Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 20, 1957 · Page 28
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 28

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 20, 1957
Page 28
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Twelve Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers "Coffee Date" Could Have Started Great Love Affair Dear Ann: My husband found out that I had a harmless little rendezvous in a public place, with an old boy friend. We decided it would be fun to get together after •work one day and have a chat over a cup of coffee in a restaurant. Someone told my husband (I have a hunc-h who) and the way he ed about what people will say. Remember the words of a philosopher: If you only knew that the news of your death wouldn't cause a single friend to miss a meal, you wouldn't spend so much time worrying about what they thought. TEN DOLLAR BILL: If it works, it's good. There's more than one way to skin a cat—it you like skin- Friday Evening, December 20, I95T. 'help you with your problems. Send 'them to her in care of this news-'this year, paper and enclose a stamped self- ad dressed enve!ope. > Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. carried on you'd have thought I ned cat - tnat > s - 3iad broken one of the ten com-! — mandments. (You can guess which', (Ani1 Landers will be one.) I reminded him that shortly after we were married in 1943. he went into the service and had quite a time. He admitted spending two weeks with a Japanese .girl in Tokyo (night and day). Since I was willing to forgive and welcome him back with open arms, don't you think he should shut upi about a harmless little meeting?' — M. M. Any gal who has to dig up a 14- year-old corpse and hit her husband over the head with it, must Jiave a guilty conscience. Could it 'be that this "harmless little cof- feet date" was planned as the beginning of something else? glad to Letters to Santa Dear Sania Claus, Please bring me a farm set, drum, some guns, cowboy hat and a Bobo clown. Also bring my little sister. Pamela Sue. some nice things. We've both been very good Fleeing Murder Suspect Slain by Police Bullets NEW YORK (UP)—Police fired eight shots through rush . hour Christmas shopping throngs Thursday night to kill a fleeing murder suspect at a Fifth Ave. corner. The man carried personal items of 15 men he is believed to have Whatever the situation, be glad robbed but was still unidentified it's out in the open and that it didn't go any further. If your husband is smart, he'll forget it happened. And so will you. * * * Dear Ann: I'm a man with an unusual problem. Never has there been anything like this in your column. When I was a young fellow my bride of 11 months died in child- himself 12 hours after the shooting. Police said his fingerprints wore not in New York police files and copies have been sent to Washington for checking against FBI 1 files. Johnny Sherman Fulton, Indiana Josephine Lowmon It's Not Forgetting That Really Counts at Yuletide Dear Santa, Grandmother is writing this for us—Sister and I would like a dancing doll and some surprises. Johnnie would like a car and small things to play with—we also likei oranges and candy but mostly fruit. Bless you Santa Linda, 5, Minnie, 4 and Johnnie Gordon, 2 Dear Santa Claus, My name is Steve Mackey.' I want a thunder burp gun, bow and arrow and shovel. My name is Jim Maekey. I would like a pop gun, bow and arrow and dart gun. My name is Mike Kaekey. I am writing this letter for my brothers victims. Thousands of shoppers and homebound office workers pressed themselves against buildings and you very much. Thank Steve, Jim, Mike Bleak Christmas Ahead for Eight Orphaned Children LOS ANGELES (UP)—Bleak Christmas days without their par- In Custody Battle plunged into flie water below. Divers recovered the bodies two hours later. Name Special Judge Yule Program at West Broadway Church Sunday The West Broadway Presbyterian church will have a Christmas program Sunday at 7 p.m. Beginners, kindergarten and primary classes will have exercises including songs and Christmas verses. Girls of the junior department will give readings and the"A Christmas boys will present Circle." Members of the junior high class will present a Christmas candlelight service, "The Story of Light.".... . They will be assisted by the church Mlnnle choir. eight children orphaned by the death of Mr. and Mrs. Faustina Abella. Abella and his 29-year-old wife, Jennie, were drowned Thursday when (heir car plunged off a bridge in nearby Long Beach and landed in 10 feet of water. Death of the couple orphaned eight children, four here and four in St. Louis, Mo. The four here, Susan, 9, Mary 10, Gloria, 12— Mrs. Abella's children by a previous marriage— and Gaustion Jr., Abella's 18-monlh-old son, were •taken to Juvenile Hall. Four others, Sammy, 8. Bobby, Frederick Rakestraw. judge of Ihe Fulton circuit court, was appointed special judge Thursday to hear the habeas corpus action of Mrs. Gertrude Harmon against Mrs. Rebecca Mayliew in the Cass circuit court. The defendant, .stepmother of (lie two children whose custody the mother is seeking, asked a change of venue from the regular judso. The paternal grandparents also have asked for custody of the boys. WINDOW SHOWS NEW YORK (UP)—This city's j_- uui uvj«t;ia. ouiiiiijy, o, Dwuy, ».*—!• . . 9, Charles, 13, and Claude Capps, famed department store window 15, are staying in St. Louis with i decorations have devoted them- iiirtji* vnnti..» n i «..—] .u— TUT crtK.vic Hiii-in*? 'Jie Cjiristmos st.a- srandmother - Mrs ' Christmas carols will be sung ^riMst The program ^ - ™ orrs g ^;: The most beautiful gift la By JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Whenever I wirte about Christmas suggestions, I always think of those who do not have much money to spend. Wrth. Two years later I married fnto'eroded ^oo'^aysd^g To Look Young and Pretty 1 Same folks do not have any be- fi fine eirl who treated mv little _i _, ^ _ — _ _„ r.-° _ J ' . ransp nf hard luck or illness nr a a ftne girl who treated my little chase about 5 . 30 fro a son hke her own child, and gave Madison Ave shoe storc through one two lovely daughters. We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary three years ago. Unfortunately, she passed on the following Spring. At present, I'm interested in a widow my own age (52.) I would like to ask her to marry me. but am afraid because I have already buried two wives. This may sound silly to you, but it's on my mind constantly. Do I have the right? — DON Of course you have the right— why not? You didn't kill anyone. It's unfortunate that you've been twice widowed, but there's no reason to feel guilty about it. By all means, go ahead. And here's wish- Ing you BOTH u/any years of happiness together. * * * Dear Ann: I'm a girl 15 years old and having a problem with my mother. A group of six of us girls go to a movie downtown every Saturday afternoon. We all wear jeans because they are comfortable and we think they look sharp. My mother told me yesterday that jeans around the house are O.K. but she doesn't think I should wear them to a downtown movie, because they look "hoody." If all the other mothers let their daughters wear jeans, why does mine have to be so persnickety? I told Mom if she wouldn't let me wear jedns, I would just stay social up an old busy East 47th St. to the Fifth Ave. corner. This Home Owner Will Have the Last Laugh OXNARD, Calif. (UP)—A beach summer home owner, who was ordered to tear down his new residence because it encroached on a neighbor's property, may have had the las' laugh. John Robinson was accused by Dr. George Quillen oi building a new home that overlapped on the Quillen property as evidenced by street survey markers. ; County authorities ordered Rob-; inson to tear down or destroy his , home and when Robinson pleaded innocent a jury trial was set for January. Meanwhile, the resourceful Robinson hired his own surveyor who uncovered the original survey stakes buried in the sand and which showed that: —The street from which Quillen and the county measured was laid out incorrectly. —Quillen's home is trespassing on the Robinson property by several inches. The county is conducting a hurried investigation. 76,776 Letters Mailed lite, ana prooaoiy wmu uy a;, um In One Day From Peru - - j sh rt cu ff,.,i or maid. Then she'll be sorry. Do you| PERU-The most letters mailed ?Y«y m issadoies Short cutRd or Hiave anything to say to Mom? —,by the Peru Post Office in any NANCY To Mom—no. But to you—yes. Stay home, Mom's right! If you don't have any social life, and wind up an old maid YOU'LL be the one who is sorry. Mom already has her man and her own little love nest, and one adoring 13- year-old child. (Yikes). « * * CONFIDENTIALLY: OIKOINWA- TI-SICK OF LIFE: It doesn't take any courage to do what you have in mind. Meeting life's challenges is th« real test of what you're made of. You need the strength that perhaps your clergyman can give you. See a doctor, too. Your physical condition is not what it should be. Write to me whenever you feel like it. My ear is available. CORKED: Don't be so concern- one day during 1 the Christmas rush was 76,776. Postmaster Lloyd Berger said 20.000 more letters were mailed this year than last. Berger said 10 men hired this year. He said the post office had not been too rushed this year, because many cards and parcels were mailed early. PICKING THE WINNERS BAROENLONW, Spain (UP)—A five-man group which calls itself 8162 10-20 Show off your lovely figure in this young high-waisted frock that cause of hard luck or illness or a chain of circumstances. Many cannot spend a lot. Let's face it! Living costs are very high and taxes are high, and even on an average income, there is not much left over. This is especially true when there are children, and even morei getting especially so, it the children arel near ti in college. Every person wants fco remem- iot necessarily the nicest. as an example. Imagine if you can, what it would mean to a tired young mother, if you gave her two dozen baby-sitting hours. Many young folks simply cannot afford much of this. There is so much of ourselves we could give that no one in the world should think, "I wish could give Christmas gifts but I do not have the money." You, wherever you are, can be a giving part of Christmas even if you do not have a dime. It is not for- that matters. So, take ber those she loves at this season and everyone would like to send lovely things as a token of affection. I am sure it must be frustrating to look at the beautiful store windows and not be able to spend money on your favorite people. Don't let it be! Best Gifls Not Bought Be consoled by the thought that the very best gifts cannot be bought. Love and not forgetting are the gifts beyond pricing. The most gorgeous present, wrapped most expensively, might not mean nearly so much as a letter you could write to someone or a telephone call you could make, or a brightly polished apple, with a red bow on it. I must admit that I am childish in my excitement when receiving pretty things, but I think the Christmas remembrances I have | valued most have been letters 11 have received Tomorrow: "Walking is Best Exercise When you're Pregnant." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) Hospital Notes MEMORIAL Admitted: 'Miss Florence Patton, Jones Nursing Home, Logansport; Mrs. Eva Saunders, 2400 North street; Mrs. Ruth Blue, Rochester; Jacob Titus, Kokomo. Dismissed: Mrs. Mildred Daniels, 504 Bates street; Mrs. Eleanor Lambert, 520'£ Thirteenth street; Mrs. Jimmy Lines and son, route 6; Mrs. Wayne Miller and daughter, Flora; Earl Moore, 1118 North Third street; Miss Arline-Schreyer, 102 East Linden avenue. A feeling of luxurious-living will selves during the Christmas season to entertaining tile children, Police said Mrs. Abella was mo ^. * iUl vo f''f S-ed^of riving her saiior husband back to "^ displays. Amog hundreds ol tanker USS Navasota when window shows are a live two-ring circus, animated animals cavort- . . proach. A car behind assisted wiUi m f '", cosl r CS ' a pus h I tale characters and elfin ' satirizing television shows with a ,„ .in T , , , • <1 P ^ ?! ac «*i rator slack in the Abella car. It ran out of control, ripped up 30 feet of bridge •railing, hit an abutment and one wjndow , abeled .. This Js your Read the Classified Ads ST. JOSEPH'S Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Norman Means, 1422 Erie avenue a son; iMr. and Mrs. Roy Beeler, 1806 !Cd of ™~ut^u« not"aSor7a Wright street, a son; Mr andI Mrs three quarter sleeves are provided. No. 81S2 with PATT-0-RAMA is in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Size 12, 32 bust, short sleeve, 5% yards of 39-inch. For this pattern send 35c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, 111. The Fall & Winter '57 edition of our pattern book Basic FASHION I is filled with smart, new styles for I all sizes; special features. It's col- gift. They wanted me to know that I was not forgotten when everyone was remembering those they like and '.owe. If you are having a difficult time financially, don't miss the spirit of Christmas because oi it. Think of ways in which you can remember others without spending money. They are unending if you put your mind and heart to it. Give Baby Sitting Hours For instance, this occurs to me Raymond Hettinger, 314V 2 Brown street, a daughter. Admitted: Charles Dyer, Royal Center; Arthur McGinnis, Union Hotel, Logansport. Dismissed; Bert Wean, route 3; Mrs. Arthur Slusser, route 2; Mrs. Melford Shedron, Walton; Mrs. Sylvester Barrett, Lucerne; Master Keith Purdue Jr., route 5; Miss Rita Federer, 324 J / 2 East Market street; Mrs. Deyoe Sheetz and son, Camden. fill the bedroom, when you use a set of these lovely lady linens! The dainty embroidery design plus strips of lace sewn to the billowy- looking skirts adds up to a deluxe set of bed-linens to keep for your own use or gift-give. Pattern No. 2239 contains hot- iron transfer for 4 designs; mater-] ial requirements; stitch illustrations; color chart. Send 25c in COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT, Pharos- Tribune, 372 W. Qincy Street, Chicago 6, Illinois. Have you a copy of our 1957 Needlework ALBUM? It contains fifty-six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3 crochet items and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! Tornado Alert FORT WORTH, Tex. (UP)—The "Los Cinoo" today celebrated its j orful, stimulating and so useful. 25 second big football pool win within | cents. a year. The group won thin week's lottery for $861,000. A year ago the same group hauled in $36,000. The system in picking the win- Weather Bureau ran up a tornado ners? "Give the underdog in any alert today for extreme northeast! given game the benefit of the Texas and parts of four other doubt." southwestern and southern states. STETSON He chooses the Stetson that does the most for him from our own vast selection of styles and colors ... from »10 9S Practical Gifts for the last Minute Shopper Bath Room Scales Card Table and Chairs T. V. Lamps Snack Tray Table Sets Smoking Stands and Trays Towel Sets Sheet and Pillow Case Sets Desk Sets Lamps and Shades Shadow Boxes Sunbeam Fry Pans, Toasters, Percolators Pictures and Frames Luggage Wall Mirrors Religious Goods and Pictures Lunch Sets Lazy Susans, Casseroles Canister Sets Mirror Waste Baskets Glassware, Candy Jars, Tumblers Lace Table Cloths Planters and Vines Shag Rugs Coffee Servers 8 and 12 Cup Size Exclusive STEAM FLOW VENTS give an. 320 Broadway No Charg* far Gift Wrapping For easier, faster, better ironing ORDINARY Steam Flow Venti give an all-over cushion of rolling steam that make it easy to finish big ironings in leu ' time. Faster heating too— hot in 30 seconds and steam in two minutes! Stainless steel tank — no rust or corrosion. Weighs only three pounds net. Button nooks for faster ironing of shirts and blouses. Easy-to-see, Easy-to-set Thumb-Tip Control. Easy-to-See, Easy-to-Set Thumb-tip Temperature Control •95 •SUNBEAM FERNBAUGH'S JEWELRY STORE Where Your Credit U Good 4161. Broadway ROX Y 2 BIG WESTERNS 2 Randolph Scott in 'Stranger Wore a Gun 7 TODAY & SAT. 2 Features Comedy Open 1 p.m.—3Sc 'til 6 and "WAR PAINT 1 with Rob.rt Stock Sun.—"Hall and High Wol«r" 1 "Gun Bret." Now thru Sat. Box Office Opens At 5:30 & The Three PLUS THIS BIG HIT "AFFAIR IN RENO" with JoKn Lund Oofit STARTING SUNDAY IEANSIMMONS"IOANFONW'i PAUL NEWMAN- PIPER LAURIE NOW- THRU SAT. OPEN DAILY 1 P. M.-50c 7IL 6-K8DD1E1S 25e "GET MORE OUT OF LIFE, GO TO A NIOV1E" I THE HIDEOUS INHUMAN BEING THAT DEFIED EVERY LAW OF NATURE I HACK SCORPION BWCK^PATCH Sun.-"Mr. Rock oncf Roll" ond "Short Cut To Hell" SATURDAY MIDNIGHT SUN.-MON.-TUES. 2-FEATURES-2 PLUS THtS THRflLUR— GEORGE MONTGOMERY IN The BIGGEST Picture About the BIGGEST THING SINCE SWIN? IOLD 8! THf KING O ROCK N ROIL HIMSHf | -And«h«BICCE*TI!m- up of Rock -N' Roll >tu» MMmUwll FRANKIE LYMON ftnd The Teenagers CHUCK BERRY] LA VERN BAKER BROOK BENTON II CLYDE McPHATTER AUNHEEO FERLIN HUSM THE MOONGLOWE! SHAYE COGAN ! tr RALPH u*rt<ij HOWARD B. KKCITMX , lw t r jAMuiuN<y*tU T HIUMC Professional Killer... With A Gun For Hue' SHORT CUt TO HELL i .10BEITirEIS>CE01GJUniOnSOKt f titimti bj». C. Ijlts • Directed bj IWB Ci|ney • Scretnp'iy .... W. I Bltnell • Fnm i Nml h Cnlun Gum STARTS CHRISTMAS DAY — JOHN WAYNE SOPHIA IOREN IN "LEGEND OF LOST" for a Different Christmas Gift Give Movie Tickets Ask Our Employees

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