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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 2

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, April 5, 1940
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1: New British Company Will Seize Germany's Trade Government Will Finance Concern To Drive Reich From Doing Business in Balkan Countries LONDON, April 4. OCPV- T3-f icV Hmtlililiin will kc up a trading company xo compete with Germany for Balkan trade. Sir John Simon, ChnrHr-r nf tK Eeriiinr- announced to the .House of -Common today. . -Intended not merely to prevent Germany, from Increasing her commercial grip on Eastern Eur fne but tn drive th PiVh fnvn years, the new firm. Sir John Mid, - will not compete with existing British concerns but will supple ment them. . - - 17 Operate Anywhere. !- is. hot intended that the company should supplant - lag channels of trade", he ex plained, "but on the contrary that it should make sure df them to the - TiUlest possible extent - "For the present the company - Will . b nrimarila- vwi iwd with trade with Bulgaria, Greece, Hun- j ghU. Rumania, Turkey and Yugoslavia. It may however conduct business elsewhere if the annrfw ; rriate occasion arise." i I rm fwwrinan wttl Vla Irnnnm mm the English Commercial Corpora-trtn Limited. It will be register-' April 15 and will have offices at Plantation House, London, , : " Tbe capital of (he company. be subscribed - by the 1 Treasury', 8ir Jefaa said. The . - MHiMn -vill mmm mi It - Work aa a commercial and tn- ' ; rtneral consultation with Hla -: Majesty's Government ea i : bread lines of ito policy. --jThe following have agreed to irve on the board of the com-, peny: - Viscount Swinton, former Air Mmiilitr rni irmin ' A rnM. tr Bestty, G. St. Q. Bessley, C. P. lis ter, G. A. MaeEwan, J. H. Ham- Tero and F. H. Nixon. ' The parliamentary correspondent of Reuters news agency said It was understood that the company would; oe a permanent organism. ,'xtc only a wartime expedient. It will be some time before maximum results are achieved, he said, but it is hoped that the company's operations will increase general : trade relations with the. Balkans. Dnun iraae in souineasiern - Europe has been affected in recent -ar by German competition, the - correspondent said. Germany has MIXES BETTER TASTES BETTER SPARKLES LONGER COSTS LESr 33 ol 10: 12 ol 6s AT ALL STORES : m ' m ef w Aaaeriea Dry Mall 41 Mr JnmL Recent Books -Mr. SVefftngton" (Elizabeth) .bethel Merridav (Sinclair Lewis) ? "Smattering of Ignorance 1 mAdolph i-rt Blunder land" "The Loon Feather " -- "No Arms, No Armour . . " Provincial Lady it War Time -Cha& Hanna" and others. X. U. JAKVTS -T BwMm' 1ST Bank SI Y FHOxa Z-riM Wa DtUnr PINOCCHIO 20c, He, 5e, Ut5 each Shop at Slover's and SAVE tvrt a rew STEPS rnoM ni SUCH KKNT DUTUCT. TLAZA LP HOTEL ,21J Sparks - SL ant ta Bra fe- tut year tnli7 aaeal. after tae-theatfe arty laacfcaea, kt yaw favBTtta kever- RHEUMATIC ' PAINS? . GIN PILLS kelp to tone op dogged - kidneys and eliminate pain-causing . excess acida. Ia the United States ask for "GINO PILLS". , taaa fca Caaate aid ta U.3. KSiar Markets paid good prices, in Keichmarks, for Balkan produce, but the Oan-ubian countries were forced-in re turn to purchase from Germany, and buy the merchandise Berlin wanted to selL With German industry now absorbed by the Reich's own wartime needs, It was believed that London will be able to make profitable overtures toward winning the Balkans over to British manufactures and Em pire raw products. i The Government-financed com pany will be in position .to help other British concerns both financially and by supplying information regarding potential markets. Government plans call for close co-operation with the Export Council headed by Sir Andrew Rae Duncan, president of the Board of Trade. Today's announcement was be lieved to mark the first time the capital of a trading company has been completely furnished by the Government. Many commercial interests tare represented on the dir ectorate." - I French Trade Council. PARIS. April 4. (CP.-Havas) The Chamber of Deputies, by a show of hands, today authorized' establishment of a trade council. modelled on Great Britain's, to strengthen French foreign trade during and after the war. Strengthening of the personnel of the Ministry of Commerce also was authorized after the deputies were told that the British Board of Trade employs 2,689 civil ser vants, while the French ministry has only 600. Gabriel Plancke, chairman of the Chamber trade committee, in asking for speedy action, said that "after the war we shall- not export because we have won an armed victory. We shall export only if we have maintained, cared for and increased our foreign markets'. Claims Landlords . '.. R.C.A.F. Members Certain greedy landlords are victimizing officers and airmen of the R.CAJ", who are temporarily stationed in Ottawa," according to a letter from a squadron leader addressed to the Industrial and Publicity Committee and read at its meeting Thursday. The communication stated that good many members of the R.CA.I". are arriving here for duty and that not a few are bringing their wives and . families with them. "In a number of cases owners of apartments and rooming houses, and in some cases private homes, have been renting accommodation to both officers and airmen at ridiculous prices, obtaining almost any price for the accommodation they care to - ask", the letter asserted. The squadron leader claimed that for a bed-sitting room and private bath "for which the owner in normal tunes would be 4ucky to get $30". he had had to pay 190. On top of that, the day he moved in the owner complained of noise early in the evening, a short time after receiving the rent cheque in advance. "It appears this was a conspiracy in order to have the writer move so they would be in a month's rent for nothing.' : . Members of the committee doubted whether the situation complained of was general although H probably applied to some extent Their attitude was that much as they would like to, there was nothing they could do to help matters. General Odium 'Delighted' al News VANCOUVER, April Brigadier General Victor W. Od lum, chosen today to command the Second Division of the Canadian Active Service Force, said today he was. "naturally delighted" at his appointment "I have had no official news of the appointment, so I can make no statement yef. he added. His appointment was announced at Ottawa by Hon. Norman Rogers, Minister of National Defence. Phyllis Gummer Wins Scholarship TORONTO, April 4. fCW Miss Phyllis Gummer of Queen's Uni versity, Kingston, won the Cana dian Performing Right Society's third annual competition for Canadian composers under 22 years of age, it was announced today. She received a S75Q schol arship at the. Toronto Conserva tory of Music. The competition drew 42 entries from all provinces except New Brunswick. Each contestant submitted a song and an instru mental composition. . Adjudicators were Sir Ernest Macmillan, principal of the To ronto Conservatory of Music; Prof. Leo Smith of the Univer sity of Toronto; Capt J. X Gagnier, Montreal; Godfrey Hew itt, Ottawa; Hector Charlesworth, Toronto, and Henry T. Jamieson, president-of the society. RE-ELECTED jauatfMttaS. y T. D'ARCT McGEE, who was re-elected president of Ottawa Beys' Club for l!4e at Its annual meeting on Thursday. I . May Motorize Garbage Collection Equipment Complaint of Alderman Coulter regarding the Lees avenue dump in Ottawa East led to a discussion at Board of Control on Thursday on the .possibilities! of the city motorizing its , garbage collection equipment and constructing an incinerator for garbage disposal and a sewage disposal plant ' Controller Bourque, who pre sided in the absence from the city of Mayor Lewis, was of the opin ion the engineering department should gather data on the sewage disposal plan and have it ready in the event construction was forced on the city by government regulations. However, nothing of a definite nature was done. Polluted by Sewage. Mr. Bourque said the city was spending all kinds of money purifying the river water at the purification plant but at the other end of the city, the water was being polluted by sewage. It was pos sible that in the none too distant future the government might1n-sisl on cities having sewage -disposal plants. - Controller Geldert said a sewage disposal plant would cost at least 12,000,000. The tax rate was something to be considered and in order to lower this the debenture debt would have to be cut down, not Increased. T ' Mr. Coulter said he had a number of complaints about the dump ing of garbage at the- extreme western end of the Ottawa East dump. At this time of year, it was quite a nuisance and there were many rats. It more filling wss needed in .this section, he did not think the residents nearby would object' to it being placed there In the Winter months. ! . Would Aid Strangers. -Mr. Coulter also made a sugges tion regarding the assisting of strangers, and delivery boys in finding residences. He thought the city should try out in one ward scheme used in some other cities. This was placing on street signs at intersections, the numbers of resi-residences in the block.. Arrows would show the numbers in both directions. Works Commissioner Ask with was asked to report on Mr. Coulter's complaint and his suggestion regarding streets.- D. N. Gill, assistant manager and comptroller of the Ottawa Electric Railway wrote that the complaint of speeding on Main street tn Ot tawa East and the request that O.E.R. buses reduce their speeds on that street when children are going to and returning from school was being brought to the attention of the company's operating department. " - r : ' i Fire Chief OTCelly wrote that with the holiday season at hand it was necessary to make appointments to the department , to fill vacancies caused by enlistment He wanted to know the procedure to follow and felt some agreement should be made for the protection of the city in case of accidents. Temporary men taken; on the fire department do not come under trie terms of the superannuation and benefit fund. City Solicitor Proctor's opinion will be sought Engineers Hear Story Of Pattullo Bridge Story of the 7 ,5 00-foot Pattullo bridge over the Fraser river at New Westminster, B. C, was told to members of the Engineering In stitute at a luncheon in the Cha teau Laurier Thursday, by Major W. G. Swan, uS.O- director of construction for the War Supply Board. With the aid of slides and mov ing pictures he gave many facts and figures in connection with the bridge, which, was built over the period September, 1635, to Octo ber, 1837. He was introduced and thanked by the chairman, W. H. Munroi An Invitation to attend meetings of the Institute was extended: by Mr. Munro to members of all other branches now in Ottawa on war work, to officers of the R.CAJ. and also to British officers ot the Royal Air Force or. Royal Engl' neers who are here for a similar purpose. TO HIRE SOCIAL WORKER, j GANANOQUE, April 4. Gana noque, Brockville and Prescott Will share the cost of a trained social worker, it was announced, here today. mm m THE OTTAWA JOURNAL' 1,172 Now Enjoying Benefits And Services of Ottawa Boys' Club No Curtailment Activities . ; Directors'Commend Work of Fred McCann i T. ; D'Arcy. , McGee, f prl , many years president of Ottawa Boys' Club, was re-elected to the presidency for 1940 at the annual meeting held on Thursday at the Ottawa -Electric Building. - ' Other officers ere: Magistrate Glenn E. Strike,-, vice-president; Wilfred C. McEachern, secretary treasurer, - and Fred C. McCann, superintendent . The . following directors were re-elected: i R. A. Seasons, , Cecil Burgess, jW, - L. Scott K.C., James Pi Kenney, Hugh ' Doran, John : J. i Lyons, George A. Rich, T. G. Lowrey, F. E. Bronson, J, E. Serre, D. Roy Harris, Patrick Graham, TDr. J. P. Gilhooly, K. A. Greerie, iWalter uiinooiy. rive new aireciors oi the club. H. R. Welch. W. H. Munro, Lawrence Frelman, Raymond LaBarge and William Messiah, were elected to the board. . There will be no curtailment in the activities of the Boys' Club this year as compared to last, Mr. McGee announced. Since the Community Chests Drive had reached its objective, the allotment for the work of the Boys' Club remains the same at $10,900. Dining Hall Provided. The Summer camp,, one! of the most important phases of the Ottawa Boys' Club, is in splendid condition, and thanks to a number , of contributions, an excellent dining hall has been, provided for those attending camp. Mr. Mc Gee extended bis cordial appreci ation of the co-operation given him during the past year by directors of the club, and voiced a special expression of thanks to Fred C. McCann, superintendent and to the members of the staff and voluntary workers at the club. - " - - In the treasurer's report read by R. A. Seasons, it was noted that the deficit shown at the end of 1938 had been reduced by nearly 1400. Revenue for the past fiscal year totalled $13,657.35 as compared to $12,933.12 for 1938, showing a gain of $734.23. The Arm of George A. Welch and Company was reappointed to fulfill the the duties of auditor.. -Fred C McCann, superinten Ottawa May Be In Marathon Run to World Fair Ottawa, . if present plans . go through, will be the starting point of a",bunion" derby that will end at the World Fair in New York. Arrangements .for the: marathon run are being made by the Professional Sports' Association, according to a letter received by the industrial and publicity committee, from E. B. Taylor, Boston attorney. He slates It has the blessing of those In charge of ' the World Fair, that a number of runners who have competed in the famous Boston Marathon will participate, and, that the affair will be widely publicised through the continent He Plan Safety Lane At Cartier Square During the safety week cam paign, May 13 to May 15, a safety lane will be operated at Car-tier Square, under direction of the Garage Operators' Association. Motorists will have an opportun-itv fnr a thoroush check-UD f their cars. The plan, decided on at a meeting of tne associauon neta Wednesday, has the full support of the police department A charge of 10 cents' will be made to motorists taking their car through the lane. This money luiit h mux) ta defray exnenses ot bringing the testing equipment from Toronto, ana to pay eigni mmAmA in nnrat ithe lane. Any 'surplus will be turned over to the Canadian Legion. It a car meet all requirements a sticker will be affixed - to the windshield. If minor adjustments are necessary, the sticker will be applied when they have been made.' , .' . London is now the third largest city In the world, instead of the largest, as a result of war removals.- I - g'PM. 33 g or the rrompi aeuu ui ARTHRITIC PAIN Gout, Neuritis, Lumbago' McPhec's 33 i brlriglnf prompt relief to rheumaUc pain sufferer. The secret of McPhee's S3 lies in the effective combination ot inedically-preacrlbed Ingredient, ao that less than a bottle often brings prompt relief. Contains no laxaUv. $2 BOTTLE ON SALE AT COULTER'S DRUG STORES hM BANK ST. at gnnnyttde. 7-474S XSS BANK ST at someraat I-HH ' a, A AT dent of .the club, stated in his annual report that there was definite, need ot better facilities and accommodation for boys in, the West End ot the city. He told the "directors of an excellent building on Bayswater avenue, now vacant tor a branch ot ithe club. . ' 1 Membership Growing, Membership in the club Is growing and its augmented staff are extending 'their" services. Enrolment in 1939 was 1,172 boys, and attendance . for an eight months' period, including the five weeks the Summer camp was operated, was 58,564.- In addition the headquarters building was used by the Mothers' Club, Ottawa Boys' Band. Civil Service Orchestra, and numerous other organizations. -Equipment and several rooms in the i Boys': Club headquarters are being used by troops in training at Lansdowne Park for their physical activities, and full privileges are extended to all members of the CA-S.F. in uniform. Efforts of Mr. McCann and his staff to secure employment for older boys of the club have been successful. Some have obtained gainful employment and others part-time employment which gives them pocket money. The library and reading rooms ot the club have been widely used, and is supervised by Miss Osborne Foley, assisted . by Miss Beatrice Fogarty, Miss Violet Smith and Miss Bernie Dumas. During the year, James Bradley took over the duties of supervisor of the West End branch of the club, replacing E. Daugherty. ' Donations of. funds and clothing to the Ottawa' Boys' Club Camp were received from Lady Tweeds-muir, Mrs. George Pspe, Mr. and Mrs. T. ' D'Arcy McGee, George A. Rich, Ottawa Boys' Club Mothers, Harry Hayley, R. A. Seasons, HY R. Welch, Syd. Gilchrist Dr. R. M. Cairns, Dr. Lawrence Martin, Dr. H. L. Sims, Dr. J. P. Maloney, Dr. M. Lambertus, Dr. D. H. Baird, Patrick Graham and O. Workman. An expression of thanks was extended to Ottawa Civic Hospital for examination of the boys before they left the city to attend the Summer, camp. .' Starting Point expects that those who take part will train at Ottawa for four weeks before the start of : the race, tentatively scheduled for early in August. En route to New York they will run from 8 ajn. to 8 pjn. daily. ' Ottawa has been asked to make training . facilities available and also to assist' in giving the runners a "bang-up send-off". Talking it over at their meeting Thursday members of the Industrial and Publicity Committee thought the runners might be in duced to wear oil their shirts signs inviting all and sundry to "Visit Ottawa, Canada's National Capi tal". . Nepean Firemen , Taking Queen's Course Deputy chief Hector Renaud, Melviri McNeely, John Sanders and Frank Poulin, of the Nepean Fire Department, and Alec Hoey, the township water works en gineer, wilk attend an advanced course on fire-fighting i to be held at Queen's University May 11 and 12, according to Chief Harry Snider. The Nepean Council voted a sum of money to defray the expenses of the trip. i i Lighting experts believe that il lumination of heavily . travelled and hazardous : highways -would save 5,000 lives a year in the VS. AA.C NOT Whan waak iaat an atralhtaaW 1 a a 4 hald in aa-nnal poai -tioa by tha Haaltk , Spat MaMad tnaola, ordinary fitting tmbUt ataappaat. LaC aa allow yom NO OBLIGATION TO BUY. n SPAKKS ST. t-tss, Chase Colds this Easy Way Her k quick, aura rallef for coMt; juat chasa that mitary with Domiaioa CB.Q. tha famoiii tripla-actioa tablet! that flsbt coids quickly ana affectively. Be aura to look for (TOl little r4 boa. r . i i tm h pDTOflT IN I a JJtmtr 9 ton .m'mt. r lTA:iU TO Many Curlers Attend Funeral' i'S i Uniformed j officers and men from the K.C.MP. and city police, upwards of 100 curlers, and prominent residents of the Capital were among those who joined on Thursday , afternoon in paying an impressive tribute to the memory of Staff Sereeant Bert , Henry James, of the R.C.M.P., ' and a noted curler, whose sudden death on Tuesday i has .been widely mourned. ' M - Semi-military honors were ac corded Sergeant James at his fun eral held from the Chapel of Hulse and,, Playfair, Limited, 315 Mc- Leod street. ' In conducting the service, Rev, Dr. W. W McNairn said Sergeant James served with great fidelity the force of law and order. "He was one whom we respected, admired and loved. We knew him as a gentleman." Police Detachments. The flag-draped casket on which rested Sergeant James' stetson and belt was borne to a waiting hearse after the service while a detachment of 44 R.CJ.I.P. and eight city police officers stood at attention outside the Chapel. The cortege . proceeded to Beechwood cemetery for interment. .' " The chief mourners were his widow, the former Florence Ann Mitchard; one son. Arthur, at home; two daughters, Mrs. Charles R. "Weese and Mrs. Earl Clarke, both of Ottawa': one brother, Percy, of , Hamilton, j $" e v e r a 1 brothers and sisters also survive in England. The pall bearers were Staff Ser geants' P. Kavanagh, H. C. Ashton, C, C. Mason, J. D. Graham, G. D. Pavcley and E. H. Shea, all of the R.OM.P. Representing the R.C.M.P. were Commissioner S. T. Wood; Super intendent K. Duncan, Superinten dent F. A. Blake, i Acting Assist ant Commissioner T. B. Caulkln, Inspector E. Carroll,'- Sergeant Major L. Reddy. Sergeant Robert Fox . was in charge of the city police detachment . ' ' Represent Curling Club.. The Ottawa Curling Club, of which he was $ prominent member for years wss represented, by Hugh Carson, president T. D. Finn and George Gray, vice-presi dents, R. W, Warwick,, secretary-treasurer. . More than. ' 70 other members of the club were present including those who: played with Sergeant . James against Royal Montreal in the finals , of the Gov ernor General's competition in February.' They were:H. H. Ward, F. N. McFarlane, G.A. White, F. H. Wilson, B. S. Liberty, W. S. Boyd and J. Bradley. '., Representatives ot other curling clubs at the funeral included; Norman r. Wilsoh, president of the Rideaus; J. R. Akins, president and Dr. G. O. Barclay, past presi dent, ot the Glebes; and R. J. Jeffrey, of Arnp'rior. Representing the Ottawa Ladies' Curling Club were Mrs. J. W. Thomasj president; Mrs. W. J. Foley and Mrs. J. M. Clarke. , Among the others noted in the cortege were Rev. F. S. MiUiken, George H. Dunbar, MLA, Judge Smiley, W. E. Gowling, H. S, Southern, N.( G. Foster,. R. Hector Aubrey, Dr. O. K. Gibson, James McKee, Max Runge, Dave Mc Cann, Roydon Hughes, . George Proctor and E. V. O Meara. Floral tributes included those from the Directors and Members oi the Ottawa Curling Club, Central ' Branch of the Canadian Legion, Hamilton, his staff in the C.I.B. of the R.C.M.P., R.C.MJ. Headquarters Social and Athletic Club, and Glebe Horse Shoe Club. Miss I. Walker Deeply Mourned Widespread regret at the death of Miss Irene Isabel Walker, BA, daughter of James B. Walker, president of Walker's Bread, Limi ted, and Mrs. Walker, 368 Driveway, : was attested by the large gathering at her funeral held on Thursday afternoon from the par lors of George H. Rogers, Limited, 172 Elgin street No fewer than 18 floral tributes came from organizations, firms and groups, and there were a great many more from individual friends. 1 - In addition to friends in educational circles, who were associated with Miss Walker in her studies and her ' later work as teacher, there were noted at the service numerous representatives of well-known wholesale and retail firms of the city. Rev. W. R. Alp, assist ant minister of Chalmers United. Church, officiated, and burial was in Beechwood cemetery. Chief mourner and survivor in addition to her .parents, is a bro ther, J. Howard Walker, of Otta wa. Organizations sending floral tributes included: Standard Bread Company: Limited; "The bread salesmen"; Ottawa employes, Standard Bread; "The day staff"; employes of Walker's Brockville; Western Canada Flour Mills Com' pany , Limited;' - Morrison and Lamothe; . Canadian Doughnut Company, Toronto; The National Grocers, Limited; J. & T. Ballan tyne, Limited; Canada Bread Com pany, Limited; night staff, Walk ere Bread, Limited; Canada Pack' ers, Limited; Ideal Cake Compnay; J. Freed man & Company, Limited; M. H. Page of the Quaker Oats Company; Swift Canadian Com pany. Limited. Ottawa; W.Barnard Company. HOW DAFFODILS GROW. CROYDON, April 4. Alfred Hawkes, landlord of the Bull's Head, has bowls of daffodils more than , two feet tall which are the envy of local cultivators. His method? "I pour a little drop of ale Of Bert James on the bulbs now and afaia FRIDAY. APRIL 5, 1940. France.Will Impose Death i:. For Communist Propaganda Decree Will Be Most Drastic Step j .- Since Deputies Expelled Reds - j From Chamber and Outlawed Communism PARIS, April 4.-UCP) Min-isterj of the ; Interior Henri Roy , tonight completed the drafting of a new decree which, if put into , effect, will make Communist propaganda activities -in ; the ; French. Republic a treasonable act j punishable by death, i! - i - ; Political observers believed that jthis; decree would be Premier Reynaud's answer to critics who feared Inclusion of Socialists in his cabinet might! mark a'let-Ung-ijip 'tn '. the Government's campaign to stamp out Commun- ism. -. . . : . :.:, -, L Most Drastic Step. The decree would be the most drastic step yet taken since deputies, angered at Russia's pact with Germany last Summer, expelled Communist deputies ' from the Chamber and outlawed Communism in France. . ! The decree will establish special Bed squads who would devote all their energies to ferreting out Communist j centres and propagandists.- ' Semi-official sources said the measure would cancel the Frenchman's! traditional right to prevent search of his home at night The decree is aimed at Communist agents operating in and about Paris. I l Under the existing Criminal Code, police cannot raid a Frenchman's home from dusk until dawn without his permission, although they can surround .his house and wait : until the sun rises before entering. i Under the new decree. Internment camps for arrested NO DEPOSIT 24 MONTHS TO PAY I Why is the BEACH ' : REFRIGERATOR SO POPULAR ' t! IN OTTAWA? , : i" '- 1 f :. - : : ; ' BECAUSE it it manufactured in Ottawa and 'C ! ";'.' aerviced by the manufacturer '-.- i i 5.37 CUBIC FEET Regular -ij .;. . . ... . : You Save .x . . You Pay .... .. rnmmnnlit, will Ha fnntfp 1 -red from the Paris district to . North Africa. The decree else . will reinforce the squads of II K. t -1 I J . IWiavv wnKn mt tj anicnra w Investigate both . Nasi and i Communist propaganda, rings in trance. Yesterday a military court imposed sentences of Overyears each . upon 38 former Communist members of the Chamber of Deputies on conviction ot disseminating Communist propaganda. Eight others received suspended sentence, but lost their Civil rights and must pay fines. Nine of the form- a4am iff Aa Aea.ejHM4ul a aKcsrnf it) will be tried later) for treason. They have escaped arrest - LEAVES $5.0M.O0. RACINE, Wis, April 4. William Horlick. Jr, who died Mon day at the age of 64, left an estate of $5,000,000, according to his will filed in court here today.' Dated 1931, the will leaves $500,000 to the estate of the late Mrs. Mabelle Sidley, who died in Toronto July 8, 1938. ! .y 30 :) $169 . .... STOVES tr FURNITURE 224 Bank St 2-3721 Trouble Deptj U (bor. lummni . . Telephone 2-1441 - : - 1 ' 24-Hour Service -: '! i .it' 1 - ; . - .: Ne Deposit First Monthly Payment Secures Delivery 1 Monthly ft . Payments of 3WO Liberal Allowance for Tour Old Ice Box lEDD'S For "HYDRO Mm ' iwl ! SERVICE" You Cannot afferd to be without electricity for even one day after you move, so why not place, your -contract with 'Hydro" today. Remember "Hydro" is responsible for the low electric rates prevailing in Ottawa, but needs your support- in order to maintain these low rates. r. - :- m Ottava Hydro-Electric Commission Office Hours , ;m SUI (.SO aJa. to S pjn. iBctudlBf Saturday Telephone Z-4224

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