Amador Ledger from Jackson, California on April 15, 1910 · Page 1
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Amador Ledger from Jackson, California · Page 1

Jackson, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1910
Page 1
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OLDEST PAPER LARGEST CIRCULATION It P-ys the Batmen Man to Advertlse in the Ledger. Established October 27, 1855. Amador Ledger. JACKHON. AMADOU COUNTY, CA TAFOUNIA, ifKIDAV. AL'ltlL, 15 1910. JACKSON CITY ITEMS Local Happenings About Amaclor's County Seat The tract of 40 acres of timber land which was advertised for sale at auction as an isolated tract was sold for $208 —or over 85 per acre. It was purchased by Geo L. Thomas for W. Toop. It is located near Defender. Ed. Muldoon came up from Oakland last Thursday, on a visit to his son and family, and will remain for some weeks. Dr. A. W. Sutherland, the dentist, who has been practicing in this city for the past eighteen months, has located at Lindsay, in Tulare county, a town of about 2000 inhabitants, on the line of the railroad from the Southern Pacific main line to Visalia. Mrs Eugene Schwartz, who has been on a trip to San Francicso, and also to the southern part of the state, returned home last week. Edward Woods, a native of Montenegro, on the 11th of April, declared his intention to become a citizen. He is 25 years of age, and came to this country about January 25, 1902, landing at Philadelphia He is a resident of Amador City. The special sale in progress at the Red Front store still continues, see their ad on page 4. The Episcopal church at Jackson is receiving much' needed improvements and repairs. A cement foundation has been laid under the front of the structure, and a cement landing and new steps are being built. The work is being done by S. F. Dal Porto. Continued on Page 5 HAND CUT OFF Charles Lukedens Has Great Misfortune at Mitchell Mine A shocking accident occurred at the Mitchell mine near Pine Grove last Monday morning. Charles Lukedens was in charge of the saw mill recently installed at this mine. While operating the same on the morning in question he reached under the saw while it was in motion to clear away some bark. While so doing his right hand came in contact with the teeth, and in an instant the hand was cut off in a diagonal direction from the base of the thumb to the little finger. The blood spurted in a stream from the severed artery. Fellow employes realized the danger of death from hemorrhage unless prompt measures were adopted to staunch the flow of blood. Bandages were tied tightly around the arm below the shoulder, and in this way the blood was controlled in a great measure. The injured man was brought to Jackson as soon as possible. At the county hospital Drs Endicott and Gall at once decided that amputation of the hand was the proper thing, and the operation was performed at once, the hand being taken off at the wrist. The operation was entirely successful, and the patient is doing as well as could be expected. The victim is a married man, having a wife and one child dependent upon his earnings. He was industrious and steady, and the lamentable accident is deplored by the whole community, rendering him crippled for life. He is 30 years of age, a native of this county, and son of the late L Ludekens, for several years supervisor of the county representing township three. Jackson Boy Successful Charles E. Parker, son of F. W. Parker, who has been employed as cashier for Wells Fargo Company at Stockton, has been transferred to San Francisco by the company, and will be advanced to another position, the nature of which we are not ns yet able to learn. Young Farker was born in Jackson 22 years ago, and spent most of his youth here. As an employee of the company, which now employ him, his services were found to be commendable, and he was rapidly advanced from the lowest position to that of cashier in Stockton. EGGS FOX HATCHING - Rhode Island Reds, most profitable breed of Chickens; 15 for $1. Also Turkey eggs. Address Mrs C. E. Harmon, Jackson. Cal. aps-l»« County Treasurer's Financial Report The amount and kind of money in the county treasurer as shown by the official count is as follows: Gold • - •: $8845 00 Silver • - 1998 01 Currency • • - • ■ 70 00 Checks - - 8508 40 Bills .... 259 00 Warrants redeemed • 10737 (T7 On deposit In bank Amador co 15000 00 Total - • ' 45418 14 Criminal Returns The iustices of the peace for townships one, two, three and four and five all report that no fines were imposed or business done during the Jmonth of March. CITY ELECTION HAS BIG VOTE Barton and Lucot New City Trustees; Kelley Re-Elected . The city election of Jackson took place last Monday— the second election since incorporation. It was the most exciting contest since the city was organized, and the vote was by far the largest ever cast. A total of 419 votes being polled in the three precincts. Thi? would indicate tnat there are over 500 voters living within the city ' limits. About 450 were enrolled on the new great register, and it is estimated that about 100 more were on the old printed register, and were entitled to vote, although not having applied for registration this year. The unprecedented number of candidates was the magnet that drew the crowds to the polls, each candidate having his earnest and^ctive supporters. . The saloons were all closed'"*from the opening to the closing of the' polls. Everything passed off quietly. There was not a disturbance of any kind during the day, after tne result was made known early in the evening there was no cheering or demonstration on the streets. The outcome was largely forecast beforehand. The men supported by the saloon element won out, with one exception, namely Kelly for clerk. The following is the vote by precincts for the various candidates. It will be noticed that while there was but one candidate for treasurer on the ballot, nearly one half the voters ignored that office — they would not take the trouble to stamp, for in that square, as it was a sure thing anyway. Continued on Page 5 A LODGE SOCIAL Program Rendered by Eastern Star Is Enjoyed A very interesting time was had last Monday in the Masonic hall, on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the foundation of the local chapter of Eastern Star. The program rendered was as follows : Introductory remarks by worthy matron, Alice Jones. Address, by worthy patron, R. I. Kerr. Recitation, Miss Laura Parker. Vocal solo, Miss Lois Wylie. Becitation, "Among the Animals," by Handel Kelley. Recitation, Eileen Flcinine. Vocals 010, Mrs John Wvlie. Violi i selection, James Harvey. Instrumental solo, Miss Sutherland. Vocal solo, sister Addele Zumbiel. Recitation. "Widow O'Shay," Phillippa Kelley. Vocal selection by Gertrude and Ruth Harrington. Instrumental solo, Ernest Spagnoli. Recitation, Hoit Vicini. Vocal solo, Marie Weller. Instrumental selection, Lenore Zumbiel. Vocal solo, Emerson Harrington. Reading, sister Nellie Otild. Mrs. Francis Improving Mrs Francis, residing on Broadway, who has been critically ill for some time past, has shown a decided improvement. Dr Sprague is the attending physician. SUMMARY OF NEWS Condensed from All the Important Articles of Interest San Francisco.— J. P. Anderson, an aged Brighton carpenter, was mangled by a crowd of joy riders in an automobile. The auto escaped in the darkness, without rendering any assistance to their victim. Washington— Eight convicts are dead from Beri Beri in a negro camp near Charleston, 1 South Carolina. San Francisco— Wireless telegraphy station at San Francisco, hears message sent from Pensacola, Florida to Norfolk, Virginia, a distance of over 3000 miles from San Francisco. Panama— Great guns will guard the canal at Panama. Sites for placing the armament are now being surveyed. Guayaquil— Pern and Ecquador on verge of war, troops are held under arms awaiting call, to arms. Dover, England — An explosion on the British steamer Carrona wrecked the women's quarters, killing one child and injuring a number of women and children. The steamer caught fire, and a panic ensued among 900 passengers. . Philadelphia— Reports were read at the medical society showing over 1,000,-000 drunkards in the U. S. One-third die yearly, but recruits fill up the ranks. Continued on Page 5 OLD MINE SOLD Bellwether of the Bright Estate Brings Nearly $30,000 The disposal of the property of the Bright estate, including the slaughterhouse ranch and the Bellwether mine, came up before the superior court last Saturday on the hearing on confirmation of sale previously made to Mrs Martha Bright, the surviving widow and principal heir. She bid in the mine and ranch for 312,500. This was a low rate much below its appraised valued. It was done for the purpose of facilitating the sale, and getting the matter fairly before competitive bidders, as it was well known that the price would he raised when the sale came before the court for confirmation. Saturday morning the prospective bidders were on hand, and the price was 'at once raised the necessary ten per cent. There were three bidders. A stranger named Johnson appeared as chief booster. No one outside of two or three who were on the inside, knew who he represened. It afterwards leaked out that he was sent up purposely to protect the ■ interests of the heirs, and run up the bidding to a sum they were willing to take for the property. R. 1. Kerr, ; clerk of the Kennedy mine, and C. L. Culbert, cashier of Bank of Amador county, were the other bidders, each believed to represent separate mining interests anxious to secure the property. The bidding was lively, the price being raised from $50 to $100 at a jump, until over $25,000 was reached. At this point the bidding was confined to Johnson and Kerr, and the latter became the, purchaser at the price of $29,975. The Continued on Page 8 Vaudeville Patrons Are "Stung Again" Patterson's Vaudeville Show played at Love's Hall in Jackson to a full house. There was a diversity of opinion expressed by the various persons who heard the entertainment, such as good, .stung, rotten, etc.. As far as we are informed, the troupe tried to amuse its audience with whiskered jokes, and such popular songs as Silver Threads Among the Gold. We could have given a more graphic account of the performance if we would have received our 'comps, ' but when the Press must spend a big 25 cents in order to get a write up, from every green show on the road- -well it just don't spend, and we get reliable information jnst the same, minus the misery of hearing it out. It is to be regretted that the local manager is not more careful in his selection. of a variety of amusement, for a cheap show is on par with shortchanging its patrons. File Articles of Incorportion Articles of Incorporation of the Monte de Oro Mining Company have been tiled with the county clerk The company was formed under Arizona laws. The principal place of business is Phoenix, Arizona, and outside of Arizona at Oakland, California. The company is authorized to do a general mining and other business, real estate, patents and evidence of obligations. The capital stock is fixed at $500,000, divided into 500,000 shares of the par value of $1 each; term of existence, 25 years; number of directors, five as follows : F M Carter, A F Morgan, Fay Chadbourne M Carter and Peter J Crosby. The highest indebtedness to be incurred at any one time shall be $75,000. The private property of the stockholders and officers of the corporation shall be exempt from corporate debts. BASE BALL SEASON OPENS Two Games Played Last Sunday by Local Teams Jackson's baseball enthusiasts were treated to'the opening game of the season Sunday last, on the Jackson baseball grounds. - The contesting teams were managed by Dr. Endicott and Frank Valvo, who also pitched fo- their respective sides. The score at the final inning was only 22 to 20, much to the dissappointment of the lady rooters who preferred to see the runs total at least 40 or 50 for each side. Cademartori, who held down second base for the winning team, showed keen judgment in several plays, and M. Eudev, who played on first base did creditable work for his team and the rest of the team— Oh well, of course they were line? However, the star features of the day were furnished by Bob Kerr. Robert surely did swat the small sphere, and beat it around those bags. Doc. should have excused him from paying 84.00 loss fine. A feature which created much excitement and was pulled off just at the right stage was executed by Dave Mason in a sensational catch. The right fielder ran a distance, caught his bail and fell to his knees before he could recover himself. About 7:30 p. m., the players assembled in the National hotel dining room, to partake of the feast which included (we are told) all the good things that can grace a banquet table. Raviola and speeches, wine and cheers were indulged in, and the evening voted a Continued on Page 5 BRANDY CASE UP Molfino Illicit Brandy Case Reported to be Settled It is reported that the charge of illicit brandy that was pending against Mrs Marguerite Molfino has been compromised. It will be remembered that seven barrels of brandy, upon which no revenue tax had been paid, were found over a month ago buried on the Molfino ranch. They were seized by the federal officials, and also the distillery. We are told that after considerable negotiations between the revenue officers and the representatives of the defendant, the matter has been settled. The sum of $3000, according to rumor, was the price of the compromise. Albert Molfino, an attorney of San Francisco, represented his mother in this settlement. The criminal charge of selling liquor to Indians living on the reservation came up for arrraignment in San Francisco on the 20th of last month. Airs Molflnn, the defendant, was represented by Albert Molfino in this case likewise. We have not heard when the case is likely to come to trial. Attorney Moltlno is in the office of attorney Damm of San Francisco, who is the legal adviser of McCarthy, the mayor of that city. Road and state poll taxes are now due and Payable to the assessor, and will be delinquent in August. Hay up and avoid the penalty. tf. Electric hose lasts longer than any other brand. For sale at Weller's hardware store. rf You can get your Letter Heads,~etc«, pt/Wn at the Ledger for less tnan tou can buy blank stock tor elsewhere. -' / TRY IT. Fivo Cents Per Copy. MINE NEWS ALONG LODE Tailing Plant Results Said to Be Very Encouraging The cyanide mill, owned by Darrow and Fitzsimmnns, which has a 5 year lease on the tailings of the Bunker Hill Mining Co., reports elegant results obtained through their methods of securing the fine gold. The plant is located north of the mine, along the Rancheria creek, and is operated under the foremanshio of Wilton E. Darrow. In the two mills now being operated, there are large wheels, the first carrying G trays and the second 8 trays upon which the fine sulphurets are caught. A third and larger mill is now being considered, and may be erected shortly. New cement walks are being laid at the office of the Kennedy mine. The general appearance of the ground works are being put into tasty shape, and the new walks will add greatly to the beauty of the mine headquarters. Mr Carr, late foreman of the Kennedy Extension, has not been heard from since he and family left this city two weeks ago. The general impression is that he has skipped for good. Chester Holtz, a miner employed at the Kennedy mine, met with a painful injury about 9:30 on Monday morning iast while at work abont the 28th level. Young Holtz was in the act of passing timbers up to his fellow workmen, when a rock from the top of the stope fell, striking him on the left hand, badly cutting the thumb and first finger. Dr. Gall dressed the wound, and no serious trouble is anticipated. Continued on Page 4 SCHOOL CENSUS Marshals Begin To-day to Take Reports Uii County Following is a list of school census marshals in all the districts of Amador county, so far as reported to the school superintendent, Taking the census will commence to-day, and must be completed before the first of May, the same as in the matter of taking the federal census. It is expected that the school and federal census takers will cooperate with and assist each other in every way possible so as to secure as perfect an enumeration of the population as can be obtained. Aetna -•■ - - Mrs Ben Fuller Amador - - Miss Belle Dynan Antelope - , - Mrs Delia Jde Roco Buena Vista - - - Mrs Horr Brigdeport - - - Mrs C Tyler Camp Opra - - Mrs F Horton Carbondale • - Mrs J D Meks Charity - - Mrs Daisy Drendel Charleston - • Miss J Fitzgerald Clinton - - - Mrs John Cuneo Drytown - - Mrs Maggie Reaves Enterprise - •) Mrs Annie Tripp Forest Home - Lizzie L McCulloh Franklin - - Mrs Laura C Shealor Gilbert - - -RE Stowers Grapevine - - Martha E Barney lone • • Miss Rose Maestretti Jackson ■ - Ella M Conlon Jackson Valley - Mrs W N Prouty Julian - - - HF Whiting Lancha Plana - - Ella E Crail Middle Bar - Mrs Elsie McKinney M iddle Fork • Lorenzo S Molfino Milligan ■ • Rosa Beauchemin Mt Echo ■ • Mrs Ella Gebhardt N V Ranch • - Mrs M J Andrews Oleta • • • Mrs Ida M Pigeon Oneida - - - Mrs A B Stark Pigeon Creek • Nellie M Warren Pine Grove • • MrsAßlakeley Pioneer • - • Mrs J S Porter Plymouth - - • Mary Weston Quartz Mountain - Miss Lizzie Ford Rancheria - - • • Mary L Evans Spring Valley • H B Cuminings Stony Creek • Henry F Brown Sutter Creek - - John Lithgow Union • • • Agnes R Merkel Volcano - • - Phllena Huey Williams • • Laura C Ball Willow Spring - - Fred Greilich Location Claims Filed Locations— N G Vose, placer mine 20 acre : W',. 'f NW' 4 of N S l i, 4-7-12, Robinson district. Oscar F. Lofstad, 20 acres placer, 2U-7-13, Volcano district. T W Griesback, and H N Denend. Union Leader quartz claim, Robinson district, 1600x600 reet. LAWYERS. «. SNVIIKH, A l l or iie-y-ii t• I .;• w, JACKSON, CAL. Office in Marella rsulldlng, Court street. Will practices In nil tho courts of the »tata. fe "T AW T. FUKITA* i Attonipy-nM.nw Specialty— Commercial law and colec- tlon9, Credit, attorney Stockton Retail Mer- chant's Association. Suit-No 210, Saving & Loan Bank Hldff ocl STOCKTON. GAL. DOCTORS. TT* K. KNOICOTT, M. D. I'hjralotan ami Surfeon JACKSON, CAt.. office : Webb bulldln?. All calm promptly attended to at all tlmesi I-VK. FKKI> V. SPRAGUK FliyHlclitn nnd Surgeon JACKSON. CAL. Officb— Next door to residence, north Main Street, opposite California hotel. Telephone Main 32 , -pvR. A. M. OALL Phynlolan and Surgeon Jackson, Cal Office In Marella building. Main Street. P S.OOODMAN HI I>. PliyMclau and Surgeon Sutter Creek. Cal. jyt.KJ. LYNCH Physician and Surtjoon Tel O(Bce - MalD s " Residence, Main 27 Amador City. Cai. T> F. WA.LKIOK, M. I). Practice limited to tllneasea ol ■ EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT OEico-ELK'S BUILDING, STOCKTON, UAL. . . IJ-31 ; Dtt. UOH'AKI) CAMliKok ■ -dps; EYE. EAR. NOSE and THROAT ELKS' BUILDING, »Mi 3 STKEET SACIUMEXTO. CAL. OBlw hours HO to IS a.-m. 2 to 4 p. tat. Other hours .mrt Sunday by appointment Wiono, Maine 4fi w» DENTISTS. T\K. .rOHX A. DELUCCIII ;— — DENTIST ' SUTTER CREEK, CAL. Office Houns:— From 9 a. m. to ft p. m T~\lS, C. HOLDING Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist JACKSON, CAL. Phone Main 2! aps ' ■OICHAKD WJfiHli United States Commissioner JACKSON CAL. Will attend to Homestead and other filings; taking of linal proofs and all othur Land Business. Deeds and other legal documents drawn up. WALTER LUCOT STOCK BROKER SUTTER CREEK, CAL. Will buy and sell all kinds of mmmg 1 Btooks and other securities. Particular attention paid to Amador county raining 1 stocks. Quotations received dally. • GO TO THE • | AMADOR iff | • When You HI?!? AT* • • Want Fresh AiIWjAU « !.L Ml PORTO HO- PW. j • « 4* Wo also keep a larijeslocltof Staple • • and fr'uncy | GROCERIES I J Our Specialty— Fresh'Broad every day « • except Bu»doy • A LL Winds of Blanks for L. S. Land I'MUuks- **■ liutuHKteud. Timber and Mineral WimUs — i.-iiiy bu hud ut thti Ledger ofllce; also ilnmt.t tuorttrauoH. mitiiui; loi-alimiH, proof of labor vii.l uthur loKal blank* kept for Male. '

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