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Los Angeles Herald from Los Angeles, California · Page 1

Los Angeles, California
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Friday, September 10, 1886
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Los Angeles Daily Herald. VOL. XXV. NEWS OF THE WORLD. i n 11 News rroesa the ssrlckeu city. Charleston, September 9.—Tbe oity is quiet to-day, though the dream of absolute immunity from danger was rudely dispelled by a smart but ineffective shook of earthquake betw. eu I and 2 o'clock tbia morning. Shelter haa been pretty well procured for all tbe homeless, but tbe expecto.l rains will cause much Buffering. At a meeting of tho Charleston Relief Committee at the Cham'o- *l Commerce to-day Mr. Clyde, of the Clyde and Charleston line, reported tbat the Captain of the "Delaware," who was an eye witness to thu scenes of suffering and misery during the that four days oi the earthuuake nt Charleston, describes the misery as touching iv tbe extreme. The Captain said that but one-half of the particulars hal been told. General accounts bad been published, but it did not state the ways iv which the people suffer, d, especially that the earthquake struck at all, rioh and poor alike. People well to do, having plenty of stores aud supplies on hand, were cat off from their kitcbeu aud cellars hy the danger attending au entrance into the dwellings. Hence there were delicately nurtured p-.ople without fo id and half naked forced to remain ant, exposed to the deadly nighair, for tour days. The Dsiaware lay In the harbor and the captain had bis ship full of sufferers every night. He fed all he could In the daytime. The great need now is for money to buy supplies of food. The tout committee reported that tho acting Seoretary of the Navy bad notified them that tin re was a large amount of condemned canvas on band in the department which would be at the disposal of tbe committee. The Mayor of Charleston will be no ti tied at once of this faot. Mr. V. M. M jore waa added to the sub-committee on Charleaton sufferers, and was made chairmau. Additional subscriptions of 9G012 were reported, making a total of •79,708. Alexander's Triumphant Progress. THE IMPRISONED AMERICANS. Nertffwlek's Defense — Our Wine Exports — Political Points Etc. fiprciat to the JferaUl by the A eoeiattd Prru Lorn Palanhka, Sep;ember9 Yesterdiy when Prince Alexanderarrivt-d here nn his way out of Bulgaria tbe streets were oovsred with triumphal arches. Everything was done to make the Prince feel that the people wished to look upon his departure as transient. The President of the Assembly in his farewell address to the Prince said that Urn Bidira* riona would never forget they owed to him everything they bad secured as a united nation, aud that they would continue to consider him as their ruler although he departed, and they hoped for his speedy return. Tbo Prince in bis reply aaid ho was happy when Bulgaria was content aud be would be ever ready to assist Bulgaria when she might be in need. "I hope to see you aU again, 'he said in conclusion. The school children of Ljui Palanska strewed bis path through the city with flowers. DEMONSTRATIONS OF KEHPE'T. London, September 9.---Alexander's triumphant progress is almost without a parallel. At every village in Bulgaria through whioh he pasied the peasants were awaiting hi* coming aud be was everywhere gree ed with tmthusiasm. Similar scenes occurred on tbe Roumanian shore and in Austria. After tho Prince had departed from Pesth a hostile demonstration was made before the Russian Consulate aud the police bad to he summoned to disperse the crowds. At i Fresbnrg and other places large crowd* were assembled to do honor to of tbe Timet says the opinion gains ground tbat the Czar's action was due more to personal than political motives, and that ho only wanted to avenge himself on Alexander. Berlin. September 9. T -Tbe Minister of War has received from Prince Alexander a dispatch asking that be be allowed to resume tbe duties of a German soldier. EARTAOUAK| SHOCKS AT SEA. San Francisco, September ft.—CapL W. E. Plummer, of tha steamer Mary D. Hume, wbiou arrived in port to-day, reports that while about sixteen miles northwest of Point Reyes at 1:20 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, nine diatinct shocks of earthquake were felt. The vibrations passed from north of east (o south of west, and were accompanied by a deep, rumbling sound, muoh like tbe distant roar of cannon. The steamer was violently shaken and loose ropes and spurs moved visibly. Tbe vibrations passed to tbe west of Sau Francisco, and were therefore not felt in the city. a Tlie Relief luudi Urowlnc Nkw York, September 9— Mayor Courinay of Charleaton, telegraphs Dr. Andrew Simonds, President of the First National Bank of Charloston, wbo is now in this city, that in order to shelter tho homeless people before cold weather sets in, from $300,000 to $700,000 aro iinin-diately required. Tbo Mayor estimated the total damage to property by tbe earthquake at from five to aix millioiiS. Tbe Produce Exchange Charleston fund amounts to 12,800 and tbe Cotton Exchange, $0,492. The fund at Bontou amounts to 920.000; Buffalo, $400, aud in other cities lesser amounts. Connecticut's Republican Plat* ferus. ALEXANDER'S STATEMENT UfcSiEJJ. London, September 9.—Surprise is expressed st St. Petersburg at the statement in Prince Alexander's proclamation that the Cear had proausid to respect tbe independence and liberty uf Bulgaria. Such a promise, it is declared, ■was not made by the Cz»r The Stand ard prints an interview wi'b the Russian representative at PhiUoppolie iv which the latter stated that Prince Dolgoroukle would arrive immediately at Sofia as envoy of tbe Czar; tbat Russia would advocate amnesty; and that the Minster of War of Bulgaria would bs a Russian. PROTESTING AUA INST FORK ION OCCUPATION. Constantinople, September li.—ln notes to tbe powers protesting against any foreign occupation of Bulgaria, tbe Porte refers to the raprcsentatio.i ot M Stainbouloff aud M. RidoslavofT made to the Ottoman Commission*.r at S».6a, with the object of obtaining, before Prince Alexaudcr left, assurances from the Suzerain Court aud powtr* that there would be no foreign occupation of Bulgaria nor sny interference with tbe rights of Bulgarian independence, whose safe guarding was guaranteed hy treaties. The Porte says it oonsenied to Alexander's departure from Bulgaria and has informed the Bulgarian government tbat there will be no intervention s» long as its legality is maintained and Bulgaria fulfills her duty toward her Suzerain, and suggests to tho powers tv favorably consider the step the Bulgarian govern incut has taken, .auausi. U is important to tenni .ate tha Abnormal situation in Bulgaria and Eastern Roumelia. Moreover, the Porte adds, Russia bas declared tbat she had no intention to intervene ia Bulgaria if Pri«ce Alexander !< ft tbe country. In conclusion, the Porte aaki the powers to reply as promptly as possible, iv order to enable Turkey-to give the Bulgarian government tbe assurance required. THK OUTLOOK F..K I'.TMSIA. Loxt'ON, September !t. The Moscow He lomot'i says that Russia lias still to dcxl with X igluh Intrigues and Battenbergiitm In Russia. rOWF.R WITHOUT RRSPONXIM LOT . Nkw York, September 9. A special trom London says: The abdication of Prinoe Alexander has produced genuine disappointment in England, and perhaps in Austria. Nobody doubts any longer that Russia has had Bismarck? aapport throughout and tbat Austria acquiesces, though not willingly. Russia is not to occupy Bulgaria or to assume ua ostensible protectorate over that unhappy country. But tbe Russian Civil C mwuissioner goes to Sofia as soon as Alexander leaves that city, anda Russian officer takes obarge of the Bulgarian army. Ruasia will have what she likes — power without responsibility. Probably Alex ander, in the face of Russia and Germany, without the support of a single European power, with the Bulgarian opiuion divided, thanks to the Russiau agency, had no choice but to retire. With him goes the last hope of Bulgarian lndepend?nce. Bulgaria will become practically a Russian province. _ The experiment which England attempt* d of establishing independent nationalities io tbe Eist, as a barrier to Russian aggression, bis broken down. Russia apparently wins every point in the present game. The Bdgariau oount for nothing in European diplomacy. Hakitokii, Conn., Sept. !l.~The Republican State Convention assembled tbis morniug. Pfaioeai C. Lowther was nominated for Governor and Thomas Clark wai nominated for Comptroller, Tbe Committee on Resolutions then reports I the platform. It* favors a tariff 1 upon imported productions of foreign labor, fairly and justly adjusted to protout the luterests of American workers. It denounces the present national administration for indefensible vetoes of meritorious censton bills, and condemns tbe nodigoiued language in which said vetoes are expreFsed. It favuia the maintenance of gold and tilver in friendly relations and tbe application of the surplus in the Treasury to tbe redaction of tne national dtbt. Nevada Democratic State Convention. Elko, September o.—The Democratic State Convention onened here to day. Tl»eo. Winter, N. EL Masou, J. W. Adams, Col Geo. 11. Hardin aud K. Sadl-r are candidates for the Uoveruorsbio, with Adama tv the lead. Oeo. VV. Ca«-sidy and J. H. McMillan are the Congressional candidates. The conven iou was called to order at 2 i\ v. by tbe chairman of the State Central Commit tec, Hugernuu. T. J. Bell, of Nye, was elected temporary chairman. A committee on credentials was appointed und the convention adjourned until 10 o'clock to-morrow. Edmunds' Election Assured. BrRUMiTMN-, Vt., September B.—Two hundred and five out of 240 towns hnve made returns, and the result show* that E iniunds is assured of re-election hy an overwhelming majority. Washington Territory Repnbll- CSUI. Tacoma, VV. T., September 9.™ The Republican Convention of Washington Territory hus noiniuated Charles M Bradshaw for delegate to Congress. Connecticut llepnhllcsin ('on yen* tlou, HIATFOIU), September o.—At the Republican State Convention iv this oity to day 11. C Louuabury was nominated for CJuvcrnor on the tlrst ballot. The Tnrf. Nkw York, Sept. il. —At Shcepahead Bay, for two-year-olds, three-quarters of a mile, freedom won, Mypasia second, Gr.iciosa third; time, 1:17 J. For all ages, one mile aud a furlong, End urer won, Irish I'at eccond, Treasurer third; time, 2:00*. One and a half milea. Jim Oray won, (■u-tm second, o'F.tllou third; time, 3404. Fundi age*, one mile and a quarter, Brown Duke won, Punka second, L zzie Dwyer third; time, 2:13. For three-year-olds and upwards, thret -(ju llian of fl mile, Battledore won, lYgssna second, Hdlmdel third; timr, Seven-eighths of a mil*, E IgefMd won, Lncai aecjnd, f.isxie Mark third; time, ItSI. Sacrameoto, September I). -First race, Oc Silent stukfs, tntle heats, best Ibree in rjvi — Three starters; won by Alcazar; 1 time, 2:25. 2;2JJ. 2:26*. Tranhit took j third Heat, 2:2-1 (; Kextord fourth heat, 2;26tf. In tbe trot for the $1000 pmse there were three starter.*; won by B, B in ihreo straight heats; time, 2:21?, 2:22, 2;2M. ; Third race—Bight starters; won by AlmontPatcher; time, 2:241. M 3. 2:201. Peacock took th rd heot, 2:25. Death of Barkhaus. the Corteonltt. S.\y Francisco, Sept. o.—News has been received hrrn from Munich of the death of U.S. Birkhaus, tho talented younc artist, Mr. Parkhaua waa a promiuent cartoonist of the Wtvtp for some time and left thU city but a few mouths ago to nursuo hii art studira in Muuich. Ho wns but twenly-one years of age at tbe time of his death. End of the «'lothtnn>< nttcritt Strike. Nkw York, September The clothing-cutters, who have been Mff, on a I trite, applied for work to day, but have been told by their varioua employes that if they wished to be taken hi k tbey must sign an ngreement to sever their connection srith tho L&tyr Union. They deoidod to do this and withdnw. Rablea Hot INprtnfrs Humeri* Ha* Bcnira rhino, September 0. —Tha RabliM 11 it Springs lloiol, four miles nf tbia city, was deatnroyed by lira this morning. Lx*s about 910,000. The origin of the lire is unknown. grit* imprUoii'tt American*. Washington, September 0. — The ca»ee of Wood and Oaakell. arrested by Mexican* ia Lower California, have been before the State Department some time, and it is asserted nothing has been left undone hy the American Consul at La Pas, acting under the instructions of the S> cretary of State, to see that ihe reurive she prestation they are entitled to. They arc accused by the Mexican authorities of having murdered a fellow American. The Mexicans claim th\t the body of the murdered ■h4u was found and that nil the evidence at hand pointed to Wood and (l •,-keii as the guilty parties. If there has 1, an unreasonable delay or irregularity of procedure, as seems to be claimed in the prisoners' appeal to the govern m nt of Texas, the /act has not .'et becu known at the Department. Enrsy Sestirwlckie Defence. Nkw York, September 9.—A. ii. Sedgwiok, special envoy to Mexico, pub lisbes the following oard in ths Etminy I'ott, dated at the City of Mexioo Sep tember aVri "A week ag> 1 went to s ball and stayed to the end. I went home and to bed early. The next morn ing my friend Qninard oame to call upon me and found me dressing, and wo went ont. AH the officers and members of lhc Jockey Club, who aro the principal peo pie of the oity, have sign, d n. letter ex on orating roe from all improper behavior at any time during the ball, Gentlemen who saw me return from the hall have signed a card that they observed nothing exceptional as I went towards my room I hare Gurnard's stAtemont in writing ac to his call in the morning, besides the statement a/ the hotel manager that no Hcene or row took place at the hotel; also that I went to my room after the ball. No eye-witness has ever been pro. dnoed, and I ouly know from hearsay what the stories circulated in tho United States are. Seoretary Bayard has t-legraphed me that my personal denial of tbe scandal is enough. Make any tue of this that yoa think proper." LOS ANGELES, FRIDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 10, 1888-SIX• PAGE EDITION. YACHTING. Tlie Unnsllon of His Final imposition. Wawhinuton, September 9.—General Drum, ucttng Seoretary of War, having been authorized by the President to use his dUorution in the treatment of the captured Apaches, has Instructed Gen. Miles to remove Geronimo and his band to some secure place of confinement,and while it is not yet known where they have been taken, it is surmised that the captives have been removed to Ft. Blips, Texas, or some neighboring point. It was not deemed prudent to allow the Indiana to remain at Ft. Bowie, as tn the event of their etcipe to Ibe adjacent mountains it would be almost Impossible to recapture them. Despite tho anuonucemeut madu iv the official telegram tbat Geronimo'e surrender was unconditional, tbe belief U growiug at the War Department, based on the chief's well-earned reputation as a strategist, tbat be bas made some coudiuous with bis captors that will at least prevent bis trial in Arizona. In the absence of a more definite undei* atandlng on the subject at headquarter?, it ia tolerably certain that tbe Indians will bo held at some Texas fort as prisoners of war until President Cleveland returns and expresses bis wishes in the matter. It is believed by officer* competent to judge that a civil trial of the captives would be a failure, as no evidence of legal weight could be adduced to bring the murders that hare been committed home to any of these Indiana. Little hotter results would attend a trial by a military commi<-aiun for tbe same reason, and it is felt that tbe only fea I ble solution of the ques ion of treatment of Geronimo and hid band would be their removal to a reservation, probably in Florida, w bcro from the surroundings, escape would be impossible. COMMISSIONER ATKINS* Ol'lM<i.\, Washington, September 9.—Atkins, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, quoted by the Poet, as insisting that Geronimo must be put to death, "The President,* he says, "will probably acquiesce iv whatever proposition Gen. Miles makes fur dispo&iug of the murderers. His proposition will doubtless be court-martial, which will not fail to award a death sentence. There is no doubt that tbe public sentiment of Ihe country demands tbe death of Geronimo. Tlie International Contest Postponed. DISAPPOINIKD YACHTSMEN. Tho Mayflower Wants » Race in a (•ale—Commodore Henn Challenged. [ >ueciai' to the ffermM by tht Anociatttt Prtts.\ Bandy Bom, September .(.-The see. ond race of the international yacht contest h being sailed to-day- Tlie yachts got off shortly after 11 a. m., batafog completely cut tbe view of Scotland lightship. A tug-boat captain baa jutt come in from off shore aod reports that when he left the yachts tbe Mayflower was about one-eigbth of a mile ahead. Both were on their second starboard tack, standing toward Rockaway Beach, The Galatea started ahead in tbe race from Scotland lightship. 2:20 P. m. — The fog ia clearing away off-shore. The wind ia still east, blowing fourteen miles an hour. It Is probable tbat the race will be tiuished by tive o'olock. THK HACK fOHTVONEIi. Nkw York, September 9.—There is plenty of disappointed yachtsmen in N. w Yore to-uigut, for the second race of ths international series haa been postponed till .Saturday. After sailing in a fresh breeze from tbe eastward for four hours, the Mayflower and Galatea, with an accompanying fleet of nearly a hundred vessel?, were enveloped in a thick fog ten milea east of Sandy Hook lightship, and were compelled to abandon tbe race. When the Mayflower rouuded the "outer mark," twenty miles east, uf Scotland lightship, at 4 hours, 20 minutes aud 22 seconds, tbe Galatea was uot in sight from tbaV-puwit. The Maydower had outsailed her ou every tack from the start, both carrying the samo sail in a breeze that was steady from about east, with occasional rain squalls and a moderately heavy swell from tbat quarter. The Mayflowerco'ild not have unisbed tbe race in the allotted time of seven hours, even if the weather had remained clear. h HKTTKH TfcST. Nkw York, September 9.—General Payne called on Lieutenant Henn yesterday morning. He proposed after the international races to keep the Mayflower in ooinruittion in Marblehead bay until there cime np a gale of wind; then, in tbis gale, be proposed to race the Galatea from Maiblebead to Cape Cod. Lieutenant Heuu was somewhat taken back at this hoid challenge and aaked time to consider the matter. It ia the general opinion that a race acrois Massachusetts bay iv a gale of wind would be a much better test of tbo wt ulherly qualities of the American aud English champions lhau a race around Brrmada. VACHTINO AT *4J FRANCISCO. San Fhanm-m., September 11.-The I'dciliu yacht club celebrated Admission Day by a regatta on the bay, and a fleet of yachts of this port were entered iv tke contest. Tbo uourde agreed upon was from Mission Kock iv Hunter a ; Poiut, to Oakland Flats, to Fort Point, and over the same course returning to 1 tbe starting point, a total distance of 1 about thirty-six miles. The start was ' not made until late, whim Ihe yachts 1 started off in good otd r. They passud 1 over the course described and the Lur- 1 Hue returned to tbe starting point in ' 3 houra, 37 minutes and 50 seconds; Ag- 1 gte second, Halcyon third, Cbispafourih and Nellie last. Home Rule for Ireland. San Fkanlimco, Septe?nber o.— A confer ance of Catholic Bishops at Maynooth adopted resolutions to day declaring that the Irish people appreciated Gladstone's efforts in behalf of Ireland, nud that they still adhered to their demand for home rale and indignantly deny the Tory assertions that, if the Irish people wero allowed to govern themselves in domestic affairs, the Catholic majority would abuse the power conferred on the Irish Parliament und harrass the Protestants of the oountry. The resolutions further declared that the trouble and disorder, iv both Ireland and flroat Britain, wilt not cease until Ireland's right to administer her own laws n recognized. Walsh, Arch-Bishop of Dublin, Crook, Arch-Bishop of Caahel, McKviily, Arch-BUhop of Tuam, aud tweuty-thrco Biahops were preaeut at the conference when tbe resolutions were adopted. The United Irdund says that no power in Great Britain can collect the "landlora's tribute" in Ireland in the face of an organized, uuited and level-headed peopleT The Catholic Bishops assembled at Maynooth have aent a memorial to the English government urging the adoption ef temporary measures to relieve the Irish tenantry and prevent the outrages to which they might resort in simple, desperation. Newe by Steamer. 6a > Fha>'ci*co, September 9.—The steamer Rio Janeiro arrived this morning with Hongkong dates to August 10th and Yokohama to August 21«t. A daring forgery was committed at Honkkoog on August '28th by P. K. Beltrau, clerk in tbe Spanish Consulate. He forged the name of Mr. Meucarini, Spanish Consul, to a bill of ..xchange for $30,000 on tbe chartered bank of lud a, Australia and China, drawn in favor of the Manilo government, and immediately disappeared. Nothing has been heard from him aince, though it is believed he has departed for British Columbia on the Chinese bark Kworig Toug. A CleMd-Bumt at Albuquerque. ALurguKßyr/E, N. M., Sept. 9.—A cloud-burst at this place laßt night did great damage. A number of ailobe buildings were undermined and fell down. No trains from the east, uorth or west. Washouts are reported on all roads. So much damage bus been done that it is impossible to tell when trains wdl run on regular time again. Not for several dayi at least. Up to the present no lives are reported lost, but there is some mortality among atook iv the Rio Gtawda valley. At SBi Franclaco. San Frascuwo, September 9 Admission Day wa; quietly although quite generally observed by the people of thhi cify to-day. Banks, insurance ortices and wholesale stores were closed, and the lower part of the city presented the deserted appearance incident to Sunday, None of the State Courts were in sotaiou. The Produce Kxehange was closed. Tlse Mexicans Uevelnlisn, St. Lock*, September 9.—-The (Hole- J)rtnocrat's special from Mats mora l , Mexico, says: Bad weather has Inter cepted telegraphic communications from up the river, but it is reported that tbe revolutionists had a tkirintah with Federal troops near Charco Esoondtdo and that Mnuncio Cruz with 140 men is near Penosa. Heavy forces of cavalry from this city hive been sent up tbe river. Yesterday a wagon train, hauling goods fi tr. Sun Migut l, the terminus of the Matamoras and Monterey road, to Camargo, was at* tacked and captured by revolutionary bands and some 9120? worth of prints and dry goods belonging to Carmatgo merchants were carried oft. 'Mi" El Hfouneo. a revolutionary paper published in Biownsville, Texas, by Martinez, reports a small rising at Cruimas, Sau Carlos and other points, sympathizes with the move an 1 says that partisans are now quietly gathering arms, horses and munitions, and within a month a determine 1 m jvc will be made. A Collision. New York, September 9.—Capt. Morrow, of the tugboat Robert Robinson, reports a collision of the steamer City of Alexandria with a steam dredge at the Hook at 4:25 p. m., during a dense fog. The City of Alexandria struck the dredge, whioh immediately sunk. The The crew were picked up by tbo Robinson, two of them slightly iujured. The damage to the steamer ia unknown. It could not be asceitained whether the steamer proceeded ou her course to Havana, owing to the fog. The dredge is in a very dangerous position, for a largd number of steam and sailing crafts are bonud in from the yacht race. DISVMbbI sihnals. It is rumored here that an..the.- steamer is ashore off Seabrlght. In all six buds have been heard this evening siucc t o'clock, which were taken for signals of distress, but nothing definite can be learned. The Itateu Ureat IndMntry. San Francisco, September !>.—The Merchant to-morrow will publish a statemeat of wine exports from California for the tirst half of the present year, which will show the total amount of exports to be 3,227,354 gallons, or One million more gallons than exported for tl c tame period in 1885, and nearly equal to tbe entire exports frr 1884. Cholera Ilavasrea. San FRANristX), September 9.—A let. t<rtothe Bulletin from Seoul, Cores, dated August 2.1 states that tha deaths from Asiatic cholcr.i from July 15th to 25th numbered .'ll4O. Since then from 2(37 to 497 persons havo died daily. Coffins could not bo ob ained and the bo tlie. wore wrapped in sicking. In many places dogs and vultures had scratched away the light covering of ea:t!i nnd devoured tho bodies. Tlie Brewers' Convention. LTUOAU Ta i September 9.- The closing session uf the Brewers' Association Convention was held to-day. Officers were elected as follows: President, William A. Mill*; Vice Presidents, Hen ry A. Clautsen, Jr. aud Charles ii. Btitsl] Treasurer, Chas. 0. Hupfel; Secretary Richard KnUfumoyer. Tbe next auunal meeting will he hel l in Baltimore on tbe second Wednesday in May. For Heslstina: tlie Office™. London, September 9.—A telegram from Tangier to the Pall Malt *7«tit7. says an American citizen named Perdh cans, a resident here, has been lined aud imprisoned hy the American Consul He was charged with haviug offered armed resistance to native officials and the officials from the American Consulate who were cudeavoring to enter his house lo arrest a moor accused of extortion hy the Consulate. Tlie Presidential Party. Sw.vw- Inn, September 9.—Late last uigut it was decided that a deer hunt should take plan to-day and by daylight a half dost an guides uud as many dogs were in readiuess for the chase. Tho ohoae lusted until noar noon uud the hunters returned empty handed. The Presidont will probibly remain in tho wilderness at lea<t a weak longer. The Mercury. San Fkani'l.sci, September 9.—-Today was another very warm experience for this city. The thermometer reached 9*2, 1 but towards evening the weutuer became cooler, and thu heated spell is now believed to ho over. Other points in Ihe State oho report extremo ber. At Sau Lvii Ohiipo the tberm'tmeter was 109, at Auderaon 102, J St. Helena 19.V Oakvllle 106 Sacramento 9»,' Red Blur] LOB. fljulltr «■ Cliarared. San Krancmco, September 9.—The sel .ut committee appointed by the Hawaiian Legislature to investigate the charges of oppression preferred by the inhabitants of tbe Island of Lauai against W. M. Gibson, Minister of the Interior, ha* reported, findiug Mr. Gibson gnilty of the charges brought ar. amst him. A tin.ll decision in the matter will not be reached until the Cabinet has taken action in the matter. Saved by a Technicality* Ran Francisco, Sept, 9 —In tho casoi of Kagama, alias P.iotah Bill, and Ben, the tfoopa valley reservation Indians, charged with the murder of another In dinn known as Ike, in the Circuit Coorl to-day, tbe jury brought in a verdict of not guilty, in accordance with the in atvuetion of the Court, that the murder was not committed in (he iwervstlon and was therefore out of the jurisdiction of tbe Court. Rlcyi it- Kecord Beaten. Hartford, September o.— At the hioyole tournament here to-day the onemile handicap professional race was won by F. Wood, of Kugland, In 2:33. beat- I ing Hondes' record of 2:34, and healing the best time ever made Id a race. NO. 161. NKW TO-DAY. WALNUTS! Tha Highest Market Price Paid for Walnuts. Liberal Advances Hale on Contracts. O. J. SHEPHERD, No, 23 end 27 PacDcco 8'« No, i. i 8011 th M*'u itreet, Loa Anielet- KOK aAliX—jOODgelloui pureOlderVinegtr. ;No More High Prices I Eagleson & Co., \ The GREAT SHIRT Atiru MEN'S FURNISHING GOODS i J Manufacturers, Importers and Retail Dealers of San Francisco, i WILL OPEN A BRANCH STORE AT- jSO XT, S-px-ing; Street ABOUT THE 15th INST. Ii a Large Stock of First-Class I ■ ssmrlMrsHPp I CJNDEBWEAE, IOSUKM,tIc.A WHICH WILL BE SOLD AT Factory Prices ! Eagleson & Co, DR. W. N. DAVIS Cunilnuefi.to treat at his offlce, 4WA X.Spring • mot, dUe.tse- uf women und all chronic diseases. Catarrh, Coiifiirapti.w, Asthma and Bronchitis treated with Medical luhalatlous. The out below shows the bactli or parasites which cause catarrh, magnified to times. f f * 3 w V 4 5 6 The Doctor devotes his treatment Lo tbe destruction of these hy means of local remedies, which cau be applied by the patient at home, without puiu, inconvenience or de teutlou (rum business. Constitutional remedies are employed in miw csse> to purify the blood, regulate the liver aud build up the general system. The best apparatus in the country is used to apply medicines directly to the H ires or seat of lnnmnmatlon ut the office when necessary. If pttieuls cau come regularly to ofllce for treatmeutcases of forty year* standlmi can In nearly every case be cured perma nently. Cbl dren cau be treated with no trouble, aud never yet has the doctor failed tna child where remedies have been need aa directed. The following testimonials of persons well known in Los Angeles will show the rapidity with which the disease oau be Art Studio, ill 8. Bunker Hill Avenue, > Los Augeles, May 26, 1880. f Or. W. N. Davis—Dear Sir: 1 am happy to inform you that your remedies have cured tbat terrible ob tiuate catarrh of the hack p*rt of the nostrils aud throat, from whUn I suffered so much. It does not trouble me at all now and I have only taken your teatment about two months aud a ualf. Yours, gratefully, M S FISH, This is to certify that I am a regularly qualified physloiau, but not practicing, and havo always believed catarrh of chroulo nasal variety to ba an incur,it.le affliction, but hearing of Pr. W. N. Davis' "New Treatment" and his success, I applied to hi tn for medicine, an 3 determined to try ** In tbo ease of one of my friends, aud did no with the most .satisfactory results, as Improvement wss Immediate, and ono preemption effected a cure. The case was of years' sULdtng »nd of a very hevcte type. 1 cau recommend Dr. hivig to those similarly 1 effected. S, HALKY, M. D. ' Los Augeles, Augiut 1,: 5.... Jauuary 2, nr. Haley tctlfles thst the case he treated five months ago is still a cure- Dr. Haley Is vow prucllclug law st 4')', N. Spring street. TbU la to certify thnt I was troubled with citarrh of the dry variety for about five yearn, sluce three yeara before 1 oamo to California, and in one month I feel tbat I hive been entirely cured by your remedies Los Angeles, July 4,1550. P. U. Box SS Hundreds of other testimonials and references could be given were it noceasary. As high as three persons havo been cured la one family. CONSULTATION FItKK. OFKICK IlOt'lW-0 v. ir. to 12.50 r. M , 3to G r. m. aud 7 to 8 r. v. *b% N. Spring street, Ix>s Aageles, Cal., over People's Store. sept A NOTIC E I All persons indebted to J. W. « a liter for groceries wilt please oall at 101 NORTH MAIN STREET And settle; If uot accounts will be pUced In hands of an offioei for collection. lt REAL. EBTATE OLIVER, WALKER & GOODENOW, Real E.Uie aii lm Ateicy, OmCE-101 N Main Street, Cornet Market B»pl For CAftl'ENTlUt WORK, JOBBINC AND STORE FIXTURES GO to S. 0. KRONNIOK, ISO a Spring; St. Telephone 521. sept lm GENTLEMEN! We luive Just received a Hue line of Fall and Winter Samples GENTLEMAN'S SUITS. DON'T KAIL TO SEE THEM. We take your measure aud guarantee v fit. You oau in tbis way get the very latest styles In nobby suit* at lower prices tlnu they oau be made here. Call sud *<-c out Samples anil I'a.hlon Plates. HOUSEKEEPERS Will find 11 decidedly to their iv.crest to buy their BLANKETS, ('On PORTABLES, SPREAOS, SHEETINGS, TOWELS, TABLE LINENS, NAPKINS, CURTAINS, AND CURTAIN POLES Vrom us We will give Bargains in these iioods. LADIES! Wo are daily receiving, direct frrru our New York buyer, NEW STYLES IN DRESS GOODS! CALL AND HEX THEM. All WooTßlankets ARE HEALTHIEST AND BEST B. F. METER, 101 to 105 Spring St., Oor. Second. ADAMS BROS DENTISTS, So, ::e South Si»riug Itreet. The next term will open neat Monday, Angust 'id. Between Klr»t and Secoud. Rooms I and 'i, o. er MniiirovcS rht.ik llon.-e. Oold flfiloga .... WOO Amalgam and pHtlng fllllogs l 00 Patitlete KxtrHcilau of teeth by vllalf/.0l air r-rultrous oxltfe gaa. Tocth extracted for 50 ecnts. Bestseuo teeth from to *v We guarautec a perfect At. Offlce hours— From 8 a. m. to 5r.».; Son days, 10 a. n. to U m. 1 utrlcate work a specialty. Jyttftf •AMHH SULLIVAN, of Salem, Oregon, r.aY» he was cured of the Asthma by Oil .core's Mxauetlc Kllxlr For a ale b H. U Oodfrey, Nadeait Block. THK RKV 080. H. TRAYKR.of Bourbon lud., sayi: "Both myself and wife owe our livestoßHlLOU'S CONHITMPTION OURK,' Bold by 0. 7. Uelusemau, 123 N, Main streat I NIKDRM LOW PUCKS! 11)1). 107ANO 109 NORTH SPRINH ST FEAMMA BOOT Ai SHOE HODSB, 103, 105 NORTH MAIN ST., TEMPLE BLOCK, One door from the corner of Market street. Grand Clearance Sale FOR THE NEXT SIXTY DAYS OF $50,000 Worth of Men's, Ladies', Misses', CMidrens 1 anil Infants' BOOTS and SHOES. This etook must be olosed out regardless of cost, as we are oompelled to make this sacrifloe to make room for FALL STOCK NOW ARRIVING DAILY. IWe will Sell Boots and Shoes Cheaper than ever before. By giving us a call yon will convince youraelf of the fact M. JACOBY, PHILADELPHIA BOOT ADD «HOB MSB, Wm. T. Coleman & Co., Shipping and Commission Merchants, SAN FRANCISCO, NEW YORK, CHICAGO. AGENCIES OF WM. T. COLEMAN A CO. AT London, Liverpool, Astoria, Dr., & Los Angeles With agents and brokers in every commercial city ot prominence in the Union. <) l R VA )S ANQE LE9 AGENCY Makes a HWciHlty of handling the prodttcia ol Southern California. WINES, BRANDIES, OKANGK-i, HAISINS, DRIED FRt IT, HONEY canned PBtrrr, honey, etc., etc. ~***" A K e,l| 8 (or iioyul Making Powder, Walter Baker A Co's Chocolate, kuigsfonls Oswego Starch. Wn. Ih LOCKE, Manager Los Angeles Agency, Largcel atock of advance Fall styles.. O ur •'»•» designs in many ltuei of clothing. • New aud uobliest atyle in 4 button Cutaways. Dress anile iv line Bin-head check straight cot sacks. Our SS-wal line of sailor knots aud puffs take the lead. Nol'hy cutaway sack suits in small broken checks. Corkscrew worsted dreaa overcoats, full satip. lined, palest atyle of cheviot sack auifs at fl& ONLY ONE PRICE. ALL COODS MARKED IN PLAIN FIGURES. Trunks, valiaea, aatchels, tourist aad ahall atraps. Handsomest line of men's mcrinu, caihniero and balbriggan hose. Indigo blue granite cloth Prince Albert frock suits, Norfolk blouse suita for hoys in I'ne plaids. Genuine camel's hiur underahirta and drawers. Children's, boya', youths' and young men's line clothing. Our new style cape overcoata for boys are NOBBY. Merino, Scotch wool and tiuest balbriggau nuderwear. Pante and vcata to match, in fine hairline slripes and checks. Alligator, grain leather, canvas and rubber valises, Neat hairline stripes, (keck and plaid cassimere pauts. You receive full, value, honest dealing, lincst styles and the very loweat prices at the LONDON CLOTHING COMPANY. STRICTLY ORE PRICE. ALL GOODS MARKED IR PLAIN FICURES. Corner Temple and Spring Streets, Los Angeles, L. HARRIS & CO., PROPRIETORS. mi J UDGE ~ ONE TEIAL AND YOU WILL USE NO OTHERSTHE LILY HAM I THE LILY BACON I These Ha ma ami Bacons are expressly lectcd for this market, Thes; Ham- and ML* bacons are selected in the Kant ti '"'tan Isbbw^ oholcest hogs, shipped to this oity in cratnr car weekly. They are smoked here. JaHfl By our smokiug here it gives our patrons full weight, fresh, clean, bright and delicious ' < I^9ii^[^^H. juicy Ham and Bacon. : 'SElit>^^K- If the public will stop to consider mo- 'fjj^^^^»***"^fl^^| ment. they will see that onr method at c.v plained, gives them all tbey oonld wish for. j m \\\ 9 V llama ami Baoona Ihat are cared aud smoked *g\\f lhc aud then shipped to this markets' «- lose their weight, dry up and by no means po«-V #tfij-*f mm\ waa the rich, deliehms flavor of J M- ir^KL . ■ THE LILY HAM AND THE LILY BACON. I I Ask yourgrooer for them and take uo other. I \ m \\\f \ I Kept by all grocers in .Southern California, ■ Hyj ,M Los ADples FORK PACKING CO. ILJ 190, 193 and 194 EAST FIRST ST , J |y| Los Angeles. . PQPSWORTH. Proprietor. KALLY! THE OLD MOUSE OF Joe Bayer Mo., WHOLESALE line and Liquor Dealers, Want Vonr Patronage. We hare Just received a new stock of WHISKIES And other If-iuorf, and oan supply yon Best California Wines A SPECIALTY. FAMILY TRADE SOLICITED. FREE DELIVERY. JOE BAYER & CO., 29 NORTH MAIN STREET. TELEPHONE No. 88. Agents tor Southern Califomii for Perm Bitters! The Medical Qualities of which .re .o well known: Cinchona, Eubra and California Grapes. A positive remedy for Dipsomania, Chills aaa Fever. A DELIGHTFUL APPETIZER, Giving Tone and Strength to the Stomach. Joe Bayer&Co., -»9v.OEI3SrT». 29N. MAIN STREET, LOS ANfiKLES, CAL. C. K. A. LAST. JOE BAYER. sens For Cataiina "Island. WILMINGTON TRANSPORTATION COS HtWMer Faicn wftt make regular trips a. follows, until further notioe: LEAVE -September, Tuesday "•>• RETURNS- " Wednesday Blb. Loave Monday 18th: return Tuesday Uth. Oity OOce No. m N. Main St. WM. BANNING, Manager, aul tl Wilmington, Cal. CALL AT Z. REED'S, M sin I il NPHI.KU ST. B foro purchasing stock. NoKutern Harness kept. Full lines ot Whips, Saddles, Robes, Etc, Repairing Promptly Attend ?.d to and Neatly Done at the Lowest Pricee. aep3 3m RARE BARGAINS In Loi Angeles, Cal. KXIAXi ESTATE. Fine Residescca on Hill street, between Seventh end Eighth sheet*. Fluo residence on Grand Avenue, near Sixth street. Twe flue business lots. A deslrablo rostdenfo on Temple sireet, netr Custer avenur. 2 building lou on Tempi* ..treet. ;t lou on Seventh atreet, west of l'earl. House tn Ksst Lna A oßules, y', acrea of laud wlthiu V A miles of the Postofflce. A bargain. 41U acres of laud, highly improved, oue quarter of a mile south <>( oity. cheap. Also lots In i..-' I.'.s Angelea, uoyle Heights. Dana Tract, W« i Lis Angele?, ChUds Tract, etc, Also improved mid unimproved property lv all parte of the city and county. Large tract, supurb location. None better suited for *r. hd I vision LINDKNI-'KLU A TANLY, Room I. -J4 W. First it New Wilson Block Rents collected and taxes patd. Deeds, mortgages, eto. carefully made. sepl HOLMBS * SCOTT, 167 8. Spring SL GOAL. WOOD, HAY, &o. TKLIPHONB MS. my*- Morfioose ar Eeicktrr. ub s. sprint St, JubMii ti Carptner Wirt. 6t«p-l%ddern aua uraujr Uddera ■ ipaalalty. AgtDt tor Oeoteuotal windo tlla. PlanterTarii ornament* for i«le, pit up and guaranty*!. Parties Wantiii Siaraii For Fuel. Packing or »ny other Purpose, c»o ft tb<m fn* ol chaff* tl ,»«( PIKRT, MOTT * CO *.

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