The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1931
Page 7
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W.YTHKVILLtt, (ARK.V COUNTER NRWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents i word lor first insertion and one cent A »wl (or each lubsequtm Insertion. No advertisement taken lor Jess than We. Count tlie woiib and teed tnu ,-asu, L'hone 306 PAGE PIV1 OUK BOARDING HOUSE By Abern FOU SALE FOB SALE-Bahy chicles. Pay tills mil. See us auout plan. Marilyn llutciicry. SJC-TT FOU SALE—Cotton Seed—Crooks unproved Hall & iitilf. RoiS Stevens, t'hones No. K7 os 1 615. Uf-KS RENT FOR RENT—Apartment in Ingram building. See Parkhurst, Com- liauy. SU-'iT FOR RENT — Beautiful English bungalow on terraced lot, stride trees, garages, servant house, chicken yard and house. Bath, sewer water, lights. One of the most attractive homes around lilylhe- ville. Rent cheap to party who will take hare of it. Thomas Land Co 6C-KU IIKiil.N Illilllg 1'UIIAY m:>:vi, in>it[>t;\, ln\t ullh 'llimiY WII.SUV, <lls- viitrr* llm lir *hi|if Mlth her I KXUllKTT. Su >lir nn.l her "Knhi;" UUn:iii Tiinjiii? tinj InUc him Inlu Ilir tuuulry whorr «hu im:c* him lu ?miu>ii]c III roll^m 1 lind nut lnr:i!> iT;c lirnrl ol hi* :n:ui uliu I* ri.inni'l,,- him. l--|illlnK i,, c.ili- vlnrr him. HiTjl tei» Ti.iiiiuj rr- lurn lu her nUlfr. Irtiie, rliriiAt-u in l!,,. IIIIIK nail, rrnnri. in IM< n (it bl» ]>lr:ift nnil [minium's ILc Xi-M ihiy Tin j- j:ai nllb hl> uurlr unil IlliijM llt>r>l IiriU hrr nauc; 'iu IJir lu-nrli. One ill ibt* lici>». A Mill: IIKKI). I, c:irrtrJ mil 1.1 (tic HJ {i-*rur klin niij i-ull :i Uuvlur fr.rr mkiu^ him liui:i|.. SI||. 11 h:ir<l tn lir:ir Ilif rr|irii:n-]i 'HIS. i:i:i:il iin<l lirr Illr m:r|.r» ul Imr jiMlo IM.rn Ti.iumr nuilTli N IK , Irrtu- In inntr) liEiil. Hlic ,:iy^ xllf \xlll 1.111 li'l ni^rrlnpi. lutiTliTi. nllli l.rr carri-r mill [iifurni>i M »<lir U la li:u l- ii r:lillLi ii MJIV ! "1 WANTED POfJliTKY WANTED—Market, pn- tea, any quantity. Marilyn ilui.- cnery, 210 b. t-ourtn SI. uO'i'tf WANTED — Family washings or KCneiai housework. Mrs. Dora 1,'j/ell, 2207 18th St. TK POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. 1>. Bennett Co. Feed Co. 210 N. Railroad Bt., w of courthouse, J. K. Fisher, i'hone 64. JMC-TF WANTED TO RENT — rlnrnisliec apartment. Call 505. C-K-lx 1'UliSONAL CASH PAID for second hand lur- niture. A. I,. Flowers, corner Main & Lake Sts. 5C-TF i)S WITH Tin; s'lijiiv CMAl'TEK Vlll THINK." Mrs. Everett salil to | Heryl in (tic voice ot one \vlio ! copes with a hopeless sitiiailou. I "thai it wuuld be more cousiderale ot you lo go to your mister and see If there Isn't something you can ilo for her. You know better anyone else what an ordeal she has] Boen through and whh this nuili- tlon ahead ot her tomorrow s!ie la leally under a great strain." All the women looked at Heryl For a moment defiance was plainly expressed in the Hush that spread over her cheeks and In the pronounced lift o! her chin, tut common sense came lo her rescue and saved her from maMnj; a scene. "And someone must ccok dinner." her mother added eugj lively. "Heaven knows I can'l STOCKHOLDERS MEETING of The Blythcvillc Cotton Oil Company The Annual Meeting ot the directors and stockholders ol the above company will be held Thursday, June Dth al 10:30 A. M. in the ofliccs of \V. A. Gage & Co., Falls .Bldg., Memphis, Tcun. 4C-K6-3 Closing Stock Prices A. T. & T Anaconda Copper . Auburn Caterpillar Tractor Chrysler Cities Service Continental General Electric ... General Motors Montgomery Ward . New York Central ." Packard Radio Corp Simmons Tcxns Corp U. s. Steel .'.. 180 7-8 •IS S-8 2W 1-' 27 1-2 19 3-1 15 12 •12 5-8 18 1-2 98 1-4 7 3-4 18 IV! 1-1. 21 111 New York Cotton "/ might he able lo Jo a \ol jar $011 some Jay," lime coined 1 . when she made the crust she forgot tlon of asking fiery 1 to accompany the rule for mixing It and stcoil tier lo the broiuU"isliii£ Btudio. but nthlrins the Eliorteui:i!r ami ito'.ir'."ho hated washing anil ironing, and lo a fineness that pie of all llakiuess. useil to fi'.kcd Headaches iu family to lake thorn seriously. "Kealiy 1 have." Irene went on. i I don't know what I'm goini; to 'ITRENE came In while she niii-cd ' over liie pastry Lov,-l. to £iH a everything and I'm sure Mrs. llcefl ; glass of ice water. She studied needs mo here. Someone mus 1 make up to her for . . ." "Wha-.'s the trouhle?" Cliariie Reed's voice cm iu as he made his way Into the room. It seemed to him that they all tried to tell him at once but be turned to Beryl. She (old him as simply as sho could what hail hap-1 do." pencd, neither accusing nor spar-l "I'll never let him go away alone again,' Mrs. Heed sohlied. her eyes liescechingly upon her husband'-' face. "What?" he said, surpri.-eil. ThcMi: "1 guess ivhat that youi:^ fellow needs is a lesson Iu &[MjrU- Eiianship. It wasn't playing fair to go in hy himself wbile Ihc- other? were busy," lie added and streJo away upslairs. Mrs. Itect! sjaspeil. and Rcryl experienced a blessed lief. At least liserc would rob the "llcryl couhl do it beautifully. Of course, she couliln't fins . . . hut Irene knew she'd love lo eo to the studio. "It you're able to go upstairs and fetch it down here I'll wash 11," Ujrvl fora lament with sly -pecu-j I)l : r - vl couiprojiil^.l. "1 wmiMH'l lath-cues* Then she said witli a "'=' *•»"• "- 1 " 1 '''<"' < or anylhiui;." plaintive" whimper, "1'vo K -A a] Irene was gone, ami wlien sbo rc- Iri-httu] he-ulacre" ' '"nicd Ucl '>'' " sv a dimmer of -l-iat 1 . "oo bad," Beryl said with, l""* "a™* the fold, .1 tho yellow uncertain syaii>alhy. She ion blouFC. "\Vhal are you ringing iu on iv.e?' 1 she ri?kotl suspiciously, i "Only a d:=iice set," Irene said j liiOUIy. "It Kill iust take a minute whiie tho iron Is hot." "Well, I said 'anything,'" Eery! admitted. "My mistake—hut il's too had you didn't bring the Monday wash alony tco." "Don't 1)2 mean." Irer.o conxed. "Take an aspirin and ile clown." "1 ilon't mean about my bead. I've dni:e even lliini; fur that. Irjt I've tot to pet lhal yellow bl'nisv wiishcil and I can hardly stand ou !"' might tie r.ble to do a lot for ruv feet." ' >' c - u souie day—it you should ile- "What do you want the blouse veinp n voice." f or 7" I Heryl laughed. "AnylhiiiB can "Diilu't mother tell you?" , hapDen," she said. "Even lhal." "Tel! me wliru?" | ... "That I'm singing for RKG to '. T'lK.N'B was seized with a mag- morrow?" i-"• ;i:,r,linous Impul.'s. "Maybe If "And yo-.i must sins in n yellow [ ycnl ',i c; ,t out that crazy Mapping' blouse. I see—a yellov/ linen blouse j a3 you call it, you'd discover that yen EounHIiiiji; to wurk with . ca waitins a v.cel< for you fceliua of re i to !a:snik-r il." was cne ii,1ult ! "it's the only decent one I've 30! i In NEW YORK, May 7. (UP) -Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close . 970 074 900 . 005 997 93G . 1031 1034 . 1054 105o . 1065 1W7 . 1085 1081 May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. 1022 1043 1056 1073 914 M5 1033 105U 100C 1085 Spots closed steady at. 085, up 5. New Orleans Cotton ,NEW ORLEANS, May 7 lUP)-- Cotlon closed steady. Open High Low Close .May SI14 QTJ 973 977 Jul 988 993 987 997 Ocl 1W7 1034 1021 1030 Dec 1050 1055 1044 1053 Jan 10C1 10C1 1056 1001 Mar 1084 1084 1075 108ib Spots closed quiet, al 952, up 7, Gosnell News in tlie world who was not eager lo pillory her. pouted. 'Tin not laiy. It's coi my 1 "I'll cook dinner." tlie sail! > fa ' ;1 ' if ' ca "' c set things done, pleasantly to her mother and bur Tommy's banily given me a mo- rled away. rncnt to :ayseli for weeks." One among the women, realizing j 3l:e TvntchecJ. but Eeryl that they had been outdone In ECU- crosity hy a man, remarked vaguely: "Beryl's a good cook, isn't she?'' Mrs. Everett sighed. "When I can get her Into tho kitchen, she admitted. Hut loday Beryl's mind was not on cooking. She caw tho apples, wbeu I'm sick I don't suppose you'd rliced and spiced, unrl guessed that i care to go wiih mo lomorio*.," rt4f wcs« 'intended lor a jdo but 1 Irene hailed. She'd had r.n ialei j -Yon moan a rc.rt Vu Injured feelings somswliat by ctltl->,; Hie fooil. "Oli well." Heryl nuswercd listlessly, "1 dlJiiT feet like cooking ' Mixmhii; over soiui'Oiie?" !ru:io 1 iii.illchnisly. i!'l uoililcd. "Someone 1 feoS ' for," elio said sweetly. .•'.1 intuition warned her i« Hie subject. When lloryl Ei'iAi lhal sho was going In bo dU' y s.-iii-aslli-. nnd Ircno didn't waul [o KWO lior temper to tho i point of disposing to Hcryl ivlul •o h:ul lu mliiil for her. W!K-U sho did siicak ot It. the nc.\t laornliiK nl breakfast, she met ci;i|'oslUou from an uncipi i|ii.uicr. Hcryl ivai uwny iiihnling t!i- Mote while Mr. lOvcrcll—who tlie lioii^Q hcforo bis wlfu or licno wcro up—relnrned lo break- fa:i wiih them. <lu this occasion he seemed to bo In a hurry, "fiery! tells me ebc'i ^"-iij hi New Yoik with you," ho i';i'i! lo Iruiu. "tlive mo some- mory LI-!:,-!.' if you've t;ol SOIIIQ not, f .l-.(-r. I waul to get back- and :ii.'li the vegetable racl; b i.i-yl K-:ives. If yuu'd come over n-l htlp." liu lirsan sut'Kesr •sain ,-uhlK'silns; himself to Ilia ••.linger iliiuijbtcr, only lu bo Inler- ruiilcil by lilj wife's licit i Hied: "I'a! Can't you ever realize ben the-o iiewsparer Interviewers would tiuko it Bound It they found o-.jl III-DQ luid worked In a grocery store!" '^Vhat newspaper Interviewers?" Mr. Kicrelt asked liazlly. "AH. you're .13 btnl na Pevyl!' -Mr.-i. Kverc-u exclaimed. "Can't you bto what's ahead of yuur daughter? Hut of course, you wouldn't know." she added with & weary nieli. "Fame menus notl.IiiR lo you. All you'vo ever known 13 turnips nnil cahb.iges. Whv, I ilon't believe you've oversold an all!?n(or prar hi your life!" sho added, warming lo her subject. "Mother," Irene broke In stiffly. "Alter nil, even alligator prara have nothing to do wllli me and my career. I should like lo kir;:et L'lcreiies for a while. I'm sick to tlcalh ot Ihc thought of ihcm " Mr. Everett gruulcd. and lookcri at the luo eggs and bacon on her lilalc, Ibe stack of toast and ]ar ot 1-11:1. "It's not lor tills family to oV Ef-ise Riecerles." he Eaid le&tlly. "And I'd li:;n sonic more euffeo If r.nynnn around here ha3 time lo Ibink ot uie." "You neednH hurry." Ircno In- formcid him. "Dcryl Is not Eoin^ .-iih me." Her mullier looked al !:(.-T itujuir- ncly and Mr. liverclt clacululcil: •Eh?" "I won't have her." Irene burst •ut. "She's impossible; you should lave heard tlio tiling she said lo ne yesterday!" "Probably nothlnij but Hie trulh." icr father rc-tortcd. lie was In an irritable mooil this mornini;; ilue very likely to tils badly ccukcd dinner of the night before. "If you women would E!OI> nrculng nnil MRS. SPEEU ABOUT -THAI* ROOM stie KEM-fep ME, \-rs MoAr-ii^G sou.^ps ALL . I Me^eR -Toak" j-fOCK IM SPOGKS BEFORE r-:—- i/i't> Sou HEAR ,-Too 2 MV ROOM is /CROSS ~(r( T rlftLL "FROM OME ~-l IF SPOOKS GO "IrUT "POQM. \S OR SOMEThlmcj i^'feLL. rlER -to "REMT l-f OLl-f TOR js A HeRwrr SPOOK— GQSti, I rfoPET "SO'. ^® BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Marti* TOO MUCH I'OK WIU.IK! - . . , Poryl o with my uray suit." 1re:ie | appeared to he deeply iaiiiresscd. sliowcd no Gl^n oT feeling the blaOo. Irene cniiM never be quite sure v;1:eu bcr thrust^ liatl seine home. "1 iJon't seem to l:avc so mnch time laysolt someliow," Uoryl said conllilctithlly. "Wcl!, it you nrcn't Intoroatotl enongli in my career in help ino A soia-jno—IiJ;o yours?" Jronc sinivcic-J. "Well, ;ou could hanlJy expect to liavo a voice like mine," 3bc saiil pilyiusb'. "You would ite s^crilcEio'^ Roryl rclorlctl c\:nl lull the ruotu. Irene was EO insulted Hint slic'l Ilcryl should not accom i:nny her to the stutlio nCtor all 13ii*. she diil Lot 50 near Heryl to tell licr UiU wliile tlio iciltcr T,va?bcil nnil ironctl tlie lingerie am cooked tlie }••. Tact, she said iiolliln:; *'! wes! Df IJCT new dccif-ion. Mra . itvLtatt tfnc9;uciouslv uDcea^Cil he fighting all the time atid pay niuro iUtenliou to—" "Your lucals," !i!s wife added for him. "You're just lilte all men— tlilnklujc ot yonr stomach all ilio EiLie. You used lo ha difforoni," (That usually got him.) "1 declare." sho Uegaii to cry, "1 don't fcnovr what to do," and her Husband's linbiiual mecUncsi was quickly restored. "Tnere, there, ^^o^]ler, I know you have a hard lime," ho soothed, "but Tlcryl's a crejit help lo me; you aren't goinj to let Irene dteai)- poiut her Uia tliat, are youT 1 .(To -TO SHOW MY I UfME \WSTRl!(:lT.D KY AfilMT AT Tffi. KOT3R7.5S GV\fI.N TO P1P.CE. At ^OOR tiisposw. te A V TOR RT.SCUIU& WC SVS'ttG. SUM OY </('/' -** ^ te w I Mr. Mcrviu Totter spent Sunday with Mr. R. C. Marcuni. Mis^ Thchna Kichardson s\>cnt Sunday with Miss Alvic NccSliam. Miss Delia Hallmtirlc was th: guest o[ Mr. ami 'Mrs. R. C. Marcum, Sunday. Miss Alma Ncfdham ot Lone Oak spuit Pritlay night with Thclma Kicliardson. I here was a program at the Gosnell Kcliool Fririay night. Misses Gertrude Lott and Jessie Cravvlorct spjnt Saturday nighl with Miss Mary Gracy at Bur- rtellc. Tlie following pupils had pcr- !cct nttcndnnce at the Gcsncll rchool for the past month: 9th grade—Delia Hallmark and Thelma Kicliardson; 8th grade -- Krankic Tucker, Dollie Blake and ncatricc tJco's; HI' grade—Incx Uevill, Margaret PruiU; GIH grade—Ivou I!evil], Ani'.a Bryeans, Woodrow Cook, Emma Godwin, C. D. Ing, Marvin L!oy;l. Carnnza Moody, Valora Heccc; 5th grade—J. C. Eubanks. r.iul Hempliill, Marvin McGhcc. Jane Middieton, Gailand Moody, .REmiRH) WASHED 1GRF4SED: EATON AND SON I'lionc 760 James Webster. Virginia RMi.mi- son. Bill I'erkins; 4th grailo-P.ii Cliitman, Willis Incrani, Obis Mos- Icy. John Smith. Eugene Wadley, Heola Hrown, Eessie Hemphill. Juanita Middlcton. Cornelia Smith. Beatrice Webster. Frank Perkins; 3rd grade — Stnia Long. O. W. Pruitt, Jewel Crawford, Luella Gordon. Mildred Richardson; 2iul grade—S. P. Cook. John Lewi 1 ;. Raymond Medlin, Toininy Raynor. Devvilt Vanc!:ve. Robbie Bevill. Vireinia Cook. Tennis Drnm- moiul. Innn Ing. Stella Kirk. Carmen Toiler. Tcssie Putter; Is'. t;ra"Ie —Jamr-s Hart. Chnrlis Hart. Helen Ingram, Raymond Lewis. Johnny McBride. Wilburn Moslsy, I'atsy Raspberry and Bessie Lee Vcrnon. Mormon Mantle Shelves Ornament Parish House AUBURN, N. Y. i UP'—Two r.iaii- !Ie shelves carved by B:i-^! Young. Mormon leader, will decorate a Prcsljytcri:i:i parish IIDU-C. Tlie nianllc sh.'lvcs ore cf marble, neatly chifricrf. v-itii timb3r;i Irom the house ir. whicii they were place;! r.jnrly a hur.- dml years ago, they will brccmc part nf the Second Presbyterian parish house, now unrljv tonftnic- tion. Brigham Young's l>oyhoo:l day were spent in Port Byron, in l>. heart of the Finger Lake region o New York. tlv Main {; 51 li St. thrii Fast Freight Scls Urcorcl PHILADELPHIA. Venn.. iUP' — The Pennsylvania railroad has i" anguratcd tho fastest mcrfh.mdif freight flyer ever operated b-iv.vri BoMon and Philadelphia, accor.liiv to an. anr.ounccniciit by the vni) road. The ! r ain is ealleil Ui Rp:cd Wilch «h:eli K In lin; 1 •* K- railroad's ixijicy of naniir crack Ircight trains, GAMK TO THE COKE! ND HIS F1UCNDS VCU r ^± TVAl \JXn& SuSPiCicxjS, JuST CAU. \= £ AT MAW OO2I .... AMD , £T OM THAT VOWES UOOliljJfi f-Oft A.-JV OslE !' SY AKOOWD AWD '^.^G To go TD AM ADDRESS 1» SOISJ5 To e\\Jt: tzc-JT A CSO.Vi T.IS2E eS IS TJ6 MAI.vE... ^lf= EM61USES.... HAS OWE SOlJ, I TWIM'^ ARE f OUND W TriESCEHE OF TVS CRGAE? AH9 PROVE TttElRVHNOCE«C«? DEM VT. l'N\ M0\ HERE. AMOTUE.R MiMme. c PUU-VOTI of I'.'.OTOX 60AT IS I'! !«-- P»CT;XN:OE. WWW'S HEART ,\ "-HMIOP, iu r\\om r «. UP ^!°-0 VOKM uis SP TW^E., TeRRffitD, HEUlKS, As THE TOWftRD

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