Logansport Pharos-Tribune from ,  on December 22, 1957 · Page 74
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from , · Page 74

Issue Date:
Sunday, December 22, 1957
Page 74
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PAGE EIGHTEEN THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22,1SST Married In SOCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Josephine Lowman Relax With Knitting-It May Save Your Marriage "Don't let your marriage unravel. Pick up your knitting needles!" This advice comes from Doctor Rebecca Liswood, physician and marriage counselor, and Executive Director of the Marriage Counseling Service of Greater New York. Doctor Liswood . attributes the rising divorce rate, in part at least, to tension and high-powered daily living. She calls knitting handcraft tranquilizer." in an entirely different way to any situation or spoken word when we are feeling jumpy than we do when we are feeling wonderful. We say things which we later regret but the damage may remain. Consider Pre-menstnial Tension For'this reason I otteri have suggested in this column that a woman never should enter into any argument or make any important decisions just before her menstrual period when she may be the vie- Open House December 29 This physician, who has had so; tim v of pre-menstrual tension. It Rodkey Studio, Delphi - MR. AND MRS. RAYMOND WAYNE HEISE will take a delayed wedding trip to Florida during the Christmas holidays. The couple ivas married November 8 at the home of the officiating minister, Rev. Frank Rodkey, Delphi. The bride is the former Elizabeth Berkshire, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Byron. C. Berkshire, of Burrows, and the bridegroom is the son of Mrs. Mary C. Heise, also of Burrows. The bridegroom is employed at the Fairfield Manufacturing company at Lafayette. much experience with human conduct and the problems of humans,said, "Knitting serves a dual purpose toward our goal of reducing tension. It provides a hobby which is relaxing because it does not require too much concentration. It also gives a woman a feeling of accomplishment by providing a concrete example of something she has done herself." In mental and physical therapy it long has been .reoognized that the use of the hands in creating something lovely has a magically soothing • effect on the emotions and on body tensions. Doctor Liswood further pointed out that marriages too often flounder on the rocks of disagreements which are caused by tension, and that the relaxation of mental strain permits couples to settle their differences amicably and intelligently. We all know from experience that we cannot make Correct decisions when we are in the midst of an emotional upheaval or when we are fraught with tensions. This sort of thing snowballs. 'We react seems such a shame for marriages to break up because of such ridiculous "reasons. s? S? si s* s> s s? » 3 I 5? S 5? For That Last Minute Gift Original Motion Picture Sound Track LP's OKLAHOMA KING AND I THE EDDY DUCHIN STORY AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS PAJAMA GAME HIGH SOCIETY ANNI'E GET YOUR GUN THE GLENN MILLER STORY GIANT LES GIRLS Original Broadway Cast LP's MY FAIR LADY PAJAMA GAME OKLAHOMA ANNIE GET YOUR GUN THE MOST HAPPY FELLOW JAMAICA Doctor Liswood is an advocate of. constructive training for marriage. She emphasized that few'young women enter into marriage with proper preparation. She continued, "This leads to a fajry tale concept of married life which often result in husband-wife clashes." Probably most marriages break up because of the small irritations, .frustrations and disappointments of daily life rather than the big crisis. Perhaps, too, these are potent aging factors. So, relax with .your knitting needles! If you would like my leaflet "Hobbies" send a stamped, sell- addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No. 6 to Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Turn in Your Tranquilizers for an Appealing Handcraft." . . (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) KNOW YOUR CLUBS- Altrasa Club Organized and Chartered On Inane "13,1947 Is She hard to please? . . . don't know her size? Can't decide on the style or color? Then solve your problem . . . with a GIFT CERTIFICATE ... for any amount you care to give and she'll be able to choose her own 'gift from our large selection of: O Dresses 9 Sweaters © Gowns • Can-Cans • Panties • Skirts • Robes • Slips • Half Slips • Separates Blouses Hosiery P. J.'s Girdles Collars You're always right... if you Give a Gift Certificate From APPAREL SHOP 320 Fourth St. Logansport chapter of the International Altrusa Club was organized and chartered on June 3, 1947, with the following officers: President, Miss Ethel Nice; Eirst vice-president, Mrs. Sally Martens; second vice-president, Mrs. Geneva Butts; recording secretary, Miss Mildred Wyatt; corresponding secretary, Miss Evelyn Petrie; treasurer, Mrs. Florence Master; directors, Miss Hilda Brant, Miss Julianne . Jensen, and Mrs. Grace Pohlman. Altrusa is a classified organization. The International was organized in April, 1917, the Pioneer Women's Service Club wiSh classification guide. The motto is "(Patriotism, Efficiency, ana Service." Membership in the club is invitational and a balance of occupations is maintained. The Altrusa club has a dinner meeting each fourth Thursday evening and a business meeting each second Thursday evening. The local club makes substantial contributions annually to: Founders Fund which furnishes vocational aid to older women; Grants in aid—outright grants of '$250 to $730 to Latin America and Asian -women graduate students in North America. One J bond is purchased eacli year for community building — $100 is given each year for retarted children— the Children's- Home o£ Logansport is being assisted in' getting better lighting and study tables. The group sells tickets for local Purdue Glee Club programs. Altrusa service includes: -$150 to American Friends of Korean Relief, ten packages of clothing and medical supplies to Korean Altrusa club; $200 for new hall furniture at the Y.W.C.A.; clothing, money and 4-H supplies for a needy girl. "A needy local girl is outfitted with warm and attractive clothing each Christinas. Weekly visits are made to the Jones Convalescent home, furniture and time have been given ttie Teen-Canteen, and gifts are sent to Longcliff. Clubs are located in the United States, Mexico, Canada, • Puerto Rico, England. Guatemala, and Bermuda. Seoul, Korea is temporarily inactive because .of the war. Club formation has been authorized for Ireland, France, Switzerland and file Scandinavian countries. The Logansport Club is a part of District Six, along with Al- trusa clubs from Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky: Current officers are: President, Mrs Florence Daggy; vice-president, Mrs. Ages Rite- man; recording secretary, Mrs. Ellen Mygarnt; corresponding secretary, Miss Mary Kay.Buchanan; by taking a running leap into the divorce court? If your wife can't manage money, why don't you handle it and see if you come out any better? You have consummate gall to MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM B. DISHON will celebrate their golden ! expect this woman to care for your Ann Landers Man Thinks Divorce Courts Only Solution to Problems Dear Ann: I'm just about to leave my second wife' and I need some davice. She doesn't know how to manage money and the house.is not run as it should be. My -first wife had these same faults, plus a few more I won't go into. This is my question: I have two children by' my first marriage. When I proved my wife an unfit mother in court, they awarded me custody of the girls. If I pay support for these children does 'my present wife have to keep them? She's been a good mother for seven years. (They are 9 and 11.) Ill give her credit for THAT much. She treats them the same as our own two. Please let me know how the law reads on this. — TWICE SKUNKED I don't know how the law reads because I'm not a lawyer. But I have a Few comments to make The girl pulls down a salary of $420 a month and she can neither take shorthand nor use a typewriter. This is not speculation, Ann, it's the real'story. The wife has been a close friend of ours-for 15 years and we think if she knew what was going on she'd break it up. • You'll probably say we should mind our own. business, but what friends if they can't come to the rescue in time of need? — THE WORRIED ONES You 'are RIGHT. 'I'm going to tell you to mind your.own business. Consider: (1) Despite the evidence, you could be mistaken and (2) Even if you're right, "eal. friends don't light the fuse to a stick of dynamite. Dear Ann: I'm a girl'16 and my mother is always yelling at me because I enjoy reading "confession" which have nothing to do with i magazines. the law. Don't go away. | I think these stories- are \von- When are you going to learn jderful and several of my .girl that you can't solve your problems I friends read them, too. (Even wedding anniversary Sunday afternoon, • December 29, at their home east of Walton. Friends and relatives are cordially invited to attend the open house from 2 to 5 o'clock in the afternoon. A family dinner will be served at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Lloyd Williams, near Burlington, on Christmas Day. William B. Dishon and Martha Wray were married December 25, 1907, at the home o£ the bride's parents in Franklin- county, Virginia, by Rev. D.,A. Naff, pastor of the Church o£ the Brethren. They have five children: Mary, Mrs. Williams, and four sons, Grover, of Three Rivers, Michigan; Luther and Walter, both of Kokomo; and Harry, east of Walton. There are nine grandchildren and three great grandchildren. children after you've left her. it apparently has slipped your memory that she took your small motherless tots and practically raised mem from the cradle. According to figures they were 2 and 4 when you dumped them into her loving arms. Think it over, Mister. Instead of wasting your energy trying to carve out a new future for yourself ("skunking" number three coming up?) why not work at treasurer, Miss Betty Jewell; directors, Miss Kathryn Royer, Miss Alma Lehmann, Miss Thelma Sines and Mrs. Faye Riddleberger. •-The theme for 1958 is "Serve to Survive." Ever envy the person with pure white 'teeth? Well, her teeth really aren't that white. It is tlie complexion which heightens the contrast between skin and teeth. But no matter the whiteness of your teeth, it is the cleanness that really counts. Many persons find it impossible to brush their teeth after each meal. But dentists suggest a way to chase tooth-decaying bacteria after meals. This is to swish water around in the mouth. * * * * Youngsters and soap and water are natural enemies for some strange reason. A mother who makes it easy for the young ones to use the lavatory eases part of the problem. 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So make'this your Santa's happiest Christmas—give him a wonderful gift by Van Heusen. •fa Century White Shirts—Non Wilt collar; •fa Vantage—No Ironing White Shirts •fa Swimwear—For the South-bound vacationist •fa Handkerchiefs •fa Sport Shirts •fa Underwear—Novelty shorts—T-Shirts i Undershirts Dial 3273 405 E. Broadway "THE BIGGEST tlTTU STOW IN TOWN" ALL GIFTS Attractively Gift Wrapped some of the mothers.) We have had several big arguments over this and now I have to hide the magazines under the mattress and places like that. Don't you think it's a shame that a girl 16 years old can't pick her own magazines? I say if they were so harmful they wouldn't be for sale. The United States government wouldn't allow it. Would you please mention this in the paper? — SPIED ON You wouldn't eat garbage, would you? Well, why put Jt in your head? These "confession" stories are not literature, they are trash. The fact that something is for sale doesn't make it desirable. making a go of this present.sit- The public library is filled with ua tion? the works of literary masters. Dear Ann: This is urgent. A These books are not dull. They are very close friend of ours is in exciting and far more entertain- danger of losing her husband. Wei ing than the junk you're wasting happen to know that the "business! y ouT li:lne on now. relationship" between a certain Look into "Death Of the Heart" high-priced executive and his sec- by Elizabeth Bowen; Willa Ca- retary is not all business. ther's "Song Of The Lark;" Ji The nights when he is supposed Blackmer's "Lorna Doone;" The to be grabbing a sandwich at his desk and working late, he is actually wining and dining this blonde. The real pay-off is this: Life of Mary Queen of Scot, and the .mysteries by Dorothy Savers. 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