Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 4, 1957 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1957
Page 9
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Monday Evening, November 4, 1957. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune RIP KIRBY WE i3OT YOUf? MESSA6ES, SIRENS. KEEP LOOKIN& INTO THE M.KROR ANP LISTEN CAREFULLV... PLEASE TO. HOLC7 THE MIRROR WHILE YES, IT'S A LOVELY NECKLACE HERE COMES SIRENE NOW, JIM. LET ME oo THE: TALKING so WE CON'T SURPRISE HER INTO SIVINS US AWAY.,. MICKEY FINN c U.3. I'.l. Olfct 1SURE WISHT'P ' 4i i. YOU REALLYMISSED SOMETHING, BEEHTHERE,CLANCy, \HOULIHAN! HE ACTUALLY TURNED WHEN THE BOVS WERE/ WHITE WHEN POGAN SAID THAT NEEDLING PHIL WITH S. MOST OLP THEATRES ARE . THOSE GHOST STORIES!;SUPPOSED TO BE HAUNTEP! >a& s^-«: K/r-4- NO,NO! SCARED OR ' NOT, HE'D HAVE HAD ' TO GO THROUGH WITH IT! HE KNOWS WEIL AU&EASKIN'HIM HOW HE MAPE OUT —TOMORROW! ' I BET HE SAVE-, BLASKO SOME ' EXCUSE-AND IS HOME IN MIS OWN BB> RIGHT NOW! WERE ARE ONLY A FEW LIGHTS ON, PHIL-SO BE CAREFUL YOU POUT. BUMP INTO SOMETHIN'! - KERRY DRAKE MO, LET'S FACE .' fSKSH.'J... THIS IS WE.' HURRIEDLY, ALMOST PESP6RATEUV, MINDY TRIES ON PRESS AFTER PRESS' REX MORGAN, M. D. HERE, MRS. BARTON, VIS-IS THAT ALL IS THE ANSWER . Jl HAVE TO DO TO YOUR WEIGHT- /-...TAKE PROBL3M.' i^^-rflTbn MEDICINE ? NO, THERE'S ONE OTHER THING /ou MOST DO.....you MUST EAT, MRS. BARTON .' /OU MUST STOP ' STARVING yOURSELF ' I WANT /OU TO 6AT AT LEAST TWICE AS MUCH , AS yOU ARE EATINS NOW. .' ' YOU MEAN I CAN EAT ALL I WANT ? NOT ONLY CAN YOU EAT ALL KDU1 WANT YOU MUST FORCE VOURSELF TO EAT MORE ' < DURIISS THE FIRST THREE MONTHS UNDER My CARE, ]j> YOU MUST SAIN AT LEAST /f TWENTy PQUNOS, MRS. ' BARTON ; EMMY LOU BOOTH 2, n :>^ II-1-S7 BUZ SAWYER "Oh, Mr. Samson isn't listening to records. That's the only place he can gn so he; can't-hear them!" GRIN AND BEAR IT "With man-made moons and all oufer-spacc to be interested in ... 1. come Junior suddenly wonts to know where bobics come from?... Miami County Youth Suffers Severe Burns PERU, Ind. — Errol Baker, 18, route 4, Peru, a city park employe, was reported in good condition Friday at Dukes hospital with second degree burns or; his hands, suffered in ' a gasoline explosioa Chewing Delicious Wrigley's Spearmint After Every Meal Helps Keep Teeth Clean Buy some today Thursday afternoon. The youth was setting fire lo a pile ol brush, saturated with i;aso- lir.e, and it ignited suddenly, burning his hands and face. His, hair was set afire and he rubbed dirt on his head to put out the .flames. He was lighting the brush with'his cigaret lighter, officials said. ANOTHER WJIAKIE BOB.N 'INDIANAPOLIS (UP) - Mrs. Philip Willkie, wife of the only son of the late Wendell Willkie, Republican nominee for president in 1940, gave birth'to a son Sunday in Coleman Hospital. The ninejpound son was named Frank Peavoy. PEKU MAN DIES! PERU, Ind.—Maripn Marks, 103 Logan street, died at 1:20 p.m. Friday at Dukes hospital. The'body was removed to the Drake-Flowers mortuary, where rites are pending. /NOTHING. JUST THAT / AURA AND 1 COULD ( NEVER MARRY, BECAUSE V WE WERE BROTHER ftWP VSISTER... i TOLP HI/A IT WAS A HE! PJLL VOURSELF TOGETHER, SOW. BEFORE THE SHOOTING WHAT EISE DIP HASH I SAY? A 00LP-FACEP LIE.' YOU WERE OUR ONLY CHILP. ALIPA, YOUR MOTHER,V/AS CAPTURED BV PIRATES A FEW MONTHS AFTER VOU \NERE BORN. IT WAS A LIE, WASN'T IT, FATHER? MIRA YOUR SISTER! IMPOSSIBLE! UNLESS... UNLESS., SLENDER SPUPER! Bailey's natural looking clothes rate best of today's taste MARY WORTH B MUR^E- COMPANION TO A PRETTY 6WIMMER WITH ACTING ' . AMBITIONS... I WHO HAS HIRED NEVADA MORRIS, EX; WIFEOF HER FIANCE AMD MANAOER, CHARLIE MURTZ, TO 00 A PUBLICITY BUH.OUPONHER! WITH DBWAVi WARy HAS JUST HEARD M'LI55 . AGREE TO /-> NEVADA* v ~'LATEST STUNT —THATSHEf) DISAPPEAR^ WHILE BATHIN6 IM THE ICY • BtS/EC' *-* >™*- G ^ NO! VOU WOULD ENDANfiER YOUR OWN HEALTH NOT TO MENTION THE LtVM OF RE5CU WORKER-i LITTLE ABNER "Strangely, Argyle, during your vacation we had no shortage of stamps, stationery, pencils, erasers, carbon paper . .," STRICTLY RICHTER HARVARD'S JEST T BUT NVHICH ONE ROTTEN WIF X °' us KIN LURE BACHELORS.'?- I (^Jl \3 OF "EM TO/ PA-SWS DOGPATCH &EFO'SADIE [ti HAWKINS DAV = \S2#W< 7* i^. u s,» o«^*i ^,M, ,. w .,rf ^-Ttei^v^ /OLE MAN MOSE'LL KNOW.':' HE ALLUS V MAKES A SADIE / HAWKINS DAV I F=RE-DICK-SHUN I! ( MAH PRE-DICK-SHUK1 > IS AS FOLLOWS — I "HARVARD &ACHELORS f /S CLEAN, SWf/W'PURE. \ SO, USE THAR OPPOSITE ^—,. AS'TORELURE.ff- NANCY I WONDER IF THERE ARE ANY PEOPLE UP THERE ON MARS AW— THAT'S ,. SILLY, 11 NANCY IT BE RIDICULOUS o£ COURSE NOT — JSVtfJff- 01/f/lt*UJ.iff*-* O 1«»- KING FEATURES SYNDICATE, Int., WORLD RIGHTS RESERVED. "How come the temporary chairman, is making suck a permanent speech?" CUTiES "I still say I had the fight won- round" L—until the DOTTY DRIPPLE HORACE, COME HERE- I'M HAVING TROUBLE WITH OUR . .BUPGET' NO SHORTAGE-- 1 WE HAVE A .J SURPLUS- ^ ANP I DON'T KNOW HOW TO HANPLE IJ-- HOW MUCH ARE WE SHORT POTTY? WE'VE NEVER HAP THIS PROBLEM BEFORE/ GRANDMA OAtESUCEO Bf?£AD WITH EACH MEAL/.' YES, I'LL TAKE ONE O' TH' BIG.LONG UNSLICED LOAVES.'.' BY CRACKY, IF I'M LIMITED T'ONE SLICE O' BREAD WITH EACH MEAI ...I'LLDOMYOWN SLICIN'//

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