Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 5, 1957 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1957
Page 10
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Ten Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Troubled Wife Must Learn Importance of Married Love Dear Ann: Four years ago I was stationed in Germany. I fell cee, 26. She travels in her business and doesn't get a chance to meet iU" da lr^^^ »-• V now by a louse who ran out on her. she d bke . to settle down and mar " I brought her and the boy tojry again.' American and now we have two' A neighbor told me about an children of our own. I'm a new car O i de . r man who i ost his wife four salesman, make $10,000 a year and a bonus. We have a lovely home . and our furniture is all paid for. I don't drink, gamble or chase. I help around the house and. at night" I always get up with the children .it they need anything. ; You'd think my wife would be in • 'seventh heaven, but this is not the ' case. She complains that I'm a • beast whenever I want to make love to her. Almost every night she tries to pick a fight so she'll have arc excuse not to have anything to do with me. I'm fed up • begging for her favors. • ; • My home and family mean everything to me. I don't want a di• vorce. I just want to know how to " keep this marriage together. \ -Please help me.—BILL • ;.' When a woman dodges her hus- i -band night after night she needs 'help whether she knows it or not. The first step should be a three- cornered, r.o-holds-barred discussion with a doc:or or a marriage counselor. An unbiased expert who specializes in marital problems should be able to pin-point the trouble and suggest a course of •action. If your wife considers you a "beast" perhaps something is wrong with your approach. It may be that her early up-bringing plus Believe Nikita Headed for Shaky Future LONDON (UP) — Nikita S. Khrushchev is headed toward the infamous peak of absolute dictatorship but his trail will be a rocky one, western experts on Soviet affairs said today. They said the timing of the Soviet Communist Party chief's purge of Marshal Georgi Zhukov! ^ indicated Khrushchev himself was : resent a"reTative"i"n"the" role "o"fl facin g imminent danger of being match-maker, even though she j overthrown. may want desperately to get mar- Otherwise, they said, Khrush- years ago. He lives on a farm about 30 miles from here. He isn't rich but he's comfortable, not bad looking and has a housekeeper who takes care of his two small children. This man sounds like he would be an ideal mate for my sister. How do you suggest I go about fixing ,them up.—Z. Y. X. 1 Very carefully. Your sister may Josephine Lowman "Tend to Your Knitting" Seems to Be Good Advice ried. Stay out of the act. If your neighbor knows the man well, enough to invite him lor dinner, she might include your sister. Once they meet they should be on their own. A sure way to put the dead hand on a romance is to give either or both parties the big build-up, Overanxious friends who "mean well" have murdered many a potential union by pushing. (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this news- chev would not have' timed it to throw a damper on recent Soviet scientific achievements , and the forthcoming celebration Thursday, of the 40th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution. The experts said there still must be a potent group in the Red army : strongly loyal to Zhukov and vio-j lently opposed to, Khrushchev despite the fact that top-ranking military officers promptly Joined in denunciation of their former commander publicly. | Position Shaky I Khrushchev's purges may leave; him standing on a pedestal, but a paper and enclose a stamped self- shaky onei the experts said.' addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. the unfortunate experience withhr it i Kl pw "the louse" soured her so com- ' «='" ul Me * pletely or: sex that she needs_ to! bystem TO bOV6 Decayed Teeth be educated to the beauty and importance of married love. Placing the blame solves nothing. You both need outside help. * * * Dear Ann: What can we do to avoid a similar thing from happening again? A woman with whom we had only a speaking acquaintance back home came to tow-re to visit some friends. She received a chilly reception from them so she headed for our house. When she' saw the spare bedroom she asked outright if she could stay with us. "Hotels are very ex- MIAMI (UP)—Three dental educators, one of them from Indiana, said today that badly decayed teeth—even those decayed to the highly 'sensitive pulp — can be The Zhukov disgrace definitely stunned the Soviet people and particularly the men in the armed forces who had served under him. Hundreds of party agitators were in' the field over the week end—as far away as East Germany—trying to soften the shock. The Communist East German news agency ADN said even Khrushchev and Marshal Rodion Y. Malinovsky, who replaced Zhu- kov as defense minister,' spoke at saved through a new technique. P artv meetings. This underlined Dr. Harryj. Healeyofthelndi-|' hherlg . ra ?; ity of the situation as ma University School of Dentistry Khrushche v viewed it. Thoughts and emotions, as well as nerves, are pleasantly calmed and two other doctors reported that by removing infected portions and sterilizing a tooth the root canal can now ' be successfully filled with non-irritating materials. The report was made at the pensive" she said. Also they're opening session of the American "depressing and cold". She prom-] Dental Association convention. Ised to "make it right". • The dentists said at one time it This woman stayed one full! was believed that once the pulp month. She ran us ragged with a list of places she simply HAD to see. All the while she never bought so much as an orange for the house or put a gallon of gas in the car. We wore out our tires, ran up the grocery bill and I was exhausted from the extra work. I even did her laundry and made fcer bed. After four weeks she prepared to leave, thanked us for the svonder- ful hospitality, and with tears in her eyes she pulled out $15 and put it in my hand. What do you think of such a woman?—THE CHUMPS I don't know where she could have done better on 50 cents a was infected, the tooth had to be removed. Healey said that through use of the new technique it is now possible "to restore to health and function many decayed teeth which hitherto were condemned to extraction." All three men said, however^ that the "endodontic method" is not a "cure-all" for tooth decay. The technique thus far has been limited largely to single-rooted tee'ih in the front of the mouth, i CYPRlOTS WARN BRITISH NICOSIA, Cyprus (UP) - The Greek Cypriot underground EOKA « avB "°" e " ( t i ' ic ' "'•''".""" ".organization circulated a leaflet day. She got the best buy in Amer-; *• . Hpfprminatinn You ask me how to avoid getting stuck like this in the future? If you are interested in housing guests for money, settle on the rates in advance, then you won't have any squawks. # * * • Dear Ann: My sister is a divor- Clothes for Dolly 8139 •U--24- Sew her favorite doll a complete rew set of clothes as a holiday surprise. This outfit keeps dolly •well dressed all day long No. 8139 with PATT-0-RAMA is for dolls 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 inch. es. For exact yardages, consult pattern. For this pattern, send 35c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6. 111. The Fall & Winter '57 edition of our pattern book Basic FASHION it filled with smart, new styles tor «U sizes; special features. It's colorful, stimulating .and so useful. 25 cents. today pledging its determination to continue its "struggle for freedom" against the British colonial government. The leaflet, signed by Greek Cypriot leader Digenis, warned Sir Hugh Foot, the new governor, that "Cypriots have taken the irrevocable decision to .acquire their freedom by all as you knit or crochet, If you do not knew what bruxism is, you would never guess. This is the habit of • unconsciously grinding the teeth, or clenching the jaws, and is a child of the hectic age we live in. Doctor Charles A, Wilkie, secretary of (he Dental Society of the State of New York took note of the recent National Knit-It-Yourself• \Veek which was sponsored by the Pravda, the Soviet Communist! National Hand Knitting Yarn As- Party newspaper, summed up the charges' against Zhukov in a lengthy article and editorial Sunday. High School Notes Student directories were distributed at the high school Tuesday morning. by members of the Key club. The directories contain the name, address and phone number of each high school student. Courses for next semester will be selected by students in grades 9-12 Wednesday morning during the guidance period. At the same time, Lincoln junior high school students will elect cheerleaders. The candidates will audition in the Berry Bowl, after which students will return to their guidance rooms to vote. Local students who are freshmen at Indiana university will be interviewed Thursday at Bloomington by high school principal J. JI. Mertz and guidance director Jack Ulmer. The purpose of the interviews, according to Ulmer, is said to aid the high school in preparing students for college. sociation, by recommending knitting as a tra,nquil:zer. Doctor Wilkie feels thai as nerves are pleasantly calmed as you knit or crochet. It is almost impossible to worry when you are using your hands in making something lovely. In. this day of the tranquilzer such hobies become especially valuable. Why don't you begin one? The nice thing about knitting is the fact that you can begin by making -something which is very easy and gradually tackle the more complex jobs as your skill increases. If fact you should work Hospital Notes MEMORIAL Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Zartman, route 1, Rochester, a son. Admitted: Linden Snider, 515 Wilkinson street; Frank Yard, 418 West Melbourne avenue; Miss Kimberly Corover, Peru; Mrs. Tressie Tuesday Evening, November 5, 193T QUOTES FROM NEWS CHAPEL HILL. N. C.-A. F. Jenzano,' manager of the University of North Carolina Planetarium, in suggesting that if Russia has launched a rocket to reach the moon by Nov. 7 it might have been to take advantage of a lunar eclipse scheduled for Asia that day: "The moon's surface would be visible but darR, and this would offer the most ideal condition for a nuclear explosion or hydrogen flare designed for viewing from Hoffman, 132S George street; Ken-i earth." neth Umbarger, Galveston; Fredi Brower, 125 East Market street; I SAN FE.ANCISCO — Airlines pi- Mrs. Yvonne Sitter, 522 West Wa bash avenue; Abram Charles, 1926 Spear street; Miss Linda Fry, route 4. Dismissed: Mrs. Charlotte Manders, 27 Lux street; Mrs. Laura Barr, 404 Culbertson street; Jack Bolechala', 1619 High street; Miss Toni Mack, route 2, Lucerne; Mrs. Mary Bennett, 912 West Wabash avenue; Mrs. Victor Brown and daughter, 1213 Sycamore street; Mrs. Lester Elliott and son, route 1, Lucerne; Mrs. Matilda Stoops, route 1; Mrs. Helen Tripp, 706 Sunset Drive. lot W. K. Owen, in describing what may have been the first look at Sputnik II in North America by his plane crew: "Its speed and straight lino 'of flight ruled out the possibility of a meteor." NEW YORK — Dr. L. Royal Christensen, Now York University- Bellevue Hospital Medical Center research expert, in defending the use of an animal in the Soviet Fashion-Rite Separates TO KNIT OR CROCHET csr. ST. JOSEPH'S Born: To Mr. and Mrs. William Stevenson, route 3, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mullica, 1314 Balsam street, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cooley, route 3, a daughter; to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hoover, route 2, Winamac, a son. Admitted: John Bruck, Peru; John Welker, 1824 East Market street; Floyd Carlson, 810 North Pearl street; David Barr, Winamac; Raymond Thomas, Twelve Mile; Mrs. Pearl Hinkle, 2130 Wright street: Walter Smith, Roy : al Center; Mrs. Dessa Fooshee, 1228 Spear street; Mrs. Hilda Martin, Winamac. Dismissed: Miss Shirley Ran- occupations such as knitting, needle point and rug hooking, are splendid relaxers and therefore enemies of br.uxi.sm. This habit leads to uneven chawing surfaces, poor alignment, damage to the gums and sometimes even to loss" of teeth. He said, "Any occupation which allows the individual to concentrate under relaxed conditfons is a good antidote for tension." On The Inside? If tension does this to our tee'h it would be impossible to guess •what even worse things it does to up gradually for if you try a job manual -which is too difficult for you, the relaxing value will be decreased. Tomorrow: "It's Piuok, • Not Luck, That Makes a Gal Atlrac- "Probably many more animals , are used in testing products to make sure they are safe and potent than for anything else." CINCINNATI, Ohio—Dr. George Barbour, dean of the Arts and Sciences College at the University of Cincinnati, in discounting the practicability of developing a "huge" uranium find in Ohio and surrounding states reported by a retired engineer: "It is like getting gold from sea water, and no man in his right senses would try it." live." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) CAPTURE FUGITIVE MUNSTER (UP) — John Schlenter, 35, was captured here early today less than 12 hours after he walked away from the Illinois State Prison farm at Joliet, 111. dolph, 1528 Liberty street; Mrs. Anna Jeroski, 600 West Linden avenue; Mrs. Jean Woolley, route 2, Camden; Joseph Lauck, Indianapolis; Ralph Cook, Walton; Jesse Sabatini, 1138 Woodlawn avenue; Master Bruce Mull, 1104 Michigan avenue; Eugene Smith, Brazil; Mrs. Lillian Webster, 416 Twelfth [ street; Mrs. Mary Weisenburger, Star City; Mrs. Joseph Rozzi and ! daughter, 1214 George street; Mrs. Elden Howard and son, route 2, Walton: Mrs. Thomas Miller and son, 2206 East Broadway; Mrs. Harry Small and daughter, Royal Center; < Mrs. 'Michael. Blake and son, 1925Vz Spear street. WASHINGTON — Sen. John L. McClellan of the Senate Rackets Committee, after hearing a group of small businessmen from Flint, Mich., testify that their labor troubles with the Teamsters Union stopped after'they made payments, to an Nathan F. Shefferman: SIZES 14-14-18 Here's a combination that hard to beat— a sew-easy slim skirt plus a boxy sweater that is crocheted 'or knitted) with fabric- trim. You'll find this set a wardrobe-builder as weE as a compliment-catcher. Pattern No. 5606 contains skirt tissue — crochet, kr.it and sew directions — sizes 14, 16, 18 incl; material requirements; stitch illustrations. Send 25c in COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT '.Pharos- Tribune) 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, Illinois. Quilt Books now available — Flower Quilts— Q 101: Grandmolb- aide' of labor consuita^t «'. Patchwork _ Q102; All-Ycar .... F. Shefferman: — Q 103; Young Folk's—Q104. Pat"It seems to me we are develop- 'tern pieces and ful! directions lor ing here a pattern of what;making twelve quilts in tach of amoun's to a pay-off to union of-iQlOl, Q102, and Q103; ten quilts in ficials." IQ104, Each Book 50c. us on the ms.de. We know, for m- iScn , enter lured in lhis stance, that it narrows blood ves- Cm]nt town as he fled from sels and Ugh ens muscles and at- ; d sh whjch h(J fects our respiration, circulation ..*' LITTLE LEAGUE MEETING Members of the Little League 'Fathers auxiliary will meet at '7:30 o'clock Tuesday night in jthe city building. All fathers, j managers and coaches are re! quested to attend. Read the Classified Ads and heart beat. Perhaps She art oJ! living without tensions is one of the great' secrets of prolonged youth and even youth Mo old a,ge. It certainly is a protector or energy. For a long time/now the medical profession has recognized the importance oJ handcrafts in rehabilitation. These are used in our veteran's hospitals and in others, too. Added to the sothlng effect physically, there is a healing factor in any activity which gives vent to individual creativeness. Can't Worry Thoughts and emotions as well ROXY Now—2 Features 3Se Til 6 JACK WEBB m "THE D.I." Fun At Night Open 1 p.m. "Stranger On A Train" with PARLEY GRANGER You don't need < INCONSPICUOUS ...QUALITY HEARING AIDS Plus 3 Stooges Comedy FERNBAUGH'S Jewelry. Store 416 E. Bdwy. Today - "Helen Morgan Story"—"War Drums" ADDED FUN WED. NFGHT WED. THRU SAT. Open Daily 1 p.m. 50c 'Til 6 Kiddies 25c — BIG 4 UNIT SHOW — He Gave Back His Badge And Kept Hit Gun. MIDNIGHT STORY DEEP INSIDE THE ICV AHTARCTIC a lost wond ol '" pte-Mstortc uonsters! The Land Unknown JOCK tuMowfr- wuww Mmw • TIMELY! NEW! 30 MINUTES Of SPACE THRRLSI "Man Of Space" PLUS - HERMAN COLOR CARTOON SUN. Sinatra - Grant -'Loren in "Pride And Pauion" . . The Bright Star in a Family of Fine Dairy Products! Here you see it... a bright star in a family of fine dairy products: RAY'S TV! It's full of the important vitamins and minerals of whole milk yet has 44% less fat and 12!/2% less calories than milk. Those that have tried it... enjoy it... it's so refreshing, so delicious! /or Pep! GRADE A PASTEURIZED HOMOGENIZED MODIFIED SKIMMED MILK UTTHIA1-IM IOUBI N0 , „,

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