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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 15

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17, 1940. Council of Social Agencies Reviews Year Accomplishments F.W. Berry Re-elected President At Annual Meeting' F. W. Berry was- re-elected president of the Ottawa Council of Social Agencies for his second term, at the annual meeting held Tuesday night at the Chateau Laurier.

Others elected to hold office for the 1940 terra Included honorary president, Henri St. Jacques, K.C.; vice-presidents, Thomas H. Blair, John J. Lyons, Paul Cay, A. J.

Freiman; honorary secretary, W. M. Gernmell; honorary treasurer, Vf. M. Connor; Most Interpret Work.

The necessity for- unremitting of the place of the Council of Social Agencies, as a mutual association of social work for the furtherance of common interests, was" emphasized by Mr. Berry in giving the chairman's address. "In time of war the position of the "Council assumes "great importance. We must strive con stantly 4o maintain a proper balance between peacetime or rather "all-time" agencies and -those active only -when the nation is at war. At uic request 01 jocai miu- ury auuionues ine uiiawa (council of Social Agencies set up a committee to co-ordinate welfare work among the soldiers' families.

The regulations set down by the Ottawa Area Commandant require all such activities to be aDDroved by the Council." Mr. Berry stated that a closer relationship was established during the year between the Council and the Community Chests. The Council now has a direct, representation on the Budget Committee of the Community Chests. Reviews Year's Work. A summary of the accomplishments during the year was given by Miss Joy A.

Maines, in the report of the executive secretary; During the year two courses for the purpose of familiarizing those interested in social work with the social resources in their community, were organized and completed, Tu I nx Mti art Vi sta if W1U1 tuiiiuiisiu a -cw IBS. Following the second course two additional courses in Child ellare and Family Welfare were arranged. A nw director of social re sources containing information about 71 social agencies In the city was published. The Social Service Exchange was also operated by the council as-a co-operative service for all social agencies. The service of the exchange was used by 51 agencies, and 5,507 registrations were made of which 3,702 were for families previously known to social agencies.

The Exchange has been in operation for 25 years and registrations are be ing received xor second ana uura generations. There is one grouping listed -with the Exchange indicating that 50 inter-related families have received aid from social Agencies. The Christmas Exchange gave service to 235 different groups Including churches, service clubs and other organizations which registered names of. 1,34 families. Christmas Cheer was provided for 809 families of the 1,012 families recommended by social agencies as being in need of Christmas Cheer.

Miss Maines paid tribute to Miss Studte who has charge of both the. "Exchange services. Aid Tar Soldiers Families. The Council approved the plan I forming a Catholic Family Service Bureau. A special committee set up during the year due to war conditions, was the co-ordinating committee for Welfare Services to Soldiers' Families.

The Council of Social Agencies also joined with other Canadian councils in making representations to the Government in regard to the, transient problem whirh Mtisted last Tear. The report of the Wellington Community Centre of which Mrs. X. Harris, is supervisor, was also presented by Miss Maines. The activities of the Centre sewing and knitting classes sponsored by the May Court Club and athletic activities for boys; library and dancing class spon- and dramatic and choral work under the direction of Mrs.

Arnold Murphy and Mrs. Harris. Y.M.C.A. leaders also conducted activities for Iwrva. and concert and danMi were also sponsored by the Centre W.

M. Connor gave the treas urer's report. In presenting the report of the Health Division, Mrs. W. Ford Pratt stated that the main problem of the division during the past year was the need for extended dental service for school children and adults unable to pay for this service, i ne neea ior iurmer eye clinic service has also been brought to the attention of the division.

Mls Williams' Report. Miss Thelma D. Williams, In presenting the report of the Family Division, stated that three general linn ttmr hM ffurlnff th year. The problem of the lack of emergency relief for families pending their acceptance by the Public Relief Department was considered" by the division. A subcommittee of the Family Division met with representatives from the Department of Pensions and Na tional Health to discuss plans for the investigation of Dependents 1 OUR PLATE LUNCHES Are Making a Great Bit tro.20C KARSO VS Limited.

Center Baak and Sparks Sis. Allowances, and an arrangement was made whereby the welfare agencies which had known the families in peace-time should make the investigations for -Dependents' Allowances. The report the Children's Division of the Council of Social Agencies was presented by Mrs. M. Jean Henshaw.

During the year three meetings were held, and at the first meeting the difficulties faced by parents who have several children and a small Income were discussed. At the second meeting it was the opinion that foster home placements were more advisable than institutional placements when long periods of care are indicated. At the third meeting the problems of the "Child Refugee" were discussed. The Recreation and Character Building Division report was presented by Miss 'Eunice Tyhurst. This division also held three gen eral meetings during the year, and at the first meeting 21 agencies presented reports on their work, so that by giving a better understanding of their work, greater co-oper ation might be achieved.

A survey on unemployment among men and women between the ages of 18 and 30 was presented at the second general meeting, when representa tives of all the members organizations In Council of Social Agencies were present At the final meeting Arthur Lismer spoke on "Creative Mrs. E. H. J. Barber gave the report of the Women's Advisory Committee.

During the year four meetings were held with an average attendance of 13 members from voluntary--and professional social work groups serving the needs of girls and single women. Mrs. H. F. H.

Hertzberg moved- the adoption of the reports, and the report of the nominating com mittee was presented by Mrs. Barber. Colonel Harrison "Back From England His arrival coinciding with ports that Britain is placing large new orders in Canada, Colonel W. A. Harrison of the Advisory Coun cil of the Department of Munitions and Supply returned to Ottawa Tuesday after a six-weeks mission in the United Kingdom for the for mer War Supply Board.

He would not comment on the results of his trip, before making a report to the Minister of the De partment. He did say, however, that Anthony Eden, Secretary for the Dominions, and Hon. Vincent Massey, Canadian High Commissioner, had done everything pos sible to facilitate his efforts. Cap tain Eden entertained him at a luncheon at which Leslie Burgen, Minister of Supply; W. S.

Morrison. Minister of Food, and the Duke of Devonshire, Under-Secretary of State, were among the guests. Colonel Harrison, who was ac companied to England by E. A. Bromley, spent two days at Camp Aldershot with Major General A.

G. L. McNaughton, and found Can adian troops In "excellent health and fine He had heard them praised on all sides. Revelstoke Pilot Reported Missing REVELSTOKE, B.C., April 18. CP) -Mr.

and Mrs. A. W. Perry of Revelstoke today received word from the British War Office at London that their son, Sgt. George Perry of the Royal Air Force, has been missing since yesterday, following an air engagement The War Office cable did notP state where the engagement took place but it was believed here to have been in the Norwegian area.

Sgt Perry, 28. was born in Revelstoke and left here a year ago for England where he Joined the K-AJY Previously he had taken flying and technical instruction at Vancouver and Winnipeg. AMUSEMENTS VIOltTS Alt tlUV SHAMROCKS AXi '4W1V7, AMD SO Will YOU! 1 HdmS Special Added Attraction. "THE LIFE OF PRESIDENT F. W.

Berry who was re-elected president of the Ottawa Council of Social Agencies, at the annual meeting held at the Chateau Lander Tuesday night Freight Cars Bum Firegian Hurt SHERBROOKE, Que, April IS. (CP) One man was critically Injured today when eight cars and an of a fast Canadian National Railways westbound freight Jumped the tracks near here and burst into flames following an explosion in a car loaded with gasoline. The engine, pulling about 35 freight cars on the Portland-Montreal run. left the rails between Dixville and Norton, miles from here. Both the engineer.

J. Spence of Montreal, and the fireman, Omer Lavergne, leaped clear but the fireman was injured. The eight cars immediately be hind the engine were piled up when it was derailed. The eighth, carrying 8,000 gallons of gasoline, exploded as it was thrown from the tracks and the flames quickly spread to the other derailed cars, all of which were empty. Railways officials, who de spatched wrecking crews from Richmond and Island Pond, Que, said the train was loaded mostly with paper and potatoes and was going-torChlcago via Montreal.

The officials said the tracks would be cleared without any- disruption of train schedules. Y.M.C.A. Officers Named to Air Force MONTREAL, April 18. P) Appointment of four more Y.M.-CA, officers to serve with the Royal Canadian Air Force was announced today by Dr. George S.

Patterson, secretary of YJd.CA. services with the Air Force. They are E. R. McEwan and Donald B.

Macdonald, both of Winnipeg, R. Reekie, of London, Ont, and Dr. Gordon Turner of Trenton, Ont Both Macdonald and Dr. Turner will service on the staff at the Manning pool, Toronto R.C.A.F. while McEwan will direct services to the No, 1 Technical Air Training School at St Thomas, Ont, and Reekie will direct services to the Trenton air centre.

All appointments are effec tive Immediately. ENCOURAGE HOME BUILDING. EDMONTON. April 18. Formation of a board to assist and encourage private enterprise en gaging extensively in erection of moderately-priced houses in Alberta was announced today by Hon.

E. C. Manning, Minister of Trade and Industry. DANCE! Special Course I for Btginnert 15 Lessons $5 Call Today I And Arrange to Start LIEFF DANCE STUDIOS It Rldeao. ope.

Chateaa. S-ezM STARTS TODAY SEABISCUIT" Derailed THE OTTAWA 'JOURNAL 15 New Brunswick Budgets Surplus Of $13,723 FREDERICTON, April 16. CP) A surplus of $13,723 for the fiscal year ending next Oct 31 was estimated today by Hon. J. J.

Hayes Doone, provincial secretary-treasurer, as he presented the 1940 budget in the New Brunswick Legislature. Presenting his first budget. Mr. Doone disclosed that a provincial tobacco tax would be imposed and estimated total revenue at and expenditures at highest figures In provincial history; Impose Tobacce Tax. Revealing he expected the tobacco tax to bring additional revenue of $125,000, the new secretary-treasurer anticipated in creased revenue from stumpage, corporation profit taxes, insurance and railway taxes, succession duties, the New Brunswick Liquor Control Board, the provincial hospital motor vehicles taxes and the gasoline The estimated revenue Is almost $1,500,000 more than re ceipts for the last fiscal year 'while the estimated expenditures are $632,732 higher.

Last year, the province had a deficit of The estimates forecast decreased expenditures in two departments. Lands and Mines, including the Tourist Bureau, and the Federal Municipal Relations Branch of the Department of Education. Mr. Doone estimated the Corporation Profits Tax would bring the province $112,490, or almost $66,000 more than last year, and that income from the Liquor Control Board would be $1,550,000, an Increase of $247,000. Other Revenue Estimates.

Other revenue estimaves, with figures for the previous year in brackets, follow: succession du ties $500,000 motor vehicles fees $1,420,000 gasoline tax $2,070,000 stumpage $715,000 Reduced expenditures include: Department of Lands and Mines $415,367 Bureau of Information and Tourist Travel $81,800 Federal an Municipal Relations Branch 'of the Department of Education 050 Estimated increaies in the cost of administration include: public works education agriculture provincial hospital general government expenditures Motor Vehicles Law public debt $332,493. Practically all wild animals ex cept common rabbits will bite a man when first handled, says a writer in Natural History Maga zine. CINEMA TIME TABLE CAFITOI. "Road to Slnl 1.39. SSI.

IJS. T.40. 1.40. LAST COMPLETE SHOW a.M. CENTOS "Thro Cheers For Tho 11 M.

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IJ0: "Millionaire 1 M. 4 SO. 1 10. LAST COMPLETE ELGIN I IS. 4.04.

(.43. J3. LAST COMPLETE SHOW IMPERIAL "Black 1.00, JO. 1.49, 10.04; "Stunt 1 JO. 4.19, ID, LAST COMPLETE SHOW I BIALTO "Dark MS, S.40, S.4J.

"Campus tM. 8J. i. MA TPAIR "Laugh It -1. IB.

S.40; "Private Lives of Elizabtth and SJO. (.49, 1.44. RIDE AU "Serf JO, 9.16. "Un Fichu 11 40. 3.4S, SJJ.

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to pjn. 24-HOUR SERVICE CUP READING; atterneena and evtnlnft (except Sanday) Cavendish 184 Sparkf Street AMUSEMENTS. Coat from NOW SHOWINC! TEOIlIJICOLORIi Den AndW 1 AJ AMECHE-LEEDS -iOLSON PLUS 'Cillinj Philo Vance' Request Federal Census on Housing LONDON, April 16. iCFJ The Ontario Association of Real Estate Boards' convention today approved a resolution asking the Federal Government to obtain Information on property and housing conditions during taking of a general census next year. The convention concurred in a report of a special committee which studied the report of F.

H. Barlow, Master of the Ontario Supreme Court, on the administration of justice In the province. The special committee reported it could not recommend any changes to "interfere" with present procedure in mortgage actions, or appeals under the Assessment Act. Approximately 200 delegates attended opening of the convention today. Sessions conclude tomorrow.

Spanish Destroyers Go to Mediterranean CADIZ, Spain, April 16. CP) The Spanish cruiser Canada and a destroyer division arrived today from Lisbon-and will sail Satur day for Mediterranean ports. A visit to the Canary Islands has been cancelled. I SINCLAIR dancSg' M4 SPARES ST. i-a, s-tin AMUSEMENTS.

Bank OUmoar Pbone 1-SU1 NOW SHOWING una has PAuwcs FnMl Cow I RAYMOND JOAN MARJON- WALTta. MUDO 2nd HIT JOHN TRENT gaintlt IHMUt Mat lOe, Eve. Me "llww Iwt i Oallwaile SU TONIGHT 1 'Qaeslionnaire Nile' Copyrlshted 193 Ut PRIZE S60.0Q 2nd PRIZE S5.00 3rd PRIZE S5.00 On the Screen Big Hits "LOVE AFFAIR" With CHARLES BOYER "STRANGE FACES" With ANOY DEVINE Th GfaUtt Nov of Our Timtl TODAY Henry Fonda jane .1 wun COMPAWIOW FEATURE Oioty htlai Whirl of irsr JWK AC PENNERa nu to the Lanstk ml Thli Pras ram, a ani-rt Von Atton4 tht Dally MaUnaail DATE FOR MURDER HEARING. WINNIPEG, April 16. Mrs.

Frances Harrop, 47, was charged MIS WHEN OVER ONE-QUARTER OF THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE Gin OF OTTAWA HAVE GOME OUT TO SEE A GREAT mra.noi.RB!! SATURDAY UST i i(HMW Hundreds rushed to be among the first to see another great story which, like "Cont With The has been read by millions. More gripping than the book and thrill-packed by Director Alfred Hitchcock, master of Selsnick International pnuutt KIKCCA furriiif LAURENCE OLIVIER JOAN FONTAINE FrmAt WW DArlNI DO MAUUEt REBECCA Daily At: 1.25-4.04-6.45-9.23 P.M. I REGULAR LOW THE COMEDY HIT OF THE YEAR! DOROTHY LAMOUR BOB HOPE ItoiDTO SlKfiAl'OnE 1 REGULAR PRICES AT 1.3 t.H tJt THE OF Darwell ohn Carradine Girts It's a Picnic a Panic! B1NG CROSBY "MILLIONAIRE PLAYBOY" I mmttmatmammmmmma.v i.ii.itf 1 today with the murder of her 59-year-old husband, George Harrop, and preliminary hearing was set AMUSEMENTS PRICES VI 4 I First Ottawa Showing Starts Tomorrow 'ASSASSIN Dramatic Thunderbolt Exposing- Dreaded Marihuana Weed From The Devil's Garden! Not kocommended For Anyone Vadtr High School Art. ENTIRE PROGRAM IN FRENCH TODAY "UN FICHU METIER" at 12.403.46 and 9.58 "SERGE PANINE" at tJSO 5.JS and 8.32 End Today "Laash It Oft" "Prlvato Llvra EUiabctli Emi' TOMORROW TU SATURDAY H. G.WELLS Sir Certrtc Hrdwlrk-Nn rty Companion Hit! Un.

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11.15 3-8918 for April 23. The Invalid was shot twice in the head as he lay ta bed yesterday. mm THEY'VE GOT THE TOWN HI 1 as I mm OF YOUTH' ADDED PEATVBB CHAS. CHAN IN THE CITY OF DARKNESS" fX a TOMORROW FRL SAT. MiohtUit of Naool Dramas Soeoad Peatan E.

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