Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 22, 1957 · Page 69
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 69

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 22, 1957
Page 69
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SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22,1957 THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE THIRTEEN GILBERT'S "What Young People Think" A Disquieting Christmas Thought: Young Adults Flunk On Religion At this time o£ year, when religious sentiments are so fervently linked with the spirit of Christinas, it might be well to examine the attitudes of young people toward religion and church going. In an earlier survey, we found that teen-ager.-- in grammar and high school expressed a. keen interest in religion and for the most part practiced their faith -with some degree of regularity. But what about young adults? Do teen-agers tend to change their religious tendencies as they grow older and approach manhood? There has been much talk lately of a religious revival in America, a mass return to God in a time of international tension. Church membership is at an all time high of 100 million. Religious news and religious radio and television programs are attracting large and faithful audiences. This is the picture for the country as a whole, taking into account all age groups. Basic Ignorance Found But from surveys we have completed among maturing young people . in the 17 to 22-year-old group in various cities and towns across the country, it would appear that this spiritual renaissance has encountered a major roadblock in reaching the generation now approaching adulthood. Evidence of a spiritual stampede on a national scale must be weighed against these conclusions reached by our researchers: . Most young pople, both boys and girls, know very little about their religion—or any other religion. Less than 30 per cent could manage a passing mark on a grade school level Bible test. 2. A majority of young Protestants (68 per cent) and young Jews (86 per cent) and a hefty minority of young Catholics (24 per cent) do not attend church regularly. 3. Less than 28 per cent of the of interest among young people in religion more evident than in Protestants and 26 per cent of thei their abysma ]i y low seores on Jews look upon themselves as "a< &e s - le Bible test religious person Catholics scored 72 per cent on this question. 4. An overwhelming majority (9 per cent) of young adults of all faiths said they would never think of turning to a clergyman for help in solving life's problems. 5. Only three out of 10 Protestant boys and two out of 10 Jewish boys "thought often" abou: the Ten Commandments. Girls scored slightly higher in both faiths. Among Catholics, five out of 10 boys and six out of 10 girls said they "thought often" about the Commandments... Perhaps nowhere was this lack They Know Noah The test was conceived after the consultation with the International Council of Religious Education in Chicago and others. In general, the questions were worded simply and Biblical tests as the famous Laycock Test, prepared by S. R Laycock of the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Can. Some might have got by — and probably some did—on their ment. The only major exception toimandments than boys. Affirmative this was Noah, with 68 per cent correctly identifying him as the 'builder of the ark. Some Improvement Noted There was one ray of hope shining through an otherwise murky picture. Young people of all' faiths scored about 8 per cent higher this year than their predecessors did in 1949 when the same Biblical test was given to a similar representative sample. In both cases, Catholics tended to score higher, with 46 per cent correct answers .on the questions in 1949 and 48 per cent in 1957. knowledge of the Bible as litera-j Th e Catholic rate of increase in ture. It is interesting to note that marks, however, was , , those who clamed no church af-, Iower than the Protestant (up 12 lii r o ' filiation scored only a few points ' per below the already low average forip er cen t). am j Jewish rates (up 10 NEW!3-Speaker HI-FIDELITY '. •..-•• t that makes 'retards SOUND BETTER LAST LONGER I the church going group. • Yet, for all groups and all faiths, The Cries, Model HFtO—Port- able AC High Fidelity with three "Tone Balanced" speakers. Wood cabinet covered in snwt Gray and " White Durastron. $99 NEW 1958 Bible reading habits shed some light on results of the Bible quiz. the simplest questions evoked'Among Catholics, 11 per cent said the most shocking displays of ig- ! they read the Bible frequently, norance. Only three out of 10J42 per cent read it sometimes and knew that Paul was the Apostle j 47 per cent answered never, of the Gentiles or that Thomas!Among'Protestants, 19 per cent was known as The Doubter. Less than half know that Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt. Not one in 10 could name Pontius Pilate as the official who turned Christ over to his crucifi- ers, and not one in 15 could name the Biblical character who saw the handwriting on the wall or the one who sold bis birthright for a mess of pottage 1 . •read the Bible frequently, 39 per cent sometimes and 42 per cent never. Among Jews, 14 per cent read the Bible frequently, 57 per cent sometimes and 29 per cent never. Young people of the Jewish faith led the list in Bible reading but placed last in church attendance, Catholics, who are required to attend Mass on Sunday, and The Christmas spirit, at least, | thereby led in church attendance, helped to bring up many of the scored the lowest in Bible read- scores. Seven out of 10 knewjir.-g. The implication seems to be " ' * ' that regular church attendance was more of a factor in answering the quiz than regular or sporadic reading of the Bible. Girls Score Higher It is also interesting to note that girls of all faiths thought more often about the Ten Corn- that Joseph was- a carpenter, j that Jesus was born at Bethlehem and that the Romans controlled Judea at the time of His birth. In general, New Testament questions brought a higher percentage of correct answers ' than questions about the Old Testa- answers to Uiis question came from 60 per cent of the Catholic girls and only 51 per cent of the boys; 32 per cent of the Protestant girls and 29 per cent of the boys, and 27 per cent of the Jewish girls and 21 per cent of the boys. Girls also scored much higher on this significant questiron: "Does thinking about religion and church prevent you from doing things you should not do?" Yes, answered 47 per cent of the 'Catholic, 2 per cent of the Jewish and 20 per cent of the Protestant girls, as opposed to 31 per cent, 14 per cent and 16 per cent of the boys in these respective faiths. The general indifference among young people to going to church and their appalling lack of interest in and knowledege of their religion brings up the question of whether the churches are failing our impressionable younger generation. A future survey will deal with what young people have to say about this question and how it relates to their churches and church leaders. THE QUESTIONS ASKED Do You Go To Church .Regularly? Do You Regard Yourself as'a "Religious Person"? How Often Do You Read the Bible?' Do You Ever Think About the Ten Commandments? Do 'You Turn to Your Clergyman When You Have A Serious Problem? Does Thinking' About, Religion Note: The suivey also included the Bible quiz detailed in the and Church Prevent You From Doing Things You Should Not Do? article. TEEN CORNER MALf POLISH Don't Go Blind To Blind Dales By DON GOODWIN One of the strongest inducements to marriage is the dislike, verging on phobia, that people have for blind dating. Blind dates, to be sure, aren't always catastrophic; a considerable number turn out fine. Never- the less, except for born bachelors, few men can experience many of them without yearning for romance of a more predictable sort. It's this lack of predictability, of course, that makes blind dates the hazards they are. Here you are, total strangers, thrown together, often for the convenience^ of another couple, in. a romance-tinged situation capable of making you both miserable for many hours. In no other situation is it so incumbent on a 'person to keep his wits—and manners—about him. * * * THERE ARE TWO kinds of blind dates—good an'd not so good. Of the two, the former often tests a man's mettle more. The' delightful shock at finding himself, with a desirable date is inevitably followed by a wish to appear desirable himself. In his frenzy to make a good impression fast, a man is likely to achieve the very opposite. He overdoes everything. He talks too much. He grabs at straws of achievements-exaggerating a.limp so he can say he got it in football, tossing out $8 words so she'll think he's a brain. Trying to seem experienced, he 12 Mile Sunshine Girls Hove Dance TWELVE MILE-Sunshine girls are sponsoring a formal dance at Memorial Hall at 7:30 Saturday evening. FFA members'will be selling garden seeds during Christmas vacation. Seniors received their pictures this week. Students in grades 3 to 6 and U.S. History classes 11 -and 12 heard a talk on "Disposal of Used Bills" by Harold Griest. A discussion period followed on'the use of currency. The trophy won by the B basketball team at the recent Fulton tournament has been placed in the trophy case at the school. Two new maps of a new type vinyl plastic showing elevation of land have been purchased. One is! of the world and one of the United! States. Everyone is invited to see these maps. Shop students are making metal tables. FFA boys have new games for their recreational periods at the school farm shop. They include ping pong, dart game and badmin- bia. ton. discussed books he's never read, shows he's never seen. He name- drops. He mentions his trip to Europe, 'so she'll know he's been around. Lest she forget what a lucky'2nd the "Marine Corps Hymn" girl she is, he mentions his many dates with beauty queens. He hints stoically at broken engagements and' unhappy love affairs, so she'll think he's "tragic." Which indeed, she does . . . but not.in the way he intended. • •• # * # AS A MATTER of fact, a blind- date bragger may not be a swellhead at all. He may just be rattled. Expecting the worst, he gets caught with his manners down. A polished man takes the same precautions for a 'blind date as for a known one. He's well-groomed, well-dressed, and leaves the onions off his pre-date hamburger. He plays , his cards close. He talks about her in-terests, not his. He's super-considerate, but not wishy-washy. He doesn't manhandle her'. He goes PREPARED to make a good first impression. Q & A on P's & Q's (Q)"When you have a large party, is it necessary to introduce each arriving guest to all the others?" Mrs. B.P., Bridgeport, Conn. (A) No. If the group is large, introduce the person into a cluster of people and let him fend for himself. (COPYRIGHT 1957, GENERAL FEATURES CORP.) New Books At Local Library Harris, Majority of One. Peters, Your Gardes in Town. Wright, White Man.^Listen! .Busson, The Last Secrets of the Earth. Life Magazine, America's Arts and Skills. . . • American Heritage. Tomkinson, Les Girls. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Soil. Murphy, Maiden Effort. Hoehling, A Whisper of Eternity. Ottoson, Mara Moja. Asimov, Building Blocks of the Universe. Maltz, Adventures in Staying Young. Landis, For Husbands and Wives. Doe, Sobriety and Beyond. McCann, Delinquency,' Sickness or Sin? Ayer, Yankee G-Man. Thayer, The Unquiet Germans. Sessler, Story Talks From Animal Life. Lee, The Library-Sponsored Discussion Group. Koller, Camping and the Outdoors. Johansen, Empire of the Colum- Aubbeenaubbee Tp. Honor Roll Announced . LEITEKS FORD — The second milk to be tested for butterfat. j grading period honor roll at Aub- Also samples of soil will be tested j .fceenaubbee township high school for potash • and phosphorus con-; has been announced, tent and for acid content. Sam-i students 'receiving all A's were pies of plant material must be Donna Raub, David Cripe. and Lin- Another Adult Farmer Class per-: taining to soils is scheduled at thej school farm shop, Tuesday evening, I January 7. j Farmers are invited to bring in: MUSICAL NOTES . Mitch Miller may have a hit on his hands in th.*' "March From the River Kwai," which includes music from a new movie. Mitch recently recorded "Anchors Aweigh" and money from the sale of these two songs will be put in a fund to Mitch Miller erect a Navy- Marine Corps I Memorial stadi- 4 s um. Today MUSICAL NOTES pays tribute to the city of Peru and one of its 't most famous natives, Cole Porter, one of America's best known composer, and author. Porter has been writing music since his days at Yale-, over 40 years ago. He has written music for about thirty stage and screen productions and has had over fifty tunes that were labeled "hits." He celebrated his 64th birthday last June 9. His education includes schooling in the Peru high school system, at Worcester, Mass., academy and Yale. Remember some of his great hits? A lot of them are considered standard today. Among his more popular hits were What Is This Thing Called Love? Blow, Gabriel, Blow, You Do Something To Me, Begin the Beguine, Just One of Those Things, Night and Day, I've Got You Under My Skin, Anything Goes, My Heart Belongs to Daddy, Don't Fence Me In, All Through the Night. Even the Christmas season is affected by rock and roll music. J. L. has been under the impression that the Christmas season is a sacred time of year and not just another .opportunity for these guitar boys to make money. There is not much J. L. can do, however. Jingle Bell Rock is probably one of the better rock and roll tunes to be released in some brought to test for nitrogen content. This testing -is done at the school farm shop. Teachers had a patty Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Moss and family. FFA members had a party Wednesday evening.- For many years the bulk of salt made in the United States was :aken from the salt springs near Syracuse, N. Y. 'Spoiled Little Boy' Types Of Actor Irks Erin O'Brien HIGH FIDELITY with *M*JrwJfgftf COBRA TONE ARM —matched component* toafmncod to perfection! * Mew Cobrs-Matic 9 4 «p**d Recor . »One 7 V4* woofer, two •xtoi»»ni|-* tlve tweeters provide responsa over virtually fth* «ntir* *udiM* rmno*. '* Vented Sp*aker Enctocur* (•Separate Bass and Trvfet* Control EASY TERMS TODD'S "The Store That Service Built" *27 Bast Markot Phons 3300 By VERNON SCOTT United Press Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (UP) — Tire case against the scratch and squirm school of acting was strengthened today by pert Erin O'Brien who denounced Actors Studio graduates for portraying American men as a pack of neurotics. A' fiery colleen with a lusty approach to life, Erin says movies ! are losing women customers because there are no he-mea among I young actors. • "The spoiled little - boy types from New York all iook as if they need baths and haircuts," she frowned. An Outspoken Cutie Erin looked as if she'd just tepped from a bubble bath, and her hair was cropped shorter, | than Elvis Presley's ducktail. Shej w:hen tne y see our actors playing is an outspoken cutie who doesn't! weak^ister roles. Nowadays the like generalities. She proved this' nero is as apt to break down and by naming her pet dislikes among'? ry as ^ e ' s to defend the hero- thc unkempt set. ' ! lne - No wonder the Test of the "The actors I'm talking about; world ^s losing respect for Amerl- are Rod Steiger, Paul Newman, An cans - Andy Griffith, her leading man in "Onionhead." He's a rough and tumble Southerner who doesn't mumble when he talks. Erin went on to say the newcomers have invaded horse operas. "The way they play Billy the Kid and other outlaws is downright funny. They'd have audiences believe that criminals are just misunderstood neurotics who hated their sisters. "I've seen Westerns where the hero catches up with the villain, but instead of shooting down the bad man the new-type hero tries to understand him/' she blazed. "It's a national disgrace. Losing Respect "Actors today don't represent American men. I wonder what people in other countries think thony Franciosa and Ben Gazar- ra," she fumed. "And I don'-t dig Brando, either. "Women prefer a man's man. Male types like John Wayne, Gary Cooper and William Holden. They don't have to visit a psychiatrist before deciding whether they should kiss a girl. "But these younger actors behave as if they all needed nursemaids and mothers instead of girl friends." A National Disgrace Erin is content enough with Erin warns she had better not be cast opposite one of the fragile imports from New York. "By the time I got through with him he'd need a broken-bone specialist, not a psychiatrist," she laughed. • RADIO MISSING Charles Young of the Clark- Young Appliance company reported to Logansport police that a transistor radio valued at $40 had been stolen from the store Friday. ' About Books Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS I Hardy heroine 5 A sight lor ' eyes 9 Uncle Tom and Little 12 Egg-shaped 13 "Green Hat" heroine 14 and tuck 15 Acids with only one replaceable hydrogen acid 17 Mound used by golfers 18 Oozet 19 Prophetes* 21 Storage pit 23 Correlative of neither : 24 Is able 27 Puts on 29 Cook gently 32 White poplars '34 Fly 36 Change 37 Great author 38 Let it stand 39 Hastened 41 Insect egg 42 Registered <ab.) 44 Religious book 46 Rifle cleaning rodi 49 Unaccompanied 53 Long, long 54 Surpau« 56 Old sailor 57 Narrow board 58 Sleeveless garment 59 Before 80 Poet,^ '— Wheel«r . Wilaem $1 Essential being DOWN 1 The Sawyer boy and otheri 1 Cry of bacchanals 3 Mentally sound 4 Spills over 5 Thus (Latin) fl Prayer 7 Be borne 8 German city 9 What good books do 10 Contends 11 Imitates 36 Whisper* 20 Varnish ingredient 12 Is unsuccessful »<.n *± N E CR V K A M R t .1. B UtNj R E * F* B A A * F= A ik u LT fc * P» A f L E r> -I-//, & & E= N W, A R T X R ^ ty 4» ^ 1= » £ w *r & E T ? 1= 1 s/4 t & M. £z IM T 1 * R % '% '?•' '«'. O U 1 M 1 ff '"/'. ''/'.'. '<£> K A U cJ N A ^ IE? V A O ^ '•<'/ N 0 T ^ N * /ft *• 1 R E r^ '& *• t R [-^ A T E C p * T "l A T e u R T e SB £5 !?£ f. E. ^ g SB A H T B E;Ki £2 24 Vehicles 25 Aid 26 What Poe'» raven said' 28 Wiser 30 Toiletry case 31 Author, ' Kebecca —— 33 Metric measure S5 Ceylon aborigine 40 Pertaining to the mails 43 "The — laid the golden egg" 45 Martini . ingredient 46 Grade 47 Seaweed 48 What a poor book is 50 Individuate 51 Cape 52 Italian city SS Musical direction that da Langenbahn. Students with all A's and B's were Don Hunneshagen, Sonja Bropn, Nancy Brockey, Keith .Thomas, Ed Lane, Marjorie Olin, Shirley Brown, Larry VanMeter, Frances Burrough, Rosalie 'Tousley, Pat Melntosh, Doris Engel, Nedra James and-Fatsy Leap. With all B's were Gwen Lane and Joan Hannaback. DOWNTOWN BLAZE BEECH GROVE (UP)—An estimated $45,000 fire raged for two hours in a downtown building Wednesday, destroying three apartments and closing down two stores. Three persons in the building escaped injury, authorities said. Damage was estimated by the owner, Harold S. Harvey, 50, Beech Grove. ATTENTION- All High Schools We will be happy to print on this page news of your school and student activities throughout the school fear. Please send us your news items addressed to the Sunday Teen-age Editor, c-o^The Pharos-Tribune and Logansport Press. Trent the kids and yourself, too. Honor Roll At Flora Announced FLORA—The honor roll at the Flora school for the second grading period has been announced by principal Keith Rose. Straight "A" students ' were Shirley Randle, Tom Langton, Leann Skiles. On the "A" and "B" honor roll were: Runella Blocher, Jeanette Skiles, Cullan Eikenberry, Terry Guyer, Jerry Hendrickson, Ginny Komp, Ronald Myer, Marion Blocher, Steve Collins, Kenneth Flora, Carol Maxwell, Fred Miller, Junalie Smith, Patty Stayer, Wendy Briggs, Jill Flora, Stewart DeBriucker, Darlene Frazee, Beverly Kinzer. Helen McGinnis, Charles Snider, Dean Beckner, Anita Curtis. Sharon Dunham, Stanley Evans, Hary Jones, Jim Sturdivant, Sandra Allen, Judy Angle, Sam Flora. Jan Harmon, Judy Mullendore, Louann Neff, Pamela Segraves, Judy Snider, Dona Tinsman, Shirley Wagoner and Fred Wheeler. time, since it reflects the spirit of the season. One of the newest 'Christmas rock and roll releases is Santa And The Satellite." New tunes available in Logansport that could be hits: "Jo-Ann"— Playmates," "La Dee Dah"—Billie and Lillie; "Photographer"—Chor- dettes; "Don't Let Go," Roy Hamilton; "I Can't Close the Book"— Vic Damone; "Prettiest Girl in School"—Tempos; "Do What You Did"—Thurston Harris. At the Hop is the top tune in Logansport this week and Raunchy is second. Here are the top. ten tunes OE the Press Parade of Platters': 1. At the Hop J. Raunchy 3. Peggy Sue 4. Why Don't They Understand? 5. April Love 6. Oh Boy 7. My Special Angel 8. All the Way ». Jail House Rock 10. Great Balls Of Fire Thought of a fellow 1-A in the draft: I'm Available. J.L. Kewanna School Has Annual Xmas Program In The Gymnasium , KEWANNA—The annual school Christmas program was held Tuesday evening in the gymnasium. It was a miscellaneous program with varied entertainment in which the first eight grades, the glee clubs, and the bands particir.'sted. The sophomore class is planning a class -party to be held Friday evening, December 27. Each member may invite a guest. Some Kewanna students are entering a national bake-off. They will be competing with others their own" age. It will be held during February and March of 1958. The members of the Sunshine society decorated the study hall very" beautifully last week with a Christmas tree, drawings, window decorations and many other things. The junior and senior home economics girls entertained the teachers at a tea Friday morning. The eighth grade class is now selling Christmas trees during the holiday season. They have been, selling from house to house and also have trees at Baker,^ building. San Marino, the tiny republic w.'ihin the borders of Italy, has a bust of Abraham Lincoln in its Government Palace. For Christinas Grve That Delicious Russell Stover Candies Always Freih—Alwayi Otlkioul Always Wtlcom* Only $1.35 Ib. box TIMBERLAKE'S you'll be amazed at the rich, clear I * PLAYS 4 SPEEDS— 33^, «S, w, 16% rpm •A- AUTOMATIC SHUTOFF— En£r« ut •*•*> off after last record if DUAL NEEDLE CARTRIDGE •A- PL AYS fourtwfi 7", tw«l»« W : ten «T record* automatically * AUTOMATIC RECORD INTERMIX Of 4M 10" and 12" sam« »peed records £-. SEPARATE VOLUME AND TON* CONTROLS Th» Bandbox— Mod*l AP8J. Covered in '»t- tractive scuff and water resistant Durastron in Charcoal and Cream «*»»• AC only. BOLINS DONUTS At Your Favorite GROCERY RESTAURANT Or 14th and Broadway finest value in quality radio... FROM ZEk 777/7 Th« Pacrnnakwr— Model ASO«, Long Distance AM Chassis. Wavemagnet® Antenna, Automatic Volume Control. In Maroon, Blue. *1O- M Beige, Pink. IT' NO MONEY DOWN. EASY TIME PAYMENTS BUD'S TV, SERVICE & APPLIANCE lak*Cimtt • Phom 40070

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