Williamsport Sun-Gazette from Williamsport, Pennsylvania on April 18, 1966 · Page 11
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Williamsport Sun-Gazette from Williamsport, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 18, 1966
Page 11
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20 W l l l t a m s R o r t S u n - G a z e t t e , M-o«a'ay, ffprll 18, 1 9 6 6 · t.- . t~ v-* , Stafford. H. CasselU Upon .whom L coming Collet* conferred the honorary degree doctor of lawi Iji IBM.' died Saturday. April -Jfij 1966. In. Washington, of a heaVt attack. AmelIc3nTJnIver«Ily"~vIce preaidtnt . In chargV of unlver- ally- relations and ' the- depart~ ~ .1 _ , ,, and athletics, he-was 57i-- Casstll was graduated ·' front the former Dickinson Seminary Jjcre.ln 1934..and .was an outstanding jithlele..H-wi5 cradu-^ Univcrsti ' Emma G./A^afincws Mrs.'Emma G, Matthews.!}, - oT Trout Run,'-.widow of BKer- man .T.- Matthews, .died In the Wllilanuport Hospital Saturday afternoon^ April it; 19M; shortly aiter she was s.W1cT«m"ttr* while In · grocery store In Trout qyn,··· '.i i · " . · - . · ' \ ,.. · ' The. former Emma '_ Walter, t- · she was Uie tail dueil iltitfiid- C ant ot the famHr~lhat jielped £; build the old Quaker meeting house ·In'Catawluar She tame to WUllanup3rt as acting mar. rled woman and moved-to Trout Runjfi 1947r- '· · .. --' '"· Donald. J: McKerrtan,. 6Cr~o/ 1410 Harding Avenue, tiled ' In -{JWrne-Prorldence Hospital at 10 p.n». Sunday! April'17, I9C6. A fanner furniture retailer here, heVaa bom In Philadelphia Jan. 4.. 1900.' ' -w__~~ Mr. McKernan was a member -ofStrAnil's Church' and its Holy He was a past grand knight of the Wllllamiport Council No. and held .« m»*trr'« st. faithful na St. World the 'rank -of lleutp n)«fldcr. with Va.,- CasMll had t*en vie* president of Ana*rican University since 1335 after 18 yean as 'An "tarty 1 __ waj a member :. John's' United Church- of Chrjst.. ... · " ,, . : . . . - . - : .She Was a member, of -Bames-Chaptfr.' 480r^rd the Eastern Star. · 'Surviving are three sons.,Sher mariv W. Jr., TroTFT Run: LC Col.- John -T,,--* -retired-; Air Force -officer at Selma, .Ala.: S. Sgt James/C., with the Air Fore* ' In ' Viet Nanu_ twin - · ·· - -- * ~ "om,er.,ri ,. .;».. g*loc of the 4th degree Knights -££ of Columbusr Father Relchsteln- er Assembly. Slrylvlng are h is"-wife., Anna J., city, and JJlcharil T, ' Pnnn * . fu O. IIEISER , ters.-Mrs..Vincent R. Al Grouse and Mrs. Francli.B. Paris, both of this city; and 26 grandchll- dren.~ _ · · * _ ._ ·The funeral wlli be at 10 ajn. Wednesday In the church. Burial will be In Mount Carmel of Wlld- wood.-Cemetery. Frihnd Trout nun, .ana--Mrs. Janet Messlnger, Goo£e Bay,' Labrador. There are ^.grandchildren and five great-grandchll- Adviicate ol the zone defense Ip-co l i e g o basketball, he' "''prominence as.__ju- three-letter athlete while an undergraduate at American !,, University... Following : grad.. ballon he went on \tti coach IllopibaULbaskctbaU and. basei_ ban at "his alma jnater in Washington. . . . In 1M1 CasscH_took part-In formation of the Alason-Dlxon JUtilntiri / *"~ """~' "* 1- ""* rived by his wife. Carolyn Wight" """ " ' Cassell; twin sons. Stafford ^r. Andrew W. GltiCe 36" ^ The funeral will be aU p.m. Wednesday at Page's, 125 East Third .Street, wJUMbr Rev. Rus- sejl R, C. Bergrr. her-pastor, of- flciatlng. Burial will be In Trout Run Cemetery. / . Friends may cull at the funeral home from 7 tn ' . - Henry O. Heiser. 76, of 1016 Washington Boulevacd, died at his home eirly Sunday morning, April n^i966^Mr. Kelser spent his entire business Career In the plumbing and heating BusJness Kls father. 'Joseph 133 East Third Street, Tuesday evcnlagJrom 7 to 9. Recitation £f thejrosary will be at 8. Jonas A. Moxer ·/ Jonas A. Moyer..78." formerly of «55 -Fourth Arcnue, died SalC urday, April 18, IBM, at Colo- clno Nursing arid "Convalescent Home, city, where he had been a guest. ,_-. _ . . . . . . . JLegal Notices the. board after wrl .tr* -apwiea* tloa sball have- been mad* th*r* lucn-Ucrnu 'is. ffisjieOT**!TM ---^r^- jttmttts oa wnich-»tttH-bu»mea» ,, - r » - » - r ; « m u e . . yaru'li lo b» maintained. Such U- eras* shall b* poattri conspicuous- . ..!» upon the premises .licensed "nereundwv Th» written -applies- · t on for license heretnsbore · men- t oned shall tw accompanied 'by. a form, every autstlon of which muit · b* answered, which - forjn win be iuppliad .by the Board. AP- Viet Nam Soldiers' Greet Budtfhisf .leader Bactcing/Ky -_ w J5onth Vietnamese soldier*- press hand*., together In" a^traditional greeting for Thick Trl Quang, Buddhist leader, In Da Nang today before be made »-speech strengthening Premier Nguyen Cao Ky'a hold on the relaa with a plot ot the premltes uted ·or to be.mcd la .connection with "such license. . *.· .'-·. Section 3. 'Issuance-of Llre'nli Upon receipt Hit'an application by - thrr-Boarttr-th»~Boarif-snail" ap*:- prov« tn* issuance of a license or shall, refute to U»ue a nrenie-to-- the p«rson applying therefor* . after an examination of the application and taklnc Into coniidera- . turn th* suitability of th* property --''Posedito be'used for- [he put. license* th* character. of- th* properties located nearby; and tha Yffect of-4b* proposed UM _ upon the- luwiulila buth~i anq-artthrtlc. in the event the Board shall -approve, th* Issuance ' of -a license. TPtoiy impose upon tbe license and-ine'person-appijr- , Int therefore lucn Cenni and icon- dluaat'ln addition to the regulations herein contained and' adopted pursuant-to this .ordinance as may be deemed necessary to carry :-out the sum and intent of this . ordinance.. illlluut ·wltnln- apprdvkl. or toe license will be re- voted and the 'applicant considered to be. In violation of this ordinance. ' . _ - · " » Section 8. License ree. The 11- cent* fee shall be. paid tmmedlate- , . ,, ,, . . . . . . ly upon the Itauance or renewal the'BudflbUt hierarchy in calling for »u§pen-~- ot a lirenie. The amount ol the A ot government. Trf Qttang, told nearly 6,000 followers be was joining the moderates--In sioa of demonstration, against'Ky's regime. (Btory on Page i) ·cfledule.ai detennlned hi the ac-. tual land to be'used by toe ixrson to whom the llcrpie Is Isiued, tx- cludtnc all set-back areas:-. ser, founded here In 1891. hy-twrrnmtrlil merly operated the Moyer Bottling; Works. .-.-- , *\ B. "More- than feet -- J50.00. ·"«» Donna and Lynn Ann. the lat- AndreMr-W.:C]acc.J53.. rear ofr- He served numerous terms as Mark'iXutho'r«n^M,i«.ji_~_l w~U6m-*-ttfgvtoat-nutTTUBBC s» Broaa^str»r.-Mnhtoufi?inpr'T^.fflf.nf^/^-t^^^^m'Vi^y^y;-- -*^sKg£»fa-»\jrmc^^f- The, funeral win be oh Tues- diet! -"'at 8.10 p.m. Saturday, day in the Spiritual Life Center April 16, 1966, at the WUllams- -th*--American University. PQK Hospit:' · campus- with burial In AHlng- ton Cemetery. Mr. dice was an emplop*-of the Ray-O-Vac Co _ -He wms a^nember of the Mon- association and twice was elected president of the Pennsylvania M a s t e r Plumbers Assn. He spent many years prompting Improved heating 1 and-'sanltary ' i n . . . _ are his wife, .the former Edna Taylor, and a son, James, of Washington. -^ .- ? · _ · . » -;.. -· 'j.~Jl ' ' " V ' ' " · ' ^ ' f' " ' ' *' ' at bul . . . . / ' · ' · -, / , · - ' perton ia ^ . _ ,, , .. . He alio was * member of the Mrs. Syhla E. Hannan, of 4 Society Of Pennsylvania Archeo- late George Harman, died -Saturday., April 16, r^, llamsport. and A. Lt*e; at fiomt,- a daughter, Mrs. Jack, Bar hour, Mr. H*iser was .a member of Redeemer Lutheran Church.. He 1. and a if TUlrf»lM -T» Robert Hauser, 68, and 'his Rev. Frederick G. Hasskarl, jis will at the convenience of the fpmlly ... CUMBERLAND, Md. -UPI) --'Motives for -a double .slaying and a suicide probably will never be known, state · police said todayr No person' licensed under uils or- dlnanc* tall^by vtrtu»-ol one-It-- cenie. keep "more than~one7p!ace~ of butlneit within the Township or. maintain .more than one Junkyard, for' tbe puriKif* of buylnc j and/or dealing In junk. .No perton ibairenKaie In business ai · · - · · - - . . .-... a Junk dealer in any place after arrival at West Virginia burg-and Hausei^had'. been-old f, 1 " 0 ,." 1 * »»«ce .desltnated upon LtalvoWty. Hospi'tarrta-Mxttpuj,JHcnds-and worked together^ "LV "any* plaSeUthw thantb^ town, W. Va. a sawmttl-at'Portner, Md., near P 1 * 0 * designated upon Ms license. ^According to .police, Shilling- Red House. Aurora and Red i, 6 *?," 0 " af] Transfer 0 {- unnit. House are about 15 miles ipart snail """frMiferrabie b^ the*i r t d on" the opposite sides of the centre to any other perton unie' ^mu^i LUI _uvu 1 _' "· V L. !_Ti_« In WlHiamsport She was a tired'teCTlle worker. - · . » - - , . . Surviving" _ are .aT jJnughter. ol Bmrick; a^ister, Mrs, PauMrs: Mary Llberaa of this city: Un* Hires, of .Jersey Shore, and Wlllia'nfeport. Edward C, of this The funerjil will be at city. Perry S, of Cogan Station p-ny Tuesday at Spitler's, 1.30 733* Conslttpry and the Wllliamsport Elks Lodge No. 173. Mr. Heiser also was a past pxesident-oMhe-Tall Cedars of Lebanon. ' · _ , - ~"Sun1vlnff:a-re~his ·wire.^thle former Elizabeth Calvert; four T " T °- fr n ers. · ~ "Mrs.' UlaberUvengoodrTr. of Rochester, N.Y., 3led In that Htv Satitrrtnv Anril 1fi 1%fi Shore, and George F.. Jr., of vllle, with the Rev. D. Owen Washington: -four sisters, ton. Brubaker. his pastor. cUy . W., all of She was a for Mrs. And was the daughter of Harry Red House Saturday ni -the body--of Mrtr Hauser was Frank R. Schillinghurg, 62. iden- tifled by police as the assailant. He was a resident of Aurora, Shillingburg was barely alive uhon tho shootings Were dls- I'ere-no-notesrlound In transfer lilt iicente- shall' notify the Haustr home and aprfarently the-· · " struggle,"po- j uic»c iiau.i^yii uu auujjK'c, P"-an application for a liceru lice said. They said the Hausers dftcj-Jbed in Section 4 of this .. "", ,- . -_- . had been shot with a 12- gauge nance, by. in*-transferee.". Mrs. Raymond ~Deats «h°tgjjn which schiuingburg used ev ^?he 2Kh25 IpTTM^ ffij." -- - to-ttke-his'-own'Hfe.-··'--- ;- transfer-flf a iicense-'the trant-" covered and died.a lc\ " Hauser's body the-basement ani M. found In wife was IS10J1Q1 nnll«r«, children in- BuHdino^Permits- Blossburg State Hospital.^ She was a member of the Law- room. ihall provide and shall constantly keep a book; In which ihall be Talrlv written dqwn in. the Enallsti 'uesday at Nolli-l^ gouth~'WHHamt nhin "ii-V'-j'" ' burgh; "tw» sisters. MrsI 1 Ken- eluding a daiighlcej^Mrs.' ffiy ^aio. Friends-nwy-call at -the--fu---n^nrgnjjth; Cam-j Hill and Mrs. Hafer, WIUlBnwport RD 2r?a--Erecting «-fonce at 1015-Bald neral home.from 7 to 9 tonight. E.*E.-Xeys. Sprngfield, Mass.; broi'her, Harry B. Shields, Jer- win Street for ^100, Issued lo are three daughters, Mrs. Ben" 20 grandchildren -and e i g h t W Shore RD; a sister, Mrs. Paul Mayer. . ,, Jamln- Hessner, "df~ Lawrence- ~4JentV-N.-Heck great-grandchildren, '; L . Evelyn Thompson, P o m o n a , iiucvuic Presbyterian «^iufui. n i. -f-- · - --· » ·Suryivinff besides^her husband - r O I I C e P r O D e Th6it Police The ruqeral ~w7ir -·GaHfr-tmd-a-number of grand-"~ Hemormg- lariKUSEEst'the'time 01 Ule~ chaie oLany. J.unk. a. detcripuan. of every article or material purchased or received by him. and the person from whom tuch -ar- auto ow -nw. IUUK mull timrs- port.-wlth the Rev. Paul J. Erb. - pastor of Grace Evangelical United Brethren Church, South . Wllliarnsport. officiating. Burial will be In Wlldwood Cemetery- Henry N. Heck, «7. of Avis. p.m. Wednesday at Redeemer ch^ren. ; ; ; ln» the cxUiiiur uf a Uuslia-iV Mrs. Samuel Hessner. of I^w- Woodrow Bishop. 2i6 Chatham . n died Saturday. April .16. 1966. in Lutheran Church with the'Rev. .- J" 6 . 1 ""^ a J? a , bu S?i, wl " b"" 111 " 5 * 1 J ? Easl Thlr | f,""!? 1 rcnccvillerMwo sons. George K., Street The owner told police the the Jersey Shore Hospital after John McKuhn. supply pastor of £*« P lace i" Rochester Wednes- for $8.000. issued lo Sellable at home, and'Richard E., of stolcn , rticl e» ar , valuod Wt «^ an extended illness. the church, and the Re\vCharles d *y- " Furniture Co. ^ B ath. N.Y.; one brother, Pros- ~. en arua « ar « value d at $85 nance He wag a retired foreman at Rlchttr. pastor of th«^iCutheran . --- . _ iton Bumf), nf Elmlrn; S3 rranrt..*TM were taken-from his -the JHHMU WIILPM SIIL/II i A · '·-'·'' "f ^- M'attTr.BiHlfc « -- »obieet ta the uf 9 p.m. He was born In Pine Cn«ek ?.. officiating. Burial will be in i~wp., cimtbn County. installing siding akln penon licensed under~thts ordl- U. contUintly- maintain /*** ****· **v.K.i*^d premltes In accord- C1 K ance with any iiwlal provHIoni Wildwood Cemetery. general repair* at 927 "1. , STROUP --' The funeral for Street for $2,260, issued to v ( William J. Raight William J. Haight, 84. a resident of Lysock. View, died there Sundfty, April 17, 1968. He was .formerly a resident of Proctor .Star Route. Born. In Pmrtnr. h his wife."Mrs. Trlcnds mav call at Ihe^fu: Torrencc -P --Stroup,- -of--2111-hawi-Cordes. ^i. ^.-- J w rnenas may can at me IU- R _, n .. strict, will h* «t i.amr:iw " i cr g ' ,, The funeral will be at 1U.30 a.m. Sunday. iiiiti. . and Heck, at home; two. Bisters, " Mrs. Ezra Myers and Mrs. W. C. Doiton C Peterson, both of Jersey Shore. , «··*·· The funeral wlll_be art Rear- D a l f o n - C . Hardenburg. 73, Ick's. 1002 Allegheny Sfrpfft.^J'"'- dl( ' f --rarly--Sunday--mornlngi and g a, Legal Notices $on of Qark and RosetU Bower Haight. -- ' He worked for the Proctor Tannery and was a woodsman .tii he retired. StK^-iving. are two brothers, Jajper,\pf Endicotl,- N.Y, and The' funertiiwitl be at 1O30 'a.m. Wednesday^at the Proctor Methodist Church,wiO the Rev. Cleon ^Halght, pastorxof .Maranatha B i b l e Church. iinden RD 1. officiating. Burial sey Shore, Tuesday at ? p.m. April 17,' 1966. at his home at The-Rev. George W. Ba'rto 3rd, White Pine. He was a retired iastor of the Evangelical United laborer. Brethren Church, Avis, will of- Born October 23. 1892 at Eng- ficinte. -Burial will be In Rest llsh Center, he was the son of Haven' Memorial Park, Ldck Frank and Florence Mecum Haven;RD. Hardenburg. , .friend* may call tonight-from 7 to 9 at the funeral home. at the funeral home from 7 to 9 Fourth Avenue for $250, issued Cemetery. · Roard"of · to John Bal-oHfe, .1... The Rev. J. H..T.-Slrone, her at Scureman's. at Tfoga. Tuesday from. manner prescribed-by thli Mellon and any inbiequent rejrulatlons adopted-by theJJoatd. (»*-Such premise* shall-at**ti-- timei be maintained to as not to commute a nultance or a menace to the health of the community or ice* w**- Sc c e 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. the . breedjng^,.nf / rodents and_. intendi to lb) NoTUrbate or other organic at Its regular meeting to be w **te shall be itored In such on Hay 3, 1966, the following PremUet. Ordinance No. 66-1" » · (c) Whenever any motor vehicle "OnDINANCgTtmuLATL'Vt; -«haH-be-reeeivcd-n men -·: -.es ~ Anthony Bogaczyk leaders Wesley F, Decker Sr. Wesley F. Decker Sr., 53, of . Barbours Cemetery. _: Friends may_caU- at_SpllIer's, ,._733 East B r o a i Street, Mont ' toursville, f r o m 7 to 9 Tuesday. Mr. HardenbuTR was a mem-; Tomorrow is Bank Night -- chairman, are the White Pine Methodist ivjieaJocaU banks help count Loyataock Two.' ^ He was also a m S mber of the don » Uon » received by canvass- ^ Sln ^^"winiamsport and 'IlliamsTort Lodge of Elks.. «" -- for ' Williamsport and jj^ MeMn Goldy Jr. is chair- Survlv.ng are three sisters, Loyalsock Twp. In the current man in DuBoistpwn. and Jjlrs.. Qjnc, both- of Sag- TK, JUNK DgALERS, THE ESTAB- ai J unk - «» *atollne and oil shall LlSHME/lT AND MAINTENANCE ·* drained and removed there : "" OF JUNK YARDS, INCLUDING from. Catollne In an amount'not BUT NOT LIMITED TO AUTOMO- «*c*edlng t*n (10) gallon! may BILE JUNK OR GRAVE YARDS, * torea above ground In laM J u n k C ? V ^ G ^T An H th ^ y ,v BO) i ?a - TM E ^fp* CE RE^ D Us D ^SJfe m^on^n"e^, h p^v I 55 b b? la ?ne czyk, 50. of Upland. Calif., for- jfNKED ARTICLES, PROVfDINC Bo^d. All other catollne which mcr resident here, died Satur-roil 'THE ISSUANCE or Lik , e p t ^°" . lne onmiut ihall be --4JENSSS--FOR--H*Mtt--Di?At.EM- ltnrfrt .unitfrgTOlinfl. which und»r- - - w . , . » i.'*.^4 - ^JWJ »^rt».M^- « t n ^ B » . m...- FOR^THE MAINTENANCE ? roun(1 1t°TM« muit b« approved OPERATION OF j t t v f e »» lhe Board. Born in Covlngton, he was the AND oPERXtloN" OF ^ u ., ^ ,, ^ -- son-of-Jacob and Frances Fred- YAHDS-U N Dtft PRESCRIBED d - Tae «napn«r of itorage and - erick Boracdrk. £°.^LT.'ON_s, PRESCRIBING 52W5~ e ?%,^,% e SemiSS. 9. 1906, Ella Schaf ·Surviving son of Henry and DeCkCr ^eral-wi.l be at .Keteh- He was graduated from Cov. ii'P PJ?PVrDlNG_rpR THE REV- F. Jr., of Washington, D.C.. and dav ' a brother and a siHcr. Oscar nolds H. Decker and Mrs. Wuriapi M. Mull, both of this city. Th^ m funeral will be the Rev. Norman Rey- his pastor, officiating. Burial will Cemetery. and outlying tlonal folder "Cancer and You." Surviving are 1..- . shopping centers.' Mrs. J a c k Mrs. P»"' Mays, executive dl-two .sons, Thomas _^. Huffman was-in charge. . reetorr-reported. that .since Sep- both atJwmef-Tfiree sfsterV 3 realtl L, of ~ Penifiylvariia.^nnds it .K,,-T h «_ I S?.^!?-pTMS.«»~ tl . 0 _ n I ^1^^^^*Z^**J H .°'»? n ». nd M »- ?5j( m -eVe 0 r. re a% U %e tl ?.i. U b e S!S! -HfhA P«r.on ,,cen,ed.«nder th,. c o n L y m l n t c o m m o n yard as ._ _ tlon for Iicente herViinder, "--"-' u n d t r - · - ^Tn' WhirpSS TM """""^ " -«« dt * TM« «-Vl^-^ -^TJ^'' ShC OI«u, Bartin. "^T ^ZZ SS5 ^'"ma^en.nc. ·#*% «J««^?TM ' not^S?"m'o^ Je in White Pine ^jj^k ^.p as W elL.as-l«-«y*-*nna» are used for cduca- field; Mrs. Louise; Mitchell, of ^w^ 1 ^?^ 111 ' w?vai?nt aTwJ orte h u c » e N rn 'i 1 ,' · - - " - --··--""lams- tlonal material - public and Aoalachin. N.Y.. si'ven hmth^ri- ^ N ?J¥\"?. E .? E /?RE V '« » *nact- SiV.*' en ,J r Ji w li. 0 ^f.^i I *".S": p.m. Tuesday at Maneval'... West- Fourth Street. TTitn-.-th»- FURNACE COMPANY N«d aod 7adK Unbare. OWBWI n«v. LT, .*vuour 3. sncrltr. pas- ttSfTqf Hrst Baptist Church, of- \A/nrr«n Hdatlng. Burial will be in Green T T U I l e " Lawn Memorial Park. Warren W. Ph. 322-3392 -MUTING n OUt orar yer-all goal .ontne Counly Unit Is J24J nit is $24.500. "LTcense Plate Taken Ky...Charles o h i l a - and p,riu«lt Thomas, of Elrnlra "-'- --: Residential chairman cWilliams lliams. Wllllamspbrt U Mrs. . rt "co that his temporary IIBOENT. Ut 'SIP !ioll(Uy-Inn wiHUiniport* 'in the Wimamtport Hdsajtal at Donald Benson. Mrs. Merle pUte with nurqber SKWT3 was Tuesday at -pand. '«:20 ajn. trwiay7TSTofiday7^O)n]--ATHo1o~ind M M." M arorew-- taken from his car mi RU^e ~-- ·r' Militant 18. 1966. He was admlttedSi Glbbs. . Avenue, north of West Fourth Janet M. ^.Clip t dailr . . · . K«p n^r your TV Funerals LOCK juanci 1 - - At Wort *r«l (O O-Oack Klf*i Art lUruxj' - , Tn T»U ·'bollsm Friday. April IS. ie«, T f. . i . . tt*tt1l._.. A _« Tf u ..l...t section otherwise Hepburn Township Refute Ordinance. Definitions: Unlest IK yj| _ _ -- v«nlclei mutt attended and controlled, at all premltei to b* llcenied set back a minimum dlt- tanc* ot twenty-five /(23J fret * r hUhwayt and' a other property 'tween tbe act T.H.. \t V"*IU**W»K wgrai mail ior purpose) ^--«»"",'; nil"". "**"rlfht-of-way -- Janet Mar- of this ordinance hav* the follow* ""' Ol ·" streets, roadi and hlsh- tha Spangler. 7. daughter of-Mr. ln« meaTmT«: * tn * ;( " OW wayt. and all other ptuserty SnS. and Mrs. Eugene~E.'Snant»l»t.'.:.'·.' J^Ki Any and all form* of IW^TM.. 4 . 1 *" f"" f «-*»Pt tnJ.o^^ofd^ha.^rrUe,' g*^ ·· ht..* ih* miiA_.- '"ie oi all a? necessary and detirabu the pmnljes to be .licensed shall at --· ^"^ J ' » » f « n *w ( A9VWf Ql m*lCT4*vi« iJlti ^ , ,her home; Mlffllnbufg RD. She i uhke1 . motor }· had been 111 since 19M. ' we'Sflertar^*" 0 ° ther Mlv '"' _ ' | She waa in the second grade "rtrr-*«OToR VEHfCLi;: Any "and f*£;,1 c trf 0jtl , trp " * n1 ·ty'ei» : be"de- ,.tJhe_Elcmentary.SchOo,. - ^JiTVSbTTg^To^h^ SGwS?Sffl?.g K brothers. Glen L. and I*- m ?*Ii n *,7J 1 JP flrm - bolh-tttlioinc^Jiei^ i ternal grandfather. Palmer £ "Uie. J .Spangler, of New Berlin, and her ^ ..,:,,.,,,.... , maternal grandparepts. Mr. and Pennsylvania. 1 Mrs. Henry Turner, of Kane.* ei-BQARD: The Board .ofsu- roiu * Thi» fiinnr*! «HH K* » th. (T»iKf» -«f JUptrUrlT TcwntWp,' me lunerai win o* at the Lyromlnt County. Penniylvanla. urch at Swrngl* Tuesday at «» JUNK TAtUJ: Any- pi»c» ..JO p.m. Burial will be In Eas' « f il*', jullk H" «"»·"*»'"'» "- · cij^v-*TM**-.^. *~ rinea is itored or accumulated, f-bioe-wemctery. Any pnwrtltes at netrLiarter o- » The R«y. Emll J. Encleman fined-^artng two or moir unn- ·wlll nfflriiiim - reu»»d motor vehicles Iherroa will omclah^ ^lnt\\. In any event., be dermed a junk yard. , , (t PREMISES 1 . Any parr*i of Ian4 altttatetf - In Heoborn Town- stt.'n- Lyfoml.ii County, renniyl- .ttinla. havlnt a **paralf lax T*rer^ Iflfc. .. , v t°, I »«.°as. Any per- »' T 0 **"' 10 ": ' provided. : , . - r*5. K " . l13 - , Al P* t * mnt ' Nul- JZ above. 1 » of "ls roniutnt* a . lel!l lh »" ln Board ronsu- . b« abaftd by aralflsru* »k»talBf tn ' 7i ult ?L. I ? r "lief. ."" 1 ?- . Enfortyment- En- · Leonard E. Calentlne. 49, of i V JUNK DEALER; Afiy.pmon ! \W«f Hrrnm 3trt»t r.»1.ni-» who baya, telll. «»!T*|rm. ttorf*. Board « -... -. --- ordlntnot shall t* ,«*.«· jnrutd the othrr *e- "·- ordlBaucw «uil not h» , -- i or in any ^«^ UT»** i.. pulmonaty em- 0*111. leatn. operates, «Vr mala ' " . t a t a ftnk. .yanJ-within t»« )«ntMp\ whether MI land owned f · nuf Ik pfrton 01*- othtn^ii^ ...--. Burial was In Cedar Hill Cem- sftlon i Ur*nt«. No prrvon l '°, n etery. f~~ -- *h*U «n«ag» In butuei at a junk "L^y ,, - · i Surviving are his wife. Miry without first havtnf obtained a nanres-or partt of ortln»n-rt in 1 C Weber, a tan. Colin, at home; Iicente fr*m the Hoard, few which ni? : "n.D"l w "?. ot ·»* th* »a»* t/vV M«. Jtftn**' a fe* in acrordance w»n ·*!'X^' ~~ , . Wat-C«-.f. r rr i.-J-i. «. -- !..» r^\: JA.^plJ three sitters. Mrs. Amos ( nali t* paid to the TownsMp for I?*i »f"!»Uv» bu«t»t of " ." * i Mary 'Swopt, of Lutherstoxrg. cr:li ' ihall b* l**yr^/J M J"* *·" w*p*rt«i. Anytnt*· detirinr "i I I' J »J»d Mr«.-MabeJ Sh*dro7 Buf-j^J« v l."a5d n efidln« May-U^of"!" nre"?*^* 1 Sur**YUln» '5^5^21; » - ?· ! falo. N.Y.. hU itepTOUMT, Mrs. fAliowint rear, and rarh llrrnt* until April ^1. im w h e a "-·· -.- Ophelia Calentlne. ot Luther ^«^ h rf!Ar'dry nU o'f ll j r uS2 S? RrWTA'l.ffi.iV 1091811 .........i b urg. --eeifB etr. . . - fcerrttarr ^ i INEWSPA'PER iEW'SPAFERt

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