Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 20, 1957 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1957
Page 2
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IVo Logansport, Indiana. Pharos-Tribune Patients Entrusted With Keys Show Improved Mental Health ons, probably, are oughly locked and NEW YORK (UP)_A director of a 1,000-bed mental hospital reports that simply giving some patients keys to keep aid to use will bring about an improvement in their mental conditions.' No other places, not even pris- more thor- keyed than mental hospitals. Yet, as Dr. Aaron < S. Mason said, "almost com? plete silence is maintained" about those locks and keys. "To the mental patient, the key is the most significant symbol of liis helplessness." said Mason. "It is viewed as token of the whole structure of power and responsibility in the mental hospital." Heads VA Hospital Mason is professional services director of the Brockton (Mass.) Veterans Administration Hospital. There, as in other mental hospi- Poker Game Stake Lost But Long Life Gained HOT SPRINGS, S. D.—Dr. Patrick Hedges came to South Da- tals, every room, every closet, every cabinet — ercry cubicle or receptacle of any kind — has its lock and a corresponding key. Certain Brockton patients are given keys to rooms in which they can carry out their assignments in "industrial therapy." Although the hospital was opened in 1953, "no untoward incident has resulted from this policy." On the other hand, "we have observed marked improvement in some patients when they are given the recognition and responsibility of handling keys," Mason said. He looked forward to a day when locks and keys are used in mental hospitals in the same way they are used in homes—"mainly for the protection of property." He thought that more and more "the concept of custody and con- China Responsible For 65 Per Cent of World Opium Traffic WASHINGTON (UP) — Federal Narcotics Commissioner Harry J. _ = Anslinger said 'today that Red tal" hospital" "administrators "and CniM '« responsible for more than . . . knlf ^f *-!»« ;n: n :t- ...~_u , pn_ :_ more and more they were accepting the "trend of the open hospi- trol" was dying out among men- tal." Some Hospitals Are Open An "open hospital" is one in which there are no locked doors, and patients may come and go as they please. The advocates of this practice still are in a minority in psychiatry but definitely there is Mason said that at Brockton almost half the patients are in unlocked wards and their number has doubled in the last two years. A basic premise of the "open hospital" advocates is that if mental hospital patients are given to understand they 'are incapable of assuming responsibilities, they will .react by being thoroughly irresponsible. dition to his garage and William Coddington, 417 W. 12th St., for an addition to his house. The pouring of concrete foundations for the 680-unit Capeharl kota in the 1880's because he won;Housing project at the Bunker Mill su nc t a v 5s'I ftfl fifWl in a r\nl/Ot* rtnYr\n in "N'cmr I A ;_ 17* „_ r>n,.« Un,. Knnn «t n«t n rl l_ * Walton The Wide-Awake Bridge club and their husbands, and friends and neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pyle gave a farewell for them half of the illicit world traffic in opium. Ausiinger, who also heads the United Nation's Commission on Narcotic Drugs, said the 'U.N. has received evidence of "enormous" shipments of opium from the Chinese mainland comprising 65 per cent of the world traffic. He said the Chinese Reds are "not making any effort" to halt the shipments. In fact, he said,- the Chinese Nationalists believe the Communists are using the illicit trade to finance purchases of strategic material." The Middle East, he said,' is the second enief source of the illegal traffic.. Anslinger said in an interview that the illegal narcotics traffic in this country now is greatest in New York, California, Illinois, Michigan and Texas. He said most of the nation's 50,000 "users" take heroin, an opium derivative, by hypodermic needle. The traditional opium pipe Jury Clears Doctor In Income Tax Case INDIANAPOLIS (-UP)—A Federal Court jury of nine men and three women.late Wednesday acquitted a New York physician of. charges he evaded more than $12,000 in income taxes while practicing medicine here several years ago. Dr. Morris Salzman, 38, now, a. resident physician in Bellevue Hospital in New York City, broke into a wide grin when the jury announced its verdict less than an •hour after it had 1 retired to consider the case. • The government had accused Salzman of "willfully intending" to evade taxes tor 1950-51-52. Government attorneys had contended that Salzman used 13 bant accounts to hide his income. Defense attorneys said Salanan's financial accounts were handled by his mother who opened many of the accounts without his knowledge. Read The Classified Ads , . .. • o ^ "— - ouiiuuv evening au UHJ IJKK in a poker game in New Air Force Base has been started. I, „ Thp p £_ are v,, nvin ~ it install n r finHino mn r« mi.. u_..,.-.«_ ..„„..„„» „„!!„ r,,,, „ I n °mo. me .fyjes are moving t tn Legi0 n.has become a curiosity. ""• " o'~" Thursday Evening, June 20, 1957. York, but instead of finding more money he found long life. > The housing contract cails for a; n enver completion date of 18 months. ; ' to He said there has 'been a sharp drop in the narcotics traffic bonanza inj herd of cattle, but the blizzard; tion Company said they hoped they of 1866 wiped it out. He resumed his dental practice, often treating teeth in his "pie wagon" as he traveled from ranch t« ranch. He celebrated his 100th birthday May 15. Hedges retired in 1931 and has been in the Veterans Hospital at Hot Springs for several years. Peru School officials from Peru township met in special session Tuesday night to discuss what action to take when it was learned that the lowest bids received for the proposed addition of two rooms lo the Victory school amounted to $17,500 more than had been appropriated. The board decided to advertise for a transfer of additional funds. Total cost of the addition 'will be $52,500. Hearing on the request will be held at the trustee's office at 5 p.m. Monday, July 1. The matter will then be referred to the State Board of Tax Commissioners for final approval. ! Mrs. Mabel Higgle was awarded a divorce in Miami circuit court from John Higgle, owner of the Higgle Machine Shop on her cross- complaint charging cruelty. Mrs. Higgle was given a 188- acre farm in Pipe Creek Township, 5U.OOO alimony, residence property, support for their son and his custody. She was also given all farm c- quipment, personal property on the farm, the residence am] buildings except a tenant house and another residence which the daughter, Jean Ann Boyer may have the privilege of buying. I could have several units ready for Air Force personnel by the first two weeks of November. The Construction company will hire about 400 union workers from the Peru, Logansport and Kokomo Expect First Lady To Leave Hospital WASHINGTON (UP)—Mrs. Mamie Eisenhower was expected to return to the White House today, ending a four-day physical checkup at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. White House Press Secretary James C. Hagerty said the First Lady probably would accompany a covered dish supper, Ohio'and Hawaii. They attributed ,. — -i j -n-:— ';hjs to stricter laws and a "get tough" attitude by judges in sentencing peddlers. games were played. Prizes were won by Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Beckley, Mrs. Bea Small arid Ray Marshall. Others present were- Mr. and Mrs. Don Fitzer of Willow Branch; Jack Pyle, Peggy De Ford, Mr. and Mrs. WHmer Burrows and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Orel Small, Mr. and Mrs. Coonie Turner, Mr. and Mrs. John Nelson and family, Judy Yohn. Also winning prizes were Mrs. Maxine Marshall, Claude Small, Mrs. Zona Fitzer, Mr. and Mrs. Harold O'Blenis, Mr. and Mrs. Verne Conn, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Snell, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Yohn, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sperry, Mr. j and Mrs. Clark Sne'.l and Mr, and Mrs. Bon Shedron. Charles Richason has been rc- DON'T SCRATCH THAT ITCH! IN JUST 15 MINUTES. Your 40c back at any drug store I if not pleased. Easy-to-apply ITCH-'. ME-NOT deadens itch in MIN-' UTES; kills germs on CONTACT. Fine for eczema, ringworm, insect bites, foot itch and other surface itches. Guaranteed locally by Porter Drug Co. the President to Constitution Hall j admitted to St. Joseph hospital at tonight where he will address the convention of the Young Republican National Federation. Hagerly announced Monday that Mrs. Eisenhower was expected to spend several days at tht hospital undergoing a "routine" physical checkup. He said the President has spoken to the First Lady by telephone during her stay in the hospital's presidential suite. Mr. Camden and Mrs. Yerkes, Mrs. Charles Johnson and two daughters, Pat and Kay, visited the Bob Johnson family in Leland, Miss. Mrs. Kokomo for medical treatment. Don Turner, former teacher in Washington Township high school, has been accepted as a teacher in Kokomo High School. Linda Dutchess, Cynthia Deniston, David Rush, Richard Rush, Eddie Small and Jimmie Small are attending Junior Camp at Pierson's Mill near Swaynee. Nikki Shirley is helping as cabin mother and Mrs. Dee Shaffer is teaching classes. Mrs. Joe Becker of Chicago, Mrs. Arthur Pipenger of Logansport and Mr. and Mrs. Neil Logan and son of Bunker Hill were guests Sunday of Mrs. C. B. Crockett. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Bcckley ar- dent of the Dorcas Society of the Baptist church, served as installing officer Friday evening for the following new officer.?: Pauline Hodge, president; Rowena Galloway, vice president; Mrs. niggle is to receive a Pon-1 ^ allce = Rude ', secretary; and tiac car, all household goods and! Eva Nance .' ^easurer; white ?2,000 attorney fees. The petitions approved included one presented by Glenn Craft, 12 McKinstry Ave., for the enclosure of his front porch; Paul Isenbarger, 178 W. Sixtli St., for an ad- T|||. lIllCHASK Oil 1 I11D.S FOIt OM1 rim.; Tlt|; ( ;i{ J.'OU CITY Oic I.OtiANMPIIII • NDIANA. |iy Klveri tha tv,,rli B anil Br,:u-d ,,r J'uhl ty ul tin, Ci'y , dlnna, will rw.'ftlvn at tin, ofrlci- or Lho <'li;rU-TM:ujiur<.r of will'! fi'J y ^. , unl " lh " iluur "' '' 00 I'-*'-. C.ri.S/I., „„ July '/,. in:,?, M-ul.-d bills lor tin: rumlHliliiK nt the fiil- 1'iwliiK iiiiitiirlalo, Ki"/Uii, equlp- inffnt arnj Huji/jll^s for tlji; C!ty ot Ij&KaJiHjiorL, Jn'ilarm, to-wft: On-i 700 C.I'.M. Clam: "A" Flru F'limpcr Trm:k, c; V.W. 2r,,l)nn. «fju!j>|>''d In aci.-'.rilawci; with lliu *P'-' iflc-atio.-i* ni>w tut flic* In iji,- Offlco of thu Cl«r)t-TiT;iiHilr..r i,! tliu City In tlm Ulty JinlldltiK, 3,oj,-aiisj)(,rt, IniJUmi. All hltl.l, ut- fers or jjn>i»i»iilK for any anil all ot muti ar'.li:li:H xliall l,o axuuuu-il on til* formn iiritncrllji-il by lint .Stati* Jfoaro of ^ccfjiKU.4 for th»- Ktato of IniJIiuia. HUUlnK forth the. fiuantHy. quality anil i,rlc« of «af:h and i-v(n-y arLh'U propofn-il tor *.-(!<•, anil H/ivtII In a): nthfir ri-sDi'i-t" comply with tin? lawn of thir .State of Indiana. thori;unti> !>«rl;thiliiK- A bom] or i:urllrl«il f.livK rnaili, prty.-tMi! to thn (,'lty of I.'jBiiiinport, Indiana, nliall hit filed with cai-h hlil In :ui amount. of at Icast iitti flu%) imr i:"nt of tlin bid. The rlKiit In ntiiorvKd to rujiitl any ami all hliln. Datffl at I,nj::tn*|iort, ladlana, thin lath day of June. 1317. r«)Ai!/i of iTjir.n: WORKS A.NII -SAFK'I'V Or TIIH J-')i: ANSI 'OUT, INDIANA. .ATT KMT: ICAt.l'ir (1. HMFTir (•I.KHK-TIIKA.SL'KKR OF Johnston remained for „ . , . longer visit then flew home. I nvcd m lnc statcis Tuesday from Miss Lena Linn, outgoing presi- Germany where Mr. Beckley was stationed with the Armed Forces. He will receive his discharge soon. Donna and Kevin Turner are visiting their grandparents in St. Louis, Mo. Jim and Kick Hall of Logansport visited their grandparents, Mr, and Mrs. James Hall a few days this week. .Ronald F. Nipple has been appointed manager of Walton Lum-; her company. He succeeds 0. Vandermark who went lo Mount Summit, Ind. Nipple has been assistant manager of the WaKon Lum- Ann Ca.se conducted the ber c ° m P a "y f°'' ^™e years. cross committee chairman, Shirlie Edging and Anna M. Zoak; Fredah Gardner, love gift; Jennie MacNab, .spiritual life; Fredah Gardner, pianist; Betty Smith, chorister; and Sue Wortz, literature. Miss devotional period and Mrs. Rowena Galloway received the programs for the year. The group will stuc'y Japan this year, and a Japane.se party was held after the business session. Hostesses were Mesdames Anna M. Zook, Rnwena Calloway and Pauline Hodyc. Among those from the Baptist church, attending the Hou.se held at Franklin, Ind. last week were Me.sdames Duncan Mae Nab, Jesse Zook, WHmcr Ilodge, Hu.s- sc4l Hanking and Harold Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Judy attended the wedding Saturday afternoon at the Calvary Presbyterian church in Lojjansport, of Miss Eleanor Ann Troy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Troy of Logaasport, and William Wayne Pippenger, son o-f Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Pippenger of Muncie, Dr. Pippenger and family were former Camden residents. The Colorado River is 1,450 miles long. Its Spanish name means red. The river flows heavy with mud. Read the Classified Ads Open stock in the following patterns:— AMERICAN-COLONY-CHINTZ. CENTURY-CYNTHIA-HEATHEft. 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