The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 10, 1952
Page 8
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i f TAGE glX'l'RRN _^^__ f CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION BLTTHETTLLB (ASK.) COUKIER KEW9 TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 1951 rat* H* M "« fot to" 5 "" 11 ** lnun fhirjl p*r Xlc I tlme« per Itae j>»r «»r J HMW per line per d»j t ttmei per line per diy ..•.. 1» tlaiet per lin« per dij : Month T" II"' v;"lw"'t Count fire iterur words lo me i •topped brtore eiplritlon "111 1 (or the nitmbrt ot llmei IM of bill maflf lll Ad»ert"lnf ordered foi trrejiil.r In- lerllont r.Ve the one lime <»*''• . N-o rripontlMlllr will be luken to More 1h»n one Ineonrcl Imertlon ol * n Ml'idV"r'e ijjl'rleled Co th'lr pnijiei rbtilllmllnn. sljle and ljrp«. rouilfr Ne«» reser»ei »>' "«»' l ol rfjrrt an» .d. __ edl Apartment tor Rent REFRIGERATION »jpeit serrlc* on Alr-CondlllonlnK. Rrfrlprratlcm und A|vpl1«"C<-B BUI I TVKflhotl mid Harry flrooVn Plione t 0986-11 no tiiM-rr, rail B064. BJIOKI' | REFRIGERATION CO.. 2337 Blrcrt. | 1.31 ck tl I iarRnlecd piano lu , CBll 2011 dft>'». 2059 For pumping Epptir-lnufcR, ce^pools. outdoor toltets-cMI Jessie Turner. J009 mile St. Phone 6291. Work gunranlefd. 66 pi 13 7. R Atlpc —Air conrtltLontnK retrlx- pruVlon sprvtrr. Ph. 247!. 102 E. MJs- <oiirt DlythfTllle, ArX. 6«pVc'.« Watch and Jewelry Repair don ft and rlork* Onarant^rrt »'r>r by «>iperi repairmen. I /.we AT o' BRYANT Main & Second For Sale, Misc. bMtl UIIUtlH lurnKhed. «2I *' !1 J"" 1t j ph. 3295. .„- _ ""unfiirnlshtd ^ worn «pt. »^"1 {"1" valr bath »nrt E 1a««d-ln b»ek pnirh. Electric hot water heater. ™-*™ ,. J I 111. HI»J • i-l" • ft 1ft i ly. Ph. Mil. 6 1 ; ^Duplex unfurnished. .1 room AT .tr IMlh. EleelTlc W. H. Nrwlf "Ti^'s room, anrt prlv.te h»th ' fiirnlshfrt Alt ELor. Kltrhi Pho: 2B71 "firr S-30. M3S. • MrA',v hy ton or hfllp rh fi-in p firorf-ry Blor 7.23 Wesl Ash IIOACHES! 1', jh. 2701. .MO Mmiprnle. 67 pk 1-1 '.I .all room. rh. ?92" 0 ^ pV. it room »pt. Apply «t 112 Dnf. Cherrr. 3 room tmfurnlshed i In. Phone 2595. 3 room (urn. »pt . mimic. f"rn_ Couple only. 1WK W. A«h. ^ 6 5 pX 15 rm. n .. • ' "'". kot PIANO STORAGE SAt.K ftrlo«fl plino^i Musi ft>\] tini' rne price, for ca<il to ft^vc ^ora 150 — 17S — S95 Ph 37-1074 Xipinphls. Tcnn 531 rail 115 for ynnr npx ty. We run *ftve you nry Cecil I.OWC Grorpry Rhrt ph. «97 I «21 par- krl. 21 CK 8 20 We have Iresh r ao(i fryers, rhtcke plnilenio rhppse home halted hn untl Market, ph 4S07. i1!y. hnrtu R^Inrt. li potato ' Crrll Mw ilail f ...- Oror . 5 20 c* 9 20 nl'7- 3 rm. unfurn «pt.. !>'»• ' ,. water healer. Ph. 3J2iiS:19_cfc «.!»_ Ncw ano II.«PO powpi (nt rle parta nnd rrpalre Al»o po»pr mo pr.-. lor rrnt. Wcstln-nok Machine Shop ArrosA from KroRrr S.8 r> ^ room A; 4 room apt* foi K13- C. Abraham rent cpll a ck if apt Ph 259S r J11 ck Uortern apt.. 3 rooms and bath. ne lj decorsted. good furniture. "" ">"' ierU Ph. 3373. T- Simon, 8:" ck Smalt Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms ?4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tl Auto Supp'rei and Services Don'1 endanger your family with faulty lire*—BUT LEE TIRES CHAPMAN SESVICI STATION Ualn «nd DlTlalon ption« M«l ^ Services KIKUT* PHCrrOSTATIC 6ERV- OSTIJN S STUDIO. IIS W MAIN 12 4 ck tt Jladsts BnatitF Shoppt now open •HJln. 313 Llll? St. Fh. 6932. 8;9 pk ' Higher prices pBld for old cr errap Iron, mp.tals. batterlfl.^ Rnd rnrt- Ifttors. No longer connerlert with IJly- 1he«ll!e Iron i Metal Co. For pick-tip unrt * square deal call 4609. W. A. Al- l«nswortn, fi" pX * 3 Moving & Hauling . Closed Van trucks. Sate— DopendahlP. .experienced help. W. VV. Bpckham. Ill West Rose. Phone 8928. 6!9 pk 1-9 COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION CO. Air Contlltlontn?. rommerctRl unrt 8M1 d»y. 3175 lilghl. 416 K. Main. 5,23 ck 5,23 30 yoimsr KPe roro. Ph. Dpll 3r>0 ht cootl yello? 5 29 pk 61 Save Money \Vlien You B,, y _ Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON &, SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. i 1X W W * Itwi r hn n t .13 Si Plenty of Parking Space D3F.D TMANOS TOR SALE—Rs low K f[Ki. Guaranteed conrtWon Ph 207 2059. 3121 ck «,1 14 tl plywood boat. 12. hn. motor. h*e) trnllcr. Ph. -H33 or SUB. 4 row KTpramnn (food condition Burclette PUntRtloi rotlon cliopprr. Th. 4782 nna Install completn inrt nc monry down . Ph 6349. H. Moyers. 7(1 Plans-Estimates Tor new constrict Ion. rernodrlLng or repairs. FJLA. OH 0 J. LOANS •NO OBLIGATION Phonu 20C« Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. 1 Riittmhn m«At rtlsplsy hoi ( foot) 1 naytnn «cnl» I rood chopper 1 meat block I M?nlc nmrhlnr 1 Ciirllx f-W Air CondHlnnlnR Unit 1 Biro n^eni *"» 1 coffee mill Emmet t Wilson Emmrlt Wilson Ororrrj Osccola, Ark. Ford Owners! ON BVD Cor & Truck Service Specials! LUBRICATION Kord Car or Pickup WASH JOB Ford Car or I'irkup 65 C 75 C ONE DAY ONLY - WEDNESDAY 300 Broadway ompany Phone 4453 Repair Parts John Blue Fertilizer Equipment Dnhincnn rvwi*--ni*rvTr • BlylheviMe, Arkansas ~ Phone 2371 f n ^ Va for Kent 1 room furnished apl. with baih. UtlJltffft furnished. Ph. 4255. 8-10 c* 13 4 room house —3 mll^s from city Urn- II. Pho/iA 6371. «1 P^ H 3 room honsp f.- bath. J20 a jnonlh. Osc»r AJpxander. Phone 3470. 6,7 pk II One n room apt. unfurnished. Newly rtrrorMed, Close in. Phone 3273 after 5 o'clock, 6,7 pk 1* rooms, no bfUh. Private Rooms . for rent, 311 S- DlrlEloi I fl Bedroom conve Main. Ph. 3325. nt to htuh. 611 W. 66 pit 7,6 for Pniployed. Iddy. Kitchen lf desired. Th. H375. 6,4 P* H jrllh private bath. Ph. 2938 64 ck 7J4 KhPtlanrt pontes hy t onlh. Delivery Fprvl ow ell. ph. 3706, 67 ph 11 6. 6 5 pfc 617 • day, wppk or John H Mr- 65 pk 7,8 ho>jse and baih, ifn. 121 W. Davis 3 room ho' hath. Ph. 46:1 room un furnished furnished. Call 6 S pk 12 L cohl ivnn*r. 65 i»lt 12 house. 809 815 Chlrka- 0 3 ck tl NLc« bedroom for rent near high .school. Cotnfoitable untl cool, private entrAnce, Photic 3-103. 7;2 DH. a be<lrot>tn private bath. Phone 4643, B 2 pk 7|2 Personal Ar« you having trouble from exreR* rtrlnklnt;? Woutri you llk(* 10 quit? 1-ei us s!io\v you « \v;ty 10 linpplncsF. Writ*: Alcoholics Anonymous. lioi 873. Bly- Ihevllle, Aik. 5'27 pk «7T rnished hon.'fi, , location. Ph. "fcir, STINKY" I FLY TRAP Nationally known jiiul ad- r crtisccl. Will positively rid *onr home of flies 01 your noncy back. 54.J15 postpaid. HUGH W. Ahl.KN Osccola, Ark. 519 pk 6J1J) for So/e, Rea/ fstate Real ESTATE Farms—City Property LOANS If lmt«rMi*d l> Buying or Belling **« Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE Glencoe Bldsr. Ph. 6868 • ;M «k 6 4 cX 7,4 Concrete Block BultdhiR. ault&ble for KRrope ir alore und Rdjolnlng 5 room house with bath Located tn curre tm ;leh»ft» 81. south Aide o( Hollnntl. Mo. It «6l oj wrl\« Paul Byrum Impto- rnt Co. l|2J-ck II 4 room house and bath on corner lot on (il Highway N. nml Liimcrale St. A home or good business location, lot \ 75. Priced for (jtiick sale ?<1500. Motlerii and extra roomy 4 room house and bath on paved street in northeast part of town. Same as new—tip-top condition inside mid out. rge lot |1250. cash, $44.00 total monthly payments. Vacant, move in tomorrow. Modern 4 room house and bath 1116 Hearn St. Choice neighborhood, beautiful backward, newly decorated inside. Vacant, ?1500. cash, |<I3.16 a month. It's a Rood investment. Have several that will rent il. JOHNNY MARR : - Realtor 112 So. 2nd. Phone 4111 Residence Phone 2596 6110 ck If down rat pel 9612 anil (US * month. «l Broad way an Abraham. . . Also cafe, tort Ash Phone 5 30 ck If fiO nrroR of cholc* P^mtseoi Br.vo,: Inmi near Number Nin« located ir B. P, RhoacU Estate. Parlte* liHerest ed In this lanrl pi MAP RUhmli scrt'.* 1 ' bids lo B. F. Rho.itis Jr.. Rnntp No. I Ror 362. niyihevllle, Alk. Blrts nil! hi Rrccpled until 12 o'clorW noon J.ily 5 !(>.«. Sffller rwrvM rlRhl to rejec any nt all hlrts. Terms will t)p cnsh on « m pl«.<, n ot lr«.l '«l«|»^ 7 fi f MfncM Opt+ri unitr»s FROZEN CUSTARD EQUIPMKNT Htart your own Bn*ln«5« or Incr your prPif-nt business with Fro/en Custard or Ftfp7fr PtPAh Ice Crpam. For hill delnl!^ s« K E. Van Bibber. p O Boi 56A Phon« 8300. BLytheTllle. Aik ' 6 5 pk 7,6 Bean and corn land. R Wanted to Buy or 4 used pool tables, Fh. 4366. 6,10 pk 13 We will pay CASH (or your old K.O- ki". cti merits and I en A en for parts STEXN'B STaniO, 11J \\'c*\ Ualn. some interesting facts t about your automobile * GEE COTTON CO. Gall C. C. lonncille, 6645, phone 2880. 2020, night 56 ck tf Room and Board for men Rl^o, ronm lor t^o. working plrls. 115 W. Ash Mrs. ^asftldy. 5 31 pfc 6,14 Instruction HIGHEST PRICES PAID For tin, wire and all kinds of scrap metal. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. N. Bdwny &. Moullrie Drive Phone 8962 4|15 ck ti WANTED MEN TO TRAIN FOR TECHNICIANS IN ONE OF AMERICA'S LEADING INDUSTRIES IF this could fc» yoi Ton ran qtiallfy rhanre for future purity and the kind NOTICE Notice is hereby given that Ihe undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described as 109 S. 3rd St.. Blytheville, Mississippi County. The undei-signcd states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good mora character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five Did you know I hat every sinjrk part Installed •»« yoiir car and the lahor required lo do it ,is guaranteed for 90 days or 4,000 miles by Sullivan-Nelsori Chevrolet Co. This guarantee compels us to do the work t» your satisfaction. Are you en.Joyinir lh« full benefit* of Chevrolet service by Chevrolet mechanics using Chevrolet methods? It will save you money—and that's what you'r* interested in when you have your car repaired. SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. SOI West Wmhiut — Phone 4575 years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or nny other state, relative to the sale ot alcoholic liquors. Application is for permit to be Issued for operation beginning on the I day of July 1952, and to expire on the 30 day of June, 1953. Sam Johns, Applicant Subscribed and sworn to before me this 5 day of June, 1952. Elizabeth Masonu NoUry Publls My Commission expires: 4-26-5^.' A 7 U | Lucian Games Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers terms Vo down, balance in Die fall Formerly Arnold & Gaines. Ph.'6357. 4|17 ck tf 1 bprJTOom home with hard wood floor* Rntl yenetlftn hllnrts, plenty of clojrl spFirr. Small down payment, - balance Sn easy monthly p;\ymrnt. David Real Kslale Co. Ph. 3633 — 2486 R. M. Beck Sam Godwin • 5 cfc I? Railroad & Ash Street Bcfnrr VOH buy & n^cd car we sue- gpsl you rnme hy and .VT our hcllrr usp.d r;\rs- IVc'rc anxious lo Irnrlc. . . . you'll likr our price! •OOKAffNCSf m BKT? USID IP CHAMBL1N TRUCKS! 1912 Hearn Street f*ma/e Help Wanted ore Attention ladles: Would 150 eekly addtd 10 your Incotna Inwrcst ML Three hrs, afternoon or .-veiling: Car necrssary. WrU« [or ln[orni?.iicn Bhoul the Hostess Party PKn. W. T, ^-leiKh Co.. Rept- AKF-lin-IIP-4. Mempliia. Tenn. * ,"> P k ll Girls for curb service. Mnkc lips. Must he 21 years of . Apply in person. RAZORBACK DRIVKTN, Ph. '1341. 69 ck 12 lh» » ( e« o! 18 nnd 55 Bud have the j «q\l]Talpot of an. Rth Grndp Education I or more . . . NO EXPERIENCE neces- I sarv but must be »-nitn? 10 train In | pare lime nt home . . . iWlll not In- erlere with present iob). I For full details and further Infor- lillllfy—Write giving age and educa- BOX T-4, Courier News • |9 pk 12 Notice FULLER BRUSH JAMES F.IGIITY. DEALER For aErvlca ftt your door, call 6393. 3^23 pk fl 23 Specials Boom. bo»T<1 und > of mo children. Ph. r lh« ». 5 P Help Wanted, Male 1019 STlinKUAKKU 2- Tnn Long \YIipc| 7.."id front I ires, S.25 rear (ires. Plenty of power for big hauls. $S95 IfttS (J.MC, l>i-T(.n Wheel Base, S.'25 tires . . a fine truck at a low price . . . See il NOW! 5795 1!)I7 D01KJK 2-Ton \.M\g Wheel Base, S-25 tires . . here's an extra good truck at an extra g(Mid (irice. ?(i95 I!)I!l SI'l DHiiAKEU ! Tim I'ick-t |i Truck . . . \ve have .'! for you to choosi: from. Karm truck specials! ?795 ]!)l!l STrnKHAKKR 'i- Ton I'ick-l p. Drive it ami you'll like it. For your lifilu hauling at only . . . $71)5 CHEVHOI.KT li-Toi Pick-l'p. Here is a real har gain. You'll have to huro ... or you'll be late! ?505 Service Authorized • 2 llf Lett "t Roilrtxid & AiK CHAMBLIN SALES CO. * Asfc OI »»R» Salesman to sell plumbing ind building materials. Won- 2 bedroom modern home, jderful opportunity for right Just redecorated. Ideal loca-jmnn. Kxperience not neces- tion. Choice neighborhood, \snry but helpful. Apply in ricort to sell person to MONTGOMERY \VARU. G6 ck 11 Chickasawba St. The New Helens Curtis Rerlvex S15DO Conditional HOW Other cold wnves IS 00 BEAUTY BAIl" Ph. 3202. Glencoa Hotel Bid?, EXPERT REPAIR tneons EXTRA weot\ I5o and Doc's Boat Dock 4 mi. West of Gosnell Back of Green's Store Good Fishing — Picnic Area Boats — Motors — Bait Sandwiches — Drinks Gj7 pk 14 HflLTCRS IUHL1TY SHOC SHOP 121 W. MfllN S See it now! UMmtt Tad«y'i Big Difference in automatic washers— HALSELL & WHITE FURN. CO. i Alain & Division Phone 6096 '2 Bedroom home located in Help Wanted he 1500 block of Chickasaw-1 ia. This home is in jiorfect i Wanted — Helpers I ondition and has a wonder- 1 Must be at least. IS years of! ill location. a>ro alu i willing and able to 1 These are two of Ihe nicest: ( | () heavy physical work. Ap-; mini's lo be offered in i ply in person lioville and should he inves-1 tling Co. i>;:itrd if you are looking for I • i nice, h o m c reasonably | Pe|tsi-foia Rot-j R7 ck 11 Shown bv appointment | n!y. i See or call ! J. E. Stevenson Jr. Noble Gill Ajipncy Phone I58KR (>fi ck It Cnll 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. I. Po'lard Aoency Planned Protection Gi.JESCOir HOTKI nint.niNO • 132 Acivs ir.rt hffin vlrltl (lood nii:.' |1 H Is mlsrrt lanrt B^lpi on't Itnri R hrttr Ark . on^-h.^ir nillr h 1 * 1 * •?! * toorl b'.ark land K>tra hlah •'?. iv in M1." rnunty Trirr S-2O(i mon^v wilt holrt'for .lflni>»ry SO Half-Moon nr K^lf-Mnon Tw thai means Speedometer Repair! We RpeoiAlize in Klvinj: J-d.iy ^rrvicr on spcedomrlpr rrp^lr for ad makes of cars and trucks. 11 rive In Inmnrrow—we'll help you DRIVE WITH CARE. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Cliryslrr-l'lymouth Dealer 121 K. Main I'honc il22 FINA FOAM ... the ,\Ewly- Developed Bubble Bath for Fine Fabrics, Rug* & Upholstery does it speedy foam cleaning job. ARKANSAS PAINT * GLASS CO. 10:1 K. Main Tlinne 2212 SAVE AT HORNER-WILSON! FAKM LOANS You Can Pay ANY AMOUNT -'*- ^at ANYTIME from form tncom» without penalty Thix Fr/mmi* FARM INCOME PRIVILEGE iit \crittfn into your note tr/rpn von Jirirr (i loan from TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Phone 23S1 Mortgage Loans of All Kinds 1951 GMC Z Ton Short Wheel Base. Brand new tires, delnx« cab and very Inw mileage. $1645 19-tt FORD rastora Club Coupe. Radta, hea-ler, white std«wall tires. Dark blue color. Cleanest car In Blythevlllt. $1295 1J1SI STUDF.BAKER Ixinj Wheel Base. Very low mileage. Ju^t like new! Se« tt to^»J at Horner-Wilson. $1195 194B POXTIAG t-dtmr Fleet- line, Radio & Hralrr, \V^W tires, light bine color. 6-cyl- InHf-r, with standard trnni- enisslon. Priced at $995 1950 GMC PicV-Up with prac- ticall.T new tirex. Delude C»b. Priced espf clallj low. SEE ITl • SAVE • 1911 CHEVROLET I-rfoo» Sw1*n, go**4 motor and new tires. Drive II. . . ynu'll hay U at this low, low price of only $295 19SI with Kemp Wliisenhunt. Monitor Phone CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Stzrs up In ^fi tn. Corrngiilcd Metal Culvfrls Si7«-^ np In 84 In. A. H. WEBB Arlomallf Floort GatfR Cnnrret* *• Mel»l Sfpltc Tank» Sewrr T1\e B«t Trlrw «> Ofllrfr )llfh«.iy Bl at SUle I.In* rhon« 114 KILL JOHNSON GRASS ntlh Sodium Chlorate. 99T- pure Ftnr Irralrd for drr application. SI2.oO per 100 lb». A. H. WEBB Cri.VKRT T1I.E CO. Hlwar fil. Slal* Line—Phone HIM WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL HOT or COLD! A Slice or Truckload! SPECIAL PRICES FOR PICNICS AND PARTIES BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Main Si reel lilytheville CHEVROI.KT I Donr light green finish. Has radio, heater and white sidewall tire*. Clean! $1695 1948 NASH Ambassador 4-rJoor Sedan with new tire*. Ha* radio and healer. Specially priced for quick sale... only • $845 HORNER-WlLSON EAST —: MAIN Rocket Oldsmobik — GMC Trucks Phone 2I5« Used Car Ix>t — Phone 6151

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