Daily News from New York, New York on April 9, 1926 · 184
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Daily News from New York, New York · 184

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, April 9, 1926
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40 DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY. APRIL 9. 192$, "BEAU GALLANT" A . WOULD-BE "BRUMMEL" Tie Portrait of a Manhattan Poseur De Luxe. "BEAU GALLANT" . comntr lram Stnvl Olivier. prMttrrti br the Jl.iybf. t the kits th-uv April 5. 1K6 The flantthaoa) Wallas Jr lair iith.rfi M vt-nw ihwuch Bnm Kir.-hi!0 B.t-t ti.e.-ltler Cat.o rfc-ale Carruistotl B-aa Gallant Lione! Atwiil H.rfmra CArniigtJil . Clar.-m-r F.-lliir Oarr H.t Gyi. O Itrvn Sheriff sat Pwnvai Jarkauo AnottM-r ain .... Wi'lum Lr-n.e Tool hr-jtir Dtidsoo M itrr:l Mr AKUIr;. . i-ealu- Kine By BL'IINS MANTLE. I think Stuart Olivier, the author of "Ct-aa Gallunt" at the Ettz, made a mistake in pirking a New York a r is t o rrat as r e p r esentative of the American Brummels. Himself a B altimo rean Line! Atwi'l venture of the last of the New York Carring-tons who sees himself as the surviving defender of a long line of Manhattanese anglopbobes. Stripped of his property this heau is still able to hold his head high so long as one room of his ancestral brownstone is furnished I suitably, and he has a pair of spats j in which to take the air.. I In love with no one but himself and his pride, he is still very fond of and greatly dependent upon his ! butler's daughter, who secretly 1 turns over her inheritance to him i when he is in want. But rather than marrv her he sacrifices a fortune of $5,000,000 willed him by a vulgar relative who has made it by raising cattle in the Argentine. Mr. Olivier is aK handicapped in not being able to find an American actor of prop fame and distinction to play his American I aristocrat. He is forced to employ Mr. Lionel Atwiil of England and Mr. Atwiil does not, to me again. with family dis- i completely nil tne picture as a tinct ins. he New York aristocrat, would probably j However, his performance is de-have done better liberate, deft and interesting, and to have re-'he has sufficient graces of person mained at home ; and personality to please his audi- . . - L. . . I . - TU A kim amonir m own 1 f nira imguiuj. xitj iu ...... for a speech at the Wednesday m3tinee. and that is unusuaL This popularity, combined with our middle-class love of snobs and snobbery, is the hope Gallant-" THE GOLDEN DOZEN rnra artraettaaui to Mew Tartt theatre that have rettflt' Mafnt raaa. Dramatic, taw. Perf arasAaee. "Abie's Irish Rose I644 "I Zat So?" 516 -Cradie Snatchers". . 2s4 "The Ja Singer -Butter and Egg Man" 227 -Craig's Wife" 212 Mosical Comedies. -The Student Prince" j42 -Artist and Models" 340 "No, No, Nanette" Z3 -Dearest Enemy" 236 "The Vagabond King" 230 "Sunny" 229 THEATRE NOTES Anna Fitziu. well-known concert singer, will be guest star today in the Palace celebration of N. V. A. week, a c o m - pany of children will perform "Pinafore" a t the Century for matinee performances. The Profess ional C h ildren's school will stage a revue this month at H ampden's theatre. 'ENGLISH PLAYERS IN LITTLE CONTEST The fourth annual Little theatre tournament will be held the week of May 3 at a Broadway theatre, Walter Hart wig announced yesterday. A group from Dallas, Tex., twice winner of the contest, will again j be entered this lyear, other groups coming from S h r e v e-port. La., Albion, Mich., W.inston -Salem, S. C, b e s i d e s entrants from New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Two groups are coming from England, the Huddersfield Thespians of Huddersfield. and the Gloucester Vale players from Gloucester. Walter Hartwig blue bloods or gone to Boston and picked a Cabot or to Virginia tor a Carroll. We have iur old Knickerbockers and they have pride of family line and tradition and a vanity sutfi-cir.t to prompt its exploitation. They also have acquired the two butler technitjje, the high-hat gesture and the thive-car assurance that bespeak a new world culture and old world ambitions. r.'it im. wit the ariitorrat pn the least miDres- ' dently without a world of expert sive of bl.-xl-proud Americans. His ence, plays the romantic secretary 1 , . later-day breeding has been more r.., .uu '"V'"" . Stamford. E. Rav Goetz takes UD n : i v.j "iwo mimeotrraprieu pages w es.- Anna FiUiu Winifred Lenihan will return to the stage next November of "Beau , after serving a year as director of the Theatre Guild School of Act- Olivier is a studious, workman- ing. Her place will be taken by like and persistent . author. The Hamilton Macfadden, who directed chances are good that some day, the Community Arts association at i once he moves away from the imi- j Santa Barbara, Cal. tative themes of the theatre, he will write a regular piay. ! Clyde Fillmore has replaced i The cast is of an average com-;" Buckler and Herbert Twom- Manhatun petence. .Marguerite Borough, ev,- I'T.V th Mansfield ! Btrry O'Neill will have the male i i a. : a : i i it i GOLDMAN TO GIVE 50 N. Y. U. CONCERTS Fifty concerts will comprise the ninth annual summer season of Goldman band concerts, beginning June 14 and ending Aug. 20 on the New York university campus. The announcement was made yesterday by Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Guggenheim, Mr. and Mrs. Murry Guggenheim, Chancellor Elmer E. Brown, and Edwin Franko Goldman, conductor. OVERSEAS SERVICE "Tip-Toes" at the Liberty and "Lady Be Good," opening April 14 in London, will exchange ticket service for transatlantic commuters. AMUSEMENTS. tlOD MADIJON GARDEN -am sn. EifMk A V Y.J 1 SoAILEYj nOTS Of EM HOUH. EA-i-I E. IIHGLIN6 5R0J. 6 BARNUM i OKKArt3TF ..! ON KAK1H MORI STl I'KNIHU N MOKK VAK1:U MOKB DAZLING THAN l.VI R lO Kima aaa iagrw .IfUi Trained Equine MarreU. BAA "OIILI'S IKK V UK AKKIAIJST. OW BAKKilACK UIKKK.S. CTMSAJfM. 01CNT1C ZK I'OMJHtiSS o) VKEAK8 ADUSSI0N TO ALL 75c to $3 (incL tai). Ctifldim udr IS nt wduwd pctee tvt. all naUrtr prrforauurM, except baturdaj, to tl.10 seats and over, beat at SOU) or 49Ul 3C llrai-oh Tirkrt OfTWa. (fimmm rrlfr (ilMKM, BKOH. - R. H. MACY A Co. HIPPODROME G"T0sb 50c HiRIC flRr&fil FR ftmfiFR'l MID. XT GETS. Illfliro Sever. Bin Ilia, wrrk ICavaaaw-aHrak. Ckak Witkan. Vara 'a Kit. Arthyr West. Surarraai Oaily. rnt 1IIRIAT",," r Bt'l"'t;s,lJ" TH Saon't Outtauii.c Noltf c-SX. Bringing Up Father Qea. McUumk raiu' Cartoon llurmkraM) AMUSEMENTS. Casino de ?mr,TrLw"ai ,. muZl?!:S:i0W A NIGHT IN PARIS 1 R rur all Nxr Yort U "tltltc About! ! WINTER GARDEN Mlbnart Twaari'W. Bast Saati t2 a i! AL J0LS0N i,J?'aToET,8T, ti M0R0SCO CRAIG'S WIFE CiAT at t :J sensatioruil than progressive and her speaking voice is apparently 1M tktUAL With rHBTfiTAL HEKWK Cil:aa. Tfc - S M . li B UlaUBC LU1QU S g MiT tiWiMUUKV ! Wm A. Rrarf w A IWM Beat Wlatu I TT" W T "W "W I.AT his constant rub with our rougher democracy has served to dim his : higher polish. Therefore Mr. Olivier's picture of this prideful gentleman de luxe seems to me no more than the portrait of a gentleman of the author's imagination an attempt at writing an American "Beau Brummel"" which shall be the a.i- , cheerful and chir- I Plain 't? "P11 ni' clar8re ; M7J id so are Wallace ! ,?r , the Meller ncert- wnv Gypsy O'Brien, Ersk'ine. Robert Gleckler and Dod- I Yorktrs. Pa? ore for. nd-r son Mitchell. pnzengnw, Goetz writes. The production is by the Play-! . . . snop, Ioc., which has already done ; i.mlMa wan kr ikr very well by the American piay-! tra Kaiai ia a iL.a. His mttr wright this season. Clarke SPver- -J VTrr V-- lu iuu un: siagiuK. real life, raairlrtr am mF 29. AMUSEMENTS. .-. - I-,-. mUTIIBV Ttxa.. 2al A Of. Pr W. tn,U1 Its. 3. "l. TWar A WJ. TuL. PINArOKE AH Tint COSMOPOLITAN T3':,t wi& A1.InTAR KEVIVAI. OF TWO ORPHANS IVtPRRIlI Ttt.. 4ib St.. V. a B'aai. aa SWF.F.TH F.ART TIME Mmical waarfy tit wiUl BUIE BfZZaX IftI CftN'N Ta.- 5SUI .St. A TUl In ta. JUUUH O Mat TOM'W A THUKA IHS STUDENT PRINCE iTH TIMK IN WW YORK AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. NEW AMSTERDAM 3 CHAKl.tN Dl!UNt,Hl rrmt- 1VURILYN MILLER 6UNMY FIT! TflV r" A rrr. S ,4 ,UL,U" Htr K1 aad iAT t.M FHAkLM LINt.HAH rmratl IN A CLAIRE HH" . a toy W it I rTiita r.' A r. M tV. I ha.-te f-i flRF B' " Mw I J' i'!.tU'UI,L SW AMI SU K H Fm-t t Ra-1 -S Woe 1 X .-Vwlioi NO, NO, NANETTE OV AND L KAVE 'Em P--t f A)l A-i -i -n Com1i H HKKIS 1HKATRK. iVt ST EV, ! :f KIT- iVfcP and SAT t. at t a GEORGE JESSEL Praau I & " I a 7T CIH!r MANSFILJ t,7 BEN-AMI i 5t . W ol B i WED A sAt in a y r a.tf oith A MAICPINC ,orf nr ud MAYFAIR T n. uat Va ;i Of B i SAT JUNO and the PAYCOCK a-lib I.ITIV PI NCAV HELEN MENKEN Tic ' ml ij (HtU.M HOi-fcIN THUTI tr -4 K Mia T"U ta "THE MAKR0POUL0S LIBERTY MI SII A I. W 4id at. tJr-.. c M Mj-a a ,-J SAT. .) Tail MPU TIP-1 OES arlth tl VIIIH Al l.a.. Ka.AKNj tMIKIH THMItKi HAkKV HAIWM t. :iM ol MT! AT SI M Wa St. A tttt A'e H) ami SAT i MARTIN BECK Florence Reed in The Shanghai Gesture DAVID BELASCO presents IXNORE ULR1C as Ulu Befle. supported by Henry Hull, and exceptional cast at the Be-Usco Theatre. W. 44th St. Eaes. at 8: 20. Mai.. TW Sat. 2:20 LYRIC THE MARX BROS. The Cocoanuts THKA , V A Matlna W K I ton SAT . i a AI.AH 4Qa KtXtKVKD KATS at l MUSIC BOX THKA. W 45 St Mtta. Wtd aau Jaf at 2 40 Cradle Snatchers a.t BOLAND 'A mmt at L aaaalar." tWa Iwau H Hrks Alms' far Betll Mwara ASM: MCHOLt rrrxata PUPPY LOVE A COMl Ht IlKlill ATr T LAK.HTKI 4gn ST T"TaaV atATlK, Taqkaa JixJ-r J Katga.TiBfTaniatrs tA '.KAK n.Vf ICUOIjr Kfr-tS' ABIE'S IRISH ROSE s.KfM WKO anrf SAT. BACK HOME AT p!;ITTmin TIC.H WPH.ANT KKTt BJS BLU. M0H. 1-1PIRF" THKA. Baa; and W Mt.IaatS 1IXJj laa MaUiw SATI'RltAT ) Tunc JANE COWL in EASY VIRTUE .Efi. I VrFIIM The, w. 4.'.in -l Eica 8 ao LIVLUOT M Ato Thurs A Sat. at 2 : 34) The Great Holiday Show tor YiHinr People IHK CREAKING CHAIR LAUGHS M VSTCKV lWa.HHS VANITIES EARL CARROLL JOK i KKANa I Jl l.lt riMIK I TlXNr.-S 1 TANIXKM IVvam Kaaap. tK, V jt lUa.it Ual tttrl la QM Warlg EARL CARROLL KKI. f.AKROLL SUNDAY CUNCEKTSjat Karl rarrotl "' ota a CLEAN Hit LAFF THAT OFF WAl I A rK' Tta, W 4H 81- aa. M " "i-JVn. Ibu Wxhnai A Saamiaf I0MG0 BILTWORK West 47tb Si. With WALTER HUSTON THRILLS I WHITE CARGO ALIAS THE rSUEACON and SaL Bronx Opera House atta (rth Mrrrill A Maa Hiaaara raw LJLJI II IL tviM EliSSJLL WCr fc DOKOTHT AfPlEBY P3Vvt10rvV."4 u.iCTT I PRi'- '3."' DALTS 63ST.THEA.ty-To'? 'LADIES OF THE EVENING' Hiaaara 1 101(5 HAKJU4 1W. St.MlAV NKiBT at 8:3a. Also Sun. Nishta. April 18 aial 2ft and Tues. Mat. Apr 20. Thura. Msi . Aar. Ruth Draper Sprint? 8mmni of Hvr Worttl fuia 4t.rarr hkrHarhfN TkW. xt Box Off. Mfft.J B.HOMD.26W 43d DEAREST ENEMY TV Ki'iai.tte Miatiral iMvoet Wim HKI.tK KORlt and CHAKLKS PITtCJCLL rniCKERBOCKER TH.. U y A 33 St. (IMr A L ianaar.l UiUnm WED. and SAT. IMr. A. U r.AIFTY B'ir A . "t En. I M KrtmiTM- w- MmUim SAT. na Huitwn ana imt raartwuai la L MIAMI & FmhimI knai 'BY THE WAY' "A ci.rltine frmmt'i entertaiii. menx. OPKNINO MOND.AT KVC- MADGE KENNEDY - 'LOVE IN A MIST' with Stdaey BUckaser aaj Taai Pawert ! J JL- li-ikaf New Spring Edition 1 1 A aaw Aaeneaa aUr n Utrt SQUARE CROOKS PACINI"!: an Rraartwar. BMac ll.LAt.l 'VAGABOND KING ... . h.-' VI AW Taaa.. MM OUi av ( Taa Piaaaaa " Waaa aa atara. Taat HaaarC Mattm K.LAW auuTlMt OT A THIHU IW. aaA Mria. Iraa Oalm. Balle, aaa, BaraM. "Not Herbert" 5g SEATS 4 WEEKS AHEAD R T Z gV ' SIat GATSBY Si. Lionel Atwiil A1BASAOlt TTnil. Mats. TOWW A WEB. m Hm Gallant " BELMONT "w V. GUILD THEATRE VAVJ:3 . ssad Writ af H'wr TOM'W A TUHHS . S M nif TT A TftK TUKATIUE t.l 1I.D PRKSKNT Glgy HTtfru!Z! JBEJEFTHjNG, Fl TINHP w I r.RFFNWim v'"- tu. a., a 4ia I V1, 1 "1VS& Mils TOM'W A H. l W UrVLLlt W IV.fl M ATS THl'RA aaa SAT riDDrCT W. 4MA Ph. OMex. U1 Arthur Uoplnnj prrsmt n - rUAKUl Mr. g jn Mta.TMa .AWaa. ' TAr nprr llrm" llrACtV UK) MACrAaOAMA-PROtv. INC.. ainm at the Plvmwl. W.I he II Ca&. A1NB0W ROSE J HUSH MONEY VIRGIN 4VtaOU Miintr, TOM W A WKllL. 1:3) rFNTRALThM" ' 8t K I SS 4.LJlllll1,SK 4Ul , V-t." MATINKH TtWOUKQW, I N -. SUtiare. TOM'W A WHO.. 1M Comiu to C1.NTKAI, Ttwa , Mob.. Apr. 1 1 I AMIvaw MrOitra rrw""a Jn-k Hiilbert t'Joely Courtoelilee in I MILES OUT BY THE WAY LITTLE T-- - NATIONAL 'V.' w'Jf, L.1111.C. MATH WB I at. . Ill TUT WW a v n a a j-. -.JZ 1 wispoMTpom HALF-CASTE ra " ''MATINKW TOMORROW A WKO. LAST WKKK1 "Sr- SONG of the FLAME "What's the Big Idea?" A Eamantie Opera w.ta TtgvSA KOTA UQU Taaa.. 45th. W. af B'war. i Al.AIN TKU MI HANT! PMUU MATiacc TOtOKItow 3 HAMPDEN CYRANO BAYES . Nei T. e. stm hampden's THEBELJLSs-w YANDERBILT WTUaTt VX iZGTlTPERFdRmNCE LKW riBtJlW NBW UUftlCAI. COMEDY U1T . . . . "THE E1RL FRIEND" a:ly- "THE PATSY" T UI TT"T17t t EGG wIth CLAIBORNE FOSTER 2 DU 1 1 Lul Z ,,7m BOOTH w B, . j. -."a Oratory Kellf MAN TOM'W wm.. ; 3 LONGACRE Thaa. Mats, I.AT CHAHIU'S ACtU CT Tkaitra, Wart at B'aaf WEO. A SAT.. t-M. Wr.KKS tXs:l. aUaTa'aAWeo. s last 3 times -jr ZKIS ZAT SO? : 1 TIMMtSQ Theatre. Rai.t:3 Z',,,rT, ' - .. CHANMNO POI.MK K M BROADHURST B i M- LNEMY "GLORY HALLELUJAH"

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