Portsmouth Daily Times from Portsmouth, Ohio on February 22, 1915 · Page 16
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Portsmouth Daily Times from Portsmouth, Ohio · Page 16

Portsmouth, Ohio
Issue Date:
Monday, February 22, 1915
Page 16
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**^T. ^ F ^p^-^ ' · LAYMEN'S CONVENTION GETS A SPLENDID START Chitf. AMftfwc White ISOD I S Said Tb Have r S H E KNOWS HERMAN?, . . ' Fine Addreses Made By Noted Visitors ' ? * * ' . V ! Tho importance oC missionary! noik in the foreign fields, the fact that if the unsa\ed world is to be saved it must lit' done this generation and that 25,000 add^ tional missionaries are needed to e\angelize the world were cmplu ti/yl jn i\ie j pulpits ,ot Ports uiotath ri Tiotestant tlmitlas Sun dav Tho'speakers were the Heis 1 ail D Miller T t Hcndeison jnd E It JlcCreerj uitu -nho )ia%e had \ast cipoiiuaef. in the inibsiouarv fields and who rtfealtd then audiences witlTun array ol statistics'relatee to Hie wonder fill strides made m implanting the t hi istiau faith in China, Korea ^outh Amtrica, India and Afuea J horoughb ednvcisant n ith tliur subject in a most convincing and inteiestiiig manner lluj (old w h it had been accomplished nlon ' these lines and briefly out- Inud what their pious m a mis siouarj way wcic foi Hit future Bit meetings w c i e uhmaved Suudaj afteinooii whtii under the mspice's of the 'Liiymi.ii » Jim were, held in the Second 1'it t u i a n chiui.li and finnl} M ilimcli Hie lougiegatiou limit} was made up e\uhiM\ely of women main of whom' liavD H i n d i s taken 1111 atlnc pail » loiugn missions and the audient in tin Si-cnnd Vimliytcrini liui.h was tntulo up of Give Twd : Great ' Addresses: Hit »puiUein w c i u Hcvb )jin I) Alillu anil 1. Jj MtOicerj niul-tliiiy'dcHVcrcil'lwo' Krcal mci s u p s in II inimioimiv w a \ , itvcal iiiil to Iliiili- miilieniHW Uio iiicstin! nlilO: iiinouht-of good-aceomplisl: i-il in; tho-foreign llelds.iind whu is nicdiil most lo tuiiliinio Ui work. of'i'qilcmplion nn a'liroade mid nipu B} strum! iu IMIRIS Trinity: church' Sunday · iiiormn Itn " M i C i t t i r i f t n l l i i l a mos thrilling experience he had Africa when attacked l i y ' n lioi lie .killed .the kiiiK of biiimU: 1 rn'iilk'd .many other thrilling ex pint in PH n iitl k i i i i m t i i u l wi o u n u d in Ins lulditH 1 - h I)u McCiLcrj Siinda\ inon nig sppkt to the L'nilttl Hi ethic Sumlii} slhool and m J i n i i t clniri'li.'.··'()n : Sunday -iil'liii-noo lu spoke in tht botoucl 1'usbjte inn Lliiinh and In "linuU 1 also spolii in tin. J'luisaul Clici Baptist :clmrch and uddressed splendid audience in ' M a n t'.him:h ijundiiy night. Ituv. ^Ullcr spoke, to .tho Eoiir Struct Methodist church' Kmidi 11101 mug ot tho SttonuM'i csln ti iiiu and Trinity cliurclius Siuiili iiCU'i-noon and nt . t h s J-JCROI I uslijli nun i h n i t l i last nit-ht. liev.. I'V IX- Henderson spoke t h e First Baptist, to tlic llei Jiiblc, Class of t h e ' K i r s t I'rcsl t t - r i n n church and in the Central Pi-osliyti'riiui church Sunday ni^lil, 1 i \ All 1 u t j i lit i spol i jit tliL ( n mini r\iin 0 tlital thnTch ..Sunday i'viming .Tells : About · Korea A t . tlie .Second Presbyterian .i'lmrch Sunday .afternoon Rev. .MeCrccry laid great Htress upon 'the-stridcs t.lmt had been made in i missionary .way in Korea, Africa mid India, lie paid China a great tribute. ' N o t w i t h s t a n d i n g that this rapidly developing country 1 discovered gun powder it has never blown it in the face of an enemy. China.has no war-like tendencies i n d . I t : is-^a good thing .that she J.iisn't.',with her -100,00,0,000..poo- pic She is not sukmg temporal irlor.v.' Thon.snntis upon thousands o f ' C h i n e s e arc lieiiig eon- verted t o - t h e Christian faith and iio'where are the f a i t h f u l missionaries- accomplishing more · good than .in China. The. people there are reading the Bible find they mukii-staiicl it," said Tiev. '· Mc- ..(Jrecry. '·'!(. .required 00 years of tbe liardest hind of .work to convert 1,000,000 but with the system n o w . i n use in that country this number is being securer every few years." "Fifty years ago in Korea wbei it became known t h a t ' a resident had embraced religion he wns shot. : Twenty missionaries were driven out of that, country. Now n convert is being baptized ever} hour of the day and night Korea. In India the stimc. condi .tions existed. There are now oOO, . 000 communicant members of ^th .Protestant chureli in India." 1 '" . Improvements'.. .In.China , . ' ·' - : · . .''Then -.picture more, fully th improyointints brought .about ii -. .n. religious ..way in 'China," sai 'Kev: McCraii-y, who is a forcefn · talker with, an inexhaustible'sup ply of data at bis linttur tips " F i f t y years iipo tlie Bible then was an u n k n o w n book, Toda.i jtherc are a million and a hall'poo e "who are fashioning {hcu con cl according to Jesus Chnst e may say the samt thing of or crushed Afnea J?hc people ere ha\ o w aked up to the s^tu.1 MI and are embracing religion the thousands Iliey itad tht ble and undcz stand it And crt ait many manj thousands ady lo tome into the church as oil as tht\ can be e^ai: id the speaker, who recalled any stones of how the Afi icans 'e m'thcn native country and w at fl st tuoy^fcartd the mis issiouary: Rev Lii'rl V Jlillci sOoii nhoto In his graphic 1 descnption ol fiy woik as it has pi6 ressed step bv step m these luntiies that he has given tho ubjett mucliNsaioful study urn eep thought Bus business of ,d(.tmin b the woild to Christ is nth ticatti than any othtr bus less \ou tan nltiition 1 sonit iufB'.Ieol :that : tlie'average per on loses sight ot its jmnicii'ity it fai outshine.!! an} nidus rial oi.moitantilc business . t h e ivestmeuts made to teach.; reli ion in the foieign (.outlines mt ito Millions iind'.millions: /Anc joit n. necdtd If ^ery Ainci tan would fei.it.just fhc atnts i ·ciik towards' the work-' a .'inucl luilu fund w o u l d bt a\uilnlil 0 (,o on mill it siyd Rt\ Mill There is-.fphiv. 'WimimimiKci ic merchant'prince. ']fe is'nt th cad of .one 'of- the,largest.-Bibl lasses in Uio .world Cin-ndditio q:hin woiidiirful iiiurciiiitilo store n. New: York amlsl'liiliulelpliii 1 is invcstiiicnls.arc.liothing, hov ver,. to whiit is beiiig-'nscd lo ei ciilo ; thu uiireligious element o he foreign countries. . This is. I'orld wide BorVicb in w h i c h . w re all interested or 'should, be Y. M. 0. A. Groat ' nstilulion 1 '..:· · Do you; know -Unit the ,proi irty controlled alono in this coin .ry li'y'Y.'Jl. C. A.'s is'estimatc it $80,000,0001 'And what do.yo .mppoHU . the !!2ri,000 - liimdaom churches lif Ihii. United States at a rupreaent in a monetai way! The .grcatesl inycslmen ivc know of are of a religions ii: l.urc," thu speaker said. ' "Tl 15,000 missionaries how: ahroa can possibly evangelize 375 mi ions of puop.le $uring;lhis seuo atinn hnl 25,000 more missiouari are iiocded to provide for the ol or 025 millions. There is no greater service than to go on re- h'oming the world. "Why. tho angels in Heaven would like to have our opportunity,'" said Hev. Mill.- or. "There is'an ordained minister ol' the Gospel [or every fsSM 'persons in the United Slates. That is why the world-wide campaign against Sntan is wonderful in its scope ami so productive of good. .India with its 815,000,000 ot people has 150,000,000 of 'low caste people and we are striving to redeem them socially, intellectually and spiritually. Africa has 50,000,000. Shall the pagans become Moslems or Christians?" Members of tile German Eviin- gelical church attended tlie im- Son Is Said To Have Admitted Guilt Of Fathers Accusation huift Smith w tut to- Harrison, lilt lalt Saturday to pVitb uudci ·icst Chaiks Jlutl^nv 21, miged jbj his falher "William ulltus, of feciolo Fuuiaot, mill a\ing f01 feed his name to a check ·r W7 aboul one week ago Die .icek was inailcd to the elder Miens bv tho Gum Coal com Uj o£ Irouton, lu paymcnl for mo cliaieoal delneied Hie com anj | Tht son, so the father claims etuied the check f^om tho post Itiee at Seioto rmiiace, and in lead of delivering il to tht athtr moeeedcd on to Ports iputh, w h e i c he endorsed it with .is fothtr K iiamo and had it cash d at Qeorfee Toehr s saloon on Vallti strttl Jlc afterwarjl used poi lion of the mouev to nl him elf out v\ ith an ciituely nev out it an onoicoat suit of clothes, mt, shoes and oth'er furnislunga it a local stoic it is tlaimcd 1 oeln presented the ehetk to- lit Ohio Valloj bank of this eitv 01 pajment but il was letinncd ronr the: Iron City Savings 'Bank of Iionton, on which institution t was drawn'/marked "protest!(!.'? ..The elU^r Mullens hod.noti. led Hie Oinn·.company; in tho -- I '-,-, notified the bank uot lo jionoi it A quiet investigation soon led :ht fathex to Itlieve thitihis son liad tounuilled a forgei, and lie nolificd faheiin. bmilli Salurdaj to plaeo him uudei arrest AVhci found young Mullens was work ing on the Msw orth Lj oils f am back of llariisonvillc He had 5 ui his possession it thi time of hit ariest, which Ihe shei iff appropnaled Ho admitted hi. guilt tho shoiiff elanns and told him thai he had beut $40 of th money to a brothei kdwaid, o Seiolo Turuaee Shciifl: Smi'l will make a diligent effort fo re cqvci tht full amount from Hi brother. William Mullens, the falher operates a charcoal pit on his farm near Seiolo Furnace and disposes of his cnliic output to the Gmi Coal company The accused son was employed b him al llic lime he is said lo have appiopiiatu tlic' check Drawn by Eva Shepherd Washington, Feb.' 22.--Congress is observing George^Washington's birthday by griuding'ciit the long delayed appropriation bills.- Only nine, working days' of. the present session of congiess icimiin nnd both house and senate lire center- . , , , , , ,,,,, ( , cn , l ,,,,,.,,,,,,,, 01 , ncautime that tbo ebcck had not nttention" on presS- ,ce,i received and to.avo.d.dupli- . | , , .· . , ,,,,,,, .,, n L0| , eato p a y m e i i t j . t h c eompany ?"«!,,],,,,;,,,,_ h +' BOY SPUN HAND ^ ' ;. . . . ._ ./ , ^__'_ : 1 . ' ·' . Tho.o'ight ye^r old son of Mr. and Mrs. .James Delph, 612 Gay. streel, was painfully injured Sunday evening, when he apoidenlal- ly shot hiinsolf in Ihp' hand vrith toy pistol, the ,blank · cartridge' making a jagged wound and one that caused the'little boy much suffering. The pahn'of tlio'hand, was not only lacerated, but filled with powder. Ho was taken to the office of Dr. J- Obrist, where Iho wound was, cauterized in lho : hopo thai blood .'poison would be prevonled. ' - - , / . · ' .· . . ; ,-'xv.-. . · r ·' ··:·,.'' ' · · Fired Pistol Shot At Burglar, Bloodhounds Fail To Get She doesn't'ntin'd your.rage's,'any more than the earth minds vthe pelting rain and grumbling thunder I She knows you so muoh .. belter.lhan you. know her, and il is this superiority of knowledge ' thai makes it possible for her to'subduo you. so .utterly. .She docs nol even- have to slamp her foot to have her own sweet way way. '. . . - -CoiiyrlBliI,' UM5, by HorlicrtTonttns. and,.deep in.your heart you know..it,- tool You aro.dwarp of tho futilily or your ranting, but being a male, and'supposedly one of the kings of Iho earth, you are expcolcd lo boss your own little kingdom,' at least!. But .you .'don't deceive . anybody, .not'- even yourself! ' ' .' ' . . ' . - · ' . WOMAN IS Charles Yoiin'fe'man, an electrician, fired, a pistol shot at a bur- ;lnr who had almost succeeded in ;aining entrance to his home.lit No. fl!4 Eleventh streel about nidniglit Saturday. ' ' W o r k i n g under cover of a'pass- .ng N.. W. frcigjit train the rob- iier had cut the jcrecn of a side window iinH'riMimved a half pane f a. rear wiiidow of the kitchen when 11 r. Yonngman, - w h o liad )ccn asleep, wns 'awakened by the noise.. .Grubbing his gun he slipped downstairs jimt. in time to see nn' a r m ' a n d . - · l i n n d . . reach tlu'ough the broken'window in an elTort to-reniovc-;!!-sliding lock: Mr' Youngman blazed away, shooting through the panel of the door, but : . tailed to wound the robber, who escaped by scaling a rear,fence. .Investigation showed the robber had succeeded in opening the main lock of the,door and in another instant'would .Jjiiyu gained access to the honsiv. Police were soon'.on the', secne and later sent for Hoy l - y u n s blood liouiid bul . -such... a large orow'd had boon altnieteil' to the neighborhood that Ihe dog was nimble to prove of any . service. Once the dog took up,.the snout but after going to the rear fence ran around the house.back to the broken window. · Tile hound was fnrllicr hanrlicajipcd by the' fact a stranger bail lier in charge..'Mr,. Yoiingnian is employed .in the Whitlaker-Olesaner . company s plant; .' ' . ,., . · pressivc services in a body and nide a fine showing. They were sited to rise by Mr. 13. F. Hideout nd while standing 111'.' Hideout mid the members a splendid tri- nite, lie nsked other congrcga- ions to take the same step. Th losing prayer wns ofTcred by tlu Rev. 'Samuel Lindcnmcyer, ]nstoi if the Gt-rman Kvangelica' burch. [ffr. Weyand. ihairmnn .! C. .ll.'AVeyand acted a.s chair- ann of the -mcetiiif· and hitro- lueed Hcvs. JlcCreery and Miller. There were a number of ministers n the audience and the meeting ns interesting, h e l p f u l and re- ulted in a new light being placed on missionary WMH'k as it was cx- :laincd in its broadest meaning. K Patriotic lo-- . -. of tlie ' Missionnry t h a t ( or. lo whom tin; cili/ens nre iustly lookup to aid in ftnardinjr their interests, should speak. You presented drawings the llrst nnd World" wliich incliuliMl Koroa. Sinitli America, Afrk-a, China n i u i I n d i i t .were on exhibition ;it tin; ·;tings supplcnionted by ninny stntislical cluirts. which wcrn elosoly .uispcotc'd bet'uru the niot't- ings l)0fr»n. ^At, the .First .PiTsbyk'Hai pliUfih Sunday uioniin^ Hits Kev Ilctulcrson juUlressorl nutiiibRrs ot the liihle R!«SS on "Mohiimiiiediuir" 11 *" "' Kelision." t i c answcrcil any I 1 : 1 . 1 TM 10 , question put to him ami pictnrcd| T r i l v J! 1 B , " I '. V(l ; ilU : iI1 conditions in K»ypt inten-fltin^lyl;','"' 1 ^ 1 '!''!...!,..:.'.'., ' and vividly. U K has had sonio. w o n d e r f u l cxptiriencls and his talk wns thoronjihly onjoyrd us he dwelt at length upon the mode of l i v i n g in Kgypt nnd covered its : article "EXPLAINS .KICK- Tortsniuuth, Ohio, l r eli. 2^ud, 1315. copy of ft letter written the. solicitor Mr. Jlonry Buiinun. Division Coim-liiTginff-tfojincil tn .net with ircforcncc scl. Norfolk A*. Wcsturu Ilj-., City.'to vncnting' 'JCondiill nvcinic, statins dciir Mr. Etnmon:--Piirsiinut|Unil; your ioiiipniiy -had nn-interest in '.Ivontlnll avenue, you did not'knmv the'iinioiint,'but tliouKbt it might fee the sixty-BOVon'- fvel. I ' .Jidvisod. that, in j whatever interest you lind in ···K«"' 1 . Iflll ftvcuiie, il' any such existed, "vvna n matter of record, not a contention,, iml could not effect the erection-of' overhead crossing' in another. IAI.L SY" ^ OOXTKOVKU- jggels ,remimliii(f that it seems to me, vdliisi 1 .he working plans of n ; uj) to th coni])lit;!iiiieiit.'i eith to me, nilrond cinn- r finnl ae- luivt 1 the rcUixud in ho ;heir demands or eonsod nianifestiiiK ipprcciatioii for those who iiro vigi- iiuit in pinrdin^ their private inter. Thcniforc, 1 drein it essential section of tlic city. H was imotei tlit- Ltovornmeiit of this oily was untrusteil to my c:ir« for tlie overhead crossing at flnllia, Younij ith street, in lien of a suh- Ki']i(l:ill avenuc, no refer- n vocation of any si reel. advocated this plan, rec tc'rests. though eiitirely. unwilling to overlook those whose interests may bo udvcrsly nffected.. T'liavc-iio d.o'ubt but t h a t your company-'will he lorded -every advantage ufrom the city i i i . t h e future that it .has-ob- ed in the.paM. H, is butjiieccs- saty for' you. therefore, to-act. witii eqitnl;. consideration. . - . . ' With much respect, *AlA"it FKTCIC, Mnyor s evident that yonr if.s to bo iidvantnged 'losing of Kendall .avenue. jompnny by the nniV' i;f von tire, such might lie at tbe di?advantagi: o f ' t h o s e n bounding; IM thi;\ nvenim soutli of your-tracks. 1 mint believe, particularly so'Mm n ' s a y tlint. yon ivant. lo t n k o - f l i people in yonr ponfidencc, ;th«t yon ilesire to prolit by that Dan \VilHiinis. a resident of t yonr nuighbors may be occ-nsionerl ] ITilltop, while sending his * motor there- ey'tlis-along 1 , n t . n good rate of speof the- on tho ciiillinothn pike Sumhij through your desire to gain, foiv, siitjpest that to carry on confidence you arc reposing " people.that jon call on those {'ii^blt'i'tifli, niiH'tt.H'1! nnd fourteen phases with wonderful fidelity.. Jones Company, blacksmiths of 417 ( J n y struct, have? joined t h e Do I t Xou* Club. Friday t h e y had ;t nexv"floor put in t h e i r place Qi ' ' ic ('My Conneil at erty holders who 'ahount its ^ir^t inin-tiiig. What you m i g h t ' t h o r o u g h f a r e nnd ncqimint them, to Councjil May \vi;h yonr wishes and your 'nspira is foreign lo knowledge, doulit, suhmitted for ·orhftjul vnr approviil. for tho crossing was passed damn nineteen and fifteen, nnd, dcrstaiul. carried nn vnratioii Clause. Tim iimnr-diiilf cnrresp^Midenee shows t h a t im delay on ynur purl .re j would neension. February I w i i l f t h . Inuwiccn and liftccu, ,xou submit a tions and (lien 1 am certain th\it ihe gain you expect to lie awarded will be granted you'by these people within reason Tin of / their ineonvcn- ia the manner that is tial in taking the people i n t o confidence, rather t h a t than (o DI hers secure for your ciili)- the purposes of yonr desire. id ill In: mayor willing; and ready to jiroinoto public nioriiing, collided with a bugiry ~MH wns-tlirmvn Troin his " mtitoreyclo Ho esc.aped with a barl nut over thi Irft ey\ 'trtit bis mairhine was con sidernbly lan\n-red. Ihief Slole Four Hens \\'aller liuggles. a sboru-orker. u Xo. J O I 1 Tliinl stn-ul. rc|»"rtcd t tin pnlii-e t l m l n sneak t h i e f en teivd hK t-tabli.- Saturday night am Mule four tf hw bt^t hens* Mrs.- Mnry.Oeibel, wifo-of Harry G. 'Geibul/un !N'. · AV.. bridge cnr- ic'iittir, wiis the vic.tim of A daring loUhip, ·within 50 yards oC her homo "Eleventh Street, tic t ween OlFnero ind 'Lincoln streets, Saturday night boiit 10 o'clock. '·'· ' - . ^fMi^lcibcl liad been down to\vii shopping mid-'was on licr -way homo wiih"\lier young ,dnlighter Tin/el, who WHS on roller .skates, and kcep- V'losR to. her right. They worn withiii several doors . of the family lionie;wheu. ilrs.- Gcibel was from tic-hind ,by "u 'small, dnrk.lo.ok- ing man,'.who* grabbed her left arm, iifid with his'iffeu haiidsnateheU her hand-bug containing'·abon't'ftlii. · 'Jle ran /ncrbas-.' tlic" street, closely, pursiiod-'by the woman, who, . however, gave up tho elm tic when he disappeared up thu alley -adjacent to tho Georgu^'uungJiiaii home. MT3. Oci'bcl and dinigliter hurried to tho x\ll)(;rL Prcsslei 1 pharrnsicy and . reported what had happened and soon 11 posse of- men .was 'scouring thai .vicinity,'' but without.-, result. Mrs. Ooibol, snid =he wns nnnble to sny wliclhcr the mnn'wfts-white or hhick, tluMijrli. ho appeared- to.-"/bo (lurk looking. ;ller daughter* said ho wnro a . tan-oolorcil coat. The- polirt 1 made n ^thorough-,search, hut fiiilnl to encounter. · anyone nn3\rering thu vnguo deseriulion 'given. 'The hoM- up oL'Ciirrin'g, ,aS it 'did, in a wcll- freo,ucn|ed section, caused . consiil- crable oxuhe'ment. 01 American tV)pro priii to. · ceroinonles marke'd the jpre'scntalioii of ubuautiful United State flag, to St. '.Mary's ·paroch- ial schoool."by. the .Seiolo. '-County "Federation of. Catholic Societies iinday nftcrnoon. Thd r.xerfiisea followed tlie. afternoon services at ..St. Clary's cluivch 1 "were · held in the school hall, which ..wns .tuxed to its . .utmost capacity by tho large ermvd present. Ooobol accepted the.flag on.hclndf of the pchpol, his adtlniss' teeming with beautiful sentiment, · patriotic .utterances and reverence for the first president nnd father of our.country.' Colonial.cos- tumes .added greatly to.the general effr.ct.of.lhc very interesting eivtcr- tninmcnh rendered by the pupils. of tlie school, for the success of wliich iweh.eredit is due the SistoM of The progViim \\~a UH follows: ' . iSonjr."6ui' Stflrry .Fltig. Washington's. "Rirthd(i,Y-^.l)orothy. Hang. · ' . ' . " · · · ' · ' - · . George .and !AFartbii Washington. AVuishtii^Loir Acrostic -- Pupils of liiivl Grade. \ - J-'athei-'of Oiu-' Country--- Dennis · liirthcliy -- Pupils of "Fifth Grades George and His IT a tchet-- Clifford lidwl... . - . Like Georfjo^ Wii^hington -- Alex GloeUner. Soug, (( ^rounf "Veriiou Bells." Central Gnge and the' 1 Piostqn boys. ' . Oliject and Aim of l-Ynleralion -A. Sommer. - · : L'r'osontnlion . · of Ping -- George Lniiter. pi-eaiiient. Address of Cliiireh Wardens. . Flower" of T.ihcrty---Adelaide Or- le'tt . . ' ". . ' '"' · ' - . . Aee'optancc of Flag--Kev. T.. A. Uoobel, · . . : . . . -^ \ Song, "Star -Spangied Baimer. Tn . observance of :\\ r iishington's Eirthdaj-'tho school -mis''- suspendc'l St.-.Francis in charge nf the school. Our Flag---.llirhiml llnag. THROWN FROM HORSEfARM BROKEN ' Walker Anderson, a resident of · South Portsmouth while riding a horse Sunday was thrown from it when the animal scared at a passing C. 0. train. He had his left forearm fractured and suffered a cut over the right eye as it cnmc in contact with a rode in tho road, . . ,__i ilrs.r.lolin Coolcy, ugcd.TO, of CM iSinlh sti-ocl,.' suffered .llic fracture of h(;r rig!it;arni nful' two scriona sc-nlp wounds in.n f«U dawn : i\ tklfrt a.[ stnirs in liov,home Saturday «c- ninjj. jMislnking- Ihc door leading to tlic staiw ns Uio oiiu ·leading to 3ior room, IM rs.- Ooolny .pluiiKcd rlowi the stairs,' liond-first and was badly injured. .She was in a. scnii-conscioiis condition when picked up ly «I»- ;s. Dr. Charles .Wcndclkcii nt- tcndinl lier. Ho Police Court * . ·. * _ . On iii-count.- at WnsliiiiS 1 ' li-lrtlulny police court wus il' s - pcnsod willr- In- llic mayor nil ciiscs continued u n t i l Tui'» 'I'lin lii-ni-iiiK of Itnli Book for alj will'bo licld nt 1 p. m., Tuesd*}',

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