The New York Age from New York, New York on November 28, 1959 · Page 11
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The New York Age from New York, New York · Page 11

New York, New York
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Saturday, November 28, 1959
Page 11
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Roast Half Turkey for Small Thanksgiving Dinner b$vc' A Csj J J , vilfa,..,. .s.. ... . . 1 , " ' , - '" - o ""V. V !rWk - " ' i i i mwt. - . , y, - 1 ? Mi d 11 i 'iMm'fliMhm' . ' r : November 28, 1959 NEW YORK AGE 11 Menu And Some Recipes Small family? Then this year for Thanksgiving instead of a midget turkey, how about treating yourselves to the glory of a big handsome fellow ... by buying half a 20 - - 26 poundor. The advantages are,x many . . . more cood. thick meat! . . ...... to mention impressive presence: . 5 i... 1L. :. j, on the platter. ! oa' 8S 11 Goes "0l inc 11131 ua, Stuffine? that's easv. Just' A perfect menu for Uiis Thanks - place it in the hollow, and cover piving begins with an apple juice with foil. As the turkey bakes appetizer (see photo upper lett), thi - juices trickle centlv throuch and ends with a delectable jubi - Housing Problems the dressing. Since the dressinc is nail me tun of eating turkey, we Meeting Notices Your meeting notices will be published in this space without charge. Please have information ' to be published in the AGE offices at least ten days before the meeting date. at the church. Dr. Parry W. Jones is president of the Center's board of directors. fMtrf.rA f..( - f if - ff - - lt1 ! mt u , g JAMAICA ROYAL Dice two cups fresh pineapple and place in punch bowl with Vz cup sugar syrup, 1 cup lemon juice, 1 and Vi cups unsweetened pineapple juice, 1' cups peach brandy and two bottles Jamaica Rum. Add ice, and before serving pour in two quarts chilled club soda, add sliced oranges and lemons. (Serves 20). East Harjem Day Center, Inc. Mrs. Gertrude Mac Brown will discuss "Afro - American Culture," Thursday,) Dec. 10, at 11 a.m. at the Center, 312 E. 109 St. The public is invited. 'J 1 A )z III 11 It " . Chi Delta Chapt., Alpha Chi Pi Omega Sorority meets each fourth Monday at 8:30 p.m., ir. the Beauticians Clubhouse, 462 W. 145 St. India Crump is chapter basileus. Marjorie Stewart Joy - ner, founder and national super visor' of the sorority will come from Chicago to attend the Dec. 9 meeting. . New York Club, Nat'l Association of Negro Business and Professional. Women's Clubs, will meet Monday, Nov. 30, at Mini - sink ,Town House, 348 Convent Ave. Plans for its annual costume charity ball, set for Dec. 4 at Concourse Plaza, will be finalized. v The1 Utility Club, Louise Fisher MoiVi.'president. will meet Monday, Dec. 14, at 8:30 p.m., at the Young Men's 'Christian Association, 180 W. 135 St. .'n il - ' .v 1 iV - v. V - Manhattan Council, National Council: of Negro Women meets ' Monday, Dec. 14, 8:30 p.m., at the Young Women's Christian As sociation, 179 - W. 137 SI., Mrs. C, Montague Corlcy is president SGBpo DAYS i no LIVINGSTON To All Students We welcome news of your extra - canicular activities for this column. Please send all items to the school editor, co The New York AGE,' 15 W. 125 St., NYC 27. PS 126 Mrs. Wilhelmina Jenkins, sixth grade teacher, was spea r or lation pudding, just to be dif ferent, or our prize honey prune watercolors and temperas and represents the work of children from kindergarten through sixth grade in schools of districts 25 have included a new and simerb pcan pie recipe on request, on ... of around chestnuts. Welcome vour after - dinner chopped canned apple slices and ci:ests with a cud of Jamaica bread crumbs, spiked with sea - 1 Royal, a time - honored holiday sonuig. ; delicht that's more than 200 years It lends .in elusive apple tanciold. Perfect co - alone for hot hors and nutty flavor to the turkey J d'oeuvres. MENU Apple Juice Appetizer Whole Roast Turkey with Deluxe Apple Stuffing (prune dressing may be substituted) or - Roast Half Turkey With Apple Stuffing French Green Beans Mashed whipped butternut sauash Relishes Hot Rolls Jubilation Pudding or - Honey Prune - Pecan Pie Coffee After Dinner Mints Recipes Apple Juice Appetizer 1 quart apple juice 14 cup grenadine 6 tablespoons lemon Juice Combine all ingredients; chill. Yields 6 servings. Serve with slice of lemon. (This is an original recipe, kitchen - tested by Gertrude Lynn, nationally known Home Economist). Roast Half Turkey (with Apple Stuffing) 12 turkey 1 - 12 teaspons salt 2 - 12 cups (1 can) sliced applies 1 cud ground boiled chestnuts 1 cup soft bread crumbs 12 cup sliced onion 1 - 12 teaspoons poultry 14 cup butter seasoning Clean turkey. Chop apples, add bread crumbs, poultry seasoning, salt and chestnuts. Saute onion in butter; add. Stuff cavity of turkey with apple mixture. Cover opening' with aluminum foil. Place on rack flesh side of turkey up. Roast in slow oven, 325 degrees. F., allowing 4 hours for 8 - 9 pound half turkey, 4 - 12 hours for 10 - 11 pound half turkey and 5 hours for 12 - 13 pound nait turKcy. De Luxe Apple Stuffing 12 cup minced onion 12 cups toasted bread cubes (Continued from Page 1) 'eight into one room, jacks up thi She called the Housing Author - rent, sits back and gets rich. 5 ity - they said they couldn't do Even the courts are helples anything. under some circumstances. For She called the Health Depart - J instance, a landlord may abandon ment they said they couldn't a rent controlled building The do anything. Rent Commission may then re - The Welfare Department fromidut'e the rent to $1 per month vhich she gets monthly payments and take the landlord to court, couldn't help her. j Then he claims that he can't She then went to her son's .afford to make repairs because school and told the principal she 'u may only be receiving, let's was at her wits end he sent sa', $10 from the .ten apartments her to me. iP" month. The court then has There wasn't much I could do,no cnoi but to vacale the build - either. I began by calling the ,ng aml ,he slumlord romps his Buildings Department. They told ,way t0 nches - me that the Department of Water What can be done? As things Supply, Gas and Electricity was now stand, the landlord will al - i responsible for the lighting and ways come out on top. the Health Department would con - Surely this is a more important cern itself with the lack of heat, question for probing than payola. v Considering the speed of most If every public figure in Har - city agencies, it may be months and probably more before the tenants get heat and electricity. By that time they won't need it. This is not an exceptional case, nor is it unusual. Unless a specific case is publicized by the press, and few are, it's damn near impossible for the tenants to get any action. Even when violations are discovered, city agencies can do no more than bring the landlord to court. Then their power ends. Only the court can compel the landlord to make repairs, often after months of delay and ligita - tion. The process is agonizingly slow, and little babies may die in wintertime while the landlords lawyer fights in court whether he should provide heat or repair broken windows. Another gambit of the slum lords is to virtually abandon the building. He refuses' to make any repairs or pay any of his bills. Then a city agency may declare the building unsafe and order it vacated, and Con Edison may turn off the electricity. Then the owner gets the empty building decontrolled and cuts up large apartments into one room flats. He packs families of six to lem would get on his high horse maybe, only maybe then .would we get some results. Maybe then we could flush out some of the rabid and callous ratranchers that infest and blight Harlem. Maybe then there would be some changes in the housing laws. The only thing that will produce results is a prolonged agonizing scream, not committees. And even that may not be enough because the slumlords have well paid lawyers, and maybe some friends in City Hall. Could it be that some of our public officials are aiding the blood suckers who put the screws on helpless Harlcmites? IBM MACHINES Keypunch Tib A Wiring Day or Evcnini CUimi CourMi for Men inJ Women TYPING Beginning. Intermediate end A fenced Couriee. Refresher Court. Fret Placement ferric ASSOCIATID tUSINISS MACHINES SCHOOL ' 11 Ltnoi Avenue tat IJSUi SO Nrliht I - I7M INrlaht M7M 12 cup chopped canned mushrooms 2 teaspoons salt and 27 in the Bcdfjid - Stuyvcsanl 12 cup butter, melted section. JHS 720 A unit of the Benjamin Frank - 1 tablespoon poultry seasoning 4 cups canned apple sauce in butter: add raisins, toasted 14 cup seedless raisins Brown onion and mushrooms bread cubes, salt and poultry seasoning. Mix well. Add apple sauce. Enough stuffing for 12 pound turkey. Any leftover stuff - lin Society has been organized at! ing can be put into a covered casserole and baked with turkey High School. One of the purposes Jubilation Pudding. West Indies Freight & Passenger Service SHIPPING CRATING' TO AU MITI O THI WfIT INDIES We Art At Vour Afent - Prepare BiUt of Lading. Cartoa Houm DecUraUone and AU Neceuarr PunetloM J. A. BYRON, Mgr. 345 E. 99th St. cor. 1 it Ave, N.Y.C. ' TR 6 - 3962 or TR 6 - 4313 Night: AT 9 - 9254 of the Society is to interest boys Reading Service Clinks ' Two additional Special Read ing Services Clinics to serve have been opened according to an announcement by Dr. John J. Theo bald. The clinics are located in PS 219, 1060 Clarkson Ave., Bklyn., and PS 91, 197 Forsyth St., Manhattan the evening at the regular month - in the Printing trades, one of the ly meetin - : of the PTA. The mcA - rest industries in hey Yo.It ing was well attended by mem - Clty - They bovs in the Societv brs, who are d reciin - r the r ef - lare P'vsn sPe;i?1 ir 'ruction in forts now towards getting a new the use ot Pnting presses and school for P3 18J. Some of ths!1" 0t'lcr techniques u ed in the group's most recent accomplish - j printing industry. In this connec - ments have been th? p - rciiase!011' tne members publish a news - of a new television set for the!PaPer of their own "The Cooper school's visuil educsi i program, and a cake sale, and collection and distribution of clothing for needy children. Times." Special trips to printin" plans and other places connected with the field of graphic prts are a part of the planned activities. The officers of the Society are Marshall MeNnill. nrpsiHpnt - V.A. More than 1400 parents attend - ward Lioydi vice president; Stev - ed Op - n Schcci wee : pv .ams en Tuzo. treasurer: and Wilhur JHS 88 These two new clinics will at Wadleigh Junior High School Morales,' secretary service over 250 children of psjrtcenuy - M0Sl mPr"lv ?' inei T''e crc - ra - i under the im 91, 165, 219, 233 and 244 in Brook lyn and PS 42, 63,91, 130 and 147 in Manhattan. PS 39 Jjr. Anna Arnold Hcdgeman, Tublic Relations Consultant for Fuller Products Company, will address the Nov. 27 meeting of at the Young. Men's Hebrew As - Delano Villace tenants. The meet - sociation. Students were aceom Four students of Class 5G will attend weekly French classes at Hunter College. Thomas Basso, Kenneth Bay, Blanca Rivera and Marguerits Hernandez were selected as outstanding members of their class to participate in the program offered by Hunter College in cooperation with the Board of Education. Classes 4 - 1 and 4 - 3 attended a recent performance of "The Merry Go Rounders," a dance group, programs were the Book Fair and mediate supervision of Mr. Vin the Gle - 5 ,.u. Concert. c?nt s - ialabba. raobic arts n ine cook fair, wnicn was neid structor in keeping wu i an all - c ty d;ive, was under the supervision of Lester D. Base, assistant principal, and Mrs. Jessie Brown, School Librarian. Books included textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedia, and fictrn. Yi?' two clas - rs : 'al tied for first prize for having pur chased more t 'rn '"O b::' s each ing will be held in PS 197. Nepperhan Community Center, Yohkers will hold Its annual public' meeting at the Institutional AME Zion Church, 42 Irving PI, Sunday Dec. 6, at 4 p.m. During the meeting a review of the year's work at the Center and' future projection will be heard.' Recommendations for members of the board of directors for the '59 - '60 year will be presented. There will be election and - installation of new board members. , Guest ' speaker will be Mrs. Joyce Phillips Austin, Assistant tov" Mayor Wagner; and two awards will be made. Immediately after the meeting a Get - Acquainted Reception will be held panied by their teachers, Mrs. Holmes, Mrs. Bruyning and Mrs. Craft. 2 eggs 14 cup sugar 14 cup melted shortening 1 cup molasses 3 cups sifted all - purpose flour 2 teaspoons cinnamon 12 teaspoon salt 1 - 12 teaspoons baking soda 1 cup apple juice, boiling 12 cup seedless raisins 12 cup chopped mixed candied fruits 1 cup chopped canned apples Apple Juice Sauce Beat eggs; add sugar gradually, Add melted shortening and molasses; mix well. Sift together flour, cinnamon, salt and baking soda. Add to egg mixture. Add boiling apple juice; mix well. Add raisins, candied fruits and chopped canned apple slices. Pour into greased 9 cup mold. Cover tightly Steam 2 hours. Unmold, serve hot with Apple Juice Sauce. Makes 12 servings. Apple Juice Sauce 14 cup brown sugar 2 cups apple juice 1 tablespoon cornstarch 1 egg yolk 14 teaspoon mace Combine brown sugar, cornstarch and nutmeg; add apple juice. Cook, stirring constantly until thickened. Beat egg yolk; add hot sauce, gradually. Cook, stirring constantly about 2 minutes. Serve hot on steamed pudding. Makes 2 cups. (This is an original recipe kitchen - tested by Gertrude Lynn, nationally known Home Economist. ) ATTENTION! Working Parents of School - Age Children Place Your Children In Safe Hands at THE SCHOOL ON THE HILL 421 W. 145th Street. N.Y.C AU 6 - 4950 GRADES 1 TO 6 All - DAY PROGRAM TRANSPORTATION Clemonce Sabourin. Director Register Nowl Reasonable Rates and Mr. Robert Wald - man, assistant principal in charge of industrial arts at the school. JHS 736 On Veterans Day a group of 50 Ml Fef Tolls SUrS tTr l:m 133 V:Si'rd UY (Continued from Page 1) Sarah Lawrence campus at , . . , . . B - rnxvi'K "Ve visit w?s t' - e rc ,wnicn perforce require the pro - v.,au ...u.c . . i. JO u . 3 iav.,i . igram to operate more slow y wew 7 and M12. Teachen of the community's needs the classes are Sonja Kludjian ' ZZ1 .ILL, ""' would permit. ATTENTION! DEEP FREEZE OWNERS Weekly Deliveries Now Being Made from 9 A.M. to 2 P.M. Manhattan ft Irani Irooktyn ft lonf Island WttidiMtw Tvtiday and Friday Wadnatday Thurtday' SILVER MT. "FREEZER FRESH" ICI CREAM ICE CREAM CO. 216 WEST 145th STREET CAll NOW FOR FURTHER INFORMATION AU. 3 - 8719 PS 132 and Miriam Robinson The Glee Club Cherts, including 100 voices of the 8th and 9th year G'zt Clu'is, 'tur - d "Songs of Faith" in keeping wil'n the pre - Thanksgivin" seson. Sol i ists were Arlene Harris, Janet Holly - d JacoucMne Gibson. An added attraction to the pro Mr. Nusshaiim. nrlnrinal f woula Perm Stowe. "As we have informed the The students visited classes In i Mayor, the Department of City mus:c, modem dnce, and biolo"y snd heard the standard oricnta - 'i "ctur - b" Lr. Solomon. Iiiphl'sht of the trip was lun - Planning has already initiated preliminary discussions with the Federal officials, with a view to developing specific proposals for chroi ved in the student din - 'submission to the Mayor and the Board of Estimate. It has always been our view that in New York City the Com munity Renewal Program must Car Lawrence ;. (Continued from Page 1) staff of the Amsterdam News and remained there until 1952, cover ing both the Republican and Democratic conventions in that year. ?' ' The well - known newsman who will be 51 years old on Dec. 8 has been described by Kenneth Stewart's "News In What We Make It" as one of the real working press crowd in Manhattan. Lawrence attended Savanah State College in Savannah, Ga. Because Jose Santos of Class 3 - 4 needed information on the underpass and entrance being built for the George WasVngton Bridge Mr. J. Gallegher of Shields Detective Agency, is now actively corresponding with the children of Class 3 - 4. Jose had a list of questions, and Mr. Gallegher, who is on guard duty at 179th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue, wrote a complete answer for Jose to take to his teacher. The children were so pleased they wrote individual thank - you's. Now, Mr. Gallegher is acting as friend and guide to any of the children who meet him on his beat. mt room. i Tim i ioit f . . : gram was a special performance . , - ' '. , by the Wadleigh Dance Group $Zt f "" ..! . t,.. . .Horizons to rr. Ofr" - - ,c,ts EWTgS tQ local cMcs are P'anncd for written within the framework wash, Chairman Tr the Girls , j r of communities," Felt wrote. rnysicai ,au;auon nrnarimpnr. The Glee Club was under the i direction of Elfrda ! . 'ii t. OVerTCW, 7,$$? CagOCOttlDOrS wun marciai nan; pianisi, ana, .. . , William C. Cooper, musical as - 1 (Continued from Page 1) sistant. ; committee this year according to PS 133 T; ree former Wadleieh Junior his oWice include: Livingston Win High School students are now Saie - . eoiive lucker, Kev. Thorn - members of the. All City - Wide as gorc, toward A. Beresford, Chorus, under the direction of!f.ia.n!ev Lvison, fred Samuel, Dr. Peter Wilhotisky, Director ofiKclvln Wall Frankie Bizzell. Al Music for the Board of Educa Last week, 5th and 6th grade pupils played host to a professional string quartet which gears its concerts to the level and needs of young audiences. For an hour, students listened to ex cerpts from the works of Shos takovich, Mozart, Bcla Bartok, DeBussy and others. At the conclusion of the period, the children had made musical visits to Russia, Hungary Czechoslovakia, France and Italy. tion. They are Ncolin Canton. alto; Pamela Crosby, soprano; and Charlcne Segars, soprano. Six other students from the instrumental department have been admitted to the borough - wide tlnd. They are Carol Delaware, flute; Irving Russell, clarinet; William Spooner, clarinet; Thom as Kelly, clarinet; Richard Allen, trumpet; and Emma Bellinger, violin. PS 289 Brooklyn A month long exhibition ol paintings by 200 elementary school pupils opened Friday of last week in the school's gymnasium. The paintings may bo seen on school days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The exhibit consists of oils, ma Fis.ier, Thomas V. Sinclair, Marie Green, Clarence Scott, Peggy E. Dickson, Odell Clark, Sen. James L. Watson, David Lee, William Atkinson, Connie Wilcox, Joseph Saunders, Frederick Simmons, Philip Watson. William J. Lake, Ethel DePass; Martha Fer - rell, Jess Greenup. Milton Young, James E. Allen, Penelope Page, Eunice Faust. Geneva McRae, and Percy Sutton. Zuber's slate of candidates for the executive committee include William DeFossett. Judge Samuel R. Pierce, Jr., Kenneth Josey, Rev. Charles Lawrence, Bcrnice Skipwith, Wylie Simmons, Anna Hedgcman, Kenneth Cawley, Bessie Billingslcy, Mary Wells, Shirley Rector, Vernell Meachem, Varncy Jordon, Dorothy Cargill, Ruth Sadler, Frankie Wimbush, Catherine Taylor, John Winbush, (Continued from Page 1) the building have had their rents reduced by the Rent Commission because of defective appliances or inadequate services. "There are some tenants who owe him as much as $1,000.00. If we don't mail the rent he gets out eviction notices against us," Mrs. Barton said. "We've had him in court three times, but it doesn't do any good." She noted that the committee had notified Borough President Hulan Jack's office, but that there had been no response. Ruby Simms, and Robert Neilson. Zuber stated he would not offer any candidate to contest Aloncita J. Flood who is running for vice - president. For secretary, Overton will pit Ruth Push against Helen Lee and Alfreda Madison will run on the Zuber slate for Asst. Secretary; against the Overton candidates, Raphael Hendrix, and Enid Sim - ' mons. Ira Aldridge and Lvingston j Bryant are the two candidates! for treasurer on the Overton slate. play your favorite your 1600 ON YOUR DIAL 7'a HOURS OF MUSIC, VIEWS & NEWS 10:00 A.M. - 10:30 ALMA JOHN Views ft Interviews 10:30 A.M. - 12:30 FRED BARR Your Gospel Time Star 12:30 - 2:30 P.M. DOC WHEELERThe Gospel Caravan Man 2:30 P.M. - 5:25 P.M. 5:25 P.M. 5:30 P.M. RUST DR. JIVE Man alive, it's the king of Jive Trust Rust for the inside on sports ON THE SPOT WITH LEON LEWIS As it happens 10 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. NEW YORK 1600 ON THE DIAL i

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