The Billings Gazette from Billings, Montana on January 13, 1963 · 1
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The Billings Gazette from Billings, Montana · 1

Billings, Montana
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 13, 1963
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- ... -;;:rr,';p-." :1 i : I wi i tl I 1 ' -'' "Of WYOMING SENATE Kerr-Mills Bill Ready ICTlfr Vtlltttys (fazrttr I Sunday, January 1, 196 111 j Morning Edition leadline to a 50-So malchinff bjisis. Harlow s.iiri his hill probably wiiuld be submitted to the Senate CIIKYENNK. Wyo. U'l' The Sublette County Rojutliiitn ' Mi -mh Committee would "muke Monday or Tuesdav L" . . a fc' ..... 11. .!... It ..,.1.1 klfl! .l "lI'irHD k t 1. til i Mi ' A t kill II It, k .." f , ' fSWIIU iSl-ll. .SMI I1MIII fUlllliw, It' I mini III ""'.'Hll wuum lui I J niiimumB i"i iv ni ivdoiiij Sublette, said Saturday he would I out the necessary measures (or funds." 9 H t -V . ..... introduce a bill early next week the statu of Wyoming lo comply with the federal Kerr-MilU An which provides certain t.ies of hospitalization and medical care for those uKed who cannot finance their own. to implement the federal Kerr-MilU Act lor medical cure for the aued in Wyoming. :,. UiMHrtv. NEW CHEYENNE POSTOFFICE AND COURTHOUSE This Is an artist's conception of the new post office and federal courthouse in Cheyenne. The two-story building at left will house the court and post office. The eight-story building will contain offices of the Departments o( Defense; Health, Education and Welfare; Interior, Justice, the Treasury and General Services Administration. Total cost of the building to be built on a block-square site is estimated at i?5 million. It will be built of reinforced concrete faced with stone, aluminum and colored panels. REQUIREMENTS TOO LAX Contractors Ask Stiff UCC Law in the Hubbard, cosper; itobert w. ui- sen. Casper; C. J. Abbott, Lara mie; Dunne Manfull. Thermopo- CASPER (AP) The Associat- ( pected to be introduced ed General Contractors of Wyo-11963 legislature, ming adopted resolutions Friday The contractors said stiifer recalling for stiffer requirements be-1 quirements should be made before the unemployment compen-jfore jobless workers are allowed sation program and cautioning the to collect unemployment benefits. legislature against pumng mei Legislative control of tne hiRh-jare ncw members Wyoming nignway ueparimem way Duagei would namper uexi- budget under legislative controls, ibility in the highway program, the resolution said. In other resolutions, the contractors: Called for a Wyoming law to required road construction by counties to be done on a competitive bidding basis. Opposed any move to repeal Strict Spending Rein Forecast In Legislature Legislature Takes first Weekend Recess ( ost Khtliiiute Diliicult 11,11 low ha id it would be diliicult to make an estimate ot the amount of Mute matihing fundi) needed in the Kerr-.MilW pro-cram, but that possibly ns much Kndursrd by Mrdleul Society as $.vm),(MK) to $K0,00 should he Harlow said the bill carried the appropriated by Wyoming for the endorsement of the Wyoming next two year to meet the need. State Medical Society "and other) However, he said the state's groups concerned with medical cost might be much lower. vare." states share in the program on "This U a 'must' piece of 1eis- a matching basis determined by 1:ilinn if tlm Kt.'iti nf Ui'itmim i tlwir rplntivp r:ttp nf ner rnitilii CIIKYKNXK fAP) The Wyo- ,0 wnrd 0)f ,hc dangers of fed- income. And Wyominn s is hiyh, mine Legislature broke fr its irjil nuwIic'irA Inuiulril ifin Hint is . li-rl I Ll.l... ..... r .. . . -. I ni-uu i ci i as t " scnemiied to be considered by me lowing short sessions In the House mh Congress," said Barlow. Senu,te- . I Ho said his planned bill makes The only House action was to no provision (or nn nppropriation. amend the rules, changing the hu, hp a((l(.lt ,.,, )(.;IUSC ,,, name of the Ways and Means Gov t-i(ord p. ii;,n.s,.n-8 Ktro,m Committee to the Appropriations recommendation that such legis- commiuee. several ouis were introduced Friday afternoon, including one providing for registration of lobbyists. Sen. Robert Murphy. D Natronn. said he would introduce a resolu- GOOD MAN ON THE JOB Ihr iukk sctilt-nit'iil of the l.aun-l nliniry irikr ai i credit tu the fffirt of jirl (.Lvadi'twhrr, ho rixcivtd praie from both Ulxir nd niaiUKciiirnt. R. J. STUDER AND SONS lation be passed, the Ways and Membership Drive On Phone 259-5067 FROZEN PIPES? ELECTRIC THAWING WOKLAND. Wyo. The Wor- riTF.VF.NXR (Api T1i .tnlnt tion next week pro)osing a con-'land Chamber of Commerce lis-'Robert A. Read. Cheyenne, ' Legislative Wavs and Means stitiition.-il amendment for initiative kicked off its annual membership' and Petersen or Appropriations - committees, n.n(l relerendum procedures in drive Friday. I FAST SERVICE RADIO DISPATCHED TRUCKS Hubbard, Mullinax and Wagner" take a very close look at any The group unanimously reaffirmed its stand in favor of a right-to-work law in Wyoming. A bill calling for such a law is ex- neat dims High? House Uncomfortable? Investigate and YOU WILL INSULATE With ROCKWOOL Fireproof Insulation Installed in new or existing structure by factory-trained experts from INSUL-FIBRE CO. 2922 Minn. Ave., 248-6990 n Send Literature A Q Have tstimator Call jrjj Three Injured As Cars Crash right-to-work laws where they now exist. Opposed any law which would! CODY, Wyo. A Powell, Wyo., i man and two Cody girls were injured in a two car collision on ; Cody's icy streets Saturday night. Bill Kremer, 25, suffered head Wyoming A similar proposal, also by Mur- new spending legislation. Ren. Ed ward J. Breece, R-Fremont, said phy. was defeated in the luil scs Saturday. , sion. Breece is chairman of the One of Few Without House committee. Breece said he Wvoming is one of the few feels chances that the legislature st;,tes that does not have a pro-may have to raise taxes or findcemire for the voting public to new sources of revenue are bot- initiate legislation or pass judg- ier mis session man in me pusi nlent on hills adopted by the leg islature. Murphy said. Rep. William F. Swanton iiiiv i . . ; i f : r 1 n .1 legalize secondary boycotts in the l-" 'i, construction industry. Catherine Schmidt, 17. suffered . . .1 nnilr mi urine in tha aiiirlant Called for placing unions under," ",tt anti-trust laws. CASPER MAN ELECTED CASPER (AP) - William R. Asbell of Casper has been elected president of the Associated General Contractors of Wyoming. He succeeds Leo Petersen of Douglas. Other officers are Jack Mullinax, Sheridan, vice president, and Doyle Weigner, Cheyenne, secretary-treasurer. All officers are members of the board. Other board members are J. C. They were admitted to W. R, Coe Memorial Hospital here where their condition was listed as satisfactory. Cody police said Miss Schmidt was driving one car which was involved in a collision with the car driven by Sherman Flom of few terms. Can Be Done The joint committee will have R- Natrona. House majority leader, a difficult time keeping budgeted said the word "appropriations" expenditures, recommended byj gives the public a better idea of Gov. Cliff Hansen Friday, within estimated revenue. "But I think we can do it," Breece said. The governor's budget docs not consider possible appropriations for Wyoming's share of possible federal Kerr-Mills medical funds, Breece pointed out. The proposed budget also does not include funds to pay for a possible increase in state aid to vui viitvii v y hjui. i mini i ivin vi Li- i t-t Powell. The Schmidt car received Pubhc schoo,s' Breece said- damage to the rear end. Auto Radio ( SERVICE Fast, efficient service on all cars. D'ivt in tor quick service, or call us and we'll pick up car and return it. Top quality parts and skilled technicians assure vou ot dependable service. DAVIS RADIO & TV Phono 252-5131 3111 First Avenue North Two Men Unhurt In Plane Crash THERMOPOLIS (AP) - Two Riverton men escaped injury to-1 day when their light airplane broke a propeller while landing; at an emergency air strip on Boy-sen Peak near Thermopolis. Tim Coleman was the pilot and owner of the plane which was taking a Riverton Valley Rural Electric Association repairman to the peak to work on some of the firm's relay equipment. the work of the former Ways and Means Committee. The Senate is expected to take similar action nex week. The House and Senate Appropriations, or Wavs and Means, committee1; "le ! mont inintlir Hiirinn tho EAGcinn In IIIVVI JWI.IklJ UUI lllh HI. c.i. . v recommend budget expenditures and pass on other spending bills. Fourth Lobbyist Proposal This is the fourth session In which Rep. Arthur Buck, D-Lara-mie, has proposed that lobbyists be required tc register with the proposals Need Matching Fund Bills Anv other hills com ins un in the legislature that called for addi- legislature. Previous tinnal Knpnrlinp should h.ive have been defeated. matching measures for raising! Other bills introduced in the money, Breece added. ! House: The joint committee has no, Require hail insurance firms to plans to visit state institutions, Breece said. Two members, in cluding Sen. Richard Jones, R-Park, the Senate chairman, visited most of the institutions with Hansen before the legislature convened. Heads of some institutions are post a $100,000 bond with the state insurance commissioner to back up reliability of the Insurance firms; Appropriate $9,943 to pay for moving a steam engine and three railroad cars from main tracks onto the State Fairgrounds in ATTENTION STATE FARM POLICYHOLDERS M. J. BIDLAKE 3020 4th Ave. N.. Billmqs r K' - JOHN G. ZUCK 1304 16th St. W., Billinqs JOHN B. MADDEN BERT LILUS 1304 16th St. W.. 515 N. 27th, Billings Billinqs RAY MORISETTE Hardin, Montana TED SWIFT Lewistown, Montano Have been invited to attend the State Farm conference in DENVER, COLO. JAN. 21-23 CURTIS FINNICUM Lewistown, Montana After this three day meeting with top executives, they will be even better able to serve the family insurance needs of their State Farm policyholders. Morris T. Wold District Manager Billings - STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Home Otiices: Bioomingion, liimois TATI fIM The two men walked nhnut 300 State hospital, would meet With yards to the KWRB-TV transmit-1 lne committee Monday. ter building for shelter. It is the only shelter within an 18-mile radius. Another plane was to fly a new propeller and tools to the peak so the damaged plane could be repaired and flown back to Riverton. The temperature was 17 de grees below zero at the time of the accident. expected to meet with the joint Douglas. The cars were donated committee to discuss and in as exhibits by three railroads; some cases, justify their budg-jand ets with the legislators. - j Allow' the sale of raw milk for Breece said Dr. William N. ! consumption, but not for resale. Karn Jr., superintendent of thei New Zealand Similar lo U.S. LARAMIE, Wyo. "I am amazed with the similarities between New Zealand and the United States. In fact," wrote Ada Russell, Wyoming's International Farm Youth Exchange delegate to New Zealand, the large number of similarities has been my biggest cultural shock." Miss Russell said every New Zealand home she has visited has hot and cold running water, an Hansen Heads Visit Jo Livestock Show CHEYENNE (AP) Gov. Cliff Hansen headed a group of about 300 Cheyenne businessmen and Wyoming legislators on a special train to Denver Saturday for National Western Livestock Show. 1,799,441 Persons Visit Grand Teicn GRAND TETON PARK. Wyo. Park Superintendent Fred C. Fagergren said Saturday that 1.799,441 persons visited Grand Teton National Park in 1962 to break all previous travel records for a year. Previous record year was 1959 when 1,529,638 visits were re- The special train was greeted corded. Travel to Grand Teton in Denver by Colorado officials, j has exceeded one million every The train will return tonight. I year since 1954. Livestock, Range Said In Best Shape in Years CHEYENNE (UPD-The condition of Wyoming livestock and ranges on Jan. 1 was the best reported in 11 years, the cooperative crop and livestock reporting service said Saturday. The joint federal-state agency cent a month earlier and 73 per cent a year earlier. The four-year average was 74 per cent. Cattle and calves were reported at 89 per cent, down one point for the month, but well above the average condition a year ago and the 84 per cent mark for the years from 1957-61. Sheep and lambs were reported to be at 89 per cent, too, com ber, 85 per cent a year ago and a four- year average of 84 per cent. OPEN SUNDAY t said that the mild weathpr nf De- electnc stove and a refrigerator, cember permitted grazing on win-Frame houses, she added, are the ter ranges with little use of sup-most common although brick is'piemental feeding, though it be- ?HM1p,..ti .-r-H J0.!"?!"!0.65?.'" "iPared to 87 per cent in Decern. , u ihjicii i iuw aim com mi me suite. uate of Wyoming University, are The condition of Wyoming range much like American meals meat, feed on Jan. 1 was reported at potatoes, vegetables, and sweets 85 per cent, compared to 86 per 'dessert) but there are more of them. Mutton is the chief meat and is sometimes served twice a day. "In the course of a day they have breakfast, morning tea, lunch or dinner, afternoon tea, tea, and supper," she continued. "Scones, biscuits, cakes, and hot tea are served for morning and afternoon teas and supper." The New Zealand cars are mostly English-made, but there are some American cars on the road, she added. To New Zealanders, American cars look like Cadillacs. Miss Russell will return to Wyoming in May. 4-tl Club Members To Attend Conference LARAMIE, Wyo. Three Big Horn Basin 4-H club members are among four who will represent Wyoming at the National Club Conference April 20-26 in Washington. D.C. They are Ruth Trierweiler of Buffalo and Gary Kleinschmidt. of Worland, students at Wyoming University; and Larry Earhart of Powell, a student at Northwestern Community College at Powell. Theodore Ley of Powell, also a student at Northwestern College, is a second alternate. Don't jump to Conclusions on your ; V4I iVil Soviets Find Oil MOSCOW 'API Soviet geologists have discovered large oil and gas deposits in the Caspian Sea area of Kazakhstan, Tass news agency reported today. Avoid troublesome, costly mistakes! To be SURE take your tax to BLOCK! You'll get fast, accurate guaranteed service ... at a cost so small you'll b 'way ahead in time, trouble, and often even money saved. See BLOCK today' wmaBmtnaaammm E Tl BOTH FEDERAL AND STATE GUARANTEf: We guarantee accurate preparation at every tax return. If we make any errar that coit yee any penalty er in'ereit, we will pay the penalty r interest. - tin CO. Nation' le'ent Tax Service M6 O'ticn Acren the UnitM Srett We Have 2 New Offices to Serve You in Billings 904 Wvomin, Ave. 2905 Third Ave. No. Main OH.ce 259-1088 Downtown OM.ce 2S9-3885 Weekdays 9 A.M. to 9 P.M., Sat. & Sun. I NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY SAVE HERE j ---U.S.JreasuririTeVanmenT "- -J --iJnfBrnal Revenue Service f- t- - , Announcing... mfT A SCRVICI TO TAXPAVtlt Ever wish, at income tax time, that you had a complete record of every cent you spent for drugs and drug products throughout the year and how much of it was legally dcductihlc? That kind of a record could save you money. And that kind of a moid can now he yours, every year, ahsohuely free of charge. This new service is called DriigTax. We are making it available lo all of our customers immediately, free of charge, as another way of saying "thank you" for their patronage. You would lie surprised at the number of drug and medical supplies that can he of a dcductihlc nature items such as antiseptics, aspirin, cough and cold preparations, and hundreds of others. Indeed, the American taxpayer has been losing millions of dollars annually because he hasn't Iwen aware of how many drug item are legally deductible. But you must he able to offer proof of purchase in oidcr to claim such iiems in preparing your federal income tax return. And when you buy from us, you get that proof in the form of an annual record, mailed in February. Come in today and let us tell you more alwut DrugTax. And from now on, buy all of your drug and medical supplies from the store that gives you the free DrugTax record. MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACY 1240 N. 27th Street Phone 252-5197 Airport Rood at Poly Drive Ray C. Stciner, Reg. Ph. PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY COMPLETE DRUG STORE Announcing.. HUEBNER'S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Established in Billings in 1922 by Harley M. Huebner and formerly located at 219 N. 29th Street. HAS BEEN PURCHASED BY MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACY These stores have now bepn consolidated and the business will be continued at the MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACY . . . Serving Billings at the present location for the past 7 years l;rm ill.: I I';! V I I I 1 1 . r1 Prescriptions originally filled ot Hueb-ner's Pharmocy may now be Refilled at the Medical Center Pharmacy. MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACY 1240 N. 27th St. AIRPORT ROAD AT POLY DRIVI Phone 252-5197

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