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Daily News from New York, New York • 17

Daily Newsi
New York, New York
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17 -r DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, AUGUST 30, 1924. "THE IRON HORSE" GOOD; NEED NOT FRIGHTEN ANY ONE AWAY occupy the state box at the 7:30 performance Monday evening. BARRY IN SIX PLAYS Wesley Barry, the juvenile, instead of appearing in a Marshall Neilan production, will play six special features for Rus. sell Productions, the first of which is "A Little Outcast." CHANCE TO SEE JACKIE COOGAN Movie fans will have an opportunity to get a closeup of Jackie Coogan at the Capitol theatre next week, where his newest production, "Xittle Robinson Crusoe," will be presented. Jackie, accompanied by Mother and Daddy Coogan, will CABINET MEETS ON GROWING WAR MENACE IN CHINA Washington, D.

Aug. 29. The cabinet went into session today with President Coolidge to consider the (Reprinted from yesterday's final edition. By McELLIOTT. Title: "THE IRON HORSE." Type: DRAMA.

Directed byJOHN FORD. Produced by WILLIAM FOX. Presented in the LYR1C.THEATRE. When you take the overland'trail from Chicago to San Francisco you are very likely to- grumble at the heat, the cinders, the service in the dinine- car and the Pullman accommodations, for TRAVEL TRANSPORTATION. TRAVEL TRANSPORTATION.

SUNDAY Up the Hudson To Newburgh and Return gravity of the Chinese civil situation. Secretary of State Hughes is understood to have presented reports from 'American Charg-e d'Af faires Bell-that war is threatened near the getting, in this comparative luxury, the blood and tears which were spent to make the transcontinental 'rail trips a reality. Of blood and tears, then, is "The Iron Horse" a. a. Kensselaer Hound -M woven, an epic sort of picture somewhat after the manner of "The Covered Wagon," 6ut quite distine-1 j.

-1 ic oi, leaves Pier 32. NT. ft. vt Canal A i 10:00 A. M.

Return trip lrm NewbnrFii 4 tin a President Coolidge Kegular Nitht Boat Service to Albany and Trnv fioat leaves Pier 32 A ft f. West 1HH St" P. M. Snrini Shanghai Nanking region of ur. Carte) P9t a rn a vt.

vn-G. hudsof: navigation company nve 01 useii. i It does not suffer by comparison, because it needs none particularly. You see a gallant little array of men fighting the way, bit by bit, across desert and hill. You see rail and tie laid foot by foot, costing the great price of human life now and again, and always costing sacrifice and hard work, You are amused by the flapdoodle of an able there are many Time Te'.

Canal 9000 China, where Americans. TV Fred Kohler Go to ORANGE LAKE PARK actor, J.Farrell MacDonald, in a role of tilrn Irish American business interests are sunfferrng with the tieup of the Shanghai-Peking railroad. The 3,000 Americans in Shang Hudson Rivei man which somehow breaks away from conventional bounds and becomes surprisingly alive; interested in the brawny, nice boy hero. hai include more than 1,000 women or MT. BEACON SUNDAY and LABOR DAY The trip to Poachkeenale makes drlitbl'ul all-day Kail.

Palatial Str. "BENJ. B. ODEiX" Newburgh-Beacon $1.25 l'oufhkeeptie $1.50 HOIND TBI I'M Music Restaurant lunthroom I.eare FRWRI.IV A.M.; W. 1-nith 9:00 A.M.

A Ram or fibice. mm 1 DAY1IGHT CENTRAL HUDSON LINE Yr Hirert rail roneetion. Kail tirkels Albany Tiror to New York. Mnsif. Krtnullll daylisht bavins time.

lo is George Brien; engaged by the enormous eyed prettiness of Madge Bellamy as the inevitable girl, in the case, and quite gen-erally held throughout a series of vital adventures. r-tainly you are never bored. "The Iron Horse," then, need not frighten you. away because of its formidable title. Only a steam engine is indicated, my dears, not same legendary monster out of a frightening myth.

And it is set to one of those complicated music scores which en- ON SATURDAY. Al'Cl'ST 30 and For Polish kaepMe Kingston Point Sir. AleAander Hamilton and children. Many of them connected with the American missions are believed to be safe, according to reports received in Washington. Americans have mobilized with other members of the foreign quarter into the municipal volunteer corps.

This cbrps, together with the special police of the quarter, is considered adequate to protect foreigners in the city. Measures for actual protection of American discussed at the state department following advices that the situation in Shanghai is dangerous because of the war threats between rival touchuns. A list of American warships near Shanghai has been prepared, and 1,340 marines are reported near by in such positions that they might be used. DIRECTOR WINS PARIS FILM JOB Reginald Ford, the Parisian motion picture producer, for, whom Edward Jose directed Pearl White in "Terror," has i ssioned leavc Desbrosses A. 4-M i St :10 A.

W. 9 A M. i For 'atkill. HutlMiQ ami Albany Sir. Ilendrirk ilurfon leaves Dewbrosws OO A MO A.

W. i-IOlh 9:40 A. Yonkers. 10. lo A.M.

For Indian Point. Bear Mountain. fWest Point. tNewbursll and tPoueh-keepsie Mr. le Mitt Clinton leaves Pev brofe 9 AO A.

W. 40d 10:10 A. W. St. A.

i For i Indian Tuint. 1 Bear Mountain. iWest Point and 1 Sevrhtn frh Sir. Albany leaves Desbrosse 1 SIO P. W.

4 id I 1:50 P. M. W. 129lh P. Yonkei.

-Z P. M. For -( Newburgh. Ponchkeepaie. Kingston Point and CatSKiil Str.

Robert fultnn Madge Bellamy and (ieorge O'Brien A REAL OUTING! SATURDAY, SUNDAY AND LABOR DAY Palisades Interstate Park Take Dyckman St. Ferry Fare5c Bathing Outdoor Sports 5,000 Lockers 10c toeek day a. 25c Sun, (t holidays New Wading Pool for Cliildrro Carousel. Swings, Baby Slides, Bft route for anto to point in K. Boats Liilarped to carry mole vt tiK-it-s.

NO DELAYS I leaves Hebros M. 1 p. vv 4 P. W. liJtth St CO P.

M. I ON StXDY, Al t. I ST 31. For Indian Point. Iar MoDtitain.

5 buren and Ponrnkeepsie Sir. Alexander lliimillon leaves Liesbroasrs 8 A. M. Fo'- Newbureb. iPonehUeertsie.

Poml. Calskill. Hudson and Albany compass all things, even the wild war cries of the bloodthirsty Chey-ennes. This is a little hard on the ears, and I am sure you will be relieved when the frenzied orchestra leader melts again into the love theme which indicates that Mr. O'Brien is about to take the titivated Miss Bellamy, willingly, into his arms.

Cyril Chadwick and Fred Kohler are two very able villains, up to their old tricks to the bitter end. The cast also includes Francis Powers. James Welch, Gladys Hulette and Will Walling in competently handled parts. Wnhineton lriiir leaver llrsbrdpws Sir. (ill A W.

4'M St A Kxo-jrmoli stvHtu, Si-w hi Viimninth Mr. Jose during his stay in New York to arrange all material for the pro-d i of a number of fea" tures to be produced in Paris. Mr. Jose is now busy reading, stories and selecting stars. "Terrors" will and on the three-cent surface line over Manhattan bridge was tied up 30 minutes.

CAR DERAILMENT INJURES THREE Three men were slightly hurt and twenty-five passengers, including women and children, were shaken up yesterday morning when MOTION PICTURES. w. 9 :40 A. M. Yonkers, 10.15 A I For Indian Point.

Bear Mountain. and Poillik'eie, Str. Ir Witt llnton leavrs Drsbrosg-" 0:50 A- and Str. Albany Iravp W. 4Cd 10:10 A.

M. W. A. Vonserw. 11.05 A.

M. i For ilndian Point. tlar Mountain and i Str. Kobrrt Fulton leavo lr-, hrowfi 1.30 W. 4M 1:60 V.

W. S9tH CIO P. M. I ON MONDAY. Sl.l'TEMItF.R 1 For flnJiaii Pomt.

tNVwburffh tPouih-: keff' and Kngclon Point. Sir. Alex, i ander llamilloa ltavrs Debbrusses i A. M. i For Ponf hker psie, Kinpj-lnn Point.

lludMiti and Alhany, St. Albnnv Doabro A- W. 4 9 .20 A. W. Otll Si 0 40 A.

Yonkffrs. 10 15 A -M I For Point, Rear Mountain, Pearl White ENTRAQ THEATRE 2 oi'KMxt; TIIXOKRim A I INKK tllie Ballroora BMt. Special Mutic on Evening Trip by Ben Bernie't Mandalay Orchettrc To ATLANTIC lllliHLANIW Bpi Return it. Battery 1 andinf Atlanlie IlirhUml. 3 o0 A 1 .11 A M.

5. llAj l.M TRIP TOII1V. SI Nl A I.AIIOK DAY Str. STMIK" In. Battery V.

M. DAYLIGHT TIM K. Buffet. Krffebmrnl DANCING TT1P 1 Fare 50c 'iVfrphon hnp irf en T04x. ja De Kalb ave.

surface car jumped Vi'illiam Toxprestrts be released here in September under the title of "Perils of Paris." Almost sounds like "Peark of Pauline," eh Jules Eckert GoodmxxixChwtPlar the tracks at iatDusn ave. extension and DeKalb Brooklyn. A loose crossover plate caused the derailment. Service on the DeKalb tWVt Point- tNwbu'h and tPonsh- r. if Uitt (union leaves lle- MOTION PICTURES.

A. and Sir. Kolirrt 10:10 A. W. 3roUetcaiiTboatCo.

ALL. tVATKK KOI IK DIM KIT TO BOARDWALK, Coney Island 10-30 A. M. rJe Regular neryu-e will be rebumed od EMMETT FLYNN H.ODU I i Tne.dav. SeDlemher Isneeial Seliennle for ATI' KltA Y.

Al Lv.V.l-Otht rier 1, N.K. Couey 4.1 A i I it. is i iu 1 I (Ml FRANK LLOYD'S The SEA HAWK MHI I 11.10 COO 1 7 IH) 1 1(1 4ti i lO.l.'S 11.1. I 1 OO 2.0O n.iu III Ill 40 1-; oi i.oo 1.4. t.4.

4 1 MS b.ih T.OO 4. :) Bj iAii.L SABillNL A Firat Nalidnai lictra. The risht I reervel to omit ptops or i-hanse leaving time should povf-rnment iiL-nted -anaoity of gteami-r be rt'ahd. Itouud trip Rate: Nen- York to Indian Point or Bear Mountain, SI. 15; tVet Point.

1. New burnli. roucli-keeie. tlO: Kinoton Point, $3 tu; tal-kill. t.V0; Hudson, Albany.

Keturn sleamer to New York eame day from marked Ideal One-Day Outlinn Further information at D9brosse St. Pier, i -w York Telentione Canal 0300. Mh to. tCTng imams. war 4l 4.4i 4 A "SOMETHING REALLY EXTRAORDINARY." Morning Telegraph.

MARION AVIES fn Janice Meredith Tremendoje Cast of 8.500 People! CAt Ciliabus Cirtltj. osmopolitan World's Mot Charmlnr Theatre Tvriee I ilT. i i 8:30. Sun. Mac.

at 3. TVu: Bale. 50c Ees. a S. Sun.

Mao- Orth tl.W: Bale. 9Jc, Buy Yaur Seats Advance. 4 a iee Iilir 10 I Trio marked doea rot to to Trip marked does not atop at Pier 1. R. ROCKAWAY BEACH Douglas Fairbanks THIEF OF BAGDAD i.t.

v. si. M. I Pier 1. V.

K. 10.15 M. i.ltO V. M. Beaeh OHth M.

i KiM-kanar P. M. V. M. HUDSON ft RTVTEPk.

wniTFnu.i. rj7 Tel. sky LIBERTY ANDY GUMP HERE IN MOVIE DRAMA Andy Gump has stepped from the comic strip of THE NEWS into motion pictures. He plays a part in "Flirting With Love," co-featuring Colleen Moore and Conway Tearle at the Mark Strand theatre starting Sunday. Will Murphy, who is Andy's only living counterpart, helps Colleen Moore liven things somewhat in one of the picture's laugh scenes.

ALICE LAKE TO PLAY LEAD IN A NEW FILM Alice Lake, former Metro star, who has been in the east for the past few months, has been engaged for the lead in the new Whitman Bennett production, "The Lost Chord." Dagmar Godowsky plays the vamp in the film. FORREST ADDED TO BARKER CAST Allan Forrest has been added to the cast of "The Great Divide," being directed by Reginald Barker i ii -1 1 I- i i Tirlct Dailr llat. at I Pan. 4'! St. at Broadwar.

Up Hudson tc A onlinnnu to A. AME (J OINT Matinee Today 2.30 Tonight 8.30 ROTON PJ to 11. M. GUAZZONI Great Motion Picture Suectacie. ARK MOUNTAIN MESSAUNA kill TH X(IKV4IK I IIVV VALENTINO BEAUCAIRE." ftodntltinn The Ptlhllr'n Wonderful PlaTtrnund teel Str.

lermom" Batlrry Dally A.M.: W. t. 0.4S A.M. Ittirnii.r Lvs. Bear Mountaiu 5: due 8 P.

Special Hours' ail. Hours' at Park. Biuimsr. RNr 1 I NfllKOtlM at PAKR I Str. Sea Uate Lvs.

Battery Daily 10 A. Uiasou Point Park. 11 A. M. Ret.

arr. i Pt. 7 P. Battery. 8 M.

Round TRANII B'T47 f'Miiil Symohoi mohnnv THE IRON Orrlievtra THE TOWERING TRIUMPH OF ALL TIME 3 YEARS IN THE MAKING Head the SUNDAY NEWS. THE DrHMf fnenin.nerpitct i Tr'n VV'eek Days, $1: Sims. A FTTH NOONS BTTI1RY to I.XSON TEN COMMANDMENTS HORSE MORNINt.S Two Steel Steamers Itattery. A.

M.t W. 1.1M 9:43 A. M. Alwnt 4 Meel Sleanier Pier A.

N. i auj. altery), 1 In 1.1M tit 3.13 A Paramount Prod's Famous Pl itci l.aikj PritprinTHKATRK, "ilir A John Ford Prottuettoir. P.M. 5 i r.

at hours at Ilea'- NOW THKATRK St. W. of B'way Rye PeMS Boats Weekdays A Sum. V'SJ It. Battery A.M M.

I t. S. ftth Bklyn.lH:0O A. P. M.

loot st. a.m.. 3.00 P. CYTB1 RflAT SATl RDAV. Mltl LYRIC TAI MAnnc aaaaiii-aVa Twiee Daily.

2-5 813a. Iwelatf iwf fconqy CAPITOL- orsoa KOOnd 1 rip Allol tl iMm, I ulitades Interstate Piu'k I omsiiwiies. Teleplione lline Or. LAST OAV AT POP. PRICES "SECRETS' IALT0 Speeial Rothafe) PreseotatlCT By.

Boat inr. Pnrinr. Bath Houses. 1 BROOKLYN. REFRESHMENTS Til ewiH8 6rfm 77l FARE 50c "The Covered Wagon" A Paramount Production RIVOLI CONCERT ORCHESTRA P0LA NEGRI in Lllr OF THE BrST" "Fool "Fools in the Dark" MIDLAND BEACH cuat 4 P.

M. Mnaieal Prssrasiaia 1V0U B'way, irum i ne imam augnn moony play. Forrest will play the role of Dr. Winthrop Newbury. Alice Terry and Conway Tearle head the (Cast.

i- I BrMtha -Sjibns Lv. Battery 18 A. I isflinf Tsmarrsw Read the SUNDAY NEWS. 0n5i ts PAR PH VALENTINO 49 SV A Paramount Pirture KIESENFELO'S CLASSICAL JAZZ SIEUR 8EAUCAI RfeV.

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