Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 20, 1957 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1957
Page 9
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Thursday Evening, June 20, 1957. DAILY RADIO PROGRAMS WMAQ THURSDAY EVENING WSAL (1230) «:00 Alex Drier "-"-Airs alorsan (:15. Bu neas Naw» Ne*j Weather «:!0 New. Spar's Review News _6:4a I Man a Fam. Josh Brady N'ews New* Sports Heatter Hennessey 7:00 -Sews T:15 Hope 7:30 Xig)itlin» 7:45 -Si Anderson Anderson T-Men T-Men News Variety Music News Variety News Serenade Mystery Mystery 8:00 News J:15 LN 8:30 Westward 8:<5 Westward Sews World Sports Music Hall Fun Timo Fun Tlmo .-sewn Mantovanl Bob & Ray Bob & P*ay Bob Si. Rnv BiB Bands 9:00 News 8:15 Chan 8:20 f:han 9:<» Chan News Anderson B. Q. Lewis p_ Q. Lewis News Imagination Haven or Rest Haven nt Rest News NlRhtwatch NlKhtwatch 3-Sta.r Final 10:00 News 10:15 Night Desk 10:30 Night Desk 10:45 Sports . Newt Mercler Town Crier Weltzel nnythym Rhythym Scotland I'd Scotland Yd Nletuwatch Nlghtwatch NlKhtwatch NlBhtwatch FlilDAX MORNING 1:00 Dreler. New« Newa-Harrlnarton BreaKt».n Club Newa f.lii Chicago CalL Jim Conwajr Breakfast Club Muslo l:lii Chlcas. Call Gold Coast Brnakfast Club Ads »:<& Barry. N«WB Ereakfaut Breaktant Club P.lso & Shine 7Y. Programs 9:00 News 3:15 Truth-Conn. 9:30 Bandatand 9:<5 Bandsund Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godtrey Arthur Godfrey .Vij True Story My True Story News Girl Marrlon Rlae-Shlno News 10:00 Bandntand 10:10 Bandstand 10:30 Bandstand 10:<5 Gadsland 4.rthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Elolso & JoBh Howard Miller Whlop. Sts. Jack Faar Ncv/a Millie Womun'a Woman's Queen-Day Quoen-Day 11:00 Newn 11:JB Records 11:30 RecordB . 11:45 The DucheM Wendy Warron Backntaffo Wife Helen Trent Gal Sunday Newo Martha Gran* Markets Weather Words ni!r;oril Shop ;arroll Co Carroll Co. FRIDAY AFTERNOON THURSDAY 6:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 .6:15—Channel 6 Channel 8 6:30—Channel 6 Channel 8 6:45—Channel 4 Channel 6 7:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 7:30—Channel 6 Channel 8 8:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 8:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 9:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 9:30—Channel 4 ) 10:00—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 10:30—Channel 4 Channel 6 Channel 8 10:45—Channel 4 Channel 8 11:00—Channel 6 11:30—Channel 6 12:00 Newn 12:lu Murryfleld 12:20 Merryfield 12:45 Merryfleld Nora Drakt* Ma Perklnw Julian Bentley Uoad of Li to News Markets Dlnncrbcll UlnncrbeU NCWH Co. Hxtennlon Farm Corner Farm Corner 1:00 News New» 1:15 Confessions Mm. Burton 1:ZO Woman In IIo'Hirlke-P.lch 1:45 Dr. Gentry fcntortalnment Markets .%>»•« Queen-Day Quoon-Day Play Ball Play Hall Jiaxoliall lSHKHlltl.ll 2:00 Nev/n 2:15 Matinee 2:30 Hilltop 2:45 Popper Y llouiie Party Jfouse Party Ur. Malonn Lucky Ladles Nrrwn ,l;t<:k Paar XHWH Wayno KIn JJ:i.«oliitll ., Ii».'iel/a)l Bancball 3:00 NOWJI Z:ir, Jl,n Mllln 3:30 <;r/oawtn 2:45 Goodwin Woman View Maury Maelll Gold Coast Take a Jiroafc Co Mimic Minili: II:LM:\,:L]\ Hcorubnard 4:00 Nev/n 4:15 Jim MlllB 4:30 Bportn 4:45 Jim Mills Paul Gibson Paul Gibson Paul Gibson Hhonpinj? Now» I'olkn Party n Party orr iiccora Off Iliicord Toftn Tunes Tftin TunftH t-.ilU New* Nows U:H Wed Howard John ilarrlnlfton 5:30 Wed Howard Hportn 5:45 fitons, Netys Lowell Thomaa VVelk Tunfl Tlrrto Want Adii Hunger "11111 Wonflorn Double Class Schedule Planned At High School Disclose LHS Will Have Two Different Schedules, One Starting At 7:30 a. m. And Other At 8:30 a.m. Plans for a "double" time schedule for cla.'iseii next fall at Lri- gansport high fschool were announced Wednesday by .7. Harold Merit, principal, Tho new schedule, dc.'iignwl lo make teachers and classrooms available lo more sludenls, calls for half Die uludeiil body lo attend clas.ic.': from 7:'.',l> a.m. to 2:45 p.m., while thf: other half will begin Ihcir day al (1:3(1 a.m. and liu dismlsficd al 3:45 p.m. Student!! traniifijrrfcd from lown- «hip arca.i around Logansporl will attend froiri It:lid a.m. lo 3:45 p.rn. l/um:b pi.Tiixl lur the group ,'itarl- ing at 7::iO v/ill be from )0;50 to il:4ri a.m., while Ihose .slarling at 8:30 will have their lunch period from 11:50 a.m. lo J2:<1!i p.rn. Tin: earlier ulai'ling group will ho atlen'leil almost entirely by fi»pil« in the upper throe grades. Only one ninth grade cla.';n will start &1 7:30, and no iievcnlh or eighth gradcni will begin al thai lirnu. Sonii: upper Ihree clajiiimen will attend tho later schedule, Including Ihose from Ihe rural arean. v/ill be completed by Aug. 1. Merlz, Dial l)».- new fictmilu)'! i« to make It poiiiiible lo aecommodali; all filu- dcnln, and will not permil Hludftiiln lo lake more claaiien. i'arcol!! of upper grado pupihi v/ho winh their children lo olarl al 11:30 a.KI. are urged lo contact the high nehool office by June 211, iilaci; Iho offl«> will b« t:\niif.il during July and all scheduling of cla«i:cii will hi! comlclod by Aug. I. Merl/., who ifalil DID "difficult" clniuiroorn shortage iiituation might have lo bo eopc'l v/ilh "for al. leaul two more yearn," said parenl.'i .'ihould riot re(|ii(!iil 7:30 n.ui. clasiien for ;i'ii<l<'nf..f who rnighl liu olhorwiw: awilgncd, except In hardship ciiiicn. EVENING Rascals Weather News . News News Dinah Shore Sgt. Preston News News Circus Time Wash. Sq Bob Cummings Wash. Sq. Climax Dan Thomas People's Choice Bold Journey Tenn. Erni Playhouse 9D Playhouse Lux Video Annapolis Town Mayor State Trooper County Show News Playhouse News Movies Lale Show Weather Tonight Frlck. Thc government later refused to declare whether baseball should be subject to anti-trust laws. (International.) FRIDAY AFTEENOON (CD'JC) 12:00—Channel 6 Channel 8 12:15—Channel 6 Channel 8 12:30—Channel 0 Channel 8 1:00—Channel 8 1:30—Channel 4 Channel G C'hannel 8 2:00—Channd'4 Channel 6 Channel II 2:.'IO—Channel 8 3:00—Channel 0 Channel I! 3:15—Channel 11 3:30—Channel 4 Channel 8 3:45—Channel (i 4:00—Channel (i 3:45—Channel (i Channel 8 4:15—Channel 8 4:30-€hannol 8 Channel 4 4:45—Channel 4 5:00—Channel 4 Channel 8 5:15—Channel (! Markets News-Weather ' Farm News Farm-Home Club 00 World Turns Miss Brooks 1U Ter.n. Ernie House Parly Feslival Thealer Payoff ' Crosby Queen Brighter Day Secret Storm Movie Edge Of. Night Romances Movie Rormmces Chapel Door Life of Christ Slu lirwln Carlooas Churchman Mickey Mouse Karly Show Chuckwagon Seek Miami 5-Township Consolidation May Seek To Offset Rulings Ik« Indicates Administration May Recommend Legislation To Offsul Supreme Court Decisions WASlfliNGTON '(UC>—1'rcnldiml Kiccnhuwer Indicated Wednesday that hin administration may recommend Ii.-Ki.'ilalion Ixi offf.ul re- clmlinj', Youth Badly Hurt In Crash John T, Million, IB, SDH of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Million, route 1, liunioU.'jvlllo, in in Meriiiirinl lnmpi- jlal wllh injuricK suffered In a one- car wreck l!ira:-<r,mrl«'H of a mile iiiiiih of iJunieltHvoDu at 1 p.m Wiidncmlay. Million, reported in "saliafac- lory" comllti'in, .'differed ciitu and lucoraloins In hln face:, iiiull.lplt! hrui«c.s In hi« face and the rn«l of liiii body, mid /itrjcling and Th<: J'ruHiduitl lold his news con- fnrBiicc. that the lav/," "like Ih'IH ;ill Inyttmn in "fixed convie- Broken Leg Suffered By Ralph Bevington Ualph llevlnclon, (ll, of roiiln I, Clalvi.j'.toa, if; confined in St. Jo- .'(eph'n hoapital with n broken Infl leg, iiiiffered In - an accident WwloeHilay afternoon al Ills home four miles norlli of (lalCeiiliin. f'.eviiiglon win working wilh a canmnlnr, Hurry Jlhlue of Oalven- Inri, remodeling hlx house when a pile of planter board fell on lliu elderly man, fracturing liln li'K between Ihe knee and ankle. lln wan firtil treated by a (!al- venlrm pbyiilclan, who UHTII broughl. Hiwinglon to Ihn honpllal In his llon.i" aboul Ihc: <ieci«ioii.i. He said nomij of his opinions are "very nlrong" bill, he declined to stale Uic-m HpuclficaJly. lie added, however, thai llm de- ciunii are now under uludy in Iho Juslice Onparlmunl and II will de- cldi! "II liiuri: aeeniK lo be any iicllon we (thniild lake through aiii'.lng for legal aclloo or any f'urllier lejibi of any kind.' fn reconl wcolfs, lh« hfgih courl ha.'i ruled lhal (I) the govunimnnl muni show relovanl KHI r<iports lo defendants In criminal pnmccu- llons and (2) Lhal congreniiloiial ifive/ftigallrig c</iriml(.l.<,'(!/! m u i'< I spoil out for wilnoKsc« lliu logl. 1 !- liillvc purpone of thulr IniiiilrlcK. Iiirrlliinn (.'oiriinnnl on (»lrar<l In olhi:r hh'jillghls of his nowii — Uelenilcd his civil rlgiliU program, paiaind Tuuitlny by tint House a:: a "very moderate, decent tiling." lie Kakl he In dlintp- pollllixl Ihltl. Illillltl <>pp(IIK!llt« !'<!• ganl It an an all'impl to curb their right:! la "an uojuril ami improper manner." Hi: said tin: hill head injuries, fractures. injured when Ihn car in which he was riding, driven hy Richard I... Dodl, 1(1, nlso of rnuli 1, (iiirncltdvllle, left a county coat/, weal Ihroiigh a fence on Ihe Wilbur Young farm and rolled over Ihrec thorn, coining lo a slop on Its lop. Million was thrown from the car While county IJopiily Sheriff Karl Wallers Hald Dodl. was headed BASEBALL LEADERS WAIT FOR THEIR INNINGS Russ To Man Subs Sent To Egypt Sources Say At Least Two Of Three Submai'ines May Be Marked For Russian Crews LONDON (UP)—Al least two of the three. Soviet submarines re. ~ - - — - — - - - - - - —, „ — ported delivered to Egypl may be Ing In Washington. Officials arc (from left) American League president, Will Harridgc; George Traut-! marked for Russian crews to shad- man, president nf thc minors; Warren Giles, president of the National League, anil Commissioner Ford'ow the U.S. and British fleets in Top figures of organized baseball hold a strategy meeting at the House anti-trust subcommittee hear. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Nlat Announce Test Series In Pacific Completed Interpret Announcement As Indicating Britain Has Perfected Thermo-Nuclear Weapons LONDON (UP) - Britain •k * f\ exploded its third and last hydro- l/AnflfT If ||CC gen bomb 2 ' lhe Christmas Island l\CuUI I IVUX) 'est ground in the Pacific Ocean * Wednesday. , The Ministry of Supply said "This Ihird explosion completeso this series of tests." The announcement gave no details but Ihe fact that no more tests are pl.iimed now was inter- Delphi Mr. and Mrs. William Wood and three sons, Billy, Bobby and Rilch- cy of Torrence, Calif., arrived in Delphi Tuesday afternoon for a rnonlh's visit with his parents, ,Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allison Wood PERU, Hid. - School officials | ln south Delphi, and other rela- rom five northern Miami county .ownships voted unanimously Tuesday night lo.lake slops for a consolidated school district, it was revealed Wednesday. The voting was held at a closed rneeling of school officials from Allen, Perry, Union, Rlchland and Jefferson townships. Pulillons signed by 50 or more registered valors for the proposed consolidation musl be filed wilh Ihe Iruslees oC Ihe respcclive town- here. They had not been back to William's home town for four years and "Bill" said the old home town loolts (jood lo him. Tho will of Carrie Shultheis has been probaled in Carroll circuit court. After jusl debts and cxpcn- sives of lost illness urn piiid she bequeathed $1,000 lo her brother, Alvin Wetzel, or his heirs nl law in case he should pre-dcccase her. The' residue of her estate both real and p6rsonal she left lo taxing units for the regular distribution of spring taxes. Thc sum of $36,136.99 to the State of Jndiana which amount includes $ir,,B35.5G tuition; $15,059.01 teachers retirement fund; and $1,398.38 State Forestry, township received the Monroe largest check and Yeoman the smallest. Thc county received $9t!,3(H.O'2 and the welfare department $19,- Uie Mediterranean, authoritative sources said Wednesday. The delivery, reported so for only by the semi-official Egyptian preled as indicating Britain had perfected its thcrmo • nuclear weapons. The government had been reported ready lo fire as many as five H-bombs if necessary. But official reports said Ihe first two (ests wont off as planned and were successful "both operationally and scientifically." Apparently the third lesl was equally successful because the experimental scries ended with it. Thl announcement also meant that a danger alert barring sliip- Middle Eaast News Agency,, ping from thousands of square sparked obvious alarm in other European capitals. U.S' Bill Fleet Commander Vice 361.57. coived The various townships re-j the following not counting Adm. Charles R. Brown said in Madrid thai the report, if Iruc, would cause a revamping on Allied naval slratogy nean area. The Egyptian nows agency said Iwo of thc submarines were long- miles of the central Pacific would bu HTled within a few days—as soon as monitor planes report all ?& ?"?V. v !' ll . i ? 1 ., t . h .!i,' r - US .^ c . l !.- C .-" husbnnd, .John It. Shultheis, or his :-deeease i.sband ns executor. Tho will was exoculcd . ,f • IIU.TIJUIIU, ./'/mi ii. ommiiui.'i, eilher ca 1 for an election or accept, ], 0 | rg . at .] nvir shou ld he pre-i Ihe pelilions and pass resolutions|), or . sbu namo(] thc ,,„,,, calling for Uie consolidation. Thc group voted proposed school the to name the North Miami Consolidated School Corporation, with a seven-member board. It was estimated that the 105019 enrollment for the school would be mr> elementary students and 355 school pupils, a !.otal of J.230, IK: five schools, involved have MM It'JicliifiK units and one a«l-|, lt | m lni B trator nuniKlrallvu unit, while the pro- Nov. M!, 1021) and was witnessed by John H. Cartwriglit and Florence M. Crawford, bolli of whom are. deceased. Ally. George Obear was the subselbing witness to lliu signatures. Marvin HhuHhcis wan appointed administrator of th<; OK-Ii tale and Kuvii bond for $25,0011. Geo.-Ke Obi.'ar in allornoy for the Ihe advance draws: Adams, $11!,1105.20; Hurlinglon, $32,8811.95; Car- rolllon, $16,271.08; Clay, $14,023.20; Deer Creek, $3,J5B.5I1; Deer Creek Township School, $(!!),37ri,!)3; Demo- crnt, $17.875.15; Jackson, $42,- .'iM.M; Jefferson, $37,950.16; Lib- crly, $10,45(1.07; Madison, $18,- 97I2.'!!); Monroe, $73,lltl).ni); Hock Creek, $12,64:<,65; Tippocnnoe, $21,51.0.50; Washington. $28,234.1-1. Corporations received (he following sums: Yeoman, $323.4'.); Flora, $I8,4!)5,0(I; Cninden, S5,- (W.I.X7; Cninden library, $'107.(I!); clear from fallout. It a!so mc;mt Britain may now be ready to give more sympalhet- in the Mediterra- ic hearing to Soviet proposals for suspension of nuclear tests. The first bomb in Iho series, exploded May l!i, was rpjwrted to range types and uno was a coastal | b e n prototype weapon. Thc second vessel. .tested May lit, wns reported to be "That would constitute an awful a fi,])y perfected Iwrnb capable of strain on Uie Egyptian navy," delivery by present-day medium posed school would qualify for 40i, leaching unila und Iwo udminlHlru-',[? live. The proposed eonsolidalion would not l.alie effect until Aujjunl of '1B5II, since teaching ntnfl's for the nexl school year arc pnictlcnlly com- pleled. Jucksun Uiwnshlp in simlh- cni Miami county lins already decided to ciitisolldiitc wllh Iwo Grunt counly townships. Rochester A divorce was granted in Fulton circuit court lo Barbara Ann Dill from .James II. Dill, Jr., In which Mrs. Dill was granled Ihe citilody of the eouple'.i three minor chlldrnn, u«e of Uie uoiiHebold goudii mid .$.'10 ]w:r week money. Tlie Fulton Counly courl 1ms fiiiind for complaint. Ihfi tlofoinliinl In of a proiriiitsory mile north und losl control UH llm IUSo;flli!il Iwo yearn ago hy Bmll A. model air, owned by hln fiillier, MOIICC. Cecil I.., left lilt! hlncklop porllon of Ihe road and wenl onln Ihe (jrnvel. The cur traveled WXI yiirdn after Dotll loot control, and lore down six rods of Ihn fence on the YIIUIIK farm, Wiillers ehai'Ktitl Dodl. with drlvhiH on a IjcHiniict'H permit without a licensed driver In the cur, and wllii drlvinii car. an improperly Arthur Cole, Delphi, Dies DKM'fJI, /ml. — Arlluir ll. I'nln, (IB, Uelphl, a rulireil [whiter, illeil at 2:11(1 Wednesday ul, M«- morinl hospital, A Delphi r(!»l(li!ii>. inosl of his Illi!, he was lioni AIIK. 2H, HUH), in Tlppecnniie county, lo Mlirnlili ' Evcrell I''. Me- l''all, William Turner and 'Mildred K. Turner. The ciiurl ducrueil the (lefwidanls stuiuld recover conl.'i of Mra. I-'rcn Musselmun has writ- nils from Home, Jlaly, Dial they were scheduled to sail from Naples on Tuesday, .Juno III, after riltendliiK llm Iiilerniiliomil Ro- '.ary incullng and veiling six Kur- openn conntrlus. Mr. Mu.iselman Is a Former dunn nl Kent college, Kent, 0. Mra. Mussclman is Ihe foi'niCT Kl»n Gardner, u former Delphi teacher. The Delphi LIuiiN chili has .selected Mrs. JSl!/,al«!lli Illce of Itooni Delphi, $13,2511.21 with an advance ol $15,1)00. Marriage licenses have been i.s- here lo lluy Harbour and Viola Kennedy of Lafayette; (.jiirilnn Kiigone McCain, son of Mr. mid Mra. Frederick Uindis McCain, of route 1, Cunulcn and Sun- ilra Veu Ciiok, daughter of Mr. ;md Mrs. Alarlon h'cotl Cook of Flora; Ronald Itnberl Ifcyso son of Mr. and Mrs. Kdwln 1'nnl lleyso of Chicago and Sharon l.ynn Carney, dauglilcr of Mrs. Paul Curacy of Delphi; Charles Sherman Hughes nnd R'llhur Kalheriiio Ito.ny of Oklnhoinn Clly, Oklii.; Ituyninnd Sharp of Ziiinsvllfo nnd J,oulsc Woodniff of Mulberry; J minis Charles Craft nnd Dorothy l,orene to Mlcluu'l Dubcclt of West Lafayette mill Kilua Hiil'h SwnllK of roule , llandlo of Morn; Itlchnrd Delherl. HOT, St. Kll/nbeUi liiMipil.nl, Liil'iiy-, UaygixKl. llnllon, Mich., nnd Wll- ellc, Jndlnnn, an Die cheer cliibjimi Vloln Tiidd of IMiiKhnr.il.; mid member of Ihe week. She luis been n pal.lenl In Ihe liospili.il slnci! she fell ul h<jr lio/ni! IHI route 2, Flora, anil fractured her hip. Mesmiges of cheer, curds and lelli>rH will help her lo puss llm Umo away rnoru plen.ionl.ly. County Auditor Hoy Miiwelnmn IIIIH mulled checkit to the following townnhlps, corporations und oilier nn police, .Tucol) M. Titus, Ifokn. inn, imld tlliJB In Juslk'e Kveretl CJniy'n Kultim court, upon convlc- tlnn of speeding In n jio.'ileil /.one. Dorolhy Iliindln hns been gninl- e<l M divorce from .John I). Jlmidlu. She wns [liven Ihe cu.'ilody of Iwo minor children nnd defendant was ordered lo pay $77. Ul per monlli for Ilii'lr Niipporl,. The. defendant wiui granted reasoniible vtallnllim JUil.li K. Slonebrnker hns filed milt for divorce <ig/ibi,il. Curl (',. Slonehrakor. Khii charged cruelly, wns married July I, Brown said. "1 personally don'l see how they could handle it. II would result in an oul-of-balancc navy." Brown said It would Inkc at least 12 months of concentrated offorl for l?Kypt to build up a KOOI! submarine service, "nnd thcji it would creak at Iho joints." I>TA TRAINING WORKSHOI' HLOOM'MVCTON (UP) — The iiinih annual Jndiana 1'TA lender- ship IralniiiK workshop will be held ul Iiulluiia University June 24-27 wiMi its theme "DniiiK Things for Our Children—Toxclher." Guest speakers will include Mrs. Il.C!. Slinetl of San Anlonii), Texas, regional vkuspre-sidont of PTA anil Dr. Clirls Jung, presiilenl of llm Indianu PT'A. bombers. ELHVATKD IN RANK SOUTH 11MND HIP) — Rev. •PJiilip IkiKhc-s, professor o!' liishiry at the; University of Noire Dame, loday was elovaled by Pope I'lus XII 1 lo the rank of domestic pro- lale wilh the Ulle of rinhl rcvefcnd I'JIIll mill separaled .lune 11. l!i!>7. .SJio asks CNNl.ody of a miiior o!)lld. Aniiii Helle Overly luis filed suit. for dlvorcu aidilnsl. John Overly. She churned cruel /Kiel inhuman Irealmcnl and stated that Hie de- fKiulnnl had struck he times. She asks cusliiily of lliree minor i.'liiliirt.'ii. The cuiijile was married Feb. JK, IIMO nnd sepnr- aleil, Dec. I, HIM. The divorce case of Wihna (!nr- rison vs. Hilly (iiirrlsmi lias been illsmlssml on mullnii nl' Ihe plaln- llff In Carroll circuit courl. ' Tim civil case of Daniel Ly- liriiule mill wife aitnlusl Ceiii'Ki 1 H. C'»hnn nuil wlfo JI/IH hecn dismissed in Carroll circuit courl on mo- 'lion of tlici plainUffs. Royal Center Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Klnpp of Loganspoii spent Sunday with his mother. Mrs. Harry Klapp. Mrs. Hazel Handl spent parl of last week al Ihe home of her brother. Cb;ir)i\v Martin. Mr. and Mrs. llarlmi Schmaltz and snn ealerl allied al. n Father's Day dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Schmaltz. Klmcr Schmaltz and children. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Purh- pel mid family and Mrs. Cecil Martin. M.'iyme Culcman and Mis* Ksl.i Dodl. were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Gem-go Khafer of Twelve Mile. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Small and daughter moved inlo their newly built himui over the weekend, Mrs. Klhel Martin is spending flu 1 week \vilh her d.'iughter aiul family, Mrs. Kenneth Iturgel of North J.iherly. Mrs. Myra Hinney <if V.iiKanspnrt spent. Tuesday with her Inlher, Newfon Unwell. Mrs. Clara Hndkey of Forest, hid., In visiling with her .sister-in- law, Mrs. Harry Klnpp. Mrs. Kenndh Hnrgi-l nnd daugh. tei 1 spent. Tuesdiiy afternoon ill tho llarlan Schmallz home. Mr. ami Mrs. biuis I'erry iiml several! family nf Colinnbiis, Ohlu. will " move inlu Ihe home of Mr. ami Mrs. Charles Small, lie Is district mmia^'er fur M<fures. TMtM.OIMA COI'Y AII.STIN, Tex. — Unlversily at Texas Kriuliialivs will drlinilely net fuller wallels as a ri'xull of their educalloii. Tim Kx-Sliulenls' Association snitl II. will hci4!u itlvia^ each K''"'liifllliu; senior n |>laslir- envereil wallet-sl/ed diploma, u pholoslallc rujiy u! Die ori/.iiial. Miami County Deputy Appointed By Sheriff I'Kllll, /ml.--./«me:i KKI:, .'17, <i:il Jeffersiuu avenue, hui: been ,ap- jiolaleil Miimil couiily diipuly fihiM 1 Iff hy Sheriff Arthur Julian to sue- eeed RobiTt Ilitlvle. Ho will be nworn into olflee by the jinincculor and will moiuiTii) his new duties July I. A vulenm of WorltJ War II with the Navy, Is married mill hmi been employed for the punt cltjlit moalh.'i an u producllon foiniian a* HID l.aidlnw Corp. He worked al Ihe ltU:Mle machine shop previous- Courthouse Elevator In Use At Monticello MONTICKIJ.O, Ind.—Tin; oil hydraulic paHiiuiiKur olevdlor laiilal- letl In Ihe While ciiuuly qourl- iiouse Is now partially in use, al- thmiKh II him mil been officially (till lining in.'iiln. The ],!i(W-|)iiini(l capiiclly elevator IH junl Inside the uoulh door, will] Iho entrance fuclnu north. w;iii-not (le'ilKiied to bring iiboul', p;. lin( | Snriili (Thorp) Colo. Ill: WIUI Ihe pni;:ecnLliia of anyone," liul haj,, (/ ,,. m |,,. r ,,f |J,,. |ju,,||,i|. (rlinrch, Mooiii! Inline nnd 1001'' hjilKc honi. Survivors urn four brolhorn, f/'lnrnni:(), .Kuymoiul nnd Itiiiiiiull of here mid Verii of Rocheiiler, N, y.,; two ijiiileni, Mr«. l.elhu Chum, I'lifiiycllo, fiutl Mrs, freiii! (irahimi, OUerbelii; mill novoriil nleccii ami j nidi; • ntc|i|)c<l a <|Ue.'!l|im tin lo wluMhnr hi; would milt <',<)!' lendnrii to ltir<-(i Ihe Sen/ilu III Hc.'i.'ilon Ihlo year until II laKcn nclion on Ihit IcKh-.liillon. • Declined lo comment, on Uie, <loci;iiwi of Fedonil Judge Joseph (.'. Mc'J.'irrnKtiy Tn»«l«y (hut llm Kovonimiriri. may not Him over Army Spoi'lnlli.l William S, Glriird lo UH: Jiipiuieiiii for Irkil on innn- Hlliiicjiliir eliMi'He;!. I In iiuld ho-llld not want to miy nnythhig thai would jcopm'ill/.e (Ilnird'ii chiiucoii of oblninhig a lull' Irlnl. Raise 2-Hour Meter Charge Two-hour parking irieleni on l.o- Kiin»i>url ulriit'ln nre being con- verled no Ihul II) centii In now r<!- iliilred to ohtiiln the full Iwo liourn, ridhcr ttiaii /Ivo <'<!iil«. Wuyne IJoran, city miglneei', mild Weilnouliiy mi clly eni)il/iye,t ID inoler cliiingim Ihul Uii; move wan designed lo eucouriiKD (ill-day ptirknra to u«« lli« trM.'lwfid )»l« rollinr llinn Ihe nlrofil iipacen. Donui mild Ihnre would he no Ihc mi'U'rit In Iho loin, Iwo bourn pnrliliig for i iilcklii anil 10 (IHIIIVI for » rintirtur, or In Iho onii'liour titroiil rmilwii. Mllhor IK) une<l which will now give only one hmir'ii nlcklen or pennies may In tin; two-lumr .mutorii, limn fur a nleklu, Iwo-houru mutera. All will remain Andrew fjnnpiir, rlofunihiivl In a divorce suit filed by Helen Cooper, wns ordered 1" pay 'fid per week siupporl nioiiny plus Uie nlloi'nuy'.'i feivi, In l l- ullon clrcull court, j Also la Knlliiii eh'eiill courl. Harry Suit, ilofendntil In a dlv- orcii nelloii, filed by Wlnnlfrud Snll, was oivlered In pay 1/13 jicc week nuppurl momty, phiJi allor- ni!.y'H fees, A Ihird supporl. order wan for $2.1 per Week plus allnrmiy'x leoii, iirder/id froin Dolm/ir (Jriwf, plaJii- llff In action iiKainiit Yvonno (ti'iirui, A.. Adainn, iiropi'ietor ul Iho Main Slreel Harbor Sliop, cnlur- cd the I''orl Wayne V,A. hoitpllal Ilihi morning fur oliiiervallon and l.rca!.meiil. ile In a voleran of oi'l/l War I. Mr. ami Mi's. Arlluir Moi'Knn were Tmvxlny dlnnur K"eil>i of Mr. Moi'Ktin'/i molhor and him- limid, Mr, mid Mrs. Nnnh Shlvoly, I'Vlnmlii may call afler 7 p.m. Thursday al Ihe Jackson funeral home, where IOOK rlteii will be held al. M p.m, Tliuniilny mid hinl. rlleii nl. 2 p.m. C'rldny. Tim Hev. J, Kniiiklla Arlluir will officiate and burial will bit in the Delphi City, New Woverly Firemen Answer Coll Li)/Jri(iH)wi'l (mil New Wavwly flromeii mi.'iwered aa aliinn nl. the II, C. Auker Iioiiuj al I'nlliiwiillo- inle Colnl, on roule ;i, where a small cardboard box wan sinoul- dorlriK In n Knra^e loft al ll p,m. Wediiciuliiy, Allkur culled lliu firemen whim hit /imollwl mnojii! hut coiiJil nul. discover tho source, Mromon found the box in llm loft, but Die cause wan wun not dulermliied. reporleil. No damuKe nitivrcii RIclKird Vmico, 40, roule :i, city, wild ol/ilwl for »|)i'ijilliw Weilnejidiiy hy clly police uflnr limy nlockuO him nl M) mlleii nn hour In n 811- mllo xono, from Itnrllnftlon avenue Id Clcoll iili'isel on Cliff Drlvo. liu wu« dialed for clly cowl ami relcuiicd. wlille iinruiili'. to l.helr troll, from a Florida Oilier linoiilii MorK'in, diuiKl Jmly ami HPIII, Xliiimei'iiiaa iei! hi'niiKh!. 1 Wesley Mi'.iiiorltil nnnpollji, to Koelii home In DC vacall/m. were Mrs. Ciiney lern, h'nniin nnd "Chucky." llrollKir.i nrnhii- 1 Jolin.'iiin fram the lloupll.nl, Imll- tor, WodncmJ/iy Weilniiwlay morning, iihoul Wi mlliM noiilli of lloelienliir on Slnti: Itonil V..". Jnck I/ee Nofl.nger, ill, nil'/x Miil;i /itiwl, driving «oij|.h, alliimplod n Il-Tiirn and Ills enr wan iitruck on Ihe left, nldij hy one driven l\y Utroy Hnrlmun, 1fl, Kiillon. Nol'l-'iger wiwi chnrged hy the iihurlff'H dopiirlmonl with 1 fnllurn In ylold llm rlghl of way. llo hi 'o appear before ./milieu .l/imcis Wiilluu'.'i Hochenler courl nexl Wi'dniwlny, Nnllhur drlvor wan Injured, nnd e:il.lmalcil f.lmmigo lo tli« cni'rt wn« placed »t $-10(1 Ki Witt Ui thii Nnflvi- ger cur, nnd lo Iliirlmnn'ii nulo, 1WWI, Hiiconl. miirrlago llcenneii l«mie(l In llio C'liltnn Counly ('lurk'ii office were to .liilin K. Kiilin, 11,11, X, Rochwiler, nnd Norlla M, Ilkl- dli>. It. H. H, llochfuilor. Aliio In Diinnld K. 'famllnimn. now In tho army, m;d .luiinllii Mint TboimiH, both of Itochwilor. following hLi arruiil by Krnvun- YOU CAN WRITE YOUR OWN PROFIT MAKING WANT AD! CLIP AND MAIL TO PHAROS-TRIBUNE & PRESS LOCANSPORT, INDIANA Please insert this Want Ad for days. I prefer to start my Want Ad on Write your ad in the spaces below. If you want your name and address in- cluded in the ad, WRITE THEM IN ALSO. Write only one word to a space. Please Print. Words (10 Words Minimum) 10 15 20 25 Figure Your Own Cost 10 Words—1 Time — 90c 10 Words—3 Times—$1.60 10 Words—6 Times—$2.20 15 Words—3 Times—$2.40 15 Words— 6 Times—$3.30 TAKE 10% DISCOUNT FOR CASH WITH ORDER! Clip and Mail to Classified Department, Pharos-Tribune & Press Your Nome Your Address ".

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