Los Angeles Herald from Los Angeles, California on January 13, 1888 · Page 9
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Los Angeles Herald from Los Angeles, California · Page 9

Los Angeles, California
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Friday, January 13, 1888
Page 9
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AN HISTORIC BUILDING Tom Down to Make Way tor a Street. REMINISCENCES OF THE I'ASTt History of the Movements to Open Los Angeles Street to Alameda. The demolition of the old adobe building on the corner of Arcadia street and Nigger Alloy by S'reet Superintendent Kuhrts, in obedience to the order of the City Council, made on Monday last, has awakened reminiscences of the days of '49 in the minds of the pioneer resident? of this city. Very few of those alive at the presentjday can remember when its corner stone was laid, for when the forerunners'of the tide of immigration, which set iv during later years, first became residents, the Coronel block stood where it was on Monday morning last. It was in this building that many of the darkest scones of Los Augeles earlier history transpired. It was within its walls that may a human spirit was separated from the body of its owner by tho dagger or the pistol which in those days were necessary adjuncts of the male citizens' effects, lt was within its walls that the famous riot of 1871 started, and its destruction in 1888, nearly forty-eight years after its erection, is an incident which calls for more tban ordinary notice. In 1884 Ygnacia E. Coronel came to Los Angeles, and in 1838 his son was appointed Assistant Secretary of the tribunals in the city of Los Angeles. In 1840 Ygnacia erected tho Coronel Block as a residence for his family. At this time the buildings in Los Angeles were in the main composed of adobe, and Ygnacia but followed the example of others when he raised walls of that material, which in more instances than one has proven its lasting qualities. From this time until about tlie year 184!) he and his family resided in this dwelling, which was then in the very heart of the city. The adjoining property was owned by Vicente Sanchiw ho occupied the center and larger part with his own building as a family residence, one of tho only two twostory residences in the city. Only one of these two-story buildings is now standing, being located on the corner of Aliso and Los Angeles streets. It was faced with brick, and few in passing it imagine that behind the brick tiiere is an adobe lining made a half century ago. Tiie Sanchez residence was torn down more than twenty years ago, but the Coronel block was left standing, a reminder of the former days. The last adobe building erected in this vicinity was that of Alexander Bell in 1845. THIS COBONELB MOVE. As time passed the better class of the residents of this part of the city moved away, and gradually tlie buildings wore turned into saloons, dance houses and gambling dens. In 1849, or thereabouts, tlie Ooronels gave up their resideuceand it passed into the hands of the sporting fraternity, which had then a very large representation in this city. The forerunners of the present civilization were mainly of a roving, gambling disposition, and monte, faro, poker and other games of chance were conducted without the least attempt at secrecy. For some reason those whojcontrolled the games conducted in the Coronel block managed to make them so attractive that they enjoyed the utmost popularity, and it was not an unfrequent occurrence to see as much as if] 50,000 or $200,000 in gold, mostly $50 slugs, displayed on the tables at a single time. The building had been constructed in tbe shape of an L, with large frontages on Arcadia street and on Negro alley. Strung in live from the north end of tho frontage on Negro Alley to the west end of the frontage on Arcadia street, were twenty faro tables, behind which, at all hours of the day or night, were to be found dealers ready to accommodate those wiio desired to try their fortune. During the afternoons aud evenings, the latter especially, the gambling rooms were crowded with all grades of humanity, from tho man who merely desired to pass away the time to the wretch who hoped to double his last small piece of coin. A GAMBLING DEN, There were professional gamblers, miners, Mexicans, youths,with beardless faces, and women of the lower grades, to be found in the Coronel block every afternoon and night and so intent did every one appear to be worshipping at the shrine of the goddess of fortune, that they apparently had no other object in life than to try their chances on the card. Wit h such a horde of visitors, it was not to be wondered that disputes arose which ended fatally to one or more concerned. That such did arise, is a matter of history, and that they were frequent, was attested by the saying that "the Coronei Block furnished a man for breakfast every morning." Unfortunately, for a full and comprehensive history of the building, there was no record kept of the number of men killed during the running of the games, but those whose memories carry them back to the days of '49 and '50 say that there were so many that every inch of surface on the floor now being exposed to the sunshine for the first time in half a century, must surely retain the indestructible portions of their life blood. Only a. few of the murders which occurr.d in or adjacent to this building arc still remembered, by tho pioneers, and these only because the murdered men were prominent individuals. In 1852 Franklin Dana was shot through the heart during a quarrel, but he possessed enough vitality to run out on Arcadia street and up to Main, where he ell in the arms of the father of ox-Mayor 8. C. Foster and expired. At this time the principal owner of the. games was John Moore. In IHSO Sheriff Barton shot ami killed a man named Joseph Caduc, who was a young sport, and had become involved in a quarrel. Later on one of the devotees of fortune became crazy and leaving the gambling hall entered a pawnbroker shop near by, where he shot Sheriff Getman, who had held office but a few weeks. These are only a few of the murders for which the building was made famous, but they are sufficient to show the nature of the crowd which frequented it nightly. Time passed on and it became a menace to the morals of the city to have gambling going on so openly, for in tbe meantime the city. had been increased by a number of permanent residents of the better class. \ dance ii Ma- The days of faro banking in public places were over and the building was turned into a dance hall, where the same class of humanity still spent its time. The gambling tables had simply been removed to inner rooms while the blood stained floor was given over to lewd females and their companions. Murders wero a little less frequent, but a Mexican dance-houso such as this was, always has its <|uota of shooting and Htabbiug affrays. I his particular dance-house was notorious for the frequency of the crimes committed by women in their jealousy toward each other. Finally, in 1850 or 1557, the dance was given up and Messrs. Corbett it Barker leased it. This firm carried on a wholesale grocery and drygoods store within its walls and transacted tiie largest business then south of San Francisco. Two or three years afterward they moved out and several other parties leased the building, tho last firm being that of Newmark & Co., which used it as a storage house tor iron and hard lumber. When tiie building again became vacant it was leased by a Chinaman, and from that time until Tuesday morning last it has been in the hands of that race of people. THE MASS AC UK. This preliminary history of the building brings the time down to October, 1871, when the Chinese massacre took place. At the time of its occurrence Ihe newspapers spoke of the massacre in unmeasured terms of condemnation. Of this tlie darkest scene in the history of Los Angeles, tho following facts have been gathered from the newspapers of that time, and those living to-day who took part in endeavoring to restore order. It appears tbat there were then two Chi nose companies in existence here, a highbinder company named Yu Iling and the Lv Vnp company. Tho former had stolen a girl from the Lv Yup company, and the matter had been taken into the Justice's court, before Justice (iray. The trial had lasted forty-eight hours when an adjournment was taken, and the woman had been placed under the protection of Officers Emil Harris, George Gard and Jesus Bilderrain. There were at this time but six officers on the police force of L's Angeles, Messrs. Harris, Gard, Bryant, bilderrain. Hartley and Sands. Into the hands of three of tbe pioneers of the police force of the city was the Chinese woman given, and at dinner time on the night of October 24th Officers Harris and Gard left. Bilderrain on watch while they partook of their evening meal. While they were so engaged the trouble commenced, and wiis described by the papers of that time about as follows: now IT OCCUBBID. Yesterday evening about half-past 5 o'clock the.quarrel which had been brewing for some days past, between the Chinese companies in this city, and which caused Ihe shooting affair between Yo Hing and Ah Choy, on -Monday, culminated in a shooting affray in Negro Alley -between the Chinamen, Jesus Bilderrain, Sepulveda, and Esteban Sanchez and several others rushed in and separated the combatants. Hardly had this been done when the Chinamen commenced an indiscriminate firing, shooting rapidly at the police, at each other and at every man in sight. One old heathen who didn't, seem to be taking a hand in the affair was no sooner approached and advised to get into a house out of the way of the bullets which swept through the air in all directions, than he pulled a sixshooter from under his coat and discharged every barrel at persons in his immediate vicinity. Two others, one of whom is said to have been identified as Ah Choy, staid on the porch in front of Coronel Block, and emptied their pistols at tbe crowd, which, attracted by the firing, had assembled ou Los Angeles and Arcadia streets. After twenty-live or thirty shots had been tired and Officer Bilderrain had been shot through the should* r the citizens armed themselves hastily aud ran to the rescue of the police. About this time a boy named Juan Jose Mendibles was shot through the leg whilst standing on Arcadia Btreet, and a man named "Joe" received a ball in the hip. All the stores within range wero closed, and the people closed in on the accursed pagans and forced them to Beck shelter in the adobe dens of the Coronel Block with a loss of one killed outright, and four wounded. BOBBBT THOMPSON KILLED. Mr. Kobcrt Thompson, one of our oldest residents and most quiet and respectable citizens, was one of the first to gain tho porch in answer to tho cries of the police, and received a mortal wound from a bullet tired through the door of a Chinese store, and winch struck him in the left breast, above the heart, and probably severed the arch of the aorta. Ho was taken to Woolwebber's drug store, on Main street, and expired after enduring horrible agonies. By this time, the house in which the Chinese devils had taken refuge, was surrounded by citizens, armed with pistols, shotguns and any convenient weapon j. The house is a long adobe, with mas?ive walls, heavy brea covered roof, and but few windows. The Chinamen barricaded every aperture, and prepared to fight to death. Don Refugio Botello, armed with a six-shooter, ascended to tho roof; armed and terribly excited men watched every means of exit. For several minutes hardly a shot was tired. Suddenly a noise of falling, boxes was heard within the house and under cover from a volley of his comrades, one Chinaman left the house and attempted to run across the yard, but was knocked down by the first billets sent after him. Another escaped* into Los Angeles street, but was captured by tho crowd, dragged thiotigh the streets to the eastern part of the old Tomlinson corral antl hung. Some one attemp ted to stab him, after capture, and ran a knife through the arm of a man who was holding him. At the first attempt the rope I roke. A stronger one was substituted, the breath of the wretch went out into the night air, and his body was left dangling from the upper cross-piece of tho gate. A posse summoned by the authorities kept watch over the house. A party of determined men mounted the roof, cut a holo in the brea and opened lire through tho aperature. 11ATTERED DOWN. About a quarter of 9 o'clock a door in the eastern end of the building was battered down and a storming party rushed in. Eight Chinamen were found within and dragged.out to the infuriated crowd. One was killed by dragging him through the streets by a rope fastened to his neck, on the way to the place of execution; three were hung on a wagon on Los Angeles '. street; four on the western gate of ithe Tomlinson corral, the gate upon LOS AjNGELES HERALD; FRIDAY MORNING, JANUARY 13, 1888. which Lachenais, the murderer of Bell met his fate. It is known that fifteen Chinamen were hanged, three shot to death, and that one of the wounded will die of his wounds. One Chinamen was cut down, and his life saved when nearly extinct. At about twenty minutes past !) o'clock, Sheriff Boras addressed the the crowd at tlie corner of Spring and Temple streets, commanded the peace, and called upon all good, law abiding citizens to follow him to the Chinese quarter. There he ascended a porch, 1 and,after stating that lie had attempted in vain to check the affair in its incipiency, called for twenty-five armed volunteers on the side of law and order to preserve the peace and guard the building until this morning. l me KILLED. Ten were hung on the west side of Los Angeles street below Commercial. Five were hung at Tomlinson's Corral and four were shot in Negro alley and vicinity. One Chinawoman was shot at the commencement of the row by a Chinaman. Of the wounded at jail two will probably die. Two of the Chinamen hung were boys of IS or 1!) years, and one of them is said to have only been In the city a few days. So far as known but one China* WOman took part in the fight, and site fired a shotgun at a gentleman who was attempting to arrest a party of Chinamen with an empty pistol The names of those killed wero afterwards found to be Dr. Gene Tong, shot, Who Sim three shots in the abdomen and legs, Chang Tong, hung, Leong Quais hung, Johnny iiurrow shot, Ah Tong hung, Wong Chin hung, Fong Won shot, stabbed and hung, Ah Lo hung, Ah Fo hung, Day Kee hung, Ho Hing hung, Ah Wad hung, Ah Cut shot, Ko Ke hung, Ah Won hung, Wang Cheo shot and hung, Seward at, Pico House hung. When Sheriff Burns appealed to who loved law and order to join in line and follow the lead of Emil Harris, a number of citizens did as he asked, hut shortly after one or two jumped out, and the rest following their examples refused to follow Mr. Harris' lead. This attempt was unsuccessful, and Sheriff Burns again addressed the crowd, and gave way to C. E. Thorn, who also tried to induce tho citizens to restore peace to the city. Judge K. M. Widney and a number of his followers aided most efficiently in restoring order, and in fifteen minutes after their appearance on the scene all was quiet. Such is a brief history of this building, which, is now a thing of tho past. OPENING mov KM BNTS. Tlie history of the movement which has resulted in the destruction of tlie building above described is almost as extended as that of the building itself. Los Angeles street as accepted by the city on July 28, 1854, was defined 'as follows: The lines of Los Angeles street are hereby established as follows, viz: Its western line shall run on a direct lino from tiie corner of William Nordhold's house, with the porch of the hoi so on the west side of the house oi Thomas Sanchez, to where it intersects tlie cross street between tlie property of Alexander Bell and Abel Steams, and its eastern line shall lie established from the house of Felipe Rhein to an angle in Ihe house of Manuel Requena, fronting Franklin street; thence to a stake planted by the surveyor immediately in front of the house of Soledad Yudartde Coronel, and thence along the wall of tho hou?e of F/ancis Melius to intersect the street running between the property of said Melius and of Prudent Beaudry. These limits suited the then small population of the city, but as the years rolled by and the population numbered thousands where it had enly numbered hundreds before, it became evident that for the convenience of the public Los Angeles street should have been laid out so as to extend as far as Alameda street. No movement, however, was made in this direction until on June 24, 1875, a resolution establishing the lines of Los Angeles street was adopted and published, it provided for the extension of Los Angoles street from Arcadia stieet lo Alameda street. For sonic reason this first endeavor to remove the obstructions failed and the matter was allowed to diop until on March 22, 1877, tbe name of Negro alley was changed by tho City Council to Los Angeles street. A CIIINGEII NAME. This effort on the part of the Council to change the name of Negro alley did not have any effect on the public, nor (lid it result in extending Los Angeles street, thereby securing tho desired result. This resolution was afterward ignored by the Council, for on July 19, 1877, a resolution was adopted extending Los Angeles street from Arcadia street to Alameda. This resolution was as ineffective as were those formerly passed and the project to open Los Angeles street was almost forgotten, until on June 18, 1881, wdien an ordinance was adopted establishing the lines of Los Angeles street from Arcadia street to Alameda Btreet and defining the limits within which the assessment for extonsive widening and improving of said street shall extend. The City Attorney was instructed to commence and prosecute proceedings for condemnation. On July 11,1881, a resolution was adopted designating the limits of the immediate vicinity for assessments. On tho same date an ordinance was adopted directing that proceedings be taken for tho condemnation of the property necessary to be taken for street purposes. On tho oth of August, 1881, another resolution fixing tho limits of the immediate vicinity was adopted. The same day an ordinance was adopted directing proceedings to bo taken for the condemnation of the property for street purposes. INACTION. This was as far as tlie matter went at this time, for the records contain no other accounts of action until on April 7, 1884°, an ordinance was adopted directing proceedings to be taken for the purpose of extending Los Angeles street, from Arcadia street to the end oi the present Negro Alley. On December 111, ISBI, a resolution was adopted fixing the immediate vicinity for assessment purposes. These resolutions had no more effect than tho others, and the next action taken was ou June 14, ISoii, when an ordinance was adopted repealing all of the former ordinances and resolutions relating to tho opening of Los Angeles street from Arcadia street to Alameda street. The evident object of this repeal of all the resolutions noticed above was to clear the road for fresh action, which was taken on the 2d day of August, 188ti, when an ordinance was adopted denning the lines of Los Angeles street from Commercial street to Alameda street, and fixing the limits for assessment to pay for the opening and widening. On August i), 1886, the same ordinance was again adopted, but from this on the matter was dropped, until on January 24,1887, an ordinance was adopted providing for the widening, opening and extending of Los Angeles street from Commercial to Alameda streets. City Attorney Daly at this time took hold of the matter and determined that before he went out of office Los Angeles street should be opened. To this end he devoted himself incessantly, and just before the end of 1887, it was announced that he had succeeded in peaeably securing the consent of the property owners along the line to allow the street to bo put through. As announced in Wednesday's Hekald, the work actually began on Tuesday morning last, and at the present time Street Superintendent Kuhrts is busy tearing down the hovels that have withstood the elements for half a century. New Cases. K. A. Longstreet yesterday filed a complaint against Dr. J. Kurtz, in which he alleges that in June, 1887, by accident, he fractured anil broke his right leg; that relying on the skill of the defendant as a surgeon, he was called and set and dressed the injured limb. Tho complaint further states that by reason of negligence and want of skill, the limb is now crooked, and tho bones retted in snah a manner as to render him a cripple for life. Twenty thousand and live hundred dollars is asked as damages. Abe Haas, assignee in insolvency of A. Bila, filed a petition against A. Bila and his wife, asking that a certain deed to land made by defendant to his wife bo set aside, and be made a part of the assets of the insolvent debtor. Frederick Harkness filed a petition for letters of administration in the estate of Kate Smith, deceased. Hannah M. Lane filed a petition for letters of administration in the estate of her husband, Allen T. Lane. Louis Day filed a petition asking for letters of administration in tlie estate of his t rother, K. Day, deceased. Court Notes. Ln Judge Gardner's court the petition of H. A.. .I.Wright for admitting to probate the will of Rebecca Wright, deceased, was yesterday granted and a bond of $1000 exacted. In the final settlement of tlie estate of Sumay Stroble, there appearing to be due the minor heir the stun of $021.7',), a decree was ordered approving the account. Letters of administration were granted to Mamie Million, bond $300, in the estate of John .Million. In Justice Taney's court the examination of Manuel Lopez was continued yesterday and the defendant held to answer in the Superior Court. In default of $10110 bail the prisoner was taken to the county jail. The Bon Ton Bath Rooms. And ToHsurial Parlors, O. L. Susand, Pro prietor, are fitted up in perfect taste and neatness. The many artists employed by Mr. Susand are noted for their dexterity with the razor; and for dressing aud cutting the hair, shampooing, etc., the Hon Ton has no equal The bath rooms, which are noted lor their cleanliness, are all newly enameled, end to really enjoy a most luxurious bath, hot or cold, v. ith shower, ov.e must, try these. The proprietor has likewis.: especially put m> elegant new cuatitcled baths for ladies aud children. BON TON', 235 and 137 North Main Btreet Santa Fe Springs- For sale, the Murray Tract of 100 acres, adjoining this florishing town ou the north. A railroad will be in operation within 60 days, bringing Sunn; Fe Springs within 30 minutes of the city. Will be sold as a whole for $400 per acre, on easy terms, with suitable reduction for cash: or, will be sold in tracts oi from 4to 10 ai res. 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Holmes.—Order of Sale and Decree of Foreclosure and Sale —Under and by virtue of an order of sale, and decree of foreclosure and sale, issued out of the Superior Court of the county of Los Angeles, State of California, on the tenth due oi January. A. 1) lsiSS, in the above eut'itled action, wherein the Southern California Insurance Company, a corporation, the ibove named plaintiff, obtained a Judgmeit and decree of foreclosure and s.ile against 11. J, Stevenson and W. H. Holmes, defeu'ants, on the 24th day of December, A. D. iss7, for the sum of ifoiiil 22100 dollars in gold coin of the United States, which said decree wm on the day of , A. D. IMS—, recorded in judgment book 8 of said court, at page —, I am commanded to sell all that eerlain lot, piece or parcel of laud, situate, lying and being in the city and county of Los Angeles, State of California, and hounded and described as follows, towit: Beginniifg at a point in the west line of Cemetery avenue north 40' 30' east 2HO feet distant from the intersection of the west live of Cemetery avenue with tlie north line of Temple street, said point of beginning being south 10° 30' west -0 feet distant from the northeast corner of lot 44 of block Q, as recorded iv hook No. 3, page 65, miscellaneous records of l.os Angeles county, California: thence north 40' 30' cast 'JO feet; thence north 4!P 15' west 94.6-10 feet; thence south 40' 30' west 20 feet; thence south 49° 15' east OJ.li-10 feet to the place of beginning- Public notice is hereby given that on Monday, the (!th day of February, A. D. 1888, ill 12 o'clock si. of said day. In front of the Court House door of the county of l.os Angclos, on spring street, I will, in obedience to said ojder of sale and decree of foreclosure aud sal 2, sell the above described property, or so much thereof as may be necessary lo satisfy said judgment, with interest and co ts, etc., to tlie highest and best bidder, for cash in gold coin ot the , United states, Dated this 12th day of January, 18S8. JAMBS c. KAYS, I Sheriff of Los Angeles County, California. jl3td Notice oi Foreclosure Sale. 1 CJHERIFF'S SALE NO. 6751, THE BANK H of Anaheim vs. A. P. Kuffel, Ruth ii. Kuffel, A. C, Bufftngton, Plea James and A. 1.. Clarke, defendants. Order ot sale and de- • i reeof foreclosure and sale: Under and by virtue of an order of sale and decree of foreclosure and sale, issued out of the Superior Court of the County of Loa Angeles, Slate of California, on the 121 h day of January, A. D. 1888, in tho above entitled aetiou, wherein the Bank of Anaheim, the above-named plaintiff, obtained a Judgment and decree of foreclosure and salu against A. P. Kuflel, et als., the above-named defendants, on ihe! ltii day of January, A. D. 1888, for tlie sum of .f SoOiMiil. in lawful mouey of the I'nited States, which said decree was, on the llth day of January, A. D. 1888, recorded iv judgment book S of said Court, a'page 154,et seq. 1 am commanded to Soli all that certain lot, piece or parcel of land, situate, lying and being in the county of Los Angeles, State of California, and bounded and described as follows: Commencing at a point K5.91 chains due east Of a point the southwest corner of the Williams tract, iv the X ucho Santiago de Santa Aiva, said corner being four chains south 51' 2 degrees west from station 117 of the exterior bouudary line of said Uaneho Santiago de Santa Ana according to the Hancock survey, running from said beginning point due east 10.20 chains, thenoe north three chains, thence cast 17 chains, thence north 20 chains, tnence west 27.20 chains, thence south 28 chains to the place of beginning, containing (10.01 acres of land more or less, ai d being the cast half of laud conveyed by deed from D, J. UcCormaek to A. P. Kuffel, dated .March 3d, ISS2. excepting therefrom two acres in the southeast corner thereof heretofore conveyed to the trustcesof the Newport School District. Public notice is hereby given, that on Tuesday, the 7th day of February, A. 1). ISSB, at 12 o'clock M. of that day, in front of tho Court House door of the County of l.os Angeles, on Spring strett, I will, in obedience to said order of sale and decree of foreclosure and sale, sell the above-described property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said iuiigineiit, willi interest and costs, etc., to the highest bidder, for cash in lawful , money of the United States. Dated this 12th day of January, ISBS. JAME3 C. KAYS, Sheriff of Los Angeles County, California. juul3td In the Superior Court OF TIIE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, State of California. In the matter of the estate of R. T. Hayes, deceased. Order to show cause why order to lease real prop- • ertv should not be made —C. E. Thorn, . administrator of the estate of Russell T. llaves; deceased, having tiled his petition herewith, praying for an order to lease the real estate of said deceased for the purposes - therein set forth. It. is therefore ordered by tiie said court that all person.; interested in the estate of said decedent, appear before the said Superior Court ou Monday, the3oth day of January, 18SS, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of said day, at the court room of said Superior Court, in Department Two thereof, in the Jones block, in the city and county of Los Angeles, then aud thereto show Cause why the following described realty belouging to said estate, to-wit: All that certain tract, pieco or parcel of laud lying and being situate in the county of Los Augeles, state of California, and deseiibedasfollows.to-wit: The west one-half of I tho southwest one-quarter of section twelve I (12), tow nship two (2) south, range fourteen (11) west of Sau Bernardino Base and Mci i.lien, containing eighty (SO) acres of laud. Should not be leased for the period of one (1) year' from tho first day of January. ISSS.'at the rental mentioned in the said petition, to-wit: Six hundred dollars per annum, as will more fully appear by reference to the petition of said administrator in that behalf on file herein, to which reference is hereby made for further particulars. It is further ordered that a copy of this order be published for two (2) successive weeks Iv tho Los Angeles Duily.Herald. a newspaper of general circut.aU.ou, printed and published in the city aud county of l.os Angeles, state of California, prior to said day of hearing. W. P. GARDINER, Judge of the Superior Court. Signed January 30, 1888. Wells, Vandyke A Lee, ' Attorneys for Administratrix, Jan 13-td Certificate of Partnership. WE CERTIFY THAT WE CONSTITUTE a partnership transacting business in the city and County of l.os Augeles. iv this State, 'its principal place of business is the City of Los Angeles, California. Its name is Jacob Will it Co. Tho full names and respectlve places of residence of all its member. ate signed hereto. Dated L-s Angeles, Januaiy 6 th, 1888. JACOB WILL. Los Angeles. DANIEL EINSTEIN, l.os Angeles. State of California, City aud County of Los Angeles, ss. Ou this eleventh day ol January, in the year one thousand eighthundred and eighty-eight, before me, Louis (iotlsekalk, a Notary Public in and for the City aud Couuty of Los Angeles, personally appeared Jacob Will and Daniel Einstein, known to me to be the persons whose names are subscribed to aud who executed the within instrument, and they acknowledged to me that they executed tho same. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official Seal, at my office in the City and County of Los Angeles, the day and year in this certificate drat above Wrilten. LOUIS GOTTSCHALK, Notary Public. niSCEEEArIEiM ». GUARANTEED sms c, * c^ ATARRH cal HAVE YOU A COLD IN TIIE HEAD which does not get better? Have yon an excessive secretion of mucus matter in the nasal passages? Are yon troubled by hawking, spitting, weak aud inflamed eyes, frequent soreness of the throat, ringing or roaring in tbe car*; more or less impairment of the hearing, loss of smell, memory impaired, dullness or dizziness of the head, dryness or heat of the nose? Have you lost all sense of smell? Ia j our breath foul? If so, you have the Catarrh. Some have all these symptoms, othera only a part. California Cat-R-Cure Restores the sense of taste and smell, removes bad taste and unpleasant breath, resulting from catarrh. Easy aud pleasaut to use. Follow direotious and a cure is warranted by all druggists. RECOMMENDED. CAPTAIN CHARLES L. DIMON, of New York City, formerly special agent, of the Phosnix and Home Insurance Company at Sau Francisco, Cal., says: "I had been troubled with Chronic Catarrh for twenty years. A friend in Woodland, Cal., recommended yonr California CAT-R-CURE. I procured a jar, having but little faith in its curative properties: but I mutt say, after using three jars, I am cured of that disgusting disease. Inclosed find if!s, for which send me California CAT-R-CURE for some friends, who are sufferers. For Male by C. H. Hance, 77 and 70 IV. Spring street, Ilelliunill Haas * Co., Wholesale Agent*, l.os Angeles* Cal. SUL LIV X USPS, CLOAK AND SUIT HOUSE, Main St.—29l UND T iR HOT 3L, OX FORD, Next, to Postoffice. SPHCIAL SALE SPECIAL SALE SEALETTE Wis ATS, M>ssmL CLOTH JACKETS. J| CLOTH JACKETS, BEALEITE CL ° TH WRAPS * / 'V'VW " j iwßsm CLOTH ULSTERS, SEALETTE CAPrrV It' f J( ~ _ ,' k ••!..■'! II WRAPPERS, SITTjLIVAN'H, :J{>l MAIN. XXI.I.V A I.IEUEs, Proprietor*. ALWAYS RELIABLE AND UNIFORM. HORACE R. KELLY & CO.'S WORLD-RENOWNED BRAND. L* ... •:'- f L I '~.*r* ; c , yiv-.V' \\\ : :',;■ ' , ", .. .% T m "■^^•^^^pr' M, r HT WEST" HAVANA CIGARS. These Cigars are worked from the finest VI ELTA ABAJO TOBACCO, such as is used by tho best factories iv Havana. iMW *'or Sale Every wb.ere.~Vtt ALBERT MAU & CO., Pacific Coast Agents, O, 11, 13, 15 and 17 DEAL St., San Francisco, Cal, 541 NORTH MAIN ST.. Los Angeles, Cal. deCl7mons-wednesifriß2m JNJ~EW YEAR! BEST BARGAIN ON THE MARKET. HANDSOME LOTS, WITH CEMENT SIDEWALKS, ALL READY FOR BUILDING ON, $600- TO $1500, ON EASY TERMS. THE PAfll TRACT WITH WATER, ON ADAMS ST. AND CYPRESS AYE. Call for Maps, Prices and Free Carriage, J. F; FULL ARTON, 25 W. FIRST STREET. Dec 18-1 mo 55? Mil ISHED 185.". l«ilO*H»l.>JtAXJ«l> it>U CRANE BROS. MFG. CO. CHICACO AND PITTSBURGH. BRANCH HOUSES! l.os Aiitfclcs Kansas City and Omaha. MANUFACTURERS' JOBBERS OF PIPE, FITTINGS, BRASSCOODS, TOOLS, Etc. Pumps, Hose, Belting, Sewer Pipe. PLUMBERS' and (iAS IKB BIA t ElllAl. IN EVERY VARIETI. COMPLETE LIN* OF SANITARY APPLIANCES, Sos. 18, 20, 22 and 24 Requena Street, Corner Los Angeles, ( , 2fi . 2m I.OS ANOHIJtN. UAIAFORfVIAt United States Lai and School Lands! McDUFFEE BROS., t Memb l' nd 16 South Spring St. decl2-2m

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