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Buffalo Courier from Buffalo, New York • Page 16

Buffalo Courier from Buffalo, New York • Page 16

Buffalo Courieri
Buffalo, New York
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BUFFALO COURIER, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1924. 16 1 I ARRESTAUTDIST Truthful.Kid a Anik VJ L. tO ULHU I VsA-W a. Kitcc Business. 1 OWKl nwc -TMKT tU WATER kictt WE OTWER DAY SACK "twvfc i UKt iO i 1 1KJTOR.MACT10M comes raotA rKto VittlZ hpntE PLACE IS UftttLt ALREAOVJ STAKjDiMS Choose Chauncey Hamlin to Direct Sketching of Plans The Rev.

Martin Bhilipps Qies; Until; Recently Pastor' Qui Lady of Lourdes Church for the Niagara Frontier Will Present Scheme For Planniniv RurMii at TTonawaiida November 17: Seek By Sol Hess Organization of Regional no intention on tb4 part of "Buffalo to dominate its sister cities ana iow but that it ws bslieved that the bet interests, of all could be best servea bv co-operation in building the froni-tier cttvl Within ten years Col Norton predicted, tl.vre will be a citjy of at least a million population, taking in Buffald, Lackawanna the Tonawandas and Niagara Falls, whose total population at present is approximately 700.0UO. lie lorecasieu a great industrial development on Grand Island, with adequate transportation facilities between tlio main land and the isiaii'1. Urges Boulevard. County Engineer George C. Dieflil cf Buffalo, discussed the problem along the frontier, advisiri the construction of a belt line boule vard from Lackwanna.

around the outskirts of Buffalo and through the Ellicott creek section of Tonawanda, through Niagara! Falls, Lewiston to Youhgstown, across the mouth of the Niacara river and back to Buffajo elona- the Canadian shore, with Ma bridge between Buffalo and Conadji He commended authorities of Tond wanda and Amherst for planning their roadways for the future development of those sections. He urged that prompt action' be taken along the Niagara frontier to provide ade quate highways i for the increasing traffic, avoiding the complications which other localities are experiemt ing In trying to i solve their traflle problems. Mr. who le chairman of the National recreation commission, spoke of the need for recrtatlonal facilities, susrsrestina- Two Mile creek in Tona wanda for a county park. Supervlsir William Stryker! of Tonawanda, has had this proposition under considera tion and believer the project will be reanzea.

ed planning bureau occupied the afternoon session. Full Support of City, County Organizations. fcllILD DHOW III TUB AFTER BEIHG Timely Arrival of Neigh bor Saves Lives of Two Brothers, MOTHER LEAYEOM ko'NE IM HOUSE TO GO SHOPPING Five-year-old, Virginia, Ehlerg. No. 1 1 Courtlati street, was I drowned yesterday in the bathtub ot her home, after he" had vbeen" overcome by fumes from apipeless gas heater.

Her two brothers Raymond, nine jears. old. and Francis, seven years and their cousin, Anthony Centner, five jfars. No. J00 Court-r land street, were- overcome' by the gas fumes.

They were found -In an unconscious on the floor ef the bathroom. They are In the City hospital. Physicians said last flight they would Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Cochran, No.

125 Courtland -were in their -home when they heard moans com Ing from the Ehlerg houise. They investigated and found all the doors and windows locked. Cochran ylaced. a ladder beneath bathroom window in the Ehlerg house and climbed n. It was necessary for him to break the glass In the window to Revive'Three.

Physicians from the Emergency r-ospital were summoned. The two Ehlerg boys and their cousin were quickly but all efforts to eave the life of Virginia were futile. Medical Examiner Earl G. Danser Investigated and learned that Mrs. Irftulse Ehlerg, the children's mother, had left the house early yesterday afternoon to go downtown.

She left the four children alone in the house. The children said that shortly after the departure of their mother they decided to take a bath. They went to the bathroom, and locked themselves In. The tub was partially filled with water and Virginia ktepped In. Police of the Bailey avenue station were told by Cochran that the gas was burning In the hot water heater In the bathroom when he en- tered.

When the girl was overcome she evidently fell backward and slipped beneath the surface of the water. Artificial respiration was tried by physicians but without result. Man Arrives in Time. Raymond Ehlerg told physicians that, he and his brother and cousin were playing in the bathroom while their-sister -was taking a He laid he was. taken ill and then collapsed on the floor.

It is, thought by Dr. Danser thafc the children had been unconscious rnly a short time when they were discovered. If it had not, been for the timely arrival of Jlr. and Mrs. Cochran is thought thevchildren would have been dead by the-time Sirs.

Ehlerg arrived home. Medical Examiner Danser issued a certificate of accidental death for Virginia. HAD ALTAR PLANS, MUST ALTER WEM t)avid Morrison, negro. No. 28 Jef-f-rson avenne, planned to be married September 23 and started to furnish "love nest" on tha instalment plan.

But he neglected to keep up the payments, it was charged when he was erranged In city court yesterday before Ju'lc-e McLaughlin. netectives said Morrison" purchased JISi of furniture at cue credit house and about $78 worth another eatablishment, Part of the ''equipment" tvas. found, in a second-hand store, po-hze taid. Morrison admitted securing money on the furniture found in the store. His arrest occurred' on the eve of his marriage, Morrison declares, and he is doubtful if his bride-to-be will be waiting when he completes the thirty-Jay term which Judge McLaughlin Imposed.

BURIED WITH. MILITARY HONORS. James X. Moore, who died at his ho-ni. No.

Columbus place, from injuries suffered the World War. was bnrted yesterday from the Holy Family church with full military honors. As th casket was towered into the grave Holy Cross cemetery a volley was red by 'a squad from the South Buffalo 'post. American legion. Members cf the Disabled Veterans of the World War attendedT Tin yofarf 0 OVERCOME BY GAS 'ALL its! cieEOrr-we MiLUOrJ TOO PLACE MRS.

Special Detail of Deputies to be Present. SHOTGUN PATROL STILL OUT With the trial of Mrs. Freda Lohr, 30. 821 -William street, before Justice of the Peace Rozan at tha office of the latter at No. Walden avenue, at 6:30 o'clock this evening, sensational testimony surrounding the arrest of the Rev.

Charles C. Penfold, pastor of the Sentinel M. E. church, and Mrs. Lohr on a charge of outraging pubic decency on the night of September-14 is expected.

Justice of Peace Rozan said yesterday the trial -of Mrs. Lohr would go on as scheduled. Due to the great interest in the case, a special detail of deputy sheriffs and a squad of constables under Chief Emil Coppola of Cheektowaga will be on hand to handle the crowd. Mrs. Lohr, who was arrested with Jthe Rev.

Mr. Penfold when found in a parked automobile in East Delavan road beyond the city line, pleaded not guilty when she was arraigned several nights after her arrest. Rcnfold, Who was found guilty, was sentenced to serve thirty days in the peniten tiary and was fined $50 by Judge Roxan last; Friday. Penfold Is now free on (500 ball pending an appeal. In the original hearing of the Pen- fold trial Mrs.

Lohr was produced as a witness and swore that she was the pastor's wife, which evidence was corroborated by Penfold. Later Mrs. Lohr asked to be allowed to make a statement aand retracted her sworn testimony. Mrs. Lohr, it is under stood, will deny that there had been any improper relations between her and th pastor when she Is tried this evening.

Chief Emil Coppola said last nluht there had been no further Klan outbreak in Cheektowaga. He said his special guard of twenty-four men armed with shotguns is still patrol- ing the countryside to see that there is no disorder. County Judge Noonan announced yesterday he would re voke the pistol permit ot William F. Ross, nineteen years old. No.

172 Knowlton avenue, Kenmore, who was arrested with five others during the recent crosk burning episode. Inves tigation into the permit granted to: Ross by Judge Noonan disclosed the fact that E. A. Jones, Tonawanda justice of the peace, and John D. Weber.

No. 46 Hamilton boulevard, i Kenmore had recommended thit Ross be given the permit. Judge Noonan said he knew Jones to be a highly respectable man and for this reason granted the application, i The county judge states he is now of the opinion that Ross is not of the right temperament to be allowed to carry a revolver. In securing the pistol permit Ross stated: that he was employed at the DuPont Fibre Silk company on the River road and cited as his reason for desiring the permit, "self protection." i Judge Noonan said he would write Ross a letter revoking the permit. FIRST CANDIDATE FOR 1925 COUNCIL ENTERS CONTEST It becam known yesterday that Gerhard Lang; is to be a candidate for election to the city council In 1D25.

Sir. Lang, when questioned, admitted that he had an eye on a place on the city's governing body. He is the first candidate In the field. "Some may said, "that 1 am Beginning my campaign a trifle eariy, i ao not thinK eo. The council has been spending the taxpayers' money freely too freely, and 1 think it is about time to have a real business man on the council.

During the coming months intend to present reasons for this Dener. we need a real business ad ministration. -Vacancies on the city council to be filled in 192a are those of the Mayor and Commissioner Meahl. Neither has mane. Known nis plans.

ONTiLTOn Tonawanda, Sept. 29. After a discussion of regional planning for the Niagara Frontier bre today, a committee, was picked 4fi draft a tentative scheme for consideration at another meeting November 17. The session will be undr direction of the state housing; and regional planning commission. jChauncey Hamlin of Buffalo, was made committee chairman.

His group wilt include the mayors of Nofth Tonawanda and Niagara Falls and chairman, of the Erie and Niagara county boards of supervisors. A regional planning bureau will be organized after the full support of the organizations Interested has been secured. Representatives of the different groups will piake reports to their secure their support, and have delegates appointed for the November 171 conference- The conference vesterday morning opened at 11 6'clock with Clarence S. Stein, chairman of the state commission, presiding. Mayor C.

S. Warren of Tonawand4 welcomed the visitors, assuring thems of his town's 'Should Guida Growth. Chairman Sjtein declared tha possibilities of the Niagara Frontier make it advisable tc form an organization that will guide the industrial, residential and recreational of the localityi Chairman Richard Persons, of the Erie county board of supervisors, stated that county is interested in the project and promised its support Col. Georgej H. Horton, chairman of the city planning commission of BufTalo, outlined the work his committee has been doing, asserting that thp commission believes the aid of Buffalo's neighbors is essential for the success of planning the future of the Queen City as well as for the development of other localities along the frontier.

Ha said that there was BELIEVED TO HAVE HIT AliysiusXhayaria lO.yic- tim ot Hit-ana-run Dies. GARDENYILLE MAN ALLEGED TO T- Bt UnlVtn Ui Utnl" uwi T.t. sheriff Kaesser.last night arrested Walter Wohiell. twenty-one lion forith the deat" vanalten year, oM. ot Indian Church road Cheektowaga.

who wa. -truck bv automobile tnai whife he was playingtnear hi. home Sunday night. The 'd Sltrarezdiak, Chktowaj oiThoapltal suffering from Jfrac-tured leg and internal injuries. 4 Fallowing theacicidenf tiidit witnesses told tne poc an iiutomoouo r.ii Mdtbr Car Corp, In rdnvUAa beeiT returned there yesterday ittonj.

ing. Examination of the sho ved that one ot the front fenders wad badly bent, Had Rented Auto. Wohlfell. Kaesser saia, was fied by the proprietor oi tne as he man who rented the michine Saturday. Deputy Sheriff KJesacr que itioned the man and ho explained tha the machlno was damaged dur ing an accident.

iFurtner quesupnijig. Kaesser said, resulted In a confession froAi Wohlfell thht he utrucK im iw'J hovfc. 1 i When he was loqKea up i jail Wohlfell is said have refused to make a statement; or explairt why he did not stop after 'the accident. Deruty Kaesser; will confer with Medical Examiner Earl G. Danger to determine if Woblfcil will be charged with manslaughter.

Ralph Huck. four years old, No. 539H Main streeC. Williamsvillef died in the County liqspltal r. froAi injuries suffered late sunaay niffHht when struck bv an automo- htld near his home.

Police Chief Kvins of WilllamsvHle said yester- daM that the child i was rldibg In a-stnaii wason ana was wing iuuc i I L. across the street by ihis father when the accident happened. aainuei Brikman. No. 232 Thompson street.

driver of the machine, made a state ment to Chief fcivans ana was re- loafeprl Medical Examiner Charles Ej Xng said the child'B skull was fractured. He issued a certificate of accidental deajth. PICKPOCKET GET dward Fenn. S0. 41S Genesee! street.

wafa rnhkpd of hisiwa.Het. containing Hl yedterdfty by a pickpocket while rldliip: on a Oenese street ironey. cari ewi gave police the description of a man who jostled him ne was icbyuib; me can HEAT WITH GAS Mm mm ka HM iamlslli ltk BASBEF PATENTED GAS EU FKE 1505 MAIN STREETJ plMnn FH. 7CM-WM 3 LIX J. McTERN AN, time, any BOY SCOOTED It THE NEBBS-Jusi a AS; A'ttrttX Shopworn MtaCfXKXTlLt! 21 KEEPS HANDS OFF K.K.K.E State Leaves Matter to District Attorney.

NO MOVE FOR WARRANTS YET Reports circulated at the city hall yesterday to the effect, that Attorney General Carl Sherman was to begin prosecution of membe--s of the Ku Klux Klan in the Buffalo district proved to be unfounded. While-Attorney Generel 'Sherman could not reached at his office Jrt Albany, one of his subordinates denied that the attorney general had made plans to institute a Klan enquiry in Buffalo. The Albany official stated yesterday that Mr. Sherman could not conduct a Klan prosecution. unless ordered to do so by Govgrpor Smith.

It ras ascertained that the Governor had not issued such order. The official went on to explain that the Governor issues such an order only when the county prosecutor has been delinquent or is too busily engaged in other prosecution work. In view of the fact that District Attorney Moore announced that he would secure warrants for the arrest of Buffalo Klansmen, there will be no need of going "over his head," It was stated. -Associates ot Attorney General Sherman in his Buffalo office also joined in denying that the state legal executive would conduct a prosecution of the Klan here. Enquiries made in city court yesterday brought to light the fact that District Attorney Moore had not yet laid any information preparatory to securing warrants for the arrest of Klansmen for violation of the Walker act.

Henry W. KiUecn. attorney for Charles Desmond, Democratic candidate for 'the assembly in the second district, who Instituted the John Doe proceedings In city court to ascertain whether the hooded order was not guilty of a crim, will conclude his investigation in city court tomorrow. BUFFALO JAIL-BREAKER SENT TO PRISON FOR ONE YEAR Auburn, Sept. J9.

Frank O'Brifen of Buffalo was sentenced to one year in Auburn prison by Judge-Moeher today for having unlawfully escaped from the prison. O'Brien wa accompanied by Ambrose Geary, now in the death house at' Sing Sing, prison, in a. sensational scaling of buildings and walls of Auburn prison June 11. 1320. Leniency was shown on account of O'Brien's tubercular condition.

AUTO THIEVES ADMIT NIMMINO CARS; GET SENTENCES FRIDAY Two auto thieves entered pleas of guilty yesterday in criminal term of supreme court before Justice Larkin. They were Kdward Kmg and Sherbin J. Severenson. Klug admitted stealing an auotmobile belonging to Howard Rands, NO. 424 Winelow avenue, and Severenson confessed the.

theft of a machine. owned by Curtis N. Andrews. Both men will be sentenced Friday. l3us fidelity trtwt Ctuautlry Company ill CUmKwn GET 1, roe A MALT 4- Tht Rtv.

Fahr Martin Philipps. MOTORIST FINDS WANDERING LAD NEAR TON AW AN DA Tonawanda, Sept. 29. Eugene Duffy, eight years old No. 458 street, Buffalo, vas found late last night sitting on the edge of the ditch along the River road, his clothing soaked with He was so benumbed from wet and cold that he was unable to wslki The child was discovered by a Canadian motorist, whose name was not learned, and brought to the drinkery of Paul Gas-pick, No.

93 Niagara Btreet. Police notified the boy parents. From the led it vas learned that he left home early yesterday morning and that he had into the town of Tonawanda and lost his way. It was stated the boy had been in the habit of wandering away, from home. 1 MAYOR HEARS CHARGES TODAY AGAINST ELEYEN PGLKJEMEN Trial of the eleven policemen accused of neglect of duty in connection with disappearance Of sixty cases of ale and gin from Franklin street police station will be continued Deiore Mayor aenwao this iornlng at 10 o'clock, after a week's adjournment.

The Mayor has been investigating the affair privately but would not discuss the results last night. Assistant Corporation Counsel Frank V. HanavSn said none of the accused men has availed himself of the opportunity bffered by the Mayor to change statements concerning the vanished hooch. The Mayor said he expected -to announce his decision today in the cases of Patrolmen Bernard Notarpole and Charles Smith, accused of joyriding with two girls who, escaped from the detention home. BACK FROM TRIP, VENTURESOME GIRLS GOING BACK TO SCHOOL Olive Markham and Dorothy Allen ended their adventurous trip yesterday at home.

They we're brought back frdtn Fort Lee by Mr. and Mrs. George A. Mafkham, Olive's parents. The "open lured the girls, each fifteen, away two weeks ago.

For a time police all -over the state were seeking them. Then came their discovery at Fort Lee, the Hollywood of the east. Olive is to return to Lafayette high school, according to her mother. She lives at No. 358 Huntington avenue, Mrs.

Allen, who now lives at No. 420 Riley street, says that Dorothy will go back to school, too. Parents of both deny that their daughters were "movie-struck," INTOXICATED DRIYER FINED, SENTENCED Td TN DAYS Judge Standart yesterday sentenced John Kongisor, No. 12 Ijittel street, to serve ten day jail ar.d pay a fine of J100 for driv'tig an automobile whlla ho was Mis wife and t'aughter pn tu-niters in the ma -chine wh'-n It. into a telei-nph pole In SftiJCj street.

Patrolman Wyi-liam Yaiser placed iioartsor under arrest. CHARGED WITH HOLDUP, HELD FOR ACTION OF GRAND JURY Michael Nowjcklt No. 47 Krupp street, was held for the grand jury on a charge Of robbery, first degree, after a preliminary hearing before Judge Stan-dart In city court yesterday. He Is accused of holding up Stephen Radosz. owner of a soft drink establishment at No.

67 Grimes street, and stealing 126 from a cash register. YEGGS ROB STORE, HOMjg. A quantity pf tobacco, and a small amount of money wer stolen yesterday from a cigar store at No. Fillmore avenue, owned by Joseph Gib-lin. Kntranca i was i Rained by forclnp a side window, A duplicate key thief entered the home of Melvin Reich, No.

17 Manchester place, during the absence of the family and stole a small quantity of Jewelry. Sevtral rooms in the house were police were told, Oiie of Eldest and Most Beloved Priests in Buf-falo 0iocese -111 Somewhat More Than Month ff Farjied as Author Th4 Rev. Ilartin PhiUpps. fomany yea4 paatc the Our Idy ol Loui-des Jman Catholic iurch, Taln i nrirl St Paul streets, died at 10:25 o'loc last nightj after f.n ill- ness -or a isontn Tie death! of Father Phil ipps-marks the passing! of one of the oldest and best loved priests in the: diocese of Buffalo. was seventy-two years old.t I a I Father Pjiillpps for sixteen: years had! been tfe rector ofi Our of Lourdes chiirch.

better! known, perhaps, as tie French church. He served faltlffully in this capacity until 1924. when his duties became too fi(rduous for his Broken health. i i Al iiittle iiore than a month ago Father Phijipps was stricken with lung congestion. He weakened; gradually.

He jfwas a contemporary of Moijajgnor fs'elson H. Baker, who is priest in thisidiocesi who outranked the late pastor in point of years In service. I i In April this year! the Rv. A1-, beri iF. Rlvlrs came to! Buffalo from EUicottvllIel to take charge ipf the pastorate lft vacant by the fretlre-mcnt of Faiher Philippe.

I Father Pilipps was born irjj Asch-bash, Alsace-Lorraine, on April 9, 1S5J4 He leceived bii; early education 1 in tbe parochial schools of his native district and took; his higher courses in philosophy and theology at StrassbBrg. Ha arrived in this country on lay 3, 1873, and attended Niagara uiversity, where bijs prepared for tie briesthooldi- He was I ordained at Niagara or. June 11. 177 by Bishop Vincent Ryan, then! head of the Buffalo dio cese. Father Philipps' first assign-meht as as priest was! as pator of at.

SVtncehtis church. Main street and Eastwood lace, where; ho organized the- congregation and built the church. At! the same time be was assistant to the pastor at St. OLouis church, Main And Edward Father Philipps was then appointed pastor of I St Mary's church at StrlkersviUi. Wyoming; county, and later placed at the head of St.

Aloysius clurch, Sprlngvlile, N. and i then ilas assigned to SS, Peter and Paul ichurcb in 1 Williamsville. Af tier the fatter pastorate came back to' Buffalo and was placed in chair ge of St. Joseph's church in North Maiii street, where he built the I hi V. In 1908 Philipps was appointed paitor of Our Lady of Lourdes chiirch at Main and St.

Paul streets. Hi served there until January; of thii year, when he tras retired. During his pastorate, at this chiirch hjs built the! magnificent school whih is located! adjacent to the church; nd for many years directed course of constructive effort in behjkif of that institution. Along wih his many clerical duties he 'found ime for literary and devotional york which (has been an inspiratidn to many both inside and outside hi4f own fold. He has written 'and published the following books: "My "Sunday School "My Morrving Prayer," "Spiritual I "Baltimore Catechism with Explanations" and "Questionsi Asked by Protestants." The lat publication, which was probably ftis most successful work, became Circulated widely and more than 50C.0QO copies were Commenting on the life of the late priest, Fatfer Rivers said last-night: "He waf a most sincere and devoted priest of God and his.

influence has: been to. blessing and ant inspiration to thousands both in this city and in othjr places." ntral Thursday. The funeral will take place at 10 o'clock Thjlirsday morning from Our Lady of Lpurdes church. i I i The boasr win tie in state in the afternoon. i I MOWED DpWN BY AUTO AS 1 HE STEPS FROM CURBING An unidntificd mati abouf; iri-years old ias perhaps fatally injured last! night at; Klk and streets whfbn was struck by av.

automobile! driven by iThoma Mey-crst; Nfc. 80 Elk street. Ie is in the Emerfrency hospital sufferlm: from a fracture of the skull and internal injuries. I Meyers tpld police of! the Louisiana street station that the man stepped from the ciirb directly in front of his machine. $Vitne5scs corroborated his statement land he vas released.

A witness tod police that he believes the: injured! man. is employed as tea instep by Lnahan Tft Sons in Fultori street, Pilice will make enquiries today. I Order WEATHER STRII! Now rarw sr kav mm mn Ms all tHttatw Suflsi las ruth MtHr'at th ttU. i itl mr 'I i- i StMSt 1 Nlagara tal W'ca titer SHp Qo. i i- wtt turta i' dIeath cotices this mm VILLf EE FOO PACE 2 i i rTi I 1 1 BEAUMAL TOPCOATS TPS great to have a Beaumal topcoat.

You'll wear it any weather because it's so good-looking, so practical. It keeps you warm when northerly winds blow; it keeps you 4 that croydca tSzq most fcot vattccocrvice Ixnown Hie new. 4-inch Nokol converts any water heater having a storage tank into an auto-. matic hot water system. It can be installed 1 in either a coaIfired heater or a gas heater of the automatic type.

Its fuel cost i be tween50 and 75 lew than gas. Whether for heating a rcom buncalow, an apart- dry when it raining any place it keeps' you looking your, best. GRAND PIANO 1 Lenifls grace and pharm to any home. Denton, Cottier 1 5 Daniels Court Pearl Ste. jSr Mhfil 0 Catalog 77 fl $35 meat building, or for providing yourself with the most" economical automatic hot water service known, investigate Nokol now.

Nokol servfee Installed fas tfu home range In pric front $Z83 to $1800, according to tha capacity, eyMbtneat and fi nrji of tha ion Ask any Nokol owner. Nearly 600 in Buffalo. NOKOL BUFFALO CORPORATION 281 Delaware Ave. Tupper 1929 Other Beaumals $25 to $45 KLEINHANS UK1TER EnCLOSUnES as $70 Buffalo's Greatest Clothiets Main, Clinton and Washington rJUHsri STURTZER mnd LUted at Standard by Usjttwrliiri' Lahve Tlios are the days a Winter Top make a car a real comfort. 2 Goodrich, Near Mala.

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