J. Samuels, president of the Kor-. dite Co., Rochester, N.Y., a n d Arthur Krlm,' president of United Artists Corp., who Is, chairman of ^ _ _ I/ , % *^' IV f ^3* I \ w ^ i^ investigates Confess which «n ^ toe free v^rid/' ·investigate-the wiole area of gov- « tne tree worm, ^ ^^ £lushlng ot wa ter eminent? Nobody. Income Not Revealed - . mains through the 650 fire hy A government department head Nobody knows, how much ta- drants ta the city will be in must get rid of In stock before ^^ a me mber of Congress has progress through the next three the Senate lets hiuKtake office to above his salary. He doesn't have weeks, prevent conflict of interest. Ex- ^ rev eal it. . · ' : ' The work will be done between from 'some corporation he may -As Neuberger put i^ " nitoimlie the-lnconvenienee caused have'to do bustaess with. ··", "'Members-- of the senate ana by tfct d i itur b tn ce of water ta ~. ~~7 But a member of Congress, who H»use can own a sea vessel, inuy malns due, to the tacreased flowr f · may deal with a federal agency any securlties^they please, nego- Thc flughing wlu begin tonight V ' f 3'C · JiL - *'-- *" -- tv " 1 - "-"""· h «25 to the West End sectton, proceed- J- * *, ing from there toward the east- * ·* . .nd'^^^ Mctton ( ?? th -!-.E usteTntr -*?^- " " the President's Club. ·raduate. the move not enough TM« * ' .* "" " *" MILL HALL ·-- A weefclong about some rich constituent with a tiate ^.. tm . ^^ money interest to the agency's on public lands, · ruling, doesnH have to get rid of much interested ta anything to reveal his total ta- the business of trade '-'- ' i merce. . the late Sen. "Furthermore, they can accept said" ta the Speaking fees. Some of these fees not only run to $1,000 or more ' a corroding effect, but are offered by organisations when a and groups directly interested to C.» ice area or the WUliaminort vears MO A" hearing has been .ached- Wo k«hsp*-9n the teaching of . . ZngUshXspeclal education and NEW YORK (AP--Helen Kla- " v / buipets roachtaes to education ben, who spent seven:; weeks X will 'occur Friday afternoon and stranded In the" frozen wilds""or iwmuni:* awuaa 48 of Wil- evcitog and Saturday morning. the Yukon, had the five toes of .... ,, Uamsport RD 8. was committed JJWlllam Johnston, of the Clear-her right foot amputated today, spring art show opened yesterday to meCounty Prison Saturday on/feld High School, Is conference The Brooklyn girl, 21, was found at the Mlllbrook Art Gallery here, a charge of assault and battery, chairmant Robert Smith, director a week ago, along with Ralph It will continue through next, He was arrested on information of secondary education at Lock Flores of San Bruno, Calif., the Sunday. The .exhibit is open daiiy furnished by his wife, Lillian, to Haven Stete College,'Is conference pilot of a plane ' that crashed from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Justice of the Peace Dorothy L. coordinator. . . while they were flying over rug- Among the artists exhibiting Duff, 6f *usquehanna Twp-Unable Dr. Lloyd Showers, assistant ge'd country,-, V their works *re Peter Gstalder, of to obtain $(500 bail, Moltao was county superintendent of' the Junl- When Miss Klaben was found, WilHamsport; Miss Ann -Davis, MOSCOW AP) -- .The Soviet committed to await a hearing on ata County Schools, will serve as the toes were gangrenous and H Montgomery Union has cracked down drastical-April 13. chairman of the workshop to'Eng-was thought at that time that mann, als» of Coldest k ly on police brutality. . · 'llsh,. assisted by Dr. John Bow. they would have to be amputated. EI« . ** Two policemen were sentenced DTA Calendar man, Penn Stete University; Dr. -A spokesman at the hospital R 0 hL ._.,, . , . NEW. YORK (UPI)-The low-to death in Krasnodar, on the Sea r i « v-uienuar .Robbins Burltog. University of where the operation was per-Stete h« President's Cabin- 1 Issues pending before Congress." est temperature reported to the of Azov, for fatally beating a sec- Jackson, Fathers Night meeting, Pennsylvania; and Dr. Alan Me- performed said the girl was ta nn iTi«fti»» ~ ordered to jettison his He called this a double stand-U.S. Weather Bureau this morn- retary -of the Young Communist 7.45 p.m. Tuesday, April 2; Judge Lead, Lock Hasan State College, good condition and would be hos- Thp «iii^, i. .it,,. TMtfoUos by senators ard ok morality. tag, excluding^Hawaii and Alaska League they had arrested. Charles F. Greevy wHJ speak .on M consultants. ,. - pitalized^for several weeks.^ JuncUon of Rout.. Si i-es may be dabbling In 1941 a Senate subcommittee was 14 degrees at Old Town, -- -- "No Delinquent Parents Means No Mist Alice Cochran, Clearfleld :; -- r juncnon 01 noutes M ta oil cotton futures"'teTevisioiH recommended that Congress ere- Maine. The highest reported Sun- Los Angeles County has nearly Juvenile Delinquents," and officers junior High-School, will be chair- hotel 'chains or uranium. ate a commission on ethics ta gov- day was 98 at Presidio, Tex. three million Vehicles registered, will be elected. ma n of the workshop to special ·- · -~ --' *-* "--" "" " ' aducatton, aailstad by Dr. Treon and Harry Blackwelr-ef the Oear- fleld County schools aa consultants. Mr. Smith and Robert Rooney, h . . t a H n r also have paintings t the an«» 220 and 320. -os:^ *i3c 3"-..;, So-: ""o c , ' . . . ' * ' ' · i i * s ·« 0 -^ - w-a «·«*. . . - ** also of Lock Haven State College, will be consultants to the wor ·hop on business 'machines. "·"'It federal commissioners are ernment to Investigate the ."moral ,to be pilloried for accepting air-standards of official conduct of plane tickets to Pato Beach, how government employes and mem- can senators and representatives aers of Congress. In addition, it continue profitable" associations proposed a law similar to the one with law firms retained by banks, Case is offering. Nothing hap- rallroads, labor unions, and util- pened. ity companies?^ Resolution Derided - 3 -. . Others Before, Blue* i n 1954 sens. P,aul Douglas, D- There were others in Congress 111., Hubert Humphrey, D-Minn., before Neuberger, and there have and Wayne Morse, D-Ore., fol- ^conflictoitateresruw 08 !^ of 1M1 by propostag anA«m Ecuador looks wistfully from on her lips. And then she sees ttation-HUui died together ta a hotel Permits were reported at the city Sunday near olies to all members of "Congress "ethics in -government" tow fir a strange window into a strange Is one of her uncles. Nobody ever rt tngtaeer's office for: . Police Chief BernafjKHall of Ss well as to officials of govern- quiring members of_Congress_and ·^«tSM_^erS L her_new_coUec.answers dlnefly_«henjhe asks 11 ^^, A ^^ M ,,, ,,_, nftmolllWM » amr » w tt 609 ^^"« Twp._and.state1^ P er, newch, 41, and his wife -- Lawrence Boch- xville, was killed injured when he . lost control of hisSear at 1.50 a.m. and^the driver was pinned beneath the wreckage. Both were, taken to the Blojsburg Stete Hospital where Becknewch was pronounced dead on arrival. Dr. H a i BOSTON (APF--The lame girl The names "rnadre, padre" are ton hospital last week for an oper- tlon--and died together ta a hotel re. executive branch, all other government officials with tlon of briglft, copper pennies, for her mother'and father.. Now How do you tell 'a girl of five? ^« mo ." 1 «TM» JL "Sir^Mued "to from Mans «eW said Bochnfewch Tioga County" Now again a number of men ta $10,000 salary to file sworn, public Then she hears someone entering she asks less and less for the That is the question that taunts SKSin CodlsDOtL and Ws wUe - Hope, 43, were drRlvwas caused bv a broken neck and a the Capitol are concerned about statements on their outside to-and, turns quickly. parents who brought her to a Bos- the minds of Luis del Campos ^4 JTM"" 1 """ B1/w - tag west on Route 49. About one-Pushed chest'He released the vic- continuing criticism of members come. -- P.trleln Jlten uncles of Maria Ref !S lrt ?£ Sf* td f TO *^!A *?.,,.!% "\? lf mile weit of Lawrenceville, timSLbody to a KnOjcvllle under- · - - - · ' " J - patneio JIIOB. uncies or wana BMt foy,^ street for «1«0, issued the car swerved off the road on a taker\ «_*UKWVUI« u«ae to James Malloy. curve, smashed against guardrails Mrs. Bbshnewch was reported In the hospital. She 'of Congress for misuse of public In 1958 Congress proposed a funds in their travel, conflicts of toothless resolution ·fecommend- interest, and putting relatives on ing a "code of ethics'! for all gov- their payrolls. ·*· ernment employes. Some senators Last week' Rep. William, J. derided it as nothing more than Dorn, D-S.C., introduced a "bill "pious purpose, 'i-""" .calling for a strict ethical code President Kennedy, in May 1961, ta Congress:, full accounting of all Issued an executive order barring travel expenses, publication of all'top and near-top government of- Income and assets, with criminal tlcials from outside employment penalties attached. ^^ or accepting fees for speeches. Three times In recent years Sen. Late last year Congress passed Clifford P. Case, R-N.J., offered a law tightening conflict-of-lnter- to- i** · ~\/ ,,,,, ,, set up arrangements for Painting a stogie dwetttag at 2818 sending home the bodies of Fabl- Newberry Street for $300,an Jljon, 39, and his wife, Lola. Mrs. Roy Stone. · .J 34, who perished with two other suffered bruli of the face and .and brush burns -*J ** C bills to prevent conflict of inter- est regulations--as .they apply to view proposed changes and re- Extension 48.^ Plans for the operation on Ma- """"' · - ~ ,, ria Elena to correct a birth defect At Memorial Avenue and Race In ft »r hip-wthat she might walk Street, at 11.19 a.m. today, a fire The last of three meetings to re^ call,for reservations Is 326-2831 -- H^ ot her chlldren-^iow are post- started on a garbage truck owned ett by congressmen..and top gov-government employes;" It" bars ^i-i---'!-'^."'!..!.-""",__ __.i Leroy O. Myers, city planning .rnment officials, " ' permanently former'fulWlm* fed- vUlon§ jj,, *** *£ f 0 " 1 "*"" 11 ; dlreotor, said sp«cl«c, r*oomraend- He wllldo It again Wednesday era! employes from representing wnce win be held tomorrow at tt ions for updating th»»pnlng ordl- with a measure which would re- private Interests befoTe federal noon at The Lycomtog by me City nane» will be ma*» to City Council quire congressmen and all gov- agencies on matters In which they Planning Commission. following tomorrow t meettag. c* wiuutci* IIU»Y a « c tnn\- "I-T,, ._, » JZ. «M -A. n^._.A · -Indefinitely. She will be by Willie Rivers, M4 First Street. , " O~ iack to Quito vhere fu- Firemen said papers were put on - ^ · lc«S wiU be held * e truck "^ *** wera i « nlted by s i much to do" ex-hot ashes. Co. H5 responded and ' Jllon's taShJ; LuU ** » «« ter «*! shall- T '** S * « C '- eources of Income, gifts of $100 ment service. " " PublW an Invited or more, assets and liabilities But Congress Didn't make this ' yearly to the comptroller general. In cnv way apply to members of Dorn said, "We have Investigate Congress. flee ta City to, attend the t making rtser- . * trip back,- he mfr the car of John Zarr, of SUNBURY - William J. Downs, 33. of 837 North Fifth Street, was crushed to death Sunday when ht was caught ** tt ' ?nolt yard « * lEWSFAPESr iEW'SPAFERt

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